Symbols Matter

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Why is the Left winning? Or, rather, why has the Left been so successful getting as far as it’s gotten?

The answer is simple. It never stops trying.

For the past 50 years-plus, the Left has been working to advance Leftism. In italics to emphasize one of the key differences between the Left and opposition to it. The opposition seeks to contain the Left – to conserve what remains of the liberties the Left hasn’t yet taken away. This is a strategy akin to trying to stay dry on the Titanic by moving toward the rear of the ship.

Enter Jim Jordan – Kevin McCarthy’s putative replacement as speaker of the House. He promises, among other things, that no more money for Ukraine will be forthcoming from Americans forced to provide it  . . . until he gets various questions answered.

In other words, Americans will continue to be forced to serve as tax cattle for the benefit of Keeeeeeeeeeev (and Raytheon) for as long as Republicans have anything to say about it.

Ironically – or not – McCarthy was ousted (ostensibly) in part because conservatives in the Republican Party had tired of McCarthy’s canoodling with the Left, especially as regards the profligate spending of money taken from Americans on a foreign war few Americans support that could end up becoming a world war few of us would survive (or want to).

But even though Jordan is all-but-certain to continue facilitating the forcing of Americans to finance this war that Washington started (via the goading of Russia via the goading of Ukraine to mistreat ethnic Russians in Ukraine and via pushing Ukraine to advance a military alliance that is based on Russia as the Enemy to the border of Russia, eliminating any buffer in between).

That is almost an irrelevance.

What is critical s the symbol. Of McCarthy being deposed. Because this will lead to Jordan being deposed, if he tries to be a Good Republican – which is to say, a good cuck. Or crook. Either being the same as far as a growing number of Americans are concerned – who have had it with Republican Toadies of the McCarthy persuasion. Awareness is dawning that you do not win a war – and that is what we’re fighting – by trying to hold the line. By trying to conserve things as they are. That is like trying to conserve the life of a bleeding-out patient by continuing to give him transfusions – rather than close the open wound.

Back to the Left.

It did not arrive at its current position at the apex of government and corporate power overnight. Or over the past three years. It has been working at it for at least the past 50-plus years.

And it began working at it, all those years ago, by understanding the importance of gaining ground – however slight. Even a crack eventually opens the door. On the basis of this critical understanding, the Left moved forward inch by inch until here we are. The conservatives who serially gave up of those inches of ground – hoping they could hold the line next time – are baffled as to how it happened.

Symbols matter – even when they seem unimportant or trivial at the time. As in the symbolic victory encompassed by the deposing of McCarthy, even if means Jordan and his enablers continue to do exactly the same things that resulted in the deposing of McCarthy. This is almost an inevitability as Jordan is bought and paid for by the same interests that own the rest of these “representatives” of other people’s interests. That is to say, the interests of the people who paid to be represented.

It does not matter.

What matters is that symbolic victories – if pressed – are likely to result, in time, in actual victories. Consider the Doolittle Raid, which occurred in early 1942. The bulk of American Naval power in the Pacific had been put out of action by Japanese aircraft, advancing the footprint of Japan toward America. Americans were angry but also worried about Japan’s ability to advance. The Doolittle Raid went the other way. A flight of B25 bombers launched from the deck of an American aircraft carrier advanced toward Japan – and got there. A few bombs were dropped – and not much physical damage was done.

The raid was purely of symbolic value. But also of immense psychological value.

It let the Japanese people  – as well as the Japanese government – that we were advancing now. It would take another several years of hard fighting before the war advanced all the way to Japan – and it probably seemed inconceivable to the Japanese prior to Doolittle’s raid that it would ever advance that far.

But they had been put on notice and the smart ones – including the architect of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Admiral Yamamoto – knew it.

Just so, conservatively posturing politicians who seem unable to conserve anything – let alone advance anything – have been put on notice via the recent heave-ho’ing of now-former-speaker McCarthy. They will continue to receive such notices, as this serial giving-up-of-ground to the Left (and of our money for the endless war in Ukraine that could lead to the last war) is over.

The Useless Opposition may not realize this yet.

But soon, they’ll know.

. . .

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  1. Why is the Left winning?

    For the same reason illegals are flocking to it. Free goodies abound or so many think. That 33 trillion debt is mainly due to US gov giving away the bank to the least productive. I am talking people abusing the system and are capable of work,,, not the truly disabled. Even then any help should come from private organizations. Then adding insult to injury the productive are given the finger. AOC and the squad is constantly complaining the rich, (aka the productive) don’t pay their fair share.

    As Margaret Thatcher said… “Socialism is fine until you run out of other peoples money” and the money ran out years ago. The US for all general purposes is broke. We will all suffer from this mishandling of the currency.

  2. Israel’s Iron Dome is nothing but a bubble that Hamas pricked and the Iron Dome exploded.

    I can’t shed crocodile tears for either side, they are intent on using force to control one another, laughing at it is what to do.

    There must be constant fear and loathing over there.

    Thou shalt not kill… doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t.

    Another hard day on the planet.

    • Hi drumphish,

      People let their guard down. The Iron Dome did likewise. Just because something hasn’t occurred in awhile doesn’t mean it won’t ever occur again.

      Out of 8.5 million Israelis only 135k are allowed to own guns. Israelis are required to serve 2.5 years in the military, but they can’t own a gun after the fact without permission! As dangerous as Israel is why would you not allow your citizens the means to protect themselves? How far would Hamas have gotten if they were met by a couple Terrific Tavers on the other side of the door?

      The world needs to wake up. Our governments will not save us. No one will defend you, so defend yourself. There are sleeper cells all over the United States right now. We have no idea who is invading our homeland, but it is only a matter of time that these people will be on our doorstep, grocery stores, schools, sports stadiums, etc.

      If you have a CCW (hell even if you don’t) protect yourself and your family. There is absolutely no excuse not to do so.

      • Sleeper cells? Invading our “homeland”? I’m flashing back 20 years. LOL. Methinks they’re resurrecting the “moozlims hats ur freedumbs” trope. One virus and Keeeeeev are becoming less “current” so maybe time for Islamofascism, the sequel. I would hope people don’t get fooled again.

        • I wasn’t thinking Muslims, Funk. Sleeper cells can be all cultures. The Chinese have been purchasing land (especially around the country’s military bases) for the past decade. Hell, they have even set up their own police departments, laboratories, etc. Who would love us to fall more than them?

          Do you believe that people are not crossing the border? Do you believe they are all here for amnesty? Do you believe the USSA is paying every person from Haiti to China to Venezuela to invade our country? If you don’t believe there will be an attack, great. I hope you are right. I can’t tell you who will attack us. If could very well be our own government, but attacked we will be.

          My only point was that people need to defend themselves.

          • Ok, but you have to admit that those words harken to a specific time and a specific people. Even “just because something hasn’t occurred in awhile doesn’t mean it won’t ever occur again.” Like in 22 years? I find it strange that you would choose them randomly, especially in responding to Drumphish’s comment and in light of the zeitgeist in the media concerning the events of the past few days in Israel and expect someone to think you are referring to Chinese, border crossers, or boat people.

            • I was referencing Israel and their conflict at West Bank and Gaza, hence why I mentioned them letting their guard down and the Iron Dome being invaded.

              The rest followed as a generalization. There are many people who late the US. I highly doubt we are being infiltrated by Saudis. The pictures at the Southern Border show a diverse array of young military aged men from all nationalities. It was a warning and was not finger pointing at any culture, religion, or ethnicity.

              But if you want my honest opinion, I am more concerned with a Chinese invasion and not necessarily by military force, but a conquering from the top down.

              Now you know where I stand.

                • There are sleeper cells all over the United States right now. We have no idea who is invading our homeland, but it is only a matter of time that these people will be on our doorstep, grocery stores, schools, sports stadiums, etc.

                  If you have a CCW (hell even if you don’t) protect yourself and your family. There is absolutely no excuse not to do so.

                  Pretty wild statement. I could see recommending using a firearm to neutralize a rando mugger but not any of the categories of “invaders” you mentioned barring some informal or formal declaration of war by the gov’t no matter how much you think “they” hate the US or how much of a threat you perceive. In the absence of that actual war footing, you’d be the one arrested and going to jail. I guarantee you Brandon doesn’t see a threat in photos of the border or from Chyna. When you understand that, the “threat” consolidates into one.

                  Jacob Hornberger wrote a great piece on this in the context of conservatives and others seeing Muslims as a threat during the “war on terra.”


      • The migrations are occurring everywhere in South America, Chile has enacted new immigration laws to stem the illegal aliens crossing the border into Chile.

        It is an exodus going on everywhere you go.

        The exodus out of Ukraine is by the tens of millions.

        • I agree, drumphish. There is mass migration everywhere – South America, North America, Europe, etc. In the midst of such large amounts of immigration does that mean there are countries available for the rest of us. Seriously, if there anyone left in Haiti or Guatemala right now? Could we stake a claim?

          One look at the population statistics shows the only countries that are losing people is Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Ukraine, Montenegro). Central America and Eastern African populations are still increasing steadily. How is that possible when young men are leaving by the thousands? The numbers don’t make sense.

      • The Iron Dome wouldn’t work if they turned it off…

        That’s what I’m saying. I could be crazy, but the whole thing seems a little suspicious if you ask me.

        As far as firearms, I’m certainly happy that I’m covered there. Regardless of the military, this country would STILL be incredibly difficult for an invading army.

      • THIS, right here, tells ya all you need to know, “Out of 8.5 million Israelis only 135k are allowed to own guns.”

        Keyword, “allowed”.

    • The problem began when the UN handed out property it did not own. In 70 AD Jerusalem and Israel ceased to exist when the Romans annihilated them.

      The Kharzarians (European, about where Ukraine is) adopted the Jewish religion had no claim to the land. They with the British and others went to Palestine guns ablazing, killing Palestinians and taking their homes and land. Gaza, today the worlds largest open air gulag the Palestinians (the whole world) have been suffering ever since.

      The US almost lost a ship, the USS Liberty, due to an Israeli attack trying to get the US involved in the 6 day war. 34 Americans dead, many wounded. No air cover or defense was launched to defend the ship by direction of the White House. What happened to the ship is a mystery. According to information the ships crew were warned to never speak of the Liberty or its mission. No medals or honors given. It is said that Lyndon Johnson was extremely upset that the ship never sank.

  3. Are the Rs as concerned about the ousting of McCarthy as they are about the $33T in debt? The $2T annual deficits that are now 30% of spending? The 5.5% interest rates? The 10% or so inflation? The out of control crime? The $1T war budget for which we get lost cause proxy wars in eastern Europe? The $6000 visits to an ER for a few hours? The 25% of the budget for Medicare/Medicaid? The millions streaming over the border, bringing in disease and squalor? The $5T in worthless COVID relief, and the destruction of the economy and injection mandates (that continue to this day).

    No, they are more concerned about the “hateful eight” that cast votes, with the Ds, against McCarthy. The Rs have done NOTHING. They couldn’t pass the promised separate appropriate bills, but they did manage a month long summer vacation. They punted on the debt ceiling and now they pass a massive CR to fund the government as present levels.

    Too many view this battle as Ds vs Rs. The Rs need to win and so they shouldn’t engage in fratricide. Meanwhile the country is burning down.

    Why should I care about a deposed McCarthy? Could the Rs bring forth another Speaker who is worse?

    • Well said Howard,
      Notice that both sides of the uniparty are most upset that they can’t (for now) sluice more billions of our tax dollars to Keeeeev; I’m sure they will make up for it once Clowngress gets back in session.

      • Yes! The Hamas attacks on Israel put Z in a bind. Now both he and Israel will come begging to Washington with their tin cups rattling, looking for a few billion in spare change. Let’s hope they are both turned away.

  4. First: Helot (attn: Eric, as well)

    I tried to reply to your virus series on the Forum, and to no avail. I’d like to do some hard work there, but if it doesn’t function, that could result in a lot of wasted time, at least in certain ways.

    Now, and I’m not trying to summon any anti-Jewish horseshit…

    It’s been long my thought that Hamas actually works for Israel, in a heavily surreptitious capacity, of course. Any thoughts?

    • RE: “I tried to reply to your virus series on the Forum, and to no avail. […] it doesn’t function”

      Yah, a little more detail is needed there.

      A simple guess: your title is too long? Your comment won’t post if the title is too long.

      Or, if there’s multiple links, your comment awaits moderation (or something) and your comment won’t show right away.

    • Regarding Hamas working for Israel, remember that Arafat was on the payroll, too. Big bucks in Swiss accounts while his wife lived the high life in Paris. Attacks from paragliders? LOL. It sounds like 2 guys with box cutters commandeering a 747 or something.

        • Coupla thoughts:

          War on terra part deux. They’re baaaaaack and they hate ur freedumbs more than ever. Be afraid, very afraid. Hollywood loves sequels.

          Get conservatards back on a spendy war footing as Keeeev is now being perceived as a Brandon only grift. It’s a Pearl Harbor and nahneleven mashup, y’all.

          Give Orange Fail a platform to oppose Brandon and make conservatards forget lockdowns and warp speed, get them back in the fold then surveil and prosecute as terrists. Russian commies did actually did this kind of thing. Lenin: “the best way to defeat the opposition is to lead it.”

          Wag the dog for Netanyahu’s domestic political troubles with corruption and bash in some Palestinian homes and heads for old times sake. It never gets old for these guys.

      • “Arafat was on the payroll, too”

        Yep, Funk Doctor, and I’ve read that Hamas was actually created by Israel as a counterbalance to Arafat’s Fatah party. What if they never actually cut ties to Hamas, but secretly control them at some level? Perhaps they can use this controlled opposition to justify taking more territory.

        Now, I’m hearing war drums from all around. It’s all-too-familiar, and I don’t care for it.

        • Hi BaDnOn,

          Okay let’s take your theory that Israel funds Hamas. The Israeli government paid a radical group to kidnap and slaughter their own people. Are these people any less in danger or any less dead? When one has a gun to their head does one make the distinction “is my government behind this?”

          I, too, have my fair share of theories, but without adequate proof, at the end of the day, they are just that…my opinion. My opinion helps no one.

          Americans have been caught up with the murder of JFK over the last 60 years…was it a lone gunman, was it the Mafia, was it the CIA? People can/will hypothesize for hours on what took him out. At the end of those hours was anything solved? Nope.

          We know governments are corrupt, we know governments will kill and steal from their own people, but it changes nothing. The only concern should be for the people involved who ended up maimed, traumatized, or killed. Whoever backed it doesn’t make it any less damaging or terrifying.

          • Hey Raider Girl,

            “Whoever backed it doesn’t make it any less damaging or terrifying.”

            Perhaps not, but it would change the aftermath. The events which follow were not difficult to foresee. There is clamoring about Iran, “The Largest State Sponsor of Terrorism ™”, and the American military apparatus has been prodded to action in the area. Iran denies any responsibility.

            Perhaps they’re lying, of course, but think of the alternative. Were there proof that the Israeli government was somehow behind the Hamas attacks, the outcome would be MUCH different. The Israeli people would likely move to revolution, and the wind would be removed from the sails of the Military Industrial Complex and all of the blowhard warmongers out there.

            Now, this Hamas-in-the-employ-of-Israel hypothesis is probably nonsense, but these events do make me wonder. Because, you’re right, no government can be trusted.

            • Hi BaDnOn,

              “Were there proof”

              I think this says it all. We don’t have that. The government refuses to declassify the JFK files after 60 years, what makes anyone think that they (or any other government) will admit to anything.

              As for one revolutionizing that isn’t going to happen. Even if the Israeli government stated they were the ones funding Hamas. Why? As we have seen with COVID even if our leaders are caught in lies there will always be a majority that will defend them. Even today, the Biden Administration is telling the American people that they never mandated the vax. There was even a Supreme Court case about it! Nope, nope, complete denial.

              It doesn’t matter who funds it or who pulls the trigger. It is always the same – governments lie, innocents die.

  5. If I see any substantial evidence there is a political solution to this sewage outlet, I MIGHT start voting again. I see no such evidence at this time. All the same equine excrement with different labels.

  6. Obamacare, banksters, leftist ramming relentlessly. It’s a story over 100 years in the making.

    Republicans (which are mostly Dems that can’t win a primary) pay modest lip service to repealing Obamacare. However, they will never strike the root of the problem which is the Drug War. It was the Pure Food & Drug Act of 1906 and the Harrison Narcotics Act of 1914 that are the foundational legislative acts that said it was the job of GovCo to control medical treatment. The idea that Republicans can understand the philosophical basis of re-legalizing about a half dozen plants is simply inconceivable.

    “Banksters will pull the rug out” has been stated by others here. It was the 1913 creation of the Federal Reserve that must be repealed, but won’t. They have destroyed the value of the currency and just keep on pumping out and up dollars that make the Greenback look like a solid store of value.

    The leftist battering ram for powerful central government goes from Hamilton to Lincoln to Teddy Roosevelt to Wilson to FDR and every president since. The hatred for Trump is that he talked, but didn’t act, on reducing the size of Rome on the Potomac. Both parties benefit and advance the Blob, D.C.

    Anyone that stands against the Statist Quo will be dealt with. I can see a Swamp Creature salivating at the prospect of RFK. Jr. setting up a trifecta. The people behind all this are Satanic Marxists and will not hesitate to go scorched earth to retain their power.

    We are in the midst of a millennial cycle dovetailing with a 4th Turning. This is truly a conflict for the future of humanity.

  7. “Ironically – or not – McCarthy was ousted (ostensibly) in part because conservatives in the Republican Party had tired of McCarthy’s canoodling with the Left”

    I looked at the voting results and was a little confused. It looks like only 8 Repubs voted to oust McCarthy and most Demoncrats voted to out him.

    “Eight House Republicans and 208 House Democrats voted Tuesday to oust House Speaker Kevin McCarthy”

    “Though McCarthy had the support of most House Republicans, there were enough opponents within his party to cost him the speakership”

    “Eight Republican members, including Gaetz, voted to oust McCarthy. They were:

    Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona
    Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado
    Rep. Tim Burchett of Tennessee
    Rep. Eli Crane of Arizona
    Rep. Bob Good of Virginia
    Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina
    Rep. Matt Rosendale of Montana”

    “All 208 Democrats in attendance voted against McCarthy. Not a single Democrat voted in favor of keeping him as House speaker”

    So why did Gaetz do it? Did he want to be the speaker? Who knows? Our Federal budget is out of control and that’s all I know. Everyone wants their freebies and handouts including other countries.

    • ‘Why did Gaetz do it?’ — europeasant

      His stated reasons were:

      1. McCarthy had agreed to passing 12 appropriations bills, with no more continuing resolutions.
      2. McCarthy had agreed that members would get 72 hours to read proposed bills before a floor vote.

      The continuing resolution introduced and passed on Sep 30 violated BOTH of these conditions. Consequences followed.

      • Thanks for the info. Too many RINO’s around and almost all he Democrats are even worse. They all want to give away other people’s money. Our Government’s size has become a runaway monster. Too many people want to be taken care of.

    • Gaetz wants to be Governor of Florida. Ousting McCarthy was part of his 2026 campaign.

      The move will play well in The Villages, a large retiree development in Central Florida which is an important voting block in Florida politics who supported the last two Republican Governors who were not popular with the mainstream party.

  8. I think the ousting of McCarthy really elevated Gaetz. He’s a relatively liberty minded guy who they tried to take down recently with the usual bogus accusations (I think it was “sex trafficking” or something). He fought back and won (up until now at least). I think that experience red pilled him. He’s much more politically effective and savvy these days.

    I often think about figures like Pinochet and Franco. They didn’t merely attempt to conserve. They went on the attack against leftists in a heavy-handed way. The left has been engaged in a full-blown attack against society for at least 10 years now and they go about their undeclared war with virtual impunity. Is it time for a faction from the US right to respond in kind to neutralize these leftists? I sort of fantasize about Trump taking back the presidency and dedicating fours years to exact revenge. It’s probably not going to happen, but at this point, I’ll hold my nose and vote for him because: FUCK YOU!

    • I have that same fantasy, and plan to vote (reluctantly) for Trump for that reason. Like you, I have my fears that it won’t happen, but I’m hopeful.
      If anybody has a better plan, let me know.

    • It would do no good, John. Cockroaches never die. The radiation would just make the political elite stronger. The rest of us would be buried under the rubble.

  9. For 150 years the left has accepted Marx’s communist doctrine as the logical and inevitable outcome of the Industrial Revolution. It is religion, just the same as the Christians who are obsessed with the book of Revelation. When you just know that something will happen, you don’t live your life accordingly, you assume it’s a done deal. It is your duty to put all effort into the cause, and eliminate anything that doesn’t further your end goal.

    Doesn’t help matters that the psychopaths tend to be drawn to Marxist dogma, since it is so easy to justify any action as furthering the cause. You have to break a few million eggs to make a communist utopian breakfast for all.

  10. Thanks, Eric, for capturing this point right to the heart of the issue.

    There can be no trust where there has been betrayal, and there has been a lot of betrayal by Rinos:
    Obamacare was forced on the people and republicans campaigned to remove it:

    2010 midterms the voters delivered 67 seats to the R’s……they did nothing.

    2012 voters delivered and kept the house and gained 6 seats in the senate…..they did nothing.

    2014 voters delivered again by keeping the house and flipping the senate…they did nothing.

    2016 voters delivered the presidency, they kept the house and senate the R’s had it all…. and they still did nothing.

    Granted repeal during Obama regime would cause a veto, but just like Doolittle Raid, it would have demonstrated that the Republicans consider Obamacare a disaster and so do the voters. Would have been much harder for the traitor Rino McCain to cast his last hate filled vote to just piss off Trump which effected 75MM of us as well.

    Last comment: I like Jim Jordan but he is ineffective. Lots of wind…commands no action. Rumor has it that the Marxists have some dirt on him? Since they control the FBI they have dirt on everybody. Whomever it’s going to be, is going to need to have balls of steel and take leaks and innuendo like water from a duck’s ass.

    • Excellent analysis, Hans. I think you have hit the nail on the head. I am still looking forward to the wrestling matches between Jordan and the sponsors of new bills to see if they are heard on the House floor.

    • John McCain. A fortunate son who actually fought in a war, was shot down and spent years in a POW camp, who wore those scars for his entire life. What happened to him to make him turn on the people who supported him. Was it Trump or was it that he all along hated the country that treated him so well. I don’t know but I’ll never for get how he betrayed me and then died.

      • He hated this country. Or at least was ambivalent towards it. His look conveyed that throughout his entire public life. His younger countenance conveys a snide, squirrely individual with no conviction, just an opportunist. I know the type.

        I never trusted the guy.

      • Dave,
        Trump had a knack for getting under people’s skin to irritate them and put them off their game. Yep, some of it was downright school yard name calling. Trump said something to the effect that he respected war heroes who didn’t get caught. McCain enjoyed being untouchable in DC in regard to his war career, any criticism was touching the third rail. Until Trump came along and mocked him. This McCain couldn’t handle, and he lost his shit over it. Even forgetting that he was a Senator representing his state and he had an *obligation* to the wishes of the people. McCain put his personal animus above our country. McCain flushed away any heroism he might have had because he became weak minded being in DC and couldn’t handle it.

  11. When you have a small cabal that forces $4-$5 Trillion out of the unwashed masses annually, greed, corruption and lust for absolute power is naturally baked into it. As the annual budget continued to grow, so did the corruption. Major corporations, “rights” groups, the state media also got their seats at the buffet table at our expense. This will not stop until the financial house comes crashing down. It will make the Weimar Republic look like good times when it does.

  12. ‘no more money for Ukraine will be forthcoming from Americans forced to provide it . . . until he gets various questions answered. — eric

    Exhibit A: a demand to assign a US inspector general to audit Ukraine funding. What is the point? Ukraine is universally acknowledged to be corrupt. Yes, tens of billions are being raked off. We don’t need no inspector general to tell us that.

    Not that the US is the slightest bit different than Ukie-land:

    “The results of the fifth annual DOD-wide financial audit will be a disclaimer of opinion for DOD as a whole,” Michael J. McCord, the undersecretary of defense (comptroller)/chief financial officer, said. “This is the same as last year and … not unexpected. We did expect this disclaimer, but we will also sustain all of our prior year positive opinions, which cover approximately 39 percent of our assets.” (Nov 16, 2022)

    Some $3 trillion has gone missing from the Defense Department, and can’t be found — because the connivers and boodlers who received it, some of whom ‘serve’ in Clowngress, don’t want it to be found.

    It’s no accident that an ‘Israel model’ for Ukraine is gaining traction. From a Congress Clown’s perspective, that amounts to multiple streams of income. Being less influential than the long-entrenched Israelis, the Ukies are obliged to offer bigger kickbacks.

    Lindsey Graham and Mitch McClownell celebrate with snifters of hundred-year-old cognac and hundred-dollar cigars: life is good at the top, even with the clouds of war on the horizon. And the human sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of Ukies and Russkies adds a special poignancy to this magic moment, does it not?

    • The State Department has been meddling in Ukraine for at least 15 years. The initial issue with Russa and Ukraine was about oil. The Russian oil was (is) piped through Ukraine, a leftover of the Soviet state. When Ukraine became independent, part of the deal was that meters were installed on the pipelines, one on the Russian side and one on the western sides. The numbers didn’t add up, so Putin demanded an investigation. When that didn’t happen it indirectly led to annexing of Crimean Peninsula, and a neocon friendly governement in Ukrane. Recall the Victoria Newland “F*** the EU” phone call during the Obama adminstration. And recall that Clinton was Secretary of State at the time.

      This whole thing stinks to high heaven, and everyone knows it. The war is pretty much a stalemate right now, with countries choosing up sides. Last time this happend it went very badly, when the banks saw they weren’t going to get their money back. What will happen this time? WW3? Weimar Russia?

      These fools think they’re smart enough to engineer a soft landing. I’m certain there were plenty of people in the Wilson administration who thought the same thing. Eventually the banks will pull out the rug.

      • ‘What will happen this time? WW3?’ — ReadyKilowatt

        It wouldn’t be surprising. What’s being called ‘Israel’s Pearl Harbor’ today is on the 50th anniversary (plus one day) of the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

        That time, Oil Shock I and a grinding US recession followed.

        OPEC unity isn’t what it was back then. Nevertheless, one espies a vast flock of black swans on the horizon … and hundreds of scandalized Congress Clowns, baying their unconditional, multi-billion-dollar support for Israel.

        Oh, wait! We sent all our ammo to the Ukies. 🙁

        • I agree, Jim. If the current national gas average is $3.79 (as of 10/5/23) the average will be $5.67 by Xmas. Times are going to get a lot rougher.

          I don’t like it that our country is not militarily prepared, but hopefully this will keep us (and most importantly, our children) out of a World War. Either that or the Biden Administration starts confiscating ammo from her nation’s citizens. I don’t put anything past the bastards.

          • Something going terribly wrong will get America prepared fairly quickly. At least in the air. Boots on the ground will require mobilization, but the Europeans will need to step up too. Maybe all those new arivals can join up?

            Service means citizenship!

          • Curious how the US military is “unprepared” while its defense budget is more than twice that of Russia and China combined. If it wasn’t being used to rule the world, and focused on defending the US, It WOULD be prepared, with less than half that budget.

            • “The Defense Budget is more than twice that of Russia and China”

              Russia alone was around $60 billion while the US was $820 billion (on the books). Over a trillion on and off the books.

              Russia just upped their defense budget to $100 billion yet the Russian military is better equipped and their standing army is much better trained.

              Why? Because they still have their production and they are not yet trannyized or feminized. Because they get way more bang for their defense bucks. The US is so corrupt that it takes $50 dollars to get $1 dollar of product and that product is usually substandard,,, The F35…..

              Today the US has very little manufacturing,,, no where near what they had in WW2. Manufacturing is what wins wars. The entire West cannot nearly compete with Russia alone in that category today thus is why the West are running out of everything giving it all to the Nazis.

              The US military has changed from a fighting force to a career. By characterizing women as equal, the physical training of men has been extremely reduced so that the numbers match. In war top physical, and mental conditions are required.

              Things are so bad that the military cannot find enough qualified recruits. The education in the US is piss poor to unbelievable. Even if they find recruits that are physically qualified their mental abilities are so reduced they cannot be trained in the high tech areas.

              IMO,,, At this precise time a war with Russia or China would go badly for the US.

              • Two words, hyper-sonic munitions. The US has none, while the Chinese do, and Russia is using them. Me thinks most of that US defense budget is lining pockets and filling off shore accounts instead of being spent on defense.

  13. Sadly most likely true. Now bygon will announce peace in our time as we pull out of that immoral Ukraine war. The chimps will clap and re-appoint another demoncrap fraud.

  14. Good observation. Progressives are well organized and determined; they keep ramming the castle gates until they eventually break.

    The “right” knocks on the broken gate and asks for permission to enter from the progressives that have seized the castle.

    • The Left practices some of the best psychological mind games that I have seen. The Asses usually ask for the moon. Their expectations are so ridiculous and destructive that 90% of the population quizzically says “WTH”. But, that is how they succeed. Demand something so foolish and then the Elephants pat themselves on the back because the Asses had to dial back a bit and maybe end up with 70-80% of what they wanted.

      That is what the Right still hasn’t figured out. It is mental warfare. I would say the Left is trying to play chess while the Right is playing checkers, but that is giving both sides too much credit. The only thing they are successful at is toppling over the board.

      The Right needs to insist upon demands so asinine that the Left starts questioning the sanity of the Right. That is the only way this game will be won.

      Compromise is wonderful when dealing with reasonable adults, but Congress is beyond that. Play the game or sit in the dugout. I am not a fan of Matt Gatez (reminds me too much of some guy who still hasn’t gotten over his college days), but he is at least playing the game.

      • Gaetz plays well in The Villages, which is where it will count when he runs to succeed DeSantis in the Governor’s Mansion in 2026.

        Don’t be fooled by the schtick, however — FL-1, Gaetz district, is heavily dependent on Defense and war budgets, with two Air Force bases, a weapons development lab, and Naval Air Station Pensacola within the boundaries. He will eventually have to relent on Ukraine spending.

        Daddy Gaetz has unfulfilled political ambitions with regard to the Governor’s Mansion, but Republican Governors in Florida were uncommon until the recent past.

        • Hi Roscoe,

          I realize Gatez is trying to make a name for himself. I heard the rumors of him wanting to take DeSantis’s spot after he fulfills his second term in the Florida governorship. He isn’t doing any of this for us. His (and Mace’s) fundraising tactics were in poor taste. I could barely get through Nancy Mace’s interview with Neil Cavuto a few nights ago. She literally crowdsourced for dollars no less than three times in her four minute dialogue. Their narcissism is vomit inducing.

          • Nancy Mace is still coasting the story of being the first woman to graduate from The Citadel.

            Here in Austin, specifically the suburbs north of the city, we had MJ “Doors” Hegar run for House and then US Senate as a Democrat coasting on her military story and a campaign ad ripping off “Goodfellas”.


            A lot of Vets bought it in particular, but the schtick didn’t work.

          • I kind of liked Gaetz until he bombed my inbox with campaign appeals about 5 minutes after McCarthy was sent to the showers. Sick.

    • The progressive agenda is an active agenda. The presumption is that taking action is necessary. The Coolidge argument is a hard sell. “WE have to DO SOMETHING” sounds great in a speech. “It’s not an approprate use of government” doesn’t. Especially when there’s no limits.


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