“Charging Anxiety”

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Isn’t it insufferable?

The way reasonable aversion to the things being pushed on us – such as mRNA drugs – is framed as being “hesitant”? Implying  a kind of doltish, obdurate, low-IQ reluctance to accept something beneficial.

Then there was “mask opposition defiant disorder” – the etymological effort to frame anyone who refused to pretend they were psychologically ill (i.e., a pathological hypochondriac) as psychologically ill!

The pathological specialize in such mind-fuckery. Objective reality is not just turned upside down, you are cat-called for failing to go along with it.

Similarly, this business of range and charge “anxiety.” It smacks of unreasonable timorousness. What are you afraid of? Of a piece with “transphobia” – implying (directly accusing, in fact) people who are annoyed by mentally disturbed men who believe they are women – and mentally disturbed women who believe they are men – are scared of them. So as to frame them as weak-minded and petty. So as to elevate mentally unstable people to a kind of aggrieved nobility,

And so it is with EVs.

“Anxiety” about the limited range of battery powered devices – about the fact that they require you to plan your life around recharging them and waiting for them – is nothing of the sort. It is reasonable aversion to wasting one’s time. Especially when it is not necessary. Especially when it is avoidable. Is the person who avoids a long checkout line in favor a shorter one “anxious”? Or is he just wanting to not stand in line for longer than necessary?

Is the person who object to being pushed into an inferior form of transportation a ninny because he dislikes the pushing? No, silly you. He is merely . . . “anxious.” He will come around in time. Cue gentle pat on the head,.

A key tactic of the pushers of things is to mock those who object to being pushed. It is not a new tactic. It’s been in use for decades. Are you someone who objects to paying your “fair share” in taxes? The shaming implication being obvious. You are wanting to deny others what it rightfully theirs. Never mind that that they didn’t earn it. You owe them a “fair share” of it. That is the predicate for criminalizing the not-handing-over of all of it.

Do you object to legally enforced – that is to say, institutional – policies that specifically favor people of one race over another? Then – assuming you are white – you are a “racist.” If you are black or some other legally privileged minority who defends/advocates such privileges for people who happen to be one color rather than another, you’re not.

“Diversity” works the same way. That is to say, one way.

Do you object to women being given special legal privileges at the expense of men, simply because they are women? Then you are a “misogynist.” You dislike women. As opposed to disliking the idea of giving them the preferential treatment because they are women that women used to object to when it was given to men.

What comes around does not go around.

Are you skeptical about assertions made that the “climate” is “changing”? Why, you must be a denier. With all the ugly connotations that carries.

And so it goes.

R. Emmet Tyrrell of the The American Spectator had a word for all of this. He called it the kultursmog – a neologism which means what it sounds like it means, with a German accent. The culture is awash in the etymological smog of the Left; this pollution of language is now so pervasive that it has become the environment in which we swim, without us even noticing we’re mired in it.

Note the way even the putative opponents of the Left regularly use the language of the Left when trying to argue with the Left or oppose Leftism. This makes it much harder to argue with the Left, having already implicitly agreed with the Left. As, for example, “your” mask. The one the Leftist insisted you wear. Well, it’s yours, isn’t it? So put it on! How about “our democracy,” the term currently being emitted by Leftists everywhere? It means their control of the apparatus of government, of course. But if you make the mistake of saying the words you have already agreed with the Left that America is a country in which the majority rules – rather than a constitutionally limited republic specifically designed to prevent the majority from lording it over the minority. 

How is a person born in the United States – whose parents and their parents were also born in the United States – who happens to black an “African-American”? He isn’t, of course. So don’t say he is. Just as you would not say a person who was born in the United States – whose parents and their parents were also born in the United States – who happens to be white is a “European-American.”

Call bullshit on bullshit being the lesson here.

And that goes double-plus good for the bullshit about range and charge “anxiety.”

. . .

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  1. Charging an EV nightmare…

    EV’s don’t work for the people living in apartments……

    One EV owner has to go to an EV charger, away from his apartment at 3:00 AM….lol….he says it is the only way he can get stress free charging…..with no lineups…

    At a busy gas station, when you refueling your ice vehicle in 4 minutes, it is a lot safer then sitting for hours, at a charger in the middle of nowhere, at 3:00 AM….what about the thieves, rapists, murders, car jackers lurking in the dark?……for women it is even more dangerous…..

    EV’s are safe?….

  2. I’m surprised nobody concocted the term “Trump Hesitancy”. The only reasons I would be “Trump Hesitant” would be the fact that the bump stock ban occurred when he was President.

    He also hired all sorts of swamp creatures and neocons for his cabinet in his first term, plus the fact that this week marks the 4 year anniversary of his administration’s COVID pandemic response (along with that from various state governors and even governments around the world), which was likely the BIGGEST infringement on constitutional rights in our lifetimes if not ever. Not only that, he STILL brags about the “Warp Speeded vaccines” that appear to be the biggest public health disaster ever.

    He’s got to know by now that these “miracle vaccines” have been anything but “miraculous”, but at least he didn’t do something crazy as hell and go to a New York church ala Governor Kathy Hochul & call those jabs a “Gift from God” in front of a church congregation.

  3. “College Anxiety”:

    ‘To get students with missing social security data approved, the Education Department asked applicants like Andrea to submit by email photographs of a driver’s license, identity card or other documents that would verify their identity.

    ‘As the department prepared to announce last week that the social security number issue had been resolved, officials realized that the inbox, and its 70,000 emails, had gone untouched.

    ‘That prompted Mr. Cordray to assemble emergency teams of volunteers to work overtime to blast through the backlog.’ — NYT


    ‘Oh, no-o-o-o-o, there’s 70,000 messages in our fedgov in-box!’

    Effing clowns.

  4. Do you hear that sound, Mr. Anderson? That’s the sound of inevitability.

    They use these words such as “hesitant” because it alludes to the “fact” that you WILL eventually capitulate. That it’s inevitable. It’s pure psychological warfare. Anyone who attempts to manipulate this way is the enemy and should be treated as such.

  5. Yup, the Left likes to pathologize resistance to their tyranny. It’s a very effective method, unfortunately.

    One must remain ever vigilant against it. The weak are unable to see through it.

  6. Imagine a society with NO anxiety. Once upon a time in the tiny hamlet of Goldville all the residents prospered from their hard work, thrift, and conservative values. They built the roads, homes and farms and everyone had everything they needed. There were no debts, no one had ever been in debt, people traded and trusted one another. Everyone was healthy from the food they produced in their town.

    10th Kingdom: Sky One 30 Second Promo (2)

    Then one day a bearded Jewish traveler settled into the idyllic village and set up a bank. This outsider was really a swindler who took in gold deposits and issued script against the gold. Soon the script was issued without gold backing, everyone soon was in debt, everyone had to work furiously to keep up with debt payments and inflation.

    The peaceful village was now full of strife, the villagers, being naive and innocent, did not understand that the Jew and his ideas about money had turned their town into a stressful life full of anxiety. A loaf of bread, which cost 5 cents for hundreds of years now cost a dollar. Inflation had become part of life, but no one could connect the Jew swindler to inflation, because the people of Goldville were naive, unsophisticated, and dumb as rocks.

    The Jew banker used his money and influence to take over Goldville’s town politicial system. A Shabbos Goy stooge named Donald Trump was installed as mayor. Trump said, we can all prosper again if we make weapons for war and make loans to other villages. So they did, and for a time the people had jobs and prosperity. But soon, the boys of Goldville were going off to war, to make good pay as soldiers, many came back in wooded boxes, dead. Hundreds returned alive but missing arms and legs.

    Trump organized parades to honor the veterans of outside wars. Every year on July 4th, all the wounded vets would put on their uniforms and carry the flag down main street. The people clapped in approval, happy their boys were protecting the freedom of Goldville. One business man said, it is good we send our heroes to fight over there and not here in our town.

    Soon the outside war came to their town, and it was burned to the ground. The women were raped and killed, the men shot dead, the children carted off to sex slavery. Every value of those people had been turned upside down. Men now put on lipstick and trolled the town’s streets at night for illicit sex. Jew businesses sold porn, drugs, and sex toys.

    One farmer named Yukon started whispering that they were doing just fine until the Jew banker showed up with his greenbacks. People listened and soon the Jew banker was run out of town. Unfortunately all the gold was gone,and the piles of greenbacks were now just worthless paper. But the people persevered, they rebuilt their towns, got rid of all the filth, drugs and porn, dug up more gold, and in several decades were back to stress free living because they no longer allowed Jews to live among them.

    The people of the village had learned a severe lesson. Never let a Jew live in your town, not even one. For hundreds of years the schools taught the children about the vile Jew who came to their town and ruined it. They never forgot, and the little town lived in peace and prosperity for ever afterwards.

    PS The Ten Kingdom is my favorite film of all time.

    • “Lenin was certainly right. There is no subtler, no surer
      means of overturning the existing basis of society than to
      debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden
      forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and
      does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able
      to diagnose.”
      ~John Maynard Keynes, 1919

      “There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom
      brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only
      whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of
      voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later
      as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system
      ~Ludwig von Mises, 1949

      Rep. Thomas Massie Explains To Congress What Causes Inflation

      The Fed printed 20 trillion, and that money is causing a boom and inflation.

      Interest rates are going to go up. And the Fed will not tighten enough to stop it.

      And Biden wants to expand deficit spending – more inflation. So it seems to me that what we are looking at is a 1970s stagflation repeat.

  7. Children with ODD show a pattern of uncooperative, defiant, and hostile behavior toward peers, parents, teachers, and other authority figures

    In other words, f’u, leave me alone. Also, stop being such a dumbass, dumbass.

    How’s that for ‘splainin’ stuff?

    Charging anxiety will cause ODD. An auxiliary cause. You might become an outside agitator!

    Robotics in agriculture have technological advances that are truly amazing.

    Don’t have to worry about oncoming traffic, the machines drive themselves flawlessly. Electric propulsion makes it happen. Tillage to harvesting, robotic ag equipment is something to see.

  8. Many of the people who attack naysayers are also in a position that doesn’t require them to pay attention to a time clock. They might be salaried/commission employees, or management. These were the people who could easily transition to work from home, and were able to order everything delivered to them. For them, something like having to take 30-45 minutes out of their day to hang out at a charging station is a “nice break” where they can read or catch up on email.

    But contrast that to a cashier or tradesman who has to be at a location at a specific time for a set period. They don’t have the luxury of waiting. They aren’t going to be set up in the bonus room home office with their feet in bunny slippers for that Zoom call. If they don’t punch in at 7:55 they’re going to get in trouble. And if there’s a line at the charging station on the way home, the kids are going to be complaining about dinner being late.

    The odd thing is, no one ever calls them for their own “Orange anxiety.” Somehow Orange Man is going to personally destroy their safe little shell of a space that insulates them from reality. Just by mere mention of changing anything the whole world will unravel into chaos. Now to be fair, he did disrupt everyone’s lives in 2020, and made it worse by dumping a bunch of new money into the economy, but they don’t seem too upset about that. But the fact that he spoke to Kim Jung Ill and called Rosie O’Donnell a fat cow… No! That’s a line too far!

      • Orange Angst scans better (two single-syllable beats).

        Although it sounds like a high-caffeine carbonated drink.

        Would you like a little Xanax with your Orange Angst, sir?

    • A lot of the work from home are government employees….they are making big money now for 3 to 4 years…they have 2 or 3 WFH jobs…a couple of WFH jobs on top of their very high paid, do nothing government job…… with the huge gold plated pension on retirement……that is why they are refusing to return to an office….someone might catch them…..

      Confront them, accuse them….make them prove innocence…..

      The taxpayers care…the slave owners don’t….the government employee will be loyal to the slave owners to keep access to the trough….$$$$$$

  9. Great column.

    I would add another to the right using a leftist term. What buffoons for doing so, I might add.

    And that is “gun violence.”

    No leftoids, the gun is not violent. It does not get up on its own free will and pull its own trigger.

    Criminals do.

    See, the intent is to divert discussion from the criminal and onto the device.

    So reject the leftoid language. Call it what it is: criminal use of firearm.

    • Good point. It’s like calling every accident and fire involving an electric vehicle ‘EeeVee violence.’

      The term is so transparently dishonest that you and I wouldn’t lie that way. But leftists certainly would, if they hated EeeVees as much as they hate guns.

      One year later I left Houston
      With an old friend at my side
      Well it did not say much
      But it was a beauty
      Of a coal-black .45

      — Lyle Lovett, L.A. County

    • >And that is “gun violence.”
      What about “knife violence?”
      Haven’t heard that term used, but the phenomenon is certainly real.
      Try “South Side of Chicago,” for starters.
      A firearm is simply a more efficient “remote control drill” than a shank.
      Either one will let all the blood out, and when that happens, you die.

        • >you are more likely to die from a knife attack than a handgun attack.
          So why aren’t “activists” up in arms about this?
          Why is it we are allowed to buy edged weapons with sharp points and blood gutters? Shouldn’t these be prohibited?
          A knife such as this:
          Should be all anyone ever needs, right?
          But noooo. Why is that?

    • I do too. Going along with these fascistic demands does no good. FinCEN is getting scary at this point and if anything more reporting to expose their activities is needed,

    • Most poor slaves don’t use/own limited companies….the very rich do, using a complex, impossible to decipher web of companies and offshore accounts so as to never pay tax….

      and the slave owners use huge corporations like blackrock to own/control the planet…..

      The biggest users of these scams are the government itself……

      like even city councils using a complex, impossible to decipher web of companies, to steal, redirect funds collected and to commit fraud…..the information is accessible….go look…..

      Someone researched this very practice….


  10. In all of this, the most disturbing aspect is that discussion isn’t even permitted—we aren’t even allowed to discuss things like the effectiveness and safety of vaccines, the problems with EVs, and the whole LGBTQIA-MOUSE thing. And if we do, it’s not a matter of “I think you’re wrong about that” but “you’re a bad, hateful person because you believe that.”

  11. As to all the names Bolsheviks like to throw around, they no longer work on me. My immune system has stepped up its game, making me impervious to their skullduggery. Most of them never gave or took a punch in their sordid, miserable lives, yet they think they’re the biggest bad asses on earth.

    I find myself losing my last remaining shreds of human decency, compassion, and empathy towards these people, increasingly looking at them like the pond scum they are.

    In the calmest most reassuring voice I can muster, Iv’e tried reasoning with certain pathological people IRL. As soon as they ‘feel’ themselves losing against reason and logic, they set the throttle to ‘ludicrous speed’ and shoot for the sun, going straight to the bottom of the deck, pulling out the rayciss, Loxist, sexist, trans-phobe, cards, and throwing them in your face. Hard times cant come soon enough.

  12. ‘I disagree that all jobs are going to illegals.’ — RaiderGirl

    BLS statistics show that since June 2018, foreign-born workers have gained 3,868,000 jobs. Meanwhile, employment of native-born workers fell by 18,000. Chart:


    ‘Biden’ is the bane of low-skilled American workers. He deserves a Ceaușescu-style sendoff.

    ‘But I’m a world-renowned expert on the stereospecific polymerization of isoprene!’ — Elena Ceaușescu’s final words to the firing squad [possibly apocryphal]

    • Hi Jim,

      I don’t dispute that foreign born workers are being hired, but it isn’t because they are beating out native workers. Native born workers are leaving the workforce. Many are retiring. We cannot ignore the fact that Baby Boomers oversaw many of these jobs. We are losing them due to age, the COVID hysteria, and burnout. There is not enough Gen Xers, Millennials, and Gen Zers to cover their mass production. People not having babies are hurting us. We don’t have a population problem (we have plenty of people), but we are suffering from a production problem though and the age of people is affecting us as a country.

      In the next 10-20 years as Baby Boomers begin passing on expect a huge drop in assets because the generational gap will not be able to compensate it for it.

      • A lot of the workforce is sick…can’t work….guess why…so migrants who weren’t mandated are getting the jobs….

        slaves dying off…replaced by the compliant ones….probably a 5th column….

      • How Shadowy Network Of NGOs Supplies Mega-Corporations With Migrants To Exploit Cheap Labor

        This keeps the slave owner’s corporation’s costs down….

        The migrant is charged by the job/migration agency to get in, get a job….the corporation is given money to hire the migrants….ordinary citizens can’t get these jobs….young whites…no jobs…


        • It is called “Replacement Theology”. They are replacing the white people with more compliant slaves south of the border, and from elsewhere in the world. Not only do these “migrants” work for far cheaper, they have no problems with voting our rights away, because the sh**hole country they fled from, they had no rights there, either. Talk about stuck on stupid, and never learning anything from ones experiences.

      • ‘There is not enough Gen Xers, Millennials, and Gen Zers to cover their mass production.’ — RaiderGirl

        ‘Not enough’ is a function of the labor participation rate. Since 2000, it has dropped drastically from 67% to 62.5%. Chart:


        Among the reasons is that wages have not kept up with productivity gains. Capital has prospered at the expense of labor.

        ‘Not enough’ is a stance advanced by corporations, currently making record profit margins by holding labor costs down and the southern border wide open.

        This is great for owners, including well-heeled individuals with stock portfolios. But it absolutely sucks for wage earners. Populism is going to deal a mighty blow to the Marie Antoinette, scones & clotted cream, high-tea Bidenites. We are the skunks fumigating their catered garden party.

        ‘Wars happen when government identifies the enemy. Revolutions happen when you figure it out for yourself.’ — attributed to Napoleon

        • Hi Jim,

          I am going to play Devil’s Advocate here. Companies are only successful of driving down wages if people accept it. And by accepting it I mean buy it.

          What happens to a company when no one buys their product or service? They go bankrupt. Americans need to start punishing companies that outsource jobs and won’t pay a livable wage. The problem is they won’t. Why? Because many Americans look at price. The tag or label on where it is manufactured rarely interests them.

          The American Middle Class wants higher wages. To compensate for it the end user is going to pay a higher price if they want the jobs to remain here. As consumers we do not have to buy what they are selling. We can forego large global conglomerates for local community based small businesses, but the costs are higher because it doesn’t involve cheap labor or mass production.

          Do I understand your viewpoint that corporations are showing massive profits? Absolutely. But, businesses are there to appease shareholders not customers. We are not their target audience. It is cyclical. Shareholders invest their money into a business, the business sells enough to profit, shareholder receives positive ROI, shareholder continues to invest.

          • “It is cyclical.” — Raider Girl

            On this we agree. Corporate profits as a percentage of domestic income were at 8.5% in 2022 — the second-highest level in 90 years. In 2021, profits hit 8.8%, a 90-year high.


            This series is mean-reverting, and will come down soon. But how? Via a savage crackdown on all immigration, level and illegal? Via labor militancy and crippling strikes?

            For the long-term stability of the system, corporations should not preserve their high margins though illegal activities, such as opening the door to 10 million migrants in collaboration with NGOs and the impeached ‘Mayorkas’ lifeform.

            • Shadowy Network Of NGOs Supplies Mega-Corporations With Migrants To Exploit Cheap Labor

              The slave owners own/control the huge corporations that run the planet…..why would they pay slaves properly?…

              On top of that, the slaves are self supporting now…no more food or shelter given now…pure hunger games now…..

              on top of that……. the slave owners take about 50% of the slaves money through multiple taxes….the poor slave runs around with 3 jobs trying to survive…then keels over dead…..

              • the poor slave runs around with 3 jobs trying to survive…then keels over dead…..actually they sped it up with injections…..

            • Shadowy Network Of NGOs Supplies Mega-Corporations With Migrants To Exploit Cheap Labor

              to access this benefit you have to have a big corporation…..this does not help the little ma and pa businesses….

              The migrant is charged by the job/migration/immigration fly by night, corrupt, agency to get in, get a job….the corporation is given money by the government, to hire the migrants

              the children of existing citizens don’t get hired…especially whites…they are pissed….go ask one….they all say…our generation is f…ck..d

  13. I’m going to share an article from the SF Chronicle, which is a “progressive” lunatic bin here in the Bay Area, just to show the lying they do via their choice of words and statistics.

    Our electric prices have been skyrocketing the last few years, because the government got more heavily involved to make them more affordable. This story is about EV owners having to pay a lot more to charge an EV than they used to.

    The article goes on to say that EV’s are still cheaper per mile, but cost $2039 on average more than a gasoline car. I wonder where they’re getting their numbers.

    They also say that electric costs today are equivalent to $3.23 per gallon gas, but our gas is over $4.80, so it’s cheaper. Nevermind that the cost of gas here is artificially high due to Uncle.

    • ‘the lying they do via their choice of words and statistics’ — OppositeLock

      SFGate mentions a 20% rate hike by PG&E, but fails to cite the actual cost per kilowatt-hour. That’s typical of the liberal arts innumerates who toil for the Lügenpresse.

      When I visited friends in Marin County four years ago, they were patting themselves on the back for getting a discounted, off-peak rate of $0.24/kWh to charge their Chevy Bolt at night. Presumably their rate is pushing 30 cents per kWh by now. That’s almost twice what I pay for on-peak power.

        • Oof. I see a Home Charging EV2-A rate plan, at $0.35/kWh from midnight until 3 pm. So I have to stay up till midnight to babysit the frickin’ EeeVee … or get an app-programmable home charger, with daily reminders?

          Thanks, PG&E, but I’ll pass. p.s. Your baseline rates are horrifying — more than triple the $0.17/kWh I just paid this month. PG&E charges one of the most uncompetitive electric rates on planet Earth.

          • PG&E and the CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) are a textbook example of the revolving door of industry/government and regulatory capture, sprinkled with some lunacy. Our leaders genuinely believe that limiting construction of power plants and power lines will lower power prices because those construction costs are quite high.

      • If you haven’t watched it, I’d recommend the old documentary/book “The Smartest Guys in the Room.” It explains how the company created the power crisis in California and set in motion a set of reforms that pretty much lead to where the CA power grid (and Texas) is today. Price manipulation by choking off supply.

        Can’t make money when there’s plenty.

  14. Range anxiety, huh? For a lark, I rented a fake Mustang at Sky Harbor recently. It was a quick trip of only 70 miles or so and, since I’ve only driven Teslas, I thought I’d see what they are like. The deal is return it 70 percent charged and no fee. I figured 70 miles, Arizona – should be no problem, right? Wrong. got back with 65 percent and got to pay $35 for the privilege. Filling up the gas tank on a real vehicle would obviously been cheaper. So for me it was more range rage than range anxiety.

    Homophobic, transphobic, climate denier, science denier, racist, antisemitic – it never stops.

    I wonder what happens to people who are constantly bombarded with these epithets? I wonder if a normal, well adjusted person might just wonder why they are being piled on.

  15. An engineer that specialized in research on the chemicals used in batteries said….these lithium batteries are so dangerous and unstable, that they should never been allowed to be used in vehicles…..

    Why were these these highly dangerous batteries ever approved for use in vehicles?

    Sounds like something else deemed safe and effective, that was approved against all scientific evidence…….maybe seeking the same outcome?…..

    Agenda 2030….far less slaves and zero slave mobility……

    • Recall that the first of many woes besetting Boeing was that their brand new at the time 787 Dreamliner was grounded due to thermal runaway issues with the APU battery system.

  16. It is difficult, but I am blocking out and disallowing leftist language from being spoken around me. I understand and can speak their language fluently. But I won’t.

    Good article.

  17. Stupid terms like “vaccine hesitancy” make about as much sense as saying an animal has “trap hesitancy”, or, someone is hesitant about getting their feet wet when faced with crossing a river that is known to be inhabited by crocodiles…. C’mom – it’s just a little water! You can take your shoes off, keep them dry and put them back on once you get to the other side. If you get to the other side…

    It would make perfect sense even to most children why someone might not want to expose themselves to danger. But apparently not for the left who push this newspeak. I suppose they are hoping that people will be fooled, like a price of $9.95 sounds much better than $10.00.

    As for the EV thing, depending up a vehicle to get you from one place to another isn’t a new “anxiety”. When I was a child my family took me on a trip to Kenya for a wildlife safari. We traveled around for hours each day, looking to spot wildlife. Nothing but grasslands, as far as the eye could see. No gas stations, no nothing. Once in a while we’d see other tourist vans, but not too often. One night we were late in getting to our hotel and the van had a flat. On a dirt road in a forested area, pitch black where you could not see your hand in front of your face. The driver, for some reason, did not carry a flashlight. All sorts of scary animal noises were emanating from the darkness… Luckily one of our fellow tourists had a pen light and the tire got changed.
    Granted, that’s a bit of an extreme example, but there are still situations, even in the US, where getting stranded can be life-threatening. Bad weather, dangerous neighborhoods, and isolated areas to name a few. At least with an ICE vehicle you can carry extra gas…

    • ‘All sorts of scary animal noises were emanating from the darkness…’ — Lee R

      You were suffering from pediatric ‘lion hesitancy.’ /sarc

      ‘Maybe I’m a Leo, but I ain’t a lion.’ — Barky the Kenyan, quoting Government Mule

  18. [rather than a constitutionally limited republic specifically designed to prevent the majority from lording it over the minority. ]- Article

    Actually what we have is the opposite. The minorities are now lording over the majority.

    In our cacotopia,,, laws/regulations passed to ‘protect’ the minorities and women are used as clubs to beat White men and in some cases White women. All those laws are unconstitutional under the 14th amendment where we are all supposedly equal under the law. Section 1:

    “nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

    Government is using the power of division to reduce and eventually end any power the People enjoy.

    Government is also employing 501c3 corporations to funnel illegals into the country to financially destroy citizens. Since 2018 all new jobs have went to illegals. When reading ZeroHedge I read many employers now do not require job seekers to divulge education. ALL illegals receive a work permits for 5 years,,, even those under deportation orders. Easy Peezy to hire them.

    It seems many Americans have little problem selling out their country for a few FedBucks.

    IMO there is no way of correcting this… way too much is broke while too few citizens care.

    • ‘Since 2018 all new jobs have went to illegals.’ — ken

      If you believe in Econ 101 — shift the labor supply curve to the right; the equilibrium wage goes down — then “Biden’s” ten million migrants are the most anti-populist government program in US history. It is a direct, premeditated attack on Hillary Clinton’s deplorables, intended to starve them out and then replace them.

      Democrats like to prattle about red-state flyover people ‘voting against their own interests.’ Not so. Red-staters accurately perceive that they are the targets of a D-party pogrom, managed by a sinister Cuban-born alien.

      • Hi ken and Jim,

        I disagree that all jobs are going to illegals. The flood gates opened under the Biden Administration, because the legals no longer wanted to work. I am completely against the Southern border being opened, but where would we be without it? Take away the 6-10 million (estimated aliens) that have stormed the Rio Grande over the last three years. If you think the supply change is hurting now it would have been catastrophic without the Texas invasion.

        Fact: Eleven thousand Baby Boomers turn 65 every day in this country.
        Fact: In 2020 one out of every six Americans are over the age of 65
        Fact: In 1920 one of of every 20 Americans were over the age of 65
        Fact: Over 4.1 millions Americans are enrolling in Medicare annually
        Fact: Close to 70 million Americans are now collecting Social Security either as retirement, disability, or survivor benefits. That is roughly 21% of the population.
        Fact: Almost $100 trillion (yes, with a T) is unfunded in Medicare and Social Security benefits.

        In this country almost 40% of Americans do not work, which leaves 60% to funnel the costs and maintain the status quo. Those 40% that are not working (some old people, some babies, some lazy bums) still want food, housing, and medical care. Who is going to do it? The US, Europe, China, and Japan are suffering from a youth production factor (I just made up that word), but basically it is the equivalent of not enough young people to generate income and to perform the tasks needed to subsidize the older generations. This is a HUGE problem and the foremost reason the Texas Floodgate had to open.

        • And of course the government “workers” retire @ age ~50 & immediately start drawing their generous pensions, for which those of us in private industry must labor until age ~70 or older. Corporate drones retire @ age ~60-65, while those of us self-employed must fend for ourselves. Not complaining. I chose that path, and would do it again, without question.
          But, we realize all too well that, for us, there is no Santa Claus.

        • And then, of course, we come to the G.W. Bush canard about “jobs Americans won’t do,” which requires a bit of sophistry to define “shoveling shit for $5/hr.” as an *ENTIRELY* *DIFFERENT* *JOB* from “shoveling shit for $500/hr.” rather than the same job for a different wage.

          • Hi Adi,

            I agree with this, but since COVID there is a fundamental, cannot be ignored, shift that took place in the employment industry…people left the workforce.

            Personally, I believe this was close to 30% of all workers. Do I have statistics backing me? No, because that would completely distort the BLS’s Monthly Lie Report that “jobs are being created”. I can only interpret based on my small clientele. Those approaching 60 years and older have either jumped ship or are hanging out at the bow platform with their toe in the water testing the temperature.

            The Baby Boomers leaving the arena is hurting this country. Not only due to their sheer number, but most had a pretty hard core work ethic.

            I believe this is only the beginning of our downhill spiral.

            • Hi, RG,
              For me, the Long Slide began when Ronnie Raygun broke the air traffic controllers union (PATCO). The way I see it, private industry took note of, and were emboldened by, this and figured they did not need to be scared of labor unions.

              When the economy came roaring back in 1984, many of the unions were gone. After that, it is only a matter of tightening the screws, one turn at a time.

              The people I most despise are those among American employers who appear to have no conscience about exploiting their workers, whether U.S. citizens or those who come here in search of better economic opportunity.

              Henry Ford had it right, IMO. If you pay your workers well, you are creating customers.


              • Hi Adi,
                Similar to how everyone is worried about AI taking over their jobs, back in the day when automation began on the auto assembly lines Henry Ford told Walter Reuther (then president of the UAW) that he looked forward to the day when the entire process would be automated. Reuther replied “well Mr. Ford, I hope those robots will be buying your cars.”

                • Hi, Mike,
                  According to this:
                  Henry Ford was very interested in sustainability (biofuels, recyclable materials), which, if true, means he was far ahead of his time.
                  The Hempmobile? Seriously? Gives new meaning to the phrase “smoke your tires.” 🙂
                  But, more to the point, what do we do with all these carbon fiber composite body panels? From what I have read, it seems they are *not* recyclable, so not very green.

                  ITLR, it seem so me we will need to find a better solution… JMO.

        • I don’t think bringing in people with totally different cultures is the way to man the workforce.
          I am hearing numbers like 27 million since the Biden thing has taken over. At this rate there won’t be any Americans left in another 10 years or so. Exactly how does that benefit our children….

          • Hi ken,

            It doesn’t benefit our children, but when has government ever looked ahead? The objective now is to get the work completed. Developed countries did this to ourselves. We stopped having babies. Families no longer are having 4, 5, 9 children, but one or two, many are having zero.

            People are living longer and the only way to compensate for the work that needs to be done is to bring in more (and younger) people. At this point we can’t afford to be picky or who is generating the labor that needs to be done, just that it is getting done.

            As Bill Gates said, “Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.” He is getting his wish.

            The latter years of the Baby Boomer generation and the beginning of Gen X are going to have it hard. There will not be the resources (meaning people) to care for them. This not only affects nursing care, medical care, but food supply, prescriptions, housing, etc.

            I don’t think the West realizes the dire circumstances that we are anticipating. Long ago, families took in older and ailing relatives. This is occurring less and less. In the next ten years these resources will not be there and the question becomes “now what”?

            • Hi RG,

              I don’t dispute the gist of what you’ve written. What’s interesting to me is the fact that the native white majority has been incentivized (via negative incentives) to have few or even no children. Why? If the problem is not enough young people to replace the retiring/dying older people (and to care for them) them why not remove the disincentives that have resulted in not enough children of Americans being produced?

              It seems evident to me that the object is to replace the native stock with imported stock – because it is necessary to replace the relatively secure/independent working and middle class with a class of dependent proles who will accept and even defend their servitude.

              • Hi Eric,

                I don’t disagree with what you have written, but the decrease in birth rates is not only to replace native stock, but everyone.

                The Gates Foundation has a “rumored” history of providing vaccines with sterilizations in such places as India and Kenya. For now many Central American, Middle Eastern, and African countries are still producing large amounts of children. I don’t believe this will continue well into the future though.

                The Climate Change viewpoint is that anything with carbon dioxide must be eliminated and I believe this includes future populations.

              • “the native white majority has been incentivized (via negative incentives) to have few or even no children.”

                one suspicion was the engineered huge increase in housing and rent costs….so people couldn’t afford to have children…

                except the migrants….brandon told the banks to give them all mortgages…or they get free or $100/month subsidized rent….if they don’t pay…so what….

                the white citizens get nothing…so…no children….

                • Hi Anon,

                  Yup. And I perhaps ought to have refined it a bit. The prudent/responsible people are discouraged from having children – because they are the ones who wait until they can afford them, which may never come (or come too late). The irresponsible/imprudent, on the other hand, are encouraged to be as profligate as biologically feasible. Why? Because the latter are the constituency of the Left, which is mostly to blame for all of this.

              • >a class of dependent proles
                Maybe where you live, tovarisch.
                Here in SoCal, my experience is that the Mexican immigrants are some of the hardest workers I have ever seen. They are not looking for a handout; they are working to achieve the American dream, and many are succeeding. They believe in the sanctity of life (solid RC), have no tolerance for woke bullshit, and raise their children to be educated, productive American citizens. They are very likely to vote Republican.

                By contrast, it is the native born cholos who have been brainwashed to believe they are entitled “victims,” and whose aspirations run to using drugs, writing their placas on the walls, and becoming “veteranos” by serving time in state prison. Many will get their wish. I see them lounging around town in their gangbanger togs. “Worthless piece of shit” is too kind a term for this variety of human garbage.

                As I said, your experience may be different. But that is what I see here in the IE, Zip Code 92882.

            • A lot of the workforce is sick…can’t work….guess why…bat germ injections….

              get rid of them…replace them with cheaper more compliant slaves….

              ..bat germ injections….were also targeted to whites…in the G7….. and conservative areas….

        • Mixing up the slaves is a Republican thing….republican as opposed to an absolute monarch system where they didn’t mix up the slaves….

          Republican system….rotating presidents every 4 years…slaves on the bottom…U.S., Germany, France, etc….

          absolute monarch system…one permanent king…slaves on the bottom…North Korea, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, etc…..headed that way…Britain?, Turkey?, Japan?….

          In the Republican system the only difference was….the slaves used to have a bit more A1…..

  19. The cultural language abasement has gotten so bad i have had to check out. When if the channel zooms past cnn or msnbc and i get a few seconds of morning joe he sounds absolutely insane. People are figuring it out. Now they just need to learn to vote as a powerful bloc.

  20. The notion that any who disagree are mentally ill is itself mentally deranged. My favorites are homophobic and transphobic, indicating I fear them. I don’t. I don’t want them instructing children in sexual mores, nor grooming them into sexual mutilation, nor being granted special privilege, but I do not fear them. It’s ad homonym attack on a grand scale. They have no argument, so they attack you personally.

  21. When the Kultursmog merges with the Panopticon:

    ‘Automakers and data brokers that have partnered to collect detailed driving data from millions of Americans say they have drivers’ permission to do so. But the existence of these partnerships is nearly invisible to drivers, whose consent is obtained in fine print and murky privacy policies that few read.

    ‘Especially troubling is that some drivers with vehicles made by G.M. say they were tracked even when they did not turn on the feature — called OnStar Smart Driver — and that their insurance rates went up as a result.

    ‘Upon Kenn Dahl’s request, LexisNexis sent him a 258-page “consumer disclosure report,” which it must provide per the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

    ‘What it contained stunned him: more than 130 pages detailing each time he or his wife had driven their Chevy Bolt over the previous six months. It included the dates of 640 trips, their start and end times, the distance driven and an account of any speeding, hard braking or sharp accelerations. The only thing it didn’t have is where they had driven the car.’ — NYT


    Don’t read this article unless you want to set your blood to boiling. It is over-the-top outrageous … and good reason NEVER to buy a new Corvette.

    GM and Lexis-Nexis: the new Automotive Axis of Evil. These Enemies of the People must be destroyed; razed to the ground. Reform is not possible.

  22. During COVID, people who questioned “The narratives”, refused to wear face diapers everywhere, and be guinea pigs for Big Pharma were also called COVID DENIERS, GRANDMA KILLERS & SELFISH. I’ve even been called an “Uneducated Anti-vaxxer” for posting stuff about COVID and the mRNA jabs that ultimately turned out to be TRUE.

    As for EVs, I’m surprised they haven’t pushed the term “EV HESITANCY” like they did with “VACCINE HESITANCY” as a pejorative against people who had concerns about the long term effects of the COVID jabs.

    There’s also a meme on social media claiming that “The election isn’t old man vs old man. It’s Democracy vs Fascism”. Only problem is, we’ve been living under fascism for at least 20 years under different Presidents, but the obvious implication from that meme is that Orange Man is the ONLY FASCIST we’ve ever had as President, and that a vote for Joe Biden is a “Vote for Democracy”. People who believe that are some of the biggest chumps ever. Not only that, weren’t these same people on “The Left” also calling George W Bush a fascist when he was President, but now they LOVE him.

    • Don’t give them any ideas, John. I have repeatedly said that up here, EV’s will get someone killed. You sure as hell cannot take a road trip with one of them. As there is “no such thing as a short trip” up here, an EV is worthless for road trips, hunting (too much weight on the back), etc. Maybe in progressive, liberal cities it might work, when you are five minutes from everything. But up here, the range anxiety is very real, and so is freezing to death in one at -40 below because the range sucks and leaves you high and dry in BFE. Oh, and here is a link for you: The EU is considering the banning of repairing any vehicle older than 15 years. It is a tactic to force people into these newer, Big Brother vehicles (with kill switches coming, etc.). https://browncarguy.com/2024/02/08/european-proposal-to-ban-15-year-old-cars/

    • It began full force with labeling and demonizing those who questioned the “holocaustianity” grift as being “deniers”. In many countries,questioning the “officially accepted narrative” (lies and fabrications) will get you heavily fined and incarcerated. You see, the TRUTH about this non-event in history has been so thoroughly placed off-limits in the human psyche that even those who have ascertained the real TRUTH about this non-event are afraid to speak out. Courageous individuals such as Ursula Haverbeck and Monika Schaefer, both elderly women (in their 90s) have been prosecuted and incarcerated in German maximum security prisons for daring to utter the truth.
      Although “holocaustianity” has not been deemed the “state religion” (yet) in the USA, opposing this massive grift and speaking the TRUTH will get you marginalized. Job loss is not only a possibility, prosecution under “hate speech” statutes (already codified and enacted in Florida and in some other states).
      Florida governor DeSantis signed “hate speech” legislation while in israel. One person has already been prosecuted for “hate speech” for passing out flyers opposing israel in front of a synagogue. He was cited for “littering” and given a 30 day jail sentence.
      It’s the JEWS…they are coming for US.

  23. “It has been said above that language, as a means of intercourse between the people of a society, serves all classes of society equally, and in this respect displays what may be called an indifference to classes. But people, the various social groups, the classes, are far from being indifferent to language. They strive to utilize the language in their own interests, to impose their own special lingo, their own special terms, their own special expressions upon it. The upper strata of the propertied classes, who have divorced themselves from and detest the people — the aristocratic nobility, the upper strata of the bourgeoisie — particularly distinguish themselves in this respect. “Class” dialects, jargons, high-society “languages” are created. These dialects and jargons are often incorrectly referred to in literature as languages — the “aristocratic language” or the “bourgeois language” in contradistinction to the “proletarian language” or the “peasant language.” For this reason, strange as it may seem, some of our comrades have come to the conclusion that national language is a fiction, and that only class languages exist in reality.”

    ― Joseph Stalin


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