War, Yet?

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The news says that America just cluster-bombed Russian beachgoers in Crimea. Well, it didn’t say exactly that. But – nonetheless – that is exactly what just happened.

The Keeeeeeeeeeeeevians may have pushed the proverbial button that sent the missiles on their way but it was America – more finely, the regime that rules Americans – that provided the missiles and (apparently) the support needed to guide them to their target.

Bluntly – in honest language – America just attacked Russia.

It is nothing less than astounding that Russia has not attacked back. Yet. But – of a certainty – it’s coming. Because that is what happens when a country is attacked. It hits back – in self-defense – at the country that attacked it.

That country is not Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev. Just as – for those who still remember such things – it would not have been Cuba that attacked the United States back in 1962, the last time the world came this close to nuclear war. The missiles in Cuba were Russian – and JFK publicly stated that any missile fired from Cuba would be regarded as an attack by Russia (then the Soviet Union) upon the United States and that the United States would respond accordingly.

Everyone – including the leadership of the Soviet Union – understood exactly what that would entail. If the “Cubans” fired a Soviet-provided missile at the United States, the United States would return fire – with nuclear missiles.

We were this close.

And now we are, again.

The harrowing difference, this time, is that psychopaths are in charge of the United States. JFK was a womanizer – and what a difference that makes. He had no desire to see either the Soviet Union or the United States immolated in a nuclear holocaust.

Over Cuba.

And neither did the Soviet leader, Nikita Kruschev. He was many things also – but (thankfully) not a psychopath. The two men were able to reason together and arrive at a solution to end what would come to be called the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Soviets agreed to remove their ballistic missiles from Cuba and the United States agreed to do the same in Turkey, which was at that time a proxy.

Today, the Proxy is Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev – and the psychopaths are in charge.

Not in Russia, though. Vladimir Putin has thus far shown remarkable restraint to the attacks on Russia; far more restraint, probably, than Americans would have evinced had the Russians shelled Houston from Mexico, say – and pretended it wasn’t Russia that did the shelling.

Everyone – who isn’t insane – understands this because it is inarguable. Attacking another country – even if via a proxy – is what’s called an act of war. The psychopaths who have been in control of the United States since JFK got blown away have been engaging in such actions ever since, only up to now they have warred on nations that can’t fight back, such as Vietnam and Iraq. This bullying has only served to enhance the psychopathy of the creatures that run the United States, who believe they can get away with anything.

Like using the Keeeeeeeeeeeeeevians to lob missiles on Russians – on Russian civilians – and not expect consequences for Americans. Very possibly in America – because that’s where Americans live.

Putin will not avenge the deaths of Russian civilians by attacking Keeeeeeeeeeeeeev. The psychopaths who rule the United States are goading him to attack the United States, which is where Americans live.

Think on this. Urgently.

The Russian leadership is not America’s enemy. Rather, it is not the enemy of the American people, whom it has showed little inclination to bomb. But the more American-made, American-supplied and American-supported bombs that fall on Russia and kill Russians, the more and more likely it becomes that the Russians will fight back.

Not by bombing Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev. That would be as absurd – on the Russians’ part – as it would have been back in ’62 if the “Cubans” fired missiles at the United States and the United States only fired them back at Cuba.

Things were scary back in ’62.

They are scarier now, for those who are paying attention. Which, unfortunately, is not (apparently) a large portion of the American public. A large portion of which continues to “stand” with Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeev. Which is to say, seems to be ok with America being all-but-formally at-war with Russia over Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev.

Which isn’t even that.

Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev is just another shibboleth. Another excuse to foment crisis, which is useful to psychopaths – who understand that people under siege, barraged with one crisis after another, get burned out, disinterested and passive. They no longer care about existential threats because all they want is a moment’s peace – and they’ll do anything to get it, including pretend there isn’t an existential threat.

Until the bombs start exploding in their neighborhood. By which time, of course, it will already be too late.

. . .

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  1. Maybe it is psychopathy but it seems more like deranged retards. They are all Clintonistas.

    How the phuk did Kirby make Rear Admiral?

  2. It is Putin’s fault that Ukrainian armed forces were attacking Russians in Ukraine.

    Victoria Nuland was right there to foment discord. If you want fubar, look at Vicky, not Joe, he’s gone. Vicky is too far gone, obvious to your lying eyes.

    Netanyahu is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Israeli armed forces, they’re sitting ducks, don’t dare go into Gaza, it is a death sentence.

    War is hell, lots of people die.

    Don’t listen to a single word the insane Netanyahu says.

    It’s all propaganda, you’re brainwashed enough already.

    Figure it out.

    It is war and all is fair. If you are killed, you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    So listen up, Buster and listen up good
    Stop wishing for hard luck and knocking on wood
    – John Prine, Dear Abbey

  3. The Macro & the Micro.

    Big chess players playing their Game of Thrones bit, scattered bodies on the other side of the pond, random bodies here & there on this side & everywhere in-between.

    The people all around me who swallowed The Blue Pill are acting like everything will muddle along, nothing much will change, flight bookings are steady in spite of credit card delinquency rates & high levels of debt, … which cruise are you going on in the Caribbean, or off to Disney, or Mall of America for super duper Fun Times? Forget the old people eating danged near cat food for dinner. …What’s a tornado?

    “Don’t assume the country will calm down after the election. In fact, assume the opposite.”


    The Blue Pill, it’s nice. …Right? …Until that two ton big heavy thing swinging this way…

    Where’s that, Way Back Machine? Seems most of the world has gone stark raving mad.

  4. Russia vs JewSA is no diferent than republican vs democrat. Jew theatre, false dialectic, to keep you off base. fearful and discombobulated.. It’s all bullshit, all lies. China, Russia, JewSA are all run by the same bankers. Same goals, total control of the cattle. Sad, but fuckin true.

  5. Turn on the TV and what do you hear, what mantra is repeatedly endlessly? That “Russia invaded Ukraine”. Like Ryan Dawson says, they love to start the story in the middle. No mention of all the things before Russia “invaded”, like how the Minsk accords were an intentional ruse to buy time while the west armed Ukraine to attack Russia. Or that the west had 30 something biological weapons labs in Ukraine aimed at the Russian peoples.

    So as the article correctly mentions, why is the USA using the Ukraine proxy to goad Russia into retaliation? Because they want to control the narrative, and say Russia attacked first. They whole game is to badger Russia until they strike back – then they can start WW3 and blame it all on Russia.

    They did this in WW2, they (meaning the small hats) goaded Hitler into invading Poland. The Polish state waged a pogrom against the German people – which outraged the nationalist A.H. They did this in Ukraine, Jewess Victoria Nuland overthrew the democratically elected Ukraine gov’t with the Maidan Coup, then installed puppet Zelensky – who attacked the ethnic Russians in the Donbass, until Putin reacted and invaded. Get it? Provacations for propaganda supremacy is their modus operendi.

    Now they are using US made and paid Attackems on beach going civilians – it is an intentional provocation – a war crime – a terrorist act with no military value except to create a situation to FORCE Russia to respond so that (((they))) control the narrative.

    That way when ZOG sends your sons and daughters to die in the trenches of Europe, they will have this narrative that Russia was the aggressor, that Russia was the instigator, that Russia is the bad guy and we must defend our freedumbs and our demoncrazies. Vee must defend Globo Homo at all costs Goyim!


    In related news the Israeli Supreme Court has ruled that Orthodox Jews in Israel can be forced into the military draft. I predicted that, I said Israel would soon run out of tank fodder and be forced to draft everyone for their endless wars. And I said more Jews would leave Israel – creating an existential crisis for Israel, and they would be forced to close Ben Gurion airport I said the door would be slammed shut, and I said the smart Jews left Israel right away. So far 1 million Jews have fled, and that is alot since there are only 7 million Jews in Israel. Time is running out for Israeli Jews to flee like the thousands of white Ukra9nian boys sneaking through the woods avoidng the draft and certain death. Unfortunately for Israelis, there are no woods and it has massive military presence on all borders. It’s either flee Israel now or be trapped in hell.

    Amerika now has more Jews than Israel, and I said they would not mention that in the press, because they want Jews to keep immigrating to Israel – like the French Jews who are now leaving en masse for Israel. Over at Unz I wrote that Israel was a nightmare for the Palestinians, and now it is a nightmare for Jews. In fact Israel is a nightmare for everyone except for the Christian Zionist end time lunatic hellions trying to buy their way into heaven.


    • Read my last 10 comments to get a unique perspective way outside of the MSM bullcrap:


      Upcoming events to look out for, like stuff fallen onto the highway. Don’t be fooled, it is all scripted theater:

      1. Thursday debate – senile pedo Marxist Biden will debate equally old and compromised Ziowhore Trump.

      RFK Jr. excluded. Hillary will be shown clapping for Biden.

      2. Jewlie 4th – stupid Amerikans celebrate their enslavement.

      3. Trump sentencing just before the RINO convention.

      4. July 16-19? RNC – Nimrata “Kalin Yuga” Haley selected.

      5. Jul 24th? The antichrist Satanyahu addresses Clowngress – our AIPAC bribed reps clapping like penguins high on crack. Bibi congratulates Nikki on her win while Orange man turns white in prison.

      6. Riots at the DNC convention, Biden is retired (accidented/suicided/made dead) and replaced with Gavin Newscum who will implement the green agenda for all states.

      7. Komrade Kamala announces her run for Cali Governator. She will win of course, and implement draconian anti-ICE car legislation. No gasoline cars for you Goyim!

      8. Nov. 5th selection – your Jewish owners install the next shabbos goy dictator.

      9. by the end of the year you should realize you live in a Jewish dictatorship, that Jews own your religion, your soul, your brain (via the TV), and have us in WW3. You will remember the 5th of November when your vote did not count.

  6. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia set about remaking herself. A drastic turn had been made from the central planned/state run communism of the past, to the free market trade of the future. It was almost as if Russia was turning to us in friendship, giving up imperial ambitions of the past, in exchange for non expansionism.

    We all know how that turned out. Thanks to the “rules based order,” Russia became the Bogyman, America became the Hegemon. At one point Russia even asked us for a copy of the rules, and none were forthcoming

    • War is just another symptom. Not the disease!

      Rot-childs own and control both the US and Russian governments, so this is all scripted theater!

      Eric’s readers seem to be smarter than your average Walmart shopper.

      Really simple stuff, yet so many here seem cought up in the drama of the propagated symptoms rather than the actual disease, which is private bankers counterfeiting currency. Buying up/controlling everyone and everything they need to realize their evil new world order. At our expense.

      But hey, let’s all just keep fussing about the latest news stories.. guess it’s more entertaining and much safer then highlighting the actual folks conducting all of this evil… and bringing accountability and Justice back to our world.

  7. every death in jukraine can be blamed on haggary clinton cause she blamed Russia for losing election. see all the democrats waving jukraine flags? that is all because of clintons assertions about Russia. then throw in the jews wanting to eliminate whites causing both world wars and now all the whites being killed in the war

    • Boy I always wanted to boost a Roman manhole cover… wonder what the shipping cost would be 🤔…Souvenir armor plate👍

  8. Since both are predominantly Caucasian, in today’s world USA and Russia should be natural allies. Trump attempted detente for four years, but the military-industrial-congressional-media-university complex squelched it.

  9. Hi Eric,
    I think you are overreacting. US and Russia alread led proxy wars in Syria. I dont think any country on the planet cares less about its civilians than russia. Nukes arent happening. If real war starts you will see dead oligarchs. War is fake propaganda is fake. This is 1984 eternal war thing.

    • RE: “I dont think any country on the planet cares less about its civilians than russia.”

      Some clear facts strongly suggest otherwise.

      That said, there may be something to your, “This is 1984 eternal war thing” as I’ve read that the unitedstate is still buying stuff (uranium? or something like that) all the while, As If everything was normal. Nobody ever mentions that.
      Fuckery afoot, it seems.
      Mr. Banker, he plays both sides, every time.

    • You can thank Hillary for the issues pertaining to Syria. The Russians stepped in to stop the ongoing destruction of Syria and radicals that could be pouring out of Syria to get revenge for the destruction of their homeland. Not wanting them to join in with other radical groups to tip the balance of insanity in the Middle East.
      Pupet, if you were paying attention to Tucker’s interview with Putin, Putin very much has wanted Russia to be part of the on going global trading with the West. But the U.S. being controlled by those that control to profit from the MIC, Russia is evil and such propaganda will never allow Russia to be seen any other way but evil. The trillion dollar plus MIC can’t make profits without, The Bad Guys, who ever the evil guys are. This is where Patriotism becomes the enemy from within by dumb down blinded stupidity.

      • Hi Mark,
        Quote: Putin very much has wanted Russia to be part of the on going global trading with the West.
        Thats because putin is a wef globalist wanting to secure a better position for himself in global structure. In Syria russia was on a right side asad is way better than isil. And in general US always suports islamists against nationalists.
        Stil Putin is evil globalist that kills etnic russians them with muslims and implements all wef policies as in survailence mandatory vax etc.

        • Putin was KGB in the old school days but no one had come out and hung a genacide on him. But he has never done anything close to what W and the Bush monsters have done. He’s of a stud mindset same as Trump. At one time a Russia was not a good place with a lot of bad actors. Not so much any more. On the other hand, the U.S. was a good place but in our world today there are a lot of very bad people in too many places of power. The U.S. doesn’t have the moral high ground it once had, not even close.

  10. Another day on the planet here on this earth, Mr. Peabody’s WABAC machine still works, never fails. Another day of war too, double-plus good or something.

    Back to General George Armstrong Custer, his day in infamy is today in 1876 CE.

    It’s National Custer’s Last Stand Day.

    Crazy Horse turned Custer into a pincushion.

    Or so they say.

  11. If you think about it.

    The Rooskis and the American people have a common enemy.

    Pres. Putin has hinted a couple of times, I think, that he knows that.

    I’m not sure how that factors into anyone’s calculations over what to do, if anything.

    That said, if I ran a large international bank, or were a higher-up bureaucrat, or a member of the State Dept/CIA, or if I welded any kind of international power… the longer this draws itself out, the more I would be sweating.

    Ask not to whom the nuke flies.
    It flies to thee.

    For myself, I’m nobody. My major concern, is how many nobodies are going to get obliterated before we run out of psychopaths-in-charge.

  12. WAR — now it’s official:

    ‘A British Army clip appears to feature exclusively white people with no diversity whatsoever, despite previous military ads and TV commercials in general being full of it.

    ‘It shows a white British soldier and his comrades, who all appear to be white too, helping a group of anguished people, who are also entirely white, evacuate an area.

    When the UK Military start putting out new adverts, actually featuring White Men, you best believe they’re taking us to war.‘ — Concerned Citizen


    Bang on. ‘Let’s you white people and those white people fight’ … says guess who?

    • The JEW’s favorite war anthem is “Onward Christian Soldiers”
      Hopefully, young people will be motivated enough to resist the oncoming draft…

      • Not many Hindus and Sikhs in Ukie-land. And why would there be?

        As Hillary said to her staff on her ‘listening tour,’ while visiting a podunk county fair in upstate New York with, you know, LIVESTOCK and stuff: ‘Get me out of this place!There’s no money here.

      • East Asian? Hispanic? African Variants?
        Oh, Puleeezee, those folks have already been screwed by the (((Man))), and know very well the Scam being run…in the “run up to War”…

        Which is why they’ve made themselves very scarce and are working on getting their home country citizenship in order…to return ASAP, when SHTF!!!

        To avoid the upcoming mandatory draft!!!

        I strongly suggest every white person reading this do this for every single male/female who is of draft age in their extended family & friends circle.

        Starve the (((Beast))) and it will die…

        What if (((we))) had a War, and no one showed up???

  13. Unfortunately, Washington DC is the greatest threat to world stability at this point. A primary reason for a nation to engage in hostilities would be its government is hopelessly in debt and a war is one way to either gin up an economy or provide cover to make the debt “vanish”. This nation is in no position to start a major war with a well armed and trained adversary. We do not have the basic manufacturing capacity to sustain a war. If we had to fight another “meat grinder” like WW2, we wouldn’t have much of chance. History proves that any military that attacks Russia (invade and occupy) will face a long protracted war and will lose. Just ask the Germans and the French how their campaigns worked out for them!

    • ‘If we had to fight another “meat grinder” like WW2, we wouldn’t have much of chance.’ — Allen

      Blocking and tackling, as high school football coaches used to say. It doesn’t get your picture in the paper. But it gets the job done.

      Rough-and-ready Americans three generations ago, many farm-raised, EXCELLED at getting the basics right, on time.

      Whereas today the now-abandoned Gaza pier, which achieved ten days of service at a cost of a quarter billion, symbolizes American competence … or the lack thereof.

  14. Truman had the “The buck stops here!” placard on his desk. Truman adopted it to emphasize that he accepted ultimate accountability for the actions and decisions of his administration. This proved quite popular, as it let the bureaucracy off the hook. After all, they could just pass the buck up the administrative ladder until it hit the Oval Office, right?

    Except now we’re in Weekend At Joey’s territory, and the buck will be passed to a walking shell of a man. A man who probably has enough trouble remembering who’s in front of him at any given moment, let alone able to comprehend what they’re saying. A man who’s never taken real responsibility for anything in his life. So of course when the Russian bear gets poked one last time, well, must have been Joey’s fault. Put him on trail, because the buck stopped with him.

  15. I might not know much but even I can tell the difference between a legitimate military target and a terrorist attack on civilians, and that’s what this was. While I don’t think the Russians will take out Coney Island I wouldn’t be surprised if your bank shuts down for a few weeks due to a cyber attack. So in other words get out a few weeks of cash and stock up on non perishable items cuz we’re going to need them sooner than you think.

    • Seconded!

      Assange’s case was fallout from a previous war, the retarded chimp’s invasion of Iraq based on fabricated lies about “Saddam’s WMDs.” Assange revealed grisly war crimes committed by the invading yankee occupiers. So the warmongering US fedgov charged him with crimes.

      We can all be glad that Julian will be set free today, after a 9 a.m. hearing this morning in U.S. District Court of Saipan, in which he will be sentenced to five years and given credit for time served in the king’s filthy dungeon in England.

      But there’s a dark side: “The United States has now, for the first time in the more than 100-year history of the Espionage Act, obtained an Espionage Act conviction for basic journalistic acts,” said David Greene, director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation Civil Liberties, a nonprofit focused on First Amendment issues. “These charges should never have been brought.” — NYT


      Let us pause to recall that the draconian Espionage Act of 1917 is the poisonous legacy of Woody Peckerhead Wilson and his destruction of civil liberties during his useless European war. Disgracefully, his crypt is located in a purported church, the National Cathedral. Satan, laughing, spreads his wings.

      • Agreed Jim,
        Assange was jailed while the criminals he exposed went free, just another day in our “free” country. The fact that the Supreme Court never struck the Espionage Act down as blatantly unconstitutional proves they’re ok with rubber stamping tyranny. I was in high school during the Cuban missile crisis and we all wondered if those were going to be our last days on earth. The fact that the average person can’t (or refuses) to see the parallels is probably a win for the government’s decades of indoctrination.

        • I’m happy for Assange. He deserves to be free; in fact, he is a hero and ought to be lauded as such.

          But today was not a victory for free speech. This battle is over; the war is not (indeed, it never ends).

          Who will take up the mantle next?

  16. The owners of the fed want their ‘new world order’ and depopulation. This war to be blamed on bumbling politicians, not the bankers who print counterfeit currency to pay/orchestrate all of this theater.

    • I’m not going to stop them from depopulating themselves.

      It’s when they try to depopulate everyone else, that we begin to have a problem.

  17. Meanwhile, Elon has been wreaking havoc with his rockets on the beaches in South Texas as a distraction from his failing car company.

    • There should be a special place in hell for Elon Mush for what he has done and continues to do to Boca Chica. F that evil bastard.

  18. “ And then we have people who’ve bought the domino theory “

    I remember watching John Wayne on TV explaining the “red menace” in S.E. Asia via the domino theory on a propaganda broadcast I’m thinking late ‘64 early ‘65. By golly a threat to democracy and how about those shipping lanes why the reds would get us for sure!

    I mean, John Wayne – America believed in John Wayne what a perfect propagandist for the M.I.C. It’s like Eisenhower never gave that speech just a few years prior.
    So, Vietnam it was on full bore shortly thereafter.

    • It was already a glorious propaganda tradition by then. Domino theory is what got Britain and France to issue war guarantees to Poland. OMG, Hitler is gonna take over the world if we let him take Poland! You know the rest. So important to protect the sovereignty of Poland that we ended up handing it to the USSR for 50 years (along with a bunch of other countries). And that’s after the fuckery of Versailles and the bizarre border-redrawing.

      We never learn.

  19. Mushroom clouds, my very favorite lawn art.
    Very stupid, or downright evil, the effect will be the same.
    The US Psychopaths In Charge have been poking Russia in the eye with a sharp stick for more than a decade. I assume trying to provoke a reaction. Don’t think they will like it much.

  20. We’re antagonizing Russia over Ukraine.
    We’re antagonizing China over Taiwan.
    We’re antagonizing the collective Muslim world via pissrail.

    All are abandoning the petrodollar. In the meantime, millions of illegals pour over the border. Low brow Americans can’t behave. Middle class Americans are being decimated.

    But at least orange man bad isn’t sending mean tweets. Or something like that.

  21. Washington’s friendly inhabitants might begin to worry some, might have to. They’ve made their beds, they have to sleep in them.

    If I were a congresscritter, I’d hire a taste tester. Make it a Jew.

    It is believed that Castro pushed the button that launched the missile that downed a U-2 spy plane in 1962.

    In 1960, Gary Powers was sitting in Russia after being shot down in Russian airspace. It was a May Day on May Day in 1960.

    62 years later, it is still a dog-eat-dog existence and everybody’s survival is threatened.

    Sow the wind, reap a whirlwind.

    On June 24 in 1876, Custer was camping out 25 miles east of the Little Bighorn. Tomorrow will mark 148 years of Custer’s Last Stand.

    That’s the way it goes moving west.

    That’s the way that the world goes ’round
    You’re up one day, the next you’re down
    It’s a half an inch of water and you think you’re going to drown
    That’s the way that the world goes ’round
    – John Prine, That’s the Way that the World Goes ‘Round.

    • Little Big Horn, birthplace of the Arrow shirt

      (Too soon?)

      Toured the place on the way to Sturgis, talk about out in the open on that hill, sheesh.

      • Before the State of Iowa was settled, pioneered, the Iowa tribe, sleepy ones or drowsy ones, lived along the Iowa River in the tall grass prairie of the Great Plains that were riddled with American bison.

        It was home on the range for the Iowa natives.

        Build a railroad, send out sharp shooters with Sharps .50 caliber rifles and have a turkey shoot killing 60 million Great Plains buffaloes all day long.

        A small herd was discovered in the sticks out in Montana after the slaughter, genocide of a species, almost. Thought to maybe have gone Dodo, but no. You have to save them, can’t kill them all, some humanity prevailed in the end.

        Had the Jews discovered the small herd, they would have killed them all. There they were, gone, the Jews did it, in the final analysis.

        Wagon loads of buffalo bones made it to town after the kills. Buffalo hunters could make a living, there are stories that are told. Photographs exist, for real.

        Buffalo bones did sell back then. It was a mining operation. Price increase from eight dollars per ton to 22 dollars per ton before the market collapsed. Lack of the commodity spelled doom.

        Black Angus cattle are the replacement. Dairy herds in Wisconsin for milk and cheese, smell the dairy air there.

        Run them through the Temple Grandin method in Greeley.

        Dubuque settled in Iowa in 1788 CE, not until 1833 European settlers arrived.

        More about Iowa

        The Mississippi became a water highway.

        The Native American word ‘Yosemite’ translates ‘to those who kill’.

        Anti-Yosemites unite!

        Done rambling.

        It’s getting harder to understand it
        Things are tough all over on earth
        – Loudon Wainwright III, Hard Day On the Planet

    • There’s a redskin waitin’ out there, ready to take my hair! A coward I’ve been called… but I don’t wanna wind up dead… or bald!

    • Yes. They desperately need either a world war or a US civil war (or both) to distract people from their actions over the last few years(and the on going consequences). Not to mention the entire debt based system is starting to crumble. Desperate people do stupid and dangerous things.

  22. ‘Vladimir Putin has thus far shown … more restraint than Americans would have evinced had the Russians shelled Houston from Mexico, say – and pretended it wasn’t Russia that did the shelling.’ — eric

    Several analogies come to mind. Such as Mexico shelling Galveston Beach from Matamoros with Russian missiles. Or Cuba rocketing Miami Beach with Russian artillery.

    Part of the ensuing outrage would derive from the target being so obviously non-strategic and non-military — in fact, it would be an act of pure state terror directed at civilians.

    Previously, Russia pointed out that the five-year term of the poison dwarf Zelensky has expired. Ukraine is under martial law. Elections are cancelled. But the US Uniparty, which endlessly lectures us about democracy, just voted another $61 billion for the Ukie dictatorship. And $26 billion for zionazi Israel, which is blowing up refugee camps with Boeing missiles, one of them personally autographed by the pestilential Nimarata lifeform.

    Let’s face it: WE are bad guys now. Like Khrushchev, ‘Biden’ jerks the strings of America’s NATO puppets, while escalating militarily. Clowngress whoops through more aid and more arms to ratchet up tensions. When it comes to malicious, mindless aggression, the US is giving the erratic Kim Jong Un a run for the money. What the hell happened to us?

    As ol’ Herb Stein used to say, “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.” This obscene, provocative shitshow looks ready to smack the wall and burn like an EeeVee with a busted battery.

    • Russia shot down the other missiles that were sent. The beach was not targeted, but the result of a damaged missile exploding off target.

  23. Don’t worry, the recently recruited green haired LGBTQIAA+ testosterone deficient cross-dressers that now make up “our” armed forces will surely protect us!

    First, they will dox the Russian military and have them cancelled. Then, they’ll disarm themselves (because guns are scary), and protest by gluing themselves to our streets, blocking traffic. Next, they’ll spray paint some priceless artwork to get their message of peace and environmentalism out. USA! USA! USA!

    • Oh boy! We can send coloring books and tofu to the “heroes”! Yaaaayyy!!! (They’ll probably color Janet Reno brown, and Bill Clinton’s cigar flesh color. Kids. What’re ya gonna do?)

  24. Though it means nothing, I denounce this, and every other act of murderous violence committed by our rouge and terrorist government. Not in my name.

  25. If someone doesn’t know it was the US (once again)that initiated the Cuban fiasco then there’s little hope.
    As far as I can tell the US and UK started just about every war there has been in recent history.

    Kudo’s Eric, I don’t know if this post makes it but I doubt you will have AI or spammers to worry about!

  26. Israel’s real power started in 1963 when (((they))) murdered a sitting U. S. president and got away with it.

    (((They))) had a friend in Lyndon Baines Johnson, a crypto-jew who replaced Kennedy and was extremely friendly to israel. As soon as Johnson assumed the presidency, he reversed all of the previous sanctions in place against israel.

    Observe what jews and israel got away with after Lyndon Johnson assumed the presidency:

    –freedom from having to register jewish organizations as “agents of a foreign government”.

    –freedom to resume nuclear weapons production at Dimona without having to deal with pesky international “arms control agencies” unlike other nuclear powers.

    –the “Symington Amendment” which prohibits “foreign aid” to any country that does not comply with nuclear arms agency inspections which applies to all nuclear powers except for israel.

    –the “six-day war” which was a pre-emptive attack on Egypt, not a response to an attack from Egypt and other Arab forces.

    –the deliberate israeli “act of war” against the U S with its attack on the USS Liberty (AGTR-5) which was coordinated with Lyndon Johnson’s full knowledge and participation in the subsequent “false flag” failure and cover-up”.

    –the WTC 9-11 destruction with “dancing israelis” who were there to “document the event”.

    –embedding israeli organizations with U. S. federal “law enforcement” agencies who now take their “marching orders” from israel, not from the American public.

    We are all Palestinians, now…

  27. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2024/6/24/russia-summons-us-ambassador-over-barbaric-missile-strike

    >Russia has summoned the US ambassador over a “barbaric” missile attack that hit a beach in Crimea, killing at least four, including children, and injuring 151.
    >Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022 Moscow has persistently claimed that it is effectively fighting a proxy war with the West.

    Dem Russkies won the “Cuban missile crisis,” because the quid pro quo for Russian missiles out of Cuba was US Jupiter missiles out of Turkey (“our NATO ally”), which had been threatening Russia before dem Russkies decided to “call” (in the poker sense).

    JFK was allowed so save face and be a “hero” by waiting six months until the US missile sites were dismantled, and keeping that action on the down low so the US public could continue to worship their “hero.”

  28. And then we have people who’ve bought the domino theory (which has been used by government before to push past wars that we ended up losing) that if Putin isn’t stopped, he’ll take over Europe. If Putin REALLY wanted to take over Europe, he’d likely have done so already a year or two ago. And liberals who were antiwar when W was President seem to be ALL IN with war under Joe Biden regardless of the consequences.

    • The Ukraine war is the only war in my lifetime that liberals and progressives were actually FOR.

      I remember liberals and progressives pitching a fit over our involvement in Vietnam and Iraq, not to mention smaller dust-ups in Grenada, Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo, and the like.

      I think a lot of it’s because Bad Vlad is an enemy that liberals and progressives love to hate, and who it’s supposed to be OK to hate—He’s white, European, and unapologetically masculine, straight, and Christian—anathema to the left. After all, it’s not OK to bomb poor brown and yellow people, but who cares about white people, especially if they’re the wrong kind of white people?

      I also think a lot of it’s because they’re mad at Russia for dashing their hopes of a successful Communist regime. (Putin is NOT trying to reconstitute the Soviet Union, but rather the Russian Empire of the czars.)

      • Hi Bryce,

        What an upside down world we live in nowadays. Liberals once opposed war, Big Pharma, censorship, and even fascism, but after Joe Biden got into office, they’ve effectively become SHILLS for the aforementioned things.

        • I remember the freedom-of-speech movement launched by liberal activists in the early 60s at the Universiy of California at Berkeley.


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