Owning Things . . . to Avoid Being Owned

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The WEF crowd says that in the future, you will own nothing and they will be very happy. Of course, they do not say it exactly that way. But it’s implied by what they do say. If you own nothing, then they will own everything.

Including, naturally, you.

And this prospect makes them happiest of all.

A person who owns nothing is by definition owned. He is someone who must ask permission to use things owned by others – who do own them – and who (by dint of being the owner) can lay down terms and conditions of use. These are not always insufferable or degrading. But they are subordinating, in that you must do as the owners say.

And the WEF is very much interested in that.

Consider the position of someone in the WEF’s desired scheme of things, who owns nothing but instead is allowed (perhaps) to have access to things. Like transportation, for instance. You no longer own a car and so it’s up to the owner of the car you would like to use to grant permission for you to use it. Probably it will be a ride rather than a car; this is what is meant by “transportation as a service” and “mobility,” which are terms being bandied about openly by companies that used to be in the business of selling cars to people who owned them (once they paid for them).

You will be allowed to call for a ride – and the ride will be available if it is agreeable. To those who own the car that is used to provide the ride. Have you lined up for the latest “vaccine”? Are you wearing your “mask”?

Just a taste of what’s to come – for those who allow themselves to be owned.

During the “pandemic,” as the orchestrated campaign of mass hysteria over an unseen and unseeable threat that for 99.something precent of the otherwise healthy population constituted a bad cold/flu, how many of the owned were forced to do as they were told? Or at least, under enormous financial pressure to do as they were told? The people who were (many still are) in so much debt that the loss of a single paycheck constituted a much greater threat than the “virus” had little choice but to say yes.

The massa part goes unsaid – but it’s there, isn’t it?

It is much harder to say no to “masks” – and the drugs style “vaccines” – when your owners tell you to say yes to them. It explains why so many doctors not only said yes but tried their best to make you say yes, too. The reason being that probably eight out of ten doctors are employees – which is a form of being owned – and have anvils of debt around the necks for their schooling compounded by the exorbitant cost of practicing their profession, such as malpractice insurance.

Many of them also buy a new car. A fancy one. Or rather, they take out another loan. This is how you end up owned.

I read a book many years ago – I can’t recall the title – but it was about how to get rich by not buying things you can’t afford to pay for. This applies especially to cars because they aren’t “investments.” Unless you like an investment that is all-but-guaranteed to cost you money.

Especially if you finance it. Even if the interest on the loan is zero. You’re still paying – every month – on something that’s depreciating. And the amount you’re paying doesn’t depreciate. If anything, it’s the reverse – because the buying power of money depreciates in an economy driven by fiat currency. The $400 you’re paying this month for the car you just went into hock for will cost you more than $400 six months from now in that the same $400 would have bought you more of some other thing this month vs. six months from now. But you spent it on a car that’ll be worth less six months from now, instead.

Over a lifetime, the loss of what you could have had can be enormous. I once added up how much a family member had spent over the course of 30 years on new cars – one every five years or so, roughly. It was as much as the house I live in cost me when I bought it, 20 years ago. The house I own (except for the rent I am forced to pay the government; i.e., the property tax) because I’ve never gone into debt for a car – or a truck. My 21-year-old Nissan Frontier isn’t much to look at but I own it – and have owned it, since the day I bought it.

And because I do own it – and the house I live in – they don’t own me. This makes it much easier to tell them no – and some other things, too.

I highly recommend it.

. . .

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    • They’re going there. She’s committing an actual crime. The sheriff should arrest her immediately. Should be interesting to see how this plays out. I’d like to hear what any NM heads on here have to say.

    • ‘The Democrat issued an emergency public health order on Friday, suspending the right to carry guns in public across Albuquerque and the surrounding Bernalillo County for at least 30 days following the shooting deaths of three children in the area.’ — Fox News

      That’s like ordering all bars, restaurants and theaters to close for 30 days because her cat died — ‘if I’m not happy, nobody else should be either.’

      Unfortunately, this happens every single time when DemonRats get elected to executive positions such as governor. Next door in Arizona, DemonRat governor Hobbs, fearing that county district attorneys would enforce an abortion law she didn’t like, issued an executive order that only the state attorney general (another Dem) can enforce this law — based on no authority whatsoever.

      DemonRats ==> little dictators.

      I am the law.‘ — Frank Hague, DemonRat mayor of Jersey City, 1917-1947

          • Hi Rich,

            I understand and sympathize with this view. I also think that refusing to obey can be a tactic as or even more effective. It forces the tyrants to expose themselves – and it makes it clear to peaceful people what they must do, if tyrants persist.

    • “This Constitution… shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding.”


  1. No matter what you say, you’ll probably offend somebody, the truth is always there, just have to recognize what it is.

    The ADL has a CEO that is running an extortion racket and nothing more.

    If you say something bad about some smarmy jew, it will cost you billions. Just another swindle, however, it is and will be your fault. Can’t criticize a jew, there will be hell to pay.

    So says the jewy-ist jew ever to be an employee of the ADL.

    You’re a stupid goyim who deserves nothing and it will make jews happy as clams.

    Says the jewyist jew ever to speak on CNBS.

    Just one look at the goon makes me want to powerbarf for centuries.

    Reinforces the definition of anti-Semitism, anti-Semitism is a disease caused by Jews.

    Might as well pick on the jews, that’s all they ever do to anyone and everyone else.

    Doesn’t matter if you’re a Palestinian or a dumb cracker, you are to blame for their miserable plight.

    It’s okay to be anti-white and anti-anything as long as it benefits the jews and their evil wicked mean and nasty ways.

    The ADL CEO says so.

    Right. Still will cost an arm and a leg and 500,000 dead in Ukraine.

    Always a victim, never to blame. The oppressed become the oppressors.

    Those jews were skin and bones in those concentration camps that set them free to work for nothing, they had nothing, even, were behind curtains of barbed wire, and, add to that, they weren’t all that happy.

    Not much of a destination. Are we there yet?

    You can’t make this stuff up, jews always make stuff up. You can make up stuff anyway you want.

    More split infinitives please.

    See you in hell.

    • Even skin and bones prisoners have to have a basic level of subsistence and water for months to get into that condition. Why would they get anything if these were death camps? The allies bombed all the railways into these places. Likely the Germans weren’t much better off. The Holohaux is the foundational lie of modern society.

      • Hi Mark,

        Most of the camps were work camps (Arbeit Macht Frei) which is to say, slave labor camps. A good example being Nordhausen; prisoners were used to make the V1 rockets and so on. Those unfit to work were sent to their deaths right away; others were worked to death. Was the total number of Jews exterminated exaggerated? Probably. But it’s untrue to say there was not a systematic effort made to exterminate them.

  2. “the buying power of money depreciates in an economy driven by fiat currency.”
    While it appreciates in a Gold backed currency. There’s little need for interest, since the money paid back is worth more than that borrowed without any.

    • in the 1800’s using a gold standard/gold backed currency…there was deflation…things got cheaper….today with 100% unbacked fiat people are going broke, inflation is out of control….people can’t afford housing, food or fuel…..but the .01% are getting richer….

    • Gold! Silver! Copper!

      What do you get?


      Nothing better on the planet. You can build a Burj Dubai!

      You will need natural resources, crude oil, coal, all of it, won’t happen without good old Oklahoma crude and Wyoming coal, can’t avoid it, won’t go without them really good hydrocarbons so you can have carbohydrates.

      You want high tech? Gold is the cat’s meow.

  3. Do you own the power stored in your vehicle? Not if it’s an EeeVee:

    ‘A literal power vacuum—that’s what California Senate Bill 233 proposes.

    ‘And what is to be sucked? Your electric car.

    ‘The bill—which has passed the Senate and is now winding its way through the Assembly—states that all new electric vehicles to be sold in California after 2030 be “bidirectional.”

    ‘Because the state has decided to essentially go all electric without having the ability to actually provide enough electricity, the climate warriors now see the millions of electric vehicles (EVs) in the state as tiny batteries to make up for their incompetence.

    ‘Currently, not every EV can send power back to the grid, like home solar panels that feed excess power back to their local utility. The bill—almost certain to pass because this is California—would change that.’


    SB233 in Commiefornia is the logical result of a megalomaniacal goal — an all-electric auto fleet — colliding with the inconvenient reality of a Third World electric grid that can’t serve them all.

    Handwriting’s on the wall, comrades: if you buy an EeeVee, you’re going to get royally screwed over. Let’s repeat it, for the slow learners:


    • Hi Jim,

      I recently received my quarterly California tax newsletter. I have a few clients out in CA so as a tax preparer CA does send me updates on new tax changes throughout the year (which, honestly, I do appreciate). It is one of the few states that do.

      But, oh my gosh, the new taxes, the increases in existing taxes…it is absolutely absurd. My newsletter was literally four pages of tax increases and not one damn tax decrease anywhere.

      I am only assume people stay there because they love the weather.

      • Hi RG,

        In re: “I can only assume people stay there because they love the weather.”

        That would be my sister, who lives with her family in Oceanside, near San Diego. The weather’s wonderful. But the price they pay for this is (true story) derelicts passed out in the street in front of their house, a bullet hole in their car and syringes on the beach…

        • Hi Eric,

          Is the weather really that great to deal with all of that? Personally, I think autumn in Virginia/North Carolina/Tennessee is one of the most beautiful times of the year and we don’t have to deal with bums and needles (well with a few exceptions in the bigger cities).

          The first bullet hole in my car would have me purchasing a 100 acres down in Fluvanna.

          • Hi RG,


            I’ve been there and it is nice – the weather, I mean. But it’s also boring in that it’s almost always the same. And – regardless – I cannot imagine having to live with schizophrenics and derelicts wandering around outside my house (my niece is afraid to leave the windows open in my sister’s house on account of that). No way. I’d rather live in a place that is -20 for six months out of the year and not have to worry about such things. We almost never lock our doors here – because why would we? That’s worth more than the weather to me, anytime.

            • Hey, Eric,
              Try Fallbrook, or even Vista. 🙂
              Close enough to Oceanside for a short drive.
              You might be amazed by the difference.
              For that matter, you would probably fit right in in Temecula, which is a bit larger, but quite conservative, and has horse property and vineyards.

              • RE: “horse property” …East of San Diego, 30 yrs ago, was great!

                I find it hard to imagine it’s changed all that much since then.

        • Hi Eric,

          There actually are some really beautiful places in coastal California that are still safe and not infested with criminals and drug addicts living on the streets. For example, Newport Beach, San Clemente, La Jolla, Monterey/Carmel. I’ve enjoyed visiting all of these places and especially enjoy vacationing in Newport Beach. Unfortunately, all of these places are ridiculously expensive to own a home. A typical small home in Newport Beach costs 2-3 million dollars.

          Regarding Oceanside, I’ve driven through there and walked around town while driving between Newport Beach and San Diego. I never noticed the problems that you described and didn’t realize how bad Oceanside had become.

          I really wonder if California’s policy of letting so many potentially beautiful areas deteriorate is a deliberate policy designed to make life so unlivable that real estate prices collapse, enabling the government and its cronies to buy up the real estate on the cheap. Either that or just plain governmental incompetence.

          • ‘Either that or just plain governmental incompetence.’ — Martin

            Look what happened to NYC. By 1974, after the disastrous John Lindsay administration, the city was in tatters: shabby, garbage-strewn, facing bankruptcy. The subways were called the ‘electric sewers.’

            Then a financier named Felix Rohatyn took charge of the Municipal Assistance Corporation, baled out the city, and started big, debt-financed capital programs to fix the city’s broken infrastructure.

            Fortunes were made over the next thirty to forty years, as the city turned around. Bad neighborhoods in Brooklyn became chic. Houses with good bones, originally purchased in the bad old days for $50,000 or so, sold in high six figures ‘as is,’ and low to mid millions if nicely restored.

            But now, with liberal destroyers firmly in the drivers seat, crime-ridden NYC is going rotten once again. How many property punters who bought at the tippy-top saw that coming?

            Simple heuristic: when extremist Dems take charge, and public order falls apart, sell everything and run like hell.

            • NYC is really turning into a shithole. Crime everywhere, homelessness, drug addiction, and now tens of thousands of illegal immigrants flooding into the city with no place to live. And yet housing costs are still outrageous. A small apartment in Manhattan typically rents for $5000 a month or more. A decent one bedroom condo may cost $2000000. All to live in a place that is becoming completely unlivable. Empty storefronts everywhere, half empty office buildings, closed restaurants.

              The last time I visited NYC was in April, 2016. We stayed in a hotel on 8th Ave. in midtown. New York was at least fairly safe at that time. We walked around the city, even after midnight, and always felt safe. We even rode the subway and walked through Central Park without feeling as though we were risking our lives. It’s sad how much NYC has deteriorated in the last seven years. Unless there is another major turnaround, I don’t plan on every going back.

              • Hi Martin,

                I haven’t been to Manhattan since the Towers were taken down – and doubt I’ll ever see the place again. I prefer to remember it (and America) as it was. Seeing it as it is now would be incredibly depressing.

      • Hi, RG,
        For me, and for many other people, it is primarily the economy. California is, what? the world’s fifth (?) largest economy, so there are many opportunities not present in less affluent parts of the U.S. State income and state and local sales taxes are high, but property taxes are low, thanks to Proposition 13.

        And yes, it is nice to not have to deal with winter. Cars do not rust out in inland areas, only if you live near the beach and have to deal with salt air.
        I was born in central New Jersey, and spent five years in New England, which was quite enough for me.

        California is a big state, with many choices. So, there are many possible environments, from very rural to very congested urban, from mountain communities to the desert floor, etc.

        What I dislike about SoCal are:
        1. Too many people
        You have to learn to create your own “space” around yourself, and interact with people of your own choosing, to the extent possible.
        2. Air pollution
        But on a clear winter day, when a recent storm has washed the atmosphere clean, the snow on the mountains is beautiful. 🙂
        3. Sense of “entitlement” by some obnoxious people who think they are “special,” and the rules do not apply to them. Class “C” is a passenger automobile license here. My snarky comment is that some of these people appear to have a Class “C-S” for “special,” meaning they need not obey the traffic laws.
        4. Speaking of traffic etiquette, here we have what I call “lane democracy,” meaning people drive whatever speed they like in whatever lane they pick. The concept of “slower traffic keep right” is not part of their worldview.

        In summary, you might think that California, usually thought of as the birthplace of “car culture,” would have good drivers. If you thought that, you would be wrong.

        • Hi Adi,

          I have never been to California so I cannot provide a fair observation, but
          do you believe they are worse in Florida drivers? I-95 between Jacksonville to Miami has had to one of the most fearsome drives someone can take. 🙂

          • RG, no, no, no, no, no! It’s not I-95…it’s I-4…it’s I-75…it’s I-275..it’s Dale Mabry Hwy…it’s THE WHOLE DAMN STATE!!!

            The highest vaxx rate in the country. The worst drivers on the planet. It’s not speeding or dawdling, it’s pulling away from a light and stopping in the middle of the road. It’s blowing a red light from the through lane and turning left nearly rolling your SUV. It’s stopping on an entrance ramp after merging into the through lane.

            Florida drivers give new meaning to fustercluck.

      • I live in Michigan Boy do we have lakes. We also have weather. In the same day can vary by 40 degrees. You then appreciate the nice days. Fall is the best. We also spend a lot of time on the lake, in my case Huron. Doesn’t get much better than late September on the lake in Michigan. I have been to California, LA, SF and places in between. I will take Michigan even with Witchmer and the demonrats currently ruling via Detroit, the ghost city.

    • Wow. I had not thought of this unique way to screw you with an EV.

      Plug in thinking you are charging up, and the state drains you down to your social credit score rating.

  4. Brandon Smith……Globalists go on the defensive

    I want to point out here that there has been a dramatic shift in globalist circles towards a defensive posture, rather than the offensive posture they held a couple years ago. Apparently, something went very wrong for them during Covid. They were brazen with their rhetoric not long ago, basically admitting their intentions to establish a global authoritarian system. Now they are sheepish and much more careful in the things they say.

    To this end, most of the honest discussion on globalism is no longer found in the statements of the WEF or the halls of the Davos forums. Rather, the true agenda is discussed at less prominent climate change events such as B20 in India or the Summit for a New Global Financing Pact in Paris which I covered in July. These are the events where globalists now feel increasingly free to talk about what they really want.


    All privacy in trade will be gone, except for those people engaging in barter, black markets and commodity-based transactions. This is one of the main reasons global central banks have persistently killed the idea of intrinsically-sound money, like physical gold and silver, for the last 50 years. Remember, barter and black markets are more or less by definition off the books. Untaxed, unregulated and untrackable.

    But don’t be misled – this is much more than an issue of privacy.

    Implementation of CBDCs would also mean that ownership of money and the ability to transact, to participate in the economy, will become privileges, not rights.

    In communist China, use of digital payments is tied to a social credit system. Want access to your checking and savings accounts? Better not say anything critical of the Party, or you could be reported by a neighbor (or a stranger) using the tattletale function on their smartphone. Digital money can disappear in seconds. Want your money back? Prove that you are “loyal” to the Party. There are many subtle levels between “upstanding citizen” and “outlaw,” though, and the CCP adjust their citizens’ financial statuses constantly. Bad social credit might mean taxis won’t even stop for you. That you’re prevented from purchasing from upscale shops. (Insufficiently healthy? Your e-yuan won’t even let you buy junk food at 7-11. Seriously!) The citizen is guilty until proven innocent.

    Once the economy is locked into an ideological prison and access to private trade can be denied by a handful of bureaucrats working with corporations, the establishment then has the means to dictate all of society.

    Our behaviors, our beliefs, our principles, our morals.

    For if the government has the power to determine whether you and your family eat or starve, they have the power to compel you to do anything.

    This is why owning untraceable, intrinsically valuable physical precious metals is crucial to your own personal liberty. Today, now, while you still can, diversify your savings with an alternative form of money that will always be accepted, without question, anywhere in the world.

    There’s a reason the globalists hate gold and silver. They’re virtually the only financial assets you can own that are “off the books.” Just as untrackable as cash (they hate cash, too, but not as much) and, better yet, uninflatable, unhackable and free from central bank meddling.


    • THE wef/davos/globalist crowd….

      Marxism aka rationing and control for the 99%

      and the .001% and their implementers are above it

      Just like their Soviet Union and apparatchiks

      Private property is all theirs, and your property is redistributed by the State they control.

    • I agree, and Net Zero is actually genocide. The closer and closer to get to zero will only be achieved as the human population is reduced – until only the jet setting elite remain with a servile working class.

      Bill Gates latest hair brained scam is to cut down 70 million trees and bury them so he can stuff his bank account with carbon credits.

      • Hi Jack,

        This proposal to cut down forests and burying trees to stop climate change was reported on this week’s The Highwire. Crazy isn’t it……34 years ago, John Denver was doing a PSA for the National Arbor Day Foundation advocating planting trees, and now, psychopaths such as Bill Gates want to cut trees down and bury them. What will modern day “tree huggers” say about that?


        • Don’t see any logic in that, though I do see the evil. Trees take in CO2 and give off oxygen, so by the hysteric’s definition they are alleviating the “climate crisis”. The best way to save the planet would be to cut down and bury Gates, Schwab, Soros, Fauci, etc.

      • Just so everyone knows; you’re atmosphere is 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 0.9% argon and less than 1.1% neon, hydrogen, helium, xenon, fluorine, methane, and carbon dioxide all put together.

        Carbon dioxide has zero net effect on the climate. They are pointing towards one small molecule way off in the corner of a gymnasium full of air and trying to say that that makes polar bears die and is going to drown your cities and kill your kids.

        It is a complete and total scam, designed to subjugate you and everyone else. Don’t be an idiot.

        True, let me add some relevant color…

        1. CO2 is currently 420 ppm, which is 0.042%.

        Humans are responsible for 3% of that, which is 0.00126%.

        Thus, 99.99874% of all CO2 is created naturally.

        2. At under 270 ppm CO2, plant life dies, and everything else dies with it.

        3. The atmosphere has had periods where CO2 was up to and higher than 4000 ppm. During the Triassic period 215 million years ago, both plant and animal life thrived and Alaska was a jungle.

        4. When Mt. St Helens erupted in 1980, it released the same amount of pollution as 270 years of human industrial activity in 1970.

        That’s 270 x 1970 industrial activity – IN ONE DAY.

        * volcanic eruptions release water vapor (H20), carbon dioxide (COz), sulphur dioxide (SO2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen chloride (HCI), and hydrogen fluoride (HF) into the atmosphere.

  5. The article by Gary Barnett in this weekend’s Lew Rockwell is a prerequisite for understanding the world we live in today.


    That has come to me in pieces over the course of my life, albeit less concise and with much confusion. I had to fully grasp what is actually happening versus the narrative.

    All the flag waivers, all the “conservatives”, all the “liberals”, all the people pretending about the world we live in make it hard to see clearly. I knew and could see what was happening but everyone has been pretending its something else for my entire life.

    “We live in a free country!” “I know my rights!”

    Reality: The government does whatever it wants. You are free to do what the government allows at any given moment, regardless of what any is written anywhere. And that is subject to change without notice or reason.

    Everything else is the religion of the state. A set of fairy tale beliefs that are communicated to give cover and make the ugly reality into a wonderful pretend image of what people know ought to be instead.

    Just like any good religion, it’s complete with a wonderful sounding origin story. And people still believe variants of the origin story are occurring to this day, i.e., that wise rich men, just want what’s best for us and perhaps what’s good for the planet.

    So join hands brothers and sisters, hum and sing along to the anthem, as we give thanks and praise to the disciples of selfless love of mankind, like George Washington, George Bush, George Soros, Barack Obama, Klaus Schwab and Elon Musk.


    Reminder to all the faithful to make sure you are current on your tithes using IRS Form 1040.

  6. “If stealing 100% of the product of someone’s labor is slavery, at what percent is it NOT slavery?”
    Conversely, given the power to tax, there is nothing stopping the state from taxing at 100%. Making us all slaves in waiting.
    Don’t spend money you don’t have to buy things you don’t need. Separating your needs from your wants is the key. We need shelter, but how much you spend on it is determined on how much you NEED to and can spend on it, not how much you want to. You likely need transportation. The same applies. Get your priorities in order, regarding both your money and your efforts. Your wants are at the bottom of the list.
    Have to
    Need to
    Should do
    Want to

    • Hi John,

      The state does tax at 100%. It is just that one does not pay 100% in tax. Most people do not pay attention to the amount that they pay in taxes, but it is a given that most of us pay a minimum of 30% up to 50% if one was to add all taxes paid throughout the year.

      An example, if an individual grosses $75K in salary annually and lives in the state of Maryland he/she would pay the following:

      Federal WH – $9274 (after standard deduction)
      Social Security – $4650
      Medicare – $1088
      MD WH (including county tax) – $5422

      Net Wages – $54,566

      Now, say they have a twenty year old 2 BDRM, 2 BATH in the City of Annapolis. The home has a value of $560K (or so the city says). The real estate tax on this is $4718. Net wage has now decreased to $49,848.

      Once you add in sales tax (6%), annual auto fees, etc. this would reduce your net by another $687 to $49,161.

      Total amount paid in taxes annually 34.50% of total pay.

      Mind you this does not account for any big ticket purchases like furniture, a car, etc. God forbid, if you happen to be a small business add another 7.65% in self employment tax and 2.45% on business personal property which would decrease your wage by another $6002 ($5737 SE taxes and $265 in property taxes). Then the total take home would be $43,159 or 42.5% would be paid in taxes.

      Of course, if you make more you are going to pay more since the federal income tax is a progressive system.

      It is a little freaking depressing.

  7. The WEF crowd poisoning your food….

    WATCH OUT! The Food Industry’s LIES and HOW they are Slowly POISONING US

    Crony capitalism alone has destroyed our food. If you are curious about the details, here’s a good intro. It’s best that we all decentralize from BlackRock grocery stores, start back to the basics and control our food again.


    • If people en masse stopped using fiat, their power….the WEF crowd….. would end on Day #1, but it will never happen. “Control the food and you control the people. Control the energy and you control the continent. Control the money and you control the world.” – Henry Kissinger (I know that quote isn’t word for word, but same gist)

    • Hi Anon,

      There’s an interesting theory I’ve read that the “climate crisis” (and “environmentalism,” generally) are misdirections designed to cover up the damage wrought by GMO agriculture/pesticides, etc.

    • Have you browsed the ingredients on any typical grocery product lately? My wife pointed out that Campbell soup products and Cheerios have added GMO ingredients to the products. I’d imagine many other items also have it. If the clotshots don’t get you, the “food” will.

      • Don’t buy prepared food. If you want soup, buy the ingredients and boil them. It ain’t that hard. A good rule of thumb is, only buy products from the perimeter of the store, where the fresh fruits, vegetables and meats are kept. I do buy canned vegetables, but not canned meals.

      • Hi Allen,

        The food is garbage. As John stated, if you head down any aisle pretty much all of the food is bioengineered. Unfortunately, one has to be careful in dealing with the perimeters of the store (dairy/meat/fruits and vegetables) because many of these have so much pesticides and antibiotics now added to them.

        Seriously, I don’t know what is scarier the grocery store or the doctor’s office.

        The best thing to do is try to grow your own food, but that isn’t a possibility for most people. Second I would stick to your farmer’s markets and farms. Farm to table is the best option and you are helping a local business.

        • I am fortunate in that I live in a rural area. Eggs (and chickens) from a neighbor down the road. We have a decent garden, can 100 or so quarts of tomatoes every year. My bumper crop was 2020 over 200 quarts, had lots of time to weed and work on the garden also other veggies, beans, squash, etc. never had much luck with corn or potatoes. But we have neighbors that do better growing them so we get them from the neighbors. We buy a cow and a pig every year from a local “maniac” that is totally organic. Grass fed no corn, apples and kelp to the finish the steers, swine forage in the fields. At the store we get very little that is not fresh. Flour, beans (dried) , sugar, spices virtually nothing processed. Food is also cheaper if you prepare it yourself from the raw materials.

        • You do the best you can. Farmer markets aren’t always convenient to get to. You hope the organic stuff really is and pasture raised chicken eggs and meat really is. No matter with some basic cooking skills, whatever you make is going to be a thousand times better than the shite at restaurants and way cheaper and more delicious

  8. Don’t let the things you own, own you.

    Or, control everything, without owning a thing.

    Or, own nothing, and easily walk through the gate unencumbered.

  9. Pretty much off topic. I did little research on 2 important American figures, historically that is. George Washington and Alexander Hamilton. Looked at the Wikipedia entries on both. It was weird Hamilton as a hero etc, Washington as a wonky leader. Really glad Burr took care of Hamilton. Washington died in 1799, Burr excised Hamilton in 1804. Thank God for that. It probably got us a few more years of freedom. I say bring back dueling. One way to make folks accountable. Aaron Burr a true American hero. They tried him for treason but he was acquitted. We should have Aaron Burr Day on July 4th.

    • Hi Ugg,

      Indeed. Hamilton was someone who advocated for a system very similar to the British system – without the British. He wanted a “vigorous” federal government and executive, who would be – in effect – a king. John Adams had many faults but was an honorable man. He called Hamilton a “bastard son of a scotch peddler.” And worse. Burr despised him, obviously.

      I agree with you in re dueling. It encourages civilized conduct, by imposing consequences for not being civil. Slander a man and face being called out – literally. Either admit error and beg forgiveness – or accept the consequences. I dig this!

      • Per Heinlein, “An armed society is a polite society”. You don’t call a man’s wife a bitch if he’s carrying a Redhawk, or even a 9mm.

        • I concur. In my opinion Bob is the greatest America author of the 20th century. The quote comes from “Beyond This Horizon”. His “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress” is my favorite.

          We, I anyway and I am guessing you grew up reading Heinlein. He has been excised from our public libraries. None of his books in them any more. Few books of any kind, most books being published nowadays are crap nothing substantive, nothing controversial which = boring.

          Another way they “try” to control, public libraries have basically become homeless shelters.

  10. My definition of ownership is once paid for no one can take it or put conditions on its use.

    Everything I have is paid for. But… the home can be taken for taxes and/or lawsuits and the cars can be regulated off the road or conditions set where I am not allowed to drive them.

    Using this definition… I own nothing but am happy that ‘they’ are allowing my use of it… for now.

    When I die it will be divvied up and sold for pennies on the dollar. I’m watching this happen to a neighbor who just died. If Ramadangadingdong gets elected the government will take possession.

  11. I was interested in that picture of the birds. So I opened it in another window to find out what you called it. Never heard of “Quack Lede”, so I searched on it.

    So now, the infallible and all-knowning “AI”, that is certain to enslave humanity any day now, is convinced that I’m looking for the “illegal drug known as quaalude”. And I’m simultaneously no closer to finding out what “Quack Lede” means!

    All of this shit might be funny if they weren’t dead set on exactly that — trying to enslave humanity. But, on the bright side I suppose, it really is just a crock of shit and eventually reality wins.

    We just have to endure the farce and the attendant misery until it all collapses.

  12. Our Heroe
    Shakespeare like the Ancient
    Plato did envision
    Humanity enslav’d
    Inna cube
    Of Plasticene Glass
    To timid to be Free
    To Blind to See
    So afraid of the Fear
    The Jesus did taught us
    The Cross is Life
    He was trhe DemiGod
    Of Hype, Hope and Hair
    The Hoplites Screamed
    Upon The Torch
    The vibrant Morgen
    Careesses the
    Desolation of Disbelief
    So tell us wise sage
    What to Believe in
    In 2023

    Poetry Korner(I Know Poetry Is Lame in the 4t!)
    Our Heroe The
    Shakespeare like the Ancient
    Plato did envision
    Humanity enslav’d
    Inna cube
    Of Plasticene Glass
    To timid to be Free
    To Blind to See
    So afraid of the Fear
    The Jesus did taught us
    The Cross is Life
    He was trhe DemiGod
    Of Hype, Hope and Hair
    The Hoplites Screamed
    Upon The Torch
    The vibrant Morgen
    Careesses the
    Desolation of Disbelief
    So tell us wise sage
    What to Believe in?
    In 2023

    • Sorry for the double post, Tech is not my best bud!
      Eyepilot13… Artist, poet, philosopher of the insanity…
      EPAutos is one of the few sites I can still view and love.

    • Best part of the rant – “you push an experimental big pharma therapy that you knew nothing about on friends and family and shunned all those … overwhelming you and your ilk claim to hate capitalism, hate the political class, hate the mainstream media, and hate millionaires yet you hung on their every words …”


      The Radical Left claims to hate the establishment but hung on every word of the (false narrative) offered by the establishment.


    • I don’t know about Low Frequency Reptilians
      I don’t say yes or no…
      But Icke is still awesome in his poking
      Holes in the Narrative.
      I have read his books
      F**K the Psyop I call
      “Platos Children”
      I will not bow down to the AI
      god called Khalid Lucifer
      Face Infinity
      Withut Flinching!

  13. If you took the “jab”, YOU ARE ALREADY “OWNED”…
    Quite some time ago, the United States “Supreme Court” ruled that artificially sequenced DNA could be patented and was the “property” of the patent holder and would remain the “property” of the patent holder.
    If you took the “jab”, you are now OWNED by the patent holder of the artificially created DNA poison that is now swirling within your body.
    Never took the “jab”, never will…

  14. There’s an old saying in business: “Cash flow is king.” When starting out or growing with a new product or service, the idea is that positive cash flow is more useful than owning assets. If you have a million dollars available to set up a startup the last thing you’d want to do is buy a big warehouse (unless you are in the business of renting out warehouses, and even then you’ll probably put a minimum downpayment into the property and mortgage the rest. Then use the remaining cash to fund the rest of the business, only using some of it for the mortgage payment.

    That’s not how life works though. Unless you inherret a bunch of wealth, no one is handing you a million dollars to start out. You get a job. Then, assuming you’re not living with mom and dad, you sign a lease closer to work, or the bars, or whatever. You hope you’re cash flow positive but might not be, so you have to juggle your expenses. But for sure you’re on the pay-as-you-go plan. But at least the only investor is yourself.

  15. During periods of extremely low interest rates, buying on time may be a better choice. When a purchase represents something that will likely appreciate in value, buying now and going into debt might make sense. Examples would include paying for college or buying a home.

    Automobiles, definitely not. If you could get by without a car you would be able to save a lot of money. Cars are money pits. But you would need to live and work in a urban area to be able to do that and most people don’t and won’t. The elites may want to dream about everybody not needing to drive but it’s a pipe dream. They will be hanging from lamp posts long before that happens.

  16. ‘They will own everything. Including, naturally, you.’ — eric

    This system once was formalized as slavery, involving capital investment and a chain of title. Then during the 19th century, it was mostly abolished worldwide.

    Even so, it was not uncommon for the upper middle class to have live-in domestic help back then. For little more than room and board, a largely illiterate underclass with few other prospects could do one’s grunt work — everything from laundry to dusting to scrubbing the toilet.

    Now that’s all gone, too. The middle class struggles just to keep its head above water — never mind luxuries such as servants. But they do have really excellent Clownscreens — a big honker in the living room, a medium-sized one in the vehicle, and a small one on the phone — to jack into a 24/7 Prolefeed of ads, disinfo and mindfuckery.

    Ultimately, promoting the illusion of personal agency (instead of outright slavery) generates a bigger rake-off for the elite, with their taxes, their debt slavery, and their pernicious mind memes which psychologically confound their victims just as surely as a jewel wasp parasitizing a cockroach.

    Good times, comrades! 🙂

    • “But it’s implied by what they do say. If you own nothing, then they will own everything. Including, naturally, you.”

      That means humanity will be in the same status as a pet dog, the human owner owns the house, property, and has the dog licensed, and the dog is emotionally and biologically dependent on the owner.

      When you are owned like a pet you need the owner to love you for your psychological well being.

      So just think how they can manipulate us if we are owned, and kick us around like unwanted dogs.

      This just happened in the Lahaina Holocaust, the burned out residents need help, and Biden gives them a paltry GTFO money of $700. Then jets over to Ukraine to dole out billions.

      Billions for the war and his Jew thieves running the Ziolensky government, and none for the citizens of Lahaina. Jew Zelensky keeps racking up the mansions:

      “Ilya Kiva, a Ukrainian legislator who was stripped of his lawmaking status by the Ukrainian Parliament for parroting Russian propaganda talking points. The article claimed Zelenskyy of accumulated $1.2 billion in offshore accounts during his presidency and managed to “buy a villa in Miami for $34 million, as well as several sets of jewelry for $5.6 million.””


      IMO the Hawaiians need to form a lynch mob and storm the Governor’s mansion and oust the New York Jew Governor Josh Green, who is obviously in on it.

      It is obvious to the Lahaina Holocaust is a crude land grab, and in a few years will be owned by the rich and famous and look completely different, it will be luxurious ocean front premier property – and that is the reason why they roasted the 2,000 missing children alive – to get rid of the owner’s children, and inheritance.

      Joe Biden and Josh Green are in on this I guarantee it.


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