Latest Radio: Gold, Goats n’ Guns 11/03/2023

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Here’s the audio of my recent talk with Tom Luongo – honcho of the Gold, Goats n’ Guns podcast! We spent a good long hour bruiting about what’s going on with the EV thing and related things.

. . .

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  1. Eric, I am so fan-girling right now! I am a huge fan of Tom’s and discovered you through his interview with you on his podcast. So imagine my surprise when I poke around on and figure out that we probably shop at the same grocery store when you’re “down the mountain”. So cool!

    • I dunno what, “fan-girling” means.

      Seems like a good thing.

      I hope you stop by his place sometime. I have read he has an open invitation for anyone of like mind to do so.

      I doubt I’ll ever go East of the Mississippi River, else I’d do likewise.

    • Thanks, Jolene!

      I almost didn’t make it back up the mountain the other day when I took the EeeeeVeee down, thinking I could recharge the thing at the EV No Go chargers by the Kroger. That didn’t work out; but I did make it home, barely. Glad to have you here!

      • I saw that video! I always wondered who used those chargers because there’s never anyone there. Makes sense if the chargers won’t take your money.😆

        • Hi Jolene,


          There’s another row of these EV totem poles by the Earth Fare near Towers Mall (and the Sweet Donkey coffee shop I got excommunicated from during the ‘Rona). I roll by them often and rarely see more than one EV parked there.

      • Here in WA the usual ineptitude of our state government rolls on!

        Last summer the park pass automated kiosk at Ginko Petrified Forest State Park was “inoperative” obviously for quite some time based on the sun faded hand scrawled sign. Further up the road is a Trailside Museum with a solar powered (!) EV charger. They were pretty excited about this some years back:

        If you search on Google Maps for Trees of Stone Interpretive Trailhead, then scroll down to Marilyn Acosta pics, she posts a pic of the “inop” EV charger, with the statement “looks like it hasn’t been working for months”. She is correct! It wasn’t working when I rode by there on my April scooter trip to Vantage. Her post is only three weeks old. They are really making great use of all that $30 a year park pass money /s. Note that some years back day use was free. This new money 2002 and on was supposed to fix up and maintain our aging state parks. Twenty years on this is the state of the state parks here.

        Contrast this with the local hydro power PUD that has free access at numerous locations along the Columbia River, clean, functional, maintained. Note “FREE” day use the one below Ginko has picnic tables with well built shade covers, tent camping spots, kayak launch area. Amazing

        Open the Books shows 32 folks in WA Parks and Recreation making over $100k a year, many with nebulous job titles.

  2. If abortion is a ‘right’, to be paid for with govt. funds no less, where the hell is my ‘free firearms and ammunition’ allotment under the 2nd Amendment?
    The obsolescence of firearms by means of ammunition monopoly has been going on since the Clinton Administration.

    There are actually 2 goals, deprivation of mobility AND self armament. These 2 things are what a tyrant fears the most about a free citizenry! We can have all the awareness in the world that we are being corralled and slaughtered, but without those 2 things, we are as good as Soylent Green.

      • Why do you say, “I just wish I could!”?

        A quick look & it says, “ships worldwide”.

        …Or, am I missing something?

        The least expensive one is $3.81

        …I’ll look into it more, later. Added to 10,000 other things I wanna do.learn/read etc.

        • Hi Helot,

          A supporter sent me one (Goldback) but who takes these? Money only has value if you can use it to pay for things you need. Physical gold/silver, sure. But I’ve not yet seen any other iteration that is generally accepted as money.

          • The idea is you ask the store owner if he will accept a goldback or two in exchange/barter for what you are buying….the store owner might accept or they might not….

            raising awareness of a fiat or electronic payment alternative is important…this is saying no to fiat… also cuts out the middle man in electronic payments…the banks….this is very important…..

            this is better then cash….goldbacks hold their value…pure gold…fiat just loses value…

            this is better then crypto….it has many issues….

            the goldback value can be seen online…it gives the price they are trading at today…..

            these are more convenient then gold coins for small purchases….

      • There is already people using these for transactions…I intend to buy some….they are very cool….

        small denominations…a one goldback note around $4.00…a 50 goldback note is about $200

        These notes have pure gold….you are transacting in gold….like everybody says you can’t do….

        there is interest in these from all over the world…a solution to bypass fiat and the coming CBDC….

        use them to buy stuff….don’t use fiat. debit or credit cards….cut out the bank’s profit…..

        another way to bypass the slave owners system….

        explanation here…..

        • Each one goldback note contains 1/1000th of an ounce of pure gold…worth around $2.00…based on the current spot gold price…..then there is production costs…a high tech process…

          a 50 goldback note contains 50/1000 of an ounce of pure gold….

          goldbacks trade on an exchange like currencies do…you can go to this site and see the current values…set by a free market….

          get some…start trading them for products and services today….all 100% private transactions…bypass fiat and the banks…

          if a product costs $8.00 and a goldback is worth $4.00…trade him 2 goldbacks for it….this is like barter…..

          a goldback is in your hand….you actually own it….some freedom for the slaves….

      • Another kind of barter type currency….

        The new 2022 inflation proof Silver Liberty Dollar currency….that is 100% legal and issued by the Liberty Dollar Financial Association

        the Liberty Dollar is a private voluntary barter currency. It is not government money so it is not intended to be used as “Legal Tender”, “Current Money” or a “Coin”.

        • Silver Liberty Dollar….goldbacks….or cash…better then electronic payments..but….forget about fueling up your EV….lol….


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