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If it hadn’t been for Florida, it is very possible the entire country would still be living under a “mask” regime. By ending the “masking” regime in Florida, “masking” became harder and harder to maintain-in-force elsewhere – because Florida’s example proved that it was ok to take off the “mask.” More to the point, it made it clear the ongoing insistence upon “masking” in other states (and by the federal government) was silly – and tyrannical.

This method could perhaps be used to stop the spread – of EVs.

Like “masks,” electric vehicles are not something put on the table by the door (so to speak) that anyone who wants one can decide to pick up if they want to. They are being shoved at all of us, just the same as “masks” were when we tried to enter a store without one.

Only it’s much more subtle when it comes to EVs.

People aren’t – yet – forced to buy one. But alternatives to them are being forced out-of-production (effectively) by federal regulations designed to be impossible to comply with. The pending (it goes into full effect in 2026) federal requirement that each car-maker’s entire roster of models average close to 50 miles-per-gallon, for example. The only way a car-maker can achieve such a “fleet average” – this is the terminology – is by building more EVs and fewer vehicles that aren’t. Each EV bumps up the “fleet average” – because each EV gets to claim it averages an “MPGe” that is much higher than the miles-per-gallon achievable by any non-EV.

A quick example:

The Ford F-150 Lightning, which is the battery-powered iteration of the F-150 half-ton pick-up truck – is credited by the federal government as delivering 68 “MPGe” – more than meeting the pending/2026 almost-50-MPG federal mandatory minimum. On the other hand, a V8-powered F-150 only averages 19 MPG.

Each non-electric F-150 made by Ford lowers its “fleet average” – and that increases the cost of making them (and so, selling them) via the fines applied by the government for failing to achieve the mandated-by-the-federal government “fleet average.” Ford is incentivized -via threats, in other words – to make more 68 “MPGe” Lightnings, even if it can’t sell them or ends up selling them at a loss – in order to offset the drag on its “fleet average” of non-EVs such as the V8 F-150, which it is incentivized to make fewer and fewer of – until only a very few are still being made and those priced so extravagantly that only a very few, very affluent people are able to afford them.

That’s the game that’s being played.

It’s one that we can’t win – at least, not by playing it.

So, let’s not.

Just the same as the “masking” game would never have ended if we’d all continued to play that game.

All it would take is for one state to declare itself a sanctuary state – for cars (and trucks) with engines. Federal regulations are, after all, federal regulations. If a vehicle is made for sale and use in a state, then – arguably – federal regulations do not apply.

cc-11-01-23_EP On KMED_KCMD     

California asserted essentially the same principle – in reverse. Beginning back in the ’70s, it established its own “California standards” for cars that every car company wanting to sell cars in California had to comply with. There were “California cars” and “49 state” cars.

Well, how about Florida cars – for a start?

It need not be Florida; so long as it’s at least one major state that declares itself a sanctuary for the kinds of vehicles the federal government is trying to force off the market, in order to (effectively) force everyone into an EV. Just the same as it tried to effectively force everyone to wear a “mask” by issuing “guidelines” that made it nigh-impossible to travel by air or other form of transportation under federal control (as well as buildings under federal control) without a “mask” on.

But when travelers crossed the border into Florida, they were able to take off the “mask.” Things were normal in Florida. And this made the abnormality still going on in the rest of the country look like exactly that.

Imagine if just one state were to welcome any manufacturer that wanted to sell non-EVs to do just that within its borders. People living in that state could buy a brand-new Charger or Challenger with a V8, which in our scenario Dodge would still be able to make for just that reason – and would be able to make money selling, because lots of people want a Charger or Challenger with a V8, as opposed to one with just a six (or a battery).

This would, in turn, provide the desperately needed example that other car companies might then be brave enough to follow.

Other states, too.

Screw the feds and their regs.

Especially since they are based – like “masks” – on lies.

No modern car generates any meaningful pollution – as opposed to the loaded-term “emissions” the feds love to use to scare people, in the manner of “asymptomatic spreader.” And carbon dioxide is trace (0.04 percent) atmospheric gas, not a pollutant. More to the point, it is nothing to worry about – just as “asymptomatic spreading” was nothing to worry about.

People would be able to see this, if just one state defied the federal regs by ignoring them within its own borders. The sky would not fall.

Greta might even calm down.

Far more important, the lies being spread about the (cough) “climate crisis” would be much harder to maintain as false truths.

It can be done.

All it takes is the willingness to stop doing what they tell us we have to do.

. . .

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  1. This is a much larger matter than just one state opening its arms to IC vehicles. First off a state could simply do what you are describing under the 10th Amendment. Say we get 37 states that do that but the major issue is Uncle Sam can still tax and regulate the vehicle manufacturers regardless of the state/s the vehicles are shipped to. Let’s take this to another level Eric. Remember the container backlog at the ports where tens of thousands of containers were stacked up waiting to get picked up and delivered? That started in California because California shut down a lot of semi trucks that were owned by Owner Operators because their tractors were too old to meet X requirements. Only certified trucks/drivers could deliver the containers to the owners of the goods inside of them because the trailers used to transport the containers on are owned by the rail road. Which is controlled by Uncle Sam. Even during an emergency situation well known and excellent trucking corporation could not pick up the containers because they can not lock up to the trailers without being rail road certified. My point is the spiderweb of Uncle Sam runs wide and deep, far beyond its Constitutional boundaries. But who has the time and money to fight such injustice up against the largest law firm in the world, the DOJ. Which the DOJ has unlimited $$$ to operate with. The only way to win against such matters is the American People need to get a clue and full on refuse EV’s. To keep repairing their old vehicles to a point that the entire automotive industry and those other industries that contract to the assembly plants making parts have losses that cut many billions in taxes that go the government on all levels. Money talks and BS walks.

  2. Since I couldn’t afford to buy an EV, my money is on the electric grid collapsing long before the majority of us have bought one. Since I’ve been off the grid since 1985, the only problem I’ve have after said collapse would be finding a gas station with enough electricity to pump the gas out of the ground.

  3. Oh dear, EV’s are going the way of ethanol cars? Or another reminder the modern living is based on cheap oil and there’s no alternative. If peak oil occurs before 2100 then the 22nd century would like like the 18th century. Hence why wars should be fought for oil sources: lose the oil and you lose modern living.

    • Hi Gil,

      The problem – for the people behind the pushing of EVs (and the “pandemic” and the “climate crisis”) is cheap energy. Because it allows for a non-binary society, economically. Instead of a few very rich – with all the power (and the comforts) and everyone else below them – a relatively affluent middle and working class. If you have that, then it is much harder to impose a tyrannical, hierarchical society. Hence the need to “stop oil” – by which the ones pushing that really mean “stop cheap energy.”

    • “lose oil” WHUT ARR yoo tawkin baout?

      Hve you forgotten the shape we were in at the end of Trump’s first term? We were NET EXPORTERS of petroleum in all its forms. And that was only from known and currently workedoil sources. Many times more than that was then known, and many toimes more than THAT was near certain. And that’s only what we had domestically.

      Friend of mine lived in Ecuador for about ten yers. spent some of that time ‘down” the hill in the Amazon basin. There was a steady stream of huge pieces of equipment roamong about, drilling small relatively shallow holes for afew days, then over a day or so he woud here deep mubbled eplosions… seismic testing. He chatted up some of the crew and learned they were sent out by a major oil company and were “sounding” for oil beds. He was told it seems the entire basin was FULL of pil, deep large huge easily accessible deposits.
      And that is just one small corner of the South American continent. How many NG reserves have been located?

      DOn’t be fooled… “peak oil” is a myth, just as bad and pernicious as “masks prevent infection” and that the poke in the arm is “safe and effective”.
      WHY are the mid-east moslem natins NOT developing their oil reserves as tey could? They prefer to use violence and money manipulation to put a cap on growth and international trade.

      EV’s make nowhere near as much sense s “two weeks to flatten the curve”.

      FUrhter, if
      managed to achieve drastic reductions in CO2 levels in the air we’d all starve. WHERE would the plants get their carbon from to build their cells, all of them, if there is none in the air? Silly wabbits. Sumbuddy put some stupid juice into the KoolAde. but I aint drinkin that stuff.

  4. From Eric: “If it hadn’t been for Florida, it is very possible the entire
    country would still be living under a “mask” regime.”

    I live in Florida and had something (maybe everything) to do
    with eliminating the alleged federal mask wearing mandate.

    Not too complicated: There is no legitimate authority for
    the federal government to dictate health mandates,
    automobile mandates, etc., to the states. If the feds want
    to additionally mandate, amend the Constitution – it’s
    been done 27 times.

    We have a U.S. Constitution – follow it.

    • Morning, libertyx!

      Indeed. The problem (one of them, at any rate) is that the Constitution is subject to “interpretation.” This is either its most awful flaw or its most malignant purpose.

      • Re: Constitutional “interpretation”
        Surely the most egregious “interpretation” is Executive Orders.
        They may apply to federal lands or federal employees but
        never, legitimately, to the states or We The People.

      • The principal flaw in the Constitution is that it does not provide for its own enforcement. Until 1860 the States could enforce it. “Play by the rules or we take our marbles and go home. Lincoln solved that problem by killing 650,000 Americans to dispose of that notion. Downhill ever since.

      • Eric, you need to (if you haven’t already) din into the Organic 13th Amendment. The entire legal system is outside the legal definition as defined by the Constitution, a fact.

  5. Greta is an actor, and knows nothing of “klimate” or masks. How can some kid who drops out of school know what the climate is doing or if masks work, or the real politik? She can’t and doesn’t. Yet MSM parades her in front of the camera and never talks to a real PhD climate change skeptic.

    The truth is the political class are using Greta for their agenda. It is actually a form of abuse. The are making a fool out of some stupid kid for an agenda they are paid under the table to promote.

    Someday Greta will find out the truth, and she will be mad, very mad indeed like Marvin the Martian.

    • She is a puppet for the Rothschilds. When she first climbed out from under her rock spewing her nonsense, everywhere there we stickers on cars that read, “F— You Greta”. What great fun people had making fun of the useful little moron.

      • Hi Mark,

        Greta is very annoying – but also very sad. From what I have read about her background/childhood, she is autistic and her parents terrorized her with Fear Porn about “climate change.” Yes, she is a useful idiot. But it is the despicable – the evil- people who create and weaponize them who are far worse.

        The analogy here is the Red Guards of China – who were kids. Teenagers, sicced on adults. That same sick plan is now under way in the West.

  6. There is already a mobile EV charging service. It uses a hefty gas generator mounted on a slide-out in an IC van. Yep. Saw it a day or so ago. EV’s are toast IMO but they are fun to poke fun at.

    • I know someone got a Patent for a mobile EV charging truck concept, but I didn’t know anyone licensed the patent and actually has the trucks rolling around.

      That would have to be a hefty truck/generator. I wonder what the MPGs are on one of those trucks.

    • The answer is so simple it is stupid.

      Hitch a thousand pound lithium ion battery on wheels to a tow bar, plug in the battery to the light weight EV because there is no battery inside the frame, saves a lot of work. If the battery auto-immolates, disconnect everything, coast to a stop 300 meters from the great big fire burning out of control. Doesn’t matter if it pushes or pulls, just as long as you are out of the way and in no danger. I dunno, it’s absurd, doesn’t matter. So what?

      You’ll have your classic Coach and Four battery-operated style of a ride.

      If you are in the middle of nowhere, good luck getting the firetruck there soon.

      The battery can be like a team of horses, drop off one discharged battery on wheels, unplug it, hitch up a fully charged battery to the electric vehicle with no battery, just the electric motors driving the wheels. Trade the electric team of horses for the fully charged team so you can charge on, pun intended. The tired team of horses will recharge at the livery.

      The Stagecoach Team of Horses lithium ion battery or something.

      Think of a four-wheeled lithium ion battery as a means of transportation like a team of horses. No more oats at the bottom of the bit bag, just electricity. Such a deal.

      A team of horses pulling a stagecoach would probably make better time than an electric vehicle that poses environmental hazards and deadly results at times due to negligence and mistakes, factory and road accidents.

      All drive-by-wire, nothing to worry about there either.

      Easy to see that wheels trump legs. Keep the four wheels you have that you can control with your legs and arms, not some pie-in-the-sky digital universe.

      It won’t cost you an arm and a leg. It’s an everyday thing in the Middle East, arms and legs all over the place.

      Must be fun. Who knows?

      Pray for everybody, for once.

      Better than cursing and condemning and berating and belittling and killing all of the human dogs out there.

      Just think. Nothing else to do.

      War works until it doesn’t. War never does work.

      How can anything like war do any good?

      You be the decision-maker.

  7. Stopping the Spread . . .of lies

    What is the difference between masters and slaves?….masters write things down….

    today slaves can write…but they still don’t write things down….

    now if a slave does write something…it is censored…it is too dangerous….the masters must stay in control….

  8. EV’s are 25% efficient… gas vehicles are 35% efficient….so ultimately the EV burns 40% for fuel…..

    compared to a diesel the EV burns 100% more fuel…how is that green?…lol….this is why they had to start banning diesels first to start pushing EV’s….they crucified VW first with their REAL 78 mpg diesel cars….

    diesel owners should point out to EV owners they are in reality burning twice as much fuel….destroying the planet….lol….causing global warming….should start an interesting fight…..

    Now somebody has to find and pay for 40% more fuel to move these EV’s around…lol

  9. I have always thought about this as well. One or more red states growing a pair and thumbing their noses at the feds. Resistance can indeed work if enough participate. I remember reading a story about a state (I want to say it was Indiana, but I’m not sure) that kept imprisoning Amish parents who refused to put their kids in public schools. This was back in the 1950’s. So they rounded up the scofflaw parents and threw them in jail. And still the parents refused to put their kids in public schools. Some parents were incarcerated for several years. But the point of the story is that eventually the state gave up on trying to force the Amish to place their kids in public school. They realized that the parents and their community would not bend or cave, even spending months or years in jail. And so they left the Amish to their own ways.

  10. Probably won’t work,,, they tried the same thing in Montana with guns. That situation sort of worked but when carrying that gun outside the state you were carrying an illegal gun.

    A big disadvantage of EVs is weight. The State could impose charges for weight over a certain amount. It could come up with it’s own EV MPG that is more realistic. They could put a State charge for each Kw of charge and call it a EV road charge.
    They could forbid the sale due to community safety reasons. The owner could be charged for the State/private fire crews having to put a dangerous EV fire out.

    Basically the State could do exactly what the Feds are doing but forcing the EV to compete fairly with the ICE.

    Doubtful it would happen. It would require a State where sovereignty and freedom to do business without government interference was important.

    The BIG problem is government and some agencies interfering with interstate commerce in ways not intended by the commerce clause in the Constitution. But I digress………..

    • I would think that the interstate commerce clause could be used against California and other states that have outlawed ICE to be sold in these states. If other states are selling ICE then they have to also. You would think someone hasn’t filed a lawsuit already.

    • Speaking of freedom to do business… there is no way that vehicle-based service businesses can operate profitably using electric vehicles. Think of all the delivery and work vehicles you see on the road. Some are driven over 8,000 miles a month. Think of all the charging time and battery maintenance costs.

  11. Ironic that you chose Florida. FL gets 10% of its power from 3 nuclear power plants (5 reactors). Florida Power and Light has been in the nuclear game for decades without incident. It would (well, should) be trivial for FPL to add another nuclear plant or two (let’s say, 10 more reactors) and cover charging millions of EVs.

    • Hey RK

      “It would (well, should) be trivial for FPL to add another nuclear plant or two (let’s say, 10 more reactors) and cover charging millions of EVs.”

      Trivial? Those billions of fakebux their gonna charge us is not trivial! In two years my electric bill has doubled and I now have to PAY them to read my meter as we have refused the ‘smart’ meter.

      As an aside,,, we just came under FP&L after it purchased Gulf Power. A sorry, sorry company…

      • A nuclear reactor is mostly steel. The containment building is mostly concrete and steel.

        The most expensive part of commissioning a nuclear power plant is lawyers. Lots and lots of lawyers. For potential failure modes that are largely imaginary.

    • Duke Energy has two approved reactor sites currently unused in Crystal River, a plant which they inherited from legacy Florida Power when they purchased the company a couple of decades ago.

      Crystal River went offline for refueling in 2009 but never restarted after initial inspections for the operation revealed cracks in the reactor wall of some kind. I believe the reactors were decommissioned and dismantled, with the sites currently hosting gas generators.

      Of course, now that the toll roads have turned Crystal River into a Tampa exuburb with The Villages encroaching from the east, the real estate might be too valuable to fight the inevitable NIMBY opposition, but Florida Power ran Crystal River for over 30 years without significant problems so the sites are proven.

    • If government is the problem with their meddling and illegalities, are we not giving them carte blanche to do as they damn well please with electricity supplies? We now know that the controllers of our nation are entities like BlackRock that has been allowed to flaunt the monopoly laws. EV’s are just another way for control, more control, than the control used for strategic control over various means of production and application. Then, when it becomes patently obvious that EV’s are just another farce that has been made outrageously expensive so we eventually end up with NO vehicles and 15 minute cities with Israeli-like surveillance and total movement control over citizens. We’re gonna have to resist damn near everything this puke government is ramming down throats. Billion here, billion there, pretty soon you’re talking about real money. It’s cui bono writ large, that’s all. That we’ve tolerated the Covid farce for so long without banishment of vaccines is beyond me. Research after research proves their are ineffective and incredibly diabolic in their effects on humans yet we keep publishing research papers showing enormous toxicities yet CDC thinks they have influence over the process? Government is clearly under the sway of goddam BlackRock, the dollar reigns supreme. Less for me, more for you. It’s how the game is played in s+++hole America.

      • Amen, Sigg –

        The first step – which ought to have been taken at least three years ago – is to refuse to obey. If a third or so of the population had refused to “mask up,” “masking” would have been unenforceable and then it would have been next-to-impossible to pressure people to get “vaccinated.”

        Same with EVs. The way you stop the spread is by not buying one.

  12. Yes! The vehicular sanctuary state! How many times have I touted this? I am vindicated! Thanks, Eric!

    It can work! It may begin small. It may take new and smaller manufacturers: ones who intrepidly embrace the idea, but it can work.

    • What’s funny is that this could increase the sales of electric cars as well, by letting manufacturers produce affordable versions that, while they may have modest range and acceleration, ARE actually economical.

      I’d, of course, say that Az would be a perfect vehicular sanctuary state, though our current, loathesome, saaaaafety-obsessed governor-select wouldn’t have it.

      • Hi BaDnOn,
        I think Florida would be a good choice, as Eric said if California gets to make its own rules why not other states? Florida is very car friendly IMHO, when my parents moved there (from NJ) my dad was thrilled that there was no more annual saaaafety inspection required, which is a giant PITA around here. Of course they moved for the warmer weather but the less intrusive government was the icing on the cake.

        • Hey Mike,

          Yeah, there is a periodic “emissions-test” requirement in Maricopa County (Phoenix) and Pima (Tucson). The rest of the state requires no such thing. There is also no “saaaafety” inspection, which is still an alien concept to me.

          Florida has the advantage of having the better governor, who would likely allow such legislation to pass. Our Governess Hobbes would never allow such a thing. She shoots down legislation constantly, citing “saaaaaafety!”. Hell, there was even bipartisan support for what was known as the “Tamale Bill”, which would’ve let people prepare and sell food from home with less strict requirements (they do it anyway). It was a very libertarian idea. But not very saaaaaafety!!, Hobbes said as she shit-canned it.

  13. Florida has no manufacturing infrastructure to become a sanctuary state for IC vehicles.

    Texas is a possibility, but the state sold its soul to Elon to get the Gigafactory in Austin, and the Governor/Legislature are RINOs outside of a few social issues.

    There is still hope here in Texas, however. GM came to terms with the UAW when the strike hit the Arlington facility since the plant produces an inordinate amount of profitable IC vehicles which are important to the company’s bottom line.

  14. @Eric – I still believe the EV Waterloo is coming with the Cybertruck mass disappointment at the end of the month. Tesla will be able to temper the bad news for a while by making deliveries to the same kind of rabid Blue Oval fanboys who took deliveries of the first F150 Lightnings, but expectations for the truck from Tesla far exceed what was expected from Ford, who made no other extraordinary promises beyond the ability to power your house *in certain trim levels*.

    Expect the first Cybertruck retail delivery to happen with the same kind of Deep State operative who took the first Lightning, keeping things relatively low key until the end of the news cycle that week.

  15. It’s a good idea that I would love to see, but it may not be financially viable for the major OEMs to build vehicles for one state or even a few. Maybe states like Texas and Florida would have enough clout if they did this. It may be an opportunity for smaller manufacturers to fill the need. I’m sure the feds would cut off highway funding to whichever states didn’t comply with EPA regulations.

  16. “Imagine if just one state were to welcome any manufacturer that wanted to sell non-EVs to do just that within its borders.”
    Wouldn’t matter, Eric. There are lots of cases where the 9 gods in black robes have ruled that, even if a product or service is completely within the borders of a single state, it still affects “interstate commerce” and the feds can control it. Besides, even if an automaker set up manufacturing in one state, there’s no way they could build vehicles without interstate or international commerce. Rubber, steel, electronics, plastics, glass, etc. There is no single state that I know of that could source all of that. Sorry, but this is not a viable approach to slaying the federal dragon.

    • Hi Floriduh,

      You’re right as regards the likely response; my response would be – so what? Screw them! Take a stand – and defy them. Force them to bare their fangs and then people can see what this is really all about. And when that happens, they will perhaps at last get made enough to resist.

      They can’t lock us all up. Mass resistance is how we win this.

      • Exactly right.
        When enough repair shops give the feds the finger and remove the crap that no one wants from used cars, there will be no recourse for the fedgov.
        When enough businesses stop collecting withholding of income theft, the fedgov’s con game will be over.
        Give the feds the finger. That’s what they have earned and nothing more.
        D.C. is corrupt to the core. NIFO

      • Problem is, so many states are sucking at the teat of the federal highway bill for building infrastructure that they can’t or won’t take a stand. Besides, those state governors have dreams of being in the “big leagues” someday and knows the only way to DC is to not rock the boat!

      • This is exactly right: “Force them to bare their fangs and then people can see what this is really all about.”

        We saw this with the masks and vaxx mandates. Once they started to bare fangs on those, the whole operation fell apart.

      • Can’t they?

        You don’t think Gaza, places “like that,” are the only blue-sky prisons, do you?

        The punchline is, as always, “we” is already locked up. “We” is the lock-up. “We” is the shank is the prison. The rest, the seen ice berg tip, proceeds from “we.”

        Different topic: the C02 (“the plane! the plane!” ~ little guy, who offed himself – as the Napoleons always do).

        See “chemoreceptors.” Say “are you kidding me?”

        And the correct response/action to most (all?) “they” (which is just another “we,” too) seems to be “Opposite George.” Singular, by George, I think she’s got it!

        Books (I’ve read) like Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art (James Nestor) (& see his Deep, too), The Breathing Cure (Patrick McKeown).

        (Wim Hof. Cold shock proteins. ♾️)

        Maybe look into it, blow it, the brown paper C02 bag, up in yet another way, Eric. C02 – it ain’t just for plants, “anymore.” (If you already have, I’d like the link to the piece.)

        Roger Water. Dark Side of the Moon Redux. Breathe. Tony Robbins-up? Nope.

        The other topic: The reason the law is the tangled web-weave it is is that lawyers are in ev (esoteric vampire?) charging$ (sucking)-control of it.

        (The Laws & legality have zero to do with each other.)

  17. >it takes the same amount of energy to push around a 3-ton truck, whether it’s got an engine or a battery in it.
    But the battery powered truck has to haul around an enormous, heavy battery, versus a couple hundred pounds of fuel for the IC vehicle. All that battery mass must be accelerated and decelerated with the rest of the vehicle. I think I read that the battery pack on an electric HumVee masses close to 10,000 pounds (maybe someone here can confirm or correct that number). F=ma, bitchez. TANSTAA Free Lunch. Or a magic carpet, either.

    (I know, I know. Preaching to the choir, here.)

    • To conjure equal weights to plug into F=ma, let us suppose that the thousand-pound lighter, gasoline-powered F-150 is hauling a replacement ba-a-a-a-attery for a broke-down Lightning.

      I don’t need no beast of burden
      I need no fussing
      I need no nursing
      Never, never, never, never, never, never, never be

      — Rolling Stones, Beast of Burden

    • The Hummer EV story:

      NOTE: the hummer weighs 9640 lb, it has 1000 hp, the battery weighs 3000 lb.
      top speed 106 mph….lol
      real 10.75 mpg
      it takes 4 days to charge…

      ATTENTION: What test drivers got in the Hummer EV:

      Based on it’s highway rating of 43 mpg….. they are getting 1.23 miles of range for every kwh or using 80.69 kwh to go 100 miles. = 43 mpg = 2.32 gallons of gas to go 100 miles.

      (43 mpg = 2.32 gallons of gas, is based on electricity just coming out of a wall plug, in reality 9.30 gallons of fuel or 84 lb of coal were burnt to generate the electricity in the power station = 10.75 mpg).

      So the the Hummer EV gets 10.75 mpg…

      should be a lawsuit claiming 43 mpg….lol.

      Anybody who knows anything about cars knows a 9400 lb SUV is going to get horrible fuel economy…gas mileage…, from historical experience 10 mpg sounds about right, there is no magic….there is no way a 9400 lb vehicle can get 43 mpg….that is total bs…

      just because the fuel is burnt in a power plant 1000 miles away doesn’t mean you can get away with lying about fuel economy….a power plant is 33% efficient at turning fuel into electricity, then there is multiple energy losses along the way between the power plant and the electric motor in the vehicle, before the electrical energy pushes the vehicle down the road….

      the engine in a modern ice powered vehicle is 35% efficient (diesel is 50%), so it would be more efficient then the EV. it would get better then 10 mpg…..

      travelling 100 miles in a diesel getting 73.5 mpg U.S = 1.36 gallons for 100 miles, no need to waste all that fuel.

      diesel fuel cost per 100 miles = 1.36 gallons @ $4.00 per gallon = $5.44
      Hummer EV fuel cost per 100 miles = 80.69 kwh @ $0.40 = $32.27

      with standard 120V charging — or Level 1 charging, it takes 4 days to charge the hummer.

      with standard 240V charging — or Level 2 charging, it takes 24 hours to charge the hummer.

      Car and Driver went to an Electrify America charging station, where it cost over $100 to “fill up” the Hummer at 43 cents per kilowatt hour.

      This is roughly consistent with how much it would cost to fill up a gas-powered Hummer made in the final production year

      A Tesla owner shared on Twitter the Supercharging rates from the Los Angeles area and indicated that they roughly doubled in the past years. To be sure, the $0.58 per kWh rate is for the peak hours from 11 am to 9 pm, with half that outside this interval.
      In Europe it is $0.72 per kwh…coming here soon…lol

      Twitter users across the U.S. have indicated similar rates, with averages of $0.40 per kwh becoming the norm

      • advertised range: 254 miles under ideal conditions, but you can only use 60% of that range
        so the real range is 152 miles in ideal conditions, 30 mph, flat road, no wind, 70 degrees out, no accessories on, AC, etc…

        in very cold weather range drops 50% = 76 miles range….

        in very hot weather the range drops a lot also…….

        An EV when fully loaded with passengers and luggage loses another 25% of it’s range…..

        Driven at full throttle on a race track a tesla lost 90% of it’s range…it used 80 miles range in 8 miles…lol

        NOTE: you can only use 60% of the battery capacity…… between 30% and 90%. using the battery below 30% you can damage the battery, charging above 90% can damage the battery and cause a fire. So you can only use 60% of the range advertised…..

        40% of electricity in the U.S. comes from coal so the Hummer runs on coal…lol
        Thermal efficiency of power plants using coal, petroleum, natural gas or nuclear fuel and converting it to electricity are around 33% efficiency, natural gas is around 40%. Then there is average 6% loss in transmission, then there is a 5% loss in the charger, another 5% loss in the inverter, the electric motor is 90% efficient so another 10% loss before turning the electricity into mechanical power at the wheels.

        33% – 6% – 5% – 5% – 10% = 25% efficiency for EV’s. In very cold weather EV’s are 12% efficient

        Plus the cost of the battery, which is huge, you have to store the electricity in the very, very expensive battery, that is the killer for EV’s right there, the expensive, rapidly wearing out battery.
        the tesla $22,000 battery is used up, worn out in 100,000 miles. this works out to $22.00 per 100 miles it is costing you for the battery.
        The tesla battery weighs up to 1800 lb,
        the hummer battery is 3000 lb, will it cost $30,000+ ….lol

        General Motor’s list price for one tail light is $3,045. Without factoring in labor, the list price for a set of tail lights runs for nearly $6,100, a cost equaling more than 5% of the Hummer EV’s MSRP.

        The hummer has very bad brakes…it is far too heavy

        ATTENTION: This is really bad….Before the lithium battery EV goes one foot the emissions/pollution just from manufacturing it is equal to driving an ice diesel 89,400 km (50,550 miles), about 7 years driving.
        That is with a 40 kwh battery, some have 90 kwh batteries they are 2x as bad for the environment.

      • with standard 240V charging — or Level 2 charging, it takes 24 hours to charge the hummer.

        this means…charging at home….. you can only use it every 2nd day

        also most outside chargers are also 240V…so you sit there 24 hours?….lol

  18. I have to wonder if the CAFE standards wont be used like the “gass guzzler tax” currently is. Right? We all know what the gas guzzler tax is, typically going against super luxurious cars (Bently’s, supercars, et al.) Will not the CAFE tax just become a line item on every car, just to collect more tax? Seems like that is the more likely implementation, rather than everybody buying EV’s

  19. In some ways this reminds me of the premise of “What if they held a war and nobody came?”, perhaps if no one bought an EV it might work but listening to a podcast from the UK they mentioned how manufacturers of gas appliances would undergo fines of about 14,000 UK pounds for every gas boiler or furnace they sold in relation to the push for heat pumps.

    The heat pumps of course using so much expensive electricity that it costs three times as much to heat with them compared to gas. I believe there is a similar policy with cars. If they threaten the manufactures with bankruptcy whether they don’t sell them or we don’t buy them it works out the same way for .gov.

    Also they want all appliances to be smart so the government can control them. Everything I own is as dumb as a sack of wet hammers but at least I don’t have to worry about .gov turning off my freezer due to wanting my freezer to stay frozen.

    • Grid down….no heat……

      Energy shortage blackouts are coming because of an overloaded electrical grid, because of EV’s, heat pumps just waste more electricity and EV’s are 10 x worse,

      Heat pumps are super-efficient, but they are known to not work as well in extreme cold (around -15C or 5F and below). if you live somewhere cold forget it…

      I think the biggest problem with heat pumps is freezing up coils in the months with sub-freezing temps. Heat pumps will extract heat from outside throughout the winter. This can cause moist air around the coils to freeze. Then you have no heat. Same as ground source heat pumps, they too can freeze your ground around the lines in winter making your heating system ineffective.

      nobody talks about the refridge oil and refrigerant they leak ….
      just another electrical device giving off EMF, what a joke….

      I would not use my heat pump to heat in the dead of winter. The efficiency goes out the window below about 7 degrees celsius,

      NOTE….. then the electric auxiliary heater kicks in….what a joke…just an expensive electric heater then eating up electricity….

      They also waste electricity, overload the grid, the overloaded grid is getting far worse because of EV’s…… grid down no heat…lol

      watch …….electricity costs will skyrocket, it won’t be cheaper then natural gas……. buy candles now…

      more problems

      The compressor in my heat pump packed it in, so I opted to replace the entire unit since the R-22 refrigerant it runs has been phased out, and is therefore extremely expensive.
      The brand new unit uses R-410A. ………Guess what? R-410A is already in the process of being phased out due to its “global warming potential”.

  20. Carbon dioxide is not an inert gas. There won’t be photosynthesis if carbon dioxide is inert.

    Radon, xenon, neon, krypton, helium, and argon are the inert gases.

    Hydrocarbons do react when the ignition point is reached.

  21. I haven’t had time to break this down, but there was legislation that passed the House that basically addresses ICE bans in certain states like California, as I understand it.

    We look for potential allies by finding out the specific sponsors. Markwayne Mullin, a war hawk, but otherwise reasonable Republican Senator from Oklahoma sponsored the bill in the Senate.

    If that bill gets through, it would be obviously good.

    Finding allies at the state level is a little trickier but doable. It takes shoe leather and time.

    Oklahoma is one of those states where it could happen. It could happen in Texas, but there are too many RINO’s, basically Democrats, there. That may change in the next election cycle

  22. ‘The Ford F-150 Lightning … is credited by the federal government as delivering 68 “MPGe”. — eric

    MPGe is a simplistic fraud.

    If your Lightning is charged with electricity from a natural gas-fired power plant that achieves a typical 35% efficiency, then the truck’s actual mileage in terms of fuel burned is 68 MPGe * 0.35 = 24 MPG.

    This is no great surprise: it takes the same amount of energy to push around a 3-ton truck, whether it’s got an engine or a battery in it.

    In other words, there’s no ‘weird thermodynamic trick’ that lets EeeVees run around on only a third of the energy needed by an ICE vehicle, as MPGe falsely implies.

    Big Gov lies, and lies pathologically. It refuses, for instance, to audit the Federal Reserve, which is now insolvent to the tune of a trillion dollars, owing to crippling losses on its bond portfolio. Yet the Fed gets to ‘just make up’ its own accounting flimflammery, on the fly.

    It’s morning in America. Today Presnit Joe Baphomet takes a break from fondling children, to help Satanyahu demolish houses and massacre kids by the hundreds. That’s demonocracy, folks!

    • Fuel economy of the Ford F150 EV truck….

      EPA estimate of 51 kWh/100 miles = getting 1.96 miles of range for every kwh which equates to 16 mpg…in ideal conditions….

      if it is very cold outside this drops 50% = 8 mpg….

      when towing 6000 lb range dropped to 85 miles about a 75% drop = 4 mpg

      How about a gasoline-powered equivalent? Though they don’t really compare in power or price, Ford does sell a Platinum F-150 SuperCrew with a 5.0-liter V8 under the hood. The gas-powered Platinum (which can also run on e85) starts at an MSRP of about $63K, so about two-thirds the cost of its fully electric counterpart.

      Its 5.0-liter V8 engine produces a decent 400 horsepower but offers little more than half the torque of the Lightning at 410 lb-ft.

      The good news is that the V8 isn’t picky about its octane, so regular fuel is fine, and this F-150 is estimated to get 20 mpg in combined driving………hot or cold you still get 20 mpg

      when towing 7000 lb range the F150 5.0-liter V8 engine truck got 9.8 mpg ……with 26 gallon tank = 254 mile range….

      cost per 100 miles

      F150 EV 51 kwh x $0.40 at fast charger = $20.40……. plus battery cost $22.00 = $42.40 total
      the $22,000 battery lasts 100,000 miles (if you don’t use fast chargers) this equates to $0.22 per mile x 100 miles = $22.00

      F150 ice 5 gallons X $3.33 = $16.65

      pay $42.40 to go 100 miles in an F150 EV or pay $16.65 in an F150 gas ice truck….plus the F150 Ev costs far more, has no range and takes hours to refuel/recharge, weighs more so eats tires….and the lithium fire bomb batteries are very dangerous….don’t charge it inside your garage….lol

      • These new EV’s burn way more fuel the ice vehicles….lol

        2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum 4WD Automatic, curb weight 6855 lb.
        fuel economy combined = 66 mpg.

        The trick is they always quote mpg at the wall plug, to green idiots electricity just comes out of a wall plug, end of story.

        In the real world the reality is different.

        Thermal efficiency of power plants using coal, petroleum, natural gas or nuclear fuel and converting it to electricity are around 33% efficiency, natural gas is around 40%. Then there is average 6% loss in transmission, then there is a 5% loss in the charger, another 5% loss in the inverter, the electric motor is 90% efficient so another 10% loss before turning the electricity into mechanical power at the wheels.

        33% – 6% – 5% – 5% – 10% = 25% efficiency for EV’s. In very cold weather EV’s are 12% efficient

        EV’s are 25% efficient, so at the wall plug 75% of the original source of energy (coal, oil, gas, etc.) has been lost, wasted, so you have to look back at how much fuel was actually used.

        EV pushers lie 24/7 about this quoting fuel economy at the wall plug, they think electricity comes to the wall plug magically, they are insane…lol….

        2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum 4WD Automatic fuel economy combined = 66 mpg. To get the real fuel economy just divide by 4 = 16.5 mpg
        test drivers got 54 mpg divide by 4 = 13.5 mpg
        but that is in ideal conditions, in really cold conditions it is half that = 7 mpg.

        Towing 6000 lb range drops to 85 miles.
        At WOT wide open throttle range drops 90%.

        Compared to a new ice truck:
        2022 Toyota Tundra gas ice curb weight 5798 lb. V6 turbo 389 hp fuel economy combined 23 mpg

        EV pushers lie 24/7 about this quoting fuel economy at the wall plug, they think electricity comes to the wall plug magically, they are insane…lol….

        It does in a sense, nobody cares how much fuel was actually burnt to charge the EV….it is subsidized at below production costs through a government run utility, paid for by ice vehicle driving taxpayers, who also subsidized the purchase price of the EV with their tax dollars, they also pay for the roads used by parasitic lithium fire bomb EV drivers, they pay nothing, they are free loaders.

        95% of lithium fire bomb batteries are not recycled, the biggest ecological nightmare in history, brought to you by leftist/communist/globalists.

        EV’s and hybrids are starting to get banned in underground or above ground parking, if you see one parked report it……lol

        All the most important components in the new EV’s are all made in china. low quality = fire hazard.

        There is many very serious, dangerous problems with EV’s the public was never informed of, EV’s were just jammed down our throat, by telling lies about them 24/7, disinformation and disinformation….lol…..they think people are too stupid to figure it out….

        • EV’s and hybrids are starting to get banned in underground or above ground parking, if you see one parked, near other cars, in an underground parking lot, on a ferry…… report it……lol

    • Thermal efficiency of power plants using coal, petroleum, natural gas or nuclear fuel and converting it to electricity are around 33% efficiency, natural gas is around 40%.

      NOTE there is more losses…..Then there is average 6% loss in transmission, then there is a 5% loss in the charger, another 5% loss in the inverter, the electric motor is 90% efficient so another 10% loss before turning the electricity into mechanical power at the wheels.

      33% – 6% – 5% – 5% – 10% = 25% efficiency for EV’s. In very cold weather EV’s are 12% efficient

      • just take the advertised eMPG and divide by 4….this will give the rough real world mpg of an EV….there should be a lawsuit for false advertising….

        33% – 6% – 5% – 5% – 10% = 25% efficiency for EV’s

        they conveniently skip over this……

        Thermal efficiency of power plants using coal, petroleum, natural gas or nuclear fuel and converting it to electricity are around 33% efficiency, natural gas is around 40%.

        NOTE there is more losses…..
        Then there is average 6% loss in transmission, then there is a 5% loss in the charger, another 5% loss in the inverter, the electric motor is 90% efficient so another 10% loss before turning the electricity into mechanical power at the wheels.

        biggest liars ever….lol

        • Powering cars with electric motors is far less efficient then using gas or diesel ice engines or modern steam engines……..

          Diesel is best over 50% efficiency,

          gas now up to 37% or more,

          a Mercedes Formula 1 gas engine = 50% efficiency.

          A modern steam engine is 50%+ efficient.

          Ev’s 25% efficiency. In very cold weather 12%


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