Latest Radio: David Knight Show 04/04/2023

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Here’s the audio of my talk yesterday with David Knight; we got into the Pompadoured Squirrel, among other things. My segment starts at about the 58 minute mark:

. . .

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  1. I’ve learned so many things and the sewing comment got me. I learned to sew repairing the interior of my handmedown 1st car. I just finished sewing up a pair of jeans I wear when I am doing yard work and working on the cars and so on. Probably a waste of my time economically but I have the satisfaction of not needing to go the store and buy new. I haven’t had to go to a fabric store in some time but I always got sideways looks from the women there getting fabric for some automotive thing or a zipper to fix a jacket or whatever.

  2. Here are some comments on the show. Trump should be indicted for warp speed vaxx, but is not, but he is being prosecuted and forced out of the 2024 race – and that would be good – because DeSantis is a far better politician to challenge the left. The best thing for liberty is if Trump would go away, and (((they))) are trying their damnedest to make that happen. Good. Trump had his chance and failed, he needs to exit stage left, maybe head to Israel.

    Eric, you are right about how Trump is a 100% distraction from “the wheels coming off” in Ukraine. I think that is spot on, and in other comments I said that it was very predictable, and you have to wonder what is going on in the minds of these lefty loons who run with false narratives and pro-Ukraine propaganda, did they really think Ukraine was going to win? Are they capable of dealing with reality or are they so out to lunch when their gay rainbow unicorn fantasies get smashed on the road to reality that they have a hissy fit and lash out at their whipping boy Trump.

    But what you two (both you and David are brilliant) have not talked about is how this Ukraine war is an intentional genocide of the white Christian Ukes, that Zelensky is intentionally feeding the natives into the meat grinder because Jews have a long term agenda of turning Ukraine into a Khazar mafia shangri-la.

    Another brilliant mind (but denigrated by the ADL because he is directly over the target) is Dr. Duke, if you have time listen to his spiel about the real politik in Ukraine:

    Download Hour 1 – Dr David Duke – The Trump Disaster (@21:00)

    So if this ‘theory’ is correct, the Russian army being right up against Poland is exactly what (((they))), and when that time comes, they will masterfully bait and goad Russia into invading Poland. They goal is to completely eradicate Christian Europe and replace it with their globo homo / trannies are the highest expression of satan love agenda.

    Another aspect of the current societal collapse is that it coincides with the end of the modern warm period. Few people outside of climatology know that civilization rise and fall with temperature fluctuations in the Holocene interglacial, as shown on this chart:

    IMO if you see where we are going, it is into a new dark age, and it will coincide with new temp lows when the current warm period ends and reverses.


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