About those 600,000 Barrels . . .

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If you think gas (and food) are expensive now, give it a week.

That’s all it may take for the thing styled the “media” to whip up enough hysteria about the Danger of Putin to cause something far worse and even more idiotic than the pouring out of Russian Vodka into the sink.

That thing being the turning off of the Russian spigot.  

America currently imports something on the order of 600,000 barrels of Russian oil every day – an amount about 200,000 barrels shy of the number of barrels America would not have to import from Russia, had the Biden Thing not cancelled the Keystone Pipeline, among other things.

The deficit of those 200,000-something barrels per day – along with the other things of-a-piece done by the Biden Thing to reduce the supply of oil available to Americans – has helped to almost double the price of a gallon of gas over the course of a little more than one year since Orange Man Bad. And while he may, indeed, have been very bad – as by declaring (and continuing) an “emergency” when there wasn’t one and by turgidly Warp Speeding dangerous drugs not merely into existence but facilitated the forcing of them into the bodies of tens of millions of Americans – he was very good on the energy front. 

It was only about a year ago that America didn’t need oil from Russia.  It was only about a year ago that America was on the verge of being a net exporter of oil – perhaps to places like Russia.

In that case, America could have turned off the spigot – without Americans having to pay three times as much for a gallon of gas as they just may, soon, than they were paying when Orange Man Bad.

Americans ought to consider what that will mean – and whether it’s a cost they’re wanting (are able) to bear.

At $6 per gallon, it will cost the average American just shy of $100 to fill up the 15 gallon tank of the average compact-sized economy car; something in the Toyota Corolla class of car.

Assuming a once-a-week fill-up, the average American will be paying about $400 per month to get to work, in order to pay for that. Assuming it stays at just $6 per gallon – an unsafe assumption, if the Biden Thing stops importing Russian oil to punish the Russians by punishing Americans – the average American will be spending close to $5,000 annually on gas. For the same gas that he spent $30 to buy a tankful of when Orange Man Bad – or $120 per month ($1,440 per year).

His work is not likely going to give him a raise to compensate him for the difference.

Nor for the difference in what it costs him to eat.

Americans may not understand where their food comes from – nor how it is produced – much as they do not understand why the Russians are unsettled about this business of having a Western military alliance ensconced right up against the border of their country. But here’s the spoiler.

It requires oil.

A great deal of it, to create the fertilizer upon which crops depend. Upon which livestock depends, to grow into hamburger and pork chops. Without oil – or rather, without affordable oil – it not  only gets more expensive to grow the crops, it gets harder to grow them. Modern industrial agriculture “guzzles” a great deal more gas – in the form of oil – than any V8-powered SUV.

Than all of them, combined.

Without the oil, you get the double whammy. Less food that costs more. And more to get that food to you. Trucks using oil, you see.

As well as for you to get to it.

Think about that a little bit.

How about $10 for a pound of ground round? How about no ground round, at all? It is a delicious irony – for those who appreciate it – that as the American regime fulminates against the Russian regime, America looks more and more like the Soviet regime.

Well, American supermarkets begin to look more and more like Soviet-era supermarkets, full of empty shelves and high prices. A kopek for your thoughts, comrade? American roads, too.

Or rather, soon will.

Lots of open roads – for the Party nomenklatura, people like the Biden Thing. They don’t have to worry about the cost of filling up, because they don’t have to pay it. The nomenklatura – whether then or there or here and now – never has to worry about such things. What they do worry about is a comfortable, well-fed population of citizens who don’t need them and for that reason can ignore them.

This is harder to do when your stomach – and your tank – are empty.

Or when you can’t afford to fill either.

. . .

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  1. whether we imported 60 or 6 million barrels of oil from russia it would make no difference as the increase in prices would have been blamed on something else anyhow. this is a continuance of the great reset the globalists hav been planning for decades.

    Remember Peak oil?

    here is how much oil gas the US does not hav (joking)
    Whatever Happened to Peak Oil? F. William Engdahl at https://journal-neo.org/author/william-engdahl/ or at his website.

    Its the Same for the global warming scam
    Man made global warming is another globalist psyop to legitimize their great theft and totalitarian and Eugenicist population reduction plans like the peak oil scare of the early 2000’s.

    Regarding peak oil, The science is clear that oil is not a fossil fuel but generated deep in the Earth. See Dave McGowans series on peak oil at center for an Informed America. Newsletters 52 to 57, 59, 64, 65, 66, 70, 71, 73, 74, 84. Very Informative aside from the repartee (i believe the word is) between D. McGowan and his “nemisis”, challenger.

    Also see Stalin And Abiotic Oil
    By Dave McGowan
    http://educate-yourself.org/cn/davemcgowanstalinandabioticoil05mar05.shtml March 5, 2005

    L Fletcther Prouty stated fossil fuels are right out of the Rockefeller playbook if I am not mistaken.

    Which is about scarcity so you can be charged exorbitantly and controled. Diamonds are a great case in point . A cartel controls their availability when there is no shortage. why?

    Remember the Club of Rome another Rockefeller Eugenicist involved organization that said In The Limits to Growth from the 70’s.

    ” In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill…, All these dangers are caused by human intervention. The real enemy then, is humanity itself, “. states the report.

    “We” in the above quote for sh_t sure isn’t me or you is it? were any of you in on this?

    from Ottmar Edenhofer, high level UN-IPCC official “We redristribute de facto the worlds wealth by climate policy…Basically its a big mistake to discuss climate policy seperately from the major themes of globalization…One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. this has almost nothing to do with environmental policy anymore.”

    These are people who believe they hav the right to rule you and kill you off while they steal all your wealth as this whole scamdemic and Ukraine war is being used for.!

    Are you aware that the Sun is in a Solar minimum period? It began i believe in 2019 or 2020. And are you aware of the effects on Earths climate, volcanos and earthquakes due to this cyclical variation?

    please just read these short articles to get your bearings.

    the changing jet stream and global cooling by Cap Allon jue 12 0220 electroverse.net


    warm-mongering political agendas


    Remember, the same “scientific establishment” that gave us peak oil, and is currently giving us the covid psyop is behind the AGW scare. An d the Globalists are behind it all and whichever Party you are behind is in on it! Two heads of the same snake!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    while “pollution” of all types is a “problem” the solutions will not be given to us by the powers that be. Tesla invented a free energy driven car what 100 years ago? Others hav created free energy devices never to be seen again. In the last 20 years Solar energy breakthroughs which hav increased its efficiency way past the current 20 to 25 percent hav come and dissapeared! High mileage cars will never see the light of day. And it has nothing to do with Thermodynamics!

    All are now pitching ‘AGW’ without offering any hint that there is another side to the debate. And that, I’m afraid, is absolutely shameful.”

    As an aside see big lies of science by physicist Denis Rancourt (a free pdf online) which points out the Ozone hole scam perpetrated by industry .

    last but not least always remember this,
    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete, when everything the American public believes is false.”
    ~ William Casey, former CIA director.

    Remeber Operation Mockingbird? (0% of U.S. media of all types are controlled by 6 companies with interlocking boards of directors!

    And who controls the “news” they spread? see Operation Mockingbird.

  2. Of course the easiest and fastest way to lower gas prices is NEVER talked about. Stop collecting ALL gas taxes until prices ease. And I mean all of them, fed all the way down to local.

    In fact if prices rise to a certain level, gas taxes should automatically be suspended. Then we would see governments work to keep prices reasonable.

    Of course they will never do that….. Just like they didn’t stop property taxes an businesses shut down by “covid”.

    • Self-styled ‘Secretary of State’ Antony Blinken chattered on talk shows today about banning Russian oil imports … even as Germany warns that a cutoff of Russian energy exports there would ‘threaten social cohesion.’

      If the War Party throttles down Russian’s energy exports, watch crude oil zoom up to its July 2008 record high of $147 a barrel (up from $115 a barrel late Friday), and then blow right through it.

      Hello, global Depression! 🙂

      • I drove halfway across the country during July 2008. What struck me then was not only the high prices but how many stations simply had no gas. It was the only time I recall having “range anxiety” in an ICE vehicle.

      • In Sunday night trading, West Texas crude oil is at $126.45 barrel, up $9.35 from Friday.

        Well done, Mr Blinken! May I have another gallon please, kind sir?

  3. Amazing what one man in D.C. can do quickly.

    Jul 29, 2021, The U.S. Remained The World’s Top Oil Producer In 2020

    Earlier this month BP released its Statistical Review of World Energy 2021. The Review provides a comprehensive picture of supply and demand for major energy sources on a country-level basis. Each year, I do a series of articles covering the Review’s findings.


  4. Oh yeah – but all the libs & lib politicians feel sooo righteous… the precious “fossil” fuel is not being ravaged & no community is upset with disruptive pipelines… I am sure they are happy to pay triple – they are sooo wise.

    • Hi Riv,

      Yup. The people who supported all these pipeline closures believe they will not bear the consequences of these actions. As we Gen X people used to say, reality bites.

  5. Might as well been nuked, the way things are.

    Very easy solution for the malaise, stop buying unless it is on sale. Apples, don’t even buy them anymore, no Spartans, no Johnathons, all new apple flavors that aren’t worth buying.

    The demand is basically zero for apples from the grocery store.

    The price is too high, the selection amounts to this is what you get, not what you want or can expect, no choice. What you would like to see as a choice is no longer there. It sucks.

    11.49 USD per pound for stuffed sausage in the grocery store. It’ll rot, no way to pay 11.49 USD for pork. I’ll buy pork on sale, grind it into sausage, add the spices, garlic, salt, pepper, buy casings, you can stuff the sausage into rings. Not a tough job.

    665.9 cents for a gallon of gas in LA. 33.3 x 20 = 666, looks like evil hyperbole even to Forrest Gump.

    33.3 times more than in 1970 gas at gas war prices is as hyperbolic as it gets.

    Back when cars were burning a gallon every 12 miles.

    A classic Jevons Paradox. The more efficient the system, the more energy is expended due to expansion, the price rises. Might as well slit your wrists, beats dying in a car accident, insanity prevails.

    The number of miles driven in 1968 resulted in 35,000 traffic deaths in a year in the US, thereabouts for the number of deaths. It was a wild ride back then, after the music died. With the number of miles driven in the US each year today, the traffic fatality count would be beyond 100,000 per annum.

    Just more people having better driving skills and four-lane highways.

    It is an outrage that the decrease in highway fatalities occurs when the number of miles driven it four times more.

    Zero Vision is everybody off the road, a price that can’t be paid will kill any market.

    Mission Accomplished, must be part of the plan.

    Trade the car for a gallon of gas for your lawnmower, then when that gas is gone, junk the lawnmower or retrofit it to battery power. No more car, no more lawnmower, no need to buy any gas ever again. You’ll be happy with no gas and no place to go.

    A homeless poor sap on the streets in any murican city will have the ability to survive more than some goofy elite dependent upon everybody alive, sycophant is the word of the day.

    Ain’t nobody gettin’ out of here alive, so might as well quit all of the fuzzin’ and fightin’.

    That means you and you and you and you!

    Give me peace or give me death!

    “Give me peace when there’s talk of war, when it’s hard to find.”

    You think I’m fucking around here? Mark it Zero! – Walter Sobjak, aka Vladimir Putin

    • if you really want your favorite apples, oranges, pears, persimmons, etc., then there’s no better way than to grow them yourself. No waiting in lines, no traffic, no searching for a parking spot, no insanely high prices.

      Living close to water with tidal currents not only supplies one with an affordable form of transportation, but a another source of food as well as a lifestyle most can only dream of. There are tribes in Africa that do nothing other than hunt and fish. They live well into their 90’s and beyond and look like they’re in their 30’s when they die. They’re blissfully happy their entire life.

      I used to work with migrant farm labor, and as soon as they showed up, they would plant food. People living in small villages in central and south America will be oblivious to whatever financial disasters hit Wall Street.

      A breeding pair of goats will supply you with an endless supply of milk, butter, cheese, and keep the neighborhood’s lawns mowed to perfection. After a few years, you’ll be hard pressed to imagine what a weed looks like.

    • ‘665.9 cents for a gallon of gas in LA. 33.3 x 20 = 666, looks like evil hyperbole even to Forrest Gump.’ — drumphish

      Then there’s this …

      WW I starts: 7/28/1914 = (7 + 28 + 19 + 14) = 68

      WW II starts: 9/1/1939 = (9 + 1 + 19 + 39) = 68

      Ukraine invaded (WW III?): (2 + 24 + 20 + 22) = 68

      — seen on Twitter

    • Perhaps with commercial agriculture, but you can just as easily gut a squash, cantaloupe, etc. and toss the seeds into your yard and have so much food growing you won’t be able to see the ground underneath it all.

  6. I know you, Eric, like me, are a zealous proponent of decentralization, and that’s the direction in which we need to head. I’ve commenced reading a detailed book on hydrocarbon production from syngas so that I might formulate a plan for the production of gas, diesel and other products from biomass.

    This would both slay the nominal impetus for throttling the use of such products, as it would be “carbon neutral”, and be doable anywhere where biomass could be obtained or grown. Instead of a few pipelines controlled by centralized forces, we could have thousands of production facilities (even clandestine facilities) that would be very difficult to manage or stamp-out.

    The war in Ukraine is showing us the value of decentralization, as centralized food, water and energy sources are shelled and knocked offline, forcing people to flee or starve. Instead, these sources should be EVERYWHERE, because everywhere is very difficult place to shell into submission.

    • BaDnOn, have you seen all the videos on YouTube showing how to make a “digester” to cook with? They’re stupid simple, and it wouldn’t surprise me if everyone had on in their house in just a year or so, but then they’d still need something to cook which might be a problem for anyone who isn’t growing their own food.

      • We’re working on the growing of food, Mr. Von Barkle. As far as a “digester”, no, that’s a new one on me. I’ll go check it out! Thanks.

        • What kind of work are you doing to grow food? I’m curious because I just spent the entire day digging in the dirt, pulling weeds, planting seeds, etc.

          My goal is to get 100% of my diet from the garden, but I’m discovering that even when my entire yard is packed with produce, I’m still losing weight. I’m starting to grow food on vacant lots, along the sides of roads, trails, etc.

          • Hey Shnarkle,.
            Most of what we’ve done so far has been eperimental gardening in the yard. I’m in the middle of busting my ass to get this house ready for sale so we can move out to my rural land and start actually living.

            We have that same goal. Have you tried any aquaponics? Sounds like you need meat. That can glean you fish. Then there are meat rabbits, chickens and goats. Even ducks, like Eric is doing.

            • I had Peking ducks for a while. Now I’ve got chickens, and fish in the pond behind my house. I did the hydroponics for a while, and studied aquaponics, but I can’t find anyone who can do an aquaponics system without it crashing within six to eight months. It’s too much work. It’s also hard to conceal or disguise.

              Instead, I pick up mulch from the county landfill. They machine load it for free. I also do “chop and drop”, hugelkulture,and drop any and all weeds into 55 gallon drums to ferment for a few months before using it as fertilizer. In essence, I don’t buy or construct much of anything. Whatever is constructed is from limbs, or branches from trees in and around my place. Half of the food I grow is invasive and thrives on neglect. Much of it is poisonous if not cooked correctly. Very few people know that my garden contains anything that is edible.

              Where I grew up, everyone was trying to get rid of their zucchini. Here, it’s eggs. I finally got my flock down to a manageable size so my fridge doesn’t fill up with egg cartons. My neighbor down the road has a dozen laying hens and is frantically trying to find someone to take her eggs.

              • Schnarkle,

                Interesting about “hugelkultur”. That’s a new term for me. Good to learn so much from people, just on this site! And yes, I think we have all the eggs we’ll ever eat just from the couple chickens we have left (they seem to commit suicide quite readily).

                Again, the digester idea is a righteous revelation. Things are getting pretty Mad Max at this point, so good to know. We won’t have to worry about a methane embargo from Master-Blaster.

                • I’ve never heard of chickens committing suicide. that’s a new one for me. I’ve combined huglekulture with “chop and drop”. I do some tree trimming, and leave the limbs where they fall, cover them with some mulch, and plant as soon as it starts composting. I have over a dozen tree trunks with mounds of dirt piled up around them planted with climbing tubers. If you want to play it safe while you’re experimenting in the garden, I highly recommend purchasing “wild winged yams” (diascoria allata). Each air potato can grow into a ten pound tuber in less than a year. Leave the top in the ground to grow next year and pr opogate the air potatoes produced and in a few years you’ll have moare than enough to last the rest of your life. They’re also great for making flour for breads, muffins, pancakes etc. You can also leave them in the ground for years until you need them although by that time they could weigh as much as a couple hundred pounds by then..

          • Oh, and our chickens have given us many eggs, BTW. We can’t wait to try so many things we’ve learned about over the years. Just not in the city.

      • Hey, Schnarkle,

        That is a righteous idea! I’ve seen similar ideas using animal waste, but using food scraps is much more easily done. Good show!

        • You can put a 100 watt TEG on the wood stove to generate electricity in the winter time. Also put a generator on an excercise bike. If you convert the lighting to DC LEDs you can keep a relatively comfy house in the winter time. Solar panels are incredibly cheap too. LFP batteries are reasonably priced now. The off grid setup my mother paid $25k for can be built today for $5k

          • They had the exercise bike thing figured out in the movie Soylent Green. We haven’t seen the “people movers” yet, though. It’s people, Jim…

          • Thanks, Anon, and you’re right about all that. We’re well on our way. I’ve amassed about 7 kilowatts of solar panels to use on our land when we move soon.

  7. The Keystone XL pipeline is red herring.
    It was being built to transport mostly Canadian shale oil to the Gulf of Mexico for transhipment to China, before or after refining.
    It started leaking in Montana before it was completed there.
    Russian oil is being excluded by the world because it is selling for $20 less a barrel than oil from any other OPEC producers, which would cause a price war.

    • boomers destroyed every foundation of US society including the family which existed since Greece over 2000 years ago. they wont die or give up power until there is nothing left to destroy. they are almost there. I wish I live long enough to take a shit on the last dying boomers face

        • It is, and this kind of drivel is exactly what the Psychopaths In Charge love to see. Morons spewing hate at each other over nothing while the psychopaths continue to plunder them. If SPQR70AD isn’t careful he might have a thought. Nah, too busy looking for somebody to blame for their lot in life, besides themselves.

      • You moronic dumbass. When you, or any of your pussified generation would like to try and take a dump on this boomer – bring it on. Ive got plenty of .45″ suppositories for you.
        Of course, this just shows the ignorance of the youngsters in this country and their total acceptance of the propaganda and (((their))) desire to turn us against each other by turning the children against their parents or grandparents. Turn off the television, shut your idiotic gub and maybe listen occasionally to your elders and betters. Learn a little respect punk and try and figure out exactly who is behind all this. [oh, and btw, it wasnt ‘boomers’ who fought to make the world safe for communism in the 40s…]
        So OK, it may be ‘my generations’ fault for not stopping it in its tracks, but we were kinda busy working, having fun and inventing stuff…like the computer youre using there pipsqueak.

        • LOL!!! One ((((moronic dumbass)))) calling out another! Funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. Both of you are liars, cowards, and weaklings.

        • Blaming a whole generation is a bit idiotic, but then identifying with a whole generation is just as idiotic as well. The so-called “Greatest Generation” vaporized civilian populations in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. After storming the beaches in Normandy, they spent the next few months copulating in the streets in broad daylight, and doing their best to contract whatever venereal diseases they could find. The German boomers were much more disciplined.

          The laptop I’m typing on right now was not invented by a boomer. There’s more computing power in a smartphone than all the computers used by NASA to direct rockets to the moon.

          While it’s more than obvious that all subsequent generations were spoiled rotten, and couldn’t care less if their children graduate from college able to change a tire or drive anything with a manual transmission, just wait till the next generation starts whining about how their internet speeds are too slow for their newest video games. They will have no reason to think about getting a job because they’re all going to be on permanent disability by the time they drop out of high school.

      • Many Old people watch TV and believe it, the only people that preach vaccines and masks are boomers & paid shills. Obviously there are some based boomers and lots of retarded zoomers but all of my friends know that msm is pure bullshit and most of them are unvaxxed. Anyone I know who is under 40 and vaxxed only did it cause of coercion. – they wanted to keep their jobs, go on vacation and appease their brainwashed boomer parents. I haven’t surveyed my friends about the Ukraine issues, but my dad has been watching TV all day everyday, and accusing me of various things for being sceptical.

        Quit being offended. Boomers are a meme and architype, not all inclusive of 60 to 80 year old people.

        • Hi Anon,

          I wish it were just one demographic cohort that’s easily bamboozled by the TeeVee. My regular surveys – admittedly anecdotal – say otherwise. When I visit area supermarkets, I see Diaper-wearers of all ages and both sexes. College-aged youfs and middle-aged dudes like me. Old and young women. The gamut – unfortunately.

          • Boomers are our society’s elders. Had they not truckled to the tyranny and set a better example for younger generations, things might have gone very differently.

            • Cut it out. You are promoting that very tyranny you complain about. The Psychopaths In Charge spend a great deal of effort pitting us against each other, and I’m sure they are delighted by such comments.

              • It’s a fact that boomers are the elders now. Simply noting the obvious, that they haven’t en masse (not every one or you or the others on this site, but you know that already) led by example to fight medical or war tyranny isn’t promotion of that tyranny. Nor is noting that they’ve acquitted themselves rather poorly in this regard when not acting like straight up monsters towards the younger generations, particularly their grandchildren. It’s appalling.

            • pretty funny. Our current sorry state of afairs is a direct result of the evil they fought FOR. Every one of our wars – every single one – has been an avoidable choice and millions of deluded young men could have avoided being sacrificed on the altar or world domination by rich, evil fucks. You dont get out a lot do you.

              • I was talking mainly about the medical tyranny, masks & shots and such but it applies to the wars as well. Bad examples set in both cases.

                I witnessed a lot of not only bad examples of truckling to the medical tyranny by these elders but outright sacrificing of the youth by them both officially by gov’t (all boomers in my local gov’t and a lot in the federal gov’t) and personally via decisions made to “protect” themselves at all costs.

    • It’s kind of concerning that all generations believe the propaganda. Ridiculous actually. Each generation has its problems. They all believe what the lamestream media is telling them.

  8. This is too easy to wrap one’s arms around. Russia, Russia, Russia and the side trimmings like the Ukraine and oil have replaced COVID-19 and the Protein Spike Bio-weapon aka: The Jab. Let’s see the latest report out clearly says that 9 of 10 Covid deaths are fully vaccinated. That issue isn’t even started yet and needs to be removed from the conversation. Bring down the economy using oil as Eric says is going to create many victims of Collateral Damage from multiple different particular issues. Right now today most Americans are making it but at the same time. Making it is a bit of work and a close shave staying above water, as many are holding their breath and knocking on wood with their eyes wide open waiting for the next wave of Brandon’s clusters to descend upon them. Here’s the outcome. The radical democrats can not fix what they have put in motion. They don’t know how to fix anything but are good with bandaids which is printing insane amounts of money to throw at the problems. That will only make matters far worse, beyond anything seen to date in the US. That will drive up oil and food cost, destroy the value of life savings, cause massive unemployment with no fix in sight. A war will not fix anything, not this time. Which isn’t too far off, nevertheless. There is an answer that will work but I’m not going to say it but look at the reports out of MN and AZ. That needs to happen in the other states very quickly and the Special Attorney needs to move on massive incitements to lock up the Treasonous Criminals without bail. Who are Clear and Present Dangers to the American People. And all those who made it possible, the MSM. What a mess and not without a special kind of thanks to the 81 million voters that pulled the lever for Brandon.

  9. The incontrovertible movement towards “green” energy, which for all intents and purposes means paying a lot more for a lot less, has led us to this promised land. Finally when the pain becomes so great for American consumers, they will demand that government “do something” and then little joey and his gaggle of nefarious comrades will swoop down from their thrones (or come out of the basement) and save us with complete government control of everything.

    From food, to energy to elections to money to working and living and even to mRNA poison injections and medical care (that’s a joke in itself) , government thugs will rule our lives. The only way to overcome this is to firmly and unequivocally resit everything government, big pharma and big tech push in our faces. The politicians will not save you because they will side with the gestapo where the big money and control resides. Only a handful have at least some guts.

    Look at how the covid joke has played out over the last 2 years. It certainly seems that no one with any power is on our side.

  10. Had a nightmare last night. Marshall law was declared and our present government stays in office with no more elections🤢

  11. Well there is one up side to high gas prices. You won’t be able to afford to drive to the grocery store to see the high prices and empty shelves. But in all seriousness a lot of people voted for the politicians that told you that they were going to do this with: cancelling drilling leases on federal land, cancelling Keystone XL, fuel/ carbon taxes, you name it. They told us what they would do and then we act surprised when they did it. The state is able to control us as many are unwilling to live within their means or accept a lower standard of living. I live within my means, but how many people borrow money to go on vacation? From what I can see most .gov spending is to benefit the elites and .gov, I’ve noticed they never ask us if we would like a tax cut or a new spending program we don’t need or even qualify for. With all the money spent on infrastructure how come I see so many potholes and decaying facilities?
    Who is John Galt?

    • Absolutely true, Landru –

      Though I suspect many of the people who voted for “green” – via red – did so in a kind of abstract way. What I mean is, they don’t think they will personally be reduced to peonage. They believe either they are affluent enough to pay for all of this or that they won’t be paying for it, at all. The power will always be on. There will always be plenty of food in the ‘fridge. It is a childish, imbecilic point of view.

      It is not coincidental that most of the people who hold such views are precisely that.

      • I couldn’t agree more Eric. The type of people that willingly endorsed this madness have no comprehension of cause and effect in their own personal lives. Empty shelves and impossible costs are just somebody else’s problem. It’s similar to how Depopulation sounds like a great abstract idea but nobody seems to want to kill themselves to get there.

      • Well, Eric, it’s not as if for yours truly, making some decent “bank”, and with a g/f that makes even a tad MORE, that gasoline approaching $5/gallon here in NorCal for unleaded regular (with the “alky”, we can’t get the “clear” stuff, i.e, NO alcohol) like one can in NV, UT, and AZ at a “Maverik”, because CARB refuses to allow it) makes a serious dent in my lifestyle, nor do I eat enough chow that the observable increases at the grocery store likewise hurt that much.

        BUT – they DO for my KIDS! Young, struggling families are getting a financial ASS-KICKING. So the biggest impact to the finances of yours truly is helping my young adult children get by! While spending $75 to fill the tank of my Ford (con)Fusion for two weeks of in-town driving isn’t a big deal, my kids locally are spending that much each WEEK to gas up their rides. Milk? I don’t even buy it for myself (I used those one quart boxed things you can get from 99 cent store, they keep until I need them for cooking something), but it’s gone from $2.50 to $4.50 gallon for “store brand” (just as good, it’s all the same dairy), and they go through 2-3 gallons a WEEK. Just a sample of how this marked increase in ordinary consumables on the part of the American family is hitting hard.

        My guess is that almost all of those in the “ruling class” have household staffs that handle that mundane stuff and don’t have a freaking clue as to what I’ve just written.

        • yea the best (worse) thing you can do for your adult kids is to keep giving them money. there are tens of millions like you and a big reason kids do not want to work which caused tens of millions of messicans to pour in to work

      • West coast has mail in voting for a long time now. Roumor is that California is and has been a red state including the last 40 years. The gas taxes now help pay for “mass transit” but look at transit accessable apartments or walkable urban neighborhoods– either they are extremely expensive, or they are subsidized for the welfare class. Ridership is low cause violent crime, public shitting is a problem with stations and trains. In the Seattle area, shitty little houses are up to $1,000,000 and your catalytic converter or entire car might dissapear one day. Places that were once considered weekend destinations are homes to daily commuters. Got people commuting over Snoqualmie pass to Seattle area. And they close it several times over the winter, sometimes for more than a day.

        The irony of “sustainable development” is a super commuting slave class that uses 10x more resources than would otherwise be needed to function and crime that also increases resources usage and pollution

      • Still plenty of private aircraft landing at KASE (Aspen’s Sardy Field).

        “Green” is for fundraisers, not lifestyle changes.

      • It wasn’t boomers that demanded air generated electricity but it was boomers who were the only ones capable of making it happen.

        Take it from someone who’s been out there in the patch where the whirly birds breed and it wouldn’t happen without petroleum. It’s almost always a rock bed chosen to plant that tower. First you use a lot of dynamite to blow it up and then countless amounts fuel and oil for trucks and big dirt equipment to dig it out and haul it away.

        Once that’s done, (and I’ve done it all), you find a different sort of rock that has to be dug out and loaded onto that same truck and hauled to the cement plant where vast amounts of natgas and electricity are used to make cement. Then repeat that step with water, cement and limestone(dug and blasted out of a pit, loaded with big equipment back onto the same truck that got everything there and then mixed by another type of truck to fill the pit around the tower. Then I use another type of dump, generally and end or side dump to haul off the big rock taken out of the hole. Of course you have to haul that ground limestone to the cement plant to mix with cement and water after the cement is dried using huge amounts of natgas. Once all this is done, you go back to the belly dump and build roads between each tower.

        The really big rock out of that hole is hauled by end or side dump trucks and deposited somewhere along the route to avoid using even more fuel. I used to bring the last load of the day home with me to have piles of rock I can use for various things. When there was fine limestone to haul away, I brought the last load home and made my truck driveway. This is just getting the generators set. The ditches dug for electrical lines between the windmills is sorted to keep from dumping the big stuff back in.

        Then there’s the big machines that dig the ditch for pipelines, sort the dirt off to one side and the rock off to the other side which has to be hauled away so the dirt can be used to protect the pipeline before any of the slightly larger rock can be added for a final cover.

        There is a good aspect of that. Sorting rock leaves and 80-100ft right of way that’s good soil and can be sown with grass, wheat or whatever so there is mile after mile of grazing when it’s all said and done. Of course the smaller rock is taken to sites where huge tanks and pumping stations will be installed.

        Don’t for get the huge transmission lines installed to take this electricity to substations where it can be tied into a grid. In Texas, that would be just one grid since people using their head long ago made a law that forbade the sharing of Texas energy with other states. Even the high plains of Texas is not on that grid.

        Of course the power companies don’t always look far enough ahead. I have hauled off large power poles that were only 2 years old so a new, larger line could be built to replace it. It works out well if you’re the one hauling off the old/new poles since if you will haul it to wherever you want it, they don’t have to pay to haul it to some other location. It’s a great way to get the frame for a pole barn for free.

        For the most part, Texas has no fields of solar panels although there are a few.

        If it were simply petroleum and pipelines run to refineries and natgas run to electric production stations, it would be much cheaper and much less petroleum would be used(wasted). Since Texas mainly has BRENT and West Texas Sweet crude, it has a great deal of advantage over foreign oils and gases. This holds true for N.M. and Ok. too. Take away the subsidy for whirlybird electricity and that blight wouldn’t exist.

        I’ve spent many week-ends loading and hauling dirt to pipelines while the rest of the company sat at home. That’s fine with me as it’s all OT and I don’t have anyone to look over my shoulder. I’ve even shown, in depth, the pipeline companies how to build French drains so they didn’t get their holding tanks and lines washed away. One company used to ask for me specifically because I didn’t have to be shown where to dump and what to bring. It’s not uncommon for truckers to know how to operate the equipment they needed to load and unload. I’ve been doing it since I was 18. I’ll try to post this again. I got an error that said “You are posting comments too quickly, slow down”. I could understand it if I had post more than one comment today.

  12. Hey heres an interesting one – Russian company shares have been suspended from the London Stock exchange. Meaning plebs like me and you can no longer buy. On the flip side – it turns out that the JPMorgans and Goldmans of the world have stepped in and bought all the “distressed” Russian assets.

    Assets such as Gazprom which has an over 7% div yield, sitting on some of the best oil assets in the world…. thank God the politicians, regulators, and big banks are keeping us safe from investments like that….

    • How thoughtful of them, taking all that risk upon themselves. Surely they are only doing this for our benefit, out of the kindness of their hearts and the bottomless depths of community spirit in their souls.

  13. You want stupidity,,, go to New Jersey where Newark city hall is cancelling the business licenses of Lukoil Gas Stations because Lukoil is Russian. They don’t care if it puts Americans out of business and/or out of work… there’s a narrative to follow as demanded by the parasites in DC. This is akin to getting the injection and wearing the mask. We obey every narrative like good soldiers.

    First they loosen a fake virus which everyone buys into and now its a fake war to further divide us even more. Two psyops operating at the same time. There is no real war as Russia could easily take Ukraine in a few days but they don’t want to destroy it. I would call it a security operation to remove the threat of a nuclear Ukraine on Russia’s border not to mention those 12 US biolabs. If you jog your memory you will find the it was right after Ukraine threatened to build nukes that Russia said ‘enough’.

    If you don’t think this ‘war’ is a diversion then look at the news. Not a peep of covaids. Putin is now the recipient of the Nobel Prize for eliminating covaids in less than 48 hours.

    Have you ever watched a school of fish where thousands swim in unison? When one turns the others follow immediately. Three hundred million Americans are doing that right now.

    Babylon Bee… Fake news you can trust unlike world media.


  14. All Russia has to do is to demand to be paid for oil with gold…that would be the end of the petrodollar.
    Muamar Gaddafi tried that tactic and was assassinated as a result.
    However, I don’t think that anyone will be getting to Putin soon…

    • There is an interesting little thing that happened – in Russia their central bank (or whatever body it is) changed the law to remove VAT on gold, encouraging people to buy and save in gold. Which is very interesting – because every other place in the world they are discouraging individuals from buying gold. I suspect its because they realise the ruble will loose value, and dollars will be harder to access.

      Honestly im extremely surprised. Most governments and central banks always take steps to weaken the population – this is the first I’ve seen in a long time which will strengthen the population of the country (rather than just the elite or the state).

      • That is very interesting, indeed, Nasir… thank you for calling our attention to it!

        I see Putin as a nationalist in the mold of Franco. I suspect that is exactly why the powers-that-be are arrayed against him. It has nothing to do with Ukraine – or rather, caring about it, as such. Ukraine is just another excuse-tool in the kit bag. Like “the virus.”

        • Most of the oil producing nations would love to ditch the petro-dollar (most oil is bought and sold with dollars). I am surprised it has held on so long.

          China and the middle east have made moves to replace it with the yen (at least with what it buys). I think it hasn’t caught on because China screws around even more with its currency than the fed does with the dollar.

          I don’t see any of the current government backed currencies replacing the dollar though. They all want to be the replacement for the dollar. But I think when the dollar collapses for good, it’s going to take out all the major ones with it. All of them are mismanaged and manipulated, its really amazing it works as well as it does.

          The elites vision is unsustainable and unworkable, especially the idea of the “great reset”. It will be a catastrophic event that is entirely preventable by simply not doing it.

        • I realize that the Ukrainians and Russians have long had animosities, so that at some point fighting would break out isn’t a big surprise. However, given the capabilities of the Russian military, either, like up against Finland in 1939, for all there size and how excellent their hardware is, their motivation and organization appears to be decidedly lacking. That is, they should have taken Kiev by now and more or less have overrun the Ukraine, and have to deal with guerilla warfare ATM. I wonder somehow if, like the “Rona” starting two years ago (almost to the day!), this isn’t more “Kabuki”, to distract us all from what’s REALLY in store.

          • Douglas, from what i can tell, I think the ‘slowness’ of the Russian advance is because they are trying VERY hard to do this w/o much damage to the infrastructure or casualties. Russia could have very easily just bombed the place to rubble in a day and walked in. I sincerely believe that they are trying to make as little mess as possible and simply want to restore a “neutral”-ish Ukraine as a buffer.

      • Hi Nasir,

        It is not about caring for his citizens, but to rid the world of the Petrodollar. I expect China and many of the Middle Eastern nations to do this shortly, as well. The US Dollar and the Euro will be worth shit. If you are holding USD at the end of this game, it will be the equivalent of holding Confederate Greenbacks.

        Hold on to your hats it is about to get ugly for the US and Europe.

        • My evaluation of Putin is that he is a nationalist and a “hard man.” A guy not to be fucked with. Like Franco or Peron. I do not say I admire him. I say I respect him. And I say that, while he is interested in power, he is not disinterested in the fate of his people. He is not one of these soupy “we are the world” types, like Trudeau or Biden – who are solely interested in power.

          He’s a Russian.

          And good on him for being so.

          • You and I are going to fundamentally disagree on this one. If the expansion and caring of the people were a concern Putin would have followed Yeltsin’s lead. Putin and his fellow KGB buddies looted the country and overthrew the capitalist system that Yeltsin tried to establish. He went after the Russian people’s assets that they had made over the last decade of two after the fall of the USSR and “redistributed” them to the oligarchy. Russia is not run by the people, but TPTB where only a few hold the wealth. He had killed many journalists, his opposition, and anyone who did not side with his way of thinking. He is a man to be feared, but respected, no.

            • And I thought it was Yeltsin and his oligarch buddies that looted Russia by allowing the West to loot it, for a nominal fee. And that’s why the West hates Putin. For putting a stop to it. Their condition has certainly improved since then.

              • John, The West has always hated Russia and vice versa. It doesn’t matter who holds the political offices, both sides are too much alike to ever get along.

                There is the Bully in the West and the Bully in the East. Unfortunately, we are so blinded with hate for each other that we refuse to see the biggest bully of all who is controlling both sides. There is a reason that they have controlled everything for the last 10000 years, they will control it for the next 10000, too.

            • RG – how different do you think the west is ? Do you not think the government can loot the wealth of the people and “redistribute” it to those in power ? What do you think 10+ years of QE have done top the middle / working classes of the west? What do you think constant endless regulation is doing to those who are in small medium businesses who at least were able to keep up with inflation?

              One thing ive learnt living in the west and the east – the gangsters, thieves and crooks back home are so much more honest in their thievery ! Once the local gangster gets his cut, or the dodgy politician gets his share – you’re free to do business.

              But how about in the west? I know a guy who has a case from HMRC over income for almost 20 years. He used a known, disclosed, and legal loophole at the time to reduce his tax bill. The politicians changed it retrospectively and how he has gigantic tax bill to pay with penalties etc…. lives have been ruined over this (look up HMRC Loan charge and you will see what they’ve done).

              Now say this is better than putin and his cronies !!

              • Seriously, Nasir, do you read most of my posts? Have I praised the West at all? The West is just as corrupt as the East, but for some reason, everybody seems to get bent out of shape when talking about the East and its corruption. “Putin should be respected.” “He isn’t as corrupt as the US Government.” “He is just invading nations, because he is concerned about his safety.” Blah, blah, blah.

                Oligarchies are oligarchies. Serfs are serfs. We all are know what we are, but does anyone really believe a site like EP Autos would survive in Russia? How about China? Would any of us be able to speak freely as we are doing now? We would be dead, that is what we would be.

                I believe freedom is nonexistent. It is a lie to keep people fighting, nothing more. That we should even assume that any government official gives a shit about their citizens just makes us look delusional. The East or the West neither give a flying foo foo on what happens to us. I am sick and tired of people defending either side.

                • That there is anything to this fake war charade other than a smokescreen for the devastation and criminality done by gov’ts everywhere over the suddenly ended flu charade is laughable. It’s akin to arguing that everything about the flu charade was phony and tyrannical but the one virus is real and can be cured by an anti-parasitical drug used off label. Cue the outrage rants and hundreds of comments for and against supposedly opposing themes that cement the fake foundational narrative. The speed at which they move from one to another these days is dizzying.

                  • The whole thing is to cover the collapse of the world financial system.

                    This is what we are up against:


                    Why did VA elect the CEO from the Carlyle Group as Governor? We have our answer. This will slowly roll through state to state. Now, you have your digital currency model…in the hands of the central banking system.

                    As we foolishly fought over masks, vaccines, and outlier wars this was being done behind our backs. What else is going on behind our backs as we are focused on the news media and their 24/7 run campaign?

                    The nations will be given a “reset” and their debt be wiped off the books. Will the citizens debt be wiped off? No way in hell.

                    The crash of the ruble was planned, the crash of the Euro and USD is planned as well. People will convert their money out of fear to cryptocurrency for “safety” and then they have you.

                    We are all fools. There is no way out. They have us.

                    • The way out, is cash. Cash, and silver. Cash, and silver, and gold. Cash, and silver, and gold, and privacy rights with teeth. Cash, and silver, and gold, and privacy rights with teeth, and decentralization. Cash…

              • Now I understand why the US Constitution explicitly prohibits the “Ex Post Facto” laws – not that it’s always been heeded. Evidently in the UK, HMRC can, when it discovers an “oops” in the British tax code, “fix it” and RETROACTIVELY mulct some hapless Limey, especially one who’s politically a pariah.

                • Douglas – this loan charge thing has been horrible for so many. Families and lives have been destroyed over this – and it was a known and declared tax avoidance vehicle for about 20 years when they didnt say a word. Till one day they did. Exactly like at trap. But it goes to show how ruthless these government types are in reality. And these aren’t evil billionaires. They are normal families living and working to make a living, middle or upper middle class types, with tax bills running into the 7 figures for the past 20 years. One of my good friends is stuck in this situation – and its really taken a toll on him.

          • Isn’t it just amazing that during/after this Russian incursion, we NEVER hear about the US and it’s 40 year orgasm of imperialism over 50 countries!! We crushed, dismantled and then lied about how much we believe in the democracies we are stuffing up the lucky nations’ butts. Listen to your favorite 6pm newscasters and notice they would never jeopardize their huge salaries by telling the truth about any number of world situations. It’s all about obscuring just how bastardly the US government, while being buttbanged by Israel, keeps up its invasions into the Middle East. Yet, dimwit Americans are not the least bit curious about the countries that we decimate one after another. Ukraine is bribed by US money in hopes of securing NATO membership so we can put missiles, bombs, etc in Ukraine and either threaten Russia or, heaven forbid, fly in some nukes on Moscow, Inc. Our tolerance of Jerky Joe Biden aka Brandon is a disgrace, he should have been shiite canned long ago. A do-nothing Congress doesn’t help, either. WE are a rotting corpse just waiting for the buzzards to eat our guts as we lie in the sun. All hail the putrescent states of Amerika!!

            • There were two things the US either didn’t honor its word or didn’t go to pains to clarify when it mattered: (1) that NATO wouldn’t expand its boundaries eastwards towards the Russian Federation and (2) IF the Ukraine, which, went the Soviet Union broke up, found itself the “proud owner” of almost 2000 nukes, was induced to give them up (likely couldn’t afford to maintain and secure them anyway), was induced to give them up, what WOULD be the nature and extent of “guaranteeing” the Ukraine’s independence? I can well imagine what’s happened today, or the seizure of the Crimea in 2014 and the support of the “breakaway” regions in the eastern Ukraine would not have happened if they’d hung on to, say, 200 or so of the most useful (to them) nuclear devices.

              At times, whoever wrote the copy for “The Simpsons” had it, bulls-eye!


    • At every opportunity I tell people this is what Biden ran on. They voted for it.

      It wasn’t like people didn’t know he said he was going to ‘end fossil fuels’ and didn’t know he was meddling at Russia’s doorstep. Voters know what they want and get it good and hard.

    • Absolutely agree BAC,
      It’s about time “the indispensable nation” got a well deserved kick in the ass. Wait till they find out the oil & natural gas is also needed for fertilizer, therefore food. Of course Bill Gates wants us to be eating bugs so I guess that’s ok.

  15. The Democratic Marxists have made a huge mistake. They had a vast majority low information voters in this country in a state of Mass Psychosis, and it was working by scaring them with their personal safety at risk. You’d think they would play another variant more deadly coming out to keep up the scare tactics fresh in everyone’s minds (they still might around the election time). They had completely created menticide of the American mind and belief in Freedom. Then to try to wag the dog with Russia, and it is not taking hold. The average low information voter is not seeing a direct relationship to his/her/Zee safety from a conflict on the other side of the globe but rather sees high prices at the pump, and a dwindling old fool who can’t fix the problem for these reliants.

    Ukraine was a corrupt playground for the Bidens, Pelosi, Obama and the Clintons. Obama directly caused a coup (2014) of a democratically elected president of Ukraine to install one who was more friendly to the West and specifically loyal to the democrats. I think Putin is a KGB thug however, if you look at it a different way; Putin is *liberating* Ukraine from a coup instigated by the USA. The West and US has been making noises about the Ukraine joining Nato for years. (WTF does Nato do anyway?). Is it unreasonable for Putin to not want a Nato country on his boarder near a strategic port? If the Bite-me Pres, simply stated that Nato has no intention of adding anymore countries to the alliance and specifically Ukraine then there would be no pretext for war. Then if Putin invaded his truly is evil and invading a neutral country. But he has a security pretext not much different from Weapons of Mass destruction or chasing Osama bin laden.

    But the Democrats wanted all this…they have a personality to blame for all their problems they caused, and the same guy who stole the 2016 election from Hillary.

    • Well-said, Hans – I couldn’t agree more.

      Especially as regards your point about the Biden Thing declaring – in effect – “hands off” Ukraine. That would satisfy’s Putin’s stated concerns about NATO sidling up to the very border of Russia and eliminate any pretext for an invasion.

      But I increasingly suspect that the Biden Thing (and the people behind it) wanted the war. Want it to expand. To keep the cattle diverted and focused on an “enemy” who isn’t, actually.

    • Heard a rumor, not sure if it’s true. Hard to now what’s true anymore.
      That putins first day he took our all of our ‘new’ bio-labs in eastern ukrain?
      If true, then there is something very big to that that no one is reporting.

    • I also point out the hypocrisy of these people. These are the same people who in 1961 would be pushing for invading Cuba for some of the same reasons Putin went into Georgia and Ukraine.

      But the low information voters are all repeating the talking points and putting Ukraine flags on things and so on. TV tells them what is good and they don’t go beyond that. Maybe over $4/gal gas wakes them up but articles like ‘a limited nuclear war would help fight climate change’ don’t wake them up either. People are out there talking like the generals in Dr. Strangelove (based on Curtis LeMay) without skipping a beat.

    • Excellent points, Hans! Of course, the “puppet” we helped install in 2014, to kick out PUTIN’s “puppet”, was the Ukrainian president prior to Zelensky, though how he could have had a chance to win their 2018 election w/o being owned by the Kleptocracy that really runs things there?

      While the Russian Federation does have legitimate economic and national security concerns concerning Ukraine, or even the Baltic republics, or any country that borders it, like FINLAND, it’s also true that while it’s not a smart idea to “poke the Bear”, it’s also not entirely true that the “Bear” has lain peacefully asleep in its den, only emerging when disturbed.

      The REAL solution, one that the US has had almost THIRTY years to implement, and, after the end of Desert Storm in ’91, have had more than ample opportunity, is: Get the HELL out of NATO! Folks, it’s not 1949 anymore, we don’t have the Soviet Army within 100 miles of the Rhine river and Western Europe devastated and rebuilding from World War Two, and Germany divided. With a UNITED Germany, something that when I was a lot younger would have been though utterly unacceptable to the USSR, combined with the economic might and populations of the UK, France, Spain, Italy, and Poland, Europe should be more than capable of keeping “the Bear” in his cage! Of course, that’d require a few things to make viable our long-overdue withdrawl from Europe: (1) build up their own militaries, which, why should we subsidize well-off Western nations? (2) more “noo-koo-ler” arms, so, if they had to, they could go “toe-to-toe with the Rooskies”, (3) deal with the issues of allowing numerous non-Europeans within their borders, especially Muslims – time for a little “Auslander, Raus!” (4) get away from that “Green Energy” bullshit, and come up with economically viable means to secure their energy needs. Of course, what’s wrong with them buying Russian gas and oil? Makes them less dependent on getting it from the politically unstable “A-Rabs”, dere! (A little “Archie Bunkerism”). Certainly the Russians aren’t stupid enough to make war on their best customers!

      America First – we’ll strip-mine Canada next!

    • The Democrats “won” on a big tent campaign that basically made sure everyone was told what they wanted to hear. The reason they kept Biden in the basement was because they could make Trump the scapegoat without having to deal with the problem of ol’ Sleepy Joe basically having the same rhetoric as Orange Man. The promoted the concept of an inclusive party that welcomed everyone, no matter what their skin tone (but not their ability to lead or add two digit numbers). Now that they’re here, the only pole holding up the tent is the racial one. And the threat of letting loose the Antifa terrorists again.

  16. “America currently imports something on the order of 600,000 barrels of Russian oil every day – an amount about 200,000 barrels shy of the number of barrels America would not have to import from Russia, had the Biden Thing not cancelled the Keystone Pipeline, among other things.”
    Not true. The imports from Russia are crude oil (209,000 bpd average in 2021, and gasoline (461,000 bpd average in 2021). The Keystone XL pipeline extension would have been for crude oil only, not gasoline. That’s a moot point, because it will never be completed. And may not even be needed anymore.

    The Keystone XL extension of the existing Keystone pipeline was being built since 2008, while oil prices were high, and while oil prices were low. No US oil refinery had to shut down due to a lack of crude oil, except during hurricanes. Very little of the XL (8%) was built during Trump’s four years. In fact that rate of completion would have required 12.5 years to complete construction. Meaning the XL pipeline extension would very likely not have been finished while Biden was president even if he supported it. I’m assuming four years. … During the Trump years we had relatively low oil prices, and plenty of domestic oil supply, without Keystone XL.

    After almost 14 years invested in the Keystone XL proposal and partial construction, with only about 8% built so far, the US energy sector can obviously survive without the Keystone pipeline extension.

    With no XL extension likely to ever be built, the Capline pipeline, connecting Patoka, Illinois to St. James, Louisiana, is now fully operational, transporting heavy crude oil produced in Canada’s tar sands to refiners along the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. This 632-mile, 40-inch pipeline system historically moved crude from the Louisiana Gulf Coast to Midwestern refiners, but was recently reversed to allow the delivery of oil from Canadian tar or oil sands to Gulf Coast refineries and shipping terminals. The pipeline began interim service on December 18, 2021 and went fully operational on January 1, 2022.

    The 670,000 barrels per day in Russian oil and petroleum products that the United States imported from Russia in 2021 was up from 540,000 barrels per day in 2020; 520,000 in 2019; and 375,000 in 2018

    US crude oil imports from Russia are small, but were up a lot in 2021 mainly because of energy infrastructure damage caused by Hurricane Ida. In 2020, the United States imported from Russia on average 76,000 barrels per day (bpd), while in 2021, that figure rose to 209,000 bpd, according to data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) of the U.S. Department of Energy. Russian crude accounts for only three percent of U.S. crude oil imports, and about one percent of total crude oil processed by U.S. refineries—Russian crude oil imports are important to refineries on the West Coast and Gulf Coast. Russian oil imports in 2020 are not likely to match or exceed 2021 imports.
    “It was only about a year ago that America
    didn’t need oil from Russia.”
    Not true. See above paragraph.

    • Oy vey, Richard – again.

      You are adept at missing the point – which is that it was only about a year ago that America had ample oil for its own needs and no longer does, because of policies that curb exploration/drilling/delivery. And now we’re faced with the consequences of policies that will make those effects even worse.

      Because Putin bad, Ukraine good….

      • Wrong again.
        The US has always imported oil and gasoline.
        The US has NEVER been energy independent.
        That’s a conservative myth.
        If we did not import oil and gasoline from Russia, which seems like a good idea, replacement oil and gasoline imports would come from some other nation(s). And Russia would sell their oil and gasoline to another nations, that they formerly sold to us.

        It is unfortunate that we have to import crude oil when there is so much here, but half the nation is anti-oil zealots and they run the show now. I don’t believe we have sufficient oil refineries to avoid importing some gasoline. We import about 2.5% of our gasoline, but only about 6% of those imports come from Russia, or about 0.2% of all the gasoline we use. So it seems like getting another source would be easy. And then someone else would buy the Russian gasoline.

        Ukraine bad, Putin worse.

      • What was true from 1/20/2017 to 1/20/2021 was that we had a Chief Executive that actually had BEEN an “Executive”, well-versed in the “Art of the Deal”, and ran the country, or at least tried to, like a “business”. Of course, one thing that the “Founding Fookers” established when they set up the Federal Government was the Separation of Powers, so the President didn’t become a Monarch, which we’d just fought a war to be rid of. Indeed, the “Congrefs” was supposed to legislate, and the President execute the overall will of the STATES as defined by said legislation. That is, be a “strong mayor”, but more like the “City Manager” of a large city that hires one to actually administer the city’s affairs.

    • WRT pump price it simply doesn’t matter how much or how little oil or finished oil products that the US imports from Russia. The meddling and the causing of war jacks up the price regardless which is part of the why behind doing it all. Biden ran on raising energy prices. Now people don’t like that so Biden needs a scapegoat and a reason for prices to go higher yet.

  17. I wonder if the West is really stupid enough to pull that trigger. The EU already has, partially. As it denies use of Nord Stream 2. Can you imagine how much crow would have to be eaten once they find they really do need that Russian fuel, and need it badly? Perhaps the greater danger lies in poking Russia in the eye with a sharp stick one too many times that results in THEM turning off the spigot. After all, China has already indicted it will buy all the gas and oil that Russia can deliver. Russia has indicated it won’t turn it off, for humanitarian reasons. They understand the needs of western people better than those who govern them. Russia is perhaps the only nation on the planet that could survive complete isolation.

    • In a macabre twist, it may be that TPTB is egging on the West’s destruction as part of the Grand Reset. They want to collapse everything and it doesn’t matter how that happens. They’re probably thrilled that it can all be blamed on Russia.

      Poking the bear has been the plan all along. The satanists are getting the result they’ve been wishing for.

  18. I have to wonder how much of this is due to the demise of the petro-dollar? I know I hate to drag out that old libertarian chestnut, but the State Department’s playbook seems like the whole goal is to destabilize oil producers who dare trade oil in something other than the fed’s magic beans.

    Much of the reason the US doesn’t feel inflation is because we’re really good at exporting it. The “color” revolutions Hillary caused during the Obama years just happend to coinside with bailing out the banks to the toon of trillions of dollars, devaluing the dollars out in the wild and causing commodities to spike. Now we’re starting to see the impact of the irresponsible spending of the last 5 years and promises of more to come. Do you want to accept dollars that you know are worth far less by the day? Or would you rather take RNB, which can at least be used to trade for TVs and slave labor?

  19. Truman loaned Chinese nationalists millions of dollars to fight Mao and the communist threat in China. The Chinese bought real estate in New York City. Chang Kai-shek was called Peanut, taken for a fool. Made off with zee gold to Taiwan, the gold got lost somewhere in the Taiwan Straits.

    Putin could sell the oil to China, they use oil, they grow crops. China gulps oil like a drunken fool drinking vodka night and day. Putin has managed to raise the price of oil some 40 dollars per barrel, if you think about it. A shrewd horse trader right there, if you ask me.

    Japan could use some more oil, not just Alaskan oil. You have to have solid manufacturing capacity to exist as a post-modern society, oil is essential. Japan imports lots of oil, even US oil from the lower 48. Japan can buy the 600,000 barrels.

    Oil is the most fungible commodity ever. Demand is the reason why. If nobody wanted oil, there would be no market. The only reason for a supply is demand, nothing else.

    Saudi Arabia is at 12 million bpd, Russia is at 10 million bpd. If those two countries aren’t making money, something is very wrong. Not a problem to fill 100,000 liters of jet fuel into the tank of a Boeing Dreamliner. You’ll have belly dancers along for the ride.

    Going to get expensive to fill up a cruise ship with a million gallons of bunker fuel.


    Ever price a drum of butanol? 1600 dollars. Bic makes bucco bucks with 4.5 grams/cc of butanol in each lighter.

    At 126 dollars per barrel of oil, it is three dollars per gallon unrefined.

    A barrel is 42 gallons, a drum is 55 gallons.

    If farmers go on strike and refuse to plant crops until fuel prices become sane, you will have to begin to worry. Farmers can feed themselves, you don’t have to be fed if it costs too much to plant a crop that won’t pay. Might as well go fishing. Grow your garden, they rest can starve for all they care, don’t have to go broke so somebody can eat their last can of beans.

    Of course, that won’t happen. Too much at stake to let it all go to hell in a handbasket.

    • Most farmers around here are switching from cotton & corn to soybeans bc the input costs of soybeans is way less than corn, and substantially less than cotton. Corn futures will go through the roof, hence, beef/pork futures as well.

      • I’m hoping there’s only enough corn for food purposes, so they have to stop forcing ethanol into gasoline; ruined one lawnmower with that crap a few years back.

  20. I find it rich that our overlords want high gas to push us to EV.
    At the same time, they encourage events that raise that gas so high that people are getting angry – helping ensure the coming butt kicking of the democrats will be even greater.

    I’m not sure how they don’t realize they mad bad worse, but I suspect they don’t understand the common man and are so far out of touch with real life that they just can’t grasp that ramen noodles & tomato soup as the new normal diet isn’t something people aspire to.

    • “..our overlords want high gas to push us to EV…”

      There is a large percentage of the American people who will embrace this because gas is soo expensive. ‘Have to do something/anything’ will be their response instead of going after the real problem. That is the lunatics in Washington.

        • They don’t want us to buy an EV either. They prefer that we don’t drive at all. One cannot track those that are moving, especially within the 3.8 million square miles in the USSA. Take away mobility give the serfs a bicycle, maybe a horse, and keep them in one place.

          • A bicycle is too much to be allowed. It probably gives me a 20-25 mile radius if things got that desperate. That’s way more untracked unpermissioned travel than their utopia can tolerate.

            If they ever get the control they want over motorcycles and automobiles they will come after bicycling.

          • The last escape/freedom is a sailboat.

            The record is sailing around the world in a small boat is in a 21 foot sailboat.

            There is lots of 40 foot sailboats that can sail anywhere, something like 50 feet and up is probably more comfortable.

            The reason for a sailboat is for one fuel savings, a power boat burns too much fuel, you would need a larger power boat to have the stability of a sailboat.

            Sailboats are built stronger, they ride better in heavy seas partly because they have deep keels for stability. They are real freedom, you can go anywhere in the world, the only way to escape. Plus free food (fish).

            Buy a sailboat, learn how to sail. Anchor it, live on it, no property tax or rent.

            They pushed/sucked us into real estate because you are trapped, a trapped slave paying income tax and property tax forever, plus the money in real estate can’t leave the country.

            Power boats are useless, burn huge amounts of fuel, what if you can’t buy any fuel?

            The most extreme sport in the world sailing around the world in a ten foot boat…..


            • Anon1,

              I once had a plot to live on a semi-autonomous boat so I could go to go work in San Francisco and make huge amounts of money with no overhead. The boat would pilot itself to a dock or shore to pick me up, I’d spend the night at sea, go back to dock, and the boat would drive itself to open water and drop anchor until it was time pick me up.

              Fantasy land, I know, but it could work if you were crazy and motivated enough. Of course, I hear San Francisco is an unmitigated hell these days, and I’d be completely incompatible with either the government or corporations for whom I might work, so there’s that.

      • I assume most people buy EVs to be green virtue signallers, not to save money on gasoline. But they probably don’t know that out of the factory gate, the electric car has generated far more CO2 than the gasoline version, because of lithium and the other rare-earth minerals required to manufacture the ‘planet-saving’ EV. The emissions from the materials and the production of the ICE version of Volvo’s XC40 are roughly 40 per cent lower than for the EV version. For the electric version to ‘break even’, Volvo advises that, based on a typical global energy mix, if you drive under 93,000 miles you will cause greater emissions by choosing an electric vehicle over the gasoline version. In the EU, which uses a higher proportion of renewables, the break-even point is still 52,000 miles. … EV owners in California average only about 5,000 miles per year. More information:


  21. As bad as it is, it will get worse…much worse. As prices continue to rise, complaints will as well. Then the Regime, will go to its playbook of failures and propose price controls (that worked “real well” in the ‘70’s). Then scarcity will become the norm. My 91 year old great uncle who passed away 21 years ago had a saying; “the American people are the dumbest damned people in the world”. The older I get, the more I understand that saying. The Biden Regime has had a year to unleash havoc and destruction in this nation and they have 3 more. GOD help us all!!

    • I agree, Allen –

      It’s tragic beyond articulation because it’s all so unnecessary – and so contrived. It also makes me angry, for both of those reasons.

    • The Biden plan is to screw up so many different things, so that opponents can’t agree to rally around any single problem. And their alleged solution to every problem, of course, is more government … which creates new problems and doesn’t solve the old ones. This strategy is called The Cloward-Piven Strategy — you can look it up.

      And all the Biden problems created in the past year are in addition to the core problems: Jumpin’ Joe Biden has early dementia, and Kamela “cackling” Harris is a total dingbat.

      • So true. They want to make us as uncomfortable as possible without causing revolution. Then, who do “we” look to for solutions to the problems government creates? Government, that’s who.

        They win, we lose. Every time.

        Until revolution. The we restart.


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