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This is written with the election still a toss-up between the Orange Man and the Diapering Man – the man who intends to Diaper every man, woman and child in the country, so as to cement Sickness Psychosis as the country’s new normal.

It is a toss up chiefly because of the Libertarian candidate, Jo Jorgensen, who has bled off 1.3-1.5 percent of the vote in states like Georgia, Michigan and Arizona that are either still in play or close enough to go either way. So close, in some cases, that 1.3-1.5 percent could decide the outcome.

Here’s where it gets sad.

It is probable that most of the people who voted for Jorgensen are people who lean in the GOP’s direction as the GOP tends, in most things, to lean more toward less government/more liberty, which libertarians tend to favor. This means, in what may be the greatest tragic irony of modern times, that people who voted for less government/more liberty may have ensured we will get much more government and far less liberty.

For the sake of not voting for the lesser of two evils, they may well have ensured that the much-more-evil is enthroned – possibly, permanently.

These useful idiots either didn’t see or were unwilling to see what it will mean for future elections if this one goes the wrong way.

A victory for the Diapering Man will not just mean that every man, woman and child in this country will be forced to play Sickness Kabuki, forever. That Needling will almost certainly be mandated.

It will also mean there will never be another election that could possibly be won by anyone remotely for less government/more liberty because the hard left that will assume power will make that impossible by cancelling the Electoral College, which weights votes according to region and thereby prevents hard-left canker sore urban areas with massive populations of leftists from dominating elections by dint of sheer numbers.

Without the EC, these urban canker sores of leftism – places like New York City, Northern Virginia, Los Angeles and San Francisco – will elect every president henceforth. Presidential elections will become pro forma, as in the old Soviet Union. You could vote.

But Brezhnev always won.

These people will also use their power to pack the Supreme Court, so as to eliminate that as a possible redoubt against their quest for permanent supremacy. They will make satraps such as DC and Puerto Rico the newest gaus of the new order and that will be that.

Face Diapering, Sickness Kabuki. Eight-dollars-per-gallon gas. UBI and do as they say.

It’s not over yet – but Jo Jorgensen and those who voted for her may have made sure it is over.


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  1. MEH. I live in New Jersey. If Stalin was the Democratic candidate, New Jersey would vote for Stalin. I had no problem voting for Jo, though I was going to vote for nobody.

    • Hi Vince,

      I absolutely understand this. But I also understand that because OM has lost – apparently – we are in for a National Face Diaper mandate, lockdowns and a truly totalitarian imminent future. That could have been avoided by voting for OM, which is why I voted for him.

      I wish more had.

      God help us.

    • Hi Auric,

      Yup. I have taken a lot of flak for pointing it out, but there it is. She may have cost OM the election and Americans whatever was left of their liberty. I get that libertarians admire Jo’s platform and didn’t want to lend their support to either of the lesser of two evils. But what they miss is that evil – the real thing – now stands a very good chance of acquiring total control over the political apparatus of the country and in that case, the country will not be very libertarian any longer.

      • Eric, if the only thing preserving any quasi-liberty which we had remaining was a better choice being offered at the polls, then we’ve already lost that liberty anyway. The real travesty is that only 1.5% of the voting populace cared enough to vote for that choice.

        A country in which 98.5% of the voters vote for the continuation of the tyranny of either of the major parties, is a country that doesn’t deserve liberty, and thus will not have it.

        • I have to back, Nunzio on this.

          The men and women that voted for Jo would have never voted for Trump, they would just stayed home and not voted.

          In 2000, I voted for the Libertarian candidate, Harry Browne. I was in my early 20s and did not like Bush or Gore. I felt Bush was an idiot and Gore a conniving snake. I voted because I felt it was my Constitutional right, but I also felt neither of these men represented my views. I knew Browne wouldn’t win, but it was an anti vote and nothing more.

          Every year we are threatened with “this is a once in a life time election.” It is all garbage.
          The media and large corporations determine who wins, not us. We are pawns in a game of chess, easily manipulated, easily replaced.

          Even if every vote that went to Jo would have been for Trump the election results would have been the same. They, the oligarchy, were determined Trump was going to lose. They would have just come up with more “missing” ballots.

          • Thanks, RG.
            Pod casts of Harry Browne’s old radio show were my introduction to formal Libertarian thought- other than what I had figured out for myself up to that point (Resisting the tyranny of pooblik skool helped with that!)

            I could never vote for any major party candidate in good conscience. While I’d rather see Trump win rather than the senile Marxist asshole- there’s no way in hell I’d vote for him- so if I had voted, and if I would have voted for Jo, what you say about it not affecting Trump’s numbers is true, because for me, and many like myself, the choice was never an R or an L, or a D and an L….it’s either an L or a write in, or not voting. I chose not to vote, ’cause to do so would have only been signatory.

            And in the past, from what I’ve seen, just as many who vote L would vote D, if not more, than would vote R if they did go with a major party candidate. So in essence, I don’t think Jo’s votes had any effect on either Trump or Biden; might have even stolen a few from Biden.

            I’ll never forget those Harry Browne podcasts! Just discovering that there were other people who thought like me, was elating! (Imagine when I discovered Rothbard!)

            • …and in actually, even if Trump had gotten many of Jo’s votes…the Dems would have just manufactured more fake ones to counter them, and bring them in during the night.

              • Hi Nunz,

                Maybe – even probably – but it does not take away from the fact that Jo helped facilitate the ascendance of the Diaperer. I understand you consider OM no better. We obviously disagree on this point. For me, OM meant a real chance of beating back Sickness Psychosis if only because the OM has given no indication that he is a Diaper Fanatic whereas the senile pedophile is.

                And, as a practical political matter, what libertarians who voted for Jo don’t seem to understand is that everything libertarians value will be destroyed by the senile pedophile. Under OM, we would have had time to make our case and – failing that – had more time, regardless.

                Now we have about two months, thanks to Jo.

          • To some extent I agree with this – the people I know who voted third party would never have voted trump anyways.

            But I always feel thats why they kinda get third parties in the game – to make people feel more connected to the system, and in a way feel ownership, while at the same time not being able to change a thing… it was very obvious in Britain in the years Farage was running UKIP – they had no chance of winning even a single seat, despite having huge support across the country. While at the same time they wouldn’t let Farage near the conservative party where he would basically wreck the party…. Some can argue that he did use his platform to press the conservatives into a brexit vote, but really think thats just because the modern conservative party is so fractured and well basically a joke…. and because we have a parliamentary system where mathematically people moving to a third party will matter before it does in the US presidential system. But in the US – I really dont see third parties leading to much… (though correct me if im wrong).

            • Hi Nasir,

              I disagree. Probably at least half of the votes that went to Jo were from frustrated conservatives. That by itself could have tipped the balance in the Diaperer’s favor. Left “libertarians” are an odd thing in that their core instincts are authoritarian and collectivist while conservatives are more instinctively in favor of the thing that is the foundation of libertarianism – the individual.

              Yes, I know – conservatives often favor collectivist schemes such as Social Security and “free” schools. They are also often authoritarian as regards personal vices. But, they are not as instinctively – reflexively – in favor of coercion for everything as liberals are.

              Hence my belief that probably most of Jo’s votes were cast by conservatives.

              • Hey Eric!

                Jo seems to be supportive of BLM. How many conservatives would vote for someone who is onboard with that?

                Just from what little I’ve seen of Jo’s stuff, she seems to be a lot more liberal-friendly than conservative-friendly. That seems to be the general gist of most modern LP candidates, with the exception of Harry Browne.

                Back in the 90’s, a friend of mine at the time, who is a Libertarian, upon hearing my thoughts on most things said “You should look into the Libertarian Party”. I told him that I was aware of them (They were virtually my only knowledge of formal Libertarianism) and that I wasn’t crazy about them, because they seemed to be far too cozy with the lefties.

                In my own experiences too, when I’ve spoken with various liberal types, they were always far more open to the LP candidates than any conservative I’ve encountered. Most conservatives bail as soon as they hear any notion of legalizing drugs or anything else that they don’t approve of- whereas that is what often attracts the liberal types (And is probably why it’s always seemed to me that ya have more lefties in LP circles than even true Libertarians).

              • They also favor false flag people-in-skyscrapers demolition. Etc. (same as “the other side” does.)

                Best characterization of conservatism I’ve ever seen: “…a shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it, & always advances near its leader.” ~ Robert Lewis Dabney

                The thing about the mischaracterized as strategic, or tactical, or rearguard action, or orderly retreat (to live to fight another day, yadda-etc) – leaving aside the fact that none of this bs is an actual fight – that the “lesser of two evils voters” (which, accurized, is the lesser two plus the greatcloaking one, but I like to digress…) is perfectly analogously aligned with is the business whiz who, selling at a loss, exclaims “that’s alright – I’ll make it up on volume!”

                IOW, if you don’t do it right, right now, you will never ever be able to go back & fix it. What you will do instead is to continue rolling over your bad debt, your malinvestment (anti-investment), just as gov & its crony weilders do. In which case you are just another card-carrying member in good standing of the swamp.

                Usta’ be a saying in trading: if you have enough money/capital, you don’t ever have to be (admit) wrong. Stupid fooking denial (psychology speak for you’re a liar), of course; nobody or nuthin’ has that much money. Eventually, even a Titanic the size of the US empire goes all the way down to the bottom & all those “costs” (continuous good money/resources after bad) are sunk.

                Nothing I value ultimately & most will be destroyed – by anybody. And if other people, & votes, are what you value depends upon, then maybe “running out of time” is just what you need. Hit that cold water a swim a bit; clarity.

                Bluffdale, UT (where I read the gov has just mandated the mask in “unity” with the “winning team”). The “data center.” $1.5 billion to build. $2 billion for the electronic leashes. Eats up $40 million in electricity per year. Uses 1.7 million gallons of water a day to cool the “servers.” “Collects” 100 billion emails per day, & 20 trillion communications altogether.

                Washington’s Blog, reporting on Bill Binney’s comments on mass surveillance:

                “If anyone gets on the government’s “enemies lists,” then the stored information will be used to target them. Specifically, he notes that if the government decides it doesn’t like someone, it analyzes all of the data it has collected on that person & on his or her associates over the last ten years to build a case against him.

                All of the information gained by the NSA through spying is then shared with federal, state, & local agencies, & they are using that information to prosecute petty crimes such as drugs & taxes. The agencies are instructed to intentionally “launder” the information gained through spying, i.e., to pretend that they got the information in a more legitimate way…And to hide that from defense attorneys & judges.”

                “This is more than just a data center,” says one senior intelligence official, who, until recently, was involved with the program. The mammoth Bluffdale center will have another important, & far more secret, role that, until now, has gone unrevealed. It is also critical, he says, for breaking codes. And code-breaking is crucial, because much of the data that the center will handle – financial information, stock transactions, business deals, foreign military & diplomatic secrets, legal documents, confidential personal communications – will be heavily encrypted.

                According to another top official also involved with the program, the NSA made an enormous breakthrough several years ago in its ability to cryptanalyze, or break, unfathomably complex encryption systems employed by not only governments around the world, but also many average computer users in the US. The upshot, according to this official: “Everybody’s a target; everybody with communication is a target.”

                Keith Alexander: “I believe it is in the nation’s best interest to put all the phone records into a lockbox that we could search.”

                Washington Post, 2010 article by Dana Priest & Wm Arkin, “Top Secret America: A hidden world growing beyond control.”:

                1,271 different government organizations & 1,931 private companies working on terrorist-related projects. Installed in as many as 10,000 locations across the US, with 854,000 people holding security clearances.

                Intercept, 2018, NSA has established giant “spy hubs” in eight US cities:

                “The secrets are hidden behind fortified walls in cities across the US, inside towering, windowless skyscrapers & fortress-like concrete structures that were built to withstand earthquakes & even nuclear attack. Thousands of people pass by the buildings each day & rarely give them a second glance, because their function is not publicly known. They are an integral part of one of the world’s largest telecommunications networks – & they are also linked to a controversial NSA surveillance program.”

                Washpo (presumably, again, prior to bezos):

                “The top-secret world the government created in response to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, has become so large, so unwieldy, & so secretive that no one knows how much money it costs, how many people it employs, how many programs exist within it, or exactly how many agencies do the same work.”

                The question of whether you are living in an outright police state is a “good old days” question that was answered hundreds of years ago, at the constitutional coup. So that proposition’s way past “OK boomer.” All fertilizer & no bomb, might say. Timothy McVeigh sends his regards, applauds your decision to keep driving without a license plate. Or like Ruby Thewes put it, in Cold Mountain, “left tracks in the snow…sign says shoot me….” Suicide by coppin’ the feels that felt you up back in gradeschool civics class tautology’d by teacher Jim Jones…murder-suicide, that is.

                It’s a panopticon state. And the conservative label had just as much to do with building it as any of the other labels did, & both continue, furiously, to do.

                *cites are from Bonner’s book.

            • Mornin’ Nasir!

              I think that you are spot-on, as usual!

              Ultimately, as far as the US goes, I think any party could be viable, if enough people supported it- but most Americans don’t want liberty; they want to impose their beliefs and practices on others; they care more about how a candidate’s actions will impact the mundane rituals of their daily lives (“He’ll build a new freeway and I’ll be able to shave 20 minutes off of my 2 hour commute, and I might not have to pay back my $90K student loans, and little Bratleigh will be eligible for free daycare!”)…and they vote for the things that the medias tells them are essential- like bombing the people who have the oil, or who the Jews don’t like. (Which coincidentally, usually seem to be one and the same).

        • Hi Nunz,

          Of course we’ve already lost our liberty. That is not the question. The question is – was- whether we’ll be living in an outright police state in which there is much less wiggle room to evade the tyranny. That was just voted down by the people who failed to vote for Orange Man.

          You and I, for example, can currently still go shopping without Diapering. In about two months, that is apt to become impossible. We may not be allowed to leave our homes – without Needling.

          You worried/suspected that OM would impose just that. But the alternative promised to do do just that.

          That’s a difference of no small magnitude.

          • Eric,

            It’s not HPM we need to worry about, because he’ll be POTUS INO; the REAL POTUS will be Heels Up Harris, who they say is to the LEFT of Bernie Sanders! HPM would be bad enough, but Harris, the REAL POTUS if they’re seated, is the one to worry about…

      • Eric; There is a saying “The perfect is the enemy of the good”. That sums up this fiasco. When the very real and present evil of Marxism is on the ballot we must check our dream ticket at the feet of reality and vote to preserve our best path forward to real liberty. Sadly, silly and stubborn idealism has castrated many a battle plan.

        If there ever was a time to vote AGAINST evil and the assured loss of freedoms likley never to be reclaimed November 3rd was it. Nobody asked Libertarians to suck Trumps johnson- we just plead with the freedom lovers not to toss what’s left of our chance to have a say in government into the abyss.

        Stupid, hard-headed, short-sighted idiots are destroyers. But hey, “if at first you don’t succeed pack a bowl and smoke some weed”. Biden is all for legal mind numbing so there’s still hope for the stoner constituency.

        • Morning, Auric –

          Yup, exactly. Trump is flawed – but his opponent is evil almost beyond words; an outright enemy of all our freedom. Not just this one or that one. He intends to impose Sickness Psychosis on everyone, everywhere – and that will be the end of any liberty we still enjoyed, including, very probably even the liberty to disagree with Sickness Psychosis. This site and others like it may well be shut down – for “public safety” and to “stop the spread of harmful information.”

          Thanks, Jo.

        • Yeah, it was those hardheaded, & numerous – an infestation, really — idealists, working from day one to today that are responsible for the swampy mucky mess – the pragmatic utilitarians & the go along to get along throngs chanting their lesser of two evils mantra had nothing to do with it at all.

          You’re funny.

      • The flak that penetrates the jacket & perforates the wearer is “honest election.”

        Oxymoron shrapnel, that…but the death knell befell believers long before pores were punched. Or chads were hung. Or not standing alone led to being hanged together.

        Don’t ski the fall line & yer drop gets stopped plumbline, Bob. Unless of course yer head comes off, Ichabod.

        But maybe that’s like the way its best to remove a bandaid, just rip it off.

        Or rated other, the taoist farmer cookie crumbles – does not hang together for conservative deer-in-headlight life – well:

        There was once a farmer in ancient China who owned a horse. “You are so lucky!” his neighbours told him, “to have a horse to pull the cart for you.” “Maybe,” the farmer replied.

        One day he didn’t latch the gate properly and the horse ran off. “Oh no! This is terrible news!” his neighbours cried. “Such terrible misfortune!” “Maybe,” the farmer replied.

        A few days later the horse returned, bringing with it six wild horses. “How fantastic! You are so lucky,” his neighbours told him. “Now you are rich!” “Maybe,” the farmer replied.

        The following week the farmer’s son was breaking-in one of the wild horses when it kicked out and broke his leg. “Oh no!” the neighbours cried, “such bad luck, all over again!” “Maybe,” the farmer replied.

        The next day soldiers came and took away all the young men to fight in the war. The farmer’s son was left behind. “You are so lucky!” his neighbours cried. “Maybe,” the farmer replied. …where the middle is the extreme, way out there on the tail-tip, might say…which reminds me of this tune, from the flick Magnolia:

  2. “For the sake of not voting for the lesser of two evils, they may well have ensured that the much-more-evil is enthroned – possibly, permanently.”

    Voting for the lesser of two evils is exactly how you get to the point we’re at – it moves the Overton Window to the Left bit by bit.

    Breitbart said the same thing about Ron Paul supporters when the GOP was busy robbing Ron Paul of a legitimate shot at the presidency:

    Time for Ron Paul Fans to Support the Constitution

    Here’s an example of GOP misconduct toward Ron Paul:

    Jamie Allman speaks to Eugene Dokes about the St. Charles Co. caucus 3/20/12

    Not that Jo Jorgensen is a libertarian, …

    (How is This Libertarian?

    … but my response to the “split the vote” mentality is the same now as it was back then: If *your* side voted *our* way, that would be another way of avoiding a split. But because we’re just expected to get a smaller number of votes, *we* should be the ones to acquiesce?

    No, we tend to vote on principle, whereas those concerned with vote-splitting seem pliable. Your side had a chance to recognize that principled voters do exist and won’t make the “practical vote” (because that’s a self-fulfilling vote), and then, because you choose to vote in a practical way, opt to vote for Jo Jorgensen knowing that doing otherwise will potentially split the vote.

    In fact, I think that’s a great weapon that principled voters have against practical voters: “We’ll stick to principles no matter what, so if you want to avoid splitting the vote, you’ll have to vote our way.”

    And besides all that, the whole point of pushing for Vote-by-Mail (inherently vulnerable to fraud) was to commit voter fraud to “elect” Biden – so the 1.8 percent of which you speak wasn’t going to matter. The Democrats fully intend to lie, cheat, and steal their way into power.

  3. Hi Ya Eric!
    Just had this thought, and wanted to post it as I sit down to dinner. Just a little thopught experiment, if you will:

    Suppose it were Ron Paul running on the Libertarian Party ticket this year, instead of Jo Jergenslotion? Would you still feel the same way as you’ve expressed in this article? Would have have voted for Dr. Paul?

    I’d imagine THAT would really be a conundrum! (Heck, if RP were running, I would have even voted!)

    • Nunzio,

      RP, unlike many of the old fossils in DC, had enough SENSE to get out and enjoy life while he still had it! Can you believe that Nancy Pelosi is 80? Can you believe that Diane Feinstein is 87?! Mitch McConnell, who just won reelection in KY, is 78, which means he’ll be 84 when his term ends! WTF don’t these old fossils retire, ride off in to the sunset, and enjoy life while they still can? RT had an excellent piece on this; go to, and search for “gerontocracy”.

    • Indispensable nations & their indispensable manationalists?

      But a pretty good song came out of, or along with, the RP Revere campaign – not this one, but I like it…

      …& that s/he’d start a revolution if s/he could get up out of the mourning for what never was more than revolving in place & then, insult to child abusive injury, having the cloyingly perfumed breeze coming off that spinning flywheel take-away closed again, & again, & again:

  4. This was just an angry post Eric. No basis in reality like most of your other posts. You nailed it in “When your vote doesn’t matter.” In Oregon, I voted for Jo, and it did not impact the Orange man or hair plug man’s votes at all: check out https:// results. oregonvotes. gov/resultsSW.aspx? type=FED&map=CTY (remove spaces since the spam filter thought it was spam)

    Oregon looks almost like your state does, 4 counties made the decision for the other 32, due to population. It bites the big one as most of Oregon is red, but the 4 population centers turn it blue.

    Please don’t blame Jo voters for this mess, place the blame squarely where it belongs, on the failed, corrupt, and incompetent system, although, I believe that is by design. Divide, conquer, and rule through fear.

    There is some good news here in Oregon, Measure 109 (Legal Psilocybin) and Measure 110 (Decriminalization of certain drugs) are passing.

    They may take our lives, but they will never take our freedom – William Wallace in Braveheart.

  5. You want the truth? Trump probly won 99% of all votes, but of course they’re pretending it’s a 50-50 horse race. They do that every election. And, about the “lesser of two evils” conundrum — that’s not normal — they do elections wrong on purpose to make it easier to fraud the public — elections should allow you to have a 2nd/3rd/etc choice. And the winner is calculated by: adding up all their votes regardless of rating(1st/2nd/etc choice) and then only the candidates that got at least the minimum majority percentage are still left, in USA it’s 50%, but that’s not fair, a “supermajority” would be fair (75% is best), THEN out of the candidates still left you calculate their average rating — the math term for this is a “weighted average”, it’s the same way online stores like Amazon calculate their review ratings, and the candidate with the highest average rating wins. THAT’S how you do elections. NOT the way USA does them which is stupid & unfair.

    Also USA elections are a COMPLETE TOTAL FRAUD because they won’t let everyone have a receipt/serial number on their ballot, so not one single voter can actually VERIFY that their vote was counted. A receipt number would take no labor to implement and would be free. But they won’t let us have that. Gee I wonder why. USA elections are a TOTAL SHAM. This is treason, fraud, death penalty crimes, … been going on for decades. THIS is why democrats are in govt positions — because they FRAUDED their way in, they weren’t even elected.

  6. Hi Eric,

    Are you aware of and what do you think about Maine’s use of a Ranked Choice Voting system in the presidential election?

    I’ve always felt that we have a quality-of-leadership and corruption problem with our politics more than a ideology problem and I have faith that further adoption of a ranked choice voting system would pave the way for higher-quality candidates to rise and these integrity-lacking parasitic he get today to fail.

  7. Imagine the audacity of those pesky libertarians who voted for a genuine libertarian instead of an amoral, unprincipled, narcissistic, Constitution-disdaining, obnoxious habitual liar, megalomaniac, (sometimes) Republican.

    What’s wrong with this picture? A self-professed libertarian, and Trump apologist/sycophant, castigates libertarians for voting … Libertarian. You just can’t make this stuff up.

    • Hi Sky,

      Are you familiar with the Bolshevik’s assumption of power in Russia? It’s an interesting story and it bears on this business of refusing to vote for Trump because he’s not ideal. The Mensheviks were the majority in the nascent Russian parliament – the Duma. But they allowed themselves to be outmaneuvered by the leader of the minority – Lenin – who then called his minority the majority (“bolsheviks”) and took over when the actual majority Mensheviks walked out of the Duma to protest the “bolsheviks.”

      I’m a libertarian – and thus I value liberty. Do you imagine we will get more – or less – under Biden?

      • Eric, I believe the hair plugged man won’t even be there for long. The elite may have plans for him to put carmela h. in. However, even then he/she won’t get anywhere. Most of the country does not appear to even be able to stand her.

      • I value that sentiment Eric but a lot of people on the right have their senses dulled when ‘their guy’ is in office. The lip service Trump has paid to us is valuable and he DID get us out of the Paris Accord but there are hundreds of other things coming down the chute that he doesn’t care about or even approves of that will do us in. Mandatory animal ID’s for our dinner, operation Warp Speed, and even bailing out the damned automakers by extending the Obama era CAFE rules. He is still a G-man, and the State he is in charge of will always look out for the health of the State first. If Hair-plug pro-diaper guy wins then our senses (the senses of others who are placated by the current president) are turned back on. Trump has revealed a lot about how filthy this country is and hopefully it wont be lost or forgotten. I understand your stance on this election but I am indifferent on it as pre-determined events will probably still transpire with or without Trump.

    • I understand the whole strategic voting thing, but fact is if you keep voting democrat or republican, then the only choice you’ll ever have is democrat or republican. And that’s not a choice, because they’re both full of shit, and they’re both on the on the side of big government, lots of regulation and lots of spending. They may pretend to be on opposite sides of the “aisle”, but they’re not, they’re both the same. Sure, libertarian party is insignificant right now, but the only way it grows is a little bit at a time. I’m tired of voting for the lesser of two evils, I’m going to vote for real change, even if it’s meaningless right now. Ya gotta start somewhere.

      • Agreed, Floriduh man. I probably cast my last ballot for the Republican Party. I did it, because it was Trump and he was willing to cause a little upheaval, but mainly I despise socialism. The Obama years were not kind and I don’t want them back. I don’t see the GOP being so bold in the future with their next nominee.

        The Libertarian Party has an opportune time to shake up the political field, if they are willing to act. The Republican Party and the Democrat parties are on the verge of splitting from within. Very similar to 1854, when the Republican Party was formed from the outcasts of the Whig and Democratic parties who wished to abolish slavery during the western expansion.

        I think the Bernie Bros could be enticed with the legalization of drugs (they are not getting free college, so they would have to sacrifice that), the very few Republicans who care about deficits (Rand is the last of them, I believe) could view the party as an alterative, and I would suggest that the LP view the Hispanic community as potential voters. Right now, the Hispanic community is the fastest growing population in the US and neither the Republican or Democrat Party represents many of their views. Most Libertarians are pro immigration (freedom of movement), low (or no) taxes, no tariffs, and personal responsibility. I think many could find a home in the LP movement.

        The LP needs to build up their ground game – start small with local school boards, council positions, state representatives and build from there. They have been stuck in the same position that they have been for thirty years. They have to expand and focus on better name recognition. A little less anarchy, a lot more realism. Tossing out a Presidential candidate every four years is not helping the party.

        The biggest question is money. To build anything one needs funds. The Donkeys and Elephants have this done packed, because they are bought out by big business. How do you convince business and individuals to contribute without having to pacify them later down the road? Honestly, I don’t know. I would love for business to stay out of politics, but that is like asking a drunk not to drink.

        Just my $.02.

        • RG,

          It would also make more sense for the LP to start on a local level, so as to UNDO the built-in obstacles that the donkeys and elephants have placed in the way of third parties. A thrid party wanting to get on the ballot has to jump through all sorts of hoops that the “major” parties do not. The donkeys and elephants have deliberately set things up that way. Such obstacles would be easier undone at the local level first.

  8. A “fairness” item in voting for the lesser of two evils:

    It may be noticed that only Rs and Ds are in the presidential “debates”. After Ross Perot did well in the debates, it would never be allowed to happen again. In the Ross Perot days the League of Women Voters FAIRLY ran the debates, since then the Rs and Ds team took control and the debates will never be legitimate again. Not to worry that Jo Jorgensen, or others, will ever intervene and destroy the American Dream.

  9. Calls by media outlets (AP, Fox, NYT, etc) are not consistent. But at least some of them have called Michigan, Arizona and Nevada for Biden. In Wisconsin, the state announced Biden the winner by 20,000 votes.

    If these calls prove to be correct, Biden gets 270 electoral votes. Then, even if Trump prevails in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia, he gets 268 electoral votes.

    You can see where this is going. Tomorrow morning, the media coalesces on a narrative that Harris and her sock puppet Biden have squeaked out a win, 270-268. Anyone who disagrees gets censored or banned.

    It’s all over but the litigating. That van down by the river is looking better every day …

    • I agree, Jim. Trump has lost it by at least one or two electoral votes, which is likely not going to change regardless of any shenanigans or legal battles.

      RIP America. Get out while you still can!

  10. I live in swing state PA. Jo wasn’t even an option considering her campaign left me wondering if she was really a libertarian & I had the chance to vote for a winner.

    I did the same thing. Looked at the practical outcome and what would I rather see. Doesn’t mean I liked the choice, but for me Jo would be a throw away.

    Up until the last two weeks, I was going to vote none of the above.

    • I think this is the real crazy thing. She is a very obvious leftist. I’m someone that has almost always voted libertarian when I could, but voted straight Republican ticket for the first time in my life. There was too much to loose. If we’re standing in bread lines in a few years, I hope these hipster libertarians have some self reflection. Same goes for the “I’m not voting because I’m not giving them consent” crowd. The bread line doesn’t care if you gave them consent.

  11. *Abolish the ATF
    *Roll back gun laws 100 years
    *Abolish income tax
    *End the Drug War
    *End prohibition of [objects]
    *End endless military intervention
    *Massively reduce spending

    That’s pretty DAMN libertarian if you ask me. Jorgensen was a good candidate.

    That said, we aren’t in this position because 1-2% of people voted for ACTUAL freedom. We’re here because freedom isn’t popular right now. Very unpopular. That’s why the diapers are on. That’s why Hair Plug Man might win. Too many people don’t actually care for freedom. They want to steal and tell other people what to do. Otherwise, we’d see Jorgensen winning, with Trump second at Hair Plug Man a distant third.

    This isn’t happening because a few people love freedom, it’s because too many HATE it.

    • Actually, freedom is the ability to not give a damn. Even the diaper wearers are making their own choice. I chose long ago to be an outlaw- to breathe free, to ignore their silly ass rules, to carry whatever kind of weapon I want. All you have to deal with is reality- if you’re going to be a free man, you have to accept the responsibility for your own pain and hardship. You wake up every day knowing that you may have your life ended by a predator- a government cop of some sort. Oh well-

      But of course I vote and participate. That’s what a free man has to do- ignoring a rabid wolf pack doesn’t make it go away. Picking a fight with it is something you do when you have to, otherwise avoid it or pick off the predators as needed.

      You cannot vote for freedom, you can only claim you own. That is an entirely different thing vs complaining that the system is rigged (it always has been) or that your vote is meaningless (if you can cull that rabid wolf herd rather than it having new members, or bring in some cougars to compete with them for territory, you’re accomplishing something.)

      I was just reelected as a tiny town mayor. By 95% of the voters. My mandate is to continue to see that the city’s plunder is not wasted and that the kooks don’t attack their neighbors and sic the cops on them.

      Freedom carries responsibilities.

      • **”But of course I vote and participate. That’s what a free man has to do- ignoring a rabid wolf pack doesn’t make it go away.”**

        Which wolf did you vote for?

        Kudos to the rest of that, though! I would have voted for you, Ernie!

  12. Eric, you may have a point – but really I think the focus should be more on the box of hundreds of thousands of votes that turned up in the dark of the night for Biden, in a period not a single vote was gained for Trump… A couple votes here and there to Jo is somewhat irrelevant in that picture. I dont get why people in the west dont raise issues like this more…. (or maybe ive just spent too much time in Pakistan to see a hundred thousand votes turning up for one guy at night as something fuckey happening….)

    Is there no way in the US constitution to challenge that ?

    • Vote fraud violates state and federal law. It can be challenged in the courts. Collecting solid evidence is difficult, if the fraudsters were clever at covering their tracks.

      Trump already is assembling his legal team — Jay Sekulow, Rudy Giuliani, and former Florida AG Pam Bondi — to file suit in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

      It’s a replay of Al Gore’s strategy in Florida 20 years ago, headed by super lawyer David Boies, aided by a huge team of local Florida lawyers. The turmoil dragged on into December, in both state and federal courts. But Gore failed to overturn Bush’s razor-thin win in Florida, partly because he declined to challenge some late-arriving absentee ballots from overseas military personnel.

      According to lawyer David Boies, Gore didn’t want to tarnish his image by depriving soldiers of their votes, even though excluding those votes (which heavily favored Bush) would have won Gore the election.

      Some see Gore’s fateful decision as honorable. But from another perspective, was it really Gore’s personal privilege to excuse a missed deadline for a selected group, when voting laws are supposed to apply equally to all?

      • Well, if he gets that far trump certainly wont back down. I suspect a person like that only backs down when someone behind twists his arm to do so. Perhaps why the guy suddenly became so wealthy under the radar after he left.

        Interestingly I suspect this sort of thing really happens under the guidance of the agencies. And it becomes very hard to challenge. I mean some guy found video evidence of vote rigging in Minneapolis – and i suspect not a thing has been done about it yet. Theres a reason for that. The other day I was listening to Glen Greenwald on Rogan and he was talking about how one of the things trumps done is messed with the agencies – and they dont like it. (Or again maybe ive spent too much time in PK and have become too cynical of the process).

  13. I don’t understand why there are still 6 states (including Alaska) are still outstanding. We all knew there was an election this year. Why were more people not hired? Why is there not a continued rotating schedule every 8 hours to bring in fresh blood? Each hour that creeps by allows for more sheninghans.

    Does anyone know anyone that voted for Biden? I am not judging, but I am truly interested in why. Is it policy? Attitude? Can’t stand Trump vote?

    • RG, I totally agree – who on earth voted Biden! My brother in SF is a Bernie Bro… him and his buddies didnt even support biden (voted Kanye). My other brother in PA hates trump but he generally hates all politicians and probably wouldn’t ever vote. Of all the friends and family ive spoken to, a couple did vote Biden, but they are in California and NY so it wouldn’t matter anyways….

      • Nasir,

        Any explanations on why they voted that way.

        True, NY and CA aren’t going to go red, but what did they hope to change in all sincerity.

        • well, i guess if you break up amongst either the white people or the Brown/Muslims (sorry for not being very PC). The white guys (and girls) in NY and CA for some reason still have this mindset of looking up to their politicians – they want the leader to be presidential and set an example of a good human being. Trump falls short on that by far. I would argue that most politicians do – trump just doesnt give a monkeys and hence he sticks out. People They just dont seem to like that.

          Amongst the brown/muslim crowd its really this thing about him apparently hating Muslims after his early statements. people have never really gotten beyond that – and unfortunately they seem to keep buying the media narrative that keeps pushing the line that he is racist….

          • Thanks, Nasir. I don’t blame the Muslim community for distrusting Trump. That was extremely stupid on his part. Trump’s disrespect and name calling cost him votes with some in the minority communities. It is too bad because his work ethic and policies on deregulation, lower taxes, addressing unfair trade agreements, and experience as a business owner made him the best person for the job.

            • His early comments were very stupid. But where he really could have gained back (and what I think was his biggest achievement) – He’s the first president in my life (and im approaching 40) to complete a whole term without a new war or other major foreign fuckery, most of which happens to be in Muslim lands…. which is why on balance I prefer him to other politicians from the swamp. I really dont get why he didnt make a bigger deal about drawing down troops from Iraq/Afghanistan, ending drone strikes in Pakistan… Just never heard it being talked about (maybe because im in the UK). If he did push this further I really think he could have gotten more votes from the Muslim community….

              • That is a really good point. I never considered that, but you are right we did not have any wars under his Administration. The media rarely spoke of it, as they usually don’t with any minor or major achievement that he has done.

                • I always suspect thats why so many establishment figures are against him. I mean War is big money for people in gov. And those cruise missiles costing 8 figures a piece all have a shelf life… no war for 4 years and thats a lot of money lost…

    • I live in CT just outside of NYC. The main attitude among the many Biden voters/supporters in this area is “to bring dignity back to the White House.” I’ve heard this many times, as if the talking points were given through the hive. They really can’t articulate policy disagreements, he’s just racist, boorish and not Hillary. The end.

      • Thanks, BAC for the insight. The one person I know said “he was kind.”

        I almost wish there was a civics test prior to voting. I don’t care who someone is voting for, but I believe a person should know why their voting for them. I am afraid many people don’t.

    • Random reward schedules help set the reinforcement hook deeper. Tantric elections: Long, drawn out climaxes. Cliffhangers are a sort of takeaway close.

      I know one. She hates trump, thinks – feels — he’s repulsive. Which he is. So the other repulsive is her guy.

      (I don’t *think* she’s salivating at the Trojan horse aspect…but she’d have half-masted a flag when Ginsburg died, too, if she’d had a flag…the “done so much for women” thing…so I wouldn’t be surprised.)

      The Goldilocks less wrong is “just right” syndrome, call it.

      But beneath all the reasons why is the religious belief that voting matters…along with the religious belief that that which is taken via politics, & given “to women,” etc, is legitimate. Believing those screws two ways from Sunday – forward & back.

      But voters precede voting, & then vote what they’re told to vote for…its a comes a cropper good cop bad cop caper, but that’s the Rube Goldberg design.

      What you hafta’ be before you can be a pole vaulter (or poll voter, or whatever else…):

      Them that don’t care how they got what they got so’s long as they got it are trumps, are hollowed out bidens concealing harris’s, are voters…are all the same sort of whats.

  14. With the state of Wisconsin having declared Biden the winner (though Trump will immediately file for a recount), betting markets have shifted back to an 80% probability of Biden winning.

    This unpleasant result can be delayed by a mass cavalry charge of litigation, as in Florida 20 years ago. But even with a conservative majority on the Supreme Court, Trump’s chances frankly are fading fast … as is America’s future, should it end up in the radical hands of Kakamala (literally, ‘bad sh*t’ in Spanish).

  15. I voted for Jorgensen as a protest vote. If Jorgensen wasn’t on the ballot, I’d have left that part of the ballot blank. The other items on the ballot were much more impactful to my life than who will be president. Besides unless something changes, Trump won my state anyway.

    From what I’ve seen though, 3rd party votes tend to take about the same amount of votes from both major parties. If you want to complain about wasted votes for 3rd parties, as least propose a solution other than voting for one of the major candidates; if someone wanted to vote for them, they probably would have. For the small number that were really “on the fence” and still ended up voting 3rd party, the solution would be to encourage something like Ranked Voting which they have in Maine. I wish we had ranked voting in my state.

    • Wow. While I agree with your viewpoint, I sure don’t like the way you addressed Eric. Let’s all refrain from such unnecessary insults.

    • Let’s keep it classy and show some respect to Eric. He provides the best, and quite possibly only, anti-Diapering oasis on the net. Thank you, Eric, for all your efforts.

    • Hi RK,

      I get the sentiment – and I don’t fault you. My position is purely practical, in the manner of trying to make the best of a bad situation. This is no ordinary election. If Biden wins – and the EC is done away with – there will be no chance – ever again – of electing someone like Jorgensen or even roughly like her.

      • Love you buddy! The trends are still pushing away from centralized systems and control. The war on drugs has crumbled, not only because of decriminalization, but the various police “defunding” schemes will leave police departments so hollowed out that practically the war is over. DC has become a punching bag for California, even while the Golden state turns to lead. And TV ratings on a good night are a tiny fraction of the population. An interesting fact is that only about 22% of the population is on Twitter, despite the outsized amount of attention it receives. The wild card is that the people with the power will continue to push for more, with help from the Chicoms and globalists.

      • Eric, you think they can get rid of the EC as things stand? Strangely watching a certain financial news channel quite a few times they talked about was how the EC is outdated, and doenst serve a purpose anymore, and younger people wont accept it. The anchors would then all agree that they like it as it is and founding fathers knew what they were doing – but isn’t this how such ideas start in the mainstream?

        • So far from a republic…

          Remember those days when we were a collection of united states? Senators chosen by the state governments, not local popular opinion. More power to the governors, the state governments as entities. No direct income tax, but rather taxing the states for funds. Pretty self limiting in terms of rate if I could just move to a state not excited to fund this or that federal program. The electoral college is the last vestige of any state authority at all. If that goes the states will surely complete their emasculation to become merely glorified counties.

  16. The result here can also be attributed, in no small part, to demographic shifting. As leftists tend to shit where they eat, sooner or later they find it untenable and try for greener pastures. Expats from NY/NJ/CT now contaminate NC. Those from CA/WA/OR now contaminate AZ, CO, NV, etc. How else to explain such states being even a possibility of up for grabs? Just so many headwinds to overcome here. As with any tragedy, it’s rarely one factor, but a confluence of coinciding events that in and of themselves would not have caused the plane to crash. The apotheosis of our society’s decades-long Bataan Death March.

  17. A country in which 70 MILLION people would willingly vote for a senile communist gangster, is screwed no matter who occupies any political office.

    • My thoughts are similar: Trump is a God-send but in 4 years we will probably have some bullshit milqetoast weenie from the red shirt candidate factory vs. a full blown communist democrap. those who remember America as awsome will be dead or too senile to vote and the giverment educated retards incapable of rational thought will be the majority. Like all great superpowers we will be relegated to the ash heap of history. How did this happen? Too many people were allowed to vote. First the suffragettes, then the kids, then the illegals and Viola! a country that is run by the lowest common denominator appealing to the stupid.

      Our founding fathers had it right- the vote belongs only to white male land owners. AKA the producing class.
      Sorry if that offends you but truth hurts.

      • I cannot quibble with white male land owners as a pretty good qualifier.

        However, just limiting it to actual property owners (as defined by anybody with real property with an equity of over 10%, or some different percent) and specifically excluding anybody drawing a paycheck from any level of government except perhaps enlisted military and enlisted military retirees, would be a better fit for the diluted modern society we live in. And I’m only exempting enlisted as they shouldn’t be profiting from their service.

        But there should surely be some kind of qualification other than a mailing address… (pulse not necessary).

    • I dont think ol’ joe knows what communist means much less anything else. He just does what hes told until his cackling witch vp kickis him aside. C;learly the most dysfunctional president ever elected. Interesting times.

      • Mumbly Joe will likely be booted from office within months- if not due to his mental incompetence, then due to his corruption. Then Kommie Kamal will ascend the throne…the one who makes even Janet Reno look like Mary Poppins by comparison.

        • When do you think he’ll be gone? Some are saying by Easter.

          If Creepy Joe occpuies the White House, the Dem leadership will have a sitdown with him. At said sitdown, it’ll be explained to him that he needs to resign-for the good of The Party, of course. If he doesn’t voluntarily resign, the Dems can either remind him of the corruption evidence they have against him, or they can use the 25A on him. But yeah, Creepy Joe will be gone in short order if he manages to win the White House…

          • I have no idea when, MM- or even if… I mean, this society was crazy enough to elect a crazy-man- so who knows? Maybe the puppet masters would consider it an asset to have a Nero around on which they could blame things. Who knows? It’s so crazy, ya can’t use logic to figure things out anymore, ’cause madmen are running the asylum.

            -A senile, long-corrupt, openly Marxist pedo who admits that he advocates the US being under “international economic control” gets more votes than any other presidential candidate in the history of the country… Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

          • Morning Eric,

            ” – and that’s what people voted for by voting for Jo.”

            It’s disappointing to read Statist talking points on this website. The above quote, and the article, could have been written by any mainstream political pundit; the same tired cliches, “the most important election of our lifetime, a vote for X is actually a vote for Y, now is not the time to throw away your vote on a protest candidate, etc…” But, it’s always, “the most important election of our lifetime”. Sure, you may disagree and insist that “now, it’s different”, but the narrative remains, and is dominant, at every election.

            One of the major problems of Democracy is that it promotes short term thinking, which always favors the present over the future; the result of which is the predictable, inexorable movement toward a larger, more intrusive State, the absurd overvaluing of politics in general, and the presidency in particular, the pitting of those who share interests against each other and the shutting off of any alternative approaches to the “problem” of ordering society. It may be true that “this time it’s different”, but the narrative you accept and promote, guarantees that this will always be considered so by a large portion of people, which means that it’s never the “right time” to challenge the suffocating duopoly.

            The narrative is also false or, at the least, based on counter factual assertions that ignore, or deny, the actual motives of those who vote; it rests on the implied assertion that the votes that Jo received, actually belong to Trump, and would have gone to him not for her selfish and misguided decision to run now, when so much is at stake. The fact is that you don’t know why anyone voted for Jo, or any other “spoiler” candidate, unless they tell you. Her votes likely came from disaffected liberals, none of whom would have voted for Trump, Libertarian political activists seeking to grow the party, few if any of whom would have voted for Trump, disaffected Republicans who, often with good reason, found no compelling reason to vote for Trump. It is impossible to know, on net, what impact she had.

            The point is that one cannot know whether voting for Jo had any impact on the election outcome at all. Many, maybe even most, of her votes may not have gone to Trump had she not been in the race, some, in all likelihood, would have gone to Biden. What we do know is this narrative divides people, shuts off alternatives, keeps third party vote totals low enough to “justify” the perpetual exclusion of alternative voices from the debates and guarantees that we will always be served up two loathsome candidates to choose from, partly because anyone outside of the duopoly is automatically untenable and, that the two parties will never face pressure from enough people in their own parties, threatening to defect, to bother listening to them.

            Finally, this narrative is fundamentally dishonest, by which I do not mean that you are being dishonest, but that the implied exhortation is that one has a moral duty to vote FOR the preferred candidate of the person pushing the narrative. Anything short of that, a protest vote, not voting, etc… is just a vote for the “bad guy”.


            • The more votes she got, the more it signals dissatisfaction with the two-party system. Even if Jorgensen, did change the outcome of the election, that should bring more attention to libertarians as a force to be reckoned with rather than ignored as usual.

              I’m getting ready for a trip and won’t have internet access so if there is more discussion of this subject, my non-participation doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to participate.

            • Hey Jeremy!
              **”Many, maybe even most, of her votes may not have gone to Trump had she not been in the race, “**

              Yes! And what’s more, a lot of LP voters likely may not have voted at all if there had been no candidate apart from the major parties whom they could support.

            • Whether a marathon, or a sprint, utilitarian pragmatism is always a race to the bottom.

              Somebody brought up the old lifeboat ethical conundrum canard recently, including all the leaky boilerplate about how tough it is to decide who gets throw overboard.

              Lol…that’s the simplest, most obvious, decision there could ever be: any & all oh so reasonable negsumbitches who bring it up, &/or go along with it, are going over the side – & no marquess of queensberry rules about it, either.

          • Hey Eric,
            If Ron Paul had been the Republican candidate, then I’d agree with you- but in a race between the lesser of two evils where the lesser evil is barely distinguishable from the greater evil, and at a time when the very fabric of our society is in shambles, what does it matter?

            I’m no fan of the [Non]Libertarian Party, but would that a Libertarian candidate would have gotten more signatory votes. I applaud those who don’t give their consent to tyrants- whether by not voting at all, or by voting for non-tyrants, even if they have zero chance of winning. -That they had the courage and character to not participate in the perpetration of evil, even though they know their efforts are only signatory.

            And as someone on here has already mentioned, I have observed that the LP doesn’t merely siphon away conservative/Republican votes- but the rather, the mix is at least 50-50 D’ and R’s- so it’s probably a zero net sum game- and I would put the ratio even higher than that- as it has always seemed to me (at least post-Harry Browne) that the LP tends to run people who appeal more to those on the left-leaning side. I think you’d find more Bernie Sanders supporters among their ranks than those who would vote for Trump if they didn’t vote LP…or those who are just in it for the “legalize drugs and prostitution”….who would also never vote R, but who are tired of the status-quo D.

            I’m actually very surprised to see that you have taken this position. Much as I don’t like Jo nor the LP, I will concede that at least these people are doing something to formally resist.

            • > but in a race between the lesser of two evils where the lesser evil is barely distinguishable from the greater evil

              I doubt Eric agrees with this, but I do.

              • Actually, I can anticipate some of the distinguishing characteristics that Eric has already pointed out in the past, but at least to me, they aren’t important enough differences to make me want to vote for the continuation of politics as usual. And of course you can never count on Trump to be consistent and do what he says he’s going to do anyway.

              • Thanks, Greg.

                No disrespect to Eric, but harping on the Biden=Diapering mandate; Trump=a possibility of no mandate as a major issue is something which in reality will likely not even be an issue by the time Mumbly Joe is seated and able to do anything- because I doubt that anyone will still be buying the Kung Flu narrative by then, as at that point, it will be almost an entire year of ‘pandemic’, and I should hope that there are still enough sane people left to realize that this can’t go on forever.

                But regardless, there are so many bigger issues, on which there will be no variance no matter who ascends the throne, blocks from the DC third-world ghetto.

  18. I hear what you’re saying, Eric. Leaving aside for the moment the illogic of the “if you vote for X you’re really voting for Y” I think you’re missing the long term picture. What I mean by that is, the Marxists will not rest until they get their way, Antifa/BLM/The Great Reset will be in our future regardless of a Trump win. Orange Man will, at best, delay this inevitability.

    I haven’t come to this conclusion because I’ve “given up”, it’s just that, as Ron White said, You Can’t Fix Stupid. This country has been so dumbed down and marinated in Marxism that it won’t change until it implodes under the weight of its own contradictions. If you view our current situation in light of 4th Turning and longer generational arcs we are in an age where the defecation is going to contact the rotary oscillator regardless of who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania [that’s some irony] Ave.

    In 5, 10 or maybe 15 years we can start rebuilding a society based on Liberty from the rubble of Marxist ruin.

      • And we’ve had soft Communism since the late 1800’s…we just choose to not recognize it as such. If you’re familiar with The Fourth Turning concept this will end around 2030, maybe sooner, maybe a bit later. Expect a lot of turmoil until then. We’re just in the opening act of this little play.

        • Indeed, Mark –

          Many, including myself, have note that most of the Communist Manifesto’s major planks are facts of life in this country and have been so for more than a century. Among them, the income tax, a central bank and “free” government schools. People felt free – in relation to the less freedom in other countries – but were merely a little more free than the people in those countries. Now they are less free.

          The Fourth Turning is an interesting book; I much recommend it to those who haven’t read it.

          • Bonner quotes Salvian: “They preferred to live freely under the appearance of slavery than live in slavery under the appearance of freedom.”

            Bonner arranges the context that swaddled Salvian’s sight (& in which readers are supposed to extend particular petal –Rome- of the perennial poisonous weed the courtesy of being “civilization’s” representatives):

            Joseph Tainter (The Collapse of Complex Societies): “The empire that emerged under Diocletian & Constantine was administered by a government that was larger, more complex, more highly organized, & that commanded larger & more powerful military forces. It taxed its citizens more heavily, conscripted their labor, & regulated their lives & occupations. It was a coercive, omnipresent, all-powerful organization that subdued individual interests & levied all resources toward one overarching goal: the survival of the State.”

            The Cambridge Ancient History: “The full rigor of the law was let loose on the population. Soldiers acted as bailiffs or wandered as secret police through the land. Those who suffered most were, of course, the propertied class…

            In connection with all this compulsion & state-socialist regulation had established themselves more firmly…
            Arrest, confiscation, & execution hung over their heads like a sword of Damocles…

            If the propertied classes buried their money, or sacrificed two-thirds of their estate to escape from the magistracy, or went so far as to give up their whole property in order to get free of the domains rent, & the non-propertied class rab away, the state replied by increasing the pressure…”

            Bonner: “At the time of Odacer’s final assault, the empire had already been under attack & greatly destabilized for more than 100 years. Rome had been sacked in 410 by the Visigoths & again in 455 by the Vandals. Between the bright day of civilization & the dark night of Barbarian control lay a long & turbulent crepuscle. Civilzation had been so weakened that by the time the last flickers of daylight disappeared, there were probably many people who were relieved.

            By then, the Barbarian raids, incursions, & invasions – not to mention the open warfare between Rome’s own leading generals & rulers – had created such anxiety, turmoil, & suffering that many people were ready for a change. Slaves, army deserters (many of them from Germanic tribes), displaced families, remnants of other broken-up armies tribes, & cities went over to the invaders. They might not have expected better lives, but they were desperate, many on the edge of starvation. By then, the pleasant & productive life within the Roman Empire had largely been destroyed by taxes, regulations, corruption, rebellions, power struggles, epidemics, & invasions. (Insert Salvian, here.)”

            If learning were an option, it would have been selected long before the current iteration of prologue’s past. Including learning that, whatever the scale, beginning with conquest ends with divest, with self(correcting)-digesting. Big H is conceit, not sapient.

            • (((Ozy puts away the Dr. Seuss and breaks out the real books!!!!)))

              ….and didn’t even have to resort to the cliched Gibbon! 😮

              WAY to GO Ozy! [Checks to make sure it’s not Jeremy] 😀

              • Well, Nunze, whether Seuss, or Bonner, or fill in the blank, all the best, & true, things have been written & recited ad nauseum…

                …which doesn’t even slow, let alone stop, the dead horse beat.

                Might could say that dead horse is a Trojan from which leaks Assange jailers & Snowden assailers – etc & et al — & which is refilled – to the top – with each new generation of condom leaks, same as & analogous to what the fiat fedres do.

                Yeah, its good exercise, but only true believers are wont to convince any of it’ll exorcise. (Cue Linda Blair’s lazy susan head.)

                • Whaaaa? I ain’t never heard of the Dead Horse Beat. Is it anything the Bird Dance Beat?


                  At least if Assange’s Trojan leaked….we may have more Assange’s around to expose how government is F^%$ing us…..not that the 330 million resultant spores around us care, as long as they’re lubed-up good with plenty of iPhones and XXX-boxes.

                  In a world of bread and circuses, we have clowns with pretzels on every corner.

                  • I’d like it to be that linear, too; but it ain’t.

                    Assange comes from a long line of Assanges, but he’s an n of 1 Assange whistleblowers. Even if genes is a fulcrum, how they land is random, & the parental halves aren’t the determinism they are cracked up to be…

                    …sometimes apples fall out of pine trees…just not often enough…& then the 96 spores feast on as many of the 4 apples as they can get their fungus on.

  19. I think that Trump will defeat the cheating Democrats and will take the oath of office on Jan. 20, 2021. If not, I plan to leave Colorado and move to South Dakota by Jan. 16, 2021. If there is any governor in the U. S. who will help shield her state from federal tyranny, it is Kristi Noem.

    • I am right behind you, Geoffrey.

      I will have faith in the system until they call the election. I am hoping Trump will pull this off. I am befuddled and pretty damn angry that America would put in an old man who has done nothing for our country for the 47 years he was there. He will spend 6 months as Prez as the progressive party pulls the strings behind him. Then we will be subject to a completely inexperienced socialist Senator that will make our lives a living hell as she implements Klaus Schwab’s and the Gates Foundation New World Order.

      SD seems to be the last piece of sanctuary left.

      • If it comes to pass, it won’t take 6 months, not only is senile Joe mentally broken, but the corruption which has been allowed to fester will allow the traitor to communist cash to be removed quickly as his treason is far too well documented. There is still a lot of innings in this game, but what we needed for a peaceful transition and some actual progress was a fraud proof inarguable majority. And per Eric’s point the LP probably took away .4% from team evil and 1% from team stupid.

        So be it. It would be a relief to have a straight up fight- the communists will never leave us alone and freedom is worth any cost.

  20. What of liberals who were fed up with the totalitarian nomination of Biden and Harris? We voted for Jo because she was less disgusting than other options. There was a time when Democrats at least voiced Federal-level dissent of King George’s PATRIOT Act launched mass surveillance. Even a Democrat can have a conscience and see the trend. Acceptance and tolerance…unless you disagree. I have an open enough mind to hear you Trump’ers out about the hypocrisy even though there was never a chance in Hell I was actually going to vote for him. I’m just as tired of the lesser evil thing as you guys are. I have a daughter, I see Biden for the creep he is and the way Glenn Greenwald was treated sealed it for me. I’ll never be a Republican but I’m not a Democrat anymore.

  21. Agree, to a point. But what about the 69 million Amerikans who voted for a diabolically evil duo of a face diapering demented old pervert and Pol Pot with a vajayjay? What responsibility do these fellow travelers bear toward cementing the forthcoming long term, countrywide diapering, sickness kabuki, lockdown and everything bailout? These selfish, ignorant fools who have let their hatred and self-loathing effectively sign the death warrant for our way of life, for our children’s future? These losers on life, many of whom have never built a thing and know only how to bring down and destroy – why do they get a pass? They couldn’t see beyond the end of their diaper-covered noses. They caused what is coming. Not Jo or Jo’s paltry few spite-my-own-face voters. Without these geeks, Jo is only a gnat on an elephant’s ass.

    • I concur, BAC – but those who voted for the Diapering Man never pretended to be lovers of liberty. What appalls me about Jorgensen and her supporters is they claim to be just that – and were willing to shit it all away for no good reason at all. They will say: But I didn’t vote for any of this!


      But by voting the way they did, they voted for just that.

      • Amen Eric, this could be very bad indeed. It feels like Czechoslovakia in 1948. Same promises by the Bolsheviks. Those that made the error might not get a chance to fix it. Just plain stupid.

      • I wonder what you must think of people like me who choose to stick to our principles and NOT vote. To not grant legitimacy to this illegitimate institution called government.

        They will do as they will, no matter how you vote. Live free, and when their thugs come a knockin’, you can choose to die standing, fighting or on your knees, begging.

        • Hi Philo,

          I get it – and respect it. But – and I have brought this up before – we are under duress, which adds an important factor to the discussion. I would vote for no one, too – because I have no desire to rule or be ruled, only to live – and let live. But that is not our choice. The choice is the choice faced by a person in a concentration camp who cannot choose to be free, nor choose freedom for others. He can want this and work toward this but is he wrong for choosing to lessen the evil he suffers? I don’t fault him for that – nor regard him as complicit.

          I see this election as a pivotal battle between outright evil and something far from perfect but not outright evil. And I voted for that to try to stave off the former.

          • And staving off is all it will accomplish. The only difference between the two is the speed of the handcart to hell we are riding on. The destination remains the same.

            • Amen, JWK. And we’re so close to the end of the one-way tunnel already, that at this point the speed is pretty much irrelevant. Still makes me a little sick to see Mumbly Joe & The Kommie Kamel-toe at the helm (Looks like OM will lose by one or two electoral votes) but it really makes no difference- our people are practicing communists…and that is only going to get worse as the younger ones, who have been even more propagandized, come online- and they will get the government they deserve.

              • Talking of younger generation – has anyone see the show on netflix called the politican ? Its a bit funny when these kids run around with their far left ideals to get in government – but the thing is when you realise that in about a decade, these will be the people who start taking more and more important roles in the DC swamp….. it sends a shiver down your spine….

          • Here’s the problem, Eric: if we’re that close to the abyss, we’re basically screwed anyway. Jorgenson or no Jorgenson, if the salvation of the country and the future of freedom itself rests solely on the shoulders of Trump, it’s only a matter of time before we’re finished.

            I am NOT a “never-Trumper.” I voted for him, twice. But it is too much to ask for one man alone to save the Republic from itself. Trump cannot, has not, and will not purge the country of all the leftists and busybody control freaks who are destroying liberty. The paradox is that he would have to become the dictator — the “Hitler” — they are accusing him of being. And he’s not. He’s basically a Democrat from circa 1960.

            The Left is not going to go away, short of a General Franco throwing a coup and throwing them all in prison and ruling for forty years. It’s not going to happen. And even in the case of Franco, Spain became socialist anyway after he died.

            I wish I could be more optimistic. But the fact is that feminism, immigration, demagoguery, debt, sloth, pride and arrogance have ruined this country already. We’re not a nation of hardy pioneers any more with a rifle in pone hand and a Bible in the other. We’re a nation of women, effeminate men, racial grievance groups, fat slobs, and whiners and victims jockeying for a government handout paid for by fiat money and Ponzi-scheme debt, while we entertain ourselves with football, porn and weed.

            When you give such people the vote… you can’t expect much good to come of it.

            • X,

              I agree with most of your post. Trump was never a conservative or a Republican, but a Kennedy Democrat, which goes to show how far left the Dems (and Republicans) have gone.

              Trump is a rare breed of candidate. He is blunt, direct, and non PC. You either love him or hate him, but you feel something. To me, he appeared to be one of the few candidates that actually gave a damn about the country. He is independently wealthy. He isn’t doing it for the money. Each of his Presidential paychecks he donated to a government agency each quarter, which was rarely ever covered in the news.

              Trump provided all Americans the opportunities that they would need to better ourselves….less regulation, lower taxes, school choice, non mandated health insurance, etc. If we didn’t take advantage of it it is our own damn fault. I made more money in the last three years then I made under eight years of the Obama Administration.

              He was flayed by the media time and time again. The improvements he made to society were either rarely discussed or unjustly criticized. What did Americans do for improving the country? Give the House to Nancy Pelosi and a handful of commies in 2018.

              Instead of electing him in a landslide by just ignoring his tweets and focusing on policy, the American Electorate handed the Presidency to a feeble old man who doesn’t know who he is running against or for what position. Why? Because we wanted someone “nice.” We know Biden will never complete his term and the new President is a woman who is unfit for the job. Whose only qualifications were her skin color and her gender.

              As a US Senator did she reach across the aisle to work with others? Did she provide an open mind for the President’s Cabinet picks or Supreme Court Justice selections? Has she passed any meaningful legislation that would help hardworking Americans? No, no, and no.

              We as a society have failed and we are in fact, are getting the government we deserve. Unfortunately, all will be punished for the choices of the majority.

              It is going to be a long four years.

              Also, there is nothing wrong with being entertained by football. I will forego any conclusion on porn or weed.

              • Good morning, RG!

                All is not lost – yet. The Orange Man has not conceded and ought not to. His mistake was not insisting on measures to assure the vote count was accurate. In my state, I was appalled by the laxity of the process. I was not required to show ID. I merely had to tell the lady at the desk my name and show her a voter card that could easily be fraudulent because it was literally a piece of paper with simple black font; something even someone like me could fake and print out.

                Then I got a piece of paper that was not tied to me. On this paper, you checked the boxes and fed the thing into a scanning machine. How easy would it be to feed any such piece of paper into that machine? How could it be determined that I did in fact vote and that I voted for the Orange Man?

                Orange Man could do a service by triggering the secession that is necessary to preserve any liberty in this country.

                • Eric – I never got why the OM didnt take more measures for ensuring the election process was accurate. There was a lot of talk about voter fraud in say the mid terms, even videos that recently surfaced around Minneapolis – but it seems no action was ever taken. Why when its so obvious for all to see? I always suspected this is because these loopholes are allowed to exist, as it helps the powers that be step in when required…. (or again this is the more cynical side of me having little faith in gov or politicians)

                  • Hi Nasir,

                    It baffles me, too. Just as it baffles me that OM did not portray the stark difference between himself an Creepy Joe as regards the fear-peddling over the WuFlu. He could have calmly reassured people; presented the facts – and let them speak for themselves. They would have portrayed Creepy Joe as the Diapered fear monger he is.

                    I just want to sleep for the next 30 years or so…. wake me when it’s over.

                    • Hi Eric,

                      Do you truly believe the media would have given him fair coverage?

                      Early on Trump did try that. He told the public not to panic. He said to stay calm and that the government would supply any needed ventilators, PPE, ships, military, etc.

                      The blue states, seeing an opening, took the reins and ran with it. They fanned the panic, they required masks and began shutting down businesses, they closed the schools, and kept the narrative going. Trump didn’t have a prayer in the world to be able to come back from that. The media wasn’t going to hear him out or even allow the American people to hear him out.

                      This was too good of a crisis to allow it to go to waste.

                      The way that the majority of the American people buckled would make Hitler and China proud. It took those governments years to convince their citizens. The US….a little less than three months and we still haven’t gotten up.

                    • **” it baffles me that OM did not portray the stark difference between himself an Creepy Joe as regards the fear-peddling over the WuFlu. “**

                      Eric, do you see all those people at the supermarket all masked-up? 99.9% of the sheeple think that this is REAL.

                      My mother listens to the radio. She was telling me that she was listening to interviews with peoplke on the street- and the issue that kept coming up was “Trump’s handling of the pandemic”- They were critical that he didn’t do enough! They want someone who will tyranize them and those around them with MORE sickness psychosis!

                      Let’s face it, my friend, in a world in which people are literally controlled by Hollywood and government skools, offering sanity, truth and autonomy doesn’t win poinjts- it loses them.

                      The only way any politician could fix this would be to forcefully impose sanity, truth, and autonomy on the masses- and of course, thayt is impossible, and would constitute a tyranny of it’s own.

                      You’re making the mistake of assuming that the average person is still reasonable, sane and moral- and capable of meaningful observation. The majority of people around us are not like that anymore.

                      Remember? We live in a world where a man can don a dress and WE are ostracized if we don’t pretend that he is sane and legitimately a woman! Do you expect reasoned and logical decisions and actions from a society that would tolerate such insanity?

                      Hell, Trump probably would have won if he had worn a dress, and promised to mandate that all insert a digit up their poop chute to protect them from ladybugs.

                    • Savior believers will believe anything, all inclusive, so covers stopgap saviors, too. “Both” mirror image “sides” are sure hopeful that “their” wolf will keep that other wolf from the door.

              • RG,

                A few things must be considered WRT the Dem takeover of the House in 2018. One, you had the BS Mueller probe and bad news fallout from that 24/7/365 for what, 2-3 years? Two, 50-55 Republican House members retired; this forfeited the incumbency advantage (90%-95% of Congress critters are reelected); that put ALL those seats in play! Three, party in the White House always loses Congressional seats in midterm elections; it’s only a question of how many they’ll lose, not if they’ll lose seats. Four, the Dems played legal games to get some districts redrawn to favor them; that happened in PA where I live. Five, the Dems that ran, especially in districts that went for Trump, didn’t campaign as Democrats; they campaigned as moderates, said they were pro 2A, etc. Exhibit A is Conor Lamb who ran in Western PA. Finally, Paul “Lyin'” Ryan was GOP Speaker, and he did little or nothing to support POTUS-more about that later…

                Some more about #2, the incumbent advantage. Not only does an incumbent enjoy name recognition; not only does an incumbent have a track record to run on; they have plenty of other advantages too. For example, they have frakning privileges, or free postage; IOW, it doesn’t cost an incumbent Congress critter ONE CENT to send all that election crap to you! Also, because an incumbent is a known quantity, fundraising is so much easier for them vs. a challenger. That’s why incumbent Representatives and Senators enjoy a 90% return rate. So, by the incumbency advantage alone, the GOP should’ve held the House; it would’ve been with a smaller majority, but they’d have held the House.

                Concerning #4, I can speak to that. Eric Holder, Obama’s AG, formed a group of libtard legal egales to challenge Congressional districts, get lib DAs elected, etc. Our state Supreme Court is elected, not appointed, here in PA. The Dems control our Supreme Court by a 7-2 margin. The Dems took control of state supreme courts with elected judges, got DAs in, and so on.

                SO! What Eric Holder and his merry band did, was challenge our state Congressional districts. Since the GOP controls both houses of the PA legislature, they drew the districts to favor the GOP. Eric Holder and his crew brought a suit through the system, and the PA Supreme Court, being Dem controlled, threw out the old Congressional districts and redrew new ones! They were, of course, in favor of the Dems. Three Congressional seats, 1/10th of the Dem pickup in 2018, were flipped from GOP to Dem. The Democrats did this sort of thing all over the country.

                NOW! In PA, per our constitution, only the legislature gets to set Congressional districts. The state supreme court has no purview there; what they did was illegal. However, the GOP controlled legislature didn’t challenge them or slap them down, which they would’ve been perfectly in the right to do, given our state constitution.

                Let me say some more about Conor Lamb, one of the Dems elected to the House in 2018. He ran as a pro-gunner, which would play well in western PA. He ran as a moderate. He promised to support Pres. Trump; in fact, at one of his rallies, Trump talked about how, if you’d just listened to Lam’s campaign rhetoric, he sounded like one of Trump’s biggest fans! And, IIRC, he promised to not vote for Comrade Pelosivich. In 2018, the Dems all over the country did the same as Conor Lamb did. You see, if the Dems are TRUTHFUL about what they want to do, they’d never get elected! But yeah, the 2018 Dem freshman Congress critters lied their asses off to get elected.

                I’d like to say more about Paul “Lyin'” Ryan, who was House Speaker when the GOP controlled the House for Trump’s first two years. One, he didn’t support the President at all; he did little or nothing to move the wall, the Obamacare repeal, and other big issues for the Trump base. He wouldn’t let Devin Nunes subpoena anyone shady for hearings or support possible criminal referrals. Ryan brought bloated, POS budgets to POTUS; while they increased defense spending like Trump wanted, they had plenty of BS in ’em that he didn’t want. That said, Trump didn’t shut down the gov’t as I think he should have. Ryan so PO’d GOP Trump supporters that many of them stayed home for the 2018 midterm elections.

                Paul Ryan was a swamp dweller through and through. As a thank-you for his service, he got a nice paying gig on K Street (home of the lobbying/influence firms in DC), and he now sits on Fox News’ board of directors. Is it any surprise that Fox has been stabbing Trump in the back recently?

                Before I close, had there not been 50-55 GOP House members retiring in 2018, The GOP would’ve held the House. They’d have had a smaller majority, but they’d have held the House. However, between that and the other factors I discussed, the GOP was destined to lose the House. It wasn’t so much the American people wanted Pelosi and her crew; it was the fact that the GOP royally SCREWED the pooch on on multiple fronts, so they lost the House in 2018…

            • Hi X,

              I don’t disagree fundamentally with any of your points. But there is one other point, a critical one, in my view. It is that a Trump win could end Sickness Psychosis, the singular issue of the times. If Biden is declared winner, this pathology is going to change everything. America will never be the same – and will likely become much worse. It will possibly mean that people such as most of us here will be forced to resist – physically, with all that portends – or accept our ear tags and Face Diapers and play Sickness Kabuki, forever.

              If Trump can pull it off, we will be able to take the Diapers off. That is all that mattered to me this election.

      • Trump is no lover of liberty, and his lack of leadership on the “pandemic” or his too little, too late realization that Fauci is full of shit, has caused diapering to gain its foothold. He let the whole shitshow play itself out for too long, and never once moved to hold its mayoral or gubernatorial purveyors accountable. I just don’t see how he stands now as some bulwark against diapering or needling. If he planned to wait until after the election to reverse course, that’s a serious miscalculation or just dumb.

        I think this was all inevitable anyway – if not Jo voters, then fraud. No way was Orange Man getting a second term. Deplorables were to be punished. And so we will.

        • Hi BAC,

          I agree Trump is far from perfect – but consider the alternative. We can argue all day about what we want. What we get is what’s on the table.

      • Sigh(entology)…. The deep shite state’s defecated, not elected. You’re arguing mythology, here.

        Politicians are scum & voters are the stagnant water beneath. But the muck beneath the stagnant water & scum is what supports, holds up, & runs the whole sludge-show.

        Or as Bonner less succinctly puts it:

        “Elections serve three important ends:

        First, like any poll, or survey, they provide important information. They tell the insiders how far they can go…how far they can push the public…& what they can get away with.

        Second, they make the voters complicit in whatever the insiders want to do. Voters feel responsible for what happens & assume that it is their fault. “Hey, you voted for the bum,” they say to one another.

        And third, elections provide a cloak of legitimacy & respectability to the government. As long as the elected windbags in congress & the white house are out in front, deep state insiders can do almost whatever they want behind the scenes.”

        I think too some vote as self-medication for impotent rage, while others are blissfully unaware of their impotence…& “socially” transmitted diseases.

        One is “entitled” to whatever one can defend.

        Personal preferences that don’t impact – trespass – against anyone else, like favorite flavor of ice cream, are truly-actually personal & are exempt from needing to be defended.

        Beyond ice cream however, that which cannot be defended will be taken away in debate. Once that occurs, if the one who has been stood corrected doesn’t correct, refuses to correct, then such a one shows him or herself to be either incapable of learning, or in denial, both of which are synonyms, except that the latter adds a gooey layer of “agency” (which is just conceit, as there is no such thing).

        Even if “corona” was real (in the mass-killer sense it has been pumped & trumped up to be…rather than the deus ex machina ghost poured into the always already scared shitless machinery-herd it is), the response to “it” is, continues to be, suicidal.

        Make that murder-suicidal.

        The good right reverend Jim Jonestown Grimms-grimmer-grimest Fairy Tale plays out over & over & yet again.

        Which is yet another in the continuing proof positive that the much vaunted & ballyhooed fetish “learning” &/or “education” – agency — has nothing to do with anything, does not apply to (most of) the species that prays to 16 years, or more, of schooling whilst all the while preying upon each other.

        People, in the vast bulk & main, are cowed in “golden calfness.” They behave like baby cattle & are treated like baby cattle. V ain’t for vendetta – it’s for vealicious.

        (And pecu-people ain’t a lately thing, either, but a perennial hanging over the edges plating: “Your people, sir, is a great beast.” ~ Alexander Hamilton, 1792 – and that was, & is, an accurate assessment, whether he actually said it, or not. Just look around – and see {would it were for every Hamilton a Burr – but there ain’t — & to see, or not to see, that is the question were actually a question – but it ain’t: either you do see, or you don’t see, & choosing one or the other is not an option}. If ya’ got sight (which is to say an honest brain), it is undeniable, & if ya’ didn’t da’ nile’s wide, & full of crocs.)

        Herd animals instinctually go for “safety in numbers,” thereby commodity-converting themselves into a one-stop supermarket wherein which each individual’s “safety” is fully a function of the predator-shoppers selecting the commodified cow to the left, right, up, or down from their own bit of shelf space (countries, states, cities, towns, counties…whatever-wherever-whenever).

        Reality is mostly counterintuitive.

        Reality is mostly the fall line (skiing).

        But cattle intuitions cannot be countered. “Charlie don’t surf,” perhaps, but cattle definitely do not ski. And there’s the apocalypse now, perennially now, right there.

        So the only modicum of “safety” available to the actual people sprinkled within the herd is to get out of the herd, & as far away from it as possible. Bonner’s Argentina spread ain’t pretty, & wouldn’t be among my first 3 choices, but at least it is to hell & gone away.

        Next, xenophobia. Definitely a thing. Odd wo/man out can be really out, really quick. Round eyes in asia. White skin in central/south America/Africa. Or maskless in a sea of masks.

        What’s the opposite of exfiltration? How “popular” – successful — is camouflage in nature? What’s aspect number one of saving face ‘round the poker table?

        What good does it do a person to get mad at a herd of cattle? How does that even happen, unless the person is crazily insisting that the cattle should be/come people? In which case the question begs: is it the what that has a problem, or the who?

        The what believes itself to be a person, & equally believes that every other person is a what, too (& that all, of course, must do the what-toosi). And why should a person expect more than that from a what? What else can a what do?

        Soooo…if a person looks at a what & “sees” a person, maybe such a person is actually just another what with delusions of who? After all, all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

        Love the smell o’ napalm’d What-a-burgers in the morning, smells like…contradictory, eh? Duvall’s too old to play it again, so whose good for the part now?☻

    • Marxists laugh their asses of at Libertarians who lecture them about ideals of freedom, private property and non-aggression. But, never fear true believers, as your property is seized and you’re marched off to the re-education camps you’ll surely be comforted by your moral superiority.

      • Exactly, Griff –

        I am a libertarian, not an imbecile. Of course I want no income tax, no property tax, no foreign wars – etc. But I also want less income and property taxes and fewer wars. I understand, also, that we will get higher taxes and more wars by insisting on the former by refusing to countenance the latter.

  22. As I can remember in past Virginia state elections, there was news of big leftist money men secretly funding “Libertarian” candidates in state wide races to split the vote in the democrats favor. Now that the demographics have changed, that underhanded ploy is not being used. I’m in my early 50’s and now that parents of my generation are going or gone, we are being replaced by third worlders, younger people being turned out by modern public (indoctrination) schools and universities. The words “ hard work” are the new dirty four- lettered words and idiots can’t figure out if they are male or female or one pretending to be the other. In a saner time, my parents generation, padded walled rooms were prescribed for such disorders. I feel like that we have arrived at the real life version of the movie “Idiocracy”. If my grandparents and those of their generation could have seen the future we live in today, they’d would have said to hell with war. Let the Japs and Krauts have it all. We ain’t dying for all that crap!

  23. As of this morning, Biden definitely has flipped Arizona (11 electoral votes).

    With 95% of the votes counted, Biden has an 0.7% lead in Wisconsin (10 votes) and a thinner 0.2% lead in Michigan (16 votes).

    Subtract the 37 electoral votes of these three states from Trump’s 306 total in the 2016 election, and you get 269 — one vote short of the 270 needed to win.

    Only if the 6 electoral votes in Nevada, where Biden leads 0.6% with 86% counted, unexpectedly flip for Trump does Trump squeak through with a victory.

    Meanwhile, Demonrats probably failed to win control of the Senate.

    Divided government is the best that libertarians can hope for, in an unconstitutional duopoly enforced by the two corrupt legacy parties.

    If you treat D-party control of the presidency and Senate as independent 50-50 chances, then we face a combined 25% probability of dictatorial one-party control.

    A sharp drop in Treasury yields this morning, with prospects of a blowout $3 trillion stimulus bill fading, suggests that Wall Street does not foresee Demonrats grabbing across-the-board control.

  24. It was some trick of the powers that shouldn’t be to transform the portrayal of a desire for liberty from something every American was imbued with to a sort of arcane, overly intellectualized fringe political theory supposedly represented by an even wackier and irrelevant political party.

  25. My gut told me that hair plug guy would win this election legitimately but they also had the mail in ballot charade in place just in case. As I’m seeing these results being refined, I’m constantly reminded of why I should continue to trust my gut.

    My gut smacked me upside the head the moment the pandemic was enacted, and it was further reinforced when the mask mandates were boldly pushed even when it was readily apparent that the pandemic was nothing more than a scam. What sealed the deal for me was how easily the population diapered up without question. So the government forces you to shut down and says it’s due to a virus. And what do you do? You don’t question the government about the rationale for this, but rather you go to them for a handout. And here we are.

    Combine this with a militant left wing MSM and massive social pressure and the anarchists. Given the absolute stupidity of the populace they believe the incumbent was somehow responsible for all this.

    The average dolt will not realize that Orange Man adhered to federalism as the constitution intended. He let the states do what they wished, because that’s how the law was constructed. The average dolt will instead focus on how easily Orange Man tends to piss off certain people.

    Orange Man is like a book with a shabby cover. Hair plug guy has a shinier cover but the inside of his book is pure evil. But since the average dolt judges a book by its cover, I suspect that even Fido, Fluffy, or a pet rock would’ve given Orange Man a run for the money.

    It’s really too bad that we didn’t have a runoff election system, otherwise splinter party folks like Jorgensen might have more sway.

    I always wondered how communism would infiltrate this country. Now we’re living history.

  26. The Libertarian party is a farce. They suffer the delusion that using the system that created our problems, they can fix those problems. A thing which Albert Einstein proclaimed impossible. The candidates they put forth are the most delusional among them. They show us a picture which looks good, with no ability whatsoever of bringing it to fruition.

    • Hi JWK,

      Yup. And Jorgensen isn’t even a coherent libertarian, leaving aside the inarguable pointlessness of her candidacy, except insofar as it benefits the Diapering Man.


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