Hero Cop Rapes Kid

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This article was originally posted at Courthouse News Service:

LEXINGTON, Ky. (CN) – A Harrodsburg police chief knew what was going on but never stopped an officer from repeatedly raping an underage girl, the victim claims in federal court.

From 2007 to 2010, former Harrodsburg police officer Jason Elder engaged in “unwanted sexual conduct” with S.C. while she “was a minor child, attending middle and high school in Mercer County, Kentucky,” according to the complaint.

S.C. did not sue anonymously, but Courthouse News has redacted her name in the interest of privacy.

Nearly 20 years old today, S.C. says she could not “provide or give consent to the sexual assault and battery perpetrated upon her by defendant Elder” because of her age and minor status at the time.

Harrodsburg police chief Ernie Kelty knew about Elder’s “inappropriate and illegal conduct,” but he “failed or refused to take any action to discipline” the officer, according to the complaint.

S.C.’s father allegedly informed Kelty about the abuse to no avail, but found more success with state prosecutors.

On May 11, 2011, a grand jury charged Elder “with (1) one count of rape in the first degree, (2) one count of rape in the third degree, (3) 48 counts of sodomy and (4) 96 counts of sexual abuse,” according to the complaint.

A database on state prisoners says Elder began a three-year sentence at Kentucky State Reformatory in April for third-degree rape, third-degree sodomy and first-degree sexual abuse.

S.C. seeks damages for constitutional rights violations, assault and battery, emotional distress, negligence, and failure to report child abuse.
She is represented by Hal Friedman and Michael Cooper of Louisville, along with S. Marie Hellard of Lawrenceburg, Ky.

Elder and Kelty are named as defendants along with Harrodsburg and the city’s police department.

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  1. And the town hasn’t killed the rapist and sodomized the chief with an RPG?

    Why do people not understand that if evil isn’t punished, it grows roots and pollutes the world?

    • Because the television and their flavor of talking head didn’t explicitly tell them to do so.

      At my high school, a year before I graduated, there was a cop (my high school had several uniformed police officers acting as security… that’s what happens in wealthy parts of town…) who got caught “sexting” a then underage girl (she was a senior in high school but 17 years old). He got fired from the department but they later married. Now she’s a waitress at Applebees (congratulations on all your success in life, you dumb bitch…) and I have no idea what the fuck he does (probably sexts other underage girls… or maybe he’s “graduated” to just kidnapping and raping them…) Either way, the only reason I mention this story is because people are fucking retards and unless they get spoon fed information with a shit ton of evidence to back it up, they’d rather live in La-La land where football kicks ass and your tax dollars only fund good things.


  2. So, let me get this straight.

    1. One division of the state (police) rapes your child, so you then go to
    2. The same division of the state’s ‘leadership’ (police chief), which predictably does nothing. So, you then go to
    3. A third division of the state (criminal justice dept), which then does very little (3 yr sentence for child rape, and probably out in 16 months assuming he’s under ‘special protection’ that the the third division of the state provides him, and therefore doesn’t get killed by other inmates who learn about him being A) a cop and B) a child rapist).

    You know, I’m not one to initiate violence, but imagining it happening to a daughter of mine, I can’t help but see this as having a *much simpler* solution.

    Which would amount to one more reason why the state would want to basically render us helpless by banning any weapon of consequence, as they regularly attempt to, and often take yet another step toward.

    • Eric, about initiating violence, the rapist intitiated it. My view of the NAP allows me to shoot a rapist without violating my priciples. In my view, the NAP isn’t pacifism. I won’t start any shit, but once the shit’s on, it’s on.


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