The Goading

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What are they up to?

It is obvious that the Left is doing its damndest to goad the not-Left (it isn’t the Right, at least not uniformly – as opposed to the uniformity of Left) into doing something about what the Left is doing to “our democracy,” as the Left likes to style its one-party dominion over politics and acceptable thought.

How else to explain the Left’s obviously political persecution of the Orange pinata? It is clear the Left isn’t whacking him so much as goading us to do something useful to the Left. Something like the “insurrection”- as the Left refers to the unarmed protest  that took place after the Orange pinata was removed from office by the Left.

It was far too peaceful an “insurrection” to suit the Left. It needs a real one – and in time to assure “our democracy” does not fall into the hands of the not-Left.

As the character in The Empire Strikes Back warned, it’s a trap!

Just the same as January 6 – only worse – because if the not-Left allows itself to be maneuvered into committing the first overt act, as Franklin Delano Roosevelt put it, the Left will have everything it needs to wage the war it wants to preserve “our democracy.”

FDR wanted a war like that, too.

Or – rather – an excuse to get America into the war. And so he goaded the Japanese, first by provocatively stationing most of the Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, in Hawaii – which was (and is) halfway to Japan. Then he applied economic pressure by cutting off Japan’s supply of the oil it had to have in order to fuel its ships (and so on).

The American public – prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor – wanted nothing to do with the war, to the tune of 80-plus percent opposed to America getting into the war. By goading the Japanese to commit the first overt act, FDR also goaded Adolf Hitler into declaring war on the United States and thereby goaded Americans into being overwhelming in favor of going to war with Germany and Japan.

Similarly, the Southern Confederacy allowed itself to be maneuvered into committing the first overt act by Abraham Lincoln, who was a creature very much like the Biden Thing in that he was a tyrannical consolidator (consolidation without consent entailing violence to achieve it being definitionally tyrannical; and by violence is just exactly how Lincoln “preserved the Union,” which meant the cementing of the absolute power of the consolidated federal government over all the states, not just the Southern ones).

The psychology of the thing is not only important, it is arguably determinative. Most people instinctively dislike/disapprove of the man who throws the first punch – for they regard him as the aggressor – and understand, amen and defend the man who punches back. It does not matter that the man who throws the first punch may have been goaded so badly that his throwing it is both understandable and even necessary, in the moment it was thrown.

The throwing of the first punch by the South – at Fort Sumter in South Carolina – was tactically justifiable but politically (psychologically) foolish.

It was thrown because the fort guarded the South’s most important port; the reasoning (of the Southern leadership) was that if the Northern forces were left in control of the fort, they would be able to control what entered the port. More precisely, what would be unable to enter the port – thus depriving the South of the resources it badly needed and would need more of. It was reasonable reasoning very much of a piece, when you think about it, with the reasoning of the Japanese leadership to throw a punch (which they hoped would be a knockout blow) at the American Pacific Fleet stationed at Pearl Harbor.

They both reasoned wrongly.

In both cases – as well as in our case – it would be better if the aggressor threw the first punch. It would make it clear who the aggressor is, for starters – and that’s no small thing. It might be the most important thing. It certainly might have been that, in the case of what is absurdly styled (for obvious psychological reasons) the American “Civil War.” Which was no such thing since it was never the aim of the Southern Confederacy to take control of the country but rather to form their own, new one. That was an aim approved of by an interestingly large percentage of Northern public opinion, which wanted no part of a war to force the Southern states back into “union” at bayonet-point.

And at the cost of hundreds of thousands of Northern as well as Southern lives.

Had Lincoln been obliged to commit the first overt act – to pursue the course he always intended – it would have been seen by public opinion in the North as just exactly that, rather than a necessary response to an attack.

The Left is doing its best – that is, its worst – to goad the not-Left into doing just exactly what will serve to justify the course the Left already intends to pursue and is pursuing. Only it will be more so if we allow ourselves to be maneuvered into throwing it.

So let’s not be goaded into throwing it.

Vivek Ramaswamy – the unlikely presidential aspirant – showed how not to be goaded the other day. An aggressively Leftist LBGTQ+ (and probably xyzpdq, too) “activist” attempted to goad the candidate into saying something “hateful” or “homophobic.” Instead of reacting in a way that would have amped up the tension, Vivek refused to be goaded. Instead, he very deftly, very calmly, responded – with reason rather than a counterpunch.

It diffused the tension. It showed that we don’t need to be throwing punches at one another. The lesson being it will be much more difficult – psychologically (and so otherwise) for the Left to say we threw the first punch if we refuse to be goaded into throwing it. If all we do is refuse to comply.

And that will make it much less tenable for the Left, if it decides to go ahead and throw the first punch our way.

. . .

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  1. Perihelion is on January 3, 2024, in just a few days, the earth will reach its closest point nearest to that shining star so close to where we are.

    Light and heat, don’t knock it, once it’s gone, it’ll be the end. The planet isn’t ours, however, it is the only game in town. It is also too big to fail, we hope.

    Another trip around the sun is a big deal these days.

    If that means anything, somebody has been paying attention to celestial cycles, knows what’s going on up there in the heavens.

    Too much fussing and fighting going on all of the time, give it a rest, for Christ’s sake.

    Peace on Earth

    • We, like all other animals compete for resources. In heaven there will be peace and love and abundance but not here on earth. Some people think that they can make heaven on earth but as long as we have our animal natures the most we can do is dream about it.
      We (humans) have created rules based competition so as to live a civilized life with minimal strife and bloodshed.
      There will always be competition on one form or another.

  2. And the far right doesn’t goad? hahaha
    No, the far-right are just violent, that’s their default position, regardless of motives and which group it is directed to; the traditional garden variety right winger, or the left wing, they (far-right) spray everyone with their bile and invictive.

    Just look at the opening comments by “Yukon Jack.”

    • That’s a damned lie and you’re a damned liar. Leftists believe the end justifies the means and historically are dangerous, violent, and destructive. I’m not even sure who this far right you hate is. Skinheads and such are generally leftists following some form of national Socialism.

    • You don’t think Jews deserve death for what they are doing? Israel has lost all credibility, anyone supporting Israel is demonic psychopath, not human in any way, and they sure as hell don’t deserve the right to live on the planet with the rest of us.

      • Hi Yukon

        Jews? No, they are just another tribe of humans, the same as anyone else. But the psychopaths involved in these horrible actions? A strong case could be made for those. Israel is just a symbol. Just like America is. The murderous thugs running both countries governments are to blame for what is going on. Not the civilian populations of either country. I look at the current war, as a Gang war between two psychopathic Gangs. With civilians on both sides caught in the cross fire. All tribes have bad apples. Don’t confuse social networking with complicity.

        • All Jews who invaded Palestine:

          are imposters

          have no claim to the land

          are murdering the residents of said land

          therefor all these phony Jews must leave and Israeli state dissolved

          all parties who profitted from the war prosecuted, reparations made – all Jews world wide can be forced to pay the victims of this genocide because of their insane religious beliefs

          all politicians like Biden, Blinken, Yellen, Nuland who aided and abetted the criminal Netanyahu regime stand trial for genocide, then when found guilty, executed by military firing squad

          all Congressmen who signed a loyalty oath to Israel and/or accept AIPAC monies also be tried for treason and executed by guilotine

          • @YK

            I’m thinking your statements above must sound outlandish to the average bear – if one even gives a rip about what the average knucklehead thinks. But I really can’t find anything you said that’s not true and accurate when it comes down to it, based on what’s generally known today. So you get a thumbs up from me.

            The U.S. govt’s relationship with these unfortunately displaced people who decided to settle in a hellhole-ish area located in the Middle East in the late 1940’s has been an utter failure and a complete disaster from the beginning. I’m sure most here would agree in a heartbeat so this certainly is no revelation on my part. But the question which never seems to get asked is: how & why did we come to be involved in a situation that was none of our business and to which the Founding Fathers had given profound warnings against getting involved in foreign affairs? And to that add: just what moral authority does the govt have to justify its influence there which includes tapping large sums from the US Treasury?

            Another question that never gets asked by those who admit the govt made a terrible blunder is: just how long do we continue this mistake? Do we ever get to cut our losses and have the govt admit its error? How much longer and how many more times can Israel drag us into another controversy, dispute, or showdown with its seemingly endless enemies? Can we ever say enough is enough? How much longer do we throw (taxpayer-paid-for) welfare money down the rat hole to keep these guys in business? How many generations of my offspring will be required to sacrifice their lives to continue this madness?

            This is a good example of that old adage: to get the right answers you must ask the right questions. Why is it we never seem to ask the right questions?

            • Hi Dave

              You know as well as I do why this continues (generation after generation). Because of the Usual Suspects™ central banking cartel, and their ownership of the majority of the politicians involved. But don’t over generalize that to their entire tribe. Might I remind you what tribe Rothbard was from? There have been many great people from their tribe, who wanted nothing what so ever to do with the Usual Suspects™ and their mad schemes.

  3. Congrats getting on Zero Hedge. BTW just minutes ago coming home from work I saw some guy in some white and blue Israeli prayer shawl and I really wanted to jump out of my truck and beat the shit out of him. Creepy asshole has to display his Jewishness at a time like this. I bet if our economy tanks then these creepy Jews openly displaying their colors will get the shit beat out of them. What gets me is these demons have the gall to claim divine status.

    I hope Israel gets razed to the ground and all these Zionists put to death, the only thing that disappoints me is that I am not the one doing it. What is even more pathetic is how these idiots take their holy books all to seriously. The Tanak is 100% fiction, Moses, Abraham, Saul, Solomon, David are all completely made up fictional characters in a plagiarized story stolen from Hindu mythology.

    Someone ought to tell that bastard of a PM in Israel that Abraham never existed, the name comes Lord Brahma. the priests are the Brahman. Same exact letters. Brahma married his sister Saraswati, as did Abraham married his sister Sara.

    Only in mythology do the gods marry their sisters, etc. So how pathetic is it that men kill each other over a fictional story. No god chose no nation, no land deal was ever made, it is all make believe – but a clever gypsy way to steal land – god gave me your land so hand it over.

    Did you all know that the founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith tried to pull that one also? In Nauvoo, Illinois Smith started a settlement then tried to get more land by claiming god gave it to him. The local farmers were so enraged, they broke into the jail and hanged him. Joseph Smith never made it to Utah.

    I challenge any theist that Almighty God talks to us via a book. If God is all powerful, why does he need a book to communicate? Ever think of that?

    • Mormons are much like Jews, follow a made up book, strong in-group preference and its perfectly ok to lie and steal from anyone outside their cult.

      • That is 100% correct, Mormons are American Jews. One good thing about Mormons is they never preach to you. But like all mainstream churches they are Zionists.

        • “Fuck God!”

          Words spoken by a long time best friend many years ago whilst playing a game of whist, the ultimate game of finesse if there ever was one.

          Frustration in the real world never ceases.

          Anywho, here on this life on earth, living life is always dangerous bidness.

          Resting in peace must be another dream or something.

          • I had to look up, whist.
            I’m tired, my eyes glazed over while reading.

            …We, us. We’re the proof of God.
            Plane ^& simple, Pi.

            Said it before: if we’re, from nothing, to nothing, for nothing, life is pointless & without meaning. Liberty, is irrelevant & a drag. Dog eat dog, is everything, i.e. there’s no morality, no basis for it.

            On the flip side, The law of conservation of matter, is flat out incorrect! Mass can be created And destroyed.

            …Place your bets, gentlemen. And, may The odds be ever in your favor?

          • I wonder, where is the N.A.P. & Liberty on earth, If there is no God?

            How does a person apply the N.A.P. if life is just, from nothing, for nothing, to nothing?

            The Law of the Jungle seems more appropriate. ?

            I dunno. … What does it mean to be in, ‘The Rebel Alliance’? Joe Bid-in & Lindsey Ghoul don’t seem to have a clue. Most of the rest of ’em, too.

            Steve’n’Seagulls – Thunderstruck


        • You guys get so many things WRONG about Mormons, I don’t have time to even list them.

          But Mormons NOT “preach” to you? Maybe the LDS Church doesn’t do much beyond those PSAs, but they’re not sending 75K of those young lads, in pairs, usually on bicycles, to just ‘Smile and Wave’!

          • Yeah, the Mormons do send their kids around in a 2 year mission with the Book of Mormon. They are very polite and nicely dressed and the young teen assigned to this task is getting “ego trapped” by such a task. If you tell everyone your book is the one true book how can you later change your mind when you invested 2 years in your life?

            A teenager raised in a church has no idea what truth is, having never had a chance to look for it outside the indoctrinal box of permissable thought.

            I feel so sorry for these poor saps I never argue with them, who am I to try to change their minds. I let them be.

            The story of Joseph Smith and the Angel Moroni is great American fiction, and I encourage everyone how Mormonism was started. Smith grew up in a one room cabin in upstate NY in pioneering days, and only had one book to read, the King James Bible. The entire Book of Mormon was spun out of the KJB, PBS did a whole show about it.


      • Hi Mark3

        While Christianity and Islam aren’t made up?… Look at comparative religion for keys to past history. The Mormons aren’t any worse than any other organized religion. I’ve studied all of the major religions and many of the minors. I’ve not been convinced by any one of them. Our God is so much more than any of them speak of. Thomas Paine was closer to what I consider to be my personal perspective. But I differ with him on a few aspects. That’s only to be expected. Truth be known, I didn’t always agree with even Rothbard.

        • Hi BJ,

          In re: “Our God is so much more than any of them speak of.”

          Amen. I don’t pretend to comprehend the intelligence that (to me) seems to inhere in creation; I do not say I know anything about it – because I do not believe my mind is capable of beginning to fathom it. Yet I stand in awe of it. The great mystery, full of beauty (and terror). I am fundamentally a rationalist and yet I do not dismiss other forms of knowing that cannot perhaps be quantified in the manner that appeals to a rationalist. I object only to militance (and the implicit violence) that attends some religious expression/belief.

          We must each decide for ourselves what we think is right, based on very personal evaluations of the facts as we know them, to the extent that we know them as well as what we may feel that we know. The danger to be avoided, I think, is militant certainty – which is the enemy of honest inquiry by questioners who merely seek answers that make sense to them.

          There is much in Christianity that is good – and that has been very good, for civilization. But I have many questions about particulars and have yet to be persuaded it’s the only and complete “full story” about this topic.

          • What we know is a puddle compared to the ocean of what we do not. Which difference is made up for with faith or belief, which we each decide for ourselves. Regardless what others may insist we believe.

        • You’ve obviously never dealt with Mormons. As far as I know, the bible doesn’t say its ok to rape, steal lie and even kill people from other religions if they’re not “believers”. Both the Talmud and Koran and have this weird obsession with child molestation, when it ok, etc. All cultures are not equal and neither are religions. Real Christians better wake up and see who their enemy is before we’re all enslaved.

          • Mark3, I’ve been “dealing with Mormons” for over 40 years, as I’ve been one since age 20. I’ve yet to ever hear any sermon nor read in any Church publication, nor even in books privately authored by prominent Mormons, that is was EVER OK to rape, lie to, or steal from ANYONE, regardless of Church membership.

            While many of the controversial passages regarding that it’s OK to rape a “shiksa” child, or cheat the Gentiles, do appear in various Talmudic passages, most observant Jews aren’t familiar with them at all. I’d say that’s more a case of they have their “whack jobs”, as any group will, inevitably. OTOH, look at some of the more “strident” postings on social media platforms by very strident Jews with respect to the fate of Palestinians. More an example of how murderous intent gets stirred up in a war situation. Still, yet another reason for the USA to DISENGAGE and leave Isra-Hell to clean up its own mess, or others to do it for (and to) them.

        • Christianity and Islam ARE made up. 100% fiction. But the big one is the Old Testament itself, the characters and tales of the Bible patriarchs is the greatest literary hoax of all time. Abraham never existed so say the scholars and archeologists, and those that study mythology.

          “Professor Thomas Thompson, one of the world’s foremost authorities on biblical archaeology – says that the first 10 books of the Old Testament are almost certainly fiction, … , there is a complete absence of archaeological and historical evidence for many events portrayed in the Bible. The inevitable conclusion, he argues, is that the Israelite exile in Egypt, the Exodus and the Israelite conquest of the Promised Land never took place.”

          Most people don’t know because your pastor would be out of a job if he admitted that, the Jews get all their power with their main support group, and it is the Christians believers who are floating Israel. There are at least 100 million Zionist Christians in Amerika, INCLUDING MORMONS.

          Israel can not exist without financial support from Amerika, so long as believers believe in Abraham, Israel can kill all day long. No one indicts the Holy Bible as causal to this insanity.

          Demonic Israel can kill babies all day long because these believers have their backs. I ask, who would Jesus kill? Are Zionist Christians really Christian if they back genocide? The great irony, is that Jews are killing the people of Jesus, as he was a Palestinian by birth.

    • Congrats, Eric, on your article. It looks like you have made every conservative platform on the Internet. 👍

      Unfortunately, I think our quiet little village is about to be inundated by the Swamp. It will probably be a pretty busy month for you. I hope the Clover button is ready to go. 😉

  4. Folks,

    The best way to deal with lefties is NULLIFICATION & NONCOMPLIANCE! If enough of us nullify their directives and/or refuse to comply with them, then they can do nothing. Passive resistance en masse can work; just look at Mahatma Ghandi and how he used it to gain India’s independence from Britain…

  5. The baroque horror of life in Commiefornia, which hasn’t yet stricken the Orange Nimbus from its ballots:

    ‘Electric trucks, with their huge batteries, can cost over $400,000, and they can’t do long hauls without stopping for long charging periods, which can undermine the economics of a trucking fleet.

    ‘The electric trucks on the market today can travel from the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach — the nation’s busiest hub for container cargo — to many of the warehouses inland without stopping to charge. [Gol-LEE! Sha-ZAY-am! — Gomer Pyle]

    ‘Truck operators say they have stockpiled diesel trucks and registered them with the ports ahead of the Monday cutoff on registering new diesel rigs. In November, 20,083 diesel trucks had access to the Los Angeles port.

    ‘Forum Mobility has secured permits to build a depot at Long Beach, expected to open next year, that can charge 44 trucks. It will run on nine megawatts of electricity, enough to power most sports stadiums. But Forum Mobility says that charging all port trucks would require roughly the amount of power produced by Diablo Canyon, a California nuclear power station, and thousands of chargers.’ — NYT

    Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Marxist blackout/famine in progress.

    If elected president, I will seize corridors running from the Nevada and Arizona borders to San Diego, Long Beach and Oakland for diesel truck traffic — and send fedgov troops to repel the Californicators, by lethal force if necessary. You have been warned, flakes.

    • Just saw a PSA about the Pittsburg (CA) Unified School District and how their damned EV school buses are so damned great. Sure they are…and how much did the taxpayers OUTSIDE of the boundaries of the Pittsburg USD SUBSIDIZE their purchase, and how much of their operating costs are likewise being subsidized?

      As for these EV buses being “green”…my ass. Let’s see how “green” they turn out to be when those massive batteries have to be disposed of. And I hope no Pittsburg USD EV school bus ever catches fire and burns up those “precious” brats.

  6. The Goading [sounds like a Stanley Kubrick horror film]:

    ‘A day after former president Trump’s lawyers demanded the Maine secretary of state recuse herself, Shenna Bellows — a Democrat — has kicked Trump off the state’s primary ballot.’ — ZH

    You can’t run a country this way. With states split about 50/50 between red and blue, imagine if states on both sides ‘edit out’ candidates they dislike.

    Suppose, for instance, that Ape Lincoln simply had been stricken from the ballot in the 1860 presidential election, from Virginia southward. What result then?

    This is how the ayatollahs operate in Iran: many candidates apply to run, but some are disqualified by the mullahs. The rest — the ‘moderates,’ in our parlance — compete in a vigorous managed democracy.

    Maine and Colorotten have gone full ayatollah. Where do we go from here? Where is the statehood divorce court? I want out of this lurid, macabre shit show.

    • FWIW, “Ape” Lincoln was NOT on the ballot in all but one of the states that left in 1861 to form the Confederacy. I can imagine that had Lincoln or any of his partisans tried to register their candidacy in those states, they’d have been at best “politely” escorted to the border and “advised” to never show their faces again…more than likely, they would have been “tarred and feathered”! He was on the ballot in VA, where he pulled slightly over 1 percent, but please keep in mind that present-day WEST Virginia was a part of VA. Lincoln did run in the four states in 1860 that were considered as “slave” states, but remained in the Union throughout the war, albeit two of them decidedly by FORCE, and won NONE of them. His best showing in a “slave” state was 23 percent of the vote in DE, which still had strong pro-Union sentiment. Lincoln did win every state north of the Mason-Dixon Line, as well as the Ohio river for the Midwestern states, and the then-two Pacific coast states of CA and OR. His winning 180 of 303 available votes, while getting NO votes in ten of the then-33 states, or 30 percent of all the states, showed starkly a main grievance of the Southern states: that the North and Northeast, having a much greater population, could more or less dictate terms. It didn’t help that almost ninety percent of US Government revenues came from tariffs collected in Southern ports, while the share of Federal expenditures of the Southern states was considerably less than their prorated population share. No further discussion of why, once Lincoln’s election was made sure by the Electoral College, the Southern states, starting with South Carolina on December 23, 1860, began to secede!

  7. Once you have been attacked from behind, unable to defend yourself, totally vulnerable, you resent what has happened, your body has been physically damaged permanently, you aren’t all that happy about what has happened to you.

    Revenge doesn’t help, justice doesn’t get there, your body is permanently damaged, you live with the consequences.

    You did nothing wrong, all you said was ‘no’.

    Still your fault, no one else to blame.

    For a heart stained in anger grows weak and grows bitter…
    So help me, I know
    – John Prine, Chain of Sorrow

  8. The, “It’s a trap” quote is from Return of the Jedi, not Empire Strikes Back. I know, who cares, but just in case you want to be precise Eric. 😀

      • Hi Eric

        The way things are going, either the Secret Police (FBI) or one of the Empires other groups will arrange for the first punch to be thrown. Even if they have to make it up. Then the Ministry of Truth (mass/social media) will howl about it, and the Cultists will demand that “government do something about that!!”. Given that the push back against the Woke and their fellow travelers has already started, their hysteria will ramp up to fever pitch. Add in the mass TDS that they suffer from, and I’m surprised they haven’t done something dire yet. I just want to get out of winter before things get started.

        • I agree, BJ –

          I think (as you appear to) that it’s a fait accompli. That it is now just a question of when and what – not if. I expect the initial crescendo to be horrible (as in 2020 with the “masks” and sickness psychosis) but as with the “masks,” it’s a question of holding the line and then pushing back.

          Der tag kommt

  9. Historically the Left almost always throws the first punch.

    Keep your powder dry.

    Don’t do anything until you can see the whites of their eyes.

  10. IMO we have been doing a great job of avoiding being prodded into some kind of action. Since 1913 they have taxed us, killed us and now are replacing us.

    The wars,,, gun laws,,, Ruby Ridge, killed a mother holding her child,,, Waco burned to a crisp almost a hundred men women and children,,, Nine Eleven, blew up the WTC towers including one that never was hit by a CGI airplane,,, A fake vaxx for a fake virus that has killed millions (millions/billions more possible when 5G comes online),,, a war in Ukraine and now in their beloved Israel and illegal immigration of millions of foreigners each receiving up to $5000 credit card and $2200 per month while homeless Americans abound.

    For the Ruby Ridge and Waco debacle the killers were given money and medals. Firemen are still dying over the nine eleven thing.

    I think the above constitutes a little bit more than just a little prodding.

  11. How has not throwing the first punch helped us so far? They have destroyed the nuclear family, put a bobble head as the face of the (once) most powerful nation in the world, they have indoctrinated our children, stolen our savings, and are on the verge of taking away our cars, dishwashers, washing machines, wood fired stoves, and HVAC units. With COVID they took our sanity and January 6th our Constitution and yet we still ask when the punch will come.

    Really? They have pummeled us so bad we must be delusional or in comatose because we keep asking this question forgetting it has happened no less than a gazillion times since 2020.

    I agree with Catherine Herridge, there will be a Black Swan event in 2024. What will change? Not a damn thing. The men are too busy playing video games and the women are too busy on TikTok screaming about how much they hate men. Why would any of us sacrifice our lives or the lives of our children to save these people? If I was in the military I would take a good hard look around and ask myself what am I fighting for? Is this still freedom? Do any of these people even appreciate what I do? If Chinese troops invaded our homeland would these people even look up from their Internet screens?

    What is coming is not country against country, but man against man. Be smart, resourceful, and prepared. If you have to break some rules along the way…so be it.

    • It’s not time yet RG.

      Remember the militia movement back in the ‘90s? It wasn’t time yet then either. It’s closer now, a lot closer. I give it roughly 5 years when it starts & roughly 10 it’ll be over. Long road ahead, and it will suck big time during most/all of it.

      • The Oklahoma City Murrah building false flag operation pretty much put the militia movement out of business.
        Yes, it was a government operation…

        • Hi Anarchyst

          Looking back on the Church Committee, it seems like it was only the tip of the iceberg. It is vastly worse now. Can you even imagine the deep state allowing such an investigation these days? The Company has been rogue since its founding. As have the Secret Police. Both of them and most of the rest are in the service of the deep state, and those who own them.

      • It’s never going to be “time” is it? It’s the old “if you’re not going to do something with a minor problem you’re hardly going to do anything when it’s a major problem.”

        • Hi Gil,

          I understand the frustration (and the cynicism). But – as an example – it wasn’t time yet in 1772 (or 1775) yet, either. No one knows when the moment will come – or what the reaction (and counter reaction) will be. What we each can know is whether we’ll submit or not.

          I know I will not.

    • RG,

      As I commented elsewhere, I think the way to go is nullification and noncompliance en masse; they can’t lock up everyone. Passive resistance can work; just look at how Mahatma Ghandi used it for Indian independence from Britain…

      • Ghandi was resisting the British, who still had a semblance of morality and honor. IMO, his non-violent movement would have been crushed with a nary a sconed thought by totalitarian regimes like those of Pol Pot, Mao, or Stalin.

        • That’s a good point; I didn’t think of that. In any case, mass nullification and non-compliance is still a good idea, so we don’t give the enemies of liberty the pretext they seek to declare all out war on us.

        • Hi Homeless

          You do remember that the Irish fought the British for more than 800 years? Only to be brought low by the Wokista plague. The Gang of thugs who rule us know how to deal with violence. Its their stock in trade. They are much less able to deal with other approaches. That is one of the factors involved in them losing every war they’ve been in since WWII.

      • Hi Mark,

        Passive resistance will work sometimes, but the resistors have to stay true to their cause and hold the line. I don’t believe we live in that kind of world anymore. Don’t get me wrong I love it when things backfire against the ESG/DIE crowd…boycotting Bud Light and Target, pulling money out of pensions that follow these guidelines, telling those that are trying to force an unsafe and defective pharmaceutical concoction onto a scared public to go screw themselves, etc. But, at the end of the day are these companies filing for bankruptcy? Has government backed off their regulations and demands?

        The noose is getting tighter around our necks. The year 2024 is going to go down in infamy. I am just looking at it from the financial side – the CTA, digital banking, the requirement of registration for something as simple as paying taxes or filing a 1099 on a government website,, etc. People are too willing to go with the flow. The consequences will be horrific and it will be too late to alter them.

        Being a Gray Man is good for a short term pushback, but what is coming around the bin is absolutely frightening and people need to wake up and take a stand.

        • RG,

          2024 will be interesting; there’s no question about that. However, there is a hopeful sign: Google and other Big Tech companies are eviscerating their diversity departments and other such DIE/ESG foolishness now that the economy is slowing; companies simply can’t afford to keep that much wasteful dead weight on their payrolls anymore.

          Secondly, in order to effect change, we don’t need everyone; we don’t need a majority; we don’t even need a sizable minority; a determined minority is all it takes. Just look at how Soviet Russia was birthed into existence by 5% of their population. Look at our nation’s birth; only a third of our people, at most, wanted to declare independence. I think we may have enough for a determined minority, because we stopped the vax, vax passports, and other such tyrannical measures.

          Anyway, we’ll see. In any case, 2024 will be an interesting year.

          • Hi Mark,

            “a determined minority is all it takes. Just look at how Soviet Russia was birthed into existence by 5% of their population. ”

            This is exactly it!

            The Left is smart; it knows how to use minorities to control the majority. But we can be smarter. Once we understand the Left – and how to deal with it.

          • Hi Mark,

            The ESG/DIE narratives is only a small part of this and many small and medium sized businesses can bypass these.

            Beginning tomorrow, the Corporate Transparency Act will affect 33 million small businesses in this country. How many even know about it? It is a US Treasury Criminal Network database on every small business owner in America that is established as an LLC, S corp, C corp, or partnership.

            Where has Fox Business, Bloomberg, or CNBC been on the reporting of this? Asleep, obviously. Since it doesn’t affect businesses that make over $5 million a year or have more than 20 employees (who apparently is their core audience) there is no need to mention it.

            Do most small businesses realize the amount of personal information and docs they will need to upload to verify who they are? Passports/Drivers Licenses.

            Do they realize who has access to this database? Every three letter organization, local police, and even some foreign agencies.

            How secure is the site? Let’s ask the people whose information was hacked through OMB, USDOT, MOVEit, etc.

            What are most lawyers and accounting firms doing? Sending an email to their clients that they are third partying this to some “newly started, fly by night” company that will take care of the reporting for you. Oh, the average cost to a small business to be compliant under the CTA…about $2637.

            And yet it affects 30 million businesses. All I hear is crickets.

    • At this point, should Putin take leave of his senses and send his army to invade the United States, I’d welcome the Russian Army as one of LIBERATION.

  12. A current example of the Ft. Sumter/Pearl Harbor goading is the USNATO 30 year goading of Russia. Yes, Eric, you’ve spelled out our current conundrum very well. But the problem is, do we die by a thousand cuts or one massive blow? They always – via their “long march” – seem to get to their end goal. It’s only the speed that varies, while we contemplate and dither as to how to deal with it. In a twisted way, it seems that it IS WE who have to goad them into throwing that first punch.

  13. Too bad Ramaswamy seems to have gone nowhere. He seems to be a well-spoken and principled man, which is more than I can say for the Orange Man.

    Not that I agree with all of his positions: Raising the voting age to 25 and sending troops to Mexico, for example. But as far as the GOP field is concerned…

  14. It seems to me that Ramaswamy is indicative of just how lily livered and indistinguishable from the left the right is. Just who was Vivek seeking to appease? It must be his own party’s voters who he is seeking to appease, because why would he care about appeasing the left? So either the so-called right is now so liberal that Ramaswamy had to demonstrate his liberality to his own voter base, or that he cares what the left thinks and so lets his actions be dictated by them, or that he doesn’t have the guts to take a stand for what he truly believes. Not that he truly believes what some may infer from his response. Let’s face it the guy is about as conservative as Andy Warhol. Same ol’, same ol’. The blustering of WWE wrestlers on stage or the blustering of Donald Trump when he’s not on Epstein’s plane.

  15. I am fed up with entitled pricks that think I ‘owe them something’ just because I exist. I had some A-Hole come in my shop this morning trying to get me to “come outside & tell him what this noise is’. As if I’m some sort of white ‘Step-N-Fetchit’ at the “Advanc-ed” parts store.
    He wouldn’t leave the car to wait its turn, because ‘somebody else fixed something & now it makes this funny noise’. But that ‘somebody else’ wasn’t conveniently available, so I should somehow be obliged to tell him what this noise is, right now. His best excuse was that he ‘knowed I would know what dis sound is’.

    I suggested he either leave it, & pay me to look at it, or take it back wherever he got it ‘fixed’ to begin with. Either way, I’m not wasting my time to tell him what to ‘pay someone else’ to fix. Him saying ‘I gots ta have it looked at now’ doesn’t cut any ice with me, too effing bad.

    People have the nerve to demand your ‘assistance’ but have no more courtesy than a thief that demands your cash. My attitude at this point is ‘take what I have to offer or get your sorry ass on down the road’.

  16. They goad the enemy to attack then they cry foul and start their story in the middle.

    The USA cut Japan off from the Indonesian oil in the summer of 1941 (before the war) and intentionally parked the fleet at Pearl, then surpressed the incoming attack. So well known this attack was coming that Honolulu and Hilo newspapers had bold print headlines a week prior.

    For 8 years Jewkraine puppet government under Jew Zelensky was killing ethnic Russians in the Donbass until Russia decided to move in with their special operation, the Jew media then cried foul, and said Russia’s unwarranted aggression, when it was the Jew government killing ethnic Russians for 8 years.

    They did the same to Hitler, Poland started an extremely severe pogrom against ethnic Germans until the Nazis came in and stopped them. They (Jew media propagandists) started their story in the middle – Hitler they said invaded for no reason, it was just naked aggression. The Jew media lies.

    And then we have the latest example of how the Jews control the narrative, the Oct. 7th Hamas attack, the prisoners in Gaza revolted against the ILLEGAL OCCUPATION OF FAKE JEWS IN PALESTINE. Jews knew the attack was coming, they had the army stand down for 8 hours, a bunch of Jews shorted stocks just like 911 when those in the know of the 911 attack shorted the airline stocks. Most of the Israelis who died on Oct 7th were from the counter attack, the IDF went in with US built Apache helicopters and laid waste to a kibbutz and rave gathering.

    These illegal criminal fake Polish Jews occupying Palestine have been killing, maiming, the residents and natives of Palestine for 80 years, stealing their land, shooting pregnant women in the belly which they proudly brag “kill two with one shot”.

    Fake Polish Jews, like that fat Polish pig Abe Foxman claims to be an “ethnic” Jew when he has zero Semitic blood. He is from Poland, he does NOT have a blood claim (based on the scribbles in literary hoax called the Holy Bible) to that land. Polish Jews have no valid claim, yet these bastards just waltzed right into another peoples land and started killing them – because they are so damn stupid they take the Bible literal.

    Israel then steals 2 billion a year, now over 350 billion from the Amerikan tax slaves to build their Jew only ethnic racist state – YET THEY STILL LECTURE US ABOUT THE NAZIS WHEN THESE FAKE JEW BASTARDS ARE WAY WAY WORSE THAN THE NAZIS, not to mention the Holohoax is another fake narrative they came up to guilt trip us about WW2 when we had nothing to do with it, and now we can see they are doing exactly what they claim the NAZIs did to them.

    Scott Ritter says the Israeli state is finished. The IDF is a paper tiger, they took huge losses going into Gaza, had to pull out. Houthis have stopped tanker traffic in the Red Sea, and Hezbollah is actively fighting in north Israel. Israel can’t and won’t stop with this current eliminating all the Palestinians campaign – all paid by you because we have an Zionist whore imposter in the White House who gives them everything they want.

    IMO earth is some kind of hell, a prison planet. The people who occupy governments are not human.

    • Thank you for your concise comment. You are absolutely correct. I hope and pray that israel is finished. That being said…we have to contend with our own government fueling the Gaza genocide with weapons. The is a large American “weapons cache” within israel that the jews have been given permission to use for “special circumstances” (genocide).
      Jews themselves are proving that they are not human by their actions in Gaza. It’s all a shekel grab. Jew real estate agents are already selling Gaza lakefront properties, even before the Palestinian blood has dried.
      Thankfully the internet has a way of exposing israeli atrocities, despite jewish attempts to control the flow of information, especially in the west.
      Even my (once) favorite American news source (ONN) One American News has gone full tilt in supporting israel not showing one bit of real news that puts israel in a bad light and totally blaming Palestinians for the “war”.
      We are at the same point (Weimar Republic) that Germany was, debauchery of all kinds promoted by (((you know who))) while Uncle Sugar (USA) keeps fueling both Ukraine and israel.
      Since the American jew-owned and run “mainstream media” is so one-sided, one has to go “offshore” for real news coverage. Al Jazeera, RT, and even the British Daily Mail are good sources for “real news”.
      IF there are “good jews”, where are they??
      I am inclined to believe that there is no such thing and that pressure will have to be put on ALL jews in this country.
      Since “peaceful protest” has been outlawed by jewish interests, (J6 ring a bell?), the only other way to get the government’s attention is to STAY HOME. Prepare yourself for a month-long “work stoppage” and DON’T GO TO WORK. I realize that this is difficult or impossible for many to do, but it is the only way to get the point across.
      The lack of shekels to keep the government running is a powerful tool that has been successfully used in Europe and should be used in the USA as well.
      If you cannot STAY HOME, there are things that you can do. An old labor union tactic is to “work to contract” which involves doing the minimum necessary, just to keep things functioning, albeit inefficiently. Ask loads of questions of your employer for every little task.

      • They’ll just print the money they need causing massive inflation. If any need to stop work it’s the MIC people making the war material they are giving to Israel but the federales will come in and shut the strike down. If they refuse they’ll hire and train new employees maybe above average immigrants for example.

      • There is going to be some big fallout from this genocide, for one thing this war could get bigger and send regular armies into Israel to dismantle the Zionist entity.

        Another is that these Evangelical Christian loons have ALL sided with blood thirsty Israel. Well, I bet Jesus is not a Zionist. How can you call yourself a Christian and be for Israel, that is impossible, and oxymoron. So what that means those rapturous loons could lose members. But maybe not, they are beyond stupid, they are possessed by Satanyahu.

        Then we have those Houthis and the Blowfish firing missiles at tankers and stopping Red Sea traffic, that makes the Zionuts hopping mad like Marvin the Martian, Ziofag Lindsey Graham said today we gotta blow Iran off the map.

        Well I say we take off his strap-on and strap him onto a missile aimed at Iran. Senator, here is your rifle and here is your parachute, want war? Go fight it yourself a-hole.

  17. Our government and especially the Marxist Left love false flag operations.

    The Marxists are trying to goad MAGA supporters into doing something stupid, but the MAGA’s are smarter than that and are not taking the bait.

    The Biden thing has this dilemma; if they imprison Trump, they reveal themselves as a true banana republic. If Trump is killed, especially by an AR-15 with a banana clip carrying MAGA supporter, then that solves their problem and provides them a cause to prosecute an opposition party and dissolve it after the ballot stuffing is done.

    What to do? If Trump is imprisoned or dead, I will obtain from voting. I will join in a call for national boycott and shutdown of this country in protest. We need to passively resist.

    Ghandi took on the most powerful country on earth at the time (Britain) and won their independence thru passive resistance. Ghandi’s fault, he had no good plan for after winning and didn’t realize he had another opposition more motivated than the British, Islam.

    • If indeed the “Final Solution” for the Dummycrats 2024 Election problems is to whack Donald Trump, then how hard, especially with having control of the CIA and FBI, would it be to get an impostor to put on the MAGA gear, fire upon him, then, the cops and/or Secret Service arrest him. Then the “perp” gets taken to a Federal holding facility, as was Epstein, and “magically” he suicides, the “body” being quietly whisked out.

      The means to conduct a political assassination exist with the US Government, and have been employed before. Just never so OPENLY against an American citizen, especially a former POTUS. There’s a first for EVERYTHING…

    • [“Are Americans sufficiently intelligent and motivated for their country to survive?”]

      Selfish and cowardly.

      They know, but are ignoring it or as Eric says,,, are waiting for that precise time which is unknown.

    • “Are Americans sufficiently intelligent and motivated for their country to survive?”

      This is very easy to answer…no.

      The Chinese laugh at us. They gave us cheap goods, produce 90% of our meds, have setup biolabs and police encampments throughout our country, own all of Hollywood, most of sports, sent a Chinese spy balloon over our entire country for a week, bought out senile Uncle Joe who is supposed to be the leader for the “Free World” (ha, ha, ha), and then gave us something as stupid as TikTok as the final nail in the coffin. They own us, we just refuse to see it.

        • Hi helot,

          Nope, not a Pillar, just awake.

          Anyone who doesn’t feel like something bad is coming need to take off the rosé colored glasses.

      • RG: But you have to admit that those cheap goods are based on specs written by the companies that import and retail them. Not many Chinese retailers here. We get the crap we asked for (and therefore deserve). I suspect that with the relative age of Chinese vs U. S. manufacturing facilites that the Chinese can produce quality goods, likely better than most U. S. companies could produce. But who would buy quality Chinese goods at a premium over the cheap Chinese goods Walmart, Target, Amazon sells?

  18. Comment for Eric… Great piece. I also just happened upon this site and it’s outstanding. I had dumped about all of my auto-related feeds because they’ve been co-opted by the left as well, either wittingly or unwittingly. (Yeah, I’m looking at you Frank Markus)

    Good to read the perspective of critical and clear thinkers in an increasingly perverted world of auto media.

  19. ‘The Left is doing its best – that is, its worst – to goad the not-Left’ — eric

    Every day without fail, we are subjected to tendentious diatribes in the Lügenpresse. Here is one today, in a NY Slimes article about ‘far right Republican’ [sic] Rep Lauren Boebert of Colorado:

    ‘She has fervently promoted false claims that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald J. Trump. Rep Ken Buck attributed his decision not to run in part to the widespread belief in his party of these false claims — as well as to the refusal of many of his Republican colleagues to condemn the Jan. 6, 2021, assault on the Capitol by a pro-Trump mob.’

    Can you hear the preaching, the tub thumping, the ritual call-and-response expected by the leftist media? If you stand mute, or turn your back, then you condemn yourself as an ‘election denier’ and even an ‘insurrectionist.’

    Would it be ‘goading’ if a new conservative administration in 2025 took away California’s toys — its CARB authority to set ’emissions’ standards for 15 states; its ban on diesel semi trucks; its future ban on ICE vehicle sales?

    Californicators, I confidently predict, suddenly would find that the right to secede always has existed in the penumbras of the constitution. Y’all don’t let the door bang your butt on your way out, ya hear?

    • I’d “do” Rep Boebert in a “New Yawk minute”. Supposedly she and her husband are separated, so she’s fair game. The gal did cause a wee fracas some months ago by “canoodling” with some guy and vaping in a theater, and raised a fuss when asked to leave. No matter the politics, it’s no surprise when any of these “Congress Critters” feels a “special entitlement”.

  20. It would be ironic if it’s “The Left” that starts a war here in the U.S. after the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that Donald Trump could stay on that state’s election ballots.

    The Left also tends to go after their own if someone on “The Left” deviates from their orthodoxy on things like COVID, COVID vaccines, face diaper wearing, climate change, Trump, Trump supporters, etc. Case in point, longtime liberal Democrat Naomi Wolf, who was attacked by “The Left” for not going along with their COVID religion the past few years, among other things. And I’ve also read that Left wing special interest groups are trying to keep Robert F Kennedy Jr off the ballot. He’s a lifelong liberal Democrat himself, being a member of the Kennedy political dynasty. However, since he’s running for President, the Democrat Party establishment refused to allow primary debates between him, Joe Biden, and any other Democrat who is seeking the D nomination. They’ve all but crowned Biden their 2024 nominee. Democrats in Congress even attacked Kennedy mercilessly when he was testifying on censorship in the U.S. House. Debbie Wasserman Schultz anyone?

    I would say RFK Jr did a service to humanity in 2021 by writing that book on Anthony Fauci, who “The Left” considered a HERO for quite a while. Kennedy even dropped several truth bombs on COVID, the COVID jabs, vaccines, the government’s role in the assassinations of his father & uncle, etc. Kennedy also made several requests for Secret Service protection, to which the Biden regime said NO, even after someone tried to assassinate him.

    • Hi John,
      The left really are pulling out all the stops in smearing RFK,Jr. I think they are scared shitless that he has a good shot at winning, so rather than debate on the merits of his ideas they are pulling all the tricks they can to keep him off the ballot. Denying him Secret Service protection is just beyond the pale, considering what happened to JFK and his father, RFK. I plan to write his name in if that’s what it takes to give the middle finger to the PTB.

      • “I think they are scared shitless that he has a good shot at winning”

        I don’t think this is necessarily the case. I just think they want to keep his ideas out of the Democrat’s sphere. His ideas must not reach their people. He’s disruptor.

          • Hi Anarchyst

            Who said anything about trust? He is a disruptor. Much like the bad old Orange Man. Or Vivek for that matter. ANYONE who has any chance of being (S)elected can’t be trusted. That’s by definition. Remember the two rules of “democracy”? Rule One; “I don’t care who does the voting, as long as I do the nominating”. Rule Two; “Those who cast the votes determine nothing. Those who count the votes determine everything”. We’ve seen stark examples of both of those for decades now (with 2020 being the most in your face recent example). Those behind his excellency El Presidente Biden (what else would you call the figure head of the largest Banana Republic in the world?) simply will NOT allow their powers to be curbed. No matter what they have to do to prevent it. Make no mistake, when these types of psychopaths start to get desperate, they will do stupid and extremely dangerous things. I just hope we can get out of winter before this kicks off.

        • The communists aren’t worried about RFK winning. They are worried that he will split off the votes of their deluded party members and make their next stolen election undeniably implausible. I dont know why since the last stolen election was proven beyond a doubt in multiple ways and they are still burning down the country we love and they deplore.

          • Haven’t you heard, Ernie? Nikki DeSantis is The War Party favorite.
            Any, “split”, is in their favor.

            ..It’s how they roll. It’s, The Plan.

            Heads, they win.
            Tails, they win, too.

            Why do you think all the MSM bits about The Shot are leaking out? Operation Death Speed, … more on that tomorrow. ‘er, later, more towards the Fall. …

            …Read the comments, people are dropping like flies,.. and the living, are noticing:

            Appalachia’s Homestead with Patara

            ‘I Can’t Be The ONLY One Seeing THIS?’


            …Who ya gonna blame? Ghostbusters?

            [Ha! ‘Ghostbusters’ is on freakin’ spellcheck!]

  21. The left has been “throwing punches” repeatedly for decades and the treasonous media only report that the left is “defending democracy.” This has been the irrational, tyrannical policy of every con-gress since the Soviet Union fell. The rest of us stand silently turning the other cheek. The correct peaceful response today should be to boycott all production from companies and boycott all demands from governments that oppose individual freedom.
    D.C. is irretrievably corrupt and has earned a real insurrection. That “insurrection” can be peaceful by not dealing with all enemies of individual liberty, but it must be done by millions to make a jack-booted response to all impossible.
    Either peacefully cut off trade with the enemy (the left) or continue to be enslaved by the enemy.
    We have already seen that the enemy will feed us lies and force us to be “vaccinated” with drugs that harm us.
    We must go on strike and boycott all the minuscule and all the significant mandates of all governmental entities. We must refuse to censored by big tech. We must refuse to be “medicated” to death by big pharma. We must do these things before a false flag is used to give the left the excuse to herd all who resist slavery into camps and murder them to “save democracy” which is newspeak for political genocide.

    • I like this. We have to make these boycotts permanent, unlike sellout Kid Rock. No, you don’t just let bygones be bygones six months later. That just teaches the left to temporarily placate and then continue later. Sorry Kid, you sold out. But your overall point is that we have more power than we realize if we stand up and hold firm.

    • I agree that the best course of action is for now a middle finger when they demand things of us.

      “herd all who resist slavery into camps and murder them”

      But a part of me wishes for the above sooner rather than later while I’m still of fighting age, so that my kids don’t have to fight.

      • I agree 100%.
        The jews are attempting to impose “restrictions” on the First Amendment to the Constitution by defining any criticism of israel or jews as “hate crimes”. This is in addition to the imposition of “holocaustianity” whose doctrines may not be questioned. This is a result of “hate crime”legislation itself as a “hate crime” can be defined as just about anything.
        Florida’s “governor” Ron DeSantis has been on the forefront of the First Amendment restriction movement, outlawing criticism of the “holocaust” and jews in general, attempting to ban the BDS movement as well.
        Just recently, a man was arrested and jailed for passing out fliers with images of Gaza genocide victims. He was given a 30-day sentence for “littering”. If this is not an abridgement of the First Amendment, I don’t know what is.
        With DeSantis, it goes even further.
        DeSantis signed two laws affecting non-jewish Floridians while in israel.
        One law codifies and prosecutes “hate speech” specifically mentioning anti-semitism as a special category which will be vigorously prosecuted.
        Another law requires the attendance of ALL Florida schoolchildren at jewish freak shows known as “holocaust museums”. This is a state-sponsored direct promotion of “holocaustianity” which IS a “religion” and as such is prohibited by the Constitution of the united States. Gotta get ’em while they’re young–brainwashing.
        Florida has already codified anti-BDS legislation into law and requires all businesses and individuals doing business with the state of Florida to abide by anti-BDS mandates as a condition of doing business with the state.
        Jew politicians in other states are attempting to copy Florida’s anti-Constitutional actions…

        • If I poke Johnathon Goldblatt in the eye with a sharp stick, it will be because I was goaded, so he will deserve it. Johnathon is certainly asking for it, goes with the territory.

          Of course, I will refrain from doing so, Mr. Goldblatt has plenty of problems at the moment, all his fault, and yours too.

          I don’t hate Jews, they just bug me. Can’t tolerate that.

          And I hate buggin’.

        • DeSantis panders to the Evangelical X-Tian crown in the Sunshine State, and also strategically blunts all the Jews in Broward County (“New Yawk South”) by sucking up to them with their fake Holohoax. If I had children in any FL public school, I’d refuse permission to go on a field trip to any such “museum” of Talmudic indoctrination.

    • Fight for the freedom of moral degenerates and sexual perverts? Why? There must be a military and economic collapse of the empire before a new reality for the masses can emerge. Separate, survive, prepare to lead and rebuild after the collapse. This must be a generational struggle.

  22. I love the meme where the little cartoon character pokes a bear with a stick and says “C’mon, are you going to do something about?”

    The whole reason for this is our opposition doesn’t see things in rational, but moral terms. The reason for this is all of this alphabet soup nonsense (diversity, sodomy, Earth worship, etc.) is their religion. They can’t stand that anyone would be an apostate to their religion and they’ll either convert you at the point of a sword or kill you. Either way, it’s no matter to them.

    These provocations aren’t going to stop. They’re going to intensify as the economy continues to tank. Two indicators told me things are really bad: Gas and diesel prices continue to drop like a stone and I saw a TON of live Christmas trees that never found a buyer at several big box stores. In good times, neither would be the case this time of year.

  23. Funny you mention FDR. Just started Day Of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor by Robert Stinnett.

    I’m fully cognizant of how tyrannical lincoln was. Yet as a young man, embraced the fdr myth. I guess that’s partially because both my grandfathers did so as WWII veterans (one fought in Europe and one in Asia, both US Army).

    I saw the Vivek Ramaswamy exchange. I’ve lost count of how many times he’s been goaded by both the dems and the reps. He’s too smart to take the bait. And, IMHO, he’s sincere in his response.

    • Hi Mike,

      Yup – I grew up the same; I suspect many of us did. Now, no love lost for the Japanese empire. But how was it materially different from the American one? The Japanese were exercising what they saw as their own Monroe Doctrine – and were probably astounded by the blinkered hypocrisy of the government of the United States.

      Similarly, Hitler – who admired Lincoln – was astounded that the Americans feigned upset over his lebensraum policies given America had exercised the same policies as regards the Indians.

        • Hi Horst,

          Aye – there is something to be said about that. The Japanese seem to be a people (and culture) that esteems tradition, orderliness and honesty. It is said that if you leave your wallet on a picnic table in a public park, the probability is high it’ll be there when you realize you left it and go back to look for it.

          They also have a desire to keep Japan Japanese – not “diverse.” I admire them for this self-preservatory instinct.

          • The Japanese are, for all practical purposes, the Asiatic “White People”. And yes, cultural homogeneity is paramount to them: Japan is for JAPANESE. They value orderliness and honesty, but there is a “seamier” side to Japan that they keep well-hidden, as they understand human nature, even their own.

            Japan was doing what the European powers had done to China and the rest of the Orient, indeed, credit ol’ Emperor Meiji with putting Nippon on a course of modernization that enabled it to assert itself and not be bullied. By the 1930s, with a burgeoning population and a need for the natural resources the Home Islands lacked, of course Japan went on an “Imperialistic” bend to themselves dominate China, and later Indochina after France, who hadn’t done any differently, was laid prostrate by their 1940 defeat by Germany. An interesting anecdote: my Dad, he having serving four tours with respect to ‘Nam, was conversing one day with the mayor of a Vietnamese village, the old boy worked days on Ton Son Nhut Air Base. The guy mentioned how most rural Vietnamese had little use for the Saigon government, and certainly none for Ho Chi Minh and his Communist regime in Hanoi, but likewise were none too keen on the French. All of them, the old mayor said, taxed them heavily and otherwise bullied them. The only ruling power they had good memory of were the JAPANESE, who PAID for their rice, if not in gold, in things they needed, especially rifles and ammo! Might it be that the “Greater East-Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere” was the best thing possible for the Orient?

    • That’s a great book of truth about how the attack on Pearl Harbor was arranged by FDR and how D.C. knew the specific attack was coming and kept that knowledge from the US forces at Pearl Harbor. FDR and his conspirators murdered all those who died there.
      There was a vast call for investigation at the time and the truth was buried. Sound familiar?
      My grandfather sat me down and told me all he could remember of that cover-up when I was supposedly studying that period in public school. Like with Lincoln and his conspirators’ actions that caused the ‘civil war’ the truth was buried and only propaganda was taught to children in government schools (aka propaganda mills.)
      The same thing was done again with 9-11 and Covid.

      • Instead of targeting the ships themselves, Japan should have targeted the fuel terminals. This would have had a much greater impact as the ships need fuel to operate. This would have shut down the US Pearl Harbor fleet and would have made the “war in the Pacific” much different.

        • Hi Anarchyst,

          I enjoy contemplating alternate history scenarios. What if Admiral Nagumo had been a bolder man and – rather than turn the fleet around after the attack on Pearl – gone on the hunt for the American carriers and/or seized the initiative and sent troops ashore at Pearl and (possibly) succeeded in occupying it? The axiom is: Strike hard and continue to strike when the initiative is yours.

          • Nagumo could have sent in the planned third wave (A “Betty” or “Val” dive bomber can only carry so many bombs) to attack the shore facilities at Pearl and Hickham; and probably doing so would have put Hawaii out of commission as a base for several critical MONTHS. However, a crucial part of the plan went badly wrong: they didn’t even find any of the two carriers (Hornet and Enterprise) known to be based at Pearl, and it was believed a THIRD (Lexington) was on its way from San Diego. Along with that, pilot reports and air photos indicated only two subs were hit. This meant that staying on station some 200 miles north of Oahu left all six of the IJN’s carriers vulnerable to a counter-strike, or being stalked by USN subs. Nor was there any landing force of IJN Naval Infantry (their version of US Marines) on hand to actually invade Oahu, no landing craft, artillery, etc. It simply was never in the plan; and considering how hard the Japs had it in taking Wake Island and Guam, had a low likelihood of success. Admiral Yamamoto had spent over ten years in the US as a IJN naval attache, spoke fluent English, and had even earned a doctorate at Harvard. Although the sourcing of his “every blade of grass” quote is dubious, there’s little doubt he had that reservation about any attempts to invade US territory.

            The Japanese DID strike at what their immediate objective was: the PHILLIPINES. In that, once they landed on Luzon on Dec 9, 1941, they’d effectively won, as they also took out most of Mac Arthur’s available planes ON THE GROUND. They also quickly took Hong Kong and swarmed into the Dutch East Indies, and also Thailand, Burma, and Malaya, giving them access to critical supplies of rubber, tin, and, most, important, petroleum, and likewise denying them to the US and the UK.

            The Japanese strategy with respect to Hawaii was to deal a crippling blow to the US Fleet and Air Forces stationed there that’d buy them TIME to consolidate their moves in the “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.” They knew they lacked the means to actually invade and hold the Hawaiian Islands, but they figured that if they took out America’s ability to counter-attack, at least for six months or so, then they’d be strong enough to negotiate for peace on terms that the USA would have little choice but to accept. Nagumo, realizing that every minute the task force remained on station rendered them vulnerable to the USN carriers and subs, needed to preserve it to consolidate that victory. And Japan did make another attempt, this time WITH an invasion force (they were going to seize the westernmost islands of Nihau and Lanai, then build up their bases and finish off the rest of Hawaii) and four of the six carriers they’d use only six months earlier. Yamamoto had predicted they’d have those six months to have their way, then, afterwards, he could not guarantee success. With the loss of all FOUR fleet carriers, the Battle of Midway was a colossal defeat from which the IJN never recovered, and Isoroku Yamomoto’s timing was precise, to the DAY, of when Japan’s fortunes would be irrevocably reversed.

            But yes, once your military has the initiative, and has driven the enemy back on his heels, the thing to do is KEEP GOING, be RELENTLESS.

  24. The left has always been politically adroit. They play the long game and know how to leverage peoples basic impulses. But no we on the other side can not allow ourselves to be baited into doing anything stupid and must always adjust our tactics accordingly. Vivek Ramaswamy’s exchange worked since she was only one person and he was able to discern her sincerity. At other events events there can be someone or a group who interrupts a speaker loudly and their goal is to totally disrupt the speaker by refusing to stop talking over them. I would not he surprised tho if this particular incident was staged for video likes. The dissenting lady was polite, willing to listen and her question/statement was vague allowing him to make his extended statement complete with his example calling out the two women’s names who regretted their childhood sex changes. I know I am cynical but I have noticed that candidates on both sides like to set up sound bites complete with names for example Joe the Plumber asked me this and such etc.

    • Good observation about how a group of harpies would have presented a different challenge. I don’t think it was staged. To me it felt like something in a small town and she was sincere in her beliefs, just not a strident commie.

      • I agree. I think she was obviously sincere because she was inarticulate as someone who believes WHAT they are saying, but cannot explain WHY they believe it. Cannot explain the rationale behind her beliefs, because her beliefs have been dictated to her by the cult she has joined.

        Presented with well verbalized facts contradicting her beliefs, she visibly fizzled and retreated.

        It was a beautiful thing to see her reaction when he told her she was afflicted with mental illness and needed truth spoken to her instead of affirmations.

    • “I would not he surprised tho if this particular incident was staged for video likes.” -RS

      This is a distinct possibility. Propaganda is everywhere. This is an age-old trick of planting somebody to support the con.

  25. The Left is absurdly pathetic. I find them more entertaining than offensive. If I pay any attention to them at all. Practically every thing the do or support is founded upon a lie, or simply created out of thin air. I smile or laugh at them. Which really yanks their chain.

    • I used to be content to do just that a few years ago. That was before they came to power. “Laugh at the devil as his train rolls by” is a good response until the devil is banging on your door.

      “I find them more entertaining than offensive.”

      Do you have kids/grandkids? Because they are actively going after them, trying to destroy their innocence with perversion.

      • Good question Philo. My kids are 23-25 and went through the beginnings of this craziness. We fought back the early stages of wokeness and even propaganda teachings and basically won. But I’m not so sure now, if we were starting over with them young again. I’m pretty sure we would have exited the gov schools for sure. But then what? I think we would have had to move to be sure, and that’s tough to do.
        I am telling my kids now: please move to a better place before you get stuck, and they are on the fence, but leaning towards what i call ‘the hustle and bustle of urban/suburban life’.

      • I find that my kids (60s) and grandkids (30s) really don’t give a shit. They sure don’t consider it enough to worry about it, or do anything about it (except vote for the chosen candidates, that’ll fix it). Like horses, you can only lead them to water. If they refuse to drink it, what can you do? They think everything is just fine. After all, they can afford new iphones every year, trips to Bora Bora, Hawaii, Europe, $500 sports tickets, etc. Classic bread and circuses before the fall.

        I believe the illusion of being free for most people is still hinged on the “freedom” to travel, and that is in the process of being restricted to the point of being ended. Anyone who has ever had contact with the TSA should clearly understand the squeeze (no pun intended). But the airplanes are full (of people flying to Bora Bora….). Shortly, anyone who looks at his passenger too long will have his car pull to the curb and shut down for distracted driving. Will that wake him up? Not a chance. That big screen touch panel, the primary souce of distraction in new vehicles, is so neat he can forgive an occasional spanking by his car’s CPU. Big Brother is obviously doing it for his own good.


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