When Communism Came to America

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I got a letter in the mail the other day about what is styled by the government my shared responsibility payment – which the letter from the government says I “owe” (to the tune of $863.61) to the government because I did not hand over money to the health insurance mafia back in 2017.

It became a mafia when it began doing what the car insurance mafia had already been doing for decades – i..e, when it began using the government to make people hand over money for “services” they used to be able to say no, thanks to.

Of course, that was back when this country was still a free country (at least, more rather than less). If someone wanted to buy something, they could. It was once the case – if you can imagine it – that no one was forced to buy things they didn’t want. At least insofar as what was being sold by private, for-profit businesses.

The government being another matter.

But then it dawned on private companies that they could use the government to force people to buy what they were selling. So much easier than persuading people to buy. This was the American elaboration of fascism – the merger of corporate and government power.

You were forced by the government to buy car insurance.

If you failed to pay and got caught driving – or even if you didn’t but kept a car in your driveway or garage that was registered/tagged – the government would punish you by making you pay it for not paying the car insurance mafia.

Under Obama, the principle was applied to health insurance, which people were now forced to buy, too. And if they didn’t, the government would punish them for failing to handover money to the health insurance mafia by forcing them to hand over money to the government.

But there was a difference.

The punishment was not styled a fine, as is the case when a person gets caught driving his car (or keeping it tagged and registered, even if he keeps it off the roads) without having paid the insurance mafia. Instead, people who didn’t hand over money to the health insurance mafia were told they had a “shared responsibility” to pony up.

But to whom?

Why, the collective.

It is not merely that government has decreed you have an enforceable obligation to buy health insurance. It says we each have a shared responsibility to do so. Because you are “responsible” for other people – and they are “responsible” for you. The individual is nothing more than part of a collective, to which he owes “responsibility.” In plain language, he is no longer individually responsible for himself. But everyone is – somehow – “responsible” for everyone else.

This isn’t fascism. It is fascism’s doppelganger.


The fascists tell us everyone who drives must buy car insurance in order that everyone be responsible for any harms they as individuals might cause. It does not matter that they haven’t actually caused any harm – nor that they may never cause any harm. They must still hand over money to the insurance mafia because they might – and it’s necessary to have such a policy to assure that individuals  are responsible if they do cause harm. (Leaving aside the impolitic fact that mandatory insurance hasn’t prevented irresponsible people from not paying for the harms they cause – nor prevented them from driving sans the insurance.)

But at least the putative premise is making sure individuals are responsible for the harms they might cause, even if they never actually cause harm to anyone.

This “shared responsibility” business is something far beyond that. It is an assertion of collective responsibility. It is similar to collective guilt – and just as odious a concept. Just by dint of the fact that you exist, you are (somehow) responsible. And you  “owe.”

Just as others “owe” you.

As bad as forcing people to buy car insurance was – and is – this shared responsibility business will lead to far worse. Because if you “owe” a shared responsibility to others to buy health insurance then you also implicitly “owe” a shared responsibility to others as regards their education, their housing and their feeding, too.

When responsibility is shared in this manner, of course, no one is responsible for anything, least of all themselves. And so everyone has an incentive to regard others as responsible for everything. When that becomes the defining modus operandi of a society, why should anyone be responsible for anything at all?

Of course, the downside to what might seem to some a bonanza of others being responsible for everything they want and need is that soon no one has anything – because why would anyone choose to be the sucker responsible for providing it?

And they ask me why I drink . . .

. . .

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  1. Bad, sad news for the Uuuuukies:

    ‘New Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) at a meeting with the Senate GOP conference Wednesday laid out his stark differences with Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) over key elements of the year-end strategy.

    ‘The Speaker insisted to GOP senators that Israel aid will have move separately from Ukraine funding. Johnson’s position could ultimately delay Ukraine funding for weeks or even months.

    ‘McConnell didn’t say anything during the meeting, GOP senators said. “McConnell didn’t say a word the whole time,” said a second GOP senator. “Johnson acknowledged him at one point briefly, in a nice way.”


    Probably Mitch glitched out again … just froze and turned into a man of stone.

    Or maybe it was a wax figure of Mitch, plonked in a chair.

    As Hillary once quipped, ‘What difference, at this point, does it make?’

    • The Ukes are getting crushed in the war and they’re conscripting women, children and 60 year olds now. What a farce. What a waste. Everything “we” do is a total embarrasment.

  2. The most persistent and formidable foe of the United Federation of Planets is/was/will be the borg collective. Gene Roddenberry was very much the progressive, creating a world where money has no value because of limitless energy and instant matter creation. It looked very much like a socialist utopia, where no one got paid, no one wanted for anything, yet everyone still desired work, still was contracted (conscripted?) to serve starfleet, and only the distasteful Ferengi desired captialism.

    But the borg collective, somehow that’s a bridge too far. A right amount of socialism, sure, as long as the chain of command is maintained and everyone has sexy outfits.

    Its a spectrum you see. A little socialism here, a little captialism there. Everything in balance. We might argue about where the line falls (and faux-regime change is the only way to move it), but no doubt, there will be a line, and you better like it. Resistance is futile!

    • ‘Resistance is futile!’ — ReadyKilowatt

      That’s our cavalier good-bye to boulders that get in our way while building trails.

      If the diesel mini-excavator can’t push them aside, then we split them with feathers and wedges.

      Or in refractory cases, hydraulically fracture them with the Boulder Buster — a South African mining device no longer available, which uses a shotgun-shell charge to explode a column of water inside a 18-inch deep masonry-drilled hole in the offending rock.

      So shall the borg collective be taken down: blow by blow against the Evil Empire.

      • The stupid old adams think they can bomb Palestinians, human animals, with US money and armaments with no repercussions. Might as well find out the hard way, no matter who foots the bill, there will be suffering and misery as long as direct deadly conflict is the norm.

        You deal the deal, deal or no deal.

        So live with the consequences, and again, grin and bear it. It is your fight, not my dog doing it for you.

        Go for it, see what happens.

        Dumbasses, Good Lord!

        Pray for the Jews, why not?

        Pray for the Muslims, why not?

        Pray for everybody on this hell on earth, why not?

        What more can you ask for? Death?

        Beyond the Pale and then some.

        Beer drinking time!

  3. Eric,,, Are they adding interest to it as this appears to be a previous tax year? I’d pay it while you can still handle the payment. The only way out is you die or the present gov ends. I know its the principle of it but be careful. The cabal can confiscate all ‘you think you own’ whenever they demand payment. In the USA there is no such thing as ownership of property.

    • Ken,
      There is nothing they can do to Eric unless he is getting a tax refund, it’s written into the law. I get the same notices in the mail.

  4. I’ve often told people that we’ve had communism in this country since at least 1913- when it “became law” that a cabal could counterfeit the currency and that the private individual had to report on himself to the government and owed the first fruits of his labor to same said government. Everything since has been inevitable mission creep.

  5. That is bad news. You might want to look into a high deductible health IRA. Works like a traditional IRA w/pretax income, the difference being you can access the money as you need it for any ‘qualifying’ medical expenses. Also, IINM the money in your account is passed on to your choice of beneficiary.

  6. Insuring their car….

    when you register the car you are transferring the title to them….and you just paid $60,000 for the car…lol…

    Of course they want their car insured….and….they get you to pay for it….

    their car….is it used as an asset on a balance sheet somewhere?

    their car….so they can dictate when and if it can be used?….does it make asset forfeiture easier?

    when you register the car you are transferring the title to them….discussed here….

    maybe buy a race car on a bill of sale…it can’t be registered…but…you own it…

    • when you register fire arms you are transferring the title to them

      when you register your children at birth….you are transferring the title to them…for the slave market….

      • “when you register your children at birth….you are transferring the title to them…for the slave market….”

        Looks like they made a major collection in Maui this year. About 2000 cute, lovable, little ones. A feast for all those minor attracted folk in the cabal called government.

    • When you buy a house….they have allodial title to it….not you…

      when you register the car you are transferring the title to them

      when you deposit money in the bank…the bank owns the money now…till you withdraw it…but…maybe soon you can’t….or a bailin happens…

      you will own nothing…almost there?….

      a piece of gold or silver in your hand…you own it…..

      if you buy a boat on a bill of sale…you own it…till you register it….some don’t….

      • What do you really own?…how much cash do you have in your pocket?…lol…

        old cars used to be appraised that way…how much is it worth?….how much gas is in the tank?….

        or possessions you don’t register…like tools… tools are very valuable…the best thing I ever bought…..

  7. Trump abolished the Health Insurance mandate in his second year of office. The Democraps re-instated it almost immediately. We are, without a doubt, living under corporate/govt fascism. The same has been going on with automobiles, and firearms manufacturers. The recent events involving the Lake City ammo production facility are only the tail end of a planned process of ammo monopolization that began in 1996, by the Clintons.

    • One thing is for sure: They want us disarmed, vulnerable and preferably dead if you read between the lines of their Covid vaxecution information. And all the pharmacies and their employees seem to have little problem being the executioner.

  8. Communism/Facism is popular because it leverages a basic human trait: getting something for nothing.
    This trait is endemic to the biology of humans, in that all organisms seek the path of least resistance in all areas of life, humans have the ability to reason but are still guided by this basic law.

    Combined with creative problem solving and…voila!….an entire sub-species is born, the parasitic method of getting something for nothing.

    Nothing new about it.

    • @ Andy L.

      Well-put. I think most people today are intoxicated with a something for nothing mindset. I’ve been beating this drum for many moons, yet I’ve seen few comments online from our side which should be screaming to help expose this most obvious yet important issue. It should be one of the major issues bandied about as it’s one of those issues which really gets to the heart of the matter driving most of the political problems we face.

      The public treasury has been a public trough for some time and the word is out. Jump in with both feet and get your share of the free goodies. My question is, why the silent treatment? Why are people afraid to speak out on the subject?

      For many people, they just don’t want to rock the boat. OK, fine. For others, it’s a subject polite people aren’t supposed to discuss as it crosses the line of political correctness. OK we get that too.

      But the biggest reason, far and away, is the simple fact that most of the populace today have been bought off & rewarded with taxpayer money by politicians and the parasitical political class in exchange for their votes & support. Ever since bloc voters have learned the neat little trick of grouping together in order to outvote & game the system at the expense of those in the minority, fewer & fewer honest people remain to point out this obvious fact.

      I can only conclude that most freedom advocates don’t understand the situation and the impact it’s having on the overburdened & dwindling number of taxpayers who actually foot the bill, in which case they need a cold slap in the face. Or, they intentionally ignore the facts, perhaps because they too receive some of the booty and don’t want to draw attention to themselves.

  9. Insurance is all about INCREASING CLAIMS.
    That is how rates are increased.
    Insurance companies ‘chip the pot’.
    They take a percentage of the ‘pot’, a percentage of the total claims.
    That’s why medicare advantage ‘health’ insurance companies keep reminding older people that they should get more tests and more services. That gives the insurance companies an excuse to get the fedgov to increase the payments given to the insurance companies. A couple years ago, the fedgov was paying about $1,000 each month for each person on a medicare advantage plan.
    Hypothetically that’s twelve grand a year each for 100 million retirees most of whom do not need any medical care (and what they receive does nothing at all to treat the cause of their ailments.)
    $1.2 Trillion a year in insurance payments from the fedgov to the thieving scum insurance companies.
    This is why the fedgov is going bankrupt and the USD is headed for hyperinflation – to steal from all the innocent honest people and enrich the looting scum elite.
    D.C. is utterly corrupt and can’t be reformed. NIFO.

    • I agree, John –

      One of the most malicious things done to people is to convince them that they need constant doctoring. And with that comes pill-popping. But most people could probably go most of their lives without any doctoring at all – and be healthy well into what is considered old age – just by taking care of themselves.

      Of course, there’s not much money in that – for the doctors and the insurance companies.

      Doubling down on this despicable business is the encouraging of sickness – induced via not taking care of oneself – and by the attitude that “the doctor will take care of it.” Note that every other person you see is obese – not merely a few pounds heavy. And these same people often are the ones most insistent that “health care is a right.”

      • I just finished up “The Case Against Sugar” by Gary Taubes. It’s one of those books you read and keep thinking “Well, duh” but then there’s a few unexpected zingers too. Seems sugar was one of the prime drivers of colonization, so governments consider it essential. And once something is essential, it becomes celebrated, subsidized, and institutionalized.

        One of the most addicting chemicals known to man.

        Remember the war on salt? Because salt drove up blood pressure. Turns out, only slightly. But remove sugar from the diet of a hypertension patient and within weeks they don’t have high blood pressure anymore. Same for inflamitory diseases like arthritis. Yet the state continues to subsidize sugar, as well as to treat the after-effects of overconsumption.

        But because a very large portion of the economy depends on the sugar high, anyone who proposes a reduction in sugar consumption will break GDP. Better to keep everyone hooked. Sell people food that makes them fat, then sell them the treatment. Very Keynesian.

      • The current so called allopathic health care system…is not….it uses poisonous drugs and injections which ruin your health creating more business for them….

        Eating good food and exercising is the key to good health…

        To quote Dr. Natasha Campbell Mcbride…..the health of any nation is in the hands of who cooks for that nation.

        Dr. Natasha Campbell Mcbride says…

        For good health you have to cook your own food….and grow your own food….or get your food from reliable, small, non industrial farms…that don’t use antibiotics and chemicals…..

        @ 32:53 in video….the health of any nation is in the hands of who cooks for that nation.


  10. Another mafia gets its just desserts:

    ‘A federal jury ruled on Tuesday that the powerful National Association of Realtors and several large brokerages had conspired to artificially inflate the commissions paid to real estate agents, a decision that could radically alter the home-buying process in the United States.

    ‘The realtors’ group and brokerages were ordered to pay damages of nearly $1.8 billion. The verdict allows the court to issue treble damages, which means they could swell to more than $5 billion.

    ‘It’s a decision that has the potential to rewrite the entire structure of the real estate industry in the United States, lowering the cost of moving homes by reducing commissions.’ — NYT


    My plea to the court: forbid the capitalization of REALTOR®, and strip it of the obnoxious ® –both constituting gross offenses against good taste, rooted in weaponized lexical pomposity.

    Henceforth (let their black-robed highnesses decree), ‘realtor’ must be rendered strictly in lower case, or in the belly-crawling subscript of squamata — and solely in the Comic Sans font created specifically for poseurs, hucksters and clowns to flog the louche allure of the legendary ‘babbling brook.’

    • Next week: Announcing Google Home™ the fun, new way to buy and sell your house! Not to be outdone, Amazon quickly rolled out House Prime™ and Apple will soon iFlat, a curated selection of fine real estate in select markets.

      I won’t say the Realtors™ didn’t have it coming, but the fact is they kept real estate a local business for a very long time. If it goes the way of McDonalds, we’re in for a very bad time.

    • Maritime law vs common law……the control group uses maritime law to trap you in their slave system…………

      In maritime law when words are written in all uppercase, they are not in english…they are in dog latin…

      hieroglypics are read from right to left……

      Learning to read hieroglypics…the meaning of the uppercase letters (symbols)

      A administration B babylon C creditor D debitor E equity F fraud
      G governence H hiearchy I one you J joker K kill L lucifer M mountain
      N mountain and valley O office P plebian Q question R rome S snake
      T treasury U underworld V vatican W water X point of death Y youth
      Z zion


      so how does REALTOR translate?….

      rome …office…treasury….lucifer ….administration….equity….rome…..that is interesting…


  11. Don’t pay it Eric. Move to a new state.

    Communism came to America when Jews came to America, Communism is the political expression of Judaism. This knowledge is well known in the alt right community, but not well known in regular forums.

    Did you know that Freud commented on Jewish immigrants coming into New York harbor? “Europe is sending us the plague.” Well the plague has taken over your government, and this Jew plague likes to use force to make you pay them for all their communist schemes.

    Even though Jews run the Treasury and the Fed, they need more money! They always need more money for their insurance racket and for their wars. Pay up Goyim tax slaves, vee Jews are your god! So Eric they just blew 200 BILLION on Ukraine, gee do you think they could of funded a national health care for all?

    Don’t be fooled by MSM propaganda, when you hear NPR or Democracy Now! talk about “democracy”, like ‘Donald Trump supporters are attacking our Democracy’, understand what is being said, Democracy is code for “Jewish rule”.

    Rabbi Stephen Samuel Wise said “Some call it Communism, I call it what it is: Judaism”

    Karl Marx was heavily influenced by the philosophy of his Jewish family. The Communist Manifesto is a political work based on fairness in Judaism married to the force of the state.


    Communism has killed more people than any other philosophy. The Godly Force of the Torah put to politics is a recipe for genocide, which is exactly why Netanyahu just called the Palestinians the Jews hated enemy Amalek. And those Likud Jews, they are the most Nazi group on the planet right now, they are 100% socialistic, and 100% racist, and 100% nationalistic. Zionism is Fascist Nazism for Jews. But never say that!

    But the poor wittle Jews always lecture us about them bad Notsees who rounded them up and put them in camps. What is Gaza but a prison camp for Palestinians who were put their by the Jew National Socialists. But don’t think that Goyim! In fact never think Goyim, vee Jews will do your thinking for you!

    The Bible is a litany of bloodletting in the name of God. God tells the Israelites to go over the hill and kill everything, men, women, children, cattle, dogs, goats. Leave none alive. That is being acted out word for word in Gaza right now.

    Anyone trying to overturn the Jew death grip on Amerika is a terrorist, anti-Democratic, get it? Amy Goodman is a Jew, pretending to be a Liberal. She wants to promote democracy, Jewish rule, but she can not say that, can she? So her wish for her tribe to rule is hidden behind a euphemism, Democracy, which fools the Goyim (a Jewish term for non-Jews as cattle).

    So sit back and relax, Jews are in charge, Jews on the Left and Jews on the right are on a killing spree, just like in Old Testament times. They are spending hundreds of billions for bombs to drop on children in a very expensive ethnic cleansing campaign. They want Gaza for themselves, and they are going to send you the bill.

    Have you all noticed that Lahaina Maui was torched by a satellite weapon so Jews could steal that prime beach front property AND prime beach front Alcapulco was leveled by a hurricane which went Cat 5 overnight AND Gaza is prime beach front property? Seeing a pattern yet?

    The Old Testament is about a thieving tribe and their God Yahweh – who legitimizes the tribe’s theft and murder.

    • Kari Lake is now running for Senate, she got immediately labeled an anti-semite. Why? Because she is a threat to (((them))) and they damn well know it.

      Kari Lake also said today Biden will be replaced by Newsome, a prediction of mine going on 3 months.


      Newsome outlawed gas cars. That is what they want, and thus he is being made your glorious leader.

      I call him Jabbin’ Newscum.

    • Zionistas have made a grave error. Jews are being targeted everywhere, Stars of David in Paris on Jewish homes and buildings. Swastikas on Jewish homes in Berlin.

      You just can’t kill women and children without outrage happening everywhere.

      Better do some soul-searching these days.

      Might want to make a mad dash to Ukraine and be stakeholders there, Was-rael is what you will get out of the deal.

      Get lost, you bums.

    • You have made a grievous error in your assumption that the “old testament” is somehow about the JEWS.

      I promise you, it isn’t.

      As far as Judaism being the wellspring from which communism flows? Well, you’re right on the money about that.

      The rest, not so much.

  12. Is there anything more invidious than the insurance industry? They’re mostly just bill collectors, taking in way more money than they pay out. For most Americans, buying any kind of insurance is a bill of goods and amounts to flushing money down the toilet. Anytime someone has to force you to buy something, it’s because what they’re selling is completely undesirable. Otherwise, you’d buy what they’re selling willingly. Without government’s intervention, the insurance industry would have collapsed long ago.

    • Heard a second-hand anecdote today, about homeowners insurers — in the case of a new buyer — checking the buyer’s claim history at their previous residence, and also checking the seller’s claim history at the residence in question.

      Talk about shared responsibility: now the buyer faces penalty-rate punishment for the actions of another party, whom the buyer had no control over.

      When it comes to collective punishment, we’re all Gazans now. Then they shake us down to pay their tormentors.

      I’ll take their ‘social contract’ and wipe my butt with it. I vigorously repudiate it, in general and in every single detail.

  13. Communists have been here a long time. They were crawling all over the Midwest dumping milk, causing mayhem and chaos. Joe Hill was here long before Joe Biden, c’mon man.

    Mother Bloor, Ella May Reeves, a Staten Island native, was a staunch Socialist. Had several children, hung out in my home state back then, the Finns were settlers and always somewhat socialist.

    The Non-Partisan League, The Goat That Can’t Be Got, became the Progressive Party in Alberta. Alberta is home to Americans who migrated there.

    The Non-Partisan League was sympathetic to Socialists here in America, Socialists published the Iconoclast here in my home state back in the Dirty Thirties and before.

    There was the Republican-NPL and then later on there was the Democrat-NPL.

    Socialist sympathizers because the banks were taking farmers to the cleaners. The banks wanted the land and everything, you will have nothing. Get lost, sucker.

    History doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes.

    A county in my home state elected a socialist for a sheriff. The sheriff stopped forced farm sales, ain’t gonna happen. When there was a forced sale, bankruptcy, there were penny auctions where the neighbors would only bid pennies for the goods, then would hand the goods back to the original owner. There were Jim Traficants out there before Jim Traficant’s time.

    Bankers weren’t happy. If you kick a man when he’s down, expect to get kicked back.

    • There’s so much to this symbol, and what it links to, that it would blow your mind. I’ll tell you where it ORIGINATES from.

      Google image search yourself a picture of “Baphomet”. You will note that the vast majority of the Baphomet depictions are very similar. 1 hand pointing up, 1 hand pointing down, always. “As above, so below.” The doctrine of Lucifer. You see the same “As above, so below” symbolism reflected in the so-called “Star of David” which actually doesn’t EXIST, but which is rather the STAR OF REMPHAN.

      Notice some other things about the Baphomet.
      First, the transgender nature…full breasts as well as an erect phallus.
      The 2 snakes (serpents) intertwined around the Baphomet phallus. (Here is the origin for the medical caduceus). Signifying the “Seed of the serpent”.
      Also note the wings.

      Now, look to the medical caduceus. Note at the center, the ERECT PHALLUS of the Baphomet. Note, the intertwined serpents…of the Baphomet. Notice the wings on the caduceus. Once again, reflected in the Baphomet.

      Now, if there’s any question as to the Satanic nature of Jews, or of “modern medicine”, or any of it…well I don’t know what else to say. Because 100% of it is right there in the symbol of the Baphomet.

  14. I remember independent folks that we perfectly happy with a major medical insurance plan (affordable) then losing that coverage when Obammy Care was implemented. The libs decried such plans as “inadequate, insufficient!” thus burying true medical insurance.

    Insurance, you contract for protection against catastrophic loss. Oh no, can’t be outside our newly minted collective so that’s gone, Obammy Care the ruination of what remained of a sane medical system.

    Medicare another schizophrenic mess. My retiree supplement plan got dropped by my former employer now we’re going on a part C “advantage” plan also sponsored by them. I have my doubts this “advantage” won’t be for us just them. The devil will be in the details of the drug formulary when that is finalized. Unfortunately the wife requires a set of meds that tend to fall outside the “acceptable “ dosage guidelines that will be another battle. Trusted the med establishment about 25 years ago that was a big mistake that follows her to this day.

  15. “Shared responsibility”? I wouldn’t be surprised if the government used Obamacare as precedent for their diktats that we ALL had a “collective responsibility” to wear face diapers AND take the “Safe and Effective” COVID jabs. Something else that’s absolutely nonsensical is the claim that face diapers and COVID vaccines only worked if EVERYONE did what COVID charlatans like Tony Fauci decreed.

  16. All government….they are a corporation…ask them for a copy of the signed contract between you and them….

    When a corporation sends you an invoice for money, like a Council Tax…property tax… demand, one has to ask, where is the contract, the obligation, the agreement that you made with them?


    • It says we each have a shared responsibility to pay…..where does the money go?….they won’t give you an accounting of where it went….a good guess…into an offshore account somewhere…..

      • Problem is,,, These corporate collectors have guns! One ‘new hire’ gal said “If you cheat on ‘your’ taxes your going down… buddy!


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