Elon’s “Dirty” Secret

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The EV con rests on multiple cons, including the assertion that EVs are “zero emissions” – which is a con because they aren’t.

And because the “emissions” at issue aren’t, either.

Unless you think a gas that does not cause pollution – carbon dioxide – is an “emission.” The federal government didn’t used to think so. Until the Obama era, an emission was defined as a combustion byproduct that caused or worsened air pollution. This was the basis for regulating emissions. It is why cars have emissions controls, such as catalytic converters. Whatever you may think about carbon dioxide, it does not cause or contribute to air pollution, even a little bit.

It makes you wonder – if you are a thinking person – why the sly conflation of gasses that do not cause pollution with those that do. Kind of like the way drugs that don’t keep you from catching a cold and transmitting it to others are conflated with vaccines.

At any rate, EVs also generate the same “emissions.” The word is italicized to emphasize the fact that whether they are emitted at the tailpipe or generated somewhere else is irrelevant, insofar as the deleterious “impact” these “emissions” supposedly have upon the “climate,” the latter being the thing that the carbon dioxide “emitted” – and generated – is claimed to  be having.

EV “emissions” of carbon dioxide are generated at power stations, the great majority of which generate electricity by burning hydrocarbon fuels. They are also generated in the course of manufacturing the solar panels and wind farm turbines that are said to produce “green” electricity.

And then there are the actual emissions emitted in the course of charging up the EV – if you are charging one of them up at Tesla’s Harris Ranch Supercharger station. This place – located roughly midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco in Coalinga, CA – is kind of like one of those fueling depots alongside many Interstates, that have gas pumps enough to handle dozens of cars at once. There are 98 “pumps” for EVs at the Harris Ranch station.

And – as it turns out – there’s also a diesel generator there to power them.

The reason why is central to understanding the Recharge Con. It takes a lot of power to power up an EV’s battery. As in one of them. It takes more power than is available (absent your own power station) to power up almost 100 of them at once. The power suck could result in a brownout.

Hence the diesel engines to keep those motors running.

And to keep the bullshit flowing.

Tesla promised that all of its superchargers would be “100 percent” powered by renewable energy – i.e., solar or wind farms or hydroelectric – by the end of 2021. And here we are just three months from 2024 and Tesla’s most celebrated collection of superchargers relies on diesel generators to keep the power flowing.

And the emissions billowing.

Diesel generators aren’t required to abide by the same ultra-strict emissions standards that apply to cars, so they are allowed to emit what diesel-powered new cars may not (which is why there are no diesel-powered new cars available as it is essentially impossible – or at least, economically untenable – to meet the current emissions standards that apply to cars).

But how is it “green” to use diesel-powered generators to power up EVs?

More to the point, how is that Tesla gets away with not being “green”? Keep in mind that Tesla built its business by extorting other businesses that weren’t (supposedly) “green” enough. It used the leverage of the regulatory apparat to all-but-force these other businesses – most of them in the business of building cars rather than battery powered devices – to pay Tesla for “carbon credits,” to offset their own carbon dioxide “emissions.”

Elon Musk obtained a lot of green this way.

The investigative journalist who broke the story about Elon’s engines had this to say:

One of the real tragedies of Tesla, in my personal opinion, is the extent to which well-meaning people were convinced that this company whose mission is in fact extreme wealth generation by any means necessary is somehow a force for good, to be supported like one would a real mission-driven nonprofit.”

Italics added.

But it’s not just about “extreme wealth generation by any means necessary.” It is also about extreme wealth redistribution by any means necessary.

Electric vehicles are elitist vehicles (in the class-stratified Soviet sense) because they are expensive vehicles; the average transaction price for one is $50,000 or about $15,000 more than the average price paid for a non-electric vehicle – and we’re all paying for that. Insurance costs are increasing across the board, even for people who do not own an EV – because of the cost of repairing and replacing damaged EVs owned by other people. And for the damages caused by EVs, such as the fires that spontaneously erupt and burn down not just the car but also the house – and also, sometimes, a ship.

Electricity costs are increasing, too – as demand for it increases, because of power-hungry EVs such  as those made by Tesla that are designed to use a lot of it and priced to appeal specifically to wealthy people. The kind of people who often have access to an unlimited supply of other people’s money, such as the people who work for the government or get rich via the government.

Other people cannot afford a Tesla.

And – thanks to Tesla and the EV push – fewer and fewer of them will be able to afford a car, period. Once expensive EVs for the elite are the only vehicles available.

Then we won’t have to worry about being hectored about our “emissions” anymore. Because most of us won’t be driving – or charging.

. . .

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  1. “…this company whose mission is in fact extreme wealth generation by any means necessary is somehow a force for good, to be supported like one would a real mission-driven nonprofit.”

    So, while a lot of people may have already figured this out, it still needs to be said. The proverbial “real mission-driven nonprofit” is a myth.

    Point one out to me and tell me how you measure it. It’s time for the children in adult bodies to come to terms with the fucken reality in which we live. Their insistence that these fairy tales (like “public health”) are real is fucking killing us.

    • Well-said, XM –

      There is nothing wrong with seeking to make money – by providing a service or product that people are willing to buy. This does benefit people, but it’s not the point, primarily. That is to say, honestly. People get into business to make money. Honest people don’t do so ripping other people off. But they also don’t pretend they are engaged in a “public service,” either. Even if it does benefit people.

  2. Just install a diesel fueled engine in all Teslas and hybridize the things. Not that difficult, you’ll save a lot of headache, might cost more, but you’ll have a car, not an electric vehicle that you can’t control and will be controlled, surveillance is another word for it.

    Jalopnik reports that the SFGate published the story on the Harris Ranch diesel generator. Must be a verifiable story.

    “I’ve been fishing here all day and those guys come and start catching fish right away.” – a lamentation from a hapless fisherman

    Gotta know how to fish to catch fish.

    Lots of suckers at the Harris Fish’em In Lure’em In Ranch, Elon knows how to catch fish.

  3. In Europe insurance rates are partly based on the weight of the vehicle….that makes sense….more weight causes more road damage….

  4. The Harris Ranch “resort” (yes, that is what they are calling it these days) is itself a front end “happy face” for the massive feedlot, which processes 150,000,000 pounds of beef per year, and is infamous for the stench it produces, due to the vast quantity of bovine emissions. If beef cattle can have facial expressions(?), I guess the best description of theirs would be forlorn, as they stand on enormous piles of their own excrement, awaiting execution.

    Feel free to make your own jokes about real versus figurative bullshit.

      • > copious use of Negro ans/or Mexican farm labor.
        Not these days, at least in Central California. And yes, they do grow cotton on the West Side of Fresno County, where the farms are all *enormous,* measured in square miles, not acres, no matter the crop. The cotton plants are defoliated by aerial spraying, then harvested by machine.

    • Harris Ranch is horrific. You can smell the misery from ten miles away. When I first came to CA about 25 years ago, I drove into the bay area from the south, by this ranch, and it changed how I buy meat. I didn’t think much about it until I saw how cows are treated at Harris Ranch. We call it “Cowschwitz” around here.

      CA is farm country, and thankfully, we have alternatives that treat animals humanely. I buy my beef half a cow at a time from a place called Morris Grassfed.

      • Ah Coalinga. I remember having to roll up my windows and turn off the AC as soon as signs for this place started appearing on I-5. And the stench would still creep in. What a horrible way to treat animals.

  5. Stationary diesel engines run on red diesel. Also known as farm diesel, it is dyed red so that when the revenuers come sniffing around they can tell if you put the untaxed stuff in your truck’s diesel tank.

    Might be a way to bypass road taxes… get an EV, charge it up with a generator fueled with red diesel. Very high up-front cost though, and lots of paperwork for the EPA. But in most of the US you shouldn’t have any problem getting scheduled delivery from a farm Coop or even a home heating oil distributor. And you’ll also have the potential benefit of a whole-home backup solution, might be just the thing if you’re thinking about long term care for aging parents. Maintenance is pretty much like any other diesel, the biggest problem is mice chewing up the wiring and shitting on everything.

    • All large wind and solar installations require gas, oil or coal generating power stations running 24/7 in the background….because of frequent no wind or sunlight conditions….

    • Unfortunately, epa’s tier 4 emission standards (competition limiting laws) have effected the small diesel ‘equipment’ market in a very negative way in the past few years. I’m not an expert, but I believe it is 30HP and above must be tier 4 now, meaning a much larger maintenance cost. And operating costs as well. Think of it like the 70’s when auto manuf. had to add all kinds of stupid engine accessories to meet the original emission standards. That were solved with things like fuel injection, etc…. but this time there is no solving these extreme new standards, other than limit them, limit competition and cost you and I a LOT more $.

  6. With West Texas Intermediate crude oil trading at $87.40 a barrel today — up from under $70.00/bbl in late June — ‘Biden’ just did WHAT?

    ‘The U.S. Interior Department on Wednesday said it would cancel oil and gas leases in a federal wildlife refuge that were bought by an Alaska state development agency in the final days of former President Donald Trump’s term.

    “As the climate crisis warms the Arctic more than twice as fast as the rest of the world, we have a responsibility to protect this treasured region for all ages,” Biden said in a statement.

    ‘The government also said it would forbid new leasing on more than 10 million acres in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska, a 23-million-acre area on the state’s North Slope that is the largest undisturbed public land in the United States.’ — Reuters

    Mind you, the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska (an unproduced oil reservoir) is different than the Strategic Petroleum Reserve of produced crude, which ‘Biden’ and his idiot bitch ‘Secretary’ Jennifer Granholm have nearly emptied.

    There’s a term for what Biden is doing: economic sabotage. Putin and Xi together couldn’t do this much damage to the US. ‘Biden’ is a traitor, a wrecker, an enemy agent. He should be apprehended using all available means.

  7. Outstanding article exposing the EV scam and Elon as our savior.

    I call him Elron MuskRAT – after (E)L Ron Hubbard – the con man and RAT for obvious reasons.

    Elon could end up being just as mysterious as the founder of Scientology – who dated the daughter of Jack Parsons – who lived in Crowley’s Los Angeles mansion – and founded JPL which later became NASA – which faked the moon landing.


    Wikipedia – Sara Northrup Hollister

    “Sara Elizabeth Bruce Northrup Hollister (April 8, 1924 – December 19, 1997) was an American occultist and second wife of Scientologist founder L. Ron Hubbard. She played a major role in the creation of Dianetics, which evolved into the religious movement Scientology. Hubbard would evolve into the leader of the Church of Scientology.[1]

    Northrup was a figure in the Pasadena branch of the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), a secret society led by the English occultist Aleister Crowley, where she was known as “Soror [Sister] Cassap”. She joined as a teenager along with her older sister Helen. From 1941 to 1945 she had a turbulent relationship with her sister’s husband John Whiteside Parsons, a pioneer in liquid-fueled rocketry and head of the Pasadena O.T.O. Although she was a committed and popular member, she acquired a reputation for disruptiveness that prompted Crowley to denounce her as a “vampire.” She began a relationship with L. Ron Hubbard, whom she met through the O.T.O., in 1945. She and Hubbard eloped, taking with them a substantial amount of Parsons’ life savings and marrying bigamously a year later while Hubbard was still married to his first wife, Margaret Grubb. ”


    The story of L Ron Hubbard and the Jet Propulsion Lab is one of the greatest stories of our time – and turned into a TV drama show recently.

    Hubbard started the first UFO religion – Scientology. Little does the public know what really happened – after the Roswell UFO crash – a few people got access to that Top Secret information – because the government was very interested in figuring out UFO propulsion.

    Hubbard, an occult associate of JPL founder Parsons, must of read the UFO documents because he quickly exploited that revelatory information into a UFO cult. Indeed, Scientologists (which include Tom Cruise, Lisa Marie Presley, and John Travolta) have an alien space cathedral out in the desert – with alien glyphs pointed skyward to attract them.


    I myself was involved, a Marine buddy of mine got a copy of a NASA alien briefing document, gave it to me, I read it, it showed pictures of Greys, and their craft, and I ended up giving it to a UFO bookstore in Sedona Arizona.

    That sparked my interest, and I learned about Area 51 and the lineup of recovered UFO flying discs. At S4, the government has a secret underground lab where top scientists like Bob Lazar are flown into to reverse engineer the craft. The Bob Lazar story is now a movie. If you haven’t seen it you are way behind.

    Many people wonder why we still drive land hugging cars.

    • “The EV con rests on multiple cons”

      The First CON of EVeetology is Elon Musk himself.

      You are to believe this one man created PayPal, sold it and started Tesla, then Space X, OpenAi, The Boring Company, some solar panel company, Neurolink, and now bought Twitter and is going to sue the ADL out of existence.

      While doing all that he raises a huge family and dates Hollywood occult starlets. Uh huh, sure…

      Elon Musk isn’t who he appears. What is more likely is that Elon is a face on a consortium of investors, who are behind the scenes directing event.

      Elon smokes pot with Joe Rogan and claims Ai is the demon that will end us all – while furiously trying to animate the demon.


    • > top scientists like Bob Lazar
      >Lazar graduated from high school late, in the bottom third of his class. The only science course he took was a chemistry class. He subsequently attended Pierce Junior College in Los Angeles.[3]
      >Lazar claims to have obtained master’s degrees in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and in electronics from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). However, both universities show no record of him.[3][8] Scientists Stanton T. Friedman and Donald R. Prothero have stated that nobody with Lazar’s high school performance record would be accepted by either institution.
      >Lazar is unable to supply the names of any lecturers or fellow students from his alleged tenures at MIT and Caltech; one supposed Caltech professor, William Duxler, was in fact located at Pierce Junior College and had never taught at Caltech

      In short, Bob Lazar is a fraud.

  8. Eric, you make a very good point about the sources of electricity for EV’s, however, you’re mistaken about the Harris Ranch being driven by a generator. The stories going around about it are false, I’m sure of it.

    None of the stories post a photo of the generator. Those trailer-sized devices that surround the site are the chargers, the places where the car is plugged in are simply outlets from those chargers.

    Tesla’s charge at superchargers anywhere from 70kW to 250kW at their peak. With 100 stalls, that’s a minimum of a 7 megawatt generator and a maximum of a 25 megawatt generator. Generators that size are massive. Look it up – do an image search of a 10 MW generator for example. There is nothing like that visible anywhere at that supercharger on recent aerial imagery which you can find in Google Earth, for example.

    • There should be an “editorial” reply to this comment IMHO . Or preferably, someone here living in the area should verify or discredit it with their own pics. If the comment is accurate the article should be revised or deleted. My .02

    • I have no idea where the one pic is from, but clearly you can see the generator behind the “outlet”. The exhaust flapper is wide open and it’s obviously a genset of a rather large size. Obviously, IDK if that’s what you’re referencing but nothing of trailer size would be necessary to charge one EV. Besides, I have seen actual videos of a dead Ford Lightning truck sitting beside the road while charging from a genset in the bed.

  9. ‘There are 98 “pumps” for EVs at the Harris Ranch station. And there’s also a diesel generator there to power them.’ — eric

    From the SF Gate article:

    ‘TezLab spokesperson Ben Perlman emailed SFGATE on Friday to clarify how Tesla’s energy is used at places like the Harris Ranch Supercharger. “All electricity is created and used instantly by the mix of sources that are attached to the grid,” he wrote. “The energy being used at the Harris Ranch supercharger is the same energy being used anywhere within CalISO’s grid coverage.”

    (((Ben Perlman))) is playing stupid games with us. Consider any house with solar panels. Depending on the time of day, the solar panels may be reducing the house’s grid consumption, or even feeding power back into the grid at midday. At any moment, the homeowner can verify what percentage of the residence’s load is being shouldered by the solar system.

    Harris Ranch’s diesel genset obviously is intended to limit the peak load imposed on the grid. When the load at Harris Ranch exceeds the diesel genset’s output (which it always will, for a peak load genset), then all of the diesel-generated power is consumed by the EeeVee chargers, not fed back into the grid. As with a solar-powered residence, Harris Ranch’s percentage of diesel-fueled power can be calculated.

    Since generator power is quite costly, Eeeeeelon didn’t install that diesel genset in a magnanimous gesture to shore up the grid. No, he installed it to obtain a better commercial electric rate, and to limit the capacity of the grid-connected feed. Claims to the contrary (cf. ‘Perlman’ above) are obfuscatory lies and bullshit.

    We are not obliged to put up with this nonsense.

  10. It is my humble opinion that us boomers are of the last generation who took science and technology seriously, with a hunger to know how and why things work as they do. Us boomers had electrical and mechanical systems that we could work on and improve ourselves. Basic scientific principles were taught in school and reinforced with hands-on experimentation.
    In today’s climate (and the climate of two previous generations) experimentation on the level of the 1950s and 1960s is seen as “too dangerous”. I can remember the chemistry sets of the day being sold with toxic compounds which could be used for nefarious (and fun) purposes. Such sets are banned today.
    Today’s prime example of the public’s scientific stupidity being pushed by political considerations is that of electric vehicles, most people (even supposedly “educated” types) enthusiastically jumping on the bandwagon despite the major deficiencies and problems these vehicles have.
    Let’s look at the technical side of electric vehicles vs. ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles. Range is a large factor in the desirability of ICE vehicles vs. today’s electric vehicles. One can fuel up an ICE vehicle in approximately five minutes and be on his way.
    Not so for electric vehicles. Quite often electric vehicle charging stations are few and far between, which contributes to “range anxiety”. For short hops and city driving, electric vehicles can be an ideal solution, but for extended “road trips” forget it.
    Electric vehicle batteries lose power even when the vehicle is not in use. (This is akin to a gasoline vehicle with a leaky gas tank). Add to that, cold weather and the use of accessories (air conditioning, heat, lights, etc) will reduce range considerably. Electric vehicles may be somewhat suitable for a California climate, but will fail in sub-zero Michigan winter snow and ice.
    Batteries can be charged only to 80% of full capacity as overcharging will reduce battery life considerably. “Fast charging” is also detrimental to battery life. It’s all about time and convenience vs. battery life.
    Gasoline and diesel fuel has an large energy content (density) in a small package, something that, in their present stages of development, electrical vehicles cannot achieve.
    Let’s make a comparison…gasoline contains approximately 33.7 kwh per gallon. A gallon of gasoline weighs approximately 6.1 lbs. The typical ICE vehicle can hold about 15 gallons of gasoline with a weight of approximately 90 lbs. total, with a total energy content of approximately 500 kwh.
    High-end electric vehicles have an energy capacity of approximately 120 kwh. This is equal to less than four gallons of gasoline. The typical electric vehicle has a 75 kwh battery pack, equivalent to approximately 2 ½ gallons of gasoline.
    Keep in mind that the battery pack weight is well over 2000 lbs (1 ton) and still has a limited energy capacity compared to gasoline. The typical electric vehicles weighs approximately 2 ½ tons (5000 lbs.), having to haul around a heavy battery pack. This also contributes to “wear and tear” on other automotive systems such as brakes and tires. (Yes, I am aware that regenerative braking exists and is a part of electric vehicle technology).
    From an environmental standpoint, lithium is nasty stuff, reacts with water violently and is much more volatile than gasoline. Electric vehicle accidents are much more hazardous than those of ICE vehicles. Water cannot be used to put out a lithium battery pack fire.
    Yes, gasoline is dangerous, but we have learned to control it and live with it successfully for over 100 years.
    Most of today’s generation do not understand scientific principles; hence the enthusiasm for electric vehicles which are “not yet ready for prime-time”. The inability of today’s generation to understand basic scientific engineering principles is responsible for their gullibility and ignorance.

  11. The latest insane idea to “Stop climate change” seems to be cutting down forests, burying the trees that are cut down, and replacing those forests with…….LOTS of wind turbines.

  12. I fully support the EV purchasers. I want to help them make the world a greener place.
    To that end, I suggest that recharging be only done through personal windmills installed at their residence that would be the only method of recharging.

    After all, if one is saving the world with their EV, why power it with un-green electricity. If you’re going to be green, you’d better go all the way.

    For the apartment dwellers, a portable windmill would be placed atop their EV.

    Sure, you might only be able to drive 50 miles/week, but think of all the insects that you are not hitting with your windshield. Less driving = less road damage = less petroleum used in road repair.

    Thanks to the EVers for saving us all.

  13. @Eric – Capo Gecko, leader of the Geico Family, has been making some interesting moves this year regarding buying out Pilot/Flying-J and supplying “backup” generation capacity to Texas. I don’t think the two are unrelated, and I doubt those gas turbine generators which he wants the state to fund will sit idle all summer under The Lizard’s management.

    The Capo has long desired to run the Texas power market as one of his rackets.

  14. Just as the great Vaxx push was, so is the great EV push an expression of the hatred the Psychopaths In Charge hold for us. They do not want us doing well. They enjoy our suffering, and are not shy about showing it.

    • Or they are thinning out the dumb and gullible.

      There is no doubt they are Psychopaths and their goal is economic and societal destruction, but they have already told us their plans.

      Just playing devil’s advocate, but these are mainly old, rich, white men calling the shots. Look at their family histories…what their fathers did, their father’s father, etc. Maybe these old guys are disgusted by what they see. They have no respect for the cowards and the lazy. What if the goal is to diminish these lines from reproducing? Who are they targeting? It isn’t the gray man. I can’t say for surety that they won’t come for us, but as for now we still have our old pickups, our food supply, and our guns. The ones being baited are those willingly to give up these things. Will good and innocent people be caught in the crosshairs? Absolutely, but this was an IQ test, not a compliancy test.

  15. Texas electricity supply has been maxed out in the early evenings all summer, with brownouts threatened this weekend before temperatures finally break by the middle of next week.

    In the past few years, the margin ran 2000-3000 MW, not great but acceptable. However, when you stop to consider that number is only ~ 100,000-150,000 EVs charging nightly, the next bout of extreme weather, whether this winter or next July, combined with all of the new EVs and electric-only HVAC systems will be ugly.

  16. 1. To charge an EV at home one needs to install thousands of dollars worth of electrical upgrades…assuming you have a garage.

    2. EVs have a nasty habit of spontaneously combusting.

    3. EVs are often directed to be parked outside to prevent fire damage to a dwelling.

    4. EV fires can burn down structures that are nearby.

    5. We are told to ignore any emissions caused by EVs when they are built or from the structure fires they cause.

    I think we’ve reached Peak Stupidity when it comes to EVs. Perhaps this folly will be addressed when an EV self-immolates in an underground parking garage and takes down an entire office building.

    • “I think we’ve reached Peak Stupidity when it comes to EVs.” – Mark in BC

      My Correction:
      I think we’ve reached Peak Stupidity on everything.

      Everything is a lie,,, EVERYTHING.

      Take our latest Cat 8 hisacane ‘Lee’. Max winds looking at it using Earth or Ventusky is about 60mph at 6 meters,,, 100mph or so at 750 meters yet Noaa claims 155-165mph. Notice all hurricanes are now minimum Cat 4 or Cat 5.

      EV’s are green. If you are talking fraud and money that is correct otherwise its bs.

      Fossil Fuels. No such thing.

      Masks protect you from viruses. Nope.

      The Covid vaxx is safe and effective. Not even.

      We are fighting for democracy in nazi Ukraine. Riiigggghhhhttt!

      Ukraine is winning the war,,, soon to be dictating surrender terms at the Kremlin. Not in this universe.

      Russia is fighting for the good of mankind. Nope,,, Putin a member of the WEF. Sure he got kicked out.

      The economy is the best ever. Tell that to all the homeless.

      “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”
      – attributed to William Casey (1981). Reagan’s CIA director verified by Barbara Honegger.

      We’re there!


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