Why I Like The Donald and May Even Vote for Him

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Voting amounts to answering that question about whether you’ve stopped beating your wife.Billy lead

There’s no winning. Best to keep your mouth shut.

But – god help me –  I may just vote for Trump.

Not because I like Trump – I suspect his Dear Leader tendencies – but because I love what he has done to Jeb! and Lyin’ Ted (the next-best thing to Jeb!) and even more satisfying, the entire cohort of oily, cap-toothed “neoconservative” warfare staters.

In particular Billy Kristol, publisher of The Weekly Standard – the bible of chickenhawks who love war so long as someone else does the dying.

And the killing.Billy 2

Guys like Kristol (and Rush and Hannity and Mittens, too) never get their own hands wet. The want blood on other people’s hands – while they chortle in psychopathic ecstasy on Fox News, probably masturbating each other under the table at the thought of it all. 

I know this bastard Kristol personally. Well, I know personally about his oleaginous machinations; his Cheshire Cat wheedling behind the scenes, the way he fed Talking Points to house-trained “conservative” media organs like The WashingtonTimes, where I worked for a number of years as an editorial writer and columnist.

It was an eye-opening experience.

I saw the man behind the curtain.

And his name was (and still is) Billy.

Oh, he manifests in different guises. George (times two) and Dick (several Dicks) sometimes. And Don and Ted and Paul and Mittens, too. But it is always Billy’s voice emanating from their traps.

Billy and his friends…  Billy 3

How these people got the power they have to direct public opinion (well, “conservative” opinion – by directing the editorial policy of “conservative” media) is something I have yet to grok.

But power they most definitely have.

I used to come to work very early in the morning, hours before the others. It’s when I’m at my best for writing. Being there first happened to mean I was also the guy who checked the office fax machine first (we had fax machines back in the ‘90s). Every day – literally – there would be faxes from something called The Project for The New American Century – an entity almost no one outside of the inner circles of DC politics had ever even heard of at the time.

It was run by Billy.       

These faxes urged War and more War. And more Security, too. America must “rebuild” her defenses (read: chuck more money at the Offense Industry, which already consumed more of the federal budget than any other item and needed “rebuilding” in the same way that Marlon Brando needed another triple angus Thickburger) and “take out” (always the tough guy talk from guys far from tough themselves) “evildoers” and “enemies of freedom” such as Saddam (always referred to by his first name).PNAC 2

Guess where George The Elder got that?

The same place his son got that.

Whatever ideas these two had, they got them by way of Billy. It seemed the entire “conservative” Republican establishment sat like the RCA dog in front of Billy’s Victrola … keen to hear their master’s voice.

Very curious.

The faxes themselves were not odd. All sorts of faxes came over the transom. What was very peculiar was the way the editorial page staff – the way the editorial page editor – treated anything from Billy much the same as the Israelites received injunctions from Moses.his master's voice

Billy’s talking points became editorials – almost verbatim – the very next day.

Why, I wondered? Does Billy possess photographs of the editorial page editor and a goat, together as one in the moonlight?

I never found out exactly why Billy wielded such influence. But the fact remained: he did. For all practical purposes, he was the editorial page editor of The Times. Which was in those days what Fox News is today – the front organization for the Republican Party.

Or rather, the elements that controlled it.

Then came 911 – interestingly named and even more interesting that it occurred on that particular day, to make that particular naming possible. Billy got his wish.

War, forever.

Now comes Trump – threatening, almost believably, to end the wars. To focus on – gasp! – America first.Hillary pic

This has Billy throwing a conniption fit. He is so enervated by Trump that he threatens to back not merely Mittens (a Chimp with better hair) or some other safe bet toady… but Hillary. Which is gratifying to me because it exposes Billy’s true self.

What he really is.

Which is about as “conservative” as I am short.

And I am six feet three.

The Long Con is genuinely threatened. The co-opting of the “conservative” political side off the aisle by Manchurians like Billy. They figured they could beat the Bible a little bit, bash some fags (well, they let eager tools like the Chimp and Lyin’ Ted do that for them) and the people not on the political left would faithfully support them and thus the Wars because … well, what choice did they have?

Aren’t you proud to be an American? Where at least you know you’re “free”?Billy on Fox

Now they have a choice.

And Billy is beside himself.

Which ought to fill every American’s heart – left or right, liberal or conservative – with transcendent joy. If Trump’s victory means the shattering of Billy’s power, the end of the neo-con con, then I will not only vote for The Donald, I will put a sign in my front yard for The Donald.

Getting rid of Billy – all the Billys – is as crucial at this moment as throwing sand on a fire before the thing gets out of hand. Or – more apt – getting rid of the termites before the foundation becomes unfixable.

If that takes Trump, so be it.

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  1. To trumps credit besides threatening Iran Venezuela and north korea with war he hasnt actually started one. He did ditch a perfectly fine iran nuclear agreement and is sanctioning russia for what reason? he apparently came within ten minutes of war with iran for what reason? He is rumored to do a complete afghan pulout before 2020. He hired the most repulsive creatures on the planet in senior positions – pompeo bolton haspel the CiA torturer – disgusting nikki haley. So on balance my opinion is he sucks. your mileage may vary.

  2. I remember reading Trump’s “Art of the Deal.” I can’t mentally make the leap to what a Trumptopia would be. But I’m sure it’s appropriately hideous. If Hilary was going to bring back prosperity from the Clinton era, I would support that. But of course she can’t or won’t or both. Hilaryan Nation will surely be a horron to behold.

    Voting for the Janitor in charge of mopping up their mess and tidying their cover story, I don’t know enough to say if its important or not. It does seem distasteful to consider, tho, so I’ll go with that and not ponder too long upon it.

    Janitor of Lunacy = President of the united State

    Paralyze my infancy
    Petrify the empty cradle
    Bring hope to them and me

    Janitor of tyranny
    Testify my vanity
    Mortalize my memory
    Deceive the devil’s deed

    Tolerate my jealousy
    Recognize the desperate need

    Janitor of lunacy
    Identify my destiny
    Revive the living dream
    Forgive their begging scream

    Janitor of Lunacy – Nico. Divergent Allegiant Soundtrack

    Read more: Nico – Janitor Of Lunacy Lyrics | MetroLyrics

  3. I just read this article about the Donald on The Daily Bell. It raises some of the same questions(but not all)I had after reading the original in Politico. I don’t have the Politico article at hand but maybe there’s a link to it in here.


    Indeed, if he’s wanting to stop foreign wars why the need to boost the military? And his comments to stifle free speech via limiting the press is not unlike what Hitlery most likely believes but hasn’t said. Just a great many more things in the Politico article but they address his main controversial aspects.

  4. There is nothing “conservative” about neoconservatives. They are (mostly) Jewish Trotskyites who have fooled a large part of the American public by adding “conservative” to their name.

    • Hi Robert,

      Yep – but I think the jig may be up. More and more people are on to the con and Kristol, et al, are rapidly losing both their political power and their anonymity.

      We can thank Trump for both.

  5. good thing i grew up in an area not lousy with property nazis.

    wasnt anywhere especially big or densely populated. but also nothing especially rundown or menacing.

    we were always somewhere out in the woods. whose woods? who cares.

    bb gun fights. campfires getting drunk. passing around joints.

    also we were all pulled over to the side of the road of the main drags. right in front of someones hard earned property and business they needed to earn their living.

    we weren’t especially careful of anything. nor were we especially malicious. mostly we were just horsing around. chasing fillies. sowing our wild oats. we didnt have time for worrying about all those hardworking carraige pulling older horses. or much care who could run the fastest. or won the most races. or had the most expensive saddles.

    we were just run of the mill equines of all breeds. some individualistic and talented. some mangy and hangers on mutts not even worth slaughtering for transport in a grease railcar.

    Now each horse you meet is all about formalities. What is your racing name. Who bred you. What is your lineage. Where do you race or work in pasture. or be saddled up for kiddy rides. nothing freeform and spontaneous. only nervous whinning in shoddy fenced quarters and electrified fenced ranches.

    • My gosh Tor Libertarian; did you also grow up in the southwest Missouri Ozark Mountains?
      I could go anywhere hunting or fishing without worrying about objections. Everyone knew to not leave gates open, hunt near houses at night, and to try to avoid climbing fences as much as possible. The local farmers were very much pro-property ownership, but did not mind neighbors trespassing. A very few of them wanted a portion of the harvest, but I always avoided their properties because I considered my harvest to not be worth splitting monetarily. If one gets one squirrel or one 8-10″ fish in 1 to 4 hours time; then splitting the meat harvest into half would make ones personal meager gain even worse so.

      • If you’ve ever been in Jane, Missouri – Hwy 71/Rte 90 – which is west of Sugar Creek. You could take a canoe on down south that crick a bit to where I used to be some winter weeks in my younger days.

        Although I done spent most of my youth in a few places on the south shore of Lake Superior and St Mary’s River.

        But you’re right, I did spend also spend some good quality time near the Walmart HQ in NW Arkansas. There was lake Norwood, Ann, Rayburn, Windsor, Avalon, and Sugar Creek, AR as I recall.

        Lots of us whipper snap wildlings were tramping about around some kinda Geezer’s Gulch they had there as I recall.

  6. People pathetically naive to believe in the reality of government get the never ending boom and bust shit storm deluges and shit storm dust bowls they deserve.

    That’s far more pathetic than the African field workers and Irish homestead workers who were unable to avoid capture and ended up bartered as property, the way shot callers in prisons barter weak fish like cigarettes in a penitentiary,

    And especially got dam those higher up the economic food chain that breathe life into such idiocies because there fairly close to the apex of the pyramid scheme, and hence stand to benefit from the game of monument “property owners” and slave peasants and serfs who make bricks to build the monuments.

    If you call the good people those whose music is of the major heptatonic ionian scale. And the bad clover people the louts of the minor heptatonic aeolian scale.

    Then call me Tor Anarcho-Sonic. I live and exist only in the pentatonic scale and hence am not to be bartered or judged according to you disgusting cannabilistic good/bad music dialectic fucktune.

      • “no matter what you call him”
        I call him a protectionist, like Pat Buchanan. I know you don’t agree, 8, but I do believe in a free market. Not ‘managed trade’ which is what NAFTA, TPP, et al, are.

        • Hi Phillip,

          I’ve met and talked with Pat a couple of times. He’s a good dude. More practical (politically) than I am, perhaps. But I actually do agree with him more than he probably realizes in that I support the concept of free trade but accept that until such exists in reality, we’re dealing with a situation that may justify defensive measures, such as tariffs and other such compensatory measures.

          That said, I think the major problem we’re dealing with is not foreign trade as much as Uncle – who has made it so damn expensive to do business in this country that there is every incentive to stop doing business in this country.

          • OK, it looks like the site may be working again, so I will try a 3rd time to post this.
            “the major problem we’re dealing with is not foreign trade as much as Uncle”
            Exactly. And I believe the so-called ‘defensive measures’ you think may be justified benefit los gatos gordos much more than they do us peons.
            I did enjoy reading Pat’s book, The Unnecessary War, where he explained that if Wilson hadn’t dragged the US into WW I there very well might not have been a WW II. Even # I was unnecessary. Kaiser Bill did not really want to fight with his 1st cousin Edward. (They were both grandchildren of Queen Victoria.)

            • Hi Phillip,

              In re “site may be workings again”… what was wrong?

              Dammit, I wish I could afford a tech person.

              • I tried 2x to post and got an error message. Sorry, I don’t remember exactly what it said, something about not finding the index. I tried switching from Mozilla to Chrome in case it was a browser issue, but got the same message when I tried to log in. And there were no new posts for several hours, so it seemed like I was not the only one not getting through.

        • I’m a realist. While I live by the NAP I know many don’t. And the same goes for govt. trade. While a free market is ideal, as long as other govt.’s don’t abide by that free market our govt. we’re under, like it or not, would better serve those of our nation with their own trade rules. I’ll turn the other cheek only so many times and then I’ll respond with my own aggression.

          I don’t expect everyone to agree with me and I don’t agree with NAFTA or GATT nor any other trade deal since none of them are for the good of the people in this country.

          After I read people’s posts on this site for a while, it’s easy to figure out the ones who’ve never been in a firefight. It takes quite a while to be able to figure out what someone is saying afterward. My ears have rung for hours and in that time you simply do what seems to be the right thing. It’s easy to sit in the easy chair, heartbeat normal, all the SHTF in the past and figure out what SHOULD or COULD have been done differently. A stream of hot brass running down the back of your shirt can distract you from what might have been or what could have been.

          • “I don’t agree with NAFTA or GATT nor any other trade deal”
            I don’t either 8, any trade ‘deal’ or ‘agreement’ is just 2 or more gunvermin colluding with each other. Free trade is just that – free. No agreements needed, except between buyer and seller.

            • My point is not that free trade wouldn’t be the best way to do everything. My point is one govt. does one thing that hurts the people of one nation so the other govt…….if it cares about it’s people, does something to hurt that other govt. to make them stop. NAFTA, GATT, TPP TPIP are all legislation to not help the people of this country but quite the opposite. I’ve seen it for many decades as wages didn’t increase but prices and inflation did. I finally became aware that the people who virtually controlled the entire world had in mind bringing down the most productive country to exist, to make Americans part of what had formerly been classified as 3rd world citizens. We’re practically there now.

              In 1974 I could bring home $700/wk. In 2016, I can bring home $700/wk when I work, sometimes more when there’s a lot of work. A couple years ago I could bring home twice or three times that much but it was just a boom. Other people working at jobs that used to make a living for entire households now make less than a grand a week. It’s all be engineered. For the person working for a living, if they could only realize it, they’re being used as slaves.

              I saw an old friends son yesterday who said his job was about to end. His prospects were dim. I noticed at Wally yesterday that everybody’s prospects seemed dim according to what they were buying. Just eeking along.

              • My point is that if you think another gunvermin is hurting you, don’t expect ‘your’ gunvermin to do anything that will help you. In fact, even if there were no other gunvermin, don’t expect ‘your’ gunvermin to do anything that will help you.

              • The tool of the slavery is debt.
                People borrow and bid up prices. Those who don’t take on debt are left behind. Debt also allows labor to be bid lower.

                There used to be enough people who avoided debt to keep prices low. Now most everyone just buys whatever they want so long as they can pay the monthly nut. They are in chains and don’t even know it. They look at the person who doesn’t use debt and think him poor.

                I once saw a jpg. A couple people, one appearing average, another well off and third, a beggar. Then there was the annotation for each. The first two was their negative net worth, the beggar had a positive net worth.

                Those who take the chains (debt) get nice cages and things. Those of us who don’t we’ll be impoverished.

                • The whole tool of slavery is Statism. I completely agree with you Brent that debt should be strongly avoided, but the State has colluded with banksters and Wall Street to make saving money and investing intelligently into the stock market a fools game. I learned about getting paid a small amount of interest on my savings account as a child in the ’70’s. I do not think that the interest earnings on savings accounts have exceeded inflation rates and taxation charges for over 2 decades. Lets say that you deposited a meager $500 into a savings account or another bankster financial instrument. The bankster can inflate your $500 to a $4500 loan out of thin air using fiat money that hasn’t even been printed anywhere, and collect far, far more interest on that money thanks to fractional reserve banking. Your portion of that interest payment will be subject to the banking fees even before taxation charges and inflation levels are considered.
                  The population has been tempted into using credit cards at first for short term loans. A job loss or something would cause a missed payment and a sharp rise in interest charges and other penalties which ultimately led people into spending money before it declines in value.
                  The only tactic I know of after having gained sustenance food and water storage is to store wealth by buying growing assets.

                  • “investing intelligently into the stock market [is] a fools game”
                    ‘The market’ was never intended to be a place for anyone but experts to invest, hedge, or speculate. Compound interest was the miracle that allowed a common person to get ahead, at least a little. But the gunvermin, with its tool, the Fed, has destroyed interest rates, forcing IRAs and 401Ks into the market, where they can be manipulated and destroyed.

  7. “The interesting question is why would anyone ever vote for her [Hillary] with so many highly questionable incidents that she never explains?”
    Because she is a woman, of course. Just like many voted for O-Bomb-Ya because he is ‘black.’
    btw, voting for someone because he is black is just as racist as voting against him for the same reason. Same logic applies to sexism.

      • I totally agree Phillip the Bruce. If one President actually performed a couple of genuinely good pro-liberty things for once, then many more people will be convinced that Statism can work after-all, despite 10,000+ years of failure with differing methods of rulership.

      • PtB, Brian, I had read the Perry article and the McCaffrey article and wholeheartedly concurred with both. I personally know people who claim to be “Libertarians” because they voted that way for the last national election, as if there were anyone else that would even remotely support any type of freedom.

        Since that election one or the other fails to keep their “libertarian” hair dyed and their old Republican roots will show when they mention RR as being a good guy……totally ignoring history and RR’s first big attack on the 2nd Amendment to protect his pals from all them uppity niggers toting guns around Ca. Of course that legislation went viral and enveloped the entire country legislatively but they seem to have short memories.

        • 8, It is even worse than them merely having short memories. The belief that a moral and just society must be governed with an iron fist by a group of people who are allowed and expected to commit crimes of nearly every type on a daily basis is all out irrational! Many big L Libertarians and other Statists seem to believe in the great man theory, ie: Just elect the right man, and all problems will be solved. Thomas Jefferson was probably the best President this country ever had; yet freedom and liberty declined under his watch too. The phrase “limited government” is an oxymoron.
          The saving grace about a Trump Presidency is that he might keep this country from being nuked. I have no proof or evidence about what I am about to say, but I suspect that a Hillary win will bring about a surprise nuclear attack from China, Russia, and other countries tired of being pushed around and threatened. Yes, this would cause short term economic hardship to Chinas’ already weakened economy, but a victory might bring about a peace dividend afterward provided their rulers are more wise than the U.S. leadership following the cold war.

          • Brian, Russia and China recently signed some accord. Who What Why had a good expose’ regarding the problems in the NW with the feds and that federal land thing with the Bundy’s and others. That territory is our primary source of uranium and is very valuable to those wanting to produce weapons grade plutonium. Hitlery and Putin are in cahoots to get the fruits of this land of which Hil will get 20%, a veritable fortune over a few years time.

            I don’t worry that she would launch atomic weapons but war is her byline and the military/industrial/welfare system will have a boon with her in charge and she’ll in all likelyhood do MORE in the way of quashing the small amount of freedoms we have left and take more away from men than women on the face of it.

            I do fear Hil becoming prez and hope the FBI investigation into her hacked emails will do her in before the election. The FBI now has another 6 of her aides in the investigation and is interrogating them. Hopefully, they’ll spill their guts and it will all land in her lap.

            If she wins, look for a huge amount of boots on the ground with plenty of them being female…..putting everyone else in greater risk.

            • “If she wins, look for a huge amount of boots on the ground” And we will be expected to lick them.

  8. Jefferson Beauregard “Jeff” Sessions III

    Sessions was ranked by National Journal in 2007 as the fifth-most conservative U.S. Senator, siding strongly with the Republican Party on political issues.

    He supported the major legislative efforts of the George W. Bush administration, including the Iraq War, and a proposed national amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

    During his career, his largest donors have come from the legal, health, real estate and insurance industries.

    From 2005 to 2010, the corporations employing donors who gave the most to his campaign were the Southern Company utility firm, Balch & Bingham law firm, Harbert Management investment firm, Drummond Company coal mining firm, and WPP Group, a UK-based communications services company.

  9. Well, it takes a broad bed to hold both empire and democracy, but the appeal to me of Trump is he’s as much a “Rino” as Hillary is a “Dino” and I view him as a pragmatist, something we need.
    The ideologues of today are dangerous. Look at foreign policy with its schizoid contradictory goals, driven by color revolution fools, R2P naifs, and assorted other children’s crusaders. Samantha Powers for heavens sake….Might as well be chairwoman of the Harper Valley PTA.
    I think Trump has a good chance to win. The electorate boils over with anger at having been repeatedly duped and many Democrats (and I am one) are ready to cross over after 8 years of Obumbler and facing Hillary (really? YGTBFKM!!).
    Bring it on…How bad could the Donald be?
    I was at a small dinner last night and the hostess opined why Trump stood no chance in the general. Her arguments were verbatim quotes from what all the Republican pundits were saying since he first announced.

    • “it takes a broad bed to hold both empire and democracy” – and I (along w/many others here, I hope) want neither.

      • General comment:

        The U.S was never a democracy, it was founded as a Republic.

        “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands,…”

        Currently, it is neither, the method of “governing” is totalitarianism.

        • And don’t forget that ‘the Pledge’ was written after the 2nd War of Secession (aka ‘Civil War’) by a couple of socialists.

        • I also do not want either of them. I don’t see any advantage for being a ‘republic’ either. China and Mexico are also called republics, as are the vast majority of other countries. The faux leaders only pretend to take into consideration the wishes of the majority, or make decisions that are in the best interests of same.

          • And don’t forget the late, unlamented ‘Union of Socialist Soviet Republics.’
            These names are almost as inaccurate as most of the bills Congress passes.

        • Indeed- a totalitarian police state. The forms remain where convenient to the new (old) nobility. Where inconvenient, they are ignored. The second amendment comes to mind- it is “the law” but nobody is ever punished for the treason of killing or caging an armed citizen.

        • Actually all forms of “government” as conventionally defined, are merely different developmental stages of the one form of government — totalitarian dictatorship.

          For a while I would tell people that republics degenerate into democracies, which in turn degenerate into dictatorships.

          In retrospect I was mistaken.

          Republics do not degenerate into democracies. Democracies do not degenerate into dictatorships.

          Republics are democracies. Democracies are dictatorships. In the same way that caterpillars are moths. They are merely different stages in a same entity’s development.

      • “it takes a broad bed to hold both empire and democracy”

        I agree with the sentiment behind that of course, 100%.

        But strictly speaking, it really doesn’t.

        Empire and democracy have actually been in bed with each other since the start. The entire Wilsonian “Make the world safe for democracy” mission is nothing more or less than a quest for global empire.

        The heirs of that tradition are Bill Kristol and his ilk over at PNAC, which is now defunct. But its former members are unfortunately still alive and kicking.

  10. Very well said Eric,

    You really nailed it. My pledge to never again vote for anyone who has a chance to win wavered just a bit a couple times while reading your take on the current situation.

    I’m not sure voting ever really mattered, but now that they are counted in secret by computers with no vetting or means for a meaningful recount, I’m convinced that every election that looks close enough to be stolen is twerked to the desired outcome. Or maybe it really is possible that group think has gotten to embedded that some districts do vote 100% for the same clown, but I doubt that is the case.

    The real reason I will not be voting though is because government in illegitimate. As I’m sure you and everyone here knows, the use of force is immoral, except in defense, which makes everything government does immoral, because as George Washington said, “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence…”

    “Peace. love and Anarchy,” Jeff Berwick

  11. Well said, and the very same reasons I’m voting for the Donald.

    Moreover, the American Republic is dead. It died way back. The Republic was replaced by the Empire. And the American Empire needs a Caesar — a competent Caesar.

    The fact that America is an empire irks the shit out of uber-libertarian types. But to me, it is what it is, this is part of the socioeconomic, political and historical cycle. So get over it. Because when great empires like ours collapse, they aren’t replaced by anarcho-capitalist utopias. What often happens right after a great empire —-e.g., a world super power —- collapses is that a Dark Age happens. In other words shit happens, SHTF happens.

    So, I’m in no hurry to see the end of the cycle ( total collapse) and that’s another reason why Trump has my vote.

    Finally, if Western Civilization comes down during a Trump regime, that’s better than under a Clinton one….. unless, of course you want to see poetic justice.

  12. I’m actually a founding member of Libertarians for Trump. Now of course it mostly defunct because the idea was for Trump to beat Cruz and the neo-cons and that was it. Personally I’m still all in for Donald because there is one neo-con left to beat and that is Hillary.

    I also believe that foreign policy is the single most important issue. It effects basically everything from civil liberties to the economy and so much more.

    There is a lot I don’t like about Trump but compared with Korrupt Korporate Killary there is a lot more to like.

    One more thing and this can’t be emphasized enough. Even if he turns out to be a completely fraud he has already paved the way by showing that an outsider can actually win. When he defeats Killary it will be a massive blow to the neo-con movement. If he doesn’t win? Well, then the establishment neo-cons will have another victory and the American people will pay the price in more lost liberty.

  13. Trump caught lying (again). Came out of his meeting with Paul Ryan (aka ‘Wrong Paul’) saying Ryan was a really nice guy.

  14. None of this even matters. If current immigration trends continue unabated, within but a few years (the next 8?), demographics alone assure that the Republican party (or any party right of Democrat, for that matter) will never get elected again. And the world will soon face the horrifying prospect of the world’s most powerful military arsenal in the hands of blacks and mestizos.

    Of course, some will see this as an opportunity for further loss of faith in government (true), and who knows, perhaps popularize secessionist ideas to the point of separation. I believe this to be a fantasy. The average man of today is a chump compared to his forefathers who built the country, men who were capable of unflinchingly going on a lethal duel just to preserve a bit of honor (you might call this stupid, but it is undeniably manly).

  15. I recall how the Obomba supporters were being ridiculed during his first run for the Presidency because he kept promising “Hope” and “Change” without offering specifics. The Trump campaign looks pretty similar. I agree that a big plus for Trump is how much the establishment appears to hate him. Perhaps he will start clarifying his plans now that he has won the Republican slot barring mischief from that party.
    I am likewise no fan of tariffs, but I would half to admit to feeling great pleasure if Trump was to reduce regulations enough so that brand new business’s would be built to replace the ones that left this country, and then tariffs were raised on the import from those companies that made the move. I am fairly sure that at least a few of those companies had something to do with legislation being passed that benefitted them financially for making the move. I am also fairly sure that some of those companies made campaign contributions to politicians who promised not to end those benefits.

    • Hi Brian,

      My expectations are very low – but if Trump ends the Endless Wars and does nothing else, it may be worth our while to support him. The Wars are, arguably, responsible not merely for countless innocent deaths but also the source waters of the police state itself. Everything from the worship of “heroes” (armed government workers) to the fear-mongering about the (pitifully ironic) loss of “our freedoms.”

      Of course, the great danger is the same danger Germans faced in 1932. In our desperation, we turn to a leader for salvation.

      • ” if Trump ends the Endless Wars and does nothing else, it may be worth our while”
        Agreed. As much as we detest domestic statism, ‘foreign policy’ statism is more costly and more dangerous. Not to mention that concerns of the empire are often used to restrict our freedom at home – for saaaaaaafety! of course.
        And we have to start somewhere. Unless the gunvermin collapses, we won’t get all the changes we want at once.

  16. For the first time in my life, we actually have a candidate who is a clear “Less evil” than all the others- but I’m still sticking with my life-long convention of not voting, because when he too screws us over, at least I can say that I did not vote for it.

    Other than Ron Paul, Trump is definitely one of the better ones to come along. Just the fact that he is not a political insider/career politician/communist is a huge deal, but still…

    If he were really smart, he’d bring in totally new blood, rather than allying himself with crooked cronies like Chris Christie and the usual gaggle of political hacks.

    If he were smart, he wouldn’t seek to tax imports, which will raise prices; instead, he’d seek to keep business here by lowering taxes and deregulating, so that businesses would WANT to stay here and be able to afford to stay here, rather than punishing them for leaving.

    I think it’s too late to fix this country. The dysfunction we see is the result of over 100 years of evil policies, and of a broken culture. The latter was caused (or at least accelerated) by politics, but is not fixable through politics.

    And sadly, whatever good Trump can do, will likely be ignored, because the effects of the Obama/Clinton/Bush administrations are going to take their toll for years to come, even if their policies are renounced and changed tomorrow, and poor Trump will get the blame, just as Clinton got the credit for the good caused by the Reagan tax cuts, even though Clinton caused the crash of ’08 by decreeing that banks must give mortgages to those who could not afford to pay them.

    Cause and effect of tax, economic and other government policies takes time to have it’s impact. It does not happen overnight. The average citizen is largely ignorant of this, but it is virtually always the case. Nixon got the blame for the damage caused by LBJ’s “Great Society”; Reagan got the blame for the effects of Carter’s 21% interest rates; Clinton got the credit for the effects of Reagan’s tax cuts; Bush got the blame for the effects of Clinton’s sub-prime mortgage fiasco (not that they all didn’t do enough damage themselves!), and so on.

    • “he is not a political insider/career politician/communist”
      No, but he’s making noises about naming one of them as his running mate. Maybe he is blowing smoke, trying to smooth some ruffles feathers, but if he does it, he’s likely signing his own death warrant.
      Most frequently mentioned is Chris “Bridgegate” Christie – one of the worst of the ‘Gang of 16’ IMHO.

      • Hi Phillip,

        One thing about Trump that caught my attention… he has stopped talking about repealing Obamacare. Lately, he has been talking about replacing it.

      • Yes, Phillip. I saw an article yesterday saying that Newt Gingrich is on Trump’s short list of candidates for VP. That could just be another media lie to try and discredit Trump, as they seem to love to misquote him and spread false info about him -but if it’s true, (And not to mention that he’s being very cozy with Chris Christie) then I’d say that my initial instincts about Trump were correct: That he’s just saying what he knows the majority of working-class Americans want to hear, but intended to do business as usual by packing his cabinet with establishment neocons, like Gingrinch, who among other traitorous acts, voted for NAFTA!; and it would also mean that the establishment being so against Trump is just a charade, because if it were real (assuming the Gingrich as VP is true) Trump would never select one of their own as VP, because all they’d have to do is knock Trump off, and they’d be back in control- and Trump is certainly smart enough to know such an elementary truth.

        Eric: My thoughts exactly about “replacing” Obozocare vs. repealing it. We need to get government out of healthcare, and let it once again be the province of the free market; not just exchange one socialist scheme for another.

        Ditto what Trump used to say about keeping businesses here. I thought I had heard him say early-on that we needed to make it profitable again for businesses to do business here- meaning lower taxes and getting rid of the plethora of regulations that are killing business’s ability to run their own business and compete. Now he’s saying stuff about import tariffs, instead- which means we will just have to pay higher prices for imported stuff, or be forced to buy shoddy over-priced American-made crap.

        He’s now saying he wants to “punish businesses for leaving”. How about making it more attractive for them to stay?!

        Ah well, there’s no fixing a busted empire anyway. Once it has reached it’s zenith and started declining; once economic, societal, cultural, moral decay has set in, there has been no empire in history which has recovered; and certainly not just from people casting a vote for some perceived savior.

        Look at Europe: Going down in flames before our eyes, and the people are still fanning the flames. We’re not far behind.

        • “there’s no fixing a busted empire”
          True, and as I also like to point out to those who call themselves ‘fiscal conservatives,’ but swallow the neo-con bull about ‘defending ourselves’ in the Middle East, there is no such thing as a small empire.
          As for Newt ‘Contract ON America’ Gingrich, he may be even worse than Christie. So either Trump is stupid (wouldn’t bet on that), has a death wish (not likely either) or the whole anti-establishment thing is a loooooong con.

          • Right on, Phillip! I’d love to see ONE president during my lifetime who would get our nose out of the Mid-East…and everywhere else as well. …And stop giving our money to the Jews (Israel) too! Again, history: What empire has ever voluntarily scaled back/relinquished it’s power over other countries? So I guess we’re not too likely to be the one to start the precedent 😀 or rather 🙁

            • Well, ‘we’ were one of, if not the first, to successfully secede from an ongoing empire (i.e., one that was not already going rapidly downhill). So we have that precedent going for us.

    • “For the first time in my life, we actually have a candidate who is a clear “Less evil” than all the others”

      Naaah…probably not, Nunzio. I’m with you on not voting though. They ain’t gonna be able to blame their shit on me. 😉

  17. I tried to watch a video of a Trump speech and couldn’t take it. Anyway, eric, I thought you were a non-voter. Never thought I see you come out with an actual declaration of intent to vote for anyone running for any office.

    • Hi Ed,

      This has been a very tough one for me. I have no illusions about Trump being a Libertarian. That said, I am grateful to him for destroying the Bush Machine and for exposing who really controls the GOP. I also believe he may be sincere about ending the got-damned wars. That could mean avoiding thousands of deaths (maybe hundreds of thousands) and that – alone – is a strong argument in favor of supporting him, god help me.

      I view this whole debacle much in the same way I’d view being in a firefight with someone I didn’t particularly like or agree with on many things. But we both agree on the need to hold the line- and avoid being killed by the enemy.

      • eric, so far Trump has been nothing but hot air, just the same as the rest for all intents and purposes. He hasn’t destroyed anything except a few cans of hairspray.

        If he wants to replace Obamacare, shouldn’t we reserve our accolades until he speaks of specifics? I’d rather see a free market that would reduce costs by having competition…..the way it was at one time.

        I’ll stay upwind of him till he actually comes up with a plan for any of the ills we suffer. De plan Boss, de plan……talk is cheap

      • I do hafta say that if Trump hadn’t been in the race, Jeb! might have lasted a few weeks longer. Trump busted Jeb’s ass as soon as he raised up. ahaha.

        This election cycle is funnier than the past few were. Carly falling off the stage was particularly nice. It wasn’t quite as good as Bob Dole falling off the stage, but it’ll do for now.

      • I(‘m almost tempted to vote myself, for the first time in my over-half-a-century life, just to keep the overt socialists out. Although these days, most Repubs including Trump, are just “socialist-lites”, and so many of our young people have been turned into socialists by the Jew-bastard Zionist media and government schools, that it seems half the country is practicing socialism anyway, regardless who is in the WH. But I do support your effort to vote, Eric, if just to try and protect and preserve what little is left of America for another few years. I usually don’t go for the “vote for the lesser evil” BS- but in this case, I just can’t imagine a Sanders or Hitlery in the WH, especially after all the damage the Chimp has already done, so I think this is one crucial election in which even voting for the lesser evil could actually stave-off a lot of doom for a few more years.

        • Conservative has only ever meant “Those Liberals are changing things too fast. We need to slow down a little.” Never any real disagreement with the actual agenda. Of course, when the bus goes over the edge of the Grand Canyon, it won’t make any difference when you hit the bottom whether the driver had his foot on the accelerator or the brake.
          BTW, at first glance I misread your opening line and thought you were tempted to vote FOR yourself. LOL

      • “That said, I am grateful to him for destroying the Bush Machine and for exposing who really controls the GOP.”

        Well, there’s that to be sure, but to start back voting because of it…..?

        If you vote for him and he wins I’m gonna blame your ass for everything he does. ahaha

        Sorry for the late reply, but it’s pow wow season and I’m back at it. It takes me days to do what I used to do in a few hours and my weekends are spent on the road. I just bailed out of the pow wow I was doing this weekend after Saturday because rain was looming over Sunday. I packed it up and came home last night after the circle emptied.

        If I had stayed until it had gotten started, there would have been no getting out when the rain hit and I would have been packing up in the rain and driving home for two hours in the rain. I’m glad I did, because it came a real flood early this afternoon and kept up for 4 hours.

        The good thing about pow wows is that you don’t have to hear political speeches on Memorial Day weekend. The drum is off limits for political speechifying and nobody wants to hear that shit once the dancing starts.

        • “That said, I am grateful to him for destroying the Bush Machine and for exposing who really controls the GOP.”

          And as Harvey Keitel said in Pulp Fiction “let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks just yet”.

          • True, Eight….

            I am very ambivalent about Trump. I am gratified, on the one hand, by the way he has shredded Jeb! and the rest of them. But then I hear Trump talk about replacing Obamacare… . Not repealing it and leaving us free to buy got-damned insurance if we wish to but also free to not buy it.

            He talks about replacing it.

            He also loves Heroes – and that is particularly worrisome.

            • It shouldn’t make much difference who is elected president if the “manual” (the Constitution) is followed but it isn’t. Candidates with “opinions” only are elected, who then become dictators.

              Observing the Libertarian candidates’ debate was refreshing.

              • Hi Liberty,

                I gather Gary Johnson is going to run – which will probably assure a Hillary victory. I am not a Trump Lover, but if Hillary is anointed, it’s over. For sure.


                • Those elected swear an oath of office – but are never held to their oath. Oaths have legal meaning.

                  “People get the government they deserve”

                  • Hi Liberty,

                    Yes, exactly. There are always people who think it’s ok to take other people’s things – and to control them by force. The fatal flaw of the Constitution was it didn’t explicitly prohibit either thing. This was deliberate. Hamilton and his ilk were many things but not stupid. As a shyster lawyer, Hamilton knew exactly what he was doing when he (and his friends) inserted the “general welfare” clause and similar clauses into the language of the document. They knew that other shysters would use that as their wedge.

        • Hi Ed,

          With Trump, we’re riding the lightning. On some levels – his skewering of PC orthodoxies, for instance and also his apparent disdain for war! war! war! – he is immensely appealing. But on other levels – his obvious authoritarian tendencies – he scares the shit out of me, too.

  18. You have to give it to the cloistered PNAC war monger opinion makers. Since 9-11 They have used both parties to mess up all 7 countries on their list, then steal their shit using our military as the fodder to kill a million or two who got in the way. Good job Eric. Kick them in the nuts, then in the head when they trip.

    • Thanks, Paul!

      The loathsomeness of these creatures cannot be appreciated until you’ve seen them up close, as I have.

      • I saw the not quite ready for prime time versions of these folks while working at the Hawaii legislature. As each session wore on, I got so I loathed about two-thirds of the bastards, and gained a grudging respect for the remainder despite disagreeing with where their good intentions would lead.

        I’m guessing at the national level the despicable to not-terrible ratio would worsen.

  19. Well said Eric, I’m hoping Trump will play the role of Samson and bring the whole rotten temple of DC crashing down. These maggots love their wars as long as they can hide behind layers of security and run to their Fuehrerbunkers in the Virginia hills if ever their reckless actions make the SHTF. It cracks me up that our overlords want to have women register for “the draft” now, as if equal opportunity slavery is somehow ok. I was enslaved in1966 while Dick Cheney was skating along on one of his five deferments, and then he went on to begin his reign of evil starting with the Nixon administration, the breeding ground for neocons.
    Here’s a thought – every member of congress and their assorted toadies gets dropped into the next hellhole the gunvermin decides to intervene in, maybe even with a parachute 🙂

    • Wouldn’t that be grand? All the neocons and their political front men air dropped over Kandahar to “fight for freedom”?

  20. I can see you have good intentions, sir, but I maintain that Vermin Supreme is the best option for libertarians and Libertarians this year. Best to you, and keep up the good work.


      Why the hell not?

      In this ridiculous clown show, circus sideshow of freaks, that is daily AmeriKa, Vermin looks like the sane choice.

      Free ponies for all!

  21. You mention your old employer, the Washington Times. Does ANYBODY read that neocon rag anymore, even on line? I used to subscribe to the dead-tree version when I lived in Northern Virginia years ago, but cancelled it right after the Iraq invasion in ’03 when it went pure neocon and gave up any remaining pretense of being objective. I haven’t paid any attention since, so I have no idea if it’s even still being published or not.

      • I don’t subscribe but they do have some decent articles on things most can agree with but then again, they often go off the deep end for the liberal shits. It’s a really mixed bag. It’s about the same one direction as “The Blaze” is the other, lots of bs regardless of decently accurate articles. I recommend reading both, then flush and get drunk. Hopefully, the next day you’ll have no memory of either. If that doesn’t work, add valium, pot and shine…..as needed. The next day should begin almost memoryless(my new word).

        Or, you could ignore both along with Huffpost, Brietbart and most other “sources” of “news”.

  22. BTW, what on God’s green earth is a ‘Reince Priebus’? I like the urban dictionary definition.
    “the condition of having a rashy, oily, itchy or otherwise disgusting taint. Usually due to pure personal hygiene or improper wiping technique.”

  23. I’m with you, Eric. As you said, the best reason to support Trump is because of the traitorous scum who rabidly oppose him.

    Bill Kristol is a US/Israeli Dual Citizen. Interesting. Since being a “citizen” of a country implies exclusive loyalty to that country, you gotta wonder which country really has Billy boy’s loyalty??

    Here’s an article that reveals another big reason why Kristol is so wooried about Trump getting elected.http://redpillmedianetwork.com/index.php/2016/03/01/neocon-william-kristol-is-terrified-trump-could-indict-dual-citizen-israeli-911-perpetrators/

  24. Trump is totally unpredictable, sans core principles, but I’ll take my chances with him over four more years of the same. He likely will stir things up, and may rescind executive orders and fire bureaucrats. He is not beholden to the same special interests including the military industrial complex and green weenies. His only special interest is himself.

    • “four more years of the same”
      Some have said that electing Hitlery would bring us the equivalent of a 3rd O-Bomb-Ya term. Actually it would be more like an 8th Bush-Clinton term. Or 10, if you consider the HW’s people were at least partially running Reagan’s presidency.

      • 10 would get you back to Carter, Jimmy. But the “usual suspects” would take you all the way back to No. 11, Leslie Lynch King Jr., No. 12 Spiro Agnew and No. 13 back, Richard M. Nixon. It was actually Nixon’s crew that got a toe hold and stayed behind the scenes to this very day to the extent that BO kept a few Bushco people although none I know of that served under Nixon. Rummy ain’t still around is he?

        • No, that count of 10 was including the next one.
          BTW, I did see a good photo once of old Leather Helmet Jerry in the White House with Cheney and Rumsfeld.

          • Ford (your sobriquet for him is great) was a corrupt insider long before Cheney and Rumsfeld came along: he was a member of the Whitewash…I mean, Warren…Commission.

  25. If voting Trump sends a F U to the elites ruining everything I am for it. We know what kind of sh*t sandwich we get with “the Hillary”, so the spin of the wheel with Trump is probably the only choice there is.

    The rise of Trump does have some good news. People are getting it that DC and the other bigs is not working for the majority of the country. He is not the answer, and likely will make things even worse, but he is the only person able that people can use to send the message.

  26. I had read, some years ago, of e-mails with attachments (or maybe it was faxes) on ‘this week’s programming’, sent to local TV stations, directing them on the phrases and themes to highlight. What you describe, Eric, sounds exactly like that. So, that really IS how The Cabal controls the news, day-to-day (in addition to appointing controlled Managing Editors and the like).

    Me, I see signs in lots of places — economic, political, military — that control by The Cabal is slipping. May its evil grip fully slip soon.

    • Not sure I believe this data any more than that for ‘Global Warming.’ But hey, what’s sauce for the goose ….

  27. I can’t bring myself to vote. Unless the LP can present someone worth the ten minutes of my time to walk two blocks to the polling place I’m staying home. I like the trouble Trump has caused but Trump is running to be dear leader and I don’t want a leader.

    Trump is going mainstream one bit at a time. He’s being shaped into what the so-called elite wants. (Which will keep him above room temperature.) The worst of this so far is that he is promising to continue ZIRP. ZIRP (and it’s brother NIRP) are the cornerstones of bringing about the hand-to-mouth rental economy. Where we own nothing. Everything is rented one way or another. It is to make it so we can never have that ‘f-u’ money and ownership of the capital requirements to live to walk away from the system. Which is BTW the real reason for Obamacare IMO. To make is so we have to work (in the system) to pay the high premiums. They are trying to make everyone’s monthly rental so damn high we can’t save up the capital to free ourselves. A company town writ large.

    • Hi BrentP –
      I have voted Libertarian – for Ron Paul in 88. And again in 2012. I don’t even remember the candidates name, just registered it as a protest against the 2-winged bird of prey. Voted Constitution Party also, in 04 and 08 (after voting Ron Paul in the Repo primaries). But I finally realized, it makes no difference.
      Until we get the “Brewster’s Millions” choice, and can vote for ‘None of the Above,’ I’m done.

      • 2012 was Gary Johnson. Former 2-term governor of New Mexico. He left office with the state having a budget surplus. Well, that didn’t last too long once his replacement showed up.

        The LP hasn’t had their convention yet. Of the 12-16 choices, looks like the party will pretty much be choosing between Gary and John McAfee (the anti-virus guy).

        Gary is experienced in politics and is mainstream, but sometimes presents a little dull. John has the Belize thing to live down, but is also well-spoken and is more towards the uhh, intense side of things.

    • Well said BrentP,

      I hadn’t thought of the healthcare scam as in that light. I mostly avoid that entire system unless the bleeding gets excessive. I just heard an ex-pharma guy admit it is all about treating symptoms for profits…sounds about right.


  28. Trump brought a howitzer to a knife fight.

    Politicians campaigning are selling themselves. Trump’s made a fortune selling himself. Selling to investors, selling to the public, selling to bankruptcy courts. He’s one of the best salesmen of our time, and he’s up against some of the worst salesmen, selling the worst products, in history.

    A lot of people are worried about what Trump will do once in office. He’ll do what he always does: He’ll paint the walls, buy some new furniture, and tell everyone that his regime is the most luxurious, most delicious, most fun in history. Not anything quantifiable, of course. That’s what sales is all about.

  29. I am still reluctantly voting for Trump as there is no viable alternative out there. Just look at the “third” parties. I have voted for the Constitution party in the past, but they put up Virgil Goode, someone I couldn’t stand in 2012. That was the first year I didn’t vote. And Gary Johnson, the former gov of New Mexico? He is as libertarian as I am tall. I’m 5’5″. Sure, he adheres to some sort of weird Free Trade Doctrine, but while he was governor, he never raised a single speed limit on New Mexico highways. So much for freedom.

    Jill Stein is a gray headed liberal flake and Hilary Clinton is plain god awful.

    Trump has a lot of faults, but he has more good points than the rest of the remaining candidates and the rest of the GOP.

    I hope that he chooses a great VP like Mary Fallin who just signed a bill that would allow the Oklahoma DOT to set any speed limit it wants. I would also be happy with Jeff Sessions, a hard right conservative who could help guide legislation through congress.

    I think that he shoudl chose a woman, though. That would take the vagina card away from Hillary. That’s all she has.

    • Mr. Sessions is not a conservative, he is a realist. He closely resembles Ron Paul. A man who sticks up for the lower and middle classes. It’s sad he is not running for Pres, but then he would get taken out if he made any progress in burying those neocon murderers and thugs.

  30. Trump?? Are you feeling OK? Any hot-flashes or night sweats?

    While he may do everything you say (become isolationist), he is going to divert the spending from the military-industrial complex to his buddies in various corporations. It’ll just be rocky-road flavored corporate welfare instead of tutti-fruiti.

    One thing I haven’t heard talked about is how he is a gambler. He’s gotten lucky with a lot of his deals. Which is how he regained his fortune after losing most of it a couple of times. But a case can be made that he over extended himself then took advantage of the bankruptcy laws to get out from under it.

    He has often walked away from deals he didn’t like. Something he won’t always have the option of doing as president.

    • He’s kept his ties to organized crime covered well too. Then again, what’s the difference in the organized crime of Trump’s to the organized crime of the shrub’s or BO’s. Like you say, rocky road or tutti fruiti. I do like it when he speaks of foreign wars being nothing more than keeping the rich richer via corporate profits aimed at the arms makers.

      Do I want to be fleeced and have the rich guy fleeced too or just us tens of millions? Ack, what am I saying? The last I looked it was good old anti-war John Kerry who owned the most military stock of anyone in Congress, the very guy who championed for the little guy. Now he doesn’t see a war he doesn’t like, the new, tall, handsome John McCain. You thought you heard McCain singing Bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran in the background but his lips weren’t moving. Ah, it was Hitlery’s ringtone.

        • “The Bush mob is gone.” Well, for now. Maybe. I’m not sure the ‘Clinton Dynasty’ is not a subset of the Bush Dynasty.

          • Obama’s administration is the fourth term of the chimp, and if Hitlery gets in it will be the fifth; I usually vote Libertarian but I’ll go for Trump in the hope he brings the whole rotten system crashing down. Of course if he makes it that far I assume TPTB have a Lee Harvey Oswald type scenario ready to preserve the status quo.

            • Hi Mike,

              I think so, too. If Trump is real, Trump is doomed. He’ll be JFK’d before he sets foot in the White House.

              • I remember someone saying of Bush the Elder “Nothing will ever happen to him. He has a bullet proof vest made of 100% Quayle.”

              • I have no doubt whatsoever that the Establishment already has “wet boys” on standby to take Trump out if he’s elected. Thing is, they can’t pull off a JFK redux, complete with another Warren Commission to gull the rubes. That trick is played out. Even the Clovers aren’t stupid enough to swallow that nonsense again. EVERYBODY sees behind the facade now. A coup d’etat that blatant WILL trigger the second American Revolution, guaranteed.

                • “to take Trump out if he’s elected” – that is, unless the whole thing is a ruse and he’s really just another one of ‘them,’ that will make things even worse. I don’t think so, but I can’t be sure.

      • Trump’s connections to organized crime are like his connections to politics (before this presidential run). They were people he paid off so he could conduct his businesses without harassment or because he had to get stuff done. They were costs of doing business. He seems quite open about that and the system doesn’t like that. However it appears Trump accepts those things as normal so much is he really going to change them? Yes he threatens many on-going rackets in DC, but would he really put an end to political rackets in principle? Probably not.

      • Eight said:
        “He’s kept his ties to organized crime covered well too. Then again, what’s the difference in the organized crime of Trump’s to the organized crime of the shrub’s or BO’s. ”
        “I do like it when he speaks of foreign wars being nothing more than keeping the rich richer via corporate profits aimed at the arms makers. ”

        So, asked, and answered, by you, sir! 🙂
        If anything, I believe organized crime of the “old fashioned” variety is more honest than the current corrupted filth we elect…


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