When Your Vote Doesn’t Matter

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I spoke yesterday with Bill Meyer, who hosts the Bill Meyer Show in Oregon. We talked, among other things, about the explosive fact that in states like VA and CA, a geographically tiny canker sore of urban density has achieved almost unassailable political control over the entire state.

For example, in my state – Virginia – 85 percent of the state, by geography, voted for the Orange Man but because of Northern Va and Richmond, which are hives of government workers (which means government-lovers)  the state fell to the Hair Plugged Man.

The majority of the state is controlled politically by a minority of the state. It’s the same in CA and a number of other states, too.

The people no longer have a voice.

Because some people control the state.

What happens when the people of a state are disfranchised? When they come to know that their vote doesn’t matter? Is it equitable that a geographically and proportionately tiny part of a state dictates to the rest of the state?

By what right does a Beltway bureaucrat autocratically govern the lives of farmers who live hundreds of miles away? The Coonman is the governor of Northern Virginia. He is loathed in most of Virginia. But the people of the rest of the state cannot vote him out of their lives because their votes don’t matter. Northern Virginia decides the politics of Virginia.

Do we not adhere to the idea of the consent of the governed? How can there be consent when there is no choice?  This is not about red vs. blue. It is about right vs. wrong.

It is time for a parting of the ways.

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Before it comes to blows.

The people of Northern Virginia have the right to govern themselves – and so do the people of the rest of the state. The state should be recognized in law what it is in fact, which is two states. The same applies to the people of other states, who have the right to govern themselves but not the right to lord it over everyone else in the state.

This is a natural evolution.

People change – and with them, politics. It is unnatural to force them to pretend to be the same people when they are manifestly so different.

They must be allowed to separate.

It is the only peaceful way to relieve the tensions which are nearing the flash point. The flash isn’t necessary – because it isn’t necessary that the states as they are remain as they are.

Many of the western states were once much larger.

They became smaller by division.

There is a North Carolina and a South Carolina. Why not a Northern Virginia and a Southern Virginia? West Virginia was once part of Virginia. It is now a separate state. (Ironically, at the behest of the man who claimed to revile separation, Abraham Lincoln, who cut West Virginia away from “rebellious” Virginia, which no longer wished to be governed by the alien people of the north.)

There is no intrinsically necessary reason for any state to remain a single geographic and political bloc in perpetuity – and some very sound reasons for separation when the people of a consolidated state have become so divided, politically and geographically, as to make them separate people.

It does not mean they are not still Americans. But it does mean that a Northern Virginian is not a Southern Virginian. The two can coexist in the same country, perhaps. But not in the same state, under the consolidated rule of one of them.

If it weren’t for cognitive dissonance, these irreconcilable political differences would be acknowledged and acted upon – peacefully.

Before it becomes impossible to act upon them peacefully.

Kids are taught – or were – that the American colonies rightfully separated from Britain because they were not represented. Because they were justly tired of being under the political thumb of people unlike themselves, who lived far away and either knew nothing of their concerns or didn’t care about them. No one questions the legitimacy of the colonists’ argument nor the propriety of their actions.

They tried redress. They begged for representation. All they got was the royal boot.

And so they redrew political and geographic lines in such a way as to be represented and to consent to their government.

Are things any different in our time?

In states like Virginia and California and Oregon? Is it not a fact that the people of most of these aren’t represented?

That the geographic majority live under the boot of the cities and politicians of those cities, who not only rule them like royal governors but mulct them to finance their pleasure?

It is all too obvious – which is why it is so very dangerous. When elections no longer matter, as they no longer do, people will eventually take matters into their own hands.

The time has come to discuss going our separate ways before it gets to that.

We can still be Americans. If Americans’ right to govern themselves is respected. If it is not, we have two Americas – under one consolidated boot.

And then it will come to blows.

. . .

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  1. Sorry to see Virginia go to the Commie side. It was easy to see that mail in voting would be susceptible to massive fraud and I expect it was. With mail in voting, all the Marxists have to do is manipulate a few states with expected close votes and magically they control the electoral vote. No way did Joey get more legal votes than Trump.

    If the Marxist Dems finally end up controlling the DC Swamp, then future elections will be cancelled. That means no way for the Repubs to regain Congress in 2022. And even with voting, it will be all mail in because we will still be told there is a fake virus, and voting must be done by mail…it will be totally corrupted.

    Who will stop the Commies? They have mega $billions in support from Gates and Soros. And bribes buy a lot of power in a corrupt system such as we have now. They will be able to pass whatever laws they can dream up and this may cause an all out civil disruption…that is if those who still believe in freedom have the stomach for it.

    Take a long look at the goings on in Europe (which you will not find in the main street news) and that will give you the plan for us. Joey will have us in full lockdown, with all the trimmings and not a Repub will utter a word of dissent. Those of you who legally voted for the bum-in-blue have actually elected a puppet who will be controlled by the Marxists (haters of America) and they take this country down a very dark path. Enjoy things now while you can for they will be vanished like a fart in the wind over the next few years.

    • Tom…same hair & soap scum stoppers as always: the commies (etc) themselves.

      No, it wasn’t Ronnie raygun what US’d the SR.

      And is it all that tough to draw line from “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall,” to the immediate erection of much more imposing walls by the americhicaners?

      (Like the great white father in Washington did to the redskins, right? Forked tongue en/treaties.)

      Fukuyama wrote a book announcing the end of history. Jabberer’s went on about a “peace dividend.” But history doesn’t end. Or begin. It spins in place.

      H. sapiens, the unlearning animal, never stops making the same mistakes, so the commie turns will never not come back ‘round. That marriage-go-round is wedded to the ground & spins in place whilst the wheel of fortune players are wedded to whatever the pointer lands on in their formative conceptions. “INTJ,” or “ancap,” or whatever similar, lands maybe 2-4% of conceptions.

      Hubris. Hamartia. “The fatal flaw” is that h. sapiens is fatally flawed.

      Saw Rogan talking with Snowden recently. All was well, swell, ringing like a bell.

      But then out came Snowden’s optimism & assertions of progress, really lonnnng game progress, being made by the whiterhats.

      Then the utterings of the same mal-attributions of/to “we” – one American nation, under pick-a-god, pluribus unum’d good & hard.

      Then there was the apparent agreement between the duo that those cake baker bigots in CO ought not be allowed to refuse to do business with the male (or was it females?) husband & wife “activists.”

      Then there was R’s assertion that health insurance is a human right.

      Then R’s lamentations about the trillions “we” have spent on military that “could have” been better used to make black lives better.

      Rogan’s smart. Snowden’s smarter. But….so what? Still blindered. Still mischaracterizing & misidentifying the elephant. Give the duo a magic wand, Samantha’s nose, Jeannie’s hard blink & things would just be fooked in a differently combined way.

      Biological determinism is what causes time to be a flat disc LP that has one, mostly choral, song on it.

      Which is explanatory why Joey’s just the tie me kangaroo down pouch. And why inside the pouch is the dromedary* bitch.

      What’s not in a pouch – at least not one that isn’t projected – is that earthlings, each individual one, is on his/her own. That fact hides in plain sight because the denial camouflage (optimism/pessimism, fear, greed, biologically imposed/mediated compulsions-obsessions…etc) is so effective.

      People born in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, but still do. But its well beyond that.

      People born in ghillie suits are camouflaged even from themselves, they all have sniper rifles, & per Vidal’s astute observation re the sissy character of teddy bear Roosevelt, are wont to kill everything in sight (continuumously, from metaphorically to literally – aka death by a thousand cuts).

      Thomas Wolfe wrote every wo/man is an island, & he was correct (& John Donne, writing each one is merely a clod of the continent, was – at best – incorrect).

      Hunter Thompson correctly, accurately, wrote “We are all alone, born alone, die alone, and—in spite of True Romance magazines—we shall all someday look back on our lives and see that, in spite of our company, we were alone the whole way. I do not say lonely—at least, not all the time—but essentially, and finally, alone. This is what makes your self-respect so important, and I don’t see how you can respect yourself if you must look in the hearts and minds of others for your happiness.”

      There are some few doctors trying to correctly/accurately work from the reality of biochemical uniqueness, rather than the mythical cohort averages & reference ranges that are part of the medical wing of the military industrial complex bible that would have it, via cartel color of law, & the guns that back that up, “we” are all clods of the continent to be cohorted, averaged, & kept contained in reference range zoo enclosures with the sign “e. pluribus unum” imposing that assigned identity on each one.


      *Some fun stuff about camels:

      They spit foul phlegm at people.

      They, like pigs, retain the canines of early artiodactyls, & one of the incisors & one premolar have become canine-like miniature tusks, with which they nasty-bite people.

      Unlike other ungulates, which use a gait called a trot (legs moving in diagonal pairs), camels use a gait called a pace (legs on one side move in unison), which results in side-to-side swaying – “ship of the desert” camels are called — & (it’s the) motion (in the ocean) sickness for the “sea legless” (sounds just like “see”).

      Dromedarys have one hump, Bactrians have two (how many humps it took to get to the VP is unknown, but many more than two, probably…& after getting to VP? well, humperdrive, of course.).

      Bactrian males are mated with dromedary females resulting in one-humped “super camels” that are larger & more powerful – can carry (away) over 1000lbs (of loot).

      Wild dromedarys are extinct. Wild Bactrians number less than a thousand, hover the brink of extinction. Domesticated dromedarys are 15 million, Bactrians about 2 million. Author I got this from asserts “In a man-made world it pays to be domesticated; wildness is a luxury that fewer & fewer large mammals will be able to afford.”

      Does it is it? Substitute “communism” (etc) for “domesticated” & see can you taste the synonym.

  2. Aw, Eric,
    Quitcher whining about the acres of red v blue in Virginia. There’s a lot of people in those cities. You want the cows in rural areas to tell THEM what to do.

    If you want a saner state, we West Virginians INVITED you last December or January to join us. Maybe you should consider it more seriously.

    Also find out about Constitutional Sheriff. Your local elections matter the most and some of them are not vote-scammed.

    • Hi Esther,

      Here’s the thing: West Va is a beautiful state but just as under siege as Virginia. Your Face Diaper decrees are, I think, even worse. Rooting up and moving requires justification. What is meaningfully to be gained? I just don’t see your state as being appreciably less tyrannical than mine but perhaps I am wrong. Can you point to some specifics to the contrary?

      • Eric, you could just cross the border and come to KY. (Well…NOT eastern KY!)- No enforcement of the diapering decree; Constitutional carry; Best castle laws in the country; Not much AGW presence….

        But, given the coming ramping-up of national tyranny….I don’t know that it would make that much difference in the near future to warrant a move. (But it is a lot freer than VA. and there is much less government to deal with. Which could make a huge difference….as it makes resistance much easier- just as ditching NY or NoVa made things so much better, just by reason of being out from under the strangling tyrannies of those places.

  3. Can you imagine where this Orwellian police-state will be after 4 years of the Kommie Kamel?
    Sick to your stomach yet?
    Now look and see who the Republican “hopefuls” for 2024 are (Including Nikki Haley, who has already thrwon Trump under the bus).

    We have officially reached the end, my friends.

    How anyone remotely concerned with liberty and sanity can still think of not leaving….

    There os NOTHING to look forward to here….only the descent into slavery.

    • i never understood why epstein didnt gtfo. could have gone to vietnam – no extradtion treaty – and lived his life on the beach. or why mcafee left cuba for spain. hello prison! at least snowden did it right. its tough to gtfo. but jesus if youre rich it cant be that hard

      • @Mark3

        How do you know he didn’t? I have believed from day one of his suicide news that he used the ambulance to escape. There was a report about another ambulance that showed up earlier in the day then left, perhaps they didn’t take the bribe but the second ambulance took the bribe.

        • all that may be true —but— why risk coming back in the first place? whats the point. p;ick an island somewhere with no extradition and buy a residency visa and live life on the beach

    • She represents modern America well. The Karens will love her.

      I don’t see any hope on the horizon. The increasing tech/media censorship will only make it impossible for dissenters to organize.

    • Morning, Nunz!

      I understand your frustration – and share it – but leave? And go where? The whole country is mottled by the canker sores of Sickness Psychosis. Leave the country? Ok, and go where? How? Do what? Central and South America don’t want our gringo posteriors. And they are Diapered, too. Europe is out. Australia and NZ are out, too. China? The Philippines?

      And there is the part about being forced to leave – everything. To hell with that. If I were half my age, maybe – if only because I would still have a lifetime ahead of me to build a new life. But in middle age? No, thanks. I’ll stand my ground – with or without others willing to stand by me, for the sake of theirs. If we go under, so be it. But we’ll go under like men, having lived as men.

      • Eric, Nunz – you guys are up early to already be here?

        I do notice more and more republicans throwing him under the bus – which is unfortunately what I suspected. Because once your on the DC gravy train – much more than individuals its essential that the system carries on.. Regardless of who is in power. I mean even those in the GOP he helped campaign for are silent and have disappeared it seems…. And those who are in the GOP who even loose tax payer directly funded roles, if they play their cards correctly can spend a lifetime moching off indirectly as say a lobbyist, advisor, consultant, or some other swamp organism….

        Maybe – is there hope? Did they get enough of a majority to change anything? Hopefully when they start pulling off their crazy schemes – people will realise, and well in 4 years maybe theres hope? Instead of the orange man who though would have tried – apart from a couple little things wouldn’t have been able to do much as not many in the swamp really like him…. The media in the UK keeps presenting trump supporters in the US as a bunch of rednecks with big pickups and bigger guns…. i wonder where those guys are now….

          • Very true – hes hardly a bush era republican. Which is what I liked about him personally. I really wish he pushed this point further in his term…. about the less foreign interventions then ever. He would have done much better.

    • Hey guys are talking about trump 2024 – how awesome would that be… just for the media and establishment shitting itself that it may just happen !!!

  4. Sun Tsu effort poast incoming:

    This was a coup attempt. No question. But it failed. First rule of coups is: if you come at the king, you best not miss. They did. To pull off a coup, you need to do three things:

    Be quick
    Catch the enemy by surprise: confuse them so they cannot act
    Victory must be decisive: when the dust settles there must be no doubt who the MFIC is.

    Trump was obviously prepared for this, evidenced by the fact that lawsuits were being filed by noon on Wednesday. Suits don’t get written and filed that fast. They were done beforehand. And the fact that this has dragged out into the weekend means they failed on points one and three. This heist needed to be over by midnight. The second they stopped the counting, strategically they were fucked. Yes they were going to lose on account of the votes, but the plan went up in smoke when they ground everything to a halt.

    Once everything was put on pause, now all hell breaks loose within the ranks. Nobody knows what to do. There’s no clear plan, and everything breaks down. Chaos ensues. Democrats are no longer in control. Mistakes get made, someone gets hung out to dry, somebody squeals. People start looking out for #1. You’ve seen it a hundred times in war movies. The longer this drags on, the worse it will be for Democrats, and they know it. They’re fucked, which is why they’re pressing so hard to gaslight and get Trump to quit and get his base to desert him. Don’t do it. They’re surrounded with nowhere to run, so long as no one lets them get away. This fraud is spread out nationwide, and now it’s splintered. All that’s left to do is mow them down. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

    • Hi Bardeleys,

      I hope so. I pray so – and I am not a religious man. I am also ready to fight – and I say that as a peaceful man who desperately wants nothing more than to be left in peace. But these relentless bastards will not oblige. They are determined, among other things, to impose their Diaper Regime on me as well as themselves and that I will not abide. I’m ready.

      Let’s go!

  5. I’m going to offer these observations once for your consideration:

    (1) There is no such thing as the “consent of the governed.” It’s a contradiction. “I consent to being forced to do that which I think it is wrong for me to do.” Contradiction.
    (2) There is no such thing as “representation.” Each individual represents himself. No one (else) represents you. No one (else) represents me. “I hope that someone else (my “representative”) will go and bully others on my behalf so that I can benefit from those other people being enslaved.” It’s a recipe for creating resentment, and it’s crazy. It’s the opposite of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” unless of course, you like being bullied and bossed around—again it’s a kind of contradiction, Or in this case, maybe it’s more of a euphemism.

    This ideas (of the consent of the governed and representation) have predictable consequences, and we are seeing, in particular, that they just don’t work.

    • Totally agree. That’s why I think direct democracy is the only way for a civilization to sustain.

      P.S. Sorry I posted so much today! I’ll try to be more succint.

      • Hi Krazy,

        The Founders considered direct democracy a short-order recipe for national suicide – or rather, enslavement and tyranny. I agree with them. If “the people” can vote to do anything they like and it carries whenever a plurality so votes, then no man is safe. A republic is longer lasting, but ends up the sane way – as we’re finding out. It might’ve lasted longer if the Constitution had never been imposed on the people and the states remained just that – sovereign states. Each its own politically independent country – the term often used by men like Jefferson and Adam regarding VA and MA, respectively. This decentralization of political power would have served as a real check on political power. Virginia could only be so tyrannous because people could move to another state where the tyranny didn’t exist.

        This business of subordinating the states to a federal leviathan was the thing which sealed the fate of the American experiment.

        • I appreciate your thoughts! I really want to figure out how a civilization should be run, and I think direct democracy is the best solution… so I’m not sure why it sounds bad to you.

          So are you saying the supermajority of people are corrupt in that they’ll all vote for horrible things that destroy their own country? And the only way to have a good country is for it to run by laws made by a very few moral leaders? So that’s basically a king/queen type country, IOW a dictatorship.

          You want freedom and free will, but yet you don’t want the people to be able to decide what’s best for them — that’s a contradiction. You want freedom but you want a dictator to boss everyone around too?

          The theory of having smaller states is great, but there’s one problem — states can never be sovereign, because the dictators of those states will collude with each other and become national dictators anyways. See how that works? The only way to stop dictatorship, is with direct democracy, and also obviously transparency and the people must have power too (security / militias).

          I don’t think you really understand what direct democracy is… you’ve never experienced direct democracy before, noone has on planet Earth yet. What we have now is MINORITY rule — because our elections are unfair (only ~50% usually wins) and they’re frauded too, and also alot of voters are brainwashed and don’t even know what the bad dictators they voted for are really doing.

          What is the best system by which a country should run by? Could you clarify that? It sounds to me like you think America is perfect if the states were to be kind of like 50 separate countries but I assume just have a few things nationalized for practicality (like interstate highways etc). But then you’ll just have 50 evil dictatorships. So how would that be any different?

          • Harry: A civilization runs itself, there is no central planning needed at all. The best system would be one where the free and unfettered market can provide all of societies needs, including security, justice, and yes, even roads.

          • Kraze,

            What is ‘society’? It’s just the interaction of individuals. Once you have anyone mandating that a society be a certain way, it makes no difference whether the one(s) making those mandates are a king and queen, or “elected representatives”, or the will of a simple majority of “the people”- it all boils down to forcing people to do things that they don’t want to/ restricting them from doing things they want to, and giving *certain people* special privileges to do things to others (Legally rob them and call it taxes; use coercion/threat of violence to impede their travel and extort them for money for breaking some arbitrary law, etc. etc.) which would be crimes if if the rest us did those things to our fellow man.

            We are individuals, and have a God-given right to function as such without some artificially-imposed requirements/impediments dreamed-up by others.

            There is no way to impose a system on everyone without using violence and coercion- and this is why ALL government tends toward tyranny, regardless of what “ism” it may be, or who runs it.

            It’s like child’s play: When I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, I’d go out and ride my bike, or walk in the woods, or go downtown or play with friends, and stay out all day, and it was bliss. No adult supervision, and we all managed to do what we needed to do, and work out our own problems, and had a great time and were free. That’s Libertarianism.

            By contrast, todays kids are under constant supervision- ever under the watchful eye of adults; always having to abide by some arbitrary rules to play; always in structured environments; never able to work things out for themselves or realize who they are, because everything is determined fopr them by others.

            That’s the system; the forcing of “society” on everyone, as predetermined by those who have the special privileges to make the rules.

            Do you want the 72 million people who voted for Biden ruling you? Or even the 69 million who voted for Trump? Or even me?! You do you…I’ll do me. What we see around us is the result of people who think that you should do as they do. Their opponents don’t want to do as they do, they rightfully want to do their own thing…but they want the others to not only leave them alone, but to do as they do- so they have erected this power structure which has the authority to tell everyone what to do.

          • DD (direct democracy) is desire for bigger mammaries to suckle. Bigger’s better to hide within, behind, too.

            I’ve experienced it. Every time some blowhard preacher & his (usually, tho there have been some hers, too) congregants were told by their god, who they call Vote, that I needed some proselytizing.

            The gangsters wanted to decide what was best for me…but only ostensibly.

            Increase a liar by one & the lie doesn’t merely double, cuz Ponzi geometry is the math that applies to all such anti/social in/securities.

            “Civilization” is an emergent property, not something that is “run.”

            If you’re being run, you’re in the jungle.

            There may be a billboard in front of it on which is advertised “Welcome to Civilization, pcopulation @rabbit-rates & billions o’ mickey d moo-burgers served life sentences,” because that’s all it takes…signs, signs, everywhere is signs, blockin’ out the scenery & blankin’ out minds…but it’s still just the jungle.

            Cue the CCR. Never mind, I’ll do it:

            That Byles line from Mel Gibson’s swampfox analog, “why should I trade one tyrant 3000 miles away for 3000 tyrants one mile away?” is the one in the sand. Principled principals the one side, unprincipled would-be princes the other side.

            96 out of 100 are corrupt, which is why each one of those was attracted to joining force – powering up — with the other 95.

            Gangs don’t corrupt. Already corrupt join gangs.

          • I respect everyones’ thoughts, but I don’t think you understand what direct democracy is. You keep thinking it’s a dictatorship ruling over the people, or you think it’s people ruling over each other in bad ways. You seem to think everyone can live in a country/world with no laws and no organization… yet you want your property ownership, you want traffic lights, etc. I don’t think you know what you want. You have nice ideas, yes, and I also like your ideas, but your idea of how that actually plays out in reality is incomplete. Since you can’t just kill off everyone else in the world, you’re stuck with OTHER PEOPLE around… so I’m just asking… how are you going to get along with them? It seems that your answer is that you want total anarchy but somehow in your fantasy land everyone is going to have the same morals/values as you, but even if they did… then that would be a direct democracy. Direct democracy with supermajority elections is exactly what you really want — you just don’t understand how it works yet.

            • Hi Krisi,

              Welcome to the board.
              We understand what direct democracies are the problem is they don’t work. All representatives republics eventually crumble. The first direct democracy was Athens, Greece followed by Rome. Neither one is still around today. The problem is power hungry individuals will always exist. Everyday people will not fight for their freedoms and the rich and powerful will always prevail.

              Even with a super majority people’s minds do change. Let’s be honest, most people are lazy, many don’t want to work that hard, and if government, or an individual, or a large corporation comes into power and promises pretty trinkets most individuals will accept them not realizing they are eroding their freedom and rights by doing so.

              No form of government will last forever. Democracy will eventually revert to communism, communism reverts to anarchy, and the cycle continues.

              I agree with you that there is a need for certain laws, but anything more than the Ten Commandments should be a bust. I am not going to go out on a limb and state no government is needed, but a very, very limited government that supplies nothing more than basic essentials, e.g. a quickly formed militia in acts of war should be all that is required.

              The people don’t need Representatives, each individual should be able to represent themselves, but what of the old, young, and disabled, who represents them? See, even in the family unit we don’t have a democracy, someone always has to be in charge, which is why no government will ever work and free people will never stay free for long.

              • Can someone tell me what a direct democracy is then? Because as I understand it, it’s exactly the opposite of everything you’re saying is bad. We’re having a big misunderstanding here LOL. I agree with you 100% — I thought a direct democracy is NOT having any dictators etc.

                BTW, I’m krazy harry, I just used “krisi” because it’s part of the derivation of the work democracy, so sorry that wasn’t obvious.

                • And direct democracy, or representative democracy or any other kind of democracy is nothing more than two wolves and a lamb deciding what’s for dinner.

                  Governemtn -regardless of what ism or ‘acy’ or archy (Bunker?) is the problem, not the solution, because it gives some men the false right (legality) to do that would be crimes if other did them.

                  If I don’t approve of what you’re smoking and smash into your house and throw you in a cage, I am a criminal- but if the king, or those appointed by an elected representative, or those appointed by a direct vote of a majority do the same, it somehow is ‘legal’.

                  A democracy (of any flavor) says that we delegate our authority to someone to do this- but how can we delegate authority which we do not possess? (i.e. if we do it directly, we are considered criminals- but if we have others do it our name, morality is supposedly reversed so that what is a crime for some men, somehow becomes legal for others).

                  People vote to force others to behave in a certain way, or to require things of them, but in so doing they don’t realize that the very mechanism which allows that similarly allows others to do the same to them!

                  We could “get involved with the local school board”- and even IF there were enough of “us” to force them to cater to our wishes, we would then be causing those wishes to be imposed on others who may not desire such things, just as they currently do to us.

                  The ONLY remedy to all of this, is every person pursuing their own interests without compulsion from anyone else- be it a king, commissioner or your neighbor- and at their own expense as they are able.

                  Voluntary cooperation/participation- the same way we still do most things in life, and how it has always been, before the chosen few known as government started taking everything over and wresting control of our lives, relationships, property and finances.

                  • Maybe. But the remedial students in the community collage are sure that such a remedy is worse than the disease. In fact, looks like plenty of those flunkers think the remedy is the disease.

                  • Seems so, Nunzio. But voting is crooked on it’s masked, anonymous face. “Vote fraud” trowels on another layer of pancake. Technocracy’s technology hits that lob out of the park & into a South Park episode.

                    I’ve read the dem machine stole the election for kennedy. Which machine thought – algo’d? — was their horse.

                    And when he turned out not to be not to be – that was the question – he became the dem•achine Trojan horse, preggers with LBJ.

                    Now comes the spectacle of a preggers dead horse. Immaculate deception, eh?

                    That bit about all the archy’s (save one, the an one…) being bunkered is true.

                    As is there ain’t hardly no atheists in the foxhole-to-bunker continuum.

                    That is “full nudal frontity” obvious…but not to the meatheads, ediths & glorias.

                    Three goats (hoof into a bar?): a Donald Judas goat, a joe judas goat, & a jo judas goat. Lawn jockey’s gotta scape one & the runt of the litter’s easiest.

            • KH…Well, I respect everyone’s right to think, or have thoughts, or think they have thoughts & that therefore to think that they are, & that they are just as good at it as Descartes thought he was…but once’t someone sets those thoughts free, or they break out & escape, or they run off with the fuller brush man, no matter how loved those thoughts may be, if they don’t come back to you in one piece & not all busted up, they were never yours to begin with.

              “People ruling over each other” & “in bad ways” is redundant.

              I think laws preexist. I think laws are discovered.

              You seem to think laws are invented by wo/men, but don’t seem to realize such inventions are rules, not laws.

              You also seem to think that without special wo/men inventing rules life would be disorganized chaos (not anarchy, as one of your respondents misses).

              How it plays out, in reality – in the surreality of masswo/men – is that rules supplant laws. Which makes rulers & the ruleds that love them outlaws…the largest outlaw gang of them all.

              The largest outlaw gang of them all’s rule number one with a bullet, or as many bullets as it takes (recall that “homeland security” “bought” 1.6 billion rounds of ammo, including lots & lots of sniper rounds – so all the heroic chris kyle types will be able to reach out touch you with the law from a 1000 yards out — in 2013) is that they have property interests in everybody, & that since the largest outlaw gang is a supermajority, their property interest in you far exceeds your own property interest in you (& your satellites, like “your” house, “your” car, “your” 401ksocialsecurityhealthcareexpialidocious…ad infinitum ∞).

              But long before the brass & copper & lead ammo armories were beefed in anticipation of the coming slaughter of the beeves-citizens the paper ammo was taken full-auto fiat by the rulers & the ruleds what love ‘em as encapsulated in the petulant child’s wail – to the sociopath’s smile — “there oughta’ be a law!”

              As the anarchy miss said, the laws fit on the back of an envelope…except that actually they fit on the back of a postage stamp: I don’t belong to you & you don’t belong to me.

              But the largest outlaw gang of them all has franking priveledges & don’t need no stinking badges, or postage stamps: in that supermajority’s “federal register” (exactly analogous to “federal reserve”) is listed every rule, regulation, dictum.

              The Competitive Enterprise Institute puts out an annual report they title “Ten Thousand Commandments.” In 2013 came the twentieth anniversary edition of the report documenting 81,883 new regulations during the two decades since the first edition. By 2019 the number was 101,380. On average a new regulation, typically including criminal or civil penalties, appeared at the rate of one every 2 hours & 9 minutes. Annual burden on “the economy” (the commoners economy, many of whom like to say, “but we owe it to ourselves!”) of all these paper bullets in 2013 was estimated at $1.8 trillion.

              The number of regulatory restrictions in the CFR (code of federal regulations) is even higher; in 2010 it was more than one million. When BO deodorized (but only his particular stench) by exiting the gang hq 6 years later another 4,000 rules had been added (covering e-cigarettes, energy efficiency, sugar in cranberry juice, etc ad nauseum ∞). In 2014 224 new laws were “enacted” by congress, but 3,554 new rules were issued – decreed – by “unelected officials.”

              CEI: “If one assumed that all costs of federal regulation & intervention flowed all the way down to households, US households would “pay” $14,976 annually on average in regulatory hidden tax. That payment amounts to 23% of the everage income of $63,784 & 29% of the expenditure budget of $51,100. The “tax” exceeds every item in the budget except housing. More is “spent” on embedded regulation than on healthcare, food, transportation, entertainment, apparel & services, & savings.”

              George Stigler: “Every industry or occupation that has enough political power to utilize the state will seek to control entry. In addition, the regulatory policy will often be so fashioned as to retard the rate of growth of new firms.”

              Bill Bonner (from whom’s new book, A Modest Theory of Civilization: Win-Win or Lose, I am borrowing some of this): That [Stigler’s] insight may be useful; it helps explain how government retards growth & concentrates wealth in the hands of those who are already wealthy. But it is not cynical enough. Industry regulation may be more than just an opportunity for private interests to use the feds for their own benefit. It is an opportunity for the feds to use industry, too…to extend their reach beyond the laws of the land…& for them both to conspire & collude against the public.”

              So there’s your DD. And all the other ponzi scam schemes of trespassers fevered dreams, too, whatever names they go by. Were you careful when you wished & is it all you hoped?

              There’s way more than one suckler born every minute, the big teats sell themselves, & that’s the perpetual motion machinery of h(erd). sapiens. Nothing cynical about that, it’s just the reality of herd surreality.

      • Democracy is the God that failed. The Founding generation understood that democracy is barely organized mob rule where majority always wins. You don’t want this even in nominal terms, never mind the dumpster fire we have now. The genius of the concept of a representative republic based on consent is that the individual, being the smallest possible minority, has a presumption of rights to say no. Whether this actually happens is obviously the fundamental flaw. But that’s not really a problem with the concept but humanity in general, you know on account of greed, envy, pride, lust, gluttony, sloth, wrath. No system requiring everyone be responsibility and humble will last forever without becoming corrupt. One person will always want to take advantage of another and if the anti-social behavior is not nipped in the bud early it metastasizes into your favorite flavor of dystopia.

        • One of them. The list is a scroll that might fit on the big package of costco tp. Mencken did up a shortened list, “Graveyard of the Gods.”

    • Hi Jim,

      Absolutely. I have written to the same effect myself, many times. But there is also practical political reality to consider, including tactical moves toward a strategic end. I submit that decentralization – as by dividing divided states – would enhance liberty,by giving liberty-minded people a place to go rather than no place to go.

      Good to have you with us, by the way!

    • Go Jim Denny, go! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJXM-ssg2Hg jeeze, will ya’ look at those get-ups?

      A vote, for a politician, is a veto of them that vote; self-abnegation – which is the better, because more accurate, name for “the swamp.” “Principled voter” is an oxymoron. Murder-suicide is not a principle.

      Even if it mattered the way the civics programmed Manchurian candidates reinforce-pet each other that it does (it doesn’t), it would still be the same veto.

      I don’t belong to you & you don’t belong to me, sang George channeling-Spooner Michael (Freedom ’90). No authority. No matter what some vetos voted. It’s that simple.

      The trumpers are mirror image bideners & smaller fractal sliver “candidates” are chips off that gangsters’ drug dealing block – all are wannabe authoritarians & BDSM devotees, albeit parliamentarian marquess of queensdingleberry’s with safe words & pills “red” & “blue” as provided by the matrix – coopted’s in the right & left talons of the singular bird of prey that calls itself the state, & that purrs ““we” all are the state” (tho the left talons are overall obviously sharper cunning-wise).

      Bird’s the word, the only word, in that monotonous vocabulary.

      Calling each of big bird’s feathers a county don’t won’t can’t gerrymander JerryMather’s beaver opera, but it will keep pumping out the cattleless beaver hats made of “citizen”-cattle hides.

      WAAITT…! We Aren’t All In This Together???

      That’s correct Beave, we ain’t, despite you can’t leave it.

      And the trick to the question is that there ain’t no such thing as “we,” which was the first bastion of scoundrels lonnnnnng before patriotism became the last.

      Maybe we’s the ennui of “I can’t find me.”

      But I know there’s a few, just a few, that aren’t interested in finding & would abandon themselves quickly if they ever stumbled upon themselves; drop dime snitch-sell turn themselves out-back into the folding, spindling & mutilating gang. “Us.” And “we.”

      Weus! is the god that never fails to fail – it was the easiest thing to do – but then just “gives itself” a bigger budget the next year.

      Atlas don’t hold it up, so shrugging’s irrelevant. Cogdis is what holds it up…& sticks it up.

  6. The takeover of the state legislature by democrats was done by vote fraud, undoubtedly. Before 2018, the democrats could bully their way into the governor’s mansion every election because their cities could always report getting 150% of the black vote, but the counties couldn’t be assaulted because democrats couldn’t fake the vote totals.

    They were able to do so in 2018 mainly with the collusion of the TV news medium and some sly rigging of poll workers. Until the democrats are resisted forcefully by the other party (which is the biggest bunch of elected cowards in history), nothing will change.

    • Wait, what happened in 1865?
      The guy who said “You can’t live freely or I’ll fuck you up pretty bad,” was shot to death. So, um… did that settle it?

      “No, because they surrendered. They quit. The signed papers and stuff.”
      Under duress.

  7. “They must be allowed to separate.
    It is the only peaceful way to relieve the tensions which are nearing the flash point.”

    We could remember that government is meant to have no power to abuse or sell;, that no people are right to lord it over anybody – not farmers hundreds of miles away or their next door neighbour, at most: yourself and your dependent children.

    We could remember that the idea is that all people are free. And freedom is easy because lack of freedom sticks out like a sore thumb.

    Let’s see if we can hash together an example.
    Are you in favour of gun control. Let’s say “a ban on ARs”? Yes. Okay, don’t own an AR. Oh, but you want somebody else to not own an AR. “Hey Bob, do you want to get rid of your AR to make Dave happy? No? Okay, keep your AR.” You have numbers that illustrate it’s pragmatic to have Bob give up his AR? Don’t care. It’s freedom, not let’s-bicker-about-the-minutae-of-your-data pragmatism.

    Which brings up a point even too many freedom minded people would like to gloss over : there is no guarantee and even every possibility that a free society will NOT optimize for the thing that bothers you the most. Will we have better health care in a free society with normal people at liberty? It’s an interesting academic exercise. There are those who say clearly we won’t, there are those who say obviously it’s the only route but the correct answer, when arguing how to organize society [sic], to the question is “don’t fucking care.”

    “Well, nobody is arguing that people should be free to …”

    You haven’t been listening.

  8. I’m thinking back to a conversation I had with a particularly noxious Democrat. As Obama was getting ready to assume office, and Texas was making empty threats of secession, I said it would be a good thing. Texas can have what Texas wants, everyone else can have what they want. He didn’t agree.

    To him it isn’t enough for his side to win, the other side MUST LOSE. It isn’t enough that he lives under laws he likes, he has to see other people living under laws they don’t like.

  9. Ah, but the Constitution is a living document and state boundaries are immutable and written in stone. Congressional district boundaries don’t count.

    • Such is the eternal cycle. You start new(ish) with high minded ideals, live well for a while before it goes sideways and have to start over.

      Not sure what we do. There’s nowhere left on Earth to physically move and be free with like minded people. You’re either wealthier than God and can build yourself into self sufficiency or you’re a nomad living very light trying to remain unnoticed on the margins.

      Any normal middle class who wants to have roots, start a business growing and developing resources or actually making stuff in factories has to claim a chunk of dirt. Blessed are the people willing to farm and manufacture, there would be no society without Atlas carrying the world.

      Where are people willing to Live and Let Live? There’s no respect or appreciation for the work of a few who actually support 8 billion people. The view that most people are useless eaters is incredibly insulting yet pretty much true.

  10. You shouldn’t worry about things you have no control over. This election was scripted to be close.
    Sub 1% vote difference in Georgia? Statisically impossible bullsh|t.
    No GOP member losing their house race and even gaining seats while Trump loses? Ridiculous

    sit back and enjoy the show, all the world is a stage, might as well grab a beer while it happens.

  11. “The parents gave you the old vista cruiser” line cracked me up.

    That’s pretty much what happened back in the day. You bought a beater, or you got the worn out station wagon when pops bought a new one.

    Hell, I don’t think I spent more than $500 on a car until I got married.

      • So would I. I bought an ’02 WV Jetta this year, but really it isn’t old enough. I want a 1960’s or 1970’s car. Lousy mileage, but overall a better machine without Congresscritters telling automakers what to do.

        • Hi Esther,

          The Jetta is a great car that ought to last you at least another ten years, which should be enough to weather the storm that’s coming. If the storm lasts much longer than that, none of this will matter much at all.

    • Hi Techie,

      My first three cars combined cost less than what I paid for my ’02 Nissan, used. This includes the ’74 Beetle I bought for $700 that I drove for three years in the early ’90s; it was still running great when I sold it for $500, too.

  12. In the Holy Roman Empire (i.e. Germany) there was a political entity called the Free City or the Imperial City. These were completely independent city states subject only to the Emperor, and not politically controlled by nor controlling of the territory surrounding the city.

    What if we had Federal Cities? Tear New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other giant urban lumps out of their respective states, and let them remain nominally in the United States but not in a state. Perhaps that can have House representatives but no senators. See, the Free Cities of the HRE had delegates at the Imperial Diet but not seats in the Electoral College.

    I read once that New York City in the early years of the republic had contemplated secession into a fully independent city state. If only they had.

    • Makes no difference- the same people who have been socially-engineered for generations still live everywhere.

      Long Island has had bouts of tinkering with the idea of secession from NY state; and the eastern end of Long Island may well form their own county and secede from Suffolk county- but it would accomplish nothing, other than changing the way the tax loot is distributed- as the same people live there who caused the current jurisdictions to become what they are (And what they are is a result of the actions of the locals, much more so than anything that NY state has ever forced upon them).

      ( -Former Long Islander)

    • It makes sense that geographically things should be divided on population size. Colorado has a political division called a home rule city. These are sufficiently large cities that are more or less independent from the State. They aren’t completely autonomous but the concept is there. Beyond that the very largest city of Denver is its own county, too. There’s other counties that surround it with their own towns and cities, but the big one is called a City and County of Denver, legally. I believe St. Louis and Los Angeles are the same way. At this point the place should be the City, County and State of Denver since a place consisting of 8,400 square miles with 3 million people pushes around a state of 5 million people and 105,000 square miles. They have the votes to dictate the lives of people who’s lives revolve around completely different experiences.

  13. Stupid suggestion to split up. You would continue to have the same problems because these communist idiots live everywhere.

    If you want a real solution you make it ONE COUNTY ONE VOTE. Each county gets one electoral college vote. This would guarantee that no small portion of the country ever overpowers large geographic areas again. The liberal party would die immediately which frankly should happen because right now 4 or 5 cities control the entire country.

    But then I woke up from this dream….

      • You make a great point.

        Still, it’s important that we give the democrats EXACTLY what they pretend to want. The vestiges of the republic is what gives them their power. If we embrace the democracy and throw out the republic (mass population representation) then these urban centers (Communist breeding grounds) will have almost no representation power.

        And why should they? One rural county produces more actual gdp and consumes less than any metropolitan area.

        • “We’ll give the libertarians what they want. Individual autonomy. No regions, no counties… One person one vote.”

          I’m not arguing against you, just wondering about the possible pitfall.

  14. Hi Eric. Education has always been the key to freedom. So here is a link to expand our understanding.
    Panarchy.org. read the excerpts of some of the authors. Maurice Brinton is a good starting point.
    America was essentially destroyed when the Union used force to ‘save the ‘union’. Richmond fell. Heirarchial government is and always will be dictatorial as a minority will always prevail. Until humanity can envision a world without heirarchy nothing will change.

    • Hi Robert,

      Indeed; exactly so. And exactly why the Communists urged government control of education. They knew what they were doing – and it’s now being done to us.

      • @Robert

        Actually it wasn’t communists. Believe it or not much of the government education system was founded by Confederate soldiers. One that comes to mind is David Campbell Kelley.

        In a destroyed South the Confederates took to bettering their situation in the years following the war. They wanted the youth to have access to education as most kids in America didn’t at the time.

        D. C. Kelley was also a founding member of Vanderbilt University, which being funded by Vanderbilt was another effort to help southern youth. Vanderbilt’s wife was a major Confederate sympathizer.

  15. This is old-fashioned thinking: geographical separation. Fifty (or fifty-two) sub-units of a unit. The division is one of values, ideology, attitude, outlook, commitment, beliefs and loyalties. What good will the independence of Poor Valley do to a Tidewater guy or gal who happens to live in Jerry Falwell country? And if progressives get their way, the separation and change in civil status (citizenship) will occur on the basis of race and gender not geography. The United States has outlived its usefulness and will, collapse anyhow. The future, when most of us are broke and off the grid and the powers that be can’t get blood from a nation of stones, will be in our own backyards.

    Loved your appearance on the Tom Woods show.

    • Spot-on, Imbro!
      Shuffle the invisible lines any way ya want, it doesn’t matter, because the same people still reside there, and be they a little more blue or a little more red, they all worship at the altar of government; and any new or reformed jurisdiction will just be fashioned after the pattern of governance specified by the layers of government above it, and the collectivist beliefs of the people who inhabit the jurisdiction.

    • All the “let’s repartition” talk leaves me with one niggling little annoyance… I don’t want to have to move to where a bunch of “link minded” jerks run things. I like these hills, I like these trees, stone walls, the beach, the corner shop. Why the heck should I have to move in order to be free. Feels unfree to me.

    • Hi Dave,

      So we should accept the status quo? We should accept the amount of fraud that is taking place during this current election? By us accepting this we dull our freedom a little more each day. They have taken our right to free speech, our right to vote, even our right to show our face, next it will be our guns. The problem with most Americans is they will willingly hand them over. I have no desire to be Europe. I refuse to accept this.

      • Government IS the status quo, if we accept that we have already lost. Unless we decentralize to the level of the individual it will continue.

      • “So we should…”
        Seems to pretty much follow from “is a waste of time.”

        If you are looking for something to cling to, look to “largely”.

        • Hi Gruhn,

          Call me blonde, but I am not following your post. Where should “largely” be referenced against? If you are insinuating that if I am going to have to abide by the election results (cheating or not), I will concur there isn’t a darn thing I can do about it. That doesn’t mean that all hope is lost and small changes cannot be made throughout the system.

    • Hi Dave,

      Of course. In principle, I support self-government, of the individual, of himself. That is the only legitimate form of government. But we are faced with ugly practical realities and – my opinion – it is necessary to fight for the good while aiming for the better.

      Orange Man is better than HPM, if the measure is not being forced to Face Diaper and bow to the Sickness Cult; if the measure is fewer foreign wars; if the measure is being force to buy health insurance; if the measure is fewer interferences in your day to day life.

      • I can definitely understand that, but the real ugly reality we have to deal with is that the rat race is over, and has been for some time. The rats won.

        It’s looking very bad for Orange Guy right now, but even if he were to somehow prevail that just gives us a relatively short respite. One thing you have to give the Left is that they never give up. They are inexorable, like cancer cells. Even when they lose they keep their eyes firmly planted on the prize waiting for their next opportunity to unleash their special brand of hell on the rest of us. Laws, rules, proper procedures? Those mean nothing if standing in the way of the agenda.

        I agree with Nunz in his assessment that it’s time to get out for anyone in a position to do so that wants to preserve a modicum of personal liberty,

        I’ve posted links to the following ditty in the past but the refrain “God bless America without any doubt – and I figured it was time to get out” rings so true today despite its having been written decades ago…


        • Hi Jason,

          I agree that getting out would be the best option… except there’s no place to go. Not that is meaningfully better or which is unlikely to get meaningfully worse, soon.

          Ergo, we stand – and perhaps, win.

          No one peacefully inclined wants a fight. But when a fight is unavoidable, let’s give them a good one.

          • Yeah, where’s that hyperdrive when you really need it? Though I think there are still some out-of-the-way places where the rats don’t have the resources to squash you down quite like they do here.

            • Exactly, Jason.
              No place is perfect, but at this point it’s a matter of do you want to resist/evade a few things of relatively low consequence, or spend one’s life not really living, but constantly doing nothing but fighting endless life-or-death battles with life-changing consequences, to the point where you’re no longer really living?

              Even if one does not want to live in a more remote place with little or no infrastructure (Which is really where one can find the most freedom), one could still live in even one of the more socialized countries, like Denmark, and still have more freedom and a much more pleasant day-to-day life than is becoming possible here, and without the constant fear of hut-hut-hut every time one ventures out (or even stays home), and without having to struggle against a bunch of brutish savages who have abandoned all semblances of civility.

              There is no reason to live like this (And it’s only going to get worse- much worse.) Any advantages we once had here are gone. The US and former Commonwealth countries have gone crazy. Nazi Germany on steroids.

              We can not fix the things that are wrong here; no one can. It can’t be fixed. Sitting on the deck of the Titanic at a 45* angle and saying “I’m not going to let some iceberg drive me into a lifeboat!” is not a plan…unless swimming with the fishies in ice-cold water seems like a reasonable alternative.

              Cool song, by-the-way!

              • Yep, Nunz, all the shouting and posturing amounts to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. This ship hit the iceberg quite some time ago, it’s going down, and nothing is going to stop it. If I were in a position to get out I would. (I know people who have, some moved to Canada, some to South or Central America.)

                Hey, glad you enjoyed Richard Fariña’s “House Un-American Blues Activity Dream” – it’s prescient! Fariña was a very interesting character. Loved his book “Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me”. It’s a tragedy that he died so young.

                • Jason, I’d never heard of Richard Fariña. I’ll have to look him up- definitely seems interesting! It’s always refreshing to find something “new” (especially when it’s old) that I was totally unaware of! Thanks.

              • Hi Nunz,

                Problem beez, my wop friend, that you cannot emigrate to Denmark or any of those countries; you are not a citizen and they don’t want you. I could go to Switzerland as I am a citizen, but the problem there is the cost of living is so high that it’s not feasible unless I want to live in a small apartment, without a car, which I don’t want to.

                You give up too easily. I’ve spent the past six months working out like Rocky getting ready for Mr. T.

                Bring it on.

                • Afternoon, Mine Freund, Eric!

                  I’m certainly not stumping for the EU- but for those who require first-world digs…. I’ve been hearing of a lot of ‘Mercans emigrating there lately…I think it can be done- but yeah, it’s not for me- or you. I like things more wild and free (and cheap!).

                  Meh….bulk-up like the Hulk (You’re an animal!) and get an AK (If ya don’t already have one)….it ain’t gonna keep the tax man from taking your stuff, or the diaper-enforcers away.

                  If I have to fight, I’d rather fight some bandito in a T-shirt weilding a .22 than some bums in full body armor and a tank who are getting thumbs-up from the neighbors for ‘keeping them safe’ from that ‘kook who is endangering the children by not diapering and spouting anti-American rhetoric, like liberty and justice.

        • The only way to “get out” effectively would be to find a place sufficiently out of the way of TPTB (like some forgotten corner of Africa or South America – not very confortable, or safe, for that matter) and fill it with enough like-minded people to build a viable society of sorts. This would be an enormous sacrifice that few, even among hardcore libertarians, would be willing to make. Their wives even less so…

          Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea, but for it to happen would require a shared vision that’s missing right now. Libertarians are great at complaining but there’s little in the way of a positive agenda to hold them together.

      • How do we fight for the good? By voting, writing letters to “officials”? If people insist on “good government” they are sure to get the government part, but not the good. The AGW’s will do whatever it takes to make sure you comply with the will of narcissist’s and psychopaths.

        • Hi Dave,

          Very true. This is a fight won by ideas – and defended, if need be, with righteous force. A man does not have an endless obligation to submit. A point comes when he has every right to defend what it is right, when wrong leaves him no peaceful alternative.

          • You are right, this battle is of ideas, the idea that people must be subject to a sovereign government must be discredited. If I believed that a government could be limited to defending individual liberty were possible I would genuinely support it, but history has proven that government cannot be limited, a sovereign government determines it own limits, no matter what a piece of paper may say. The government is like the mafia, it can’t be reformed, it must be eliminated. Joseph Sobran’s “The Reluctant Anarchist” lays it out about as well as anything I have read.

    • Mencken also said “On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron”. Pretty much describes the current situation, except that “moron” probably overstates Clueless Joe’s mental capacity.

  16. But should the People of America, once become capable of that deep simulation towards one another and towards foreign nations, which assumes the Language of Justice and moderation while it is practicing Iniquity and Extravagance; and displays in the most captivating manner the charming Pictures of Candour frankness & sincerity while it is rioting in rapine and Insolence: this Country will be the most miserable Habitation in the World. Because We have no Government armed with Power capable of contending with human Passions unbridled by morality and Religion. Avarice, Ambition, Revenge or Galantry, would break the strongest Cords of our Constitution as a Whale goes through a Net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other

    America’s second president. John Adams, 1798

  17. My vote in most elections has absolutely no meaning. For one the cook county democrats will render it meaningless if I vote for anything other than a democrat and if I vote for a democrat its still meaningless because its the same result as staying home. There are a few elections and issues where there is some meaning like the government attempting to grab more taxation power by changing the state constitution. Thankfully somehow enough people figured out it was handing dishonest corrupt illinois politicians a blank check and it was defeated.

    Presidential elections who I vote matters for nothing. People want to abolish the electoral college to hand over power to a few urban centers. But what if instead of abolishing it, it moved to a county level instead of a state level? Of course then the urban centers would cry foul. Imagine even say 15 counties together having the same say as one populous one? Or states partitioning their electoral votes on proportion to the vote within the state? That would still serve the intent of giving small states a voice but it would also give those in a state ruled by an urban center a voice. That wouldn’t be allowed either.

    • Hi Brent,

      That is a really, really good idea. Brilliant, in fact.

      If I understand correctly the electorate would go to the winner of that district. Example, VA has 13 electoral votes (based off of 11 House districts and 2 Senators). Let’s say Trump won 5 of these districts on Tuesday and Biden won the other 6. Since Biden was the majority winner he would also receive the 2 Senatorial electorates. Biden would have received a total of 8 electorates and Trump would have received 5, rather than today’s method where Biden receives all 13. This would make areas such as CA, MI, TX, much more competitive and rural America would be as important as its urban centers.

      It would keep the Electoral College in play but allow more of an advantage that a voter in a certain district would be heard and not have their area’s vote eliminated by the current winner take all.

  18. “For example, in my state – Virginia – 85 percent of the state, by geography, voted for the Orange Man but because of Northern Va and Richmond, which are hives of government workers (which means government-lovers) the state fell to the Hair Plugged Man.

    The majority of the state is controlled politically by a minority of the state. It’s the same in CA and a number of other states, too.”

    It used to be different. State governments used to draw legislative districts, especially state senate districts, by geography, which favored rural areas. The Supreme Court declared this unconstitutional in Reynolds v. Sims in 1964, ruling that state legislative boundaries must be drawn on the principle of “one man, one vote” — a phrase which appears absolutely nowhere in the Constitution.

    Critics of the decision argued that it was ridiculous for the Supreme Court to declare as unconstitutional state senate districts that were created on the same principle — geographic representation — upon which U.S. Senate was created. No matter. The Supreme Court simply invented a new legal doctrine according to its political biases, and crammed it down the throat of the nation.

    In any case, Reynolds v. Sims had the effect of empowering densely populated urban areas at the expense of low-population density rural areas.

    You can blame Earl Warren & Co. for creating a situation in which the Appalachian panhandle of Virginia is completely controlled by left-wing carpetbaggers in the D.C. suburbs.

    • Agree 100%! And a half century before the 17th Amendment forever disenfranchising the States! It’s called a revolution from within.

  19. More “states”. Yes, that’s the ticket to freedom.
    What Nietzsche Said
    “There are still peoples and herds somewhere, but not with us, my brothers: here there are states.
    The state? What is that? Well then! Now open your ears, for now I shall speak to you of the death of peoples.

    The state is the coldest of all cold monsters. Coldly it lies, too; and this lie creeps from its mouth; ‘I, the state, am the people.’

    It is a lie! It was creators who created peoples and hung a faith and a love over them: thus they served life.

    It is destroyers who set snares for many and call it the state: they hang a sword and a hundred desires over them.

    Where a people still exists, there the people do not understand the state and hate it as the evil eye and sin against custom and law.

    I offer you this sign: every people speaks its own language of good and evil: its neighbor does not understand this language. It invented this language for itself in custom and law.

    But the state lies in all languages of good and evil; and whatever it says, it lies – and whatever it has, it has stolen.

    Everything about it is false; it bites with stolen teeth. Even its belly is false.

    Confusion of the language of good and evil; I offer you this sign of the state. Truly, this sign indicates the will to death! Truly, it beckons to the preachers of death!

    Many too many are born: the state was invented for the superfluous!

    Just see how it lures them, the many-too-many! How it devours them, and chews them, and re-chews them!

    …It would like to range heroes and honorable men about it, this new idol! It likes to sun itself in the sunshine of good consciences – this cold monster!

    It will give you everything if you worship it, this new idol: thus it buys for itself the luster of your virtues and the glance of your proud eyes.

    It wants to use you to lure the many-too-many. Yes, a cunning device of Hell has here been devised, a horse of death jingling with the trappings of divine honors!

    Yes, a death for many has here been devised that glorifies itself as life: truly a heart-felt service to all preachers of death!

    I call it the state where everyone, good and bad, is a poison-drinker: the state where everyone, good and bad, loses himself: the state where universal slow suicide is called – life.”

    • Wow!
      Never had the chance to read Nietzsche. Quite powerful and true observations on human nature and society.
      Eric’s suggesting solutions.
      Keeping in mind the nature of humans and human society, I think that Eric’s suggestions are about as good as we can get. Until the next crisis.
      Things are changing, and we’re in the middle of the change.
      Buckle up for safety!

      • Hi Kent,

        I think decentralization is almost always good – and having options always good. The big option being that of being able to freely move from an area – or state – that is more authoritarian to one less so. Breaking up some of the big states would accomplish just that.

  20. Eric, you hit the real problem with a glancing blow when you said the areas that are centers of government are running the show. I forget who said it but, we can have a Republic until people realize they can vote themselves largesse.

    The real problem is the number of people EMPLOYED BY government that is the problem. In most areas the largest employers are government itself, the schools, the county, the large city, the government owned hospital, etc. These leeches are the problem…along with their families. How many people, right now, reading this have a close relative that is a teacher? My son-in-law is employed by the govt. schools, although our daughter homeschools. He knows that he’s employed there only to get the bennies which are non-monetary. What he does, HVAC, puts him in the position that he can go back to the private sector after a few years. Most, however, look for the long gravy train that is GovCo employment.

    I know it won’t happen but, anyone who receives a government check should not be allowed to vote.

    • Yup. People who should have the say are people generating wealth, e.g. tax payers not getting a paycheck from the government.

      And not lawyers. Their whole industry is based on a proliferation of laws so why on Earth would they ever want to see fewer?

      I think that’s why the GOP is such a milquetoast opposition. They may get the idealogical difference but where rubber meets the road they live just as large on the IRS and U.S. Code trough, too.


    I think Eric is SPOT ON ABSOLUTELY RIGHT — divide up the states, my take on it is that we should divide up the states into regions the size of 3 or 4 counties. Don’t divide up the country though, keep the country, but just divide up the states. So, the region that Eric lives in (and most of VA as well) will have supermajority votes for all the good/normal things that he wants. And the DC area regions will have supermajority votes for the evil rubbish that they want. But that evil rubbish will be a minority, like it should be, because that’s what it truly is, because the supermajority of Americans want good/normal things. And the evil rubbish regions won’t actually like their evil rubbish because they’re only voting for that in order to inflict it on everyone else (on OTHERS), since they’re dirtbags, so in reality they don’t really want that rubbish for themselves, so over time, even the dirtbags won’t vote for the evil rubbish anymore!!! But in the worst case scenario, even if on a nationwide scale the people were divided half & half over good versus evil… at least the good people will win everything in their local regions, so that serves as a check&balance against the national-level govt.

    And, another benefit of the people winning in their local regions is that it’ll cause, over time, for people of like-mindedness to all move so that they live near each other, so it will strengthen the value-system of the people that live in every region. Birds of a feather will flock together. So the supermajority in every region will become larger and larger… instead of just 70%, it’ll become 75%, then over time it’ll become 90+%. That’s exactly what we all want. So this is a great idea.

    BTW, for nationwide elections, the electoral college is not a solution — since it’s a national election, it’s nationwide, so dividing up the nation into ~one vote per state doesn’t make sense. But dividing up the states (getting rid of the states entirely) is a great idea.

    Bottom line — states are TOO BIG, they don’t have any real purpose anymore (if they ever even did). Everything that is too big for the new regions (3 or 4 counties in size) should be nation-based / nationwide. And everything else should be region-based.

    Also, there’s another problem: we need our elections to use “supermajority rule” too, because 50%+1 makes it too easy for the criminals to fraud, plus even if it were true, it’s not fair anyways. The only fair win percentage would be something closer to 75%.

    • Several States competing was the Founders’ intention. The failure was an inability to understand just how urbanized the country would become and how unbalanced the power would be. The system might have still worked if they hadn’t distorted the interstate clause to essentially justify everything the FedGov does and we had sound money instead of handing over the Treasury to the Federal Reserve.

      • Yes, the founding fathers/mothers probably didn’t think about how large the population would become… we literally can’t fit in a town hall building anymore, so how are we going to have a voice or be able to communicate with our fellow townspeople? They had representatives back then because people couldn’t travel far on horse, and there were no telephones (or internet), so that’s how the large country & it’s states worked together, plus the representatives were probably controlled by the people since the people were able to communicate with each other (town halls, etc). But nowadays we have phones, cars, and internet. So we people don’t need representatives anymore, yet, we still don’t have any kind of communication system to manage our towns/counties/etc. It’s 2020, yet our government system in America is still operating as if it’s 1720 — our country’s system is stuck in the stoneage!

  22. I’m rather fortunate here in Kentucky. In the big show the other day, Republicans picked up a couple of seats in the state senate and a bunch in the house (10+, I believe, when the counting is done). They already had a super-majority, and are expanding it. They have legislation already written to clip the wings of the narrowly-elected Dem governor, and plan to pass it on day one of the session in January. And with super-majorities, there’s no veto they can’t override (we’re talking about 70%+ in each house). January can’t come soon enough.

    • Jim, every time I read one of your posts, it reinforces my belief that moving to Kentucky was one of the best three decisions I’ve ever made! (The other two being: Dropping out of high-skool, and taking up the study of the Bible).

      I was saddened when Bevin lost to Beshear….but as you say, hopefully the resultant damage will be limited.

    • Note to self, consider KY as a place to move to, after the demons shut our power off in OR and bankrupt all businesses for the sake of “carbon” and “climate” and … here’s a good one for ya … “resiliency” — yes our supreme dictator used that word. But our empty schools have 500 million dollars ready to be renovated… we just passed a tax bill for that ~last year, I wonder where that money went. Noone ever knows where all the money goes — no budget given to the public, no audits. All secrets behind closed doors.

      Govt and their media outlets — ALL LIES ALL THE TIME.

  23. The Treaty of Versailles set the boundaries of the world, the United States followed. The size of the House of Representatives is stuck at the same number as was the case when the population was one third of today.

    The world reached perfection in 1935. Any changes are catastrophic for the ruling class.

    Could I, if I so desired, buy land along the Mason-Dixon Line that is currently called Maryland, more property in Pennsylvania and then combine the two into a state of my choosing? What if I acquired all the property along the Mason-Dixon Line? Could I move the Pennsylvania border south? Why not?

  24. So isn’t part of the problem that the executive branch at all levels has been extended entirely too much power, and asserts even more? Powers it doesn’t have and shouldn’t have? Maybe start there.

  25. So many states are stuck (or getting stuck) in this position. New York has been the longest running. The city has impoverished upstate with it’s urban “economic” and political oriented policies for over a half century. It is so bad it even keeps Buffalo from ever recovering from being no longer in an relevant location (since canals and railroads don’t matter like they once did). California and Illinois aren’t far behind now, with downstate and inland being trashed by bad policy.

    I have friends that grew up in inland California and upstate New York. None of them live there anymore, nor do they plan on ever going back. I myself have left Illinois.

    Other states like Washington State, Oregon, Florida, Colorado, Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut and Virginia are really starting to feel the bad effects of bad urban politicians.

    Other states are starting with these effects like Arizona and Texas.

    Seems the only states that will probably be able to hold that off are ones without cities of 200k+ or so. So mostly western states and a few southern.

    The thing is, most Americans, if they have an actual choice, would pick a more rural or smaller metro area. But since most people need to have a job, they often end up where they are to do that job. Which are often those large urban areas, since it can be very hard to find decent employment in many rural areas. I think it’s no accident this is happening. The politicians want to clear out the rural and smaller metro regions for easier control.

    I think many were hoping the advent of the internet would make it easier to live where you want and still be able to make a living. That doesn’t seem to be happening for the most part. Eric is a good example of that, just holding on.

    The breaking point will have to come. It’s just when?

    • I believe it has already begun. The workforce that isn’t dependent on location isn’t going to come back to the office. Oh, they might want to, but the savings in real estate alone make it worth getting your workers into the spare bedroom. When you consider the cost of heating and cooling, electricity, communications, coffee services, cleaning, and taxes it becomes a no-brainer. If you only need to go to the office a few times a year why not move to the ‘burbs? After all, Amazon prime delivers there too.

  26. “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

    In the flowery prose of 18th century Virginia, Jefferson is saying the same thing.

    All people have a right to break political bonds that tie them, when those bonds no longer serve their purpose or the rights of people.

    Common decency requires a concise explanation why.

  27. Seeing that map reminds me of California, and how they need to split off. Let Old Cali Socialist Republik be the coastal cities ruined by the “elite” and stupid and let the red half become Jefferson or the NCR

    Its about time we added new states, and as you said, South Virgina v North and OCSR vs NCR

    • Yes, but it won’t stay that way. The swamp will move further in the suburbs (hell they are already there) and start trickling into the rural areas. When DC was set ablaze in June and July you saw a mass exodus from the District and NOVA. They moved farther west into Aldie, Haymarket, Warrenton, Boyce, and the Northern Neck. Look at Cali they are leaving in droves heading to Idaho, Texas, and Arizona. The Northern East Coast is heading South into NC, GA, and Florida. No amount of new states is going to stop people from picking up and leaving when they feel they need to.

      Twenty five percent of us on this forum are eying South Dakota. Does anyone think the people in SD want us there? Hell no, they don’t.

      As the cities continue to self destruct mass migration will continue to into the red areas of the country. That is a fact. The only way to change it is education. We may be able to swing a few to a different outlook on life, but for many they aren’t going to change. They are still going to want the large businesses, the infrastructure, the welfare programs, gun control, etc. That brings back the exact same problems that they tried to escape from…crime, traffic, unrest, high taxes.

      I can only come up with one logical conclusion….small deserted island.

      • Demographics are playing a big role in this as well. Boomer retirees leave the blue metro areas/suburbs and move to less expensive rural and coastal areas with gov pensions or stawks in retirement accounts. They do not interact economically with their new communities except as consumers and… voters. They vote exactly like they did where they came from for exactly the things you mentioned. In 2020, the Wuflu “remote” workers are exacerbating this trend as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if NC is majority blue in 4 years.

        • Hatterasman,

          I agree with you 100%. With tech start ups building around Raleigh and Charlotte college students and young families are relocating there for jobs. These young’uns usually vote one way and it ain’t red.

          NC will be very similar to VA.

  28. Illinois is fairly conservative overall but chicago aint. Illinois is always the blue canker sore on an election map because chicago is the only one who decides. Cutting out these urban cancers and letting the rest of the state go its own way is the only solution.

    • Its always the damn cities

      NY state for example is pretty red, its just the Rotten Apple and the other dumps that ruin turn it blue

      That’s another split right there; NY State and “Empire” City

        • Hi John,

          It’s not just the welfare losers/government “workers.” It’s also the pathetic hypochondriacs who live in dread of a sickness that doesn’t kill 99.6 percent of the population. These fags – I use the term in the South Park sense – are the same ones who flash their headlights at you and honk their horn when you pass them because they are doing 47 in a 55.

  29. If I recall correctly, which becomes more and more difficult with my advanced years, one of the Rothchilds proclaimed something to the effect of “give me control of the money and I care not who writes the laws”. Not entirely true, since who writes the laws at least has an opportunity to decide who controls the money, whether they do or not. Every single one of the Psychopaths In Charge are bought and paid for by the bank cartel, and not just in the US. They are our true enemy, and the biggest player in the COVID psyop. They could so easily be disposed of with sound money. Which is a thing we will eventually get, though after much hardship. All fiat money debt based economies fail. ALWAYS! Sound money only fails after its converted to fiat.

    • “Give me control of who counts the votes, and I care not who casts the votes.”

      Last ditch: ‘Ric Grenell, the former acting Director of National Intelligence, is slated to hold a Thursday morning press conference in Las Vegas to announce the Trump campaign is filing a lawsuit that seeks to count every “legal” vote. The Trump campaign is alleging that at least 10,000 people voted in the state, despite no longer living there.’ (source: Fox News)

      Trump understands that once the media crowns Biden president about two hours from now, following Nevada’s vote count update, it becomes impossible to counter the public perception that it’s all over, even if fraud is documented. Facebook and Google will intervene to make it so.

      The Silver State is where the deal goes down. Remember, remember, the fifth of November.

  30. People do vote with their feet and it is a good thing. Fleeing the eastern seaboard will eventually become a necessity, imo.

    There is an exodus going on right now, cities are being abandoned, people vote with their feet now.

    South Dakota is a good choice. If you have never seen Spearfish Canyon, you’re in for a treat. Sights not soon to be forgotten.

    President Coolidge spent time in the Black Hills to get away from Warshington during the hot month of August.

    • The flight from IL, CA and NY have (or soon will will) destroy Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Texas. My state of Colorado was overtaken 6 or 8 years ago and there’s zero hope of it rebounding back to the old libertarian-conservative weirdness (essentially the Colorado I grew up in was hippies who owned guns). It was more self sufficient live-and-let-live. It’s now quickly destroying itself from the inside with the vermin fleeing Denver/Boulder ruining the smaller cities and towns like Ft. Collins/Loveland, Greeley and Grand Junction, which are now barely more than Denver North and Denver West. Colorado Springs (El Paso county) is the only real solid clustering of hold-outs left. The rest of the Republicans are pockets that deal with ultra-liberal tumors like Vail, Aspen, Steamboat Springs, Telluride in their backyards.

      • I watch Colorado history programs on YT. At the beginning of the 20th century all 64 counties in Colorado had Ku Klux Klan chapters, they would have parades on main streets of county seats, all on film.

        Times change. Been to Colorado several times now, have relatives there. If it weren’t for the numerous reservoirs along the front range, the population would not be 5.39 million.

        A nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

        My hometown has increased in population by about 18,000 since 1980 or so. Many out-of-state people moving to the place. To them, it’s a garden. For me, it is now a lost cause, what once was is no longer there. Found a rural property and moved to it.

        Too old to move to any place anymore and I am content where I am.

        • The question of water is key to the West. But so is proximity to suddenly starving hordes or the oligarchy. Suffice to say I have settled where I have settled because the town is first users on a plenty sufficient dedicated source of water nominally (a western slope town NOT using the Colorado River, although we do have junior rights to some of it). Should things collapse we’re sitting on a hundred times more water than we need in the real world where it’s first come, first serve. Then we have 250 miles between us and any major urban area. So geographically it’s about as far from the U.S. as you can be without being party to it’s nonsense in the Lower 48 and unlike Alaska we have a very long growing season. There’s a mountain range not far from me in Utah where the U.S. government didn’t even get to until there were helicopters and Jeeps available to do it. It’s just too remote and impossible to achieve without them, well unless you’re Mormon or indigenous. For the hordes to make it on foot from Denver would literally be Biblical. That’s the key, though, SLC, Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas and all of SoCal can’t exist without heavy doses of modern civilization while the small towns mostly could. The one concern I have right now is our governor is pushing hard to shut down the coal generating stations in Craig and Hayden and the coal mines that support them. With those the western slope would have no trouble completely ignoring (e.g. seceding from) the rest of Colorado. That’s the 51st State Initiative, which has had fits and starts the past decade or so. But, of course, the spineless state GOP not only did not support it but actively took its knees out. Two heads of the same statist snake.

      • Colorado got noticed. When I went to school here in the 1980s the only thing I thought I knew about Denver was that people cross country skied to work. When I moved back in the 00s it was already changed but the mountains were still pretty sparse and the old timers were quick to educate me. Then we saw the explosion in extreme backcountry activities documented on the internet and “top this” GoPro videos, and that killed the state I love. There’s no respect for the land, property or the weather. Search and rescue stories are in the papers all the time now, bear attacks are common. Now they’re going to bring in wolves, so better keep an eye on the chickens. It’s not your fault you got killed by pushing yourself beyond your capabilities, it’s because the trail isn’t safe.

        Got news for you, the trail is the trail, it’s been there for 10,000 years. You either adapt to it, or you become a statistic.

        • The wolves are already here. I don’t see them as a binary good or bad. They are part of the ecosystem and we know from Yellowstone that having them can benefit wildlife at some expense naturally to livestock.

          So it depends on what the goals are. The ranchers see even one lost head as all bad. It’s true there’s a cost. But it’s a larger picture question. In a systemic collapse I’d prefer the wild herds survive on their own since I suspect most of the dazzling urbanites in Denver can’t hunt. It’s the mirrored argument against masks. “If it saves one life!” Yes, of course one life is tragic to a small number of people. But if the one saved life cost two or a dozen then the calculation was unbalanced.

          Anyway, I’ve lost more chickens to raccoons than I have ever to wild predators. And raccoons kill them just to kill them. I lost half my flock in one swoop once, just left with several headless carcasses. I can deal with a wolf or fox who takes one for food. The one they take is probably the old one destined for the fryer anyway.

          • There’s a pretty big difference between wolves expanding their territory and purposefully breeding then releasing wolves into the ecosystem.

  31. The graphic you used of the red and blue counties in Virginia to bolster your statement that 85% of the state geographically voted for Trump is very persuasive. As tyrannical and unaccountable as local governments can be, at least it is easier to vote with your feet. The more centralization of government that you have the more powerless you are to do anything about it.

  32. Northam ran against Ed Gillespie, who was a moderate from NOVA. Cuccinelli ran against Terry McAuliffe, a Clinton hack. The one thing I do give VA kudos on is that a governor cannot run a consecutive term. It saves us from having a Newsome or Cuomo that won’t ever get rid of.

      • I think it was the closest the governorship race VA had been in awhile (47/45). The Republican Party was surprised Cuccinelli did so well and he really did not get a lot of support from them. After the 2013 election, that was the chance for the Republican Party to really put money into the state for voter outreach, but they didn’t and since then it has cost them the governorship, the state Senate, and the House of Delegates.

        There was a Libertarian, Robert Sarvis who generated around 6-7% of the vote, which is pretty high for a third party. I was upset he was excluded from the debates. I believe he would have done a lot better if he had access to spar with the other nominees, but many of the newspapers including my local paper covered him, which helped his turnout.

        I wish the media would provide third party candidates a platform. For some reason, Europe does this so much better than us. Many European countries have 4, 5, 6 different political parties. I never understood why that never caught on in the States.

        • RG,

          The GOP would do better in VA if they actually RAN candidates in all the races! They blew off 39 races in the VA state legislature this last time. They gave away 29 races in the House of Delegates, while forfeiting 9 seats in the VA Senate. As the old lottery commercial says, you have to be IN it to win it.

          As I stated elsewhere, even if 1/4 of those races were flipped, the GOP would control both houses of the VA legislature, so they would thus be in a position to put the brakes on Gov. Coonman’s loony leftism. We’re only talking about 9 seats! Methinks that the VA GOP has, shall we say, an “understanding” with the VA Dem party?

          • I agree with you that an “understanding” was made. There are several House districts where a Republican was the sole person on the ballot. I am sure more than a few gathered in a back room making deals. “If you don’t put a Dem on the ballot in District 1, we won’t have a Republican run against you in District 14.” Some people wonder why others don’t vote or participate in the process. I have always participated, but I do question if it is really worth it or anything will really change. I can sympathize for those that don’t want to bother.

            • RG,

              I can echo everything you said. I was so DISGUSTED with the process that I stopped voting after 2004. I only registered to vote again when Trump ran in 2016. If the GOPe had had its way and ran Jeb! against Hillary, I wouldn’t have done that. So yeah, I get why people don’t participate in the process…

              • The current election fraud taking place in the Presidential race isn’t helping my outlook. A vote really doesn’t matter.

                If the Republicans don’t fight this tooth and nail and instead stand by and accept the results I will never a vote in another Presidential election again, unless serious reform takes place.

                I am going to put my money where my mouth is though. It is obvious that the LP needs some serious direction. I am pretty good at organizing so I may contact them and see what I can do at a grassroots level.

                • Hi RG,

                  I am in complete agreement. If the GOP submits, we will know that we live in an outright banana republic; the one upside being that millions of people will no longer accept the government as legitimate. And that will make it very hard for the government to get people to go along, without using brutal methods – and that might just trigger the tree watering so necessary at this junction in history.

                  • Eric – not sure if you’re aware but politicians do quite well in banana republics…. the faster the west moves to that, the better for them, GOP or the others, its fairly irrelevant.

                    And like you say – people may not want to go along – but everything since 9/11 has been basically putting up a net to make sure people cant get away and have to comply…. (sorry maybe am having a very negative day today – sure someone out there sees more hope!!

                    • Hi Nasir!

                      No…you’re not being negative- just realistic. Your assessment is spot-on.

                      Sugar-coating things with false hope only makes things worse, as it prevents people from pursuing alternatives, and to just wait and accept the inevitable.

                      One smells smoke and ignores it; Then they hear an alarm, and ignore it. Now we’re seeing flames. The diligent will start making a plan when they see the smoke.

                      We have had a lomng time as we’ve seen the fire growing. Our time has just about run out.

                      The guy who yells “fire” is not a pessimist- he is a realist, who will live, and may save others.

                      America has been on fire for a long time, and it just elected a can of gasoline.

                • Hi RG – what makes you think the republican party will want to challenge this? They never liked The Orange Man anyways – and clearly he didnt get along with most of them. Furthermore, most of the bush era republicans who took the back seat the last 4 years are supporting Biden from what I read (Harris confirmed this in the VP debates – and said it as a good thing).

                  This 2 party system is a front to make us plebs think we have a choice or this matters. At the top they are all buddies anyways. And even if they weren’t, its in their interest to make this facade look real to the people… hence if you game it out from their perspective, apart from the Orange man and those around him (who are really outsiders and misfits anyways) – its not in their interest to challenge any fraud…. Then it gets back to how much one man can do…. Unfortunately I see little hope now for OM.

                  • Hi Nasir,

                    If the Republican Party doesn’t back Trump then they are finished. They will never win an election here on out.

                    I am familiar with the Lincoln Project (RINOs and husbands of Kellyanne Conway). Unbeknownst to them, they created their own demise and have not realized it. The blue collar workers will not stand behind the GOP and they definitely will not accept the treason of the Lincoln Project.

                    I will wait for the results and let this process go through the courts. If the courts accept the fraud taking place then the LP (Libertarian Party, not the Lincoln Project) gets my full unvarnished attention.

                    I have some pretty good ideas on dealing with Social Security and Medicare, privately run (completely voluntarily) HSAs, Brent’s idea on a change to the Electoral College was outstanding and he deserves full credit on that.

                    The LP is the only party I see that actually could bring the country back back from despair by taking unhappy former Elephants, Donkeys, and those that feel disenfranchised with the current system.

                    We start with the colleges and getting young kids to realize there is something more out there then socialism and government control.

                    I am in the midst of typing a letter to the LP now, which I will get out to them next week. We will see if someone local will be willing to meet with me or if I even get a response back.

                    Got to get the ball rolling somehow.

                    • I dont know RG. Best of luck with your endeavours – but third parties dont seem to do too well in the kind of election systems where its winner takes all. And the US presidential election is even more challenging for a third party than the British parliamentary system. Combine that with the fact that the money required to fight elections in America – LP seems like an impossible venture.

                      Re the end of the republicans – I wouldn’t hold my breath. They keep saying that about the conservative party here in the UK, (who today are more left wing than the democrats to put in perspective). But the party survives. Because at the next election the Labour party goes so batshit crazy (we had comrade corbyn the last election) that people who have even a couple braincells left go and vote for the conservatives out of desperation.

                      The best a third party can do in the UK system is be more of a pressure group and force the conservative party to at least act somewhat sensible out of fear of loosing some constituencies – and thats what Farage and his numbers parties over the years have done…. But thats minimal, only for the time a real personality like Farage is at it, and the minute he steps out the politicians go back to normal. And in the US presidential elections I think the ability to even pressure will be even less.

                    • Hi Nasir,

                      I am not even dreaming that big. For the LP to waste time on a federal, or even state level, will have the same effect that it has had over the last 50 years – their asses handed to them. I am thinking purely local. One has to crawl before they can walk.

                      And you may be right, the attempt may be infertile, with nothing to show for it, but I have to do something, anything, at this point. Some people can sit on their hands and wait, I can’t. I will be the first to admit it, I am a bit of an A type personality. 😉

                      Currently, in the US we still have 34 House races that haven’t been called and the Senate has not been confirmed to hold the majority. I wouldn’t be surprised if they find 300K ballots for Cal Cunningham hidden in some back yard in Charlotte. I’m sure they are out searching for them now, as we speak.

        • Hi RG. Third parties don’t catch on in the US because the rules are made by the Repub/Dem duopoly and enforced by money, as well as propaganda supplied with the connivance of the media.
          One of the most stifling rules concerns ballot access. The expense of getting enough signatures to qualify for the ballot is so great that third parties are left with comparatively little money for publicity efforts. Compounding those money woes is the fact that major contributors to political campaigns expect something in return when their candidate reaches office. Since they know that a third party candidate has little chance of being elected, they throw their money to the duopoly.
          Then there is the propaganda. I can’t count the times I’ve heard that if you vote for someone who has no chance of being elected, you’re wasting your vote. I believe it’s quite the opposite: if I believe that the Constitution Party has the best platform and candidate, then voting for the duopoly is a waste of my political voice. How can it not be, when I’m voting for something I don’t believe in just so I can be counted among those who support something I don’t believe in? It’s not as though a vote is the same as a bet on a horse race.
          The media contribute to this mess by ignoring or denigrating third party candidates.
          At the level of the presidential election, I should add one more pernicious influence: the Commission on Presidential Debates. They are in charge of who gets into the debate, and they work tirelessly to keep any third party candidates out. This eliminates the hassle of the Dems and Repubs having to face any opposing viewpoints. You know, so we cretins can make up our minds which of two slugs to vote for without having to think.

          • Hi Mike,

            I agree wholeheartedly with your statement, which is why I believe it is a waste of time for the LP to run in a state or federal election. A local election,yes, I am all for. If they want to succeed this will be the only way they will be able to. Start changing local politics, get the recognition of the party’s name out there, announce policies that people can get behind and believe in, and then if elected stand by your platform and beliefs. If the party can grow at the local level then the party may be able to look at a few state district elections further up the road, but like anything it takes time and nothing happens overnight.

  33. Today around noon eastern time, Nevada will update its vote count. At that point, several news media will declare Dementia Joe the winner with 270 electoral votes. If Trump proceeds to carry Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, the final electoral count will be a knife-edged 270-268.

    Had Trump won by the same skinny margin, coastal blue states would be seriously considering secession. We would have been deliciously entertained hearing them explain why secession is okay for them, but was not okay for the Confederacy.

    Of course, the socialist claim would be that blue states must secede to resist racism, whereas the Confederacy seceded to protect slavery. But elemental economic policy issues also divided South and North, in the same way that today’s tech-driven west coast cities have nothing in common, economically or politically, with their interior agricultural regions east of the coastal mountains.

    Fundamentally, Lincoln’s bloody-minded insistence that the Union is a club which states can join, but never leave, is monstrous. It amounts to collective political enslavement.

    Democracy is meaningless, if discontented citizens can’t vote for the ultimate sanction of peaceful secession, followed by civil settlement of outstanding claims.

    Both this year’s electoral college vote and the composition of the Senate exhibit perfect partisan impasse. Even the House moved closer to partisan standoff. Nothing was resolved by this election; NOTHING. It was more like cocking the trigger.

    The ultimate irony — yet an easily imaginable one — is that blue states STILL decide to secede. Finding the Republican-majority Senate an implacable barrier to their court-packing and IC-engine-banning and 52-state expansion plans, good green liberals may have no ethical alternative but to bid us gun-toting, truck-drivin’ deplorables ‘sayonara.’

    • If the electoral college were abolished, all the talk about who voted for who would be moot. All the votes would be counted in one huge pool, and all of them would have the same weight. It’s called democracy.

      • Yup, I agree, for nationwide elections, the popular vote is fair. It’s always fair. The problem is that the states are too big for state elections.

        • No, popular vote is only good at the local level. Should go back to senators chosen by the state governors or legislators, after they are elected. That would put more control locally. If I’m paying 40-50% income tax ( all types ) I’d rather more of it go my state than to the Feds to send back to the states. Between senators being elected by popular vote and the federal income tax–it was done.

        • Gang rape is democracy in action. To my knowledge, there is no Constitutional requirement of any popular vote for POTUS at all. The State legislatures can use whatever means they please to select electors, including chicken entrails or astrology. This is not a democracy.

  34. Does anyone remember the media spouting off about the “loyal opposition” B.S. back in the 90s? Loyal to freedom hating socialists? The Founders of the USA did not regard themselves as “loyal opposition” did they?

  35. Hi Eric,

    While I agree with you in theory that all constituents should be represented and attain the government that works for them, we need to recognize (and possibly accept) the fact that the country is moving too far left too quick.

    When the newly appointed Dem Senate and House of Delegates began passing gun reform bills earlier this year I was one of those people hoping WV would be willing to accept some of us western VA counties that bordered the state line.

    Even in NOVA were to separate (I would consider anything north of Fauquier County) to be the new line it would only be a matter of time before the blue wave would creep even further into the state. Too many people from NOVA are infiltrating the rest of the counties. Even my little town, which is still red, is not as red as it once was. People are moving here from Vienna, Fairfax City, Manassas….the problem is they bring their voting records with them. I have no doubt in the next decade my town will be as blue and it makes me ill.

    The country is moving toward the left. Once reliably red states such as TX, AZ, NC, GA are now trending purple. They soon will be another VA or CA. The indoctrination of the public schools and colleges, the lack of knowledge of politics and history, increased immigration, and just general all around laziness of individuals, is what will do America in. There aren’t enough libertarians, conservatives, and Constitutionalists to offset the effect.

    This recent election made me realize that. Even when Joe and Kamala were threatening to shutdown the energy sector if they won the Presidency people in these states voted them in! Seriously PA shouldn’t even be close, NC, WI, MI shouldn’t be close. I don’t understand it. When you are so stupid that you will vote for someone who is willingly to take your job away, you can’t be saved.

    • PA, WI, MI, NC, GA weren’t close; it’s obvious that Trump was going to win with 300+ electoral votes about 22:00 hours on Election Day. This is when the Democrats in charge of the major population centers in those states stop tallying the votes. You see, they knew they were beat and needed time to start creating all the fake ballots to make up the difference. Surprise! About 4am, a extra million or so Biden ballots managed to be found in those states at a ratio of 9:1.

      In addition, just look at all the reports taking place of poll workers wearing BLM or Biden hats, shirts etc. (Which isn’t allowed.) The video’s of them kicking out GOP Election Monitors and so forth while the crowd cheered. Go to project Veritas and watch their undercover videos.

      Every time someone, including the President himself tries to post on social media what’s taking place, they get censored and or have their accounts suspended or deleted. Read that again: The President of the United States Twitter account is being censored in real time.

      The fix is plainly obvious. The fraud is taking place as I type this.

      Meanwhile, Trump thinks he can use the corrupt Judicial System to get accountability. If the (corrupt) DOJ won’t stop the censorship taking place, somehow the (Obama Era) Judges will rule for him? Think again!

      Until the Right as a whole decides to put down the potato chip bag(s) and get off the f’ing couch to counter the Communist coup taking place, RTFN, they will continue to lose until all is lost. That’s how important this election is, or shall I say was.

      By inaction, everyone on the right (and the useful idiots on the left for that matter) is going to get what they deserve.

      As for me?

      Unless a miracle happens before inauguration day of the Communist Party’s President Biden, I’m leaving. I won’t tell you how, why, or where, but I’ll watch this debacle from a safe distance rather than in the new concentration camps (probably called COVID isolation centers) coming next year.

      Don’t believe me? (e.g. never picked up a history book before?)

      Just keep watching.

      • Maybe if the Donald had actually done a little Swamp-cleaning at some point during his four-year tenure…if he would have “locked her up” [The only thing he locked-up was this country’s bankruptcy, by signing CARES], if he would have let heads roll from the Jeffrey Epstein thing….if he would have taken action against those who are funding and fomenting the riots…maybe the corruption could have been kept in check.

        But instead, what does he do? He goes after Julian Assange- the real enemy of the Swamp.

        • Zero argument from me on all points.

          To take a guess, I *hope* upon starting his first term he discovered the depth of corrupt so bad, he felt the need to wait until a 2nd term to take meaningful action. A weak argument yes, but it’s all I got.

          In the very “Big Picture,” All of them at the 0.01% level are Deep State. This fight is just about who gets to have direct control of the reins of power. This means, right now and like it or not, Trump is the man we need to back up.

        • Yes Trumps treatment of Julian Assange – the fact he didnt end ANY wars – and his support of the genocide in Yemen and the brutality against the palestinians. No way I could support him this year. No money. No vote. But the Assange torture really gets at me. He should be fucking ashamed of himself.

        • With any luck, if we’re unfortunate enough to have to endure a Biden presidency (threw up in my mouth writing that), perhaps Trump will do the honorable thing in his last days – pardon both Assange and Snowden. If for no other reason, to stick up a big middle finger at the Deep State.

      • It’s all about the money. The Marxist don’t care if you leave, as long as your wealth stays. You may physically escape to another country, but try getting your money out. The taxman cometh.

        • @Griff

          Oh, I’d take a financial hit to be sure in order to “move” so fast, but what I’d have left will be free and clear. Better *that* than a not so nice room in the “Camp Covid Concentration Center” coming to a town near you. (Translation: people who won’t go along with their plans.)

          Then start over. (Being a newly freed ex-pat.)

          There are ways.

          I apologize that I won’t share them. Frankly, I don’t want the competition during such a stressful event. Rather hope the situation doesn’t get this far. Still some time before major decisions and actions would have to be taken, so I’m just closely monitoring the sit-rep for now.

          • SW,

            I am not being facetious when I ask this, it is strictly general curiosity. I wanted to state that upfront since reading ones writings can be misinterpreted in tone and I did not want to come off that way.

            When and how do you believe these camps will be setup? How will they round these individuals up? Which individuals do you believe they will go after? What do you think will be the end game?

            I don’t dispute that they are coming, but who the ultimate controller will be.

            • Jon Rappoport discussed it the other day. The guise is basically using fraudulent COVID criteria and testing. You’d be so-called high risk for being infected (and most Americans are in terrible physical shape already) or just labeled as highly infectious from a PCR test that with enough amplification can show viruses and bacteria exist anywhere, anytime.


              If you read the CDC web page and its references they even acknowledge that these camps won’t necessarily need to be concentration camps per say because the social pressure is presumed to be enough. We know this is true just from face diapering that you don’t even really need jackboots and dogs for the masses to fall into line. Most people are going to be willing to put themselves on the COVID cattle cars.

              • @Raider Girl

                Exactly what Anon presented to you about the Coronahoax, plus what has been written about Agenda 21, and more recently, Agenda 2030 by the World Economic Forum and UN. Investigate the terms. I suggest using the “Epic Search” engine (epicsearch.in) over Google or DuckDuckGo. The ladder are compromised using certain terms.

                These people are playing for keeps. They are not our friends. Quite frankly, they consider us all “useless eaters” and want us all dead. They’ll use any means possible.

              • That’s good to know. If it is based on fear mongering and following the crowd, I should be pretty safe. I avoid those at all costs.

                If they are rounding persons up and throwing them in the back of a white van because they aren’t wearing a mask, I may have some difficulty.

                • Hi SW,

                  I am familiar with the WEF and what they hope to achieve.

                  A considerable depopulation of the Earth is one of their means along with constant tracking and surveillance and the implementation of a new digital currency system, hello, BitCoin.

                  With Biden and Harris in the Oval this gives them the opportunity to put the plan in motion. They didn’t even try to hide it under slogan “Build Back Better.” Americans didn’t even research what that meant. I expect lockdowns in January and February. I guess they have to finish off the last of the small and medium sized businesses for this to work.

                  • There ya go Raider Girl. I’m proud of ya! You see the big picture; it’s all there.

                    Assuming the worst and Trump loses, you’ve got until the new President is sworn into the office to do whatever it is you need to do.

                    After that, expect to quickly lose freedom of movement, new lock downs,mandatory masks, mandatory vaccines, social credit scores, no more non-digital currency, phone based contact tracing, isolation camps for people who test “positive,” the works, all of it, will be in play.


                    Break free if you can ma’am.

          • Hi SW,

            I’ve decided to stay and – should it become unavoidable – fight. I’m too old to start over; to pissed to let them drive me down the road like a beaten Indian. I have no illusions about being able to win. But – should it come to that – their victory won’t be cost-free.

            • I understand sir; everyone’s situation is a bit different.

              Being a vet, heh, over half a lifetime ago, I saw what the government does when the camera is turned off while being on a deployment overseas. That’s how I learned to “see” through their lies at a young age.

              Now, I’m too old and in pain to be doing this “starting over” crap again too; it doesn’t make me excited. However, without an organized resistance to the Communist coup taking place, I shall remove myself from the field of battle.

              I have no problem dying for country and freedom, but it seems to me the diaper wearing, zombie herd citizens of the USA doesn’t want to fight for freedom. They just want the government “to save them.” (And receive more “gib me dats.”)

              So I do the only thing I can.

              I leave.

    • I tend to think that the plurality in the real world isn’t representative. There’s sure plenty of mush brains due to the government schools and useless journalism but I think a lot more people than you think agree with you in principle. The reason isn’t not reflected is voting is pure and simply rigged and has been for decades. In the days of paper ballots it took real effort but once electronic voting came into existence it was easy. I’m not talking about mail-in ballots but electronic voting and counting machines. Watch the documentary Hacking Democracy, made back in 2006. It’s only gotten deeper and more sophisticated.


  36. Before Lincoln killed more than 650,000 Americans for the sin of self determination, the construction of the States was considered somewhat fluid, as was whether a State continued to be a part of the union or not. The authority to secede was presumed. While Lincoln is revered as a saint, he was far from it. In fact, I argue he was by far the most monstrous POTUS we’ve ever had. The worst evils we all face are sourced in the omnipotent central government that Lincoln forced upon us, by killing more Americans than all other US wars combined. Such centralization cancels the by far most effective vote any of us can cast, with our feet and/or our wallet. The nation is now neatly divided between those who favor the tyranny, and those like you and me that adamantly oppose it. Like you, I see no possibility of reconciliation between the two, since the former are insisting we all submit to them. Even so, their influence wanes, as urban emigration is rapidly increasing. If we can just convince the emigrants not to bring the tyranny with them.

  37. A large part of the problem is that the majority of registered voters will never come out to actually vote. If they did, we’d probably have some different outcomes.

    Here in IL, it’s widely understood that our state will go blue each and every time due to the majority of votes coming from the Chicago area. It’s also understood that Downstate IL is deep red but generally apathetic. IL Republicans provide virtually no legislative backbone to counter the Chicago dems, so we’ve functioned as a one party state ever since I could remember.
    I was advised that the actual number of downstate IL registered voters is not an issue, but that they don’t come out to vote. IL would go red if they did.

    I suspect that VA, or for that matter any blue state even CA, exhibits a similar character. Geographically, the entire US is overwhelmingly red and the blue is mostly confined to the largest population centers and the coasts. I’ll bet that if the majority of registered voters come out of hiding, we’d have a result that mirrors the geographical spread much more closely. Unfortunately as it stands, only about 30% or so of the voter base determines the direction of our elections, and therefore the blue population centers will maintain their undue influence.

    • The only difference between the blue and the red is the speed of the handcart to hell we are riding on. The red prefer to drive a little slower. They do not propose any fundamental change.

      • JWK,

        I agree. They are two sides of the same coin. To hell with both of them.

        I have accepted that they are going to hand the Presidency to Biden, I am not happy about it, but realize it is going to happen. I also realize Biden did not win the position fairly, unfortunately, it will be months and years before this comes out.

        My only hope is that Trump blows up the entire system before he goes (figuratively, not literally). It is time to drain the Swamp. I would unredact every federal doc that the FBI, CIA, NSA has. Send them to the news media…the JFK assassination, Benghazi, the Biden files, Operation Mockingbird, Congressional sexual harassment investigations, etc. Let the American public see how corrupt their government is. Let them see the truth about the people they “vote” into office.

        Maybe with a little transparency the system will be able to begin anew. Throw out the dirty laundry, let the consequences be what they will, and reset.

        At this point the Union can’t be saved.

        • A release of those documents would be interesting but the truth is already right there for any journalist to pick up. The alternative media and blogosphere already talks about it because the players themselves drop clues.

          Yet Joe Q. Public can’t believe the truth when it’s right in front of their eyes, told to you by sources with mountains of demonstrated credibility. Some who once even were blessed with national and international beats at the most main of mainstream outlets.

          We’re at the point that having the actual POTUS could dump actual first person documents would still not shake the fog of lies and pacification foisted upon the masses. To acknowledge the truth would require admitting that we’ve believed a lie that goes back 50, 100, perhaps 250 years.

          • Hi A,

            Joe Q Public doesn’t know who to believe anymore. MSM provides one narrative, social media creates about 15 others. The once great journalists of the country have disappeared only to be replaced by political pundits with an opinion on everything and knowledge on nothing.

            The media will never hire experts, example, actual accountants to explain the tax consequences of tax reform, economists to address current market trends, small and medium sized business owners to discuss what is happening on Main Street. Why give people factual information that they could use when you can instead, hear from a celebrity or a paid commentator with zero insight on such matters?

        • ” I would unredact every federal doc that the FBI, CIA, NSA has. Send them to the news media…”

          So, who specifically would take possession of these documents and do the redacting? Trump has little, if any control, over these agencies. Even the top brass in the military, esdpecially Gen Millie, have shown their traitorious colors. The bureacracy has succesfully undermined him throughout the last 4 years

          Those advisors whom he trusts the most and who get his attention at will are Kushner, Miller, and his idiot daughter ( whom he beliveis is prospective POTUS material ), all three of whom are loyal first and foremost to Amerca’s boss, Israel..

          And if, by “news media,” you are thinking of the likes of CNN, PBS, Fox, AP, et al,, what would they do with those unredacted documents? Nothing.

          • Doesn’t QAnon have connections? 😉 What is Snowden doing right now? Could he hack his way in?

            I am being facetious, it was not a plan that I thought out thoroughly.

            You don’t think CBS would be interested in who killed JFK? I think everybody would report that one. Operation Mockingbird would be pretty cool, too, although that is probably still ongoing.

            • Hi RG,

              This is off-track a little but as someone who is very interested in the JFK assassination, I submit for the consideration of people who are unaware of it two very interesting – and harrowing – items. The first being the comments to the press of one of the doctors who attended JFK, just after he was declared dead. This doctor – who examined the president – told the press the killing wound was front-to-back. He showed it, by using his hands/gestures. Second, the bullet hole in the windshield of the presidential limousine, which disappeared from sight and was sent to be completely rebuilt, effacing any evidence of a shot from ahead of the motorcade.

          • Hi Mack,

            This is a huge problem. It is analogous to getting any truthful news about the WuFlu out into general circulation. We know that “the cases! the cases!” is 190 proof context-free fear mongering. But most people only hear about “the cases! the cases!” – and so are paralyzed by fear.

      • That’s what I keep thinking. There really isn’t that much difference. But I wonder if some of the similarities between the two parties are due to what Eric and all the commenters are saying, here. The system, or, the political climate, predictably elects the same types. And so, politicians do their best to morph into that type. And in the end, we get the government we deserve.

        • Hi Scotts,

          I see the OM as a once-in-a-lifetime figure. He is not an ordinary politician. This is not to say he is a libertarian or even a small-government “conservative.” But he is something very important – anathema to the left-collectivist freaks who are out to transform this country into a socialist (and Face Diapered) paradise. For that reason, I back him – even to the extent I am would dye my hair blond and spray-tan myself orange if he manages to beat back the HPM.

  38. Eric,

    A big problem in VA, the reason Gov. Coonman isn’t held in check, is because the GOP failed to field candidates in 39 races for the VA statehouse! The House of Delegates’ Dem majority is 10 seats (55-45), while the Dem majority in the VA Senate is 3 seats (21-18). The Dem candidate ran UNOPPOSED in 29 of the races for the House of Delegates, while 9 Dems ran unopposed for the VA Senate. If even a quarter of those races had been won by the GOP, Gov. Coonman would’ve been held in check, and more of VA would be represented. But, as the old lottery commercial says, you have to be IN it to win it…

    Not only was control of the statehouse important for reining in Gov. Coonman; it was important because, now that the census has been completed, it’s time to redraw the Congressional districts. That’s done by the state legislature, and it’s usually done by the party in power. Though that wouldn’t have changed the gubernatorial race down there, it would’ve moved VA in a less statist direction.

    Unfortunately, the VA GOP is WORTHLESS! They’re a bunch of libtard RINOs who might as well de Democrats. The totally undercut Ken Cuccinelli, who would’ve been better than Gov. Coonman! They didn’t give him any money or support, and they trashed him behind his back. It looks like the VA GOP leadership is in cahoots with the totalitarian Dems down there. If that’s not true, why skip 39 statehouse races? Why undercut your gubernatorial candidate who COUD have beaten Coonman? As I said, the VA GOP is a bunch of worthless RINOs in cahoots with the totalitarians down there…

      • It’s easy to forget that we didn’t get to where we are right now just because of the democrats. We must remember that the parties are just two different wings on the same bird of prey. Republican governors are just slightly better than democrat governors when it comes to squelching peoples rights, shutting down businesses, sending children to school in masks, and locking people up!

        • There are more Republican (26) governors than Democrat (24) but the response was uniform from the WHO down through the FedGov to every state with only South Dakota outstanding. The parties are two heads of the same sociopath-run snake.

          • Yeah, right! Just look at Gov. Abbott in TX, Gov. Little in ID, or DeWine in OH; there’s little difference between them and their Dem counterparts. For example, Abbott in TX allowed restaurants to reopen at 75% capacity, while Gov. Cuomo in NY did 25%.

            Oh, and I have a special word about DeWine. OH was reported to be building quarantine centers. Not only that, ANY gov’t official or agent could decree you have COVID, and put you in said quarantine center for a month! It doesn’t have to be a doctor or other health professional employed by the State of Ohio; it could be any gov’t official at all, including a cop. That’s all brought to you courtesy of a GOP governor…

            • I am a little harsh, some governors have been less awful than others. There’s an article on Zero Hedge that shows unemployment in midwestern states is lower than the communist utopias east and west due to a more limited response.

              All of them have the fundamental flaw that they must be seen doing something even if their inner Mussolini remains tethered by some conscience. Then once they taste the authority most will go absolutely drunk with power. Very few people have a core conviction strong enough that wouldn’t love their egos stroked, having their every word be on the news.


        • That’s a good one…”two different wings of the same bird of prey.” So true right down to the bone. True Americans are now completely on their own.

      • Eric,

        I can’t remember if Cuccinelli ran against Coonman, or if he ran in the previous election cycle. That said, my main point still stands: to wit, the GOP didn’t run anyone good for VA governor-certainly not against Coonman…


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