Latest Radio: David Knight Show 12/21/2023

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Here’s the audio (and maybe, video – if it works) of my talk yesterday with David Knight, host of Real News With David Knight!

My section starts at around the 2.00 mark:

. . .

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  1. Outstanding show, it is very enjoyable listening to twin geniuses, to bad the rest of the nation isn’t tuning in.

    Spot on about Elon Musk and Trump.

  2. excellent show. freedom isn’t taken it is GIVEN! people forgot how to say NO! and forgot how to enforce their NO! during the covid con. that was a glaring example. the obedience is what drove it. for a sickness that didn’t exist outside the media, the government mouth pieces and the hired killers in the medical establishment. had people said NO! it wouldn’t have happened. your right about that with masks Eric. but it applies to all areas of it. and today as well. learning to say NO! that is all it takes!

      • no i don’t. people give it away…willingly…they gave it the state by refusing to say no to all its demands. they took shots for a job….gave their rights away….they wore masks because they are told to….and refused to say no…are there consequences for refusing to allow rights to be taken?? yes…of course their is but it is still GIVEN AWAY…not taken!! people that obey what they are told gave away their rights…..the state created licensing to travel and other things and they stuck because people said YES I WILL OBEY…..that is a give away…countless ways it is given!! not taken by force….given to the state and its goons out of fear or terror or being afraid of the consequences of saying NO!!

        Freedom was given away…once piece at a time! and still is today! everything that is done to people is done with the consent of the ruled! if they had said NO and refused to comply with all the demands….nothing could be done to stop people from refusing the demands of tyrants. it would have fallen apart just like the covid con and all its demands….

        people beg to have their rights restored and look to the same people who claim the right to rule them to restore what was given away! voting for a new master to flay the back with a cat-o-nine tails doesn’t change the given away and the fact people are ready and willing to obey anything these people do to them. laying down and licking the hand of the masters. every 4 years they look for a new person to rule them and hope that they can be given permission to regain what they gave away by obedenience.

        predictably the new master says NO! something the ruled should have said and still can say….

        just a simple example…how many people give away their phone number to any business that requires it for a sale? my answer is always NO! i have seen people hand over their phone to be scanned!! what else is being taken at that point….again…they gave away what was theirs!! it didn’t belong to a business to demand of their customers!

        in dealing with state goons…NO!! makes a huge difference… can say NO…and they do respect it and back down….most people will never ever say that word! simple one too….yet trained out of people.

        Freedom is given away!! only rarely is it taken at the point of gun. they get away with everything they have done first and foremost because people gave away their rights and obey them, no matter what is demanded of them people still refuse to say NO!


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