Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 04/04/2023

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Here’s the audio of this week’s talk with my friend Bryan Hyde, host of the Bryan Hyde Show in Utah. We talked about the Look! A squirrel! doings of today as well as “seepage” and other topics that might be of interest:

. . .

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  1. The host says “all eyes are on Trump”. Exactly, here is today’s Drudge headlines:


    Drudge used to be a favorite conservative site, but Matt Drudge (homosexual Jew) sold out, and now Drudge is a liberal rag – reveling in Trump hate. So conservatives formed their own site, which is like the old drudge site:

    BUT WHAT ARE THEY NOT TALKING ABOUT, THE FALL OF BAKMUT. The media narrative – which assure us that Kiev was winning, victory was a hand, is now completely ignoring the defeat of the last stronghold before the tanks can roll freely toward Kiev.

    The reason why I bring this all up is that the conspiracy world predicted this exact scenario, we said that it was obvious Russia was going to win, that the west was pushing ridiculous pro-Ukraine propaganda, and that when Ukraine was being defeated we said the media would drop the Ukraine story as the lead story, ignore it, and even say “Ukraine, never heard of it”.

    • Hi Yukon,

      News of Ukraine losing this war is liable to trigger those who “Stood with Ukraine”. On the other hand, if they’re also deranged Trump Haters, they’ve become giddy over Trump’s indictment, and may focus exclusively on satisfying their sheer hatred for the time being, cheering “Lock him up!”. Meanwhile, the Biden Thing tries to implement all sorts of sinister things, such as the RESTRICT Act, CBDC, digital vaxx passports, a WHO pandemic treaty, disarming gun owners who’ve harmed NO ONE, attacking gas stoves and ordinary household appliances, etc.

      • LOL “attacking gas stoves and ordinary household appliances”

        Yes, they are attacking our very existence.

        They are insane, gas stoves are fantastic, as is gas for heat, especially compared to electricity, heat pumps, baseboard electric, oil fired furnaces, or even wood stoves. A gas plumbed house is very desirable.

        And it is all based on one big lie, that the government has to right to shut down all these conveniences because of the threat of runaway global warming – caused by increasing CO2.

        TABLE 4a.
        Anthropogenic (man-made) Contribution to the “Greenhouse
        Effect,” expressed as % of Total (water vapor INCLUDED)

        Man made Carbon Dioxide (CO2) causes 0.117% of the global warming effect. That is very close to zero, and if rounded off to the nearest integer is zero. So small, that it is not even measurable.

        • Hi Yukon,

          Get a load of this…..a man who believes the “Man made climate change narrative” actually killed himself after a chatbot he was talking with suggested just that to “Save the planet”….It’s only a matter of time before other climate change zealots resort to killing themselves or other human beings under guise of “Saving the planet from climate change”….

          • Yeah, I saw that, kill yourself to save the planet. BTW these trannies that cut their junk off have also killed their future selves – their DNA. The entire LBTGQ + abortion + war agenda is for one thing – to stop reproduction. The elites are alarmed that human pop is going vertical, currently at 8 billion:


            What the wealthy fear is when the poor control the political system, they will appropriate the wealth of the top 1%. So the ultra wealthy have in their financial interest to stop population growth – which is why they have gone for broke with the death jab. They are literally using the vaccine to cull the population.


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