Obama meets with bloggers he urged public not to pay attention to

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Dylan Byers
October 19, 2013

President Barack Obama held an off-the-record meeting with a group of print and web-based journalists at the White House on Thursday.

Present at the meeting were Jonathan Chait, the New York Magazine writer; David Brooks, the New York Times columnist; and Josh Barro, the Business Insider politics editor, along with several others, according to sources with knowledge of the meeting.

The White House declined to comment on the meeting and refused to provide a full list of those present, citing the meeting’s off-record status.

President Obama also held an off-the-record meeting with five conservative journalists last week, including Charles Krauthammer, the Washington Post columnist and Fox News contributor; Paul Gigot, the Wall Street Journal editorial page editor; Robert Costa, the National Review’s Washington editor; syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker; and Washington Examiner columnist Byron York, according to a source with knowledge of that meeting.



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