It’s Not The EV’s Fault . . .

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EVs have their problems, but that’s not really the problem. Well, aside from the problem of the government shoving EVs all-but-down our throats, like a dose of unwanted castor oil.

The unresolvable problem with electric cars is getting them going again. Not how far they don’t go – or even how much they cost.

Emphasis upon unresolvable.

No matter how much of our money the government throws at this problem.

Let’s begin by addressing the problem most usually complained of – the fact that most EVs only go so far. More precisely, they don’t go nearly as far as most other cars. Mark the italics – meant to emphasize an important point.

There are a number of non-electric cars that don’t go as far as some electric cars; for example, the soon-to-be-forced-off-the-market Dodge Charger/Challenger with the supercharged V8. One can (and I have) burn through a full tank in less than 200 miles – which is less than the fully charged range of many new EVs, including the Genesis GV60 I’m test driving this week (you can read more about the GV60 here).

But the Charger/Challenger’s short range is not a problem because it’s not a problem to refill the tank almost anywhere, in about the time it took you to read this far. There are gas stations all over and 99 percent of the time, the gas pumps work.

EV “fast” chargers frequently don’t – as I just experienced, again.

On Tuesday morning (Halloween morning) I decided to drive the GV60 press loaner downtown, for two reasons. One, I needed to go downtown and that’s what a car is for – to get you there (and back). I also needed to put some charge – fast – into the GV, because it is being picked up today (Wednesday) and I wanted to make sure the driver who is coming to get it will be able to drive it where he needs to go.

It takes too long to charge at home, especially if you haven’t got much time.

So I figured I’d kill two birds with the same stone. I could make the run downtown, make an extended pit stop at the “fast” charger downtown – and then make it back home with enough charge remaining in the GV’s battery pack to not leave the driver sweating how little range the car has left when he shows up to collect the car today (Weds.).

All my plans went awry – because with EVs, it is often difficult to plan.

The “fast” charger I assumed I could recharge the GV at wasn’t working. Or wasn’t accepting, at any rate.

It had a credit card payment option – in addition to the creepy app-tracking option (whereby you connect your phone and so you to their system, which I won’t do) but the “pump” would not accept my card. Neither would the next one adjacent. None did – and so I left the “fast” charger with no more charge than I had when I arrived there, which was just barely enough to make it home.

Where I plugged it in immediately, around 12:30 in the afternoon. It is (as I type) just shy of 5 in the morning, next day – and during all of the night it has recovered about 20 miles of range, leaving a total of about 66 – which in a non-electric car would be nearly empty and trigger the Low Fuel light.

But that would not be a problem – in a non-electric car – because it is no problem to recover a full tank, in less time than it took you to read this far.

With an EV it is a huge problem. A multi-faceted problem.

First, there is the paucity of “pumps,” which aren’t “fast.” Unless you think it is “fast” to wait for at least 20 minutes to recover a partial charge. And many putative “fast” chargers are not as “fast” as people assume they are. Because they have been led to believe they are. Tesla chargers are “faster” than most others, for instance. But your EV may not be able to charge at a Tesla charger, if it lacks the appropriate plug (another problem).

And – unlike 99 percent of gas pumps – EV “pumps” are notorious for not working. If you assumed the one you planned to wait at isn’t working – and you don’t have enough range to make it to the next-closest one (or time to make the additional trip) well, that’s your problem.

Worse, even if they are working, it may still be a problem – because others may be at those “pumps” already and (unlike gas pumps) the EV ahead of you will probably be there for quite some time, as it takes a long time to “fast”charge at even the “fastest” chargers.

And then there’s another problem.

Even if the “pumps” are working (and accept your card) if there are other EVs charging at the same time that you are trying to charge, it will take longer to charge because there is only so much charge to go around.

Unlike at a gas station, which can fill up a dozen cars (to full) all at the same time and at the same rate – EV “pumps” lose puissance the more EVs are drawing from them. It’s essentially the same effect as plugging in too many power-hungry appliances to a generator. When you do, you can see the lights dim (and they may go out altogether). EV “pumps” have only so much power available to “pump” – and the nature of the “pumping” process imposes its own additional problems, insofar as doing it quickly.

Lots of problems, you see. 

And they are unsolvable. There is no way – given the current understanding (and practice) of high-voltage charging. Even if there were as many “fast” chargers as there are gas pumps, it would not be enough to keep a national fleet of EVs moving rather than waiting to move.

Which is a big problem, for EVs.

Or rather for us.

. . .

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  1. If they are worried about fuel economy…there is ice solutions…

    A Mercedes F1 gas engine is 50% efficient…

    an EV is 25% efficient (in very cold weather 12% efficient)

    Mercedes F1 gas engine…

    Configuration: V6 single turbocharger engine…Displacement: 1.6 litres (98 cubic inches)

    Valvetrain: DOHC, 24-valve (four valves per cylinder)
    Fuel: 98–102 RON unleaded petroleum + 5.75% biofuel

    Single-turbocharged…..Turbo boost level pressure: Unlimited but mainly typical (58–73 psi)

    Power output: 850 HP @ 10,000 rpm through 12,000 rpm
    Torque: Approx. 600–815 Nm (443–601 lb ft)

    Maximum revs: 15,000 rpm (maximum allowed by the regulations, in practice no engine goes much above 12,000 rpm as there is no practical benefit to it)

    The Mercedes-AMG ONE road car can be bought with this engine…the ice engine alone makes 566 HP ….it also has 3 electric motors that put out 483 HP….

    In November 2022, the AMG One set a lap time of 6:35.183 minutes around the Nürburgring Nordschleife…the quickest of all road legal cars…..

  2. WTF was the problem with the charger? Earlier today, I needed gas. I put my card in the pump; it took a few seconds to read it; then, I was good to go. I filled my car, and I was done! There was no muss, no fuss. My point is that card readers are a mature technology; mature technologies are normally reliable technologies. Card readers of this sort weren’t invented yesterday; they’ve been with us a while now! If they can work on a gas pump, why won’t it work on an EV charger?

    • Cash is 100% reliable…this electronic payment crap is not….all kinds of issues….

      You have to have an internet connection now to buy food….shut down the internet….millions starve…..

  3. WOW I’m not the only one with little patience for pumps. Never used an ev charging transformer, but if a gas or diesel pump doesnt take my card in 3 or less attempts, I scoot to the next station. No way am I going to see the attendant to figure it out. I want fuel and no conversations on the road!

    • Hi Anchar,

      One of the problems – it’s a designed-in one, actually – with these EV “pumps” is they badly want you to use their “app” to be able to use them; i.e., download something onto a smartphone and let the “pump” connect to your phone – and thus to your bank/debit card. This is my theory anyhow based on multiple failed attempts to get the machine to accept my credit card – sans “app.”

      It’s a preview of CBDC World to come.

      • OH, hate having apps for normal stuff; that’s a similar thing happening now in the chicago area- 1st, they got rid of parking meters for each spot using change and they put single meters in for a block, now some of those single meters require an app to pay at all, effectively blocking a parking area for those with no cell phone.

        • I hate those parking meters. I was in downtown Saint Louis a while back, and I couldn’t find the one for the spot I was in. So risking a ticket the whole time i was parked. Finally found it and the meter was broken…. Didn’t end up staying. Called friends I was supposed to meet, and told them I couldn’t find parking and was leaving. Ate my lunch at a restaurant in the burbs with free parking. They truly hate cars with a passion in the city.

        • I have a ‘smart’ phone. It’s old and I don’t put tracking apps on it. I sure as hell don’t do anything financial on it.

          I don’t even use cellular data. I guess I can’t go downtown to Chicago any longer. Last time I parked at a meter the thing still took quarters and credit cards.

          • Its not everywhere- in fact the majority of places dont have it, in evanston just north of chicago is certainly exists on some streets though

          • Lots of businesses have apps now….don’t have the app?…pay more….you miss out on all the discounts/special deals….discrimination….

            forcing people to have a phone/tracking device and apps…in order to live….

            F… them…..

        • Downtown Tulsa has got the smart meters too, which require a phone. I don’t often park there, but when I do, I just don’t pay. Haven’t got a ticket yet, but if I ever do I may be able to fight it in court. “No cell phone, judge. Can’t afford one. So… parking only for the rich in Tulsa?”

          Honestly, it’s so damn confusing anyway. Half the time I don’t even know where the meter is. They have 1 meter for 20 spaces. The meter is nowhere to be found. Frustrating.

          Also, they tipped their hand as to their future plans for driving in the city when they started turning driving lanes into biking lanes. That’s what they have in store for us.

      • Eric,

        As I posted above, gas pumps have similar credit card readers, and they work fine. Why can’t they work on an EV charger? Isn’t the function fundamentally the same, i.e. to allow payment via a CC? Furthermore, do these folks know that not all of us have smartphones, nor do we want them?

        All I know is that I can pull up to any gas pump anywhere, put my card in, and then be good to go after a few seconds. I can then pump my gas, then be on my way. Why can’t EV chargers do the same?

      • You have to have an internet connection now to buy food….shut down the internet….millions starve…..

        You have to have an internet connection now to charge your EV at charger stations…..shut down the internet…(or shut off the power)….millions go nowhere…

        a step in herding the over supply of useless eater slaves into 15 min city/prison camps… they can dealt with….

        ATTENTION….There is the biggest danger sign right there……you can’t charge your EV using cash…..

        Too many slaves listen to/trust their evil masters…..

        like the turkey before thanks giving…life was great…then on thanksgiving every thing went bad….head chopped off….

  4. The only way this works for real people is charging stations become battery replacement stations.

    This would mean a standard battery, easily removable and replaceable in 5-10 minutes.

    Likely will never happen.

    Where do you store all those batteries?
    Can you get insured with all those little firepots stacked around each other?
    What happens if you give someone a defective battery & their car roman candles?
    Can you get enough charged batteries to meet demand or will you just be open for business 5 hours a day?

  5. ‘For a new technology to succeed over and old one, it has to offer 3x better cost and performance.’ — Yukon Jack

    Preach it, bro.

    Microsoft furnishes multiple, archetypal examples of updates no one asked for: Windows Vista; Windows 8. They were the Ford Edsels of operating systems, quickly consigned to oblivion.

    But wait, there’s more: ‘The portable MP3 player market was defined by the iPod. Microsoft entered the ring with the Zune in 2006, but by then, Apple had already released five generations of the iPod Classic, not to mention the Shuffle and Nano.

    ‘Microsoft had to offer something truly breathtaking to steer its audience away from Apple’s now near-perfect audio player. But what the Zune offered was a bulky, brown-colored music player that was in stark contrast to the iPod’s minimal aesthetic.’

    A year later in 2007, when Tesla reported that its Roadster achieved ‘135 mpg equivalent,’ innumerate EeeeePA regulators thought they’d discovered the Holy Grail. Never mind that MPGe excludes thermal power plant efficiency, which can slash MPGe by two-thirds: we were off to the idiocracy races.

    EeeVees are Big Gov’s version of the Microsoft Zune: bulky, coprolithium-ion intrusions, prone to bursting into lurid orange flames — in stark contrast to the former minimalist aesthetic of internal combustion vehicles, before regulators crapified them into iPhones on wheels, studded with explosive sodium azide gasbags and TeeVee-like Clownscreens.

    As a joke of that era went, ‘Q: What’s the difference between a yuppie and a seagull? A: A seagull can still make a deposit on a BMW.’

    Got t.p.?

    • Welcome aboard:

      ‘Stephen Moore, senior economist at FreedomWorks and once a senior economic adviser to former President Donald Trump, has issued a grim prediction about America’s electric vehicle (EV) market, saying EVs are poised to be automakers’ “next big flop.”

      “One of the textbook marketing flops of all time was the Ford Edsel sedan, which was heralded as the hot new car in the late 1950s,” he wrote in an op-ed.

      ‘At the time of the Edsel launch, automotive experts widely expressed the view that the sedan—named after Henry Ford’s son—would be a sure thing. However, instead of sales in the hundreds of thousands, as experts [sic] generally predicted at the time, the Edsel sold a paltry 10,000 or so units and was discontinued.

      ‘A key factor behind the Edsel’s flop is, according to Mr. Moore, that the car was pushed on a public that didn’t want it. “The obvious lesson for the industry: you can’t bribe Americans to buy cars they don’t want. Given the all-in approach mentality for EVs at Ford and GM, it’s clear that Detroit never got this message,” he wrote.’

      DUH! Who would’ve thunk?

      You own this, Joe Manchin: coal state fucktard.

      • haha, and why I wonder when some so-called Engineers buy into EV’s.
        I guess if they’re computer science Engineers I get it, but not Civil, Mech, Chem, Elect, etc…

  6. Electric cars could be a great idea whose time has yet to come. This is not the first time electric car craze failed.

    For a new technology to succeed over and old one, it has to offer 3x better cost and performance. That is in a free market. Government is trying to force the change, by sabotaging the old tech gasoline supply and use tax credits to lure in suckers.

    The amount of money being spent to support the criminal government narrative of climate change and to save the planet we have to abandon all gas cars and gas stoves, is astronomical – this as we are sliding into the Greatest Depression of all time.

    So I would place my bets on the Biden regimes pipe dream being a fail, like everything else that demented old un-elected pedo sniffer idiot does.

    I say it is inevitable the lies will be exposed, and then industry will cut and run from their malinvestments made by belief in criminal gangster Ziostate propaganda. CO2 is not warming the planet, and in fact we are going into solar minima and little ice age, see

    People have a built in ape like belief in the power of their leaders. Well corporate board rooms are full of ape like idiots who watch television like everyone else, and what is on the Jewtube is utter bullcrap, lies about climate and everything else. CO2 has never warmed the planet, if you think so, I am sorry, you are wrong and need to research it better.

    This is a typical corporate board room in the era of cheap Fed money, chimps who build electric cars and think they can make money:

    Someone ought to send that commercial to Ford and GM.

    Our nation is run by idiots.

  7. It’s Not The EV’s Fault ….the payments are $1000 plus per month…..

    Americans Panic Search “Give Car Back” As Subprime Auto Loan Delinquency Erupts

    …..the subprime borrower, who took out 84-month +$1,000 monthly car payments, is getting squeezed in the high-rate environment.

    from zh comments…

    They borrow, true: but in general it’s their own money from their Cestui Que trust: If they handed over their Social Security Number when taking the loan, that’s where it came from.

    Therefore the next payment coupon that arrives, can be endorsed with a beneficiary signature, e.g: Shiny-Car: Buyer, bene. and a letter explaining this this is a full and final payment to discharge the loan.

    If they deny it’s paid – see if they closed the account anyway, and if they get funny, demand your endorsed coupon back. If they can’t supply it, they already got paid.

  8. OT but in light of what went on in Maine recently, this story caught my eye.

    From link:

    A heavily armed man killed himself rather than carry out an apparent plan to shoot up a mountaintop amusement park in Colorado, his body discovered in a bathroom next to words scrawled on the wall, “I am not a killer,” authorities said Monday.

    The weapons found on Medina were ghost guns, which do not have serial numbers and therefore cannot be traced. His clothing had patches and emblems that gave the appearance of Medina being associated with law enforcement.

    Some of the suspected explosives turned out to be fakes — including several that looked like hand grenades — but others were real, the sheriff said. However, there was no evidence to suggest that explosive devices had been placed elsewhere inside the park, he said.


    Was this guy “hearing voices” through some new high powered hearing aids like the guy up in Maine? How many wind ups like this are out there ready to be “triggered”? I’d bet that the next one will be yelling Allu Snackbar or something similar like we’re being conditioned for.

  9. Eric, you just demonstrated how the central bank digital currencies will operate for anyone who disagrees with the tyrant government.

  10. From the same folks who brought us subsidies for EeeVees and battery plants and chargers (I’m lookin’ at you, Joe Manchin):

    ‘Mads Nipper, chief executive of Orsted A/S in Denmark, said he was “extremely disappointed to announce that we are ceasing the development of Ocean Wind 1 and 2 [off the New Jersey coast].”

    ‘He added, “Significant adverse developments from supply chain challenges, leading to delays in the project schedule, and rising interest rates have led us to this decision, and we will now assess the best way to preserve value while we cease development of the projects.”

    ‘Under the Inflation Reduction Act, Orsted has received upwards of 30% tax credits, but more appears to be needed as a financial crisis is brewing in the offshore wind power industry.

    ‘Last week, Siemens Energy in Germany crashed after the company warned its wind turbine business is grappling with quality issues and offshore ramp-up challenges. In the solar industry, SolarEdge Technologies shares plunged about two weeks ago after it warned about sliding European demand. The renewable energy bubble is in meltdown.’

    Big Gov has come a cropper. Congress Clowns didn’t grok that you can’t run a stable grid on wind and solar alone. But they got theirs [commissions, campaign contributions].

    • Go on, take the money and run. Woo woo!

      The politicians don’t give 2 shits about green energy past the loot they can make off of it. The bloviating about saving Gaia is all a show. We all know this. Most do not.

      The average American’s IQ is 98. Half are below that. Never forget most people do not and cannot think like us. No amount of logic will convince. In order to change an ignoramus’ mind, you must form your argument in a way that resembles a religious belief. The left has figured this out. And the streets shall flow with the blood of the non-believers.

      • 100% this. National IQ is dropping precipitously every decade. We are far more stupid than we were a generation ago. There are many reasons for this, some not very politically correct, but also not false.

        I have at least 2 neighbors that have Teslas sitting out in their driveways at all times, no ability to recharge the car at home. I’m baffled by that, having to plan your day or week around 40 minutes to “fuel” your car is crazy to me but they do and that was my point about many of my neighbors having more money than brains. Gov’t adjacent DC make-work ‘jobs’ pay big bucks, funded by you. Thanks Mr. Taxpayer!

        I was forced to use Tesla’s supercharger network this summer and Eric is not wrong. When I was on crowded chargers in places with not much infrastructure for EVs it took a LONG time to charge. I was semi on vacation so it was tolerable, but in a normal hectic workday it would have been incredibly annoying. I can’t imagine signing up for it on a daily or weekly basis.

        I hit several chargers in the Midwest and they were 80-100% utilized. I was getting -maybe- 50kWh (sometimes far less) out of “Level 3” chargers rated at 250kWh. So that 20 minute top off was more like 1 hour+ in most cases.

        This is -now- with less than 10% of new sales being EVs. Imagine if this market hit even 33% saturation? It would be an absolute shitshow. A mandate by the scientifically illiterate aimed at midwits and climate lunatics. What could go wrong???

  11. That it only charged the equivalent of about 1.2 miles per hour at your home blows my mind. That would be like filling the tank of a Toyota Camry with an 80 ounce IV drip (4.8 ounces of gas per hour). Absolutely ridiculous!

  12. The other thing people have noticed is that some young people don’t even want to learn to drive or have a car. This is a temporary affectation. A young relative who lives in Boston is proud not to own a car. But the thing is all these young liberals know for certain they CAN get a car anytime. They can afford to enjoy their young unattached lifestyle of ubers out to dinner and clubbing, then when inevitable middle age creeps in, they want to settle down. And where will they want to be? In the suburbs, with space to spread out and yes then they will definitely need a vehicle something big enough to tote their family around in. Mom and dad will have long since become unable to chauffeur them and they will be responsible for their own families. i already know several young adults who are planning to live outside of CA and have scoped out small towns in Oklahoma, Alabama and Texas where they can afford to buy a home and settle down.

  13. I liked your rant😂. I know someone who just bought a Subaru Outback after having gotten fed up with their electric suv. They said it was because the car had multiple issues not because it was electric but I am betting they never go electric again especially since the Outback gets rave reviews from everyone i know who drives one. But you’re right, with all the headaches people just must deal with every day, wondering if you can home when you need to is definitely a headache none of us needs. The ptb are way underestimating how big a deal this is to people. And I think this is the main psychological reason the ev push will fail. Besides the impracticalities of driving one, the certainty and freedom that gas cars give people is embedded in Americans. Despite rich lefties crowing about how wonderful it is not to need a car in London or Paris, and saying how great that would be here, the US is nothing like those dense cities. They overplayed their hand with covid restrictions and people are not going to fall for a major inconvenience and life disruption again anytime soon.

    • Thanks, RS!

      And I’m sorry about the profanities; not normally how I express myself but the frustration just took hold. It’s a good thing I didn’t have a hammer with me… that EEEEEVeeeeeeGoooo pump would have gotten a beat down!

      • That would be an EPIC video — the EVGo beat down on Halloween, by a mysterious masked vandal wearing a ‘Joe Biden’ mask.

        First viewer comment: ‘I got a charge out of that!‘ mwa ha ha haaahhh

        Come to think of it, EeeVee Beat Down would make a fantastic weekly series. 🙂

    • I hope so, RS –

      I am trying my best to help spread the truth about these things. Maybe this bum’s rush can be stopped. It’s so much akin to the “mask” thing, in my sight – in that at high tide, it seemed almost everyone else had bought in. But holding fast to the truth helped take off the “masks.” And I hope the same happens with respect to EVs.

  14. In Portland Oregon, it took Portland General Electric 6 months to supposedly *engineer* the temporary 400-amp power service I told them I needed for my construction project. It took another 5 months to get on their books to install the power cables and energize a *temporary* service. I had to run my tower crane from a generator for more than 3 months. The main service took 1.5 years to get done which was powered from the same OH pole.

    How are they going to support the new electric economy with electric cars with bureaucratic service like this?

  15. The only real problem I see with EVs is that people are stupid enough to buy one. At least until the charging grid is expanded enough to serve them. Which it hasn’t in most places. The cart is far before the EV horse.

  16. Kind of funny, yet sad. This is the future of America if EVs are mandated by the DIPs (demons in power).

    Here is a cartoon I made this past year called CHARGE, showing the futility of EV Fast chargers. If you are bored take a look.

    The infrastructure is just not in place for millions of EVs on the road and probably never will be.

  17. Talking to a retired mechanic I know and his buddy is the one responsible for getting the local Chevy dealership ready for Evs as required by gm. As it turns out the local electric company says it will take about two years to carry out a site survey. Kinda makes you wonder what gm will say about that. Perhaps the dealership will put in natural gas generators to recharge those Ev’s? Let me know once we hit peak stupidity.

    PS- If I thought EVs were the future I wouldn’t have ordered a stack of oil and oil filters for my fleet.

    • Look at what they done to appliances. Overnight every appliance in your home is not ‘compliant’. To get a compliant appliance you must pay one, two, maybe three times or more and the new device most likely doesn’t do the job nearly as well as the old appliance.

      No matter the cost or time they have us dancing to their tune. People go into debt to ‘comply’. My god,,, look at how we as a collective obeyed their Covid ‘rules’ as if they were law. (Some still do) The police in many countries beat some that were not ‘complying’ senseless. Show me where in our glorious constitution does it say “this constitution is the supreme law of the land EXCEPT when government declares an emergency,,, then Katy bar the door, anything goes”!

      We as a collective are so obedient minded that we no longer fight any of this,,, excepting maybe a little grumbling. Called the Stockholm Syndrome. We have totally lost the “We the People control our government ” concept. Government is trying its damnedest to get us in a World War and there is little to no pushback! Hello,,, is anyone there!

      • What are we supposed to do? Shoot up an EV charging station?

        When I was actively fighting the 55 mph speed limit more than 35 years ago, I received little to no help from anyone. Colleagues used to sneer that it could never be done. Others used to say it was for safety. Others said that it would be around forever. It got repealed.

        There is a very small organization featured on the home page of this site that I joined. They are trying to fight various assaults on motorists rights. For less than a hamburger lunch for two, you can donate to the cause. I am trying to direct them towards confronting EV’s head on. Join em.

      • The true belivers in global warming as an existential threat are running the show now. No price too high, no task too hard. “We’re talking about all life on Earth, Jack.”

        Well, unless it means they have to give up something… Then, well, what’s one man in comparison to the Earth? And besides, they buy shares (indulgences) in wind and solar farms!

        The recipient of an indulgence must perform an action to receive it. This is most often the saying (once, or many times) of a specified prayer, but may also include a pilgrimage, the visiting of a particular place (such as a shrine, church or cemetery) or the performance of specific good works.[3]

        Too bad even the IPCC says the worst case scenario the politicans always use to browbeat the citizenry isn’t at all likely. And pay no attention to the increases in leaf production and greening of the Sahara. That’s just statical noise…


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