How Do We “Stop the Spread”?

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Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci have assured us another “pandemic” is coming. Rest assured, it is. It will be brought to us by people like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci – and other people like them, who profit from sickness and enjoy spreading it.

Especially mental illness – the pathological dread of sickness.

The question we probably ought to be asking ourselves right now is – how to stop the spread?

The last time there was a pandemic – of hypochondria – and too many of us helped spread it. By going along with it. We played our parts in the Sickness Kabuki, putting on “masks” and standing away from other people – when we were allowed anywhere near them. This made it look as if there were a pandemic about. That, in turn, made it easy for the people hyping it to elaborate it. If “masks” are necessary then – implicitly – so are vaccines. Just the same as the “necessity” of mandating seat belts in cars back in the mid-1960s made mandating air bags “necessary” in the ’90s.

One thing does lead to another.

This truth has been mocked over the years for the same reason that truths about what really happened – as in Dallas in 1963 – have been mocked as “conspiracy” theories. It is a well-known tactic of falsehood spreaders to mock what is true (factually as well as logically) so  as to make it appear preposterous.

Also the person who sounds the alarm.

Three years ago, if you’d told people that by putting on a “mask” you have granted that “masking” is necessary – and if you have granted that, then you have already granted that rolling up your sleeve is also necessary – many would have scoffed, called you an over-reactor.

“It’s just a mask,” some of them said. Many of you will recall.

Except it wasn’t just that. It is never just that. The creepy-crawly advance of government-corporate invasions/usurpations/degradations never halts. The point – from the point-of-view of the government-corporate nexus – is to always advance.

Just one step at a time. So that people don’t notice where they’re being led.

And that is why it is so vital to call a halt. Not one inch farther. Zero compromise when it comes to our rights – and more to the point, what is wrong.

People’s greatest strength – their compassion, their wanting to avoid conflict by coming to some accommodation – is what’s always used against them by psychopaths devoid of compassion, who intend to have their way entirely – and move toward that goal one step at a time.

There is even a name for this process in political theory. It is called Fabianism. Usually in the context of socialism. Which is how you get to communism.

One step at a time.

The full program is held in abeyance – for a time. At first, it is just an income tax – applied only to the very wealthy (to gull the very stupid and the immoral). A seat belt in your next new car; who could object to that? And now you have six air bags in your car. Let the government mandate new cars get better gas mileage (even though there were cars that got excellent mileage before the government began mandating it) and before you know it, government is mandating that the only cars you’ll be allowed to buy henceforth are those that use no gas at all.

If you look, you will be able to discern a pattern.

It is always some little thing that inevitably becomes a bigger thing. In law, the doctrine is that of precedent. If it is accepted that the government ought to have the power to decree new cars must average 21 miles-per-gallon (or any miles-per-gallon) it has already acquired the power to decree they must get 50 miles per-gallon (as has in fact happened).

Our rights either are – or they aren’t. A compromised right is a ceded (and so doomed) right.

Therefore, never compromise when it comes to your rights.

This is the secret to defending them. It is why so much effort is spent on getting you to accept little infringements, here and there. The ones infringing know that a meal is not swallowed whole but in pieces.

If you bat away their hands, they cannot eat your lunch.

Alexander Solzyhenitsyn wrote about how he and his fellow prisoners “burned” in the camps they’d been sent to. Which they were in because they’d allowed themselves to be taken there.

One step at a time.

The communists did not take over Russia overnight. It took them years. But they were dogged in their pursuit of the ultimate goal. Often, they wheedled and whined. They spoke of “peace” and “bread” and “land.” The stupid – and the immoral – hearkened to what they said. A whole nation found itself enslaved.

One step at a time.

If only enough of them had refused to take one more step. If only enough of us had done so, three years ago. Twenty years ago – when we were told we must stand with our legs apart and our hands on our heads. No. I won’t do that. You have no right to demand I do.

And so, I won’t.

No “mask” for me, either. I won’t be “locked down” ever again. Take your drugs and shove them. I’m no afraid – and you’re not interested in “keeping me safe.” You are interested in power. I know what you’re about.

That is how we stop the spread.

. . .

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  1. One thing I’ve learned over the past few years, is that many souls DO have a price. In other words, if you keep giving people “free” money and other stuff, they will not only comply, but PUNISH those of us who don’t! These dildos are going to keep that gravy train rolling, no matter how many get killed in the process!

  2. The creeping started with the US Constitution and the power to tax. Given the power to tax, the only think keeping the state from taking it all is gravity and friction. Seems the state has largely overcome both.

  3. Eric, I saw this and immediately thought of your article:

    “Those of us in the Health Freedom Community are very fortunate that we saw – early or eventually – the Great Fraud & Mass Enslavement of lockdowns, masks, mandates and horrific clot-shots.

    Now there is an active Justice Movement seeking to stop the Great Fraud from happening again.

    But is this very important Justice Movement missing something…?… Something fundamental that will allow the roots of the Great Fraud to come back and enslave us again…?… And even worse?

    Dr Sam Bailey takes us one more step in understanding the very roots of this Great Fraud – that started over a hundred years ago.

    Are you interested in actually stopping this Great Fraud – permanently?

    This excellent video is absolutely riveting in it’s clarity and power.

    Watching it and following up with reviewing the resource links will change your life perspective – and your relationship to your own personal health journey – forever.” …

    • Sad thing is, Helot, if we remember how these things have always played-out with regard to past psy-ops……

      Like the 9/11 Truth Mov’t. Same thing seems to play-out every time. A small percentage of the people “get it”…..but before long, their movement is neutered/gone. They are discredited and vilified….and a year or so later, you never hear of them again. Heck, the disinformation agents do their jobs so well, many in the opposition movements even end up believing the mainstream narrative.

      I remember this Canuk I knew online in the early 00’s. He was a warrior for the 9/11 truth mov’t- I mean DARN he was good, and could whack virtually anyone with logic and fact. HE ended up abandoning the whole thing and buying ‘the official narrative’. Was he a disinfo agent, or merely a victim of it? I don’t know…but where is the 9/11 truth mov’t today?

      Same with OKC bombing; school shootings, TWA Flight 800… (I have personally witnessed how the Feds bought-out a key witness to the latter…he kept his mouth works for DHS).

      Some call me a cynic (I knew they’d say that! :D)…but we’ve seen the scenario I posit played-out enough times…and it’s always the same….

      • Seems to me, the groups/truth movements you mentioned were all about trying to make the goobermint accountable by using the goobermint system to do so.

        With the Scamdemic, it appears simply becoming aware, is the point.

        Unlike how you describe, the people “get it”…..but before long, their movement is neutered/gone, once a person knows the big lie of the Scamdemic, there’s no unknowing.

        Willfully self-re-imposing ignorance, perhaps? By some. Likely not all.

        I don’t know.

        • Good point, Helot- but then again, I think that was also the case with most of the other movements- maybe with some hope that the truth would be so overwhelming that somehow ‘someone’ would be held accountable…but overall, I think the idea was really just about promoting the truth/exposing the lies, and cluing more people in.

          What I don’t get about the nurses, is how they can see this scam…but are either oblivious to all of the other scams which are so rampant in healthcare….or just keep their mouth shut about them.

          Maybe because this one affects them, personally….so now they care.

  4. Howard Lyman was a cattle rancher out in Montana, he was a bit of a hard-headed driver of mules and such.

    He was the cattle rancher gone Pfizer in Montana. 7000 head of cattle and 30,000 acres means you did go big then home.

    He became a vegetarian.

    No more beef for Howard Lyman. An epiphany for Howard, his health improved after abandoning roast beef dinners. So did Norwegian farmers after the German Army began stealing their cattle, you gotta feed an army on the move.

    Heart disease decreased after Norwegian farmers were forced to eat less beef because the Nazis had a penchant for pastrami.

    Howard went all Temple Grandin.

    Cattle are inoculated with all kinds of vaccines and hormones.

    Horse flies, deer flies are a pain.

    Animal husbandry is another league.

    Albert Bourla ain’t there yet.

    Temple Grandin got there long ago.

    So leave me alone. Thanks in advance.

  5. Anyone see the new Biden ad? Uncle Sniffy speaks multiple times of “personal freedom” and “rights” as though he’d do anything but rob you of them. It’s sickening hearing this pale corpse of a man speak of freedom. He doesn’t know the MEANING of the word!

    Even though he is a pathological liar, the Orange Man was honest enough to hardly ever spoke of freedom, which he clearly never intended to expand.

    • BaDnOn,

      It’s rich that Joe Biden would speak of “personal freedom” and “rights” in his reelection ad when it was HE & HIS regime that attacked our right to “informed consent” re whether to take an experimental pharma product and tried to FORCE Americans to take it via mandates. And now, he wants to send the pharmaceutical industry MORE money to make future COVID jabs. If they succeed with that, he’ll likely try once again to FORCE Americans to take them to please Big Pharma.

      And with his smearing of “MAGA Republicans”, if RFK Jr’s campaign gains legs, given that one media outlet wrote a piece accusing him of “Wanting to Make America Unvaccinated Again”, along with the media’s screeching about a voting bloc they call “Antivaxxers”, will the Biden Thing concoct a new bogeyman to attack called “MAUA voters”?

      Another attack on “personal freedom” from HIS regime would be this blatant attempt to impose CBDC on the public. If that is fully implemented, we’ll effectively LOSE financial freedom.

      And yet ANOTHER attack on “personal freedom” is the attack on traditional automobiles in favor of SHOVING EVs down the public’s throats.

      I’m sure everyone here can think of other attacks on “personal freedom” and “rights” from this doddering old FOOL & his regime over the past 2+ years.

      • John B,

        You can probably just go to his campaign website (assuming he has one) and read his agenda. I’m certain that everything listed will be an erosion or an outright usurpation of our personal freedom. Everything he’s ever done is the antithesis of respect for liberty.

        • BaDnOn,

          One thing I found curious at the time Joe Biden ran for President in 2020, the one slogan his campaign often touted was “Build Back Better”, which just happened to be the same slogan touted by other governments around the world, as well as Klaus Schwab’s WEF. If Biden does have a 2024 campaign website, I imagine the agenda listed will be a bunch of gobbledygook (e.g., portraying his political opponents as EXTREMISTS) , or be virtually indistinguishable from the agenda the WEF is pushing.

          • John B,

            I’m sure you’re right. You don’t think he’d compile an agenda of his own, do you? I’m sure he couldn’t compile a grocery list.

            As for the slogan, I really liked Hitlery’s:
            “Stronger together”.
            I laugh every time I hear that (and it IS repeated often in all manner of media).
            “Stronger together” is the most succinct definition of fascism possible. 😉

      • Other attacks on “personal freedom” & “rights” from the Biden Thing include:

        1) Attacks on free speech via censoring those who spoke out against “The narratives” re COVID, face diapers, Hunter Biden’s laptop, COVID jabs, 2020 election, January 6th, proxy war against Russia, etc.
        2) Attacks on 2nd Amendment rights via attempts to DISARM law abiding American gun owners who’ve harmed NO ONE.

        • Let me add asset forfeiture and sobriety checkpoints to your list. And Biden had nothing to do with them. It’s an ongoing thing, and has nothing to do with who is POTUS.

          • John,

            Yes, those are attacks on “personal freedoms” & “rights” as well that have been going on for I don’t know how long. But with Biden’s reelection ad, I can’t help but wonder if Gavin Newsom or someone on his staff wrote the script for it, as Newsom launched an ad not too long ago attacking Florida and claiming that California stood for FREEDOM. (NO joke)

  6. Eric wrote: “If only enough of them had refused to take one more step. If only enough of us had done so, three years ago.”

    We should all have “red lines” past which we will not cross and past which other’s cannot cross without consequence. I have them at work. No amount of money or promised prestige will lure me beyond my red lines. I refused to wear a mask at work. My refusal was challenged by a pipsqueak colleague who confronted me. He lost and I won. I told my boss that I will not wear a mask. When the jab mandates came out, I refused to jab, though most all of my work colleagues did. We were told that our integrity dictated that if we wouldn’t jab then we had to mask! Ha.

    It is only when you have your “red lines” that you are free. Free to follow your conscience. Free to live your life. It’s called liberty – a word most Americans no longer understand.

  7. Anybody been to Vladivostok lately? Didn’t think so, me neither. 610,000 Vladivostoktans gotta do something. Fishing would be one, building a modern city to make life even better in Vladivostok would be another reason to get something done.

    It is a post-modern city in Russia, they have it all, vodka is no problem. Doesn’t make any difference what kind of money you make, as long as you can have it all, it’s all good.

    San Francisco is another story, sorry.

    Neocons walking around telling people in Vladivostok what to do ain’t gonna happen.

    You gotta stop your belly and backbone from bumping, cooking food does that.

    Vaccines should be the last thing on your mind.

  8. Re “People’s greatest strength – their compassion, their wanting to avoid conflict by coming to some accommodation – is what’s always used against them by psychopaths devoid of compassion, who intend to have their way entirely – and move toward that goal one step at a time.”

    That’s a distortion of reality, a whitewash of the real truth.

    What you falsely present is the typical victim narrative:the problem is the people at the top, the “compassionate people” making up the public are just victims of their schemes —the bogus equation of the criminal shadow government vs. the innocent public. In that FALSE self-lying equation it is just a matter of “draining the swamp” at the top and we’re back to our former (“healthy”=destructive) “normal.” This fake narrative or fantasy is, of course, appealing to the masses, removing their culpability in the many past and present atrocities committed by “homo sapiens.” It’s why the “experts” disseminating this fantasy become popular and influential…

    “All experts serve the state and the media and only in that way do they achieve their status. Every expert follows his master, for all former possibilities for independence have been gradually reduced to nil by present society’s mode of organization. The most useful expert, of course, is the one who can lie. With their different motives, those who need experts are falsifiers and fools. Whenever individuals lose the capacity to see things for themselves, the expert is there to offer an absolute reassurance.” —Guy Debord

    The fact that evil people rule is only ONE part of the equation. The pack of leading criminals do not operate in a vacuum, and never have. There are 2 destructive human pink elephants in the room and they are MARRIED — study “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room”…

    The criminals in powers are in those positions and do what they do ONLY because of the mostly willful activities, or inactivities, of the majority of self-entitled “good” or “compassionate” people — the 90+% of the herd.

    For what it’s worth… the ruling gang of criminals pulled of the Covid Scam globally via its WHO institution because almost all nations belong to it. If you’re in the US go to and sign the American Sovereignty Declaration to #ExitTheWHO and follow their prompts to contact your representatives and tell them to work for their constituents instead of the mega psychopaths in power.

    • Hi Luotti,

      I don’t disagree with your position. You are quite right that evil is not only enabled – but voted for – by lots of evil ordinary people. But it is nonetheless true, I think, that most people are more misguided than evil. This is a problem greatly magnified by mass government schooling, which has as its main object the stunting of the capacity to reason, to think broadly, in terms of general principles (the goal of the trivium, which was once the basis of teaching a child how to think rather than what to think).

      The question before us now is whether there are enough thinking people left to salvage what remains of what is.

  9. The scary thing is, I had read on another alternate website, that a digital current (CBDC) could be coming as early as July. If that is the case, all the government would have to do is shut off your money (such as what Canada did to the truckers) any time you do not comply with their demands and decrees. Not getting vaxxed? No money for you. Not wearing your mask? Sorry, you cannot get groceries this month. The possibilities for them are endless. The enslavement for the rest of us never ending.

    • Hi Shadow,

      If that happens, it’s fighting time. THere’s no choice then – other than just accepting you will do as you’re told. Period. And that the government will have control over everything, down to the buying (or not) of a cup of coffee. I will not live that way. I’d rather die fighting it.

      • Eric & Shadow,

        What is rumored to be starting in July is something called FedNow, which would effectively be the start of CBDC. There needs to be MASS opposition to it instead of mindless complying like we saw with face diaper mandates in 2020. I’ve also read that there are plans for a GLOBAL CBDC, which would likely make it possible for these globalist technocrats to monitor and control literally every purchase people make and shut off their money at will if they don’t comply with the latest diktats, be it for the latest mRNA jab, wearing face diapers, carbon allotments, eating ze bugs, etc.

        • Hmm, it makes you wonder if they will start the FedNow slowly, like that of boiling the frog boiling in the pot of water? Start off slow & easy, so that no one gets spooked enough to actually resist the change (and hop out of the too-hot water). By the time the stupid sheep figure it out, fighting against it would be out of the question, because the chains (by then) would be effectively around everyone’s necks. Well, I guess we will not have long to see how many stupid sheep are in this country, and how many fighting bulls there are who will stand up and fight against this, even if it means fighting to the death for what we believe in.

          • Shadow,

            I read a piece recently about how skepticism of MAN MADE CLIMATE CHANGE is growing despite relentless propaganda about it for I don’t know how long. Could the charlatans who’ve pushed the COVID propaganda have overreached?

            And I’ve also read about lots of COVID jab doses that had to be discarded because there just aren’t enough people getting booster jabs.

            • I think it is great that people are waking up to the fraud of “global warming”. Maybe it is that they are going so far to the absurd (bags on the butts of cows to contain their farts), that it is waking people up? I remember years ago, reading of a purported Russian hacker (whom we owe much gratitude if such is true) who released information that our beloved EPA was falsifying the data, because the real data was not meeting up with the science of their so-called “climate change/global warming”. If this is the case, it shows why the Feds are doubling down and moving faster. And yes (bwa ha ha), I think it is funny as hell that there are so many unused COVID “vaccines”. I know of many co-workers who took the initial jabs, and who are saying “no more”. I still think they will die off sooner, but none are taking the boosters. I helped many a co-worker file “religious exemptions” (a yearly task) this past Winter, because everyone is just done with the whole thing. So, when another “pandemic” arrives, just as Bill Gates is announcing (weaponized Ebola, etc.) that more people will just tell him to f- off.

              • Shadow,

                I also read that the FDA discontinued authorization of the original monovalent COVID jab and moved on to authorization of the BIVALENT BOOSTER JAB, even though the DREADED™️ Omicron variant (which the bivalent booster purportedly targeted as well as the original COVID variant) is apparently gone, and the bivalent booster jab was originally only available to people who’ve already been vaxxed.

                • That does not surprise me. Funny how if you wait something out long enough, the truth comes out. ‘Course you have to wonder if they just did not put the contents (ingredients) of the monovalent jabs in the Bivalent boosters, and just did not tell anyone. Hell, who is going to know? Not even the MD or the nurse giving you the jab is going to know what is in that vial. Years ago, I read a thick novel on viruses, and concluded that if they were people, they would be far more intelligent than even the likes of Einstein, in terms of how they can rapidly replicate. Any wonder, then, that vaccines are such a failure?

        • Hi John,

          Yes – a thousand times, yes. This must be the red line-Rubicon that cannot be crossed. I will do all I can to rouse as much opposition as I can. All of us are “in this together.”

          • I agree, Eric. Hell, there will be no point in me getting up and busting my butt at work anymore, because the money will no longer be mine. No being able to “save up” money for something I want, because it is not mine. Nor will I be able to keep prying eyes from seeing what I buy, either. In a way, I cannot help but think they set it up that way. Hey, don’t want to work ’cause it is not your money? You just starve. Or, a universal income is implemented, and either way, end up a slave of some sort. Like you, though, the option of not fighting back is NOT an option. I see people woke up with the COVID jabs, and that is good. It just seemed so damned slow on their part! I think it is funny as hell that Big Pharma cannot just self-righteously shove vaccines (including the horrendous, long list of childhood ones) on everyone anymore because of COVID, as that woke a lot of parents up. I just wish they were waking up faster. Maybe when the somewhat patriotic parent realizes he/she cannot feed her kid this month, he or she will finally get it. But, I hope it does not get to that point. Or maybe we can tell them to pound sand, and create our own alternate economy. For with the dollar crashing, and the nation being so divided, I think that may be what helps us all survive what is coming.

    • I read the same thing, Shadow. I also noticed that the main stream media is also starting to mention it. I am curious how they are going to enact such a thing. What happens if the grid goes down? I only hope that the American public realizes how dangerous this is and fights it tooth and nail, but I am betting on some type of pansy response or a shoulder shrug. Maybe when the Social Security payments or food stamps aren’t in the account that month people will take a stand. What will the Black Market do? Heroin purchases with CBDC? Do they think sin will stop? Good luck government getting between an individual and their next fix. Honestly, I am rooting for the Mafia and drug cartels on this one. Something tells me don’t screw with people when billions of dollars and their livelihoods are affected.

      • Well, when India tried enacting digital currency, it was a complete disaster. I imagine it will be the same ever, and maybe worse. Sadly, Americans suffer from an it-can’t-happen-here mentality. Until it does. I think everyone is going freak the f- out when it does come into play. And when they further realize that one day they cannot buy something. Or pay a bill. I shudder when the grid goes down, because we will all freeze to death up here, with our long, cold, dark Winters. I have accepted that, and have vowed that if that is how I go, I will go with a full belly, and maybe a bit of alcohol, if need be. As for the masks, I only wore them at work, and refused the jabs, and was able to get a “religious” exemption, knowing full-well it could be revoked, and I could be fired. Which still maybe be the case, but have been okay for now. It is sad when you can hope for a better outcome with the mafia. Up here, we think our best option might be the Russians coming in and re-claiming us (in Alaska). We would be better off…for awhile. Like you, Eric, I would rather go down fighting, because the future they have for us is nothing I want to stick around for. I always joked to my godmother (God rest her soul) that “our world” (growing up in hell) was coming to everyone else’s world. I was just hoping I had a few more years, is all.

  10. Fighting back against the globalist control group…..

    Dr. Sean Hross Phd. a history researcher…. has about 300 videos on the control group on top….Sean has spent his life trying to reveal the control group to the people….

    The pharaohs had their feudal king with slaves system from 3150 BC to 30 BC when they were defeated by ther Romans…the pharoahs then moved to the Roman empire…when Rome was defeated they moved to France around 1000 AD…..they were pushed out of france and founded switzerland as their home in 1291…..they built the castles and became kings in europe, the european royalty….

    The Pharistocracy……..The Swiss/davos/templars/freemason/vatican/banksters/ control group at the top….which includes the WEF, U.N., NATO….which are part of their machine….

    switzerland is the base of the pharoahs, the nazis, the templars…..the templars are the military wing, the freemasons are the political wing, the vatican is the religious wing, the financial wing is the swiss banks…the banksters, switzerland was founded by the templars in 1291….they are satanists

    Part 1 is here
    Part 2 is here
    Part 3 is here
    Part 4 is here`
    Part 5 is here
    Part 6 is here
    Part 7 is here
    Part 8 is here
    Part 9 is here
    Part 10 is here

  11. quote: “Our rights either are – or they aren’t. A compromised right is a ceded (and so doomed) right. Therefore, never compromise when it comes to your rights.”

    I agree and I will expand on the idea of being compromised – what choice do you have in paying property tax? Eric, you have said that tax is an indefinite lien. People used to build houses with no taxes applied, and they used to build them outside of any code. Many “primitive” places in the world people still live free of mortgages and taxes.

    The native Americans never had to buy land, pay property tax, or go to Home Depot. And no cops either, no cops every came and demanded they pay up. But they did war with each other – so they had their own problems – but the point is we really lost our freedom to exist when we were forced to build to code and pay the never ending tax on OUR property.

    But that is not all. It is even worse than that. Since most people can not build their own home, they have to buy it, and because of debt and inflation they do not have enough capital to buy a $500,000 home (the average price in many areas now). Thus they have to go apply for a loan, and if they are lucky, and if they have the 10-20% down payment, they can have the privilege of purchasing a new or used home and make payments for 30 f–king years.

    No Indian ever made payments on their teepee or wigwam. And no Indian ever went to jail when some “antifa” marauder came to mess with their abode and the young braves put an arrow into the intruder. We have also lost the right of self defense that all of Nature exercises.

    And if they miss a few payments, guess what? The bank takes the home back. Foreclosures are a constant thing in a debt based economy, because when you get a home loan you are making a wager that you will have uninterrupted wages to make the payments – and our society is in a never ending debt crisis – with repeated recessions, interest rate swings, etc. So buying a home is a gamble.

    So the point I am making, we are also compromised when we get into debt to purchase a home, and most of us are so far gone into sheeple twilight zone, we don’t even realize it. But that is not all, there is a point in the debt cycle, when the government loses it’s ability to keep rates down, because of perceived risk in holding US debt, and the markets start demanding higher rates – but millions of people bought into housing at very low rates and maximum prices.

    Today, credit default swaps on US Treasuries jumped 15 basis points to the highest level ever. Insurance on US debt purchases is going up – and we know why – the hegemon is going down – losing it’s credibility – losing it’s monopoly on the oil backed US Dollar. So if you think about it, all those home buyers are facing every increasing rates as the US Gov sinks into banana republic status (with the associated high rates), that can easily go to 75%.

    Can you imagine the drop in home prices if interest rates go higher than 1980?
    The long term average on a 30 year mortgage is 8%. Just that getting back to the median will be catastrophic.

    I think those in power know all this, which is why they are eager for us to get the death jab – and don’t forget they exempted themselves.

  12. ‘It is always some little thing that inevitably becomes a bigger thing.’ — eric

    Last week’s illustration:

    ‘An April 18 hearing was held by the Subcommittee on Clean Air, Climate and Nuclear Safety of the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee.

    ‘Subcommittee Chair Ed Monkey … errr, Markey (D-Mass.) lauded the EPA’s proposals, released on April 12.

    ‘He suggested that the new EPA standard for light-body vehicles “could be expanded upon,” saying that over $135 billion in spending last Congress was being used “to build America’s electric vehicle future.”

    “Strong proposed regulations are critical to driving climate progress forward, but they are more doable than ever, thanks to the billions in clean vehicle investments passed by Congress,” Markey said.

    ‘Describing the advantages of stricter regulations, he argued that “those benefits are a bonanza to our climate, to drivers, and to our health.”

    “We need to make sure they also benefit Union-American workers,” he added. — ZH

    A fricking bonanza, my friends! And all we had to do was pass a ‘law’ to pluck them from the air, free of charge.

    Are you of the Union-American ethnic persuasion, comrade?

  13. The shocking thing is the most popular newscaster/commentator was just deplatformed. Tucker Carlson was the last honest person in news and he’s fired? What in the hell? With stellar ratings? It seems like one of those rubicon moments our late stage society is crossing daily.

  14. Not only were face diaper mandates not grounded in any SCIENCE, prolonged wearing of them created their own health problems. Nonetheless, there are people who’ll dismiss that as CONSPIRACY THEORY & STILL wear them, and even believe the narrative that “Mask mandates saved lives”. If anything, mask mandates HARMED lives instead, and yet, there are likely authoritarians out there just itching to REIMPOSE face diaper mandates for some decreed “emergency”………

  15. Bill Gates is in the photograph, he’s got that look on his face, one that could use a punch or two. A pie ain’t enough.

    The Gates Foundation bought BioNtech in September of 2019, the number of shares bought then sold? 1,038,674 shares bought sold to a remaining 148,674 shares over the third quarter of 2021.

    In October of 2019 there was some summit somewhere, can’t remember what it was called, Event 201, now that I searched for it.

    The Gates Foundation shares ballooned to 300,000,000 dollars after an approximate 20 million dollar investment. Bill Gates also complained about the efficacy of the vaccines after he sold his more than 900,000 shares of BioNTech. Before the third quarter of 2021, the Gates Foundation sold an additional 2 million shares.

    Apparently, Bill Gates does it for the money. Looks a bit culpable too, you can see it in the photo. You would have to sue the Gates Foundation for profiting from a known substance that caused acute reactions and fatalities. Have to be responsible somehow, it seems so.

    Bill Gates said: “We need a new way of doing the vaccines.”

    Weasel words have to be used, you don’t want to be sued for ill-gotten gains.

    A whole rack of culprits who need to be sued, money can be clawed back.

    • Hmmm, interesting. Same thing with Dan Bongino, though his stay was brief. Besides Bongino, Tucker Carlson was Fox’s best and most accurate. Time to purge these mroe honest voices, I’m sure to be replaced with someone more “receptive”.

    • Indeed RG,
      Matt Taibi has been threatened with jail time for reporting the actual truth by some Clowngress delegate, whatever that is, not even an actual Congress critter. I guess his “crime” is publishing “misinformation”, aka the truth. These government aholes need to be reminded they took an oath to defend the Constitution, which inconveniently includes the first amendment.

      • Hi Mike and BaDnOn,

        Somebody got to Murdoch. Who controls Dominion again? Yes, $787 million dollars is quite a check to write, but if Fox really cared about integrity and really thought their commentators were wrong they would have fired them back in 2020/early 2021 not wait two years after the fact.

        I would be interested to see who really runs Dominion Voting Systems and the power that is behind them (not the faces that they force in front of the camera). The First Amendment is dead in this country. They are going to come after anybody and everybody who won’t line up and take the blue pill. We all need to keep our head on a swivel.

        • Hi RG (and everyone, as this concerns everyone) . . .

          Come what may, I won’t buckle to this. The minute I am limited in what I am able to write about or say, you will know it – and I will fight to the last tap of my keyboard. I’ve had a good life so far and hope to enjoy the last half, if I can. But I will not bow to these bastards.

          • Hi Eric,

            The problem with computers/internet/technology is it is so easy to pull the plug (no pun intended). One day it is on. Next day it is gone. I am not as worried about them hunting everyone down, but we will just turn on our computers and it will be a blue screen of death.

            It is very simple – no one has to take anyone out by getting their hands bloody and then trying to hide a body and one can do it in the comfort of their home office. At least in the old days an effort was made and it took calculation and precision. A bit of investigative work and not just hacking into some immobile machine.

            Would the Duke of Wellington, Julius Caesar, or Simon Bolivar have succeeded if they were faced with today’s nemesis…the computer and its constant replay of fear porn? Highly unlikely.

        • “The First Amendment is dead in this country.”
          Was that before or after the forth and fifth amendment were killed with asset forfeiture and sobriety checkpoints, many years ago?
          You only have what rights which you can defend. Which makes the second amendment the very most important. Even if you have to violate “the law” to keep it.

          • No wonder then, John, that the politicians and leftists (and even those on the right) are fighting like hell to disarm us? Or teach the younger generations how “bad” guns are? Screw ’em. The fact that they are trying so damned hard to disarm us, goes to show just how important it is to have that 2nd Amendment. As one commentator pointed out (quite scarily, I might add), that if they are treating us this way now with so many armed, how bad will it get if they are successful at disarming the populace? At this point, it is the only thing keeping them in line, and not by much, which is a sobering thought.

    • Media is now a farm league for podcasting and blogging. Do your time, build an audience. But be ready for advertisers to demand you jump through their hoops, and keep your exit plan up to date. Do your time, get some attention, invest wisely. Carlson will have no problem pulling his core audience over to anything he does, and probably pick up more once he gets on the Rogan/Megyn Kelly/Glenn Beck interview circuit. In the end he’ll have a bigger audience than he ever had on Fox News, and more desirable from an advertising standpoint too. Or he could go the Beck/Jones route and get in on the prepper merch side, but I think that’s a dead end and a lot of effort.

  16. It’s been a while since I’ve been here. Sorry 😉 but I have been busy… so I don’t know if you’ve covered it but with all this RFK Jr. running for pReZ-uH-dENt hubbub I thought I should let you know, even though most of you all probably don’t vote anyway, that RFK, Jr is still a democrat. I wanted to say this especially since I saw a blog post on Lew Rockwell saying how this was a good thing…I even sent Lew an email about it.

    The YT channel ‘Clown Planet’ found a video clip of Bobby saying, in 2014, that all ‘climate deniers’ should be jailed. So even though his Jabbing stances are on point (pun not intended), he’s still a statist a-hole.

    Imagine Ron Paul saying ‘End the Fed!… but if you own a magazine over 10 rounds, you should be jailed!’ At least Ron stood by Liberty, 100%.

    Anywho… I’ve got some reading to do on your previous posts. Thanks Eric.

    • Hi Andrew,

      All politicians are statist assholes, it doesn’t matter if they are Republican or Democrat. Every single one of them would hang us high in the streets, sell their souls to Satan, and destroy any sign of integrity, decency, or liberty to save themselves.

      Today is the beginning of the end. Mark my words. This country has turned a new leaf and it is rotten to the core.

      • ‘All politicians are statist assholes, it doesn’t matter if they are Republican or Democrat.’ — Raider Girl

        Imagine, as a thought experiment, that Donald Trump (R) runs against Robert Kennedy Jr (D) in 2024.

        Both are outsiders, despised by the Uniparty insider club of professional politicians. At first blush, that’s a good thing.

        But Trump is on record as a vaccine pusher (which he could renounce, if he sees fit). Likewise, Kennedy is on record inveighing against ‘climate deniers,’ a position which he also could to choose to repudiate.

        Sadly, even outsider candidates have their baggage and potential red flags. But when it comes to Uniparty-vetted NPCs (Non-Player Characters), don’t even bother getting your hopes up. It’s just focus group approved drivel, not meant to be taken literally.

        • Jim,

          The DC Swamp is clearly afraid of BOTH Donald Trump & Robert F Kennedy, Jr., and will undoubtedly try to make sure NEITHER of them have a chance of becoming President. However, if they fail to keep both of them from becoming the “R” and “D” nominees, respectively, they may try to make up an excuse for not even HAVING a Presidential (s)election; e.g. a world war, and use that an excuse for why we NEED to suspend the election or why we NEED to keep Joe Biden in for 4 more years.

          • They welcome them, as a further distraction from the malevolence they commit against us. Neither will stop it, or even slow it down. It’s all theater.

  17. My local school district is seeking a tax increase. But for some reason we get to vote on it. I am amazed how many people are planning on voting yes…….. It’s about the easiest NO you can think of. But think of the CHILDREN…….. Ugh, if only people would…….

    Property tax circuit breakers set in, cutting their part of the levy (property taxes are thankfully capped in Indiana). They also lost 300+ students since covid (due mostly to people homeschooling and vouchers that are available for private schools). So instead of cutting the three million they are losing, they want a five million increase….

    Of course pointing out that they are “serving” 300 fewer students and SHOULD be cutting the budget, (even if they weren’t losing that money), you are the evil nasty person for saying so…..

    They could easily cut the budget by not filling openings (many of which they really don’t need with 300 fewer students) in the fall and cutting a couple administrators. Doesn’t even affect the students at all. But of course they won’t do that……

    • Here in WA the schools constantly scream they need more money, even as a kid in the 60s they always howled for passing another levy for more $$$. My mom set me straight then, showed me the property tax bill of $780 in 1966 for our simple 3 bedroom house – “they get plenty already, don’t fall for their propaganda”.

      Locally we are in a rural district with two buildings and four schools busses. The morons here keep approving levies, their budget divided up by the enrollment is now at $22,000 per kid. My property tax has grown from $2900 to about $4400 in three years. Their hobby farm for the kiddies costs me about $700 a year via, yet again, a special levy voted in by my idiot neighbors. Last fall it was a maintenance levy for the four school busses.

    • Isn’t it curious that all these school tax levies happen on an April ballot? When those that have a vested interest in passing them can swarm the polls, while the rest won’t be bothered with an off cycle vote?

      • Ain’t that the truth John! Always on an off year!

        Unfortunately, the YES supporters seem more organized than the NO supporters. It’s super easy to get a YES yard sign etc, not so much for a NO sign (doesn’t help the NO signs keep getting stolen too). I think the school district is making the YES signs to boot,,, ugh….. I will probably make my own NO sign and post it inside the window.

        The last vote a couple years ago, for an tax levy increase was for the community center (the one that loses so much money). It was roundly defeated (75%+) due to the really horrible tone deaf campaign the park district ran. I think the school district learned from that and isn’t making that mistake. However it uses cherry picked numbers as badly as the park district did too.

        So, I think this one still has a better chance of passing, ugh…

        The reason why we get to vote, is that property taxes are capped at 1% of home value so it can’t go up on it’s own. So it’s an end run around the cap. A local community can vote to tax more than the cap. Thankfully, most of the senior citizens are in the No vote column again (of course voting the right way for the wrong reason, you know those fixed income folks). So the battle still doesn’t end, but at least the voters can get out and shut it down one by one. I hope we can defeat this one too.

          • 60% of the vote is counted at 12:45 am.
            Yes 48.9% 1,512.
            No 51.1% 1,578.

            So about 50 votes more for No (at the moment, see if that “changes” by morning……) So hopefully we will keep some money in our own pockets this time, hopefully…..

            Close one where 3,000 people are picking for a town of 23,000. (don’t know off hand how many registered voters there are).

  18. What is the irony of Bill Gates speaking at a “security” conference? After making billions on his notorious unsecure operating system Windows (even the name is ironic) he is now worried about security?

  19. RFK. Jr. has been deleted from Youtube….

    Te mainstream Zio big-gov-mouthpiece media has been devoid of any truth or reality for decades; any mass independent journalism is long dead.

    Any voices of truth or dissent are long gone from general public view. Google has become the new media, and of course, is heavily censored and will allow no dissenting voices which oppose the NWO agenda.

    The schools propagate lies and propaganda and subterfuge; no truth, education, or independent thought or inquiry allowed.

    The public does not even know what it is mising and has been conditioned to view any truth, logic or legitimate inquiry as ‘conspiracy’- which is ironic, since the official narratives in which they believe is the ultimate conspiracy.

    The few independent websites like this are the lone voices of truth and reason….but are invisible to most who don’t already know of them- and to most who are lucky enough to stumble upon them, they are viewed as ‘disinformation’, unless the viewer already has a clue and can see the cracks in the official narratives.

    And with the ‘RESTRICT’ act and ever-increasing heavy-handed censorship, one has to wonder how much longer even sites like this can survive.

    In short, we are in the midst of worldwide mass brainwashing. Those who control the media and technocracy control the world and the minds of it’s residents. We have entered a dark, dark age…and it’s only going to get worse.

    The first scamdemic was just a rehearsal for what is to come. The masses have been primed. Constant fear = constant submission. Stockholm Syndrome- they love their captors/killers…and count us their enemies, because we are those ‘who compromise their safety, and force their captors to “protect” them by keeping them locked down.

    The overlords now have a good idea of how easily the masses will submit; how they easily they turn on anyone who speaks the truth; and how to neutralize/eliminate us. The die has been cast. Fasten your seat belts, and watch the masses line-up for the next iteration of jabs, and prepare to be excluded from all commerce, travel, and discourse.

    As with all past psy-ops…the public never learns; they just keep falling for the same lies over and over, and despise those who try to warn them. The internet/technocratic infrastructure is much like the roads: If you play on their playground, they will impose their rules on you, or keep you off of ‘their roads’.

  20. And he’s gone …

    “Fox News Media and Tucker Carlson have agreed to part ways,” reads a statement from the network, which thanks him for his service “as a host and prior to that as a contributor.”

    According to the statement, Carlson’s last show was Friday, April 21st.

    This is how the Lamestream Media ‘stops the spread’ of corrosive distrust in government, which exists only to help us. /sarc

    Who will they silence next?

    • Hi Jim,

      I just saw this. Given what happened in re Dominion, I am not surprised. Fox is now what CNN was five years ago. Headed to where CNN is now. The question is: How far will they go? The”media” is essentially an echo chamber for the governing-Woke class. Will it try to formally outlaw truthful coverage that questions the governing-Woke class?

      • One of Tucker’s last videos, on criminalizing dissent:

        That old 1960s wisdom has proven true: the Revolution will not be televised.

        At the next J6, the entire left-right spectrum of media will air clips of billowing flags, and the fall of Baghdad, and old news clips of Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McClownell … until the screen goes dark for good.

      • Eric,

        The media has also become a propaganda arm for Big Pharma, given they get quite a bit of advertising money from them. For quite a while they’ve also pounded the narrative “Safe and Effective!” to describe the COVID jabs (likely also because they got money from the Biden Thing’s 2021 “American Recovery Act” to peddle government approved jab narratives), and framed anyone who merely asked questions as some “Antivaxxer!” or “QAnon nut!”. They also refuse to look at what role if any pharmaceutical drugs or antidepressants play in mentally unstable people who “Commit mass shootings”. When it comes to shootings, they invariably blame GUNS instead of the person who committed the evil deed, and screech about how we “Need gun control now!”

        • John,

          Yes, Fox News also gets quite a bit of ad revenue from Big Pharma. They were also one of the media outlets that got money from the 2021 “American Rescue Plan” to promote the Biden Thing’s COVID jab narratives. There is speculation that Tucker Carlson was fired because of a monologue he had last week that blasted Pharma’s massive influence on the media.

    • “Who will they silence next” – Jim H.
      They’re doing their utmost to silence RFK Jr. Every time his name is mentioned it’s “anti-vaxxer RFK Jr.” as if that’s now his full name. I fear if his campaign gains momentum he’ll be cheated like Bernie Sanders was or, worst case, get taken out by the security state murderers.

      • Hi Mike,

        Another term concocted by a media outlet that might spread to other media outlets is “RFK Jr. wants to Make America Unvaccinated Again!”, an obvious rip off of Trump’s 2016 slogan “Make America Great Again!” If that term gains legs in the media, it might piss off those who’ve become supporters of MANDATORY COVID VACCINATION FOR ALL, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Joe Biden might even screech in future speeches about “MAUA Americans!”

  21. The problem is that the control freaks have the schools and the mainstream media. The schools program people as children and the mainstream media maintains the programming. Also include in this the online platforms which enforce the narrative.

    It’s an uphill battle against programming. For whatever reason most people do not want to accept they were told lies and believed them. Because of this and human laziness we’ve got people pushing Marxism who’ve never even read the Communist Manifesto or other key pieces of his writing. My number one go to source to destroying the arguments of communist followers online is to quote Karl directly and show how following that caused what they are complaining about. Of course they don’t learn anything from it because that would mean accepting they bought into lies.

    The latest new thing from the communists is that ‘rest is a human right’. But their entire ideology is based on working people to their ability for the benefit of others. It’s the most selfish group of people ever and they’ve created a moral code to justify it by ignoring what happens outside their system but yet supports it.

    • You often hear about the month long vacations people in Europe have (August generally). That Americans don’t take much time off from work. So they take an element of truth and twist it.

      Of course instead of the month long vacation, work hard for a while and then retire much younger in life and have 12 months off a year….. But the communist state won’t have that, nor the month long vacation either. You will be lucky to get a week…..

      • That’s just it. They could argue for month off from a productivity standpoint, but they can’t because it would be rewarding productivity and going against Marx. The human right angle is having the government grant it, but if govt cared with significant reduction in taxation people could retire very early on their own earnings so its a disingenuous argument.

      • Actually, Rich, what business is it of the government’s what deal an employee and employer come to? The month off sounds nice (Not that it would matter to us self-employeds)…but the government having the right to mandate such, or maternity/paternity leave, or the stipulation of insurance benefits, or the terms under which someone may be fired, etc. are all just more restriuctions on the free-market, and contribute to things costing more- as is usually the case in Yerp(Europe). Bad enough we already so much tyranny surrounding employment- e.g. a ‘minimum wage’; OSHA; EOEC, unions (Which have ceased being about ‘safety’ and instead have become nothing more than strong-arm manipulators to coerce higher wages/more benefits and reduce productivity/efficiency.

    • “The problem is that the control freaks have the schools”
      As I’ve said many times, mandatory public education is the longest running and most successful psyop in the history of the species. Those who instigated it openly declared their purpose was to create a submissive and obedient work force.

  22. “Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci have assured us another “pandemic” is coming.”
    If any one knows, they should. Since creating them is their stock and trade.

  23. “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”
    HL Mencken

    We’re there!

      • I’m pretty sure Bush the younger’s dumb was an act to some degree. Someone as dumb as he seemed could have never pulled off what he did so successfully even as a figure head. A true moron would do things that screw up the plans of those actually doing the things. Like Biden. Hence the talk of throwing Biden overboard for someone else come the next election.

        • Bush the Younger had some very good debates back in 1999 and 2000. He spoke like a small-government conservative/libertarian. I would have been impressed had I been old enough to vote back then.

          Amazing what some 2 planes and a missile can do to 4 buildings…So yeah, his ‘dumbness’ is an act.

            • He was the son of a CIA agent and eventual director. Chaney wasn’t pulling the strings, he was the Pentagon’s boy. If anything they collaborated.

              • Bush Senior was also a 33rd degree Mason and a pedophile, too. I always did distrust Shrub Jr, as I wonder how far from the tree he fell…

          • **”Bush the Younger had some very good debates back in 1999 and 2000. He spoke like a small-government conservative/libertarian”**

            I always say the same about Ronald Ray-gun. Some of the things Reagan said/wrote were almost inspirational…even to us libertoodlians….. Unfortunately, most liberty-minded conservaturds failed to notice that he grew the government more than anyone prior to him since FDR and left us with many of the tyrannies we under today. People are easily fooled by words and fail to notice actions….but darn…some of Ronnie’s words sure were sweet! -If only they had been sincere, and he had acted in accordance with those words!

        • Well perhaps, and it’s a common mistake, to mistake pure evil for stupidity. He did start the Middle East conflagration, which has been a gold mine for the Military Industrial Complex. Too bad about the millions of Middle Easterners that had to “die for the cause”. Makes my stomach churn every time I hear “Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine”.
          Who has killed more people on foreign soil over the last thirty years, Russia or US/NATO? Not even a close contest.

  24. Every day, it is the blind leading the dumb.

    Every day, you’re using a gunny sack and a flashlight out on a snipe hunt.

    Every day, you are being led to slaughter by Judas Goats.

    Every day, always the next bullet point on the agenda.

    Every day, the Judas Goats cry wolf, you’ve heard enough from them, tired of it, just stop, then the ennui sets in.

    Every day, a thousand temptations, you’re dazed and confused again today.

    Every day, you ignore all of it, doesn’t do any good to worry about anything.

    The only consolation is eventually all of the so-called leaders will meet somewhere in the great wide open, they’ll be long gone to where they belong.

    You know time is on your side.

    Native Americans have the right idea, there is a Great Spirit.

  25. One night, a weasel broke into my barn & made a successful kill. I knew he would be back, I set some extra traps.

    It was my first encounter with a weasel. I had read about their behaviors, some people might think a weasel wouldn’t return the next night & do the very same thing, I anticipated otherwise.

    Weasels often kill just for the pleasure. They can’t resist.

    Like with the weasel, the The Plandemic did not finish what it was supposed to do. It’s just the beginning.

    The mandates for The Shot are still in place for International arrivals into the U.S. & for U.S. health care workers. That’s your 1st clue that this is not over.

    The 2nd clue is what the weasels are saying:

    “Assuming another unknown virus will spread across the globe again in our lifetimes, the Covid-19 pandemic has given public health leaders fresh insight into what policies can be most effective in mitigating the spread of diseases. And lockdowns, when used appropriately and swiftly, remain a useful tool in our arsenal for early pandemic days. […]

    Covid-19 is likely to be endemic for years to come; incidents like China’s re-opening and the potential for new disease variants and waves “should be a reminder of the importance of global health, vaccine equity, and partnerships [Fascism] in proactive public health interventions.”

    Have you you seen the animated short film, ‘BEYOND THE RESET’?

    While watching it I was reminded of the 1970’s video interview with the ex-KGB guy who said many people won’t understand until the military boot kicks them in their fat bottoms to go into the gates of The Gulag.

    A headline from The Economist, a mouthpiece of the Power Elite, ‘China is overwhelmed, yet an even bigger covid wave may be coming’.

    A headline from The Lancet, ‘The COVID-19 pandemic in 2023: far from over’.

    “… accelerate collaborative surveillance of variant testing and vaccinations…”

    A headline at Politico:
    ‘China confirms surge in COVID deaths since lockdowns lifted’

    “Last month Beijing changed the way it defined COVID deaths, only counting those who died from respiratory failure directly caused by the virus — a definition the WHO said was too narrow.”

    A headline at

    ‘Is A Fourth Wave Of Covid-19 Possible? Should India Be Worried? Here’s What Experts Say’

    “According to Dr Dhall, there is no need to panic. However, people should be very careful to ensure that the number of Covid-19 cases do not increase, and the government is not forced to announce a lockdown again, he said.”

    Or, maybe they’ll just replace the word ‘covid’ with the phrase, ‘radioactive fallout’? Or, maybe a combo?
    What would a weasel do?

    • “public health leaders”
      Leading us to sickness unto death. Best case scenario, their full blown idiots. Worst case, they prefer you not breathing.

    • I highly recommend everyone browse through the All News Pipeline article linked above. All though the headline says: As ‘A Diabolical Experiment’ Is Carried Out Before The Blinded Eyes Of The American People, Absolute Proof America And Western Civilization Are Targeted For ‘Elimination’, that is spin – the plan is a cold and calculated decimation of white civilizations, especially Amerika and Europe.

      It is way worse than what you think IMO. The money men, the banksters, the trillionaires, the City of London, have implemented the plan to wipe us out. People like Bill Gates are the billionaire gophers.

      If you want to know which tribe is behind this genocide, then admit to yourself the obvious, … which nation gave Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla the million dollar prize for a job well done.

      (((They))) call that “chutzpah”:

      ᴋʜoo͝t′spə, hoo͝t′-

      Utter nerve; effrontery.

      Nearly arrogant courage; utter audacity, effrontery or impudence; supreme self-confidence; exaggerated self-opinion;

      (Yiddish) unbelievable gall; insolence; audacity

      It is right in your face blatant effrontery – they are awarding themselves prizes as they kill the Gentiles (meaning gentle peoples) off. It is not just greed that drives this, it is tribal supremacy, lust for world domination.

      Sadly, most people will never identify the perps before they are wiped off the map.

      • **”If you want to know which tribe is behind this genocide, then admit to yourself the obvious, … which nation gave Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla the million dollar prize for a job well done.”**

        Even more obvious: Who owns and controls the mass media- the source of all the lies which are fed to the public; and vilifiers of those who speak the truth?

        Oh…they’re one and the same…..

  26. Maybe an simple way to teach the ignorant how to recognize a bad person like Bill Gates or Fauci is to point out their constant smirks or ‘dupers delight’ expressions. It’s always a dead giveaway that these people are not good human beings.

    • If they can’t see the absurdity that those who believe that the world is over-populated are the same ones who want to ‘save your life’ by forcing their vaccines on you…and have even admitted, in writing, that the population of the earth must be reduced…..there is no hop for them.

      • Hey Nunz!
        I’ve always said that these freaks who think the world is overpopulated should lead by example and kill themselves.

    • “not good human beings.”
      I would question whether or not they ARE human beings, except by the very broadest definition. By that definition, one that is brain dead living on life support is also a “human being”. Too bad that isn’t part of THEIR definition.

  27. Obama is a Fabian. His adminstration’s policies were all based on “evolutionary socialism” (classical progressivism) as opposed to revolution. The concept is to pass legislation, any legislation, that gets the nation closer to the socialist ideal. Then once it is in place, ammend it and reexamine as necessary. Many of the laws today are set to sunset after five years, the idea being that no law should be in stone forever. The problem is that by having to renew laws all the time it leads to mission creep and massive lobbying to maintain the now-normal status quo. And of course the endless last minute ammendments and lack of debate doesn’t help either.

    O’Biden’s White House is the same old Obama fools who cried for four years because Clinton didn’t win. They were so far up in each other’s buttholes that they never considered that they didn’t bring half the country along on their Utopian visions. Of course they were correct! Everyone who mattered told them they were! Wise overlords and all that. Too bad none of them know how to fix a leaky toilet, let alone run a country.

    The Fabian Society’s logo was orignally a snapping turtle. Then apparently they had the hubris to use a literal wolf in sheep’s clothing. Now they have a rather generic ’90s corporate looking red block with white text. Which is ironically even more like a wolf in sheep’s clothing than the old one.

  28. Eric,

    Can we take up a collection to buy BillG a Nobel Prize?

    It is obviously what he really wants, and, as Obama’s award proves, they’re available for a price.

  29. As Wokesters transform electric power into a sole monopoly energy source (no gas furnaces, stoves, water heaters or liquid-fueled vehicles), you HAD to know this was coming:

    ‘Assembly Bill 205 was approved last year. It would break down monthly bills into a fixed rate plus a usage charge based on consumption.

    ‘California’s three largest power companies submitted a joint proposal to the Public Utilities Commission outlining a fixed rate restructuring that would be based on one’s income.

    ‘Here’s a breakdown of the proposed rate restructuring for Edison customers based on income:

    Above $180,000: $85/month
    $69,000 – $180,000: $51/month
    $28,000 – $69,000: $20/month
    Less than $28,000: $15/month’

    “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” — Karl Marx

    They don’t call it Commiefornia for nothing, comrades. And as Eric points out, once this precedent is established, nothing prevents the fixed rate on ‘the rich’ being raised to, say, $1,000 a month.

    The fix is in.

    • Thanks for that information. And another good reason to move off the grid and far, far away from the maddening crowd.

      Newsome beat the recall election, then got re-elected.

      He is a top candidate for President IMO. RFK Jr. will be pushed aside for him and Hillary.

  30. John Kable, this entirely explains it.

    People with ordinary virtues just can’t understand what’s going on. They become confused looking at “policy” through the lens of the policy makers acting in good faith. Oftentimes, this is misinterpreted as the policy makers being mistaken on how to solve certain stated problems. The confused will say something like: “To reduce C02, they need to make it easier for nuclear power plants to be built.” Of course, we know that reducing C02 is not the real goal, but just the pretext to achieve the end of obtaining power and control. Here’s an example where they don’t even attempt to measure the effect of their “policies:” The reason they don’t measure it is because they simply don’t care and don’t want to know. They’re goal is power, not to solve some made-up problem.

    I’ve had some success in opening people’s eyes by telling them to consider the policy makers as if they were Ted Bundy. Once you view all of this through the lens of a narcissist, sociopath and/or psychopath, it starts to make perfect sense. Also, once one realizes that they’re not acting in good faith, resistance to it becomes automatic.

    • It’s my understanding that in the fairy tale world of psychiatry, that the difference between a sociopath and a psychopath is that the former is learned behavior, while the latter is genetic. Are we becoming a nation of sociopaths? Are too many people learning to be sociopaths, because all those in charge are psychopaths?
      If you don’t have some love in your heart, you are a socio/psychopath. A lot of hate roaming around.

      • It seems that a large hunk, perhaps a majority, of human beings become what is rewarded regardless of what that is.

        Many argue that a conspiracy so vast could never happen without people blowing the whistle. Never mind that many have, there really is no formal conspiracy. The ruling class all go to the same schools and so on and the systems set up reward behaviors that advance ruling class interests. There’s no need for a meeting or anything else. It simply a system of social contacts and rewards.

  31. My lack of faith in the average person to discern the next psyop and resist it is somewhat disheartening. But hey, good! Now I know just how many slaves there are in the world. I do however think more ofthose that were on the edge of normie/truther have chosen a path, no more fence sitting.
    Some people just literally can’t help but circle jerk to the next outrage/fear porn episode. Just consider the bud light-boycott-outrage. (News flash) bud light has always been for lady-boys! Who didn’t know that? The mask is off and evil is more open than ever with its intent. Cortisol is one helluva drug apparently.
    I’m now more aware of how few of us there are who don’t play along with lies and nudges to the edge of the cliff. So life is more clear and better IMO. I’ll take uncomfortable truth over fluffy soft lies any day.

    How do we stop the spread? Repetition.
    Unintelligent and/orcompliant people were programmed through repetition, never let up never let the fear machine monopolize the mic. Keep speaking the truth amd don’t give an inch. It took decades or centuries to get this many people this retarded (maybe they always were?) I don’t expect it to be flipped overnight or even in my lifetime.

      • I would say closer to 100 years, with the beginning of mandatory public education. The longest running and most effective psyop in the history of the species. Which is losing its steam as we speak. Home schooling is WAY up. Folks are raising hell at school board meetings. So much so the DOJ has sicked the FBI on them.

    • It isn’t about Bud Light, per se. I don’t know if you’re a beer drinker (or a hell raiser per ZZ Top), but AB InBev, the owner of Bud Light, owns a bunch of brands and distributes a whole bunch more. You can check the whole list online but I recently found out they own my heretofore favorite Imperial IPA, Space Dust, by Elysian Brewing Co. out of Seattle. Not another dollar.

  32. I read a piece not too long ago on how some company (IIRC, Bill Gates has money invested in that company) was making face diapers for cows (to stop the spread of methane gas? The climate change zealots also claim methane emitted by cows DESTROYS the planet). I’m surprised there hasn’t been calls for humans to wear face diapers to “Stop the spread of CO2” or calls for carbon taxes for the mere act of breathing. Perhaps even that would be too much for those who’ve fallen for the narratives? And would the carbon footprint trackers that our would be overlords have us wear track carbon footprints for BREATHING?

  33. ‘it is so vital to call a halt’ — eric

    Today the US fedgov, $31.4 trillion in debt, is locked into a baseline of $1-2 trillion deficits forevermore, even in good times. No prospect exists of EVER running a budget surplus again. In recessions, when ‘automatic stabilizers’ kick in, annual deficits will hit $3-5 trillion.

    You don’t need no PhD in Maff to see that fedgov debt will escalate toward $40 trillion when “Biden’s” first term ends; $60 trillion in the next presidential term ending in 2028; and $100 trillion in the following term ending in 2032, when the Social Security Trust Fund hits ZERO.

    Now, factor in Bank of America’s estimate that ‘fighting global warming’ is going to require an added $5 trillion a year for the next thirty years. That’s equal to the fedgov’s $4.9 trillion of revenues in 2022, implying a doubling of fedgov spending.

    Sustainable it ain’t. That which can’t continue, won’t. We’ll either ‘go Argentina’ with triple-digit inflation … or else, sensible adults will take over from purple-haired, cross-dressed freaks and stop the madness.

    Oh, and FJB.

    • There is no “Social Security Trust Fund” and never was one. It’s just an entry line in a spread sheet. Shortly after it was passed, the SCOTUS determined taxes collected for it could NOT be separated out, and must be included in general revenue.

  34. I don’t expect another pandemic to take place. I think most people have taken off their rose colored glasses and the saying “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” has been taken to heart.

    The Plandemic did what it was supposed to do – destroyed business, destroyed anything that resembled capitalism, and destroyed the money supply. In one week I have lost my beef/pork supplier, my seafood supplier, my turkey supplier, and my landscaper. Every single one of them has either closed, is closing, or is up for sale. To say I am a little depressed is an understatement. It isn’t only small business that is feeling its impact, but just as many medium sized and large sized businesses as well.

    For awhile I was confounded on why business was unable to hire additional people (the reason why most of these companies are going under), but then if one looks at the amount of Baby Boomers retiring by the day it really makes sense. On average 10,000 baby boomers have been retiring per day (before COVID). In 2020, alone, 29 million baby boomers retired. That averages 79452 per day in 2020. This does not include the amount of moms and dads (Gen X, millennials, Gen Z) that may have been forced to retire as well due to a lack of child care or those that chose to homeschool (which has also taken off).

    We are now feeling the affects of a decrease in birth rates. The open borders are to supplement the job field, but what can one do when the majority are unskilled workers. I know in my business I stopped accepting new clients 18 months ago. Most businesses do not have the capacity to take on additional business, because there are not enough hands on deck. This will not improve.

    • No, it won’t. Especially since the dollar is tumbling off its perch as the world’s reserve currency. “Here lies a toppled God, his fall was not a small one. We did but build his pedestal, a narrow and a tall one.”

    • Hi RG,

      I just found out about another friend of mine’s business shutting down. He owned a small motorcycle shop (new sales, service). Could no longer afford the rent. My other friend lost his restaurant, which he’d been forced to close to “stop the spread.” When re was allowed to re-open he was only allowed to serve half capacity. It killed his business.

      I fear a point is not far off when it’s no longer worth working. Which, of course, is just what these bastards want.

      • Hi Eric,

        Except what becomes of those that don’t work…there will be a point where there will not be enough universal basic income to go around. We are looking at the beginning of communism. If one does not have a job the government will force one upon you.

        • Hi RG,

          True, ‘dat. The only solution I can come up with is to move as far away from people as possible and live very quietly on a self-sufficient manner. A nice little Airstream with solar and a ran-catch system on 100 acres where no one is looking for you.

          • Its ironic that the powers that be are hyping 15 minute cities when many people are doing just the opposite. Moving to less dense rural areas in Montana, Wyoming, Texas and Idaho. I do not thank those areas will become 15 minute cities any time soon.

          • I’m not sure they’ll allow us to ‘own’ that 100 acres much less the Airstream.

            Where we are concerned,,, own nothing, broke and happy is their motto.

          • Eric,

            We only have a 10th of that land, but rest is similar. I wish we had an actual Airstream instead of our current antiquated RV in which to live, but it works for now. Things are going well, so far. We just planted a slew of productive trees that should yield copious food in the years ahead.

            • Good stuff, BaDnOn!

              We have gone to look at RVs (including Airstreams) a few times; we both love the idea of it. Anyone who hasn’t gone to see new RVs lately will be amazed by how much nicer they are now than they were. Hell, if I were 25 again, I’d be living in one!

              • Eric,

                Yes, the new RVs are nice, and some are absolutely BEHEMOTH in size. Unfortunately, they have prices to match.

                RVs are best for travel, but really aren’t suited for long-term living. I can’t wait to build some permanent structures! Those are coming soon.

                Also, while it’s in mind, check out dry-pour concrete! Seems to be a current YouTube phenomenon, though I hate frequenting that site.
                I’ve poured a couple of small slabs so far, and the technique appears legitimate. Saves SO much labor!

        • I consider Covidian law the latest in numerous mopping up exercises to kill off the remaining pockets of capitalism.

          As to UBI I tell these communists that with the UBI they want I quit working and generating taxable economic activity. The stuttering stupid arguments I get in reply are really a thing to see. Everything from shaming me for not wanting to work for my fellow man to trying to argue UBI will never be enough to live well on. Never mind that their $25K/yr proposals, if tax free and people aren’t taxed on their homes if they are on UBI takes quite an income to equal after taxes and saving for retirement. The time gained (40+ hours a week) from being on UBI makes up for any minor income loss in the net.

        • That’s the point of the plandemic and the COVID death jabs, both of which are bioweapons. To kill off much of the human population, to save money; you don’t need to pay UBI to dead people. And the globalists, with their faith in AI, think most of us will be “useless” anyway.

          • AI is a neat parlor trick, nothing more.
            It’s fun to give the image ones instructions to create cars that never existed and see how it mixes images of different cars together. It’s more slot machine than intelligence though. Be it things or people it’s like those old fashioned toys with bits of pictures or stencils or whathaveyou that you mix and match to generate a whole.

            In the core I don’t see AI as being fundamentally different from the self-learning computer game I programmed in the 1980s for the Apple IIe. The only intelligence behind it was mine where I wrote a process of learning the game into the program. The computer had no intelligence it followed the program. I’ve seen nothing that convinces me that AI is more than simply a vastly larger and more powerful version of someone coding in a learning process and memory.

    • The 10,000 boomers/day were reaching retirement age, but weren’t retiring because they didn’t wish to retire. They had boring white collar jobs that didn’t require much effort, so why leave? Besides they were still paying back the 4th refi mortgage and all the toys they bought on credit. Then they got a taste of retirement while working at home. When the boss wanted them back in the cube farm they left.

      And don’t forget most companies were throwing tons of money at employees, over and above the government handouts. Because I was still required to go to the office I got hazard pay for about 6 months. And the bonuses were paid out at 100% automatically even though our metrics were terrible. I know that many of my coworkers who were working from home got similar bonuses and temporary premium payouts. And because everything was closed, why not save/invest or pay down debt? That helped tilt the board toward retirement too.

      • Hi RK,

        I sometimes think of “identifying” as being old enough to collect SS – and retiring, too. Then I look in the mirror – and decide I can’t do it.

        • I found out a friend of mine died over the weekend, after a short bout of cancer. He was 83, and lived a very full life.

          Even though he had a very successful career as a lawyer and county judge, most of his past revolved around enjoying life. GA pilot, amateur prospector, ham radio operator -one who got out of the shack and operated portable/QRP mostly. Always learning and trying new experiences. The total opposite of how most people (myself included) live. And most cube dwellers wouldn’t have the first clue as to how to live like that. And maybe that’s why they stayed on the job, just didn’t know what else to do.

          But sadly I don’t think that sort of lifestyle is an option anymore. Taking part in any activity has become more of a task than just something to do for the hell of it. Getting a general aviation license used to be somewhat easy, or at least somewhat affordable, until oil became scarce and expensive. And if you crashed, well, sucks to be you, but no one was suing everyone involved. Amateur radios were old junk military surplus or lousy designs that could be built out of old TV components, not highly engineered and specialized boxes that have “no user-servicable parts inside.” Heck, even getting a mining claim was pretty simple right up until the invention of the EPA.

          DK if I would want to go back to those days, but then again, maybe it wasn’t so bad to have to know about carburetors and points, how to fix the coal boiler down in the basement or use a slide rule. If it meant I could try to strike it rich in the uranium boom, why not?

      • Hi RK,

        Except now their retirement is done, no one is hiring, and prices are skyrocketing. I just got a quote of $200 per week to cut an acre of lawn. I about fell out of my chair, but I have two choices 1) pay it or 2) do it myself to which I will have to buy a lawnmower for my office and a shed. I am biting the bullet and paying it the weekly fee. I hope winter comes early this year. 🙁

        • Could put sheep on it. Which was broadly done for lawn maintenance before lawn mowers. Even on the Washington DC mall, and the White house lawn. Might find a shepherd who will graze their sheep on your lawn for free, or may even pay you for it. Of course it may not be “permitted”.

            • It’s a barometer of the times, isn’t it? When I was 14 or so, I’d have jumped at the chance to cut someone’s lawn for $25. Really sad that kids have no gumption. Not all. But a lot of them.

            • kids aren’t allowed to work even of their own accord. See the democrat hand wringing over changes just to let 14 year olds work because they want to without special government approval. Then everyone needs ‘insurance’ these days.

              • When I was 10 (1972) I was best friends with the son of the people who owned the luncheonette/hero shop behind which we lived. The kids father would always let me do little jobs, like stocking the soda case or sweeping the floor, and hand me $5 for doing so. That really built a work ethic in me. I loved it! Wanted to go to work for him, but was told I couldn’t because I’d need ‘working papers’. One of the things which clued me in on what tyranny we lived under, even then.

                (A big thank you to the late Bill Vitale for a gift that has stuck with me for life!)

            • I have to raise my prices! A while back, I used to regularly bush-hog someone’s 2.5 acres for a paltry $75!!!! (And send the remote owner a pic of the completed job after each mowing)

        • Hi RG, I don’t have time to cut my lawn, but I do it anyway. It’s forced down-time. I liken cutting the lawn to a mind-numbing experience, where you just follow the lines………….. and my brain relaxes.
          It’s refreshing to me.

          • Hi Chris,

            We cut our own grass at home, but I can’t handle the office building as well. I work 6 days a week already. As much as I would enjoy some mind numbing experience (especially after tax season) I am a one woman show and I don’t have the time. A fee of $200 means I have to work for one hour. It is what it is.

            • Me too re: home/office. But our office lot is tiny, and I contract a good local landscaper to do everything, lawn, snow, etc… and they are fair.
              I figure it’s just economics, that If I give them everything, even upgrades like patio’s, etc… they know we are loyal, and the owner lives near me, and probably why we get good/fair pricing.

              • Hi Chris,

                I had a landscaper at the office for the last eight years and he charged me $50 to mow, which was an unbelievable price and much too cheap. I was expecting him to raise the price years ago and he never did. I would have had no problem paying $100+ for grass cutting. It is a decent size lot.
                Fuel is expensive and I don’t expect anyone to work for free or at a loss. We are all in business to succeed.

                Unfortunately, he has not shown at all this season…no call, no contact, nada, which I have a horrible feeling something bad has happened.

          • LOL. I would love to see how well that takes on two feet of grass! No chance. The last thing I want is some lawnmower to send pics of my office to NSA HQ. Didn’t we learn anything from iRobot Roomba?

    • **” I think most people have taken off their rose colored glasses and the saying “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” has been taken to heart.”**

      Hi RG,
      I don’t know where you find these people…but the vast majority of people I know or see around me will be donning the masks, taking the jabs, and cowering in fear in their locked-down houses as soon as the TV even hints that another ‘deadly disease’ is on the way. They have yet to realize that htey have been fooled…and likely never will…even as they lay a-dying from what was supposed to ‘protect’ them from the dreaded ‘disease’ they feared.

      Even two people I have known for decades- both ignoring my warnings and having taken the jabs…and are now suffering endless serious health issues, from which they will likely never recover (One is 54, the other is 74, and they are both now suffering the very same plethora of ailments) STILL refute any idea that their decline has anything to do with the jabs…though they warned in advance of exactly what would happen…because the TV and the ‘medical professionals’ assure them to the contrary that such is not the case. They listen to them. The fact that I am number-one of the 74 year-old’s phone contact list, before his lawyer and his son-in-law (also a lawyer), and have advised him on million-dollar deals…the safety-in-numbers and white coats and talking-heads on TV win out.

      • Hi Nunz,

        What can I say? I keep hoping my fellow man will awaken. Call it tepid optimism. Maybe one day they will look up at the sky, the clouds will depart, and a sunbeam will hit them square between the eyes and the “ah ha” moment will arrive.

    • Raider Girl,

      Of course there will be another pandemic. There have been pandemics for centuries, and they won’t stop now.

      The “Plandemic” may or may not repeat or persist in some way, depending on how people react. It was this planned response which made this particular pandemic quite different. Also, an engineered virus turned decades of science fiction stories into a reality.

      Recently, my wife and I were reflecting on the events of the last few years. Amazingly, and we must’ve played our cards correctly, but were it not for this horrific and tyrannical response, we probably wouldn’t be where we are now. Without the Covidian Phenomenon (to encompass the pandemic, the governmental response, and the ramifications) I probably wouldn’t have been given the opportunity to work remotely from my land, and we probably wouldn’t have been able to sell our former house at the profit we did, allowing us to move out here.

      We’re years ahead of where we would’ve been if things would’ve just continued “business-as-usual”. That isn’t to glorify the dystopian events of the last few years: What was done was unconscionable and destroyed many lives. But perhaps we received a little silver lining with our storm. Too bad so many others didn’t.

      • The truth is, a lot of people benefitted in some way from the renamed flu scam. The scam prospered because people believed in it for “whatever their reason”, as explicitly asked by their rulers. My take on it after three years has me reflecting on the Soviet Union. My Gen X generation was led to believe in the 70s and 80s that everyone hated their life under the communists there and were ecstatic when the regime fell. Today, I think the reality was that not a small number but a lot of people, particularly favored members of the outer party, say, of which there had to be a number of, actually enjoyed a pretty decent life under the communists, maybe not compared to Americans of the time, but relative to most other of their countrymen, and probably would’ve said so if asked. Would’ve defended the system they lived under. I bet that would be the case today in the US if someone scratched the surface beyond the commentariat here.

        • Funk Doctor,

          I’ll bet that was true, regarding the communists. Even here, the metastasizing complex of government, their contractors and their corporate proxies is immense, and consists of millions of people, all living large off of the stolen loot of others.

          The difference between me and most of those who profited from the Covidian Phenomenon is that they didn’t intend for people like me to do so. I had been planning for this life, in one way or another, since adolescence, and was simply able to take advantage of my particular circumstances to advance the plan.

    • “I don’t expect another pandemic to take place.”
      Unless they do manage to create a really dangerous plague that DOES kill millions. They just did the best they were able with Covid. Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice does. Lord knows they’ve had plenty.

  35. ‘If only enough of us had [refused to take another step], three years ago.’ — eric

    Or even eight months ago:

    On August 16, 2022, ‘President’ Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law. It passed the House by 220D – 207R, and the Senate by 51D – 50R [including ‘Vice President’ Harris as tie-breaker].

    ‘The IRA adds seven new sections to the Clean Air Act. Although the Supreme Court held in Massachusetts v. EPA, 549 U.S. 497 (2007), that carbon dioxide is an air pollutant that EPA may regulate under the Clean Air Act, the IRA specifies for the first time legislatively that greenhouse gasses, including carbon dioxide, are air pollutants under the Clean Air Act.’

    Until Obamacare, passed by a thin partisan majority in 2010, major US policy changes were implemented by substantial bipartisan consensus. Now, once again, the IRA — which comprehensively subverts the US economy by defining carbon dioxide as a GHG — passed the Senate by a one-vote margin. Every single vote for it, in both houses of Clowngress, was cast by DemonRats.

    If we are to have any future, the seven new sections of the IRA must be repealed. Most likely, this can only happen if the DemonRat party is ejected from the presidency and Senate control in 2024 (or before, if some shuffling gerontocrat kicks the bucket).

    Though Robert F Kennedy Jr is making some encouraging noises about cutting back the US military empire and the CIA which murdered his father and uncle, he also is on record advocating to jail ‘climate deniers.’ Apparently, neither Kennedy nor Biden as president would sign off on repealing the IRA’s greenhouse gas provisions.

    It thus falls to the Republiclown party to salvage our fading future. That’s a weak reed to lean on, to be sure. But it’s all that stands between us and the destruction of our way of life.

    • Hi Jim,

      “he also is on record advocating to jail ‘climate deniers.’ ”

      I had not heard that about RFK, Jr. I will look into it. If he did say it, then we might as well vote for the Orange Man, again. If we must have authoritarianism, I’d rather it be of the Franco or Pinochet variety as these generally leave non-Leftists alone.

      • Or don’t bother voting…I think this one I will sit out. They are torching DeSantis. Trump doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning. We are trading one old guy for another old guy. I like what Vivek has to say, but I don’t trust anybody that was a former pharmaceutical CEO.

        • Voting is nothing more nor less than putting your stamp of approval on the process. The process being to force you to own nothing and fuck your happiness.

          • If you vote…you have no right to complain, because you are legitimizing and consenting to the ‘democratic process’ and must therefore accept the outcome of that process.

            And of course, only someone who will serve the Cabal has any chance of ever becoming a figurehead. My money is on De(in)San(e)tis….as his first act before putting his hat in the ring was to declare his support for the Cabal….and his endless flip-flopping/indecisiveness to position himself (as opposed to taking a firm stance based on principle) makes him a most desirable servant.

      • He absolutely said it but maybe after this Covid Scamdemic, he has realized they are using the same excuses for control to stop Climate Change. It only takes about 15 minutes to show what a load of shit the danger of CO² is.

        • A Kennedy…. ’nuff said. He only saw the light re the vaccines because he personally was injured by one. Why would we expect a Kennedy..and a Democrap, no less, to see the truth re ‘climate change’?

        • Thanks for posting, Kerry.

          I watched the video a few times. While RFK, Jr.’s remarks are disturbing (he appears to want to punish climate wrongthinkers), I wonder why the beginning of the video is not shown though. Perhaps this an attempt to pull his words out of context to make them look worse than they are? Is this an RFK, Jr. hit job?

          I wonder if the full interview is out there. I’d like to hear the first question that was asked of him where he answered “3 hots and a cot at the Hague.” Heck, maybe it’d be even worse than what the video actually show.

        • According to the video, RFK Jr believes “{he Koch brothers should be prosecuted for reckless endangerment.”
          Noted philanthropist David Koch died in 2019:

          >Koch considered himself a social liberal[33] who supported women’s right to choose,[34] gay rights, same-sex marriage and stem-cell research.[2][35] He opposed the war on drugs.

          >Allying with groups such as the ACLU, the Center for American Progress, Families Against Mandatory Minimums, the Coalition for Public Safety, and the MacArthur Foundation, the Kochs maintained that current prison system unfairly targeted low-income and minority communities

          >Koch opposed the Iraq War

          >Koch contributed $18.6 million to WGBH Educational Foundation, including $10 million to the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) show Nova.[67][68] Koch was a contributor to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., including a $20 million gift to the American Museum of Natural History

          >Koch gave $20 million to Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore for cancer research

          >$30 million to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

          >$150 million to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

          >$25 million to the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

          >He held four U.S patents

      • Eric,

        In today’s culture, most if not all people who run for office (or are already in office) have made statements in the past people would find questionable (Yet somehow Joe Biden escaped that). Even Orange Man made a statement about guns that most gun owners would likely raise a stink about had it been uttered by, say, a DEMOCRAT politician. Remember the statement (paraphrasing) “First we take the guns, then give them due process.”?

      • I’ve seen the video. It is clearly cut from its context. In one of the threads a commenter provided the missing context. Apparently he was referring to corporate officers, not ordinary people. It’s an old video. I think RFK Jr should have the chance to renounce it and express views that sees through it as much as he did covidian rule. If he doesn’t then renounce it then there’s a problem. We’ve got another Trump who sees through some pieces but doesn’t see the overall program.

  36. I’ve often commented on the fact that psychopaths do not comprehend ordinary human virtues, like compassion, sympathy, remorse, etc. One I’ve never mentioned before is love. The willingness to sacrifice all or part of your life for another. Perhaps because the lack of such is beyond MY comprehension. Since said psychopaths aren’t “troubled” by such mundane human virtues, they can focus on satisfying their psychosis full time. They never quit, not for a moment. While the rest of us have numerous distractions that involve those ordinary human virtues. Which is a good thing, but won’t stop the psychos. For them it’s a full time job, to satisfy their insanity. Nothing else matters to them. To defeat the beast one must understand the beast. But understanding a psychopath ain’t all that easy. Especially when we are constantly bombarded with their abuse from several different directions at once. The Vaxx, the LGBTQ+, the Green, the White man bad, Russia bad, the China bad, the US saints, taxes, inflation, the “LAW”, etc.

    • John Kable, this entirely explains it.

      People with ordinary virtues just can’t understand what’s going on. They become confused looking at “policy” through the lens of the policy makers acting in good faith. Oftentimes, this is misinterpreted as the policy makers being mistaken on how to solve certain stated problems. The confused will say something like: “To reduce C02, they need to make it easier for nuclear power plants to be built.” Of course, we know that reducing C02 is not the real goal, but just the pretext to achieve the end of obtaining power and control. Here’s an example where they don’t even attempt to measure the effect of their “policies:” The reason they don’t measure it is because they simply don’t care and don’t want to know. They’re goal is power, not to solve some made-up problem.

      I’ve had some success in opening people’s eyes by telling them to consider the policy makers as if they were Ted Bundy. Once you view all of this through the lens of a narcissist, sociopath and/or psychopath, it starts to make perfect sense. Also, once one realizes that they’re not acting in good faith, resistance to it becomes automatic.

    • My very good friend always says things like, “Oh, they’re so stupid!” or “Oh, they’re so incompetent!” about the leftist leaders when they enact some wack-a-doodle policy or make some kind of thing. To which, my reply always is, “Stupid is the *last* thing they are!”, or ” They know *exactly* what they’re doing!”. I believe the root of his exasperations are that he gives them the benefit of the doubt, or believes their intent is not malignant, or antithetical to what ours is. I tell him this, and he is starting to believe it.

      So, the question is, when will the next round of “pandemic” and masking come out? I firmly believe the next round of this is planned for the next election cycle, anyway

      • Indeed, socio/psychopaths are very often quite intelligent. Above average. They just have no moral foundation, and don’t want one.


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