Blue Goon Heroes’ Pat Downs And Scanners Admitted BS

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Here’s a pretty amazing admission by the Blue Goon Squad (TSA) that their Fourth-Amendment-rape accomplishes nothing other than… raping the Fourth Amendment:

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  1. Just another day in the USA stalag comrades.

    US may have monitored Merkel’s phone, says German government
    White House confirms call demanding clarification and insists US is not monitoring chancellor’s communications
    Ian Traynor in Brussels, Philip Oltermann in Berlin, and Paul Lewis in Washington, Wednesday 23 October 2013 16.09 EDT

    The furore over the scale of American mass surveillance revealed by Edward Snowden shifted to an incendiary new level on Wednesday evening when Angela Merkel of Germany called Barack Obama to demand explanations over reports that the US National Security Agency was monitoring her mobile phone.

    Merkel was said by informed sources in Germany to be “livid” over the reports and convinced, on the basis of a German intelligence investigation, that the reports were utterly substantiated.

  2. American Bitchman In Russia Gets What He Has Coming To Him. May All Bloomberg Style Nannies Get Theirs.

    Translation of the last bit of dialogue, from Russian:

    2:10 What a moron.
    2:11 Do you understand Russian at all? [Off-camera, directed to the American]
    2:15 He’s got a translator lady.
    2:17 Fool. [Directed to the American]
    *American slaps Saleswoman’s butt*
    2:21 Yo, bitch! [English]
    *Saleswoman slaps him back*
    2:22 Keep your hands to yourself.
    2:24 Tell her to keep her hands off!
    *American motions another slap towards saleswoman*
    2:25 *American gets punched*
    2:25 Gawd dawmit!
    2:26 You didn’t keep your hands to yourself, bitch.
    2:29 You don’t see us touching your wife like that, do you?
    2:31 And you allow yourself this shit.
    2:33 Yeah, these guys [foreigners] are coming over here, and…
    2:34 You bitch.
    2:36 I don’t even touch my wife. You crud.
    2:40 Now don’t do that again. *walks away*

    To give this situation some context, there are a lot of salespeople like this on Russian commuter trains. They make a modest living peddling random household things, utensil sets, books, school supplies, etc.

    While using a megaphone is very rare (and rude), these salespeople are part of the commute experience, and foreigners shouldn’t get worked up over it.

    If you wanted peace and quiet, you should have taken a taxi instead of getting the cheapest train ticket.

    – If FEMA camps are where you cremate Amerikunts who quote regulations like scripture in high-pitched sissy-squeal from mangina-mouths while wearing goofy-ass shorts and crossing-their-legs like schoolgirls, then I’m rethinking my objections to Agenda21.

    • That totally just made my day. Thank you very much for sharing that, especially the translations so I can better understand what is happening. My favorite part is how he got bitch slapped, then took it like a total bitch. (I’m saying “bitch” with no offense to women, but feminized douches who think in their heads that they’re oh-so-cool until they get the chance to “put up or shut up” and back down….like the bitch they are). Ah, so good!


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