Latest Radio: David Knight Show 09/09/2023

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Here’s the audio of my talk the other day with David Knight! We talked about the real agenda behind the pushing of EeeeeeeeeeVeeeeeees (it’s to push most of us out of vehicles) and memories of the Meyers Manx and the way things used to be. Here’s the video, too: Mu segment starts at about the 2.00 mark

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  1. Listening to these twin geniuses of David Knight and Eric Peters is music to my ears. Have you all listened to the cackling hags on The View? What a difference! Watching the View is like watching a bunch of hens in a barn yard clucking for no reason, except the farm hens are more useful since they lay eggs.

    Seriously, both of you gentlemen should be running the country, not the current bunch of bought and paid for clowns we call our elected politicians. Gawd almighty, our Transportation Secretary is the dimwitted fudge packer Pete Buttegg.

    The mystery to me is how did our great nation get brought down to the current level of debauchery – when the nation has so many bright talented people?

    I found this video funny and enlightening over at Jeff’s guest Stefan Verstappen made a video comparing our politicians to serial killers:

    Democide 2.0

  2. I clicked on the video link and before the show starts you get an advertizement – it said this trick can save you thousands on your energy bill. It show a hand putting some unknown fake device close to the watt-hour meter which will magically somehow change the reading (apparently).

    Of course it is completely fake, and some fake device will not change an ammeter reading.

    That is (obviously) a fake ad and it does little to add to the credibility of the site (David Knight works for Infowars – which is accused of conspiracy theories, etc.)

    I notice these type of ads are all over the internet. Another one shows using a cut avocado to make warts go away. I sent a scathing email to The Gateway Pundit for having the same crap ads.

    I do understand Eric Peters and David Knight have no control over the advertizements on the video platform, but that it my two cents.


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