They Need “Assistance”

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Why is it that every new vehicle comes standard with what is styled “lane keep assistance technology”? By which is meant (among other things) a system that uses cameras tied to electric motors that exert control over the car’s steering apparatus.

Probably because so many people seem unable to control their car.

They have difficulty keeping it in its travel lane; they veer off onto the shoulder and then swing wide over the double yellow and into the path of traffic in the opposite lane. They seem to be impaired, as by alcohol or drugs and – in the old days – their erratic driving would be sufficient to warrant getting pulled over by a cop to see whether they were in fact drunk or high.

But in our day, this sort of driving is done routinely by people who are neither drunk nor stoned but who are nonetheless impaired . . . by incompetence. This is a worse thing, arguably, than being temporarily drunk or high. The drunk gets sober; the high wears off. Incompetence is a baseline state that remains the same for as long as it is tolerated.

For as long as it is encouraged.

People have not been required to demonstrate competence as drivers in order to get a driver’s license for several decades, at least. They are required to fill out forms and to answer various questions regarding traffic laws. To produce birth certificates, Social Security cards and other such government documents to establish their identity. But the applicant is not required to demonstrate competence as a driver in any meaningful way. The actual driving test is brief and perfunctory. The applicant is not required to show he can merge with fast-moving traffic or parallel park on a busy street  . . . without “assistance.” So it ought not to be surprising that many licensed drivers have trouble keeping their vehicle in its travel lane . . . without “assistance.”

This is very strange, when you think about it a little. The FAA won’t issue a license to fly an airplane to someone who has not demonstrated that they possess the competence to actually fly an airplane – themselves, without “assistance.” The applicant must solo – fly the airplane, take off and land it – on his own and with competence. If he is unable to successfully solo, he does not get a license to fly an airplane.

This seems reasonable.

It seems, more finely, to be the point.

If a license to fly – or drive – is not issued based on competence; if it is not a measure of competence – then it is simply a permission slip of sorts that says the government has decided to allow the holder thereof to drive or fly . . . or fish, for that matter. The government issues licenses for that, too – and the license to fish says nothing at all about the holder’s fishing abilities.

It merely says who he is – so that the government knows who he is. And – of course – there are various fees associated with all of this.

That is what has become of the driver’s license, which has about the same worth as a measure of competence to drive as a fishing license. It is an ID card – nothing more. And it is very important – to the government – that just about everyone be identified. Excepting, of course, the millions of random foreigners who cross the border without ID, which they are not obliged to get in order get benefits from the government, paid for by you and I.  Nor driver’s licenses, either – as that would be racist.

So, naturally, just about everyone (excepting the illegals) does have one. Because just about everyone is required to show one – except, of course, to vote.

That’s on purpose.

But it also has consequences, the chief one being pervasive incompetence when it comes to driving – a thing that is not the same as having a license.

For a driver’s license to be something more than a kind of fishing license – and something more like a pilot’s license – the applicant would have to demonstrate that he can, in fact, drive. This would entail more than putting the transmission in Drive.

At the very least, the applicant would have to establish that he can merge with traffic, parallel park and keep the vehicle within its travel lane on a curvy road . . .without “assistance.” These are basic competencies that anyone who presumes to style himself a driver ought to possess. Just the same as anyone who claims to be a pilot ought to be able to safely take off and land the airplane.

He does not have to be a Blue Angel. Just competent as regards the fundamentals. Is that asking too much of drivers?

Apparently, yes.

And that is why there is so much “assistance technology.”

Because so many drivers need it.

. . .

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  1. They Need “Assistance”

    Case in point:

    ‘The U.S. Supreme Court released an opinion in an abortion case on June 26 but quickly unpublished [sic] the ruling, in what a spokesperson described as a mistake.

    ‘The opinion “has not been released,” Patricia McCabe, a spokesperson for the Supreme Court, told The Epoch Times in an emailed statement.

    “The court’s publications unit inadvertently and briefly uploaded a document to the court’s website.” She said the opinion will be published “in due course.”

    Effing clowns.

  2. I swear people need to get their heads examined. It’s just after 5:30 PM, I’m putting my garage doors down, and some peckerhead pulls up in a minivan. “Can you inspect my son’s Corvette this afternoon?” I just shook my head and closed the bay door. Where the hell do these people think they are, the moon? Afternoon is looooong gone, and you haven’t even brought the car in question WITH you. People nowadays are dumber than rocks.

  3. One of the biggest problems no one really talks about is the fact that Americans, by and large don’t know how to mind their own fu*#in business. So many times on the road slowdowns or bad driving are caused be people who have to stop and stare at whats going on outside their lane, even across the interstate. ‘Oh, officer friendly pulled someone over,’ got to slow way down and check it out. Its an HOA mentality where every time someone drives down your street they look for something out of place, that they can bitch about instead of….Staying in their lane.

    It extends from the micro to the macro. The whole wide world has be just like us, if not we need to immediately free the shit out of them.

  4. Driving is not difficult to figure out…Americans have been made retarded by public school, television and diet. It is amazing to me that they can’t even figure out what lane markings mean. We have become a nation of women/children. Never let women vote!

    Women are driven by feelings and vanity…Their only real value to humanity are cum receptacles, maids and babysitters. They are feebleminded amoral parasites. Do we really want them voting or driving or raising children?

  5. Get rid of the screens….

    There is a new car coming that has got some things right….

    It has a new…. 8.3 litre V16 1000 HP naturally aspirated 9500 RPM ice engine…for the emotion…the sound….a brand new V16 ice engine in 2024….very cool….all other cars are being ruined…going full EV…..

    It has only one tiny little screen in the car….. that can be hidden away…the car can be driven without it…so no screens visible….fully analog interior…because analog is better, cooler….screens are just cheap crap….screens were put in cars to save money…it cheapens the car… ugly crap….

    All the gauges are fully analog and mechanical…similar to a $500,000 Swiss watch….that is where it’s name comes from….Bugatti Tourbillon…..too…bee…on…All knobs and switches are analog….

    There is no plastic inside the car…pure high end luxury….

    It is hybrid so it has three 400 HP electric motors as well…limited to a total 800 HP by the battery size…25 KWH….

    It can be driven in ice mode only…just using the 1000 HP V16 ice engine….this car has no ASS…once it starts it keeps running…..

    Or in EV mode….just using the three 800 HP output… electric motors…..

    The top speed is limited to 377 MPH…..

    It costs 3.8 million Euros….$4.06 million U.S.

    If you want a new great sounding 1000 HP NA V16 ice engine powered car…in 2024….you have to be rich….in the 1950’s and 1960’s people that weren’t rich could buy a fully analog car, with a great sounding NA…. Flat 6, V8 or V12….

    • They tried to keep the weight down…

      The Bugatti Tourbillon is lighter and quicker then the Chiron….under 4400 lb and zero to 60 mph in under two seconds….

      The rich control group…slave owners….. get great toys…the slaves…the useless eaters… get no fun…..soon…walking only….

  6. Lately no one can drive; got left lane bandits, those checking their phones constantly, those who just seem to freeze outta nowhere at lights, and slowmo clovers who act like speed limits are mere suggestions and go 5-10 under, then get offended when you honk/flash, and a lot of them aren’t seasoned citizens either.

    Why my future kids are driving manuals from the 2000s the latest, using flip phones and being made to go kart and race at a young age, so by the time they’re ready, they’ll be better than 99% of the clovers out there

  7. These huge over weight abortions, they forced onto the roads through regulations, are hard to see out of, don’t change direction quickly and are hard to stop quickly, they are unsafe.

    So they put all sorts of cameras and sensors in them to make them self driving, while the moron behind the wheel texts….

    If the camera gets dirty or malfunctions, they crash into you….

    A huge problem…this self driving AI tech is buggy, defective, doesn’t very well…a safety hazard….

    part of agenda 2030…..very expensive, defective cars, more crashes, causing very expensive insurance, driving banned…slaves can walk….

    Give morons a cell phone and a car…they will wrap it around the first tree…..

  8. The readership of this forum skews REALLY old, I need to preface my next comment with that because it is something I can easily observe by people’s comments regarding time & place, memories of the past, etc.

    That being the case, I think probably everyone is out of touch with how much the phone screen must dominate all waking hours including, any behind the wheel for anyone under the age of say, forty (And especially 30). The amount of people that can NOT stop looking at their phone for even a minute or two is far beyond what most of you probably understand.

    I think a lot of your readers also skew rural where this behavior is likely not as bad. But get into any city area or the ‘burbs and the amount of people dicking off on their phone while attempting to control a vehicle is through the roof. They are easily identified as their car dances drunkenly in the lane, sometimes between lanes, their speed goes from a crawl to race car fast, and all other manner of horrible driving.

    These new “safety features” are largely to protect YOU from them. The powers that be realized that their digital crack pipe, the smartphone has worked far better than they ever could have imagined. No one is going to stop texting even while driving, so now they have to invent the next thing to keep the sheep from crashing into each other and you.

    So here we are. Given the absolute lard ass fatness of your average American it is pretty easy to see where this is headed. EVs that drive you around while you mindlessly scroll, text, and ‘consoom product’ while you continue growing fatter and dumber. Like many movies and books about dystopias (Idiocracy, 1984, The Matrix, Brave New World,etc.) Wall-E was a cautionary tale, not a blueprint.

    The first minute of that video will show you the ultimate destination of all this. It amazes me how prescient and predictive some of these movies were about the future being built right now. Almost like it was planned…

    • You’re right about the phones. The young drivers in my kids’ circle of friends all text and tik-tok while driving, and no amount of explaining convinces them to do otherwise. My nieces have two school friends who died in car crashes, and I don’t think this is a coincidence. They are not permitted to drive with other kids. To help them not use their phones while driving, I offered to buy them their first car, and I did, a manual transmission Hyundai Veloster. They were unhappy about not getting an automatic, but now, it’s far more difficult to text and drive, though they still do it on the highway.

      A few years ago, I was coaching a new driver at an HPDE event at a local race track. He brought a really fast car, a 500HP Nissan GT-R, and he had no experience driving anything like that. On one of the first laps, going down the main straight at like 130 mph, his cell phone rings. This bozo leans over, pulls it out of his pocket, and was going to answer it, until I yanked it out of his hand and sat on it (it’s dangerous to have a loose object on the track). He got really pissed that I would dare do that and wanted to complain to the organizers, however, I was the organizer, it was my track day, so that went nowhere. Fun stuff.

      • That’s pretty cool about the Hyundai Veloster. How long ago was that?

        If the state is to continue with the facade of driver’s licenses, knowing how to drive a stick shift car ought to be mandatory.

        I am one of those older people who does use my phone a lot. I like to use youtube streaming as a substitute for ground based radio. Any music made after say 1981, sucks, so I’m getting a big dose of music that I haven’t heard in 4 or 5 decades.

        I’m not against phones and driving because I’ve seen crap drivers before they came around.

        I think the main highway safety problem is the high beltlines, large window pillars and the dark interiors of modern cars. Visibility is a huge problem. When someone is able to do a count, we might find that the revisions to FMVSS 204 and 208 have been responsible for the deprivation, maiming and the wanton slaughter of millions on the highways, not cellphones and not speed. There has been a designed in danger to the driving public since the advent of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

    • Hi Anon,

      In re “digital crack pipe” – best description of these satanic devices I’ve come across. I’m in my 50s and didn’t get one until after I got divorced in 2016. I use the thing but do not carry it around and it doesn’t own me. But you’re generally right about how the 30-and-under cohort is owned by these things. It’s appalling. I say that not because I’m old but because it’s stupid. How much gabbling does an average person need to do each day? How much time do people spend staring at the damn screen rather than seeing life?

      I think it’s because this is all they know. They were raised with these goddamned things – by parents who strapped them in to saaaaaaaaaaafety seats. Something I would never have done had I had kids.

      I think I need a drink.

      • Ironically, I also didn’t purchase my first “smart” phone until 2016. Yes, I did carry a “dumb” phone for work, but that was a requirement of my employment. My phone rarely goes with me when I leave the house, other than when I’m on vacation. If I’m within 10-15 miles from home, it sits on the countertop. I actually use it more as a phone than as a hand-held computer.

      • Hi Eric,
        How much time do people spend staring at the damn screen rather than seeing life?
        You need to have a life to appreciate it. A lot of lazy patents make their kids addicts since smartphone makes them quiet. Those kids are fucked but not by their own fault. Smartphone is also full of distractions and thats what poeple do when bored or depressed.
        Old poeple have an edge as in living without it in the past. But still many old poeple are also addicted.

      • Mmm, some “Goose & Juice” sounds good right about now: Grey Goose Vodka, and a bit of cranberry juice to go with it. With the way people are behind the wheel, I am not going to end up a drunk to cope with the stress of dealing with stupid drivers, but Lordly, I cuss like a sailor behind the wheel sometimes. Well, maybe more than a few times, and pity the bastard that has to listen to me (tapping in).

    • >The readership of this forum skews REALLY old
      LOL. Yep.
      I was born 2 September 1949.
      V-J Day, 4 years on, to parents who were both WWII veterans.
      Both parents were commissioned officers, my Dad USAAF, my Mom WAC.

      I still have my first cell phone, a Motorola which I acquired in 1989.
      The transceiver is the size of a library book, and is bolted to the bulkhead behind the seat of my 1989 Ford F150, also purchased in 1989. It was very useful to me at that time because I worked “in the field” in the construction industry.

      I do have a $30 flip phone, for emergency use. it sits on the charger on my desktop, power off, most of the time. I do not give out the number, nor even remember what the number is.
      I really only have it a) in case of outage on my VOIP landline and b) for emergency road service, there being no more pay phones.

      • Right on, I did not mean that comment as negative as it sounded, it is just there is a wide generational gap I think and people over a certain age just don’t seem to get how hopelessly addicted to the screen these younger people are. They are a literal danger on the road far worse than a drunk driver.

        I enjoy the perspective older people bring because it seems like everyone no longer remembers the “before times” just as the Party wanted in in 1984. The past was erased it was only a constant present and they changed reality every day. As I said, we have built that with these 0 attention span TikTok generation midwits and dummies.

        • Some of them appear to be waking up. 🙂
          See my reply to OppositeLock, above.

          >everyone no longer remembers the “before times”
          Some of us do.:)
          Harder to bullshit people who have actual memories of events.
          But of course, we will eventually all be gone, as with everyone else who has walked this Earth.

        • I also remember the “before times”, before there were cameras everywhere, tracking your every move, before govco could read every email, text, phone conversation, etc.
          I fit that demographic, born 1947, and looking back I think we grew up in the most free time ever; I feel sorry for today’s indoctrinated youth who will never experience that.

      • If I met your father, Adi, I would ask him where he was when he found about Pearl Harbor. Everyone knows where they were when JFK was shot-those who were around. I so love talking with that older generation, because there are so few of them left. However, I have found that many early Boomers (born in the 40’s) are well versed about their fathers or uncles serving, and it is a wealth of knowledge and history to listen to what they have to say. And yeah, I look in the mirror sometimes-when I really look-I wonder to myself: How in the hell did I get old so fast? Some of those years, I was not having fun at all? Bwa ha ha. Well, than you to your father and mother for their service.

  9. One of many questions this article begs is what happens when people come to rely on these “driver assist” systems and they malfunction? God help the other drivers. Presumably, good judgment would teach us not to rely on these systems at all. In addition to the problem of many drivers lacking basic driving skills, which these driver assist systems are intended to paper over, many drivers would seem to lack good judgment — which these system likely cannot replace. Even when people are competent to perform a task, their failure to exercise good judgment can yield catastrophic results. I learned to fly small planes in California in the 1990s. Despite the presumed basic competence of all licensed pilots, the failure by even the most expert veteran pilots to exercise basic good judgment continues to cost many their lives. Good judgment would seem to be a function of, among other things, experience, maturity, and intelligence, and thus may be difficult to teach.

    • Spot on. I think we’ve already seen what happens – there are plenty of crashed Teslas that tell the story. Also, I’ve read more and more accounts of auto-braking systems failing.

      The tough part of developing good judgement is that experience is the best teacher. I became a better and more conscientious driver by doing stupid shit that didn’t kill me. In crappy, RWD cars with bad tires. In winter. In MN. Tough to replicate that! By making drivers dependent on tech instead of experience and intuition almost guarantees a mess.

  10. i have avoided several collisions and road hazards by swinging quickly to the shoulder to avoid things that suddenly come off a 18 wheeler for instance that would have killed me had i hit it. and have avoided being hit in the rear of the vehicle by a driver not watching where he is going in stop and go traffic…slamming on his brakes and skidding into me had i been in that slot instead of leaping to the shoulder with my car. in that case he had enough to stop and not hit anyone….and another time at a green light and a red light runner i saw coming and avoided…

    the driver assistance technology would have taken over my steering and put me in harms way that i saw coming and the computer didn’t. those things take over completely…and can even call the police on you!! your own car testifying against you….i would be dead right now had they had that technology on my early 90s vehicle. i haven’t bought a new vehicle since 94…they started the pcm tell on you system and i quit buying at that point and kept what i had and bought antiques. like the nova.

    that technology and the gps as well can have drivers in the ditch, run over or drown. because it decides for you…the adult driver being considered to be an infant incapable of thought. granted, some are adult children but most are not.

    pretty soon the car will drive itself and we won’t even have a steering wheel. i wouldn’t get into one of those cars for any amount of money. not as a passenger and not as a driver.

    • I echo your comments, Highlander. Whether it be Bullwinkle trotting out from the trees from the side of the road, or hell….seeing that first new bit of frost heave on the road after break-up (our version of spring)….being able to swerving quickly (without the ‘saaaafety’ stuff preventing me) has saved me many collisions and accidents over the years. Also, that lane-keep assist crap will not fly up here. With the long Winters we do not care where the lines are, and neither do the State Troopers: We drive where the roads are clear, and the lines be damned. Or, being able to quickly speed up (oh my word, I am going over the speed limit!) to avoid the idiot fool who just pulled out in front of me, and (true to form in these parts), cannot be bothered to speed up with the flow of traffic. Many a time I have to speed up and go around them. If someone needs all that safety sh** to drive, they should not be allowed to drive. I have noticed most of these lousy drivers (like the one swerving in Eric’s video) are too busy messing around their damned phones to actually drive from “Point A” to “Point B”.

  11. And, driving while vaccinated. Clot-induced mini-strokes that have addled cognitive abilities. Tell tale signs – inability to stay within the lines and crossing over double yellow lines on curves, random braking, erratic speeds that seemingly oscillate from and between 15 to 45, failure to yield, and rolling through stop signs like they aren’t there.

    • Another telltale sign of the vaxx addled I never noticed until recent times, the driver who slows way down for someone walking or riding a bicycle off the side of the road. Its like some strange and wonderful thing they’ve never seen before. Safety be damned, they must supplicate themselves to the saaaaafety gods

  12. The worst of the driving habits, the left lane hog began in earnest shortly after the 55 mph national speed limit was imposed. By posting a lower speed limit, it criminalized the actions of reasonable drivers who were going 70-80 on rural highways and around 60-65 on urban interstates at teh time. Because of the fuel shortage, drivers slowed their average speeds by about 7-8 mph in 1974. It took until around 1993 for speeds to recover to what they were before the crisis. But I digress. During the peak NMSL era, 70 mph became an aggravated speeding offense and some drivers were more interested in avoiding increasingly frequent contact with highway patrol while others were self righteously proclaiming that because they were going the speed limit everyone else would have to wait for them. They stayed in the left lane.

    The 55 mph speed limit bred an inattentiveness and a hostility between drivers that has not abated since. It has just taken a different form. Lane discipline has improved somewhat due to the fact that legal driving speeds are from 5-15 mph faster than they were before 1995. At least the slow drivers aren’t doing 55-60 anymore. It’s more like 65 or 70. It’s better, but still pretty dismal.

    The cell phone has distracted people as well as things like lane keep assist.

    It is time to redefine a driver’s license. Time for people under the age of 40 to learn how to drive a manual transmission car. That shoudl be the qualification for getting a license. If you can’t do that, you belong on the bus.

  13. Most of them are just lazy as crap, but I will agree that they are incompetent as well. They are also riding the brakes, something that wouldn’t be necessary if they would gear down and follow the curve of the lanes. instead, they the cut inside of every curve, even to the extent of going 90% in the opposite lane, or the shoulder. It’s even worse on 311 from Paint Bank.
    As much as I would like to attribute this to modern nanny-tech in cars, I’ve seen this incompetence in action since before I started driving in the late ’70’s. My guess is that about 50% of the drivers on the road have always lacked eye-hand coordination, not to mention have the attention span of gnat.

  14. The most dangerous thing most of us does is drive. While the constant mantra is “safety”, one is not required to demonstrate their control of their car before being granted a license to drive. Which would save far more lives than seatbelts, air bags, and the rest of the “safety” measures.
    In 1970, my driving test consisted of driving around a few city blocks and parallel parking. At which time I was given a license to merge onto dual lane highways going 70mph or more, and to drive two lane black top where cars are meeting 4 or 5 feet apart, or less, going 60mph or more, with curves and hills. In other words, pointless.
    I pointed out the latter to a friend, and he quit driving for a month or more. Couldn’t bear the thought of a car meeting him at 60mph, only 4 feet away.

  15. I guess they need that technology for all the millions of illegals who will be given drivers licenses who can’t properly drive on the roads. Lane assistance comes in handy when you’re throwing back a bunch of beers when driving too.

  16. Traffic and inattentive, rude, overly aggressive drivers, etc… is getting so bad, I can’t comprehend it. I keep think it’s just me getting older, but then I ask my young adults. Nope they are seeing the same thing.
    Some examples:
    Interstate, left lane bandits doing 60 when traffic is at 75-80. No one waits even a second anymore and goes right around, then the train goes right around. Such a freaking mess, I try to steer clear of it all. And very few are in the right lane. I’ve even tried getting behind the bandit, flashing, horn………. 30% mover over, 30% speed up, 40% stay put no mater what.
    People have gotten so rude I am having a hard time with it. My biz is on a busy County 4 lane, which is hard to exit my driveway. It’s literally frogger. Most in years passed people would be courteous and let me in, now……… they yell, flash, finger, etc…. 50%.
    In my normal travels, I see 20-30% of cars I am behind weave all around, obviously phone issues or worse.
    I am trying to exit my suburban area sooner than planned for my rural place.

  17. In the 1980s BMW didn’t offer cup holders. Their interior designers didn’t understand why anyone would want to drink a beverage while driving. If you were thirsty, you stopped at a service plaza, sat down and had a proper break. On the Autobahn you needed to maintain situational awareness or you’d end up a hood ornament for some guy’s 911.

  18. As Milton Freedman stated that government licensing does not guarantee competence but merely a tax and a control of an activity.

    Taking this a step further, wasn’t the vaccine a lane-keep-assistance-technology for doctors? Just parrot the line Fauci told you of *safe and effective* and you are good doctor staying within the government guidelines and won’t lose your license if you vary.

  19. I no longer drive in large urban areas. 30-some years ago I’d think nothing of it. As I’ve aged, my reflexes aren’t as good, my patience is waning, etc. I know this, hence, the self-sanctioned limitation. That’s called responsibility.

  20. People are easily distracted by their sail phones, even behind the wheel.

    The driving experience for most vehicles still doesn’t equal the dopamine hit concocted by Apple and Google staff psychologists for the handheld devices.

    Apple dropped their car effort for now, but people would have lined up for an Apple car.

  21. It is a furtive, surreptitious plan to kill the ICE car and nothing more.

    It’s the plan, Stan. Murder Inc. works on killing everything.

    First they murdered JFK, now it is everything that moves.

    None dare call it a cons-piracy.

    We will assist you in walking everywhere you go.

  22. ‘just about everyone (excepting the illegals) does have [a drivers license]. Because just about anyone can get one.’ — eric

    Including illegals:

    ‘Nineteen states and the District of Columbia allow unauthorized immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses. These states—California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Virginia and Washington—issue a license if an applicant provides certain documentation, such as a foreign birth certificate, foreign passport, or consular card and evidence of current residency in the state.’

    That’s Step 1. Step 2: the horrific Motor Voter Act signed by Bill Clinton in 1993 requires states to “accept and use” a uniform federal form to register voters for federal elections. The federal form requires that an applicant attest that he or she is a citizen. But if the unauthorized immigrant signs it anyway, no consequence occurs.

    Arizona tried to stop this shit in 2004 by requiring voter registrars to reject any application not accompanied by proof of citizenship. Here’s what happened in the fedgov ‘courts’:

    ‘The District Court ruled in favor of the Arizona law. The Ninth Circuit reversed. On June 17, 2013, the United States Supreme Court ruled in Arizona v. Inter Tribal Council of Ariz., Inc. (2013) that the NVRA’s mandate that states “accept and use” the federal form disallowed Arizona’s documentary proof-of-citizenship requirement.’ — Wikipedia

    In summary, the importation of ten million illegal immigrants by HIAS agent Alejandro Mayorkas, coupled with Bill Clinton’s motor voter act, is a federally sponsored engine of mass vote fraud. Any freaking questions?

    • No doubt. I remember when motor voter came into being. There is no reason for it. It is easy enough to call the election registrar and do it there.

      Voting rights should be extremely hard to exercise. You should have to go to the voter registrar and prove you’re a citizen. In person.

    • And now we all know one of the tentacles they will use to steal another election. One of many to ensure the outcome they want. The R’s strategy is so far after the damage has been done it’s laughable. Poll monitors watching ballots fed into a machine is useless when there is no way to determine a legit/not legit ballot sitting in huge piles already removed from the envelopes.

      The media is all in on it, some report as I was listening this morning- vote fraud nearly non existent in the USA since only 23 prosecutions in the last few years. Uh huh. Pretty tough to prosecute when the courts ignore or declare “no standing”.


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