“Indefinite Driving Bans”

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There is a German word – endsieg. It translates as “final victory.” In Germany, the final victory – against cars – will take the form of indefinite bans on driving them, says the German Transport Minister, Volker Wissing.

These will be necessary, he says, in order for Germany to achieve the 65 percent reduction in carbon dioxide “emissions” of the gas that does absolutely nothing to cause or worsen air pollution by 2030, less than six years from now. An “action program” is mandated (that word, again) by the Climate Protection Act that was drawn up by Germany’s former chancellor, Angela Merkel – who grew up in the “Democratic” Republic of East Germany and whose actions and history prior to and as chancellor of a re-unified Germany indicate she misses her old Germany, where poverty was policy but imposed in the name of a different politics.

Being green is the new red – but one thing that’s the same is the masses must be controlled. You cannot have the kind of “democratic” society they had in the former East Germany unless the masses aren’t free to drive wherever they want to go, anytime they like.

The two are simply incompatible.

But how to sell – and impose – the “indefinite driving bans” that are necessary to turn a country red? Simple. You insist that it’s the green thing to do. This is evil genius because it uses the average person’s desire to not be the cause of harm against him – by getting him to believe his very existence constitutes a threat. Because his very existence “contributes” to the “changing” of the “climate” via the “emission” of the gas he exhales every time he breathes – and never mind when he drives. It is Leninist shaming of a high order and has been extremely effective in getting millions of people who don’t want to think of themselves as bad people to bow low and accept their fundamental badness. Which entails their acceptance of what’s necessary to correct for it.

Not just in Germany, either.

How many millions of Americans are not only ready to accept red in the name of green but actively agitating for it? Lenin referred to these people (most of whom are not bad people but deluded people) as useful idiots, revealing his contempt for them as well as the truth about them. They think they are doing – and advocating for – the right thing, having been brilliantly misled into believing they are.

The “mask” militants were (and still are) of the same species. They see themselves as in the right and that makes them incandescently dangerous because thinking one is in the right in a crusade against what is wrong arouses a kind of rabid destructive impulse best described by the saying attributed to the 13th century papal legate Arnaud Alamric during the so-called Albigensian Crusade, which was in fact a genocidal effort to exterminate the “heretic” Cathars, a Gnostic sect that did not agree with (or abide by) the Catholic Church’s teachings. The hilariously named Pope Innocent III sent Alamric and an army of armed men styled “crusaders” to root out the Cathars hiding in a town in southern France called Beziers in 1209.

When asked by one of his armed crusaders how to separate out the innocent (as the Church viewed them) townspeople from the depraved heretics, Alamric’s solution was as simple as it was horrible:

“Kill them all,” history credits him with advising. “God will know his own.”

This is mindset we’re dealing with – and not just with regard to “masks.” The same usefulness is being used to do to people who drive what was done to people who refused to put on the “mask.”

They are in the wrong. They are causing harm. And we – the latter-day crusaders – are in the right.

The common thread is the use of people’s goodness – their misdirected belief that they are doing the right thing – to get them to not only do horrible things but persuade them of the urgent necessity that it be done right now – because there’s no time to lose. This is precisely why the verbiage has transitioned from the “climate” is “changing” (much too soft) to the “climate emergency.”

If you accept that there is an emergency, you have agreed something, anything – everything – must be done to mitigate it.

This is how green is being used to further the endsieg of red, rebranded.

In Germany, there is literally a Green Party that is in fact the red party. But this is mere semantics. We have the same party here. It has rebranded itself as “democratic,” which in a way it is, when you reflect upon what “democracy” always entails. It is not for nothing that the red used to style their countries “democratic.” Like Merkel’s country, the former Deutsche Demokratische Republic (DDR).

And it was very “democratic” indeed.

Such “democracy” is aborning in what used to be this republic. And it is being midwifed into existence by useful idiots who cannot see that green is red.

. . .

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  1. From our friends [sic] at the WaPo:

    In a swing through Pennsylvania, Biden pivots to populism

    “All I knew about people like Trump is that they looked down on us,” Biden told the crowd in his childhood town, contrasting his upbringing with Trump’s residence at his resort in Palm Beach, Fla.

    “They wouldn’t let us into their homes and their country clubs. When I look at the economy, I look at it through the eyes of Scranton, not through the eyes of Mar-a-Lago.”


    Meanwhile, ‘Biden’ pimps the most anti-populist law in US history: spending a trillion dollars under the Inflation Protection Act to subsidize — to the tune of tens of thousands per vehicle, all in — EeeVees for wealthy Democrats in Silicon Valley.

    How many EeeVees do you see on the gritty streets of Scranton PA, Mister ‘President’? The blue-collar targets of your patronizing rhetoric are a lot smarter than you think, ‘Joe.’

    They would kick your lyin’ ass into the gutter this autumn — but for the fact that you’re going to withdraw your doomed candidacy this late summer, never having uttered a single truthful sentence during your entire illegitimate, grifting tenure.

    Begone, senile scarecrow! Satan watchfully waits to welcome you to his splendid subterranean kingdom.

    • Correction: the Federal Reserve Act (1913) is most anti-populist law in US history.

      Joe ‘Coal Miner’ Manchin’s Inflation Reduction Act [actually a green energy law] comes in a distant second.

      Apologies for the error.

  2. I saw this and thought, “yes, do it”. That may be what it takes to wake up the slumbering retards. May be. IDK.

  3. Climate change, is of course, a political hoax. Humans have no ability, even if they wanted to, to affect the climate.

    For instance, we are currently in an ice age epoch, they can last many millions of years, the current one started 2.65 million years ago, and could last tens of millions of years longer – that is based on previous earth ice ages.

    The thermodynamics of the planet are controlled by factors humans can not control, the distance of the sun (which is controlled by the Milankovitch cycles) and the sun’s output. So many watts per meter squared when the reach the earth. Where I live, about half way up 45 degrees North Latitude, only about 50% of the intense solar radiation that got to earth’s high atmosphere actually makes it through the ground. If there are clouds, a lot less – because the white clouds reflect it mostly back. (and any additional gas, like CO2 high up actually causes cooling – see NASA’s O=C=O satellite results.)

    Some Jews are stupid as a bag of rocks, The Forward, an Israeli publication, thinks climate change is real, and criticizes my Happy Merchant meme making fun of their stupid hoax:


    They say Jews are smart. Nope. Sam Kestenbaum who wrote that article is dumb like Greta ThunderBorg. He believes because his job requires him to believe, so he writes bullshit, and hasn’t got a clue about atmosphere physics. NOT ONE CLUE, he is an idiot.

    What kind of idiot would listen to the high school dropout Greta about the “Klimate Katstrophe”? Does Greta has a degree in Climatetology? or Geology, or Physics? Or atmosphere Chemistry? No she doesn’t, she (like Al Gore) has NEVER taken a single collegiate science course and doesn’t know jack shit about climate. So why in the fuck is anyone listening to her? You have to be a complete retard to believe anything she says on the topic because she does not know anything.

    Note how The Forward, and all the rest of Jewish propaganda news outlets NEVER interview an actual scientist skeptic on climate change. Try interviewing real scientists who write real papers on how sunlight reaches earth.

    I bet not one stupid journalist at the Forward knows basic physics, like this question: What happened to all the heat from man burning over a trillion barrels of oil thus far? Anyone know? I bet not one global warming believer knows. Not one. Because if you knew the answer you would not be taken in by the climate hoax.

    Imagine you are in the middle of Canada in the winter. You just fell through the ice and got soaking wet and you are going to freeze to death, so you build a gigantic bonfire 10 feet high. You get all dry, and the fire goes out. Where did all the heat go? It went into outer space and is gone forever. Likewise all the oil, natural gas, coal, etc that was burned turned into heat, like the heat in your engine block, and it all, and I mean every single BTU was radiated out to space.

    So why isn’t the earth a solid block of ice? Because it rotates and half of the time it is in the sun, and the other half it cools. If for some reason that sunlight didn’t reach earth’s surface, like if Israel starts WW3 and causes nuclear winter, we would all die shortly thereafter. The heating and cooling of earth makes a balance, and the average temp. is based on clouds, earth tilt, solar output, etc. CO2 hasn’t got a damn thing to do with it – and in fact – adding CO2 to the upper atmosphere cools earth – NASA measured that directly with their satellite – but I bet you never read that did you? Because it goes against the bullshit narrative.

    And, oh yeah, are Jews behind the climate change scam? Yes they are, Whitney Webb uncovered the founder of the WEF, a Mossad agent. Go look it up.

    Also, watch Climate, The Movie, as they cover much of this information, like how CO2 has never warmed the planet. Not once in earth’s 4.6 billion year history has CO2 ever warmed the planet, not even when it was 10-20 times higher than today.

    Someone should tell the stupid Jew Sam Kestenbaum to watch it. Fuck the Jews and fuck their Palestinian holocaust and fuck their scams. Hey Jew, don’t tell me I can’t drive because of the climate!

    • https://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com/ending-anonymity-why-wefs-partnership-against-cybercrime-threatens-future-privacy/

      In addition to his past as a Talpiot recruit and 8 years in Israeli military intelligence, the WEF’s Tal Goldstein had played a key role in establishing Israel’s National Cyber Bureau, now part of Israel’s National Cyber Directorate, now a WEF-PAC partner. The National Cyber Bureau was established in 2013 with the explicit purpose “to build and maintain the State of Israel’s national strength as an international leader in the field” of cybersecurity. According to Goldstein’s WEF biography, Goldstein led the formation of Israel’s entire national cybersecurity strategy with a focus on technology, international cooperation, and economic growth.

      Goldstein was thus also one of the key architects of the Israeli cybersecurity policy shift which took place in 2012, whereby intelligence operations formerly conducted “in house” by Mossad, Unit 8200 and other Israeli intelligence agencies would instead be conducted through private companies that act as fronts for those intelligence agencies. One admitted example of such a front company is Black Cube, which was created by the Mossad to act explicitly as its “private sector” branch. In 2019, Israeli officials involved in drafting and executing that policy openly yet anonymously admitted to the policy’s existence in Israeli media reports. One of the supposed goals of the policy was to prevent countries like the US from ever boycotting Israel in any meaningful way for violations of human rights and international law by seeding prominent multinational tech companies, such as those based in Silicon Valley, with Israeli intelligence front companies. This effort was directly facilitated by American billionaire Paul Singer, who set up Start Up Nation Central with Benjamin Netanyahu’s main economic adviser and a top AIPAC official in 2012 to facilitate the incorporation of Israeli start-ups into American companies.

      Goldstein’s selection by the WEF as head of strategy for its cybersecurity efforts suggests that Israeli intelligence agencies, as well as Israeli military agencies focused on cybersecurity, will likely play an outsized role in WEF-PAC’s efforts, particularly its ambition to create a new global governance structure for the internet. In addition, Goldstein’s past in developing a policy whereby private companies acted as conduits for intelligence operations is of obvious concern given the WEF’s interest in simulating and promoting an imminent “cyber pandemic” in the wake of the COVID crisis. Given that the WEF had simulated a scenario much like COVID prior to its onset through Event 201, having someone like Goldstein as the WEF’s head of strategy for all things cyber ahead of an alleged “cyber pandemic” is cause for concern.


      See WEF Forum 10 actions to change the climate course

      complete bullshit – the earth is not warming, decarbonization is genocide, the WEF is a Rothschild front to kill off humanity

    • Never forget that earth is currently in an ice age epoch.

      Never forget that we are at the tail end of the interglacial.

      Never forget man can not alter the thermodynamics of the planet, that human energy use for one year is less than 12 hours of sunlight in one day, and every bit of fossil fuel burned is turned into heat which radiates out to space.

      Never forget that the owners want to herd us into cities and kill us off, just like they are doing to the Palestinians. “Corral then kill” is their method of controlling and eliminating us.

      Never forget that Bill Gates is a billionaire lunatic who wants to spray the upper atmosphere which could trigger ice age inception.

      Never forget the Thames froze over during the last little ice age, and it could happen again because CO2 levels do not change temperatures, ice age progression will continue regardless of bullshit between our ears.

      Never forget the MSM lies about everything. Everything on the MSM is exact opposite of the way it is, like 911 – which was blamed on the Muslims when in fact it was done by Israel.

      Never forget the rich .0001% want to kill the 99% – which they attempted with the COVIDIAN DEATH JAB.

      Never forget Israel needs a big false flag to justify bombing Iran back to the stone age – which could trigger WW3 nuclear exchange, and global winter.

  4. Germany’s only salvation is the AfD.
    It is now the second most popular Party in the Country and, hopefully, in the coming elections, it will have a very strong showing. The controlled Media in Germany as well as the rest of the world bills the AfD as a Far Right Party but in reality, it is pretty-much Libertarian. It ionly appears Far Right when compared to the Socialists/Communists/Totalitarianists in power now.

  5. Driving ban…

    shorting ban coming like in China?….

    Market down 8 out of 12 days down so far…..crash coming?….

    Switching from BTD…buy the dips…. to STR…short the rips?……

    but…gold up about 20% in 2 months…..too much fiat printing?……


  6. From what I have read from Eugyppius, this dude Wissing is wizzing himself, backpedaling what he said due to furious outrage from the commoners.

  7. And the irony is that East Germany was noticeably more polluted than West Germany—you could actually smell and even taste and feel the difference.

    That’s because commies don’t care one bit about saving the environment—Google Semipalatinsk and Aral Sea if you want to know for yourself. They do care about controlling you.

    • Oh man, in Poland, under the commies, we had layers of soot build up on flat surfaces at the rate of maybe 1mm per day in the south, like in Kraków. There are places where nothing will grow because military bases would dump waste fuel and oil into the ground. Since we didn’t have clean energy to heat our homes (like gas or oil), everyone burned wood, or coal, or leaves and the winter air really stank horribly.

      Today, it’s much better, and yet, the people are once again screaming for more commies (mostly the young, who don’t remember).

      • How sad that the younger generation are going to have to repeat history and suffer because they are too stupid to learn from their elders and the past. Or, as with fools like AOC, who think that because THEY are trying Communism, it will somehow work this time around.

  8. When I think of our tyrannical overlords and their war against humanity, I remember this quote from The Terminator.

    “It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear! And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead!”

    These people from the hive mind feel no remorse or pity. They see us as nothing more than disposable meat sacks to serve their ends. We are beneath contempt.

    • I had heard about this, John….the lowering of the speed limits in the city. I cannot help but wonder: If they are lowering the speed limits, so as to create so much congestion and back log of traffic, that people get fed up enough, that they realize it is quicker to ride a bike to wherever they are going, rather than sit in a cab or their vehicle to get to work, etc.? Forget an out right ban on vehicles and driving. That would be too bold and blatant, and the sheep might fight back. Just make driving so damned miserable, that they willing give it up.

      • >create so much congestion and back log of traffic
        The other putsch is to narrow existing streets.
        Where I live (Corona, CA) City Council intends to narrow the main east-west thoroughfare (6th St.) from two lanes to one. No doubt this will be a great help to existing automotive related businesses, of which there are many.* And, of course, when the transit bus stops, the road will be completely blocked until it moves on.

        *Sixth St. was SR91 until the Riverside Freeway was built. If you *really* want to shut people down, narrowing the freeway will have to be the next step. How they plan to do that, I do not know.

        • “Racist Highways” is how they’ll do it. It’s going on in Detroit. A freeway (375) that thousands use everyday to get downtown will be changed over to a boulevard in the next year. I think with just 1 lane for each direction and biking paths. Hilarious and tragic all in one!

        • At some point, someone must have sent out a memo to all of the lefties that it would incrementally further their utopian idea of a driverless future if they reduce streets to one lane in the city and create “bike paths” that nobody uses. It happened everywhere all at once. As if it was some grand conspiracy. As if.

        • Roads are methodically being sphinctered shut in oregon and nevada. Even in nowhere Tonopah the dreaded concrete blobs are being shat into crosswalks.

          One pattern I notice is this nefarious bs is always being done by outside contractors.

        • Hi Adi,
          They’re doing that everywhere around here as well, two lane roads become a single lane with a bike lane. Also taking away on street parking for “bus priority” lanes, thus ruining business for the shop owners whose customers can no longer park for the five minutes it takes to run in to grab a coffee or whatever. Way to go, commies.

    • WEF anti car agenda, engineering the 15 min city/prison with no cars….

      Installing bike lanes with concrete curbs out in the road, lowering speed limits to 20 mph for whole cities, changing four lane roads to 2 lanes…2 lane roads to one lane, removing parking, blocking off streets, building huge apartments with no parking for cars, only for bikes, ULEZ zones, restricting right and left turns because of bike lanes, etc…..

      • The control group’s goal is to make driving as painful, expensive, privacy violating and inconvenient as possible….. to stop people driving…..

        inconvenient….see EV push…..

  9. I’m trying to understand how our overlords expect their Digital Feudal System to operate. If you will, “own nothing, & be happy” does that mean the apple you wish to eat will be rented?
    Will the rent for the apple never stop after you eat the apple?

    The rent accumulates? The more apples you eat, the higher your rent for living goes?

    The price to rent bugs to eat will be lower than the price to rent apples & the Basic Universal Income will only cover enough to rent bugs, not higher priced apples?

    The apple tree grower might be happy to get a limited perpetual apple rent payment, but he too, only rents.

    The, “how we get to that point” is this:?

    ‘The Great Dispossession Part 3’

    … “As the authorities have set in place a system that bails out secured creditors with our bank deposits, stocks, and bonds, we will have no money and no financial assets to sell for money. People with mortgaged homes and businesses will lose them, as they did in the 1930s, when they lost their money due to bank failures. People with car payments will lose their transportation. The way the system works is you lose your money but not your debts.” …


    I’m not familiar enough with how Feudalism was imposed in the past in order to understand… how “they” are going to try & roll this out.
    …Just thinking out loud.

    • Archie Bunker [On his way to the bathroom]: “Let me tell you something, Edith. You can’t really buy beer, you can only rent it”.

      • I wonder how they expect the “own nothing and be happy to work”, in that if we are all living in a sort of gulag commune, and we all share everything equally, then why in the hell should I take care of something we all “own” and/or use equally? If we are all “renters”, then there is no reason for me to take care of anything I share and use with others. I can (and could) simply use the commune kitchen, and leave a mess behind because, well, it is not MY kitchen, so why should I give a damned if it is nice and clean (and be a courteous, nice person) for the next user? None of it is mine, so why should I care? I surmise they could take away said kitchen privileges. Even still, I cannot help but wonder if that “law of unintended consequences” will kick in? Oh, but then the globalists will use that to blame us for why their schemes are not working, and simply double down, rather than admit they are the problem. These people never could look into a mirror, they are too busy deflecting and projecting onto the rest of us.

        • That’s ok, the administration bots will design products that will withstand the sort of abuse a collectivist society can dish out. Basically a city bus, but less plush and able to tolerate a daily steam cleaning with powerful anti-graffiti chemicals.

          Oh, you might complain about the uncomfortable seat and the residual smell, but the response will simply be to blame the vandals, not the system itself.

  10. ‘In Germany, the final victory – against cars – will take the form of indefinite bans on driving them, says the German Transport Minister.’ — eric

    Volker Wizzing takes a leisurely leak on his own people.

    He was just following orders.

  11. Hi Eric,
    This is all in all US intelligence silent war against its own population and conquered populations like Germans. In US they have history constitution and bunch of undesirable groups they call White trash , rednecks southerners opposing change for the worse. In Germany they wrote constitution as they pleased and they picked government as they pleased. Germans in particular have too much obedience to authority so thats why they experiment on them. Once they try it it will come to US with some struggle off course.

  12. Can we just form some kind of broad consensus? If you’re the type who likes to believe in fairy tales such as Chicken Little climate alarmism, maybe you could off yourself voluntarily. Maybe 1/3rd of the population goes away and the problem is solved without war, famine, big Pharma genocide, or any other nasty thing they have in store for us. Everyone could work together encouraging the climate alarmists to ‘do the right thing.’ It would be the ultimate in virtue signaling, taking social media to a whole new level. The useful idiots always die in the end anyway, just this way their glorious deaths would go for a good cause.

    • “Can we just form some kind of broad consensus? If you’re the type who likes to believe in fairy tales such as Chicken Little climate alarmism, maybe you could off yourself voluntarily.”

      Reminds me of the scene in MASH where Hawkeye tells Colonel Flagg, “if there were more people like you, there’d be less people like you”.

      • Thats a great line from MASH. It should be scrawled on government buildings and tenement halls across the land.

        With a military now full of wannabe corporal Klingers I can imagine how horrified corporal Max would be. Smoking his Cigar like Groucho, getting all worked up, ‘Its hopeless,’ he’d shriek. ‘Hopeless I tell you. Instead of kicking me out for cross dressing , now they’re trying to put me in charge.’

        • I spent 3 years enlisted and 6 years commissioned in the Army. There’s no way in hell I’d encourage a young person to enlist, join ROTC, or seek an academy appointment nowadays.

          • I spent 4 years enlisted and I feel the same. I make it a point to work hard to convince any young person who might be interested in the military to steer clear. I’m finding it easier and easier as the empire chops off its appendages, all while insisting, ‘its just a flesh wound.’

            • ep
              Thanks for the segue opportunity!

              Did a 2 yr Vietnam contract with the USMC 74-76.
              The only BS we ran into was a potential deployment due to the 1975 post Saigon collapse ..”Mayaguez incident”…Koh Tang Cambodia (Koh means island, so no need to state “Koh tang Island”)…

              Man, I was just in the namesake incident city(Puerto Rico) 2 weeks a go..
              Performing a “feasibility study” for a fairly “Gun-shy”…dude
              about “Caribe living”

              Sitrep US territory Puerto Rico basic facts:
              110 miles East to West, 40 miles North to South max;

              Evaluation…Something is “off” about the island…
              In my opinion, the place is being exploited as a test bed for the WEF wet dream of a “15 minute city”….
              Minimal street level interaction
              Walmart and Home Depot….Pure Centralization!
              It appears hurricanes Irma and Maria 2017, coupled with the covid scamdemic….Wiped out most of the small vendors…

              Too bad..
              The absence of A” street level Vibe ” ….
              has thoroughly “gelded” this population.. 🙁
              In my opinion, The Dominican Republic is a far more entertaining, fertile and Libertarian venue….

              Hey kids ….Enjoy the mad max Libertarian ..street scene
              The country is actually “A diamond in the rough”

              Semper Fi

              • Ok F this..

                Sample DR drivers “competency test”..

                Q) Stoplights are?
                A) Left over Christmas decorations…

                Q) on a 2 lane road ,,,how many cars are allowed side by side …
                A) 6 if you use the sidewalk to squeeze in a Toyota Landcruiser …..

                An absolute Libertarian Heaven!

          • I like what the otherwise uber-patient Colonel “Sherman, T, Potter” (the late Harry Morgan) told Klinger, when exasperated by his schemes:

            “Klinger, I don’t want to be here, Haweye doesn’t want to be here…certainly the WOUNDED don’t want to be here. But we’ve all got a job to do.”

    • >you could off yourself voluntarily.
      Organ harvesting as policy.
      You “donate” all your vital organs to the medical-industrial complex. Your relative gets a new kidney, the “system” keeps the rest. You get to make a “heroic self-sacrifice” to benefit a loved one. The mic gets free raw material.

      Would you donate iron ore, or limestone, to a steel mill? Rubber to a tire factory? I doubt it.

  13. What is needed is an indefinite ban on imbeciles occupying positions of power in the government who are always wanting to tell the Great Unwashed what to do.

    Always trying to tell people what to do makes for trouble in River City.

    Indefinitely banning war will be the thing to do.

    Leave people alone.

    Over at bitchute, some nut wildly drove a work truck in some urban area. Backed the truck up at full throttle, then to forward gear careening through a park area then down the street again at full throttle. The worker must have been having a bad day.

    Some things are hard to explain.

  14. The world according to the rich and powerful is that it was perfection when they were climbing up the ladder. Since then everything has gone to shit. Must really suck for King Charles, he was born at the top and his mom was the first television queen. Great visuals even though she wasn’t exactly beautiful, she managed to keep her figure and aged gracefully in a time when the paparazzi could be kept at arms length and had some decorum. Poor Charles, not exactly Roger Moore, had to put up with all that, and still managed to bag a looker (money is like makeup for men, apparently). But then the explosion in tabloid news came on strong and Diana played right into it. Dowdy old prince Chuck wasn’t able to cope with the new paradigm.

    And look at the old fools like Bill Gates. Malthusian, sure, but also holding a grudge because he was constantly bested by an adopted son of immigrants. Must really frost him that Jobs, a seemingly undisciplined hippie dropout, was better at being CEO than him. Bet Bill would be much happier if Abdulfattah Jandali and his wife aborted Steve instead of bringing him into the world.

    Once you’re at the top, you better do whatever you can to stay there. Even if it means killing billions of people in a delusional paranoia rage.

    • And Billy was born at the top. To my limited knowledge, all he was ever good at, besides killing people with vaccines, was patenting open source software and selling it.

    • I’ll give him this: rather than stick with the late plastic princess, Bonnie King Chuckie picked a woman who’s “handsome”, to put it charitably, but they seem to like each other.

      The trouble with the British monarchy is it’s all been a huge “dog and pony” show for almost three hundred years. They imported a disinterested duke from Germany, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to be exact, because he considered it a mere honorific, seldom leaving his German castle to “rule” the United Kingdom…he was more than content to let those British buffoons have at each other, the payments they gave him to be the “Head (Numbskull) In Charge” more than solved his financial problems. It wasn’t until his great-grandson, George III, who was the first of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to actually be born in the UK and consider himself an Englishman, even though both his parents were German. George would have liked to exercise more authority than he was allowed, if anything, he felt that Lord North et al. didn’t take their “Colonials” in America seriously, and was proved right when the American Revolution, in spite of overwhelming British military might, went badly for them. Who can say what caused George to go mad; it might have been some of that Habsburg inbreeding, or diet, or exposure to mold in those old, damp castles he lived in, a modern neurosurgeon probably could have treated him successfully.

      It wasn’t until World War One that the British royal shed their German heritage, for obvious reasons, but by bringing in the presumptive heir to the Greek throne, by then inactive and formally abolished in 1967, as well as the Danish throne (also more symbolic), the House of Windsor-Montbatten was establishing ties with another Habsburg branch, and bringing a lot of their questionable genes with it.

      • If I remember correctly, the late Queen Elizabeth, and now King Charles are related to Vlad, the Impaler. There never was a shortage of irony where history is concerned.

        • @ 4:00 in video every U.S. president has a British king in his family…the pharaohs became the aristocracy…the aristocracy became freemasons….then through democratatorship…the sheep get to vote for one of multiple pharaohs…. all USA presidents have been Freemasons except JFK

          @ 10:30 king charles the 3rd is a descendant of…… Vlad III Dracula, Prince of Wallachia or — as he is better known — Vlad the Impaler… Vlad III Dracula…. (Vlad Tepes), a name he earned for his favorite way of dispensing with his enemies.

          @ 13:22 when will U.S. sheeple push back?

          @ 15:00 the two parasites of society were/are the aristocracy…the rulers…. and the church priests….

          @ 26:40 the pharaonic satanist rulers have a long history of torturing the slaves…

          @ 27:20 the U.S. people fought for freedom then lost it again…

          @ 29:20 humanity has to unite to push back…

          @ 29:25 the rulers today still own the slaves..

          @ 31:20 the rulers are scared of the slaves….the slaves might have a tiny chance to get free again…

          @ 38:30 diana spencer knew about the ocotogon control group

          @ 58:50 satanic temples for their rituals…

          @ 59:50 a pharaoh statue in the garden…

          @ 1:00:30 the pharaohs had satanic rituals

          @ 1:08:35 sometimes the pharaohs love the slaves…like lady Diana and JFK…then they pay for it…

          @ 1:14:00 the control group…dukes and priests….kings and the clergy…


    • King Charles the 3rd wants to go back to an absolute monarchy…no parliament and prime minister to limit his power…..

      King Charles the 3rd wants to go back to an absolute monarchy…this happened in Germany causing WW2…..When Emperor Wilhelm the 2nd (who is related to King Charles the 3rd)wanted to go back to an absolute monarchy…but the republicans won….(aided by traitor hitler)….it remained a republic…the NWO beat the OWO….

      In an absolute monarchy the king…from the nobility bloodlines only…. is the sovereign…is like a God… claims they are from God….and makes all the decisions…..man is below them…a slave…

      In a Republic instead of a king, you have a new president every 4 or 8 years…the problem is the two choices are from the same nobility bloodlines….and decisions are supposed to be a group effort…..but…they are all made by the nobility…the president often acts like a sovereign…a king………man is below them…a slave…

      Organized religions are a tool for the nobility, to control slaves and were constructed by the nobility….

      The feudal kings and the republicans have their own brand of religion….for the monarchy’s it is Christianity, for the republicans it is Protestantism….Protestantism and Islam are connected, related….

      Someone said the U.K. will be a Muslim nation very shortly….watch immigration…

      Absolute monarchies …China, Russia, North Korea, S. Arabia, Dubai, etc…..


      • WW2 real history…..

        King Charles the 3rd wants to go back to an absolute monarchy…this happened in Germany causing WW2…..When Emperor Wilhelm the 2nd (who is related to King Charles the 3rd)wanted to go back to an absolute monarchy…but the republicans won….(aided by traitor hitler)….it remained a republic…the NWO beat the OWO….


  15. I remember reading the book: *47 Ronin* to which it was a time in Japan of great deprivation due to the Shogun had a horrible dream about animals and deemed all of them sacred and none could be killed. Therefore, there was no meat, and not even pests could be killed by the peasants to which crops were decimated by rodents and insects. There was starvation and much death. This was the background to the book which was fiction as far as anyone knows.

    Seems like were headed in the same direction with the green (red) agenda. For us honor after the great insult.

    • That’s the power of government, unfortunately. Legally allowed to kill people if they get out of line. There’s also the devastation caused by Mao’s various Great Leap Forward™ plans like killing all the sparrows because they were eating some percentage of the seed. Never mind that they also ate the bugs that destroyed crops, so once the sparrows were gone, so were the crops. Whoopsie!

      Not that the United States is any better. The fatally flawed way the federal government implemented homesteading (with healthy subsidies to the railroad trusts) pretty much guaranteed a dustbowl would happen eventually. Now the “scientific” mono-crop farming methods with massive amounts of fertilizer added to dead soil will probably do the same thing, only this time there won’t be any distributed family farms to limit the devastation.

  16. It’s astounding how some people STILL think that the Democrat Party is the party of the working class. The D Party has been pushing all sorts of things the past several years if not more that mainly benefit Big Pharma, large banks, the billionaire class, the green energy lobby, large corporations, the military-industrial complex, the censorship-industrial complex, etc. The Democrat Party also showed their contempt for the working class when the working class voted for Orange Man instead of Hillary Clinton in 2016, and in 2020 when they deemed them “Nonessential employees” but people working in large corporations “Essential employees” under guise of “Stopping the spread of a deadly pandemic”.

  17. “Indefinite” is the key word.
    Weekends, until we get used to it, then little by little ever more Week days, until there are no driving days at all.
    The fact is, that once a government successfully claims power over a thing, there is no limit to that power.
    Once the FedGov claimed power to tax income, nothing but gravity and friction prevents it from taking it all.

  18. Well one effect of this will be to encourage people to not buy new cars and keep driving what they already own. Stockpile parts and fix it yourself. F*ck em. Hard for the automakers to make money if we boycott all of them.

    If this was about saving the Earth from CO2 wouldn’t they be handing out free MANPADS outside of the private airports the elite’s use?

    Of course it’s not; it’s about you walking everywhere you need to go and saving up your social credit points to get a used bicycle after 10 years while they are flown in private jets to and from their private islands.

  19. All of the surface streets will eventually be sold off to private interests and tolled.

    Drive on the “wrong” day and you will receive a big fine in the mail.

    The technology exists. I’ve seen it in use first hand. What saves us right now is that the management at the system integrators are the typical brain dead FedGov contractor types, more interested in lining their own pockets or getting laid more than actually getting any real work done.

    • Heck Roscoe they will ticket us if we even walk on their streets. So why are we paying taxes for roads if we can’t use them?

    • Remember the 1980s dystopian film “The Running Man”? Based on a Stephen King novel (under a pen name), there was a scene with Ben Richards on the chain gang. There were no actual chains, just an electronic collar rigged with high explosives and an electronic perimeter. Cross the line and pop! goes the prisoner.


      For now, the “wearable” only alerts the wearer when straying into a dangerous area. How exactly isn’t mentioned, although I imagine an annoying buzzer or some such irritant. Dog collars based on similar tech exist that will send a “static correction” to the dog. Best part is, no need to set up hardware to define the fence. Just upload the new line of danger as necessary. Heck, maybe run a dynamic corridor of safety. From 7:00 to 8:00, you’re permitted to travel from home to work using the autobahn. Twice weekly you can stop for fuel and just to show we’re not all bad you can visit the store for 12 minutes and have a nice treat. Try the spicy crickets, they’re delicious!

      • ‘Try the spicy crickets, they’re delicious!’ — ReadyKilowatt

        An herpetologist friend was buying some snacks for his snakes. ‘I’d like three dozen crickets, please,’ he told the young lady behind the counter.

        ‘How many is that?’ she responded. ‘I was never very good at math.’

        • >three dozen
          Not enough fingers!
          Welcome to the decimocentric (SI) universe.
          If humans were cartoon characters (three fingers and a thumb) we might all be using octal.

          But ask yourself this: why do we split a day into 24 hours, and not 10?
          Why do we divide an hour into sixty parts, and each part thereof into another sixty, rather than 100?
          Why do we sell eggs by the dozen, rather than packs of 10? Why do we measure angles in 360ths of a circle? Why do we divide a foot (unit of length) into twelve parts, not 10? Why do U.S. customary units use 96ths of a foot, rather than 100ths?
          96 = 8*12 = (2^3)*(2^2)*(3)

          • ‘Welcome to the decimocentric (SI) universe.’ — Adi Heidler

            One example: while many localities have a high single-digit sales tax, a sales tax exceeding 10 percent is fairly rare.

            Ten percent is our threshold of pain … ‘cuz we have ten fingers.

        • Bug food……

          no more rural living….off to the 15 min city……limited mobility, no cars…weaponized surveillance and control….water rationing…speech surveillance…..mobility tracking…rationing gas, heat, electricity…

          control of food supply…no more cooking/food ownership…..no hoarding/stocking up or growing/independent supply…..it will be a service delivered daily by the government… maybe insects 3 times a day…with your meds included……..if your social credit score/cbdc balance is too low or cut off…no food for awhile…till you comply….

          The insects they want us to eat have parasites, the problem is to kill the parasite you have to overheat the insects while cooking this destroys the protein in the insect being cooked, so it is not worth eating, you are better off starving….

          purpose?….weaken the prisoners in the 15 min cities….

          Insects Contain A Structural Component In Their Exoskeletons Called Chitin Which is Toxic To Humans



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