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Selections have consequences and this one will especially. There was a more than a dime’s worth of difference between the one side and the other side this time when it comes to attitudes – which become policies – with regard to cars and the stuff that makes them go.

Had the man who probably didn’t lose the election but isn’t president anymore remained in office, it is likely that:

Gas prices would have remained at record lows because of record production – domestically. Under the man who is not president anymore, Americans produced more oil than Americans use, reducing the cost of gasoline, which is made from oil.

This made it economically feasible for Americans to live in more affordable suburbs and drive to work in less-affordable urban areas. It left more money in their pockets for things other than gas – such as food and rent.

Under the man who is now president – even though he may not actually have been elected – there will be less oil produced in America, because production will be decreased. This will raise the cost of gasoline for Americans. It is probable that the cost of gas will increase to record highs for this reason and for other reasons, including the likelihood of new taxes on oil and everything associated with it – which means on gasoline – as part of the Green New Deal, which the man who has been selected president intends to make Americans a party to. 

It will thus become more expensive for those who drive to work to get to work. It will likely become too expensive for some of them to drive to work, forcing them to move closer to work in order to make it work – by giving up a single family home and a yard for the sake of a townhouse or apartment. In order to have some money left in their pocket for rent and food.

The cost of which is also likely to go up, regardless – because of all the “free” money shortly to be injected into the economy by the man who was selected president.

The cost of electricity is going to go up, too – because the man who is president has promised to invest your money in a national network of electric car charging stations for electric cars most Americans can’t afford – and someone’s got to pay for that. The beauty of it is you won’t even have to buy an electric car because everyone’s utility bill will increase to pay for it.

We are all in this together, you see.

The selection of the man who is now president is also very likely to result in less selection – in terms of cars. Because few cars can make it to 50 miles-per-gallon, a standard which the man who now presides thinks they should meet no matter what it costs – and will use the power of the government to insist they meet, by applying exorbitant fines to those that don’t.

This will reduce not only the selection of cars available, it is apt to reduce the selection of car brands that remain in existence.

Specifically, brands like Chrysler and Dodge – which don’t currently sell a single car that averages even 30 MPG. The cars sold by these two brands have remained very popular with Americans because they are traditional American cars – large, rear-wheel-drive and powered by large V6 and V8 engines. Under the man who no longer presides, it was economically feasible for Chrysler and Dodge to build them because it was economically feasible for average Americans to buy them.

Because average Americans could afford to buy them and feed them.

These kinds of cars cannot be made to average 50 MPG, as the man who now presides will demand they do. And if they do not, they will be fined such that most Americans can no longer afford to buy such cars, which means Chrysler and Dodge will no longer be able to sell them – which means no more Chrysler and Dodge, probably.

There will, however, be more electric cars to choose from – assuming you can afford one. Which will be made even less affordable to drive – when mileage taxes are applied, as the man who was selected’s appointment to head the federal Department of Transportation, Pete Buttugieg, has already proposed you pay.

Even if you don’t drive an electric car. Which will, however, require your car be equipped with some form of electronic mileage monitoring. Gas taxes being too anonymous – and too voluntary.

The man who is now president says he will “put the United States on an irreversible path to achieve net-zero emissions, economy-wide, by no later than 2050”  . . .which will mean some pretty dramatic changes beginning right now.

Selections have consequences – and we’re about to pay for them.

. . . .

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  1. Remember when the USA resembled what we thought of as the USA?


    Just another nail in. I am having a hard time understand the reluctance of those who won’t consider leaving while they can. I would understand if there was a majority of thing that used to make the USA great left, but those have all been pretty much eliminated.

    It’s like riding the plane crash into the ground because you don’t like (or understand) parachutes.

    • You know, there was a time I thought that quote was hyperbole. Then, with Trump I said ok, Mencken wasn’t being hyperbolic. His prediction is realized. Now, with Biden, perhaps we see the apotheosis of the Mencken prediction. Then again, maybe not. Biden, while always showing himself to be a man of mediocre intellect at best, isn’t a fair case. Biden has a diagnosable illness. Given the advanced stage of his neurodegenerative disorder, he would more appropriately be categorized an invalid, rather than a moron. Harris, on the other hand, does not appear to have any medically diagnosable cognitive ailment. Yet she displays the potential to outdo even Trump, and will perhaps more perfectly fulfill the prophecy.

      By the way. I do not mock Biden. It is a testament to the profound evil of our society that a man in his condition would be put forward to be used and abused as he is. Imagine there is not one individual among his family and inner circle that has stepped forward and said no, you are not going to subject my loved one to this. Again, the moral bankruptcy is something to behold.

      • Morning, Jody!

        With the Left, the ends justify the means. The same Left that found it convenient to mock Reagan as senile puts forward a senile front man for their cause – because he is useful to them. Once he no longer is . . .

        This is the brilliance of the Left, which the not-Left isn’t smart enough to understand. The Left will do whatever it takes to win. The not-Left cripples itself by attempting to reason with the Left and by assuming the Left means what it says, which it may – for the moment . . . so long as it is useful to the Left. And when it no longer is…

        As regards Biden’s family: If one were to probe into such an abscess, I doubt one would need to go too deeply to find a writhing mass of maggots.

        • True true Eric. Machiavellianism is fully embraced by the left. Might makes right. The ends justify the means. This is why I’m always harping on the spiritual angle to this whole mess. The concept of immorality is lost. We are now in the amoral age. It’s going to be hard for those of us that retain a human conscience not to descend to the level of our opponents, devolve into savagery. If we were to embrace the ethos of the amoral, cease to live by principle, and vanquish our enemies, what will we have won? It’s a thorny issue.

            • It’s going to be interesting how they will spin Biden’s annual medical physical.

              It’s a good possibility that there won’t be a public report, it will just not be released and few of the media will question it, thus burying it.

            • I had forgotten that scene. I watched it again.

              I agree with Kurz’s premise that a relatively small number of zealots (child mutilators in his story) can affect immense change.

              Is Kurz’s path the right one to choose? It all comes down to one’s understanding of reality. If this world of matter is all there is, if Darwin told the truth, that spirituality is a consequence of matter, rather than the inverse, then Kurz’s solution is a viable one, and his worry about judgement is unwarranted. On the other hand, if spirituality is eternal, and matter is fleeting, then adherence to the principles set forth by God (spirit) are paramount, and Kurz erred grievously.

              This concept, that matter begets spirituality, is at the core of Marxist philosophy. It was the Marxist’s that Kurz was fighting. Ultimately he adopted their philosophy. Supposing one day Kurz achieved victory, however he would come to define that, who would really have won?

              • Morning, Jody!

                It is a difficult question. I am not sure what the answer is. I do know that one cannot reason with the Left, the most rabid form of authoritarian collectivism. It can only be stood up to, refused – if necessary, beaten back. It will not compromise except tactically and temporarily. It will attempt to win by using your virtues against you. It is cognitively dissonant – what Orwell called “doublethink,” able to hold contradictory views at the same time, militantly.

                I loathe violence – which is why I loathe the Left especially. It is defined by violence, cloaked in mewling, insufferably insipid pieties about “equality” and “the common good.”

                But if a man is trying to kick down my door with intent to harm me – which includes his violating my home and my peace, by trying to kick down my door – I have the right to defend myself against his attack. This principle applies to the Left and generally.

  2. Can we get a statue of Lenin in the Capitol Rotunda?

    Get the Washington and Jefferson statues outta there! What good were they?

    You had to vote Trump in 2016, Hillary had to be dumped, no way could you vote for that old hag. lol

    Trump garnered 63 percent of the vote in my state. Might as well vote for him, Hillary is a witch with attitude, so she had to be shit-canned for good.

    I know I wasn’t going to vote for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for president.

    “What’s Aleppo?” – Gary Johnson

    The 2020 election was as surreal as the masked zombies you see walking around with no clue, they’re wandering in the dark every day.

    Now some voters are regretting voting for Biden the Loser. Lamentations and remorseful will make you cry in your beer.

    You can’t fix stupid… at all.

    Every song’s a drinking song when you’re drinking – Midland

  3. From


    Trump has not been a president — he has been a protagonist. Trump’s decision to conduct himself as a dramatis persona rather than as the chief administrator of the executive branch of the U.S. government is based partly on lack of intellectual ability, partly on his disinclination for mastering difficult material, and partly on his manifest lack of interest in doing the job of the president.

    (note to self, i think the above is somewhat of a stretch, but, considering the source, understandable)

    The political environment also favors it: Even as the two major political parties themselves have declined as institutions, partisanship as a form of actionable identity has grown metastatically.

    The Left’s successful political recruitment of the universities, the major news media, and some scientific organizations has discredited those institutions categorically in the estimate of the populist Right, heightening its preexisting anti-intellectualism.

    The complexity of contemporary policy debates is poorly suited to TikTok-age attention spans.

    (which is why the dims have used fb, tweeter, insta, etc. to their advantage)

  4. I work an hour away, and I drive one of those evil V8 pickup trucks! I remember when Obummer was president and gas was $4 a gallon. It cost over $70 to fill up. I can’t afford that now, I will have no choice but to move . I WILL NEVER buy a electric car…..NEVER!

  5. Remember way back when when you could say any dern fuel thing you wanted to and nobody was going to report you to the neighborhood stasi?

    See something, say something. We’re all in this together. Wear your mask. Get your vaccine.

    Hank Aaron got his vaccine, he’s now dead.

    Only in the USSR were you subject to such persecution, oppression, outright atrocities of humans, ethnic-cleansing pogrom for you, get lost, loser.

    Crazy stupid doctor says to take off your masks.

    Don’t listen to the foolishness of some idiot doctor who wants you to breathe free. If it makes any sense, ignore it. Listen to Dr. Fauci, he knows, it’s a dog and pony show at the circus, but who cares?

    Wear your mask until the day you die, if you do, it’ll be sooner than later. Like all good schmucks do, because that’s what they do. Wear your mask under all circumstances, that’s an order. Get your vaccine, you might die if you do, but who cares anymore?

    If the vaccine kills you, too bad, sucker.

    Twilight Zone and then some .

  6. What to expect? More of the same, on steroids.
    Fear and division are the primary tools of tyrants. Its been the prime directive of politics for quite some time, if not forever. Now we’re getting a lethal dose of both.
    Quite possibly a majority fear anyone not wearing a mask. It’s perfectly normal to fear roving gangs engaged in riots.
    Quite a number of Democrats have declared that a number approaching half the population are in fact “domestic terrorists”, deserving to be silenced and caged, if not disposed of.
    Buckle up. It’s going to be a rough ride.

  7. Mike Adams coined a term this week: Freedom Freeloaders are people who wanted their freedom handed back to them without doing anything whatever to earn it.
    Freedom is not free. Sometimes it requires force of arms to maintain, and it is well worth such sacrifice. But mainly, it requires responsibility. People who can truly be trusted with freedom tend to be free. We need to search our souls and improve our virtues and kindness–and justice, which can be stern.
    And we need to pray. Orange Man goes to church every single week and often ends his speeches with a call to give the glory to G-d. We need to do the same. If man has failed, what else is new? But do you think G-d does not know the choice of the American people? Jesus said “the Kingdom of Heaven lies within.” Go into your heart.
    If you look at Trump’s farewell address to the American people, his head is high, his face is full of joy, and he says he will be back, “The Best is Yet to Come.”
    Eric, and you other chickens: that man KNOWS something.

    • Hi Esther,

      I’ll tell you – and Mike – what. I have done everything I can to advocate for liberty by practicing it, at my own risk and to my own detriment. It has cost me, among other things, “good relations” with several major car companies and that has cost me significantly, professionally as well as financially. I have put my own livelihood at risk by not cowing in terms of what I write, which as you know or ought to know puts me at risk of being “cancelled” and my ability to earn a living destroyed. I have never once worn the Holy Rag – and I never will. I have lost most of my friends because I would not bend. I will likely never see my mother again because I will not wear the god-damned rag. Ever. I stand by my principles and I have done everything within my power to defend them.

      Freedom freeloader?

      I am a polite person by nature but that comment almost made me not-polite.

      What principles does Trump have? What has he defended – as opposed to talking about? He was in a position to do something about Fauci and the weaponization of hypochondria. He did nothing. Other than egg it on. He was in a position to do something to “stop the steal.” He did nothing to stop it. He has worn the Holy Rag. He touts the Holy Jab.

      I was not in a position to do something about the weaponization of hypochondria or “the steal” – and you criticize me? For not blindly worshipping – and apologizing for – the person who could have done something but did not?

      I’m not a brave man, but I’ve got more guts and principles – as demonstrated by my actions – than the man who just lost the power to do anything about the crisis he allowed to manifest.

      I understand you want to believe in Trump – who has managed to get many people to believe he is the avatar of redemption. But he is just a man and he failed. Those are facts. If you wish to believe otherwise, that is your right. But I recommend you give it some more thought.

      • Trump’s effectiveness ended the day he was elected. By electing him our disgust with the status quo consisting of Psychopaths In Charge was demonstrated. By electing him again this time our disgust was amplified. The Psychopaths In Charge likewise demonstrated their insane disgust with us by counting votes however they pleased. Since Trump didn’t actually do anything to warrant election, either time, it’s obvious that his elections were themselves the protest, not anything he pretended to stand for, or falsely proposed to do. His only credential was that he wasn’t born and raised in the DC Beltway.

      • You go, Eric!

        The one thing I’ll give Trump at least partial credit for is he exposed the extent that the deep state manipulates everything. Now the rest is up to us. Are we going to continue being polite little boys and girls and pray to Zog to fix the problem for us? Or are we going to stand the fuck up and fix the goddamned problem?

        Good people don’t want to break the law. Good people don’t want to kill. Good people don’t want to beat someone to within an inch of their life. But when good people find themselves on the cusp of being enslaved, it’s time to drop the gloves and fuck shit up.

    • Esther;
      Well written and well developed points! “Freedom Freeloaders” is right. And their leader is the Stolen Valor pedo who poses as “46*”. To quote Ronnie James Dio: “The Devil is never a maker and the less that you give you’re a taker”.

      IMO Mr. Peters and his ilk are blind with hatred and envy when it comes to Trump. 45 failed to make all their dreams come true and fumbled COIVD so now 100% of everything he did for us is worthless, and he is void of all noble principals. Now EP joins the Marxists and the Never Trump Left as an ally. He’s safer now- in spite of his protests to the opposite. See how that works?

      There is another reason Trump is so hatred. He is a Christian who gave glory to God in his acts and his policies. He was a friend of Israel. He stopped millions of abortions via policy. He demanded Christians be not only tolerated but protected. These things make the Godless’ heads spin and puke pea soup whilst yelling “Your Mother sews socks that smell!”

      Trump is a big figure who casts a long shadow. He boasts. He taunts. He offends. (Most of this is tong-in- cheek humor which is lost on the tightly wound) This is overwhelmingly obnoxious to some. Strangely, when Muhammed Ali said “I’m the greatest” and Elvis boasted “there’s nobody like Elvis” these same self- righteous arbiters of all things Emily Post weren’t offended. Apparently only white men offend them.

      Mr. Peters is also not, as he claims, polite by nature. He equates anybody who appreciates Trump’s sacrifice and accomplishments with a a prostitute performing an oral sex act. There’s no way to reason with people like this. They are petulant and cannot be satisfied. They are the final authority on everything while in most cases having accomplished nothing of note.

      I recall living in NYC in 1980 when Trump just finished The Grand Central Hyatt project. He was a 30 something kid then and New York was in a serious depression. It was crime riddled and dangerous. I remember otherwise rational people (assuming New Yorkers were ever rational) going ape poop over “that hideous thing” “Trumps Erection” “displacing the poor and the homeless” bla bla bla. They HATED the reality that somebody with vision dared to go big. It bothered them on a molecular level. Trump’s answer was to build a gleaming 68 story tower and put his name in the front of it. That REALLY made them nuts. By 1984 NYC had a booming real estate renaissance which started on 5th and 56th. I remember the high end shops renting space in the lobby. Bijan had a clothier there that even sold 18kt gold plated hand guns! The best shops moved in and so did fine dining (remember that? It was fun to go to dinner once) fashionable folk moved in from all over the world. A Trump Tower apartment which could be bought initially for 350K zoomed to 5 mil. It was breathtaking to watch.

      Esther, envy is a disease. You’re a Bible reader. Remember what Solomon guided by The Holy Spirit wrote in Proverbs 27:4: “Who can stand before Envy?”. It’s impossible to reason with the jealous. They are made mad by it. My advice is to enjoy EP’s car stuff and the occasional good idea he has but ignore the TDS and the call to live in an Amana Box in the woods to get revenge on the Elite. These types are apologists for mediocrity and no amount or reasoning with them will work. They will go ad hominem on you for daring to think big or the most egregious offense of all: Seeing and saying any good Trump did.

        • The thing about reading David Stockman is that David Stockman is 75 years old and still hasn’t retired. Maybe he still has something new to say, but I’m pretty sure I’ve already heard everything he has to say.

          Really getting sick and tired of the boomer pundit opinion. Time for them to tap out and move to Boca.

          • yeah when you get old shut up. or become a brain addled president i suppose. all your experience and knowledge means jack shit. great philosopy

        • Excellent. Looking forward to the next installment.
          The first sign that Trump was a spineless loudmouth was when he didn’t end the stupid wars that he (courageously, I thought at the time) railed against in his campaign.
          As commander-in-chief, he could have done that his first day in office with five words: “Get on the airplane – now.”

          • Roland,

            He could’ve brought the troops home, and put ’em on the southern border to-gasp-PROTECT our country! When the generals and admirals in the Pentagon refused to carry out his wishes, he should’ve sacked EVERY LAST ONE OF ‘EM! It’s not like generals have never been fired before; anyone remember Truman’s dismissal of MacArthur? Though I think Truman was wrong to fire MacArthur on one hand, I respect that he had the guts to do it; he caught HOLY HELL for that!

      • auric as if israel needs support. they have 300 nuclear weapons plus funding from the ricjest people in the world and – unfortunately – us taxpayers. the rest of your drivel i’ll leave alone

      • Auric,

        Why would I envy the Orange Man? Seriously? Maybe if he owned a ’73 Pantera. But otherwise? It’s a weird argument…

        As regards the rest: We’re on the same side, if the same side is on the side of anything that promotes liberty. Did Orange Man promote liberty by not challenging “the deadly China virus”? By not firing Fauci? Did he promote it by failing to do anything meaningful to stop “the steal”? Who lent credibility to the senile pedophile by behaving like a cartoonish buffoon during the first debate? Who failed to at least rescind the Section 230 protection/double-standard enjoyed by the Leftist social media publishers?

        Why do you attack me for pointing out these facts?

        I’m genuinely interested to know. Should we just ignore these facts? Even when it is inarguable that their consequences have been nothing shy of catastrophic?

        You say I am consumed by hate for the Orange Man. You will recall how often I supported/defended him – when he acted in ways that were supportive of liberty. I voted for him, twice. Because I expected him to act – not talk. And most of all, to not act in ways that assured the Left would win.

        I am disappointed with him. Appalled by the needless stupid waste of it all.

        He failed – and by failing, he failed us.

        • Eric; Your arguments against Trump sound a lot like my ex wife’s summary of our marriage and my entire life. Any good, valuable, constructive, and beneficial thing is wholly dismissed and “forgotten” because everything didn’t go her way.

          Your argument is basically “What have you done for me lately?”

          The man’s life and presidency must be looked as as a whole. On balance he was a great president. Analyze each win and each fail and his presidency is weighed in the balances and found winning.

          Whitehouse.gov had this list but it’s a 404 error now (thanks Commies) so here’s a .com version: http://www.magapill.com

          What exactly is the constructive and valuable thing you are adding to Freedom and or America as a whole (assuming you care to be a builder and not a wrecking ball) by bellyaching about anything negative you can muster ? Pissing on the last 4 years is like a wife bitching to her girlfriends about her husband. It hurts the entire family and makes her a destroyer. She depreciates her family and herself.

          • Hi Auric,

            My argument is not “what have you done for me lately.” I don’t want anything done for me by politicians. I want to be left in peace to do for myself. The only reason I supported Trump was because he seemed to be less interested in not leaving me alone than Hillary – or Joe. Which to some extent he did – as by ending the penalty for not buying health insurance.

            But the maddening thing, as I have already gone into at length, is that he enabled Joe (and all who ride his coat-tails or pull his strings) by failing spectacularly to challenge the weaponization of hypochondria, which has enabled a degree of not-letting-us-alone heretofore inconceivable in this country.

            This is inarguable – and cannot be overlooked – because it destroyed all the good things he did do – and set the stage for truly awful things to come. He also failed to do anything to prevent “the steal” – before it happened. Which he could have done by insisting that absentee ballots sent in weeks and months ahead of the election be vetted before they were counted.

            Your personal attacks on me have no bearing on my arguments regarding these facts.

            Look, I get it. You’re angry – so am I. But we ought not to be angry with each other. We had our hopes raised – and now,they’re dashed. What makes it especially maddening is that our hopes were not dashed on account of our enemies but because of the failure of our putative allies.

            Attacking me is fine. But how about expecting more from them?

    • “And we need to pray”

      Did you pray for a Trump victory? Did you pray for the election to be fair? Did you pray that the election fraud would be exposed and action taken?

      That is just another “wanted their freedom handed back to them without doing anything whatever to earn it”

      Exactly what have you done OTHER than pray?

      • Bingo. And that’s why the world is getting WORSE and WORSE. Just about everyone does nothing but hope. Hope Donald Trump will make everything better. Q. Ron Paul. Et cetera. Wishing without doing is, well just look at the world in front of your face.

        The other side is completely evil. But they do work.

    • The goal of any gang of criminal psychopaths pretending to be a government is just the same as that of US political parties. They don’t necessarily, and certainly have not demonstrated so, disagree about anything other than which gang is in charge. The US Psychopaths In Charge didn’t oppose the USSR because they disagreed with them, they just wanted to wrest control from them. In fact, if you point out the failure of the USSR to argue against socialism, its adherents will argue that it failed because the “right” people weren’t in charge. As if there was such a thing as a politician being the “right” person.

  8. Democrat policies remind me of a line in Braveheart, spoken by Edward Longshanks: The trouble with Scotland is that it’s full of Scots.
    Democrats (and republicans in many cases, too) speak very highly of America, the concept, but they sure don’t like Americans. We are not individuals to them, but the unwashed masses. We aren’t people with our own desires, needs and pursuits (which are the wrong desires, needs and pursuits anyway.) We are unenlightened, unreconstructed proles, meant to be disciplined, managed, nudged and directed and occasionally, numbers sent to die in a middle eastern shithole to make their cronies rich. We couldn’t possibly know where our best interests lie, so, like a parent, they will determine that for us.
    And if we don’t fall in line with their version of utopia, we lose our right to speak, our jobs and get labeled racists, nationalists, extremists, trumpers, insurrectionists, etc. It’s really not too different than what China is doing to its Muslims, just not as fatal. Not yet, anyway.
    Did anyone see that TV series called “Designated Survivor” with Keifer Sutherland? The first episode was awesome – my utopia, you could say. It went downhill from there, though.

    • I looked up “Designated Survivor” and it sounds interesting.

      As far as America being full of Americans… Yes, I think some people just view it as a place, full of livestock, to either be culled or controlled. Maybe more at to be used and discarded. It’s only a question of who does the using.

      One of the most loathsome and trite claims in continuous circulation is “America is a nation of laws!”. I intensely dislike that description. It’s a little bit like “I am a man of carbon”. Yes, America has laws, the best of which LIMIT government action and scope, but those are increasingly forgotten.

      No, America is a nation of IDEAS. “America” itself is an idea. Its borders and even its laws are ideas. Now, the materialists reading will ask “What about the people and places, the lakes and mountains, the cities, buildings and cars?!”. Sure, America has those things. But so do most other countries.

      However, when someone in Lithuania thinks of a car, they envision a little tin box that gets you to work. Americans have a tendency to envision cars as steel incarnations of joy, adventure and prestige. A lake in Unganda might conjure, in a Ugandan’s mind, wooden fishing boats and a serene landscape. An American might recall, however, jetskis, girls in bikinis, beer drinking and bonfires.

      Destroying America doesn’t require armed goon squads or nuclear weapons. It just takes making American ideas, those based in freedom and the intrepid spirit, increasingly taboo, until those ideas are just memories.

    • “get labeled racists, nationalists, extremists, trumpers, insurrectionists, etc.”

      you forgot “deplore-ables”

      and the party that turned its back on their working-class, blue-collar base wonders why it only barely wins the top slot while having its “shoo-in” candidates defeated down-ballot…mid-terms will be even uglier for them.

    • ‘if we don’t fall in line with their version of utopia, we lose our right to speak’ — Amy

      Kamala Harris was explaining to her sister, Maya, that campaigns are like prisons.

      “It’s a treat that a prisoner gets when they ask for, ‘A morsel of food please,’ ” Kamala said shoving her hands forward as if clutching a metal plate, her voice now trembling like an old British man locked in a Dickensian jail cell. “‘And water! I just want wahtahhh …’ Your standards really go out the f—ing window.”

      Kamala burst into laughter.


      • Journalists like to tell you – usually in an annoying, self-aggrandizing tone – that they “write the first draft of history.” Which means you can’t go change your past articles, your first drafts, when they become inconvenient to those in power. You can write more on the subject if you wish, but I think it’s very unethical to memory hole stories. I have articles I wish I could erase from the world, but they must remain. I spoke and you can’t unring the bell. I disagree with Reason on that point.
        Eric, another journalist, please weigh in??

        • Hi Amy,

          I agree with Mencken, who while organizing his own work for inclusion (or not) in his “selected works” kept some for their literary merit and others because they elaborated a point or because they captured a moment in time. Some no longer had topical relevance the events described long past but remain enjoyable to read as such.

          I never re-write (or delete) my articles but will correct them when required.

    • The only difference between Democrat policy and Republican policy is the Republicans prefer to drive our handcart to hell a bit slower. The destination remains the same. They are all employees of the bank cartel. I suspect that putting Creepy Joe in charge was seen as an opportunity to beat us about the head and shoulders just to see how much we would take. It lately appears to be quite a lot.

      • Spot on. The bulk of people are just pounding their keyboards complaining and worst of all running as fast as they can from realizing the truth that all the pro-2A fluff was in fact just a bunch of lip smacking. Until pro-liberty people really assert themselves in pro-liberty ways the destination of this ride is inevitable. It has to start with throwing the damned masks away and nothing I see indicates that’s going to happen.

  9. What’s really going to happen is ongoing and worsening civil strife and full blown economic collapse. The civil strife hasn’t even started yet, punk kids being allowed to commit mayhem in moron controlled cities doesn’t count. Those are criminals and nuisances- be ready for private action, often vilified as vigilantism, to deal with that. Costumed state creeps are a bigger danger, but they can sometimes be useful allies.

    But the economy is in full scale collapse- there is nothing new about that, it’s been coming, the curve has been going asymptotic for all of my life.

    I suggest planning accordingly- have a network of reliable allies and friends, family is best but if that’s not an option know your neighbors. Keep enough cash for 3 months on hand, hyperinflation is already baked in the cake and will come, so don’t hold too much. Scarcity and starvation will come with it as local production was sold out and offshored long ago, and the rest of the world will not be shipping stuff to us for worthless dollars. Expect commercial food to be scarce as it is all sold to the high bidder who still has a functional currency. Grow everything you can. Get a compound bow and/or a crossbow, and learn to use them as they can provide a lot of game without a lot of noise or use of scarce ammo.

    Don’t be foolish, or obvious, break up your weapons and ammo into multiple caches, they won’t go door to door but why have valuables all in one place where they can be easily found and stolen? Don’t buy any registered weapons or ammo on cards. Forget politics- the republic is dead, and those of us who believed in reviving it just watched a stake driven through its heart.

    The opposite is true for local politics. Be smart, informed, and respectable and be a part of it- either running or supporting local friends and neighbors. They are a part of the early warning/intel/defense network you’re going to need.

    Don’t take any mass vaccination. The things running this earth have been telling us they want us dead and depopulated (and the surviving peasants properly obedient and dependent) for a very long time. They haven’t even tried to hide their intentions, they just laugh at anybody who points it out. They’ve already been sterilizing with their potions and poisons in Africa.

    You need transportation and power, so invest in diesel everything. Especially old mechanical diesels- you can run them on anything combustible including CO from a gas generator and coal dust, as well as plant oil and animal grease. Gasoline is harder to refine and store and doesn’t keep as well, and will likely become unavailable.

    Zero emissions. Zero traffic deaths. Zero tolerance for religious freedom. Zero tolerance for self determination. Fomenting racial and religious hatred. You will own nothing and be happy- or else. This is the creed and these are the actions of demonic evil. And they have seized power. God save us.

    • Two VW idi, one 6.9 idi and one Case idi tractor/hoe sitting in the yard for exactly your reasons. Will run on rendered mammals.

      Shoot, shove, shut up? Nope. Shoot, put in pot, drive using their lard asses.

    • Hi Ernie:

      I doubt we will get to full on hyperinflation. Mass inflation sure. Hyperinflation kills creditors. Debtors win during hyperinflation: Fixed interest debts are paid off with increasingly worthless dollars.

      So after a year of hyperinflation (depending on severity) – a week’s, or even a day’s wages may pay off your entire mortgage.

      The Fed’s number one (and really only) priority is saving the big banks at all costs. They will stop before we reach this level. Hyperinflation will destroy the big banks.

      Then again – they are over-credentialed idiots who are believing the voodoo of MMT.

      • Insanity does not discourage suicide. To suggest that a fiat currency debt based economy is viable is insane on its face. Several years ago I read a collection of letters written by those who lived in Weimar Germany. The common thread among most of them was that it did not happen gradually. It fell on them like a ton of bricks. In that case the Germany economy was isolated. We aren’t. For practical purposes the entire world economy is built on this fantasy. There is no place to escape to.

        • Hi John,

          In re Weimar-style inflation: One thing I am going to look into – soon – is solar power (partial) for my house. Also the building of a greenhouse. I hate the idea of spending whatever savings I have on these things but then I hate the idea of having nothing, in the event my savings are rendered worthless overnight. If I rig up a solar system, at least I’ll have lights and hot water in the Mad Max world that’s coming, as well as vegetables to go with the eggs my chickens give me…

          • Eric,

            If you do this your solar panels it cannot be hooked up to the grid. See below, there are also countless articles about californians who have bought into the solar scheme by choice or by force realizing during blackouts they don’t have power. I refuse to link to bloomberg because i won’t give that company traffic but here is an explanation on a solar forum site


            Now if you are hooking up your own pannels and not connecting it to the power grid you would be fine. But if its hooked to the grid and the power goes out there will be no power for your home.

            • Hi Antilles,

              Yup – my intention, if I pursue this – is to be off-grid; to have a solar system independent of the grid. Enough to power lights and maybe provide hot water/run the well pump, which is all I really need to live.

              • You can have a system that is grid tied but will work when the grid is down. You just need a transfer switch before the feed line enters your panel. Of course you will need batteries.

                This way you can feed power back into the grid to get some money back, but still be able to go off grid entirely, choice or forced circumstance.

              • Consumption and storage batteries are the crux. When they pull the power it won’t be a short term thing. Calculate the power you need and you’ll quickly realize that the number is going to be tens of batteries to truly be off grid without a very serious reduction in living space and standard. The people who are going to be OK are already off grid and aren’t worried. They’ve already live in a 500 sq-ft cabin, converted their heating to be completely wood and their refrigeration to be propane. So a 500 watt panel and a few batteries is more than sufficient for them.

                • Also, if very long term off-grid is your goal, look into nickle-iron batteries and forget lead acid or LiFePo. N-I have lifespans of 30+ years and are very tolerant of abuse that would kill regular batteries. But they are expensive.

  10. As I said in reply to Dan below, we COULD have a wonderful and dramatic shift to energy independence, free living, self-reliance AND drastically reduce dreaded CO2 emissions as well. This would entail a heavily decentralized social paradigm, meaning “off-grid” living for all who could manage. And I believe we could. We would be a MUCH stronger and more resilient nation by doing so.

    If the so-called leftists could be placated by facts and entertain solutions not involving massive central planning, we could nearly eliminate slices of the pie depicted herein:

    That is, especially, the “electricity” portion, as well as large portions of “agriculture” and “commercial and residential” could be heavily mitigated by people become MORE free, not less.

    As for the subject of your article, Eric, which is the “transportation” portion: Much of transportation involves the transport of factory foods to supermarkets, which could be greatly decreased with domestic food production. No need for people to give up cars to reduce net CO2 emissions, either. As I’ve stated many times before, gasoline and diesel could be synthesized from biomass, resulting in (potentially) carbon-neutral fuel.

    All possibly, but is the goal to “save the planet”? Is it really about climate change, or is it about kontrol, Komerade?

    • Personally, the Amish way of life is starting to look good to me. Or something similar, using technology that’s useful and ignoring the rest.

      • It isn’t necessary to go that far, but simplifying things is usually beneficial.

        In reality, I think the only thing the Amish have shunned are electricity and motor vehicles. I do see their way of life as, at least, honest and decent. The religious zealotry and collectivism, however, put a damper on my fervor for their ways.

      • Find some Amish and try to become friends with them. Ask if you can help them in their next group project, like a barn raising or a harvest. They will remember and you will more than likely be welcome if you are ever in need.

        If you can get the women to teach you their canning and preserving methods, priceless.

      • There is much to admire about the Amish and Mennonite cultures. However, they are pacificsts and do not keep or bear arms, insofar as I know. This lack of responsibility for their self-defense renders them vulnerable to, and possibly dependent on, outsiders who may or may not be benign.

    • As currently applied, agriculture is highly dependent on petroleum. For both fuel and chemicals. Unless you are willing to do your personal agriculture with hand tools, pick bugs off by hand, and collect manure, petrol is a necessity. Another comment promoted the Amish style. Which in case you didn’t know involves a LOT of physical labor and long hours, and horses. If you aren’t able to perform that physical labor, its not an option. Horses are far from “clean” energy as well. They work fine in small populations like the Amish, but can you imagine their effect if they were the primary source of power for food production for 3.5 million people? I don’t discourage any one from pursuing their own food production, but I don’t think its viable for the general population in total. We are far to dependent on petrol products in our agriculture, and there are movements afoot to lessen that considerably with more sustainable methods. Which will raise food prices. For which we pay a paltry percentage of our income compared to the rest of the world. It would cost more to eat, but we would stand a better chance to keep eating.

    • Everyone thinks a significant reduction in population is good and perhaps achievable. Whether that’s the 90% Gates et al want or just 50% or something else. The problem is everyone also thinks they’re in the 10% or 50% of those who will survive. My hope is that it starts to sink in with some of these celebrities, politicians, CEOs and many, many mid and high level functionaries that there simply aren’t life boats on this Titanic so what the oligarchy has in mind isn’t going to spare them from the same dogfight they envision for the unwashed masses. If you ain’t on the weekly email list already, well Newton, you ain’t in their little escape club.

  11. “Under the man who is now president” — sorry Eric, gotta disagree with this. He’s not the president, he’s the drooling, senile old coot wearing an ACTUAL diaper — not just a “face diaper” — reading a script off the TelePrompTer, a frontman for the ruling junta of leftist bugmen and vile women like Harris who fellated their way into power.

    They’re the ones behind what’s coming, not Mr. “You can’t go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent” Biden.

  12. This week felt like 2012 all over again. Nice to see all the same old faces from the Obama administration, at least they aren’t changing their names. Maybe Rick Rolling will come back in style again. Harvey Weinstein might even come back from exile, a changed man who saw the light.

    All these proposals are for goals pushed out 50 years. Ol’ Joe will be long in the grave by then. Anyone in power today will be dead by then. Stop worrying about a future projected out from a computer model and start thinking about the next 3 months. I look back 50 years ago and can’t imagine how anyone at the time had any idea of what the world would look like. If anyone asked they’d probably come up with either “Logan’s Run” or “Soylent Green.” No way Nixon could have intentionally shaped the world to get to today, and for sure he wasn’t thinking that far out.

    The hubris of these idiots runs deep and thick.

    • ‘Nice to see all the same old faces’ — ReadyKilowatt

      As we Build Back Bitter [hat tip Simon Black] let us remember the great DemonRats of the past who made this all possible.


      Long telephoto
      Thin stream of drool
      Spirochetes boring deeper into his brain

      Behind closed eyelids
      His restless mind
      Harks back to where it always goes

      Lambent afternoons with Jeff
      Schtupping lissome schoolgirls
      As the fishwife fulminates

    • Under Nixon we got the EPA and Clean Water Act. We got “We’re all Keynesian now” when he finally killed the gold-backed Dollar. Nixon and J. Edgar weaponized the NSA against their political enemies. Nixon signed the Education Act, which contained the famous Title IX the required equal gender equity in sports and all of that. Don’t underestimate the staying power of these 50-year plans. They may seem like shooting for the Moon but they usually end up being worse than expected, sooner than expected.

  13. I don’t understand the left’s fascination with “green energy” policies in defiance of facts, science & physics.

    I can understand the utopian idea of “0-emmissions”. It is the lack of apparent realization that goal is in fact utopian & not realistic that I just can’t make settle in my mind.

    Is it ignorance, lack of critical thought, or something else? I find it hard to believe the avg lefty wants to destroy the economy & set us back in terms of medicine, science, food production, etc. So why do they support this?

    • It could be zero emissions but nuclear is off the table. Small modular reactor technology is in the pipeline, there are US companies working on plans today, to be implemented in Asia and the sub continent. But the new DOE will probably put the kibosh to any plans here because plentiful energy sources don’t fit in with the sackcloth and ashes agenda.

      • Unfortunately I live in Pennsylvania. Despite technological advancements, any serious discussion of additional nuclear power generation would have the Nimbys/Fearmongers invoking the name “Three Mile Island” to stop any project.

        • JJ,

          Forget TMI; nuclear power is costly and unreliable. Forget about the dangers, real as they are. Just look at the high cost and unreliability of nuclear power.

          I grew up near the Oyster Creek Nuclear Station in NJ. It seemed like EVERY time I turned around, OC was shut down for this; it was shut down for that. I heard this in the local news so often that I wondered if the blasted nuclear plant EVER did what it was designed and built to do: make juice!

          Then, there’s the high cost of building a nuke plant. If you want to build a nuke plant from scratch, it’ll cost you at least 8-10 BILLION! Oh, and the power companies get gov’t subsidies to build ’em too! The fact of the matter is, if the power companies didn’t get the subsidies for building a nuclear plant, they’d never build one. Why? Simply because it’s not financially responsible to do so; they can’t turn a profit with a nuke without subsidies.

          Even if nukes were reliable (they’re not); even if they were cost effective to build and use (they’re not); there’s the minor detail of radiation. Granted, things may not go wrong with nuclear plants very often, but if history has taught us anything, it’s that things can and will go wrong; it’s only a matter of WHEN, not if! Serious nuclear accidents are household names, just like movie stars; all one has to say is Three Mile Island, Cherynobyl, or Fukushima, and everyone knows what’s being discussed. That doesn’t consider the many close calls there have been over the years, either.

          Like you, I live in PA. I don’t know what part of the state you’re in, but where I am, there are like 5 or 6 nuclear reactors within 100 miles of me. If one has an accident and the wind conditions are right, I’m screwed-end of story.

          Oh, and before RK chimes in with thorium or other wonderful, promising nuclear technologies, I’ll simply ask a question? Why haven’t they been IMPLEMENTED, hmmm? I’ll tell you why: because, like cutting edge battery technologies that work well in the lab, they can’t be made to work commercially; they can’t be produced in a way that makes money-not only for the producer, but also the end user.

          SO! Instead of nuclear power, why not use something we already have? Why not use something that’s cheap, clean, available, easy to transport, and in wide use now? I’m talking about natural gas. Unlike a nuclear plant, a NG plant costs a billion to build, not 8-10 that a nuke does. NG is safe. NG is clean. NG is cheap. NG is available. And most importantly, NG works! Those are my thoughts…

          • I don’t understand why civilization in general is not using more NatGas for the reasons you list. We had a a bunch of factory NatGas dual fuel trucks, vans and even Crown Vics here in Canada at one time and now I can’t recall seeing one in the last decade. I drove one of the vans once and if nobody told me, I would not have known it was not running on gasoline.

            Doubtful anything man made is going to be perfect and never have issues, but this design solves many of them.


          • Natural gas (and oil and coal) is verboten because when combusted, carbon dioxide is released. I never thought I would live to see the day when carbon dioxide was considered a pollutant.

            • Hi Myles,

              C02 is being marketed as a “pollutant” – for reasons most here know well, i.e., to provide the necessary pretext for further control over our lives, now that real pollution (from new cars) is no longer the necessary pretext.

          • Nuclear power was demonized in the 1970s by the coal industry. Didn’t hurt that the governments of the world wanted to scare the hell out of our enemies with the threat of using nuclear weapons against them. The CIA (operation Mockingbird) planted fear in the hearts and minds of the population, and coal was more than happy to pile on. Interesting note that Scranton PA, birthplace of “not my” president, is big coal country.

            Where were the millions of cancer deaths from Chernobyl? What about all the thousands of deaths from Fukushima? TMI? Anyone? Where are the increases in cancers from flight crews being exposed to more background radiation than people who spend their lives at sea level? Why is Colorado consistently the state with the lowest cancer rates in the country, despite being exposed to more cosmic radiation and radon than the rest of the population? Why did people who survived the initial blast at Hiroshima and Nagasaki live long enough to be studied well into the 2000s?

            As for thorium and other processes, no need. There’s plenty of fissile uranium available for thousands of years. You can extract it from sea water if mineral stocks run out. Modern uranium “mining” has more in common with fracking than sending men into a mineshaft, with water being pumped into the seam and pumped back out where it is filtered to extract the uranium and reused.

            As for the 10,000 year half-life of spent fuel, what about all the non-radioactive toxic chemicals involved in other power generation schemes? They have no half-life, can cause just as many health issues, yet never get the same treatment from the press when they escape their containment.

            • RK,

              There are NO toxic chemicals left over from natural gas! That’s one of the things that so great about it. There’s no fly ash, as with coal. There’s no nuclear waste or spent fuel, as with nukes. NG burns cleaner than oil. As I stated earlier, NG is the ultimate fuel for the ultimate power plant… 🙂

              • Hi Mark,

                All true in re natural gas;however, burning it still produces – drum roll – carbon dioxide, that dread inert gas that is going to kill us all….

              • Lots of extra shit comes out of the ground along with natural gas. It’s not a pure substance. Every wellhead has a compressor and condensate tank that needs to be pumped out from time to time.

                I drive past them every day on my way to work.

                I’m not against natural gas, or petroleum either for that matter. I just think the the amount of energy available in fission reactors is far too important to ignore. A soda can’s worth of uranium will provide electricity for a house for a year, and still have 95% of its potential energy available for recycling. And we could be using nuclear power for process heat, something that was talked about early on but forgotten over time because of the rush to generate electricity.

          • Nuclear supplies about 10% of the U.S. power overall and about 30% of the base load at this point. There’s 96 plants operating in the U.S. right now and 17 plants that once operated now decommissioned. The remaining plants produce the equivalent in 2020 as 104 did prior to 2016 (when the most recent nuke plant came online). It’s about the same percentages as coal now. Natural gas is about 35% of our overall use and about 70% of the base load already.

            The Dept of Energy has been studying new nuclear technology under a program called the Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program because any rational person knows it’s the best, cost effective solution to replacing coal for base load. Even Bill Gates is funding one competitor, TerraPower, that uses a sodium fast reactor. There are no more rivers to dam, solar and wind can never supply 24/7/365 demand, natural gas is too political due to fracking (which does have plenty of actual issues with ground water contamination, geologic impacts like mini earth quakes, surface air pollution). The reason for this is the government simultaneously promotes “renewables” while punishing utilities when they don’t meet NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation) targets.

    • Hi Dan,

      The key to understanding it is to shift your point of view. If you look at it from the standpoint of what will serve best to increase the control of the technocrat class over the masses, then it becomes easy to understand.

      As far as why the average leftie supports it – that’s easy to understand, too. They take everything subsumed under “the American way of life” such as abundant food, a nice place to live and lots of gadgets to play with – as givens. As in given to them by the government. They are ignorant and childish to a degree matched only by their belligerent posturing.

    • Ignorance and lack of critical thought describes average Leftards. They are just useful idiots. To understand the motivations of the Leftist elites go read “Nineteen-Eighty-Four”. Orwell was spot-on as to the motivations of those people and their vision for the future: “A boot stamping on a human face — forever.”

      • I agree but would take it farther.

        Ignorance and lack of critical thought describes all but a very small percentage of the population. Left/Right? Little difference though the Left do seem to take crazy to a new level that the Right seldom explore.

        In almost any setting I can trigger Left or Right people by challenging them to explain how they came to ‘know’ whatever bit of information they regurgitate bombastically. They go nuts because they don’t know why they know it, but can’t allow themselves to admit it, so they attack, unhinged and irrational, usually red faced and shouting.

        It is fun to let them go off for as long as they like, then simply restate the question. I usually get “fuck off” and nothing more.

    • Were we to largely abandon collective living arrangements, essentially ALL of us could be off-grid.

      IF we were to be a society of individualists, largely producing our own food and energy, collecting water, etc., we would be in full “compliance” with their stated goals of limiting CO2 emissions, pollution and so forth.

      But you don’t see any push for that in their policies. All centralized megacity “solutions”. Why? Be rather difficult to control a whole country full of independent, self-reliant plebes, wouldn’t it? Control. All they’re about.

        • They’ve used the 1964 Wilderness Act to set aside hundreds of millions of acres of BLM (Bureau of Land Management) and USFS land that used to be for recreation, extraction and other uses (the Homestead Act no longer being active for it to be given back for us to actually live on). So on the ground policies are pushing people into cities to live, work and recreate more than ever. The big picture here is pretty obvious. Herding people into pools with the intention of massive reductions in population. I doubt they have much worry about the handful of people who might slip through already off grid. But there are laws that make it very difficult, such as building codes that make it illegal to *not* be connected to power. So the people who do make it through are very small and not likely to draw attention to themselves.

    • The green new deal is perfectly attainable, if the population is quite significantly reduced. Which is one of several nefarious objectives of the COVID psy op.

  14. It’ll collapse. That’s what to expect. If you look at the BestEvidence channel on GooTube and his financial analysis (especially what the Fed has been doing since 2008), there is no way this can be sustained. The powers that shouldn’t be and technocrats are too arrogant, too filled with hubris. I know the mindset well. I used to be a software developer, and as time went on, I could see the mindset developing among the younger people coming up through the industry. They think they can’t fail. And when they do, they fail spectacularly.

    Time to make homesteading plans. Grow your own food, collect rainwater or dig a well, put up your own solar panels for your own use and get off-grid. And get some allies, nobody can do it alone for very long.

    • Morning, Pappa!

      Every time I see a Face Diaper wearer, a feeling rises in me that’s the same feeling that rises up when I see someone walking around with a wet, brown stain on the back of their pants…

  15. Re

    The man who is now president says he will “put the United States on an irreversible path to achieve net-zero emissions, economy-wide, by no later than 2050” . . .which will mean some pretty dramatic changes beginning right now.

    Yes, but changes that will be in effect for only four years. Just like the eight years of the worst president in U.S. history, voters will see that sleepy jo is an empty wrapper.

    • Clay,

      Except outright voter fraud has now been not only accepted by vast majorities of the population, it is being absolutely celebrated by one side of the political spectrum. Do you actually believe after what we just witnessed the commiecrat party will ever allow you an free and fair election again? The country could have $10 a gallon gas, $25 big macs and we could have a 20% unemployment rate, it won’t matter. Because if some lefist districts have to report 500% voter turnout to get kneepads kamal over the top they will. The courts more concerned of antifa brownshirts than upholding the constitution will punt on clearly winnable cases and then the surrender party will do what does best and surrender to the left.

    • Hi Clay,

      I agree with Mark and others that there will never be another election – just another selection. By letting the Left get away with the theft of the presidency, the Right lost any hope of ever recovering it.

      • Hi Eric,
        You and I know the Orange Man blew it. I feel like Chuck Heston in the last seen of Planet of the Apes where he says: Damn you..you blew it all to hell.

        • Hi Hans,

          Yup – and I’m tired of accepting excuses, rationalizations… bottom line, he Failed. Or he was complicit. Either way, it’s time for principled people to lead and perhaps others will decide to follow that example.

          • Hi Eric. Yeah, the OM had to be complicit. It was apparent on 4 November that some massive fraud had been perpetrated. My thought that day was that federal marshals should be dispatched to secure the ballots and voting machines until forensic analysis could be done. Instead, we got dithering for weeks. If he wanted to expose the fraud, he would have done something besides tweeting.

            The final piece of evidence that he is one of “them” is his refusal to pardon Julian Assange. If he truly opposed the swamp, he would have done that without hesitation.

            It all makes me wonder if Trump was selected by the deep state in 2016 so he could become an Emmanuel Goldstein, someone the masses could be propagandized to hate so that the state could exercise unfettered power.

            • Amen, Mike –

              I’ve been saying the same privately to a number of “conservative” friends of mine, who continue not only to defend OM but continue to believe that – somehow – he will still “turn it all around.” It strikes me as desperately delusional. When I ask them what evidence they have to support this notion, they bring up the usual congeries of rumors. It is like the people who believe in the power of Admiralty flags and ALL CAPS.


            • Mike,

              Don’t forget the George Soros sponsored riots of last summer, either! OM had at least three avenues to stop them. One was freeze George Soros’ assets. Another was use the ATF against Antifa and BLM. Oh, and WHY was Soros allowed to stay here? I’ll address each point.

              One obvious question that never got asked was: why didn’t former Pres. Trump not freeze the assets of George Soros and those of his organizations like Move On or his Open Society? Everyone knows that Soros gave hundreds of millions to his pet causes; shoot, it was in the NY Times that he gave $220 MILLION to groups like BLM! Why didn’t DJT freeze his assets, so as to starve the beast? I mean, those rioters and protesters didn’t get to Portland, Seattle, Kenosha, et al by themselves; someone had to pay the freight. SO! Why didn’t DJT freeze the assets of the man everyone knew was paying the freight, hmmm? Could it be because DJT had been IN BUSINESS with George Soros? He was! Soros lent Trump $160 million for the Trump Hotel in Chicago; that was in the Chicago Tribune. That’s proof #1…

              Secondly, it was well known that Antifa and BLM were using Molotov cocktails at last summer’s riots. Per federal law, Molotov cocktails are classified as “destructive devices”; the same federal law says that these and other destructive devices are illegal. So, WHY didn’t DJT sic the ATF on these assholes, and arrest them for what everyone in the country knew that they were doing? Why?

              Finally, there’s the question of WHY George Soros was even allowed to stay here in the US! Soros himself has said that his life goal is to bring down the US; not only that, he’s taken many steps to MAKE GOOD on that! With that in mind, WHY was he allowed to remain in the US? Why wasn’t his citizenship revoked? Why wasn’t he deported? Shoot, his native country of Hungary had the good sense to kick his ass out! Doesn’t THAT tell you anything?! Why didn’t DJT? Could it be because they were business partners in the past? Could it be that DJT was a Judas Goat?

              Those are three more pieces of evidence that DJT wasn’t on our side after all. I hate to say that, because I supported the man back in 2015-16, but facts are facts.


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