The New “Stop Resisting”

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Obeying the speed limit (or any other law) is no defense against vindictive armed government workers, as the first video which follows below shows.

The AGW who stopped this car with the threat of murderous violence – implicit in every non-consensual interaction with an AGW – admits, openly, that the driver was not exceeding the posted speed limit – but asserts that his not exceeding it is itself “suspicious.” This assertion of “suspicion” gives him, the AGW, pretext to stop anyone he likes and subject them to an Authority Display.

“I seen (sic) you going 31 miles per hour in a 45,” the AGW illiterately exclaims. The driver points out that this is not illegal. This fact cuts no ice. “Suspicious vehicle,” exclaims the shaved-head agent of the state. But adduces no violation of any law.

The reasoning would startle Kafka.

If you drive faster than the speed limit, you’re subject to being mulcted at gunpoint by an AGW. If you don’t drive faster, you are “suspicious” and subject to being waylaid at gunpoint by an AGW, so that he can fish for other pretexts to mulct you.

In this instance, the AGW and his partner keep bright flashlights trained on the vehicle’s interior as they visually search it. Luckily for the car’s driver and its occupants, all their “papers” were in order and the AGWs had to sulk away without any booty (or bodies).

But not before subjecting the car and its occupants to an Authority Display, including a threatening baton-twirling display with a skull-cracking Mag light flashlight. Had the men not been obviously recording the incident, it might have turned out differently.

This “suspicion” business is popping up in the Authority Displays one can find all over YouTube and other online media, so it is certain that it is not an aberration but rather a new “tool” that AGWs across the country are being “trained” to use.

Not officially, of course.

The thinnest lip service must still be given to the law, which exists only as a fungible, nebulous thing subject to the random interpretation of those who enforce it.

But in practice, the law amounts to do whatever an AGW says it is. Questioning the AGW’s assertions is extremely dangerous because it constitutes “resisting” – and that gives the AW the green light to commence Submission Training, also known colloquially as a Hut! Hut! Hutting!

Thus, AGWs have endowed themselves with – cue Emperor Palpatine voice – unlimited power.

“Suspicion” is like a Swiss Army knife in that it can be used for almost anything. It is even better than a Swiss Army Knife because the knife only has the blade, the screwdriver, the magnifying glass and the fish scaler.

You are walking down the street at night. It’s legal.

“Suspicious!” Let’s have your papers.

You are parked the side of the road – legally parked – going over some papers, or waiting- none of these actions illegal.

But they are mighty “suspicious.”

Taking video in public. Looking askance at an AGW.

You know what that is.

The new magic words. When an AGW eructs them, the entire Bill of Rights vaporizes. A government worker with a gun forces you to submit to his harangue, at the very least. Often, he will force you to hand over your identification, which is technically illegal absent probable cause to suspect the person has committed or is about to commit a specific illegal activity.

“Suspicion” does not qualify as probable cause precisely because it is non-specific.

But that “ties the hands” of what is styled “law enforcement” (AGWs) who must be given every “tool” to “keep us safe.”

That, at any rate, is the argument peddled – mostly (and ironically) by “conservatives,” many of whom who suffer from raw tongues from all the badge licking they do. It’s ironic because “conservatives” will tell you they are concerned about what they style “Big Government,” which they claim they do not trust with too much power. Yet they practically worship armed government workers who exercise arbitrary, unlimited power.

It’s an interestingly cognitive dissonant aspect of their thinking.

The broader point is the lawlessness of “law enforcement,” which ought to be of concern to everyone – irrespective of one’s politics. Whatever the law ought to be can be debated. But once the law is codified, that ought to be the limit.

But AGWs are asserting no limits – de facto and (if the noxious doctrine isn’t firmly repudiated by the courts, soon) it will be de jure. Any of us, at any time and for any reason, will be subject to an Authority Display and Obedience Training at the whim of any armed government worker who asserts we are “suspicious.”

Our having broken no laws, nor even being suspected of having broken any, specifically, won’t matter.

In which case, there no longer is any law – except the arbitrary exercise of power by armed government workers.

If that isn’t the essence of tyranny, then the word has no meaning.

Like “freedom,” for instance.

. . .

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  1. “They” like to say that we have constitutional rights.

    But like Joseph Stalin used to say, “It’s not who votes that’s important. It’s who COUNTS the votes.”

    And just like that, the United States Constitution is only as good as those who will actively defend it and what it says. Instead, we have to deal with AGW’s who will defend their right to inflict any amount of force upon us that they deem proper and necessary.

    Just think how many lives could be saved if the police were limited in traffic violations to two things:
    1. Police can only issue citations if there was a crash, either between vehicles or a vehicle and pedestrian;
    2. Police cannot interact with motorists before a crash has occurred.

    As an addendum to point 1 above, police are limited to identifying who was at fault for an accident.

  2. Used to be fully on the cops’ side. Not anymore after I got yanked out of my truck BY MY HAIR and handcuffed because I failed to answer the “officer’s” questions to his liking.
    And, oh by the way, it was on the day I retired from the US Army after serving my country for 28 years.
    And, oh by the way, the “officer” was easily young enough to be this retired US Army Colonel’s son.
    No sympathy for cops here!
    Your mileage may vary…see how you like it when (not if) you get the gestapo treatment!

    • Hi JR,

      Amen and ditto. I’ve had similar experiences with armed government workers – which is all they are. I refer to them as AGWs to deny them the respect they feel entitled to, by characterizing exactly what it is they are.

      The problem has many roots but two of the biggest are:

      The shift in general emphasis to what they themselves style “law enforcement” – a morally nihilistic thing which was exactly the thing the Nazis and the Soviets enforced. It effaces any consideration of right vs. wrong. The law must be enforced. Period. Which brings us to the second thing.

      The Authority of these AGWs must be “respected” – meaning, we are expected to submit immediately and automatically obey every barked order, whether reasonable and legal – or not. If we do not submit and obey, these AGWs are “trained” to hyper-escalate – to “dominate” the situation and thereby, us.

      They have assumed the characteristics of an occupying army – or guards in a prison.

      I’m a middle-aged, college-educated white guy; no criminal record. I’m clean cut and articulate. Not that these qualities entitle me to special consideration. But my point is that if even I (and you, a retired colonel) have to fear AGWs, it speaks volumes.

      The situation is out of control.

      • One of my senior managers told me about an experience he had in the US some years ago with an AGW. This guy was a research physicist back then with the University of Cambridge, and in the US working with a uni there as part of a team which went on to win the noble prize or something. He is one of the most proper old school Englishmen with a posh accent you will ever meet in your life.

        Out there, one day he rented a car to go somewhere at last minute – they gave him a brand new car with temporary tags or something. They told him not to worry, its allowed and showed him the papers in the glove compartment he would need to show the AGW should the need arise.

        Anyhow as fate would have it, a troll did turn up…. Asked about the plates…. to which he told him what he was told, and started reaching for the glove to proudly present the papers he was shown…… sending the AGW into the Hut Hutting mode as you would day…. pulling his gun on this guy, getting him out of the car with his hands on the roof etc…..

        Now this poor guy was so shaken, i dont think he ever went back to the US……. but it goes to show if they can treat a guy of this calibre like this for something which apparently is very routine (ie a new car with temporary plates)…. imagine the chance others have…..

        • Morning, Nasir…

          A horrible story. I have one, too. I’ve mentioned this before – but it’s worth repeating:

          About three years ago, I went motorcycling riding with two good friends of mine. We are all middle-aged white guys, clean-cut, well-spoken. We fit exactly no “dangerous” profiles.

          We were riding about 8 or so MPH faster than the 45 MPH posted limit. On a straight stretch – about half-mile long – an AGW appeared coming the other way. He turned on his lights, but it would have been as nothing for us to just . . . disappear. We were on motorcycles; he was in a Ford SUV – and going the wrong direction. By the time he got turned around and pointed in the right direction, we’d have been miles away and out of his reach. But we all slowed, signaled and pulled off the road. Waited for him to turn around and come back. We all figured that given we were not riding at Warp Speed and given we all of us had no “records” of any kind and weren’t young kids but experienced older guys that the AGW would check our papers, tell us to slow it down and send us on our way.

          That was a mistake.

          The AGW was a young dick with a scruffy beard who immediately got very aggressive; ordered us to all remain on our bikes and face away from him. I turned around to say something to this maniac and he practically threatened to murder me on the spot.

          All of us were treated to Submission Training and got as many tickets as the dick could write.

          I am not an angry, mean-spirited person by nature – but if I were to read that this dude burned to death in his AGW-mobile I would not feel sad about it.

    • If you fought in any war after WW2, you were serving your government rather than your country, and violating your oath to protect and defend the Constitution. If so, you are nothing more than one of the millions of ignorant traitors who continue doing the same things, IMO.
      American wars would cease without “citizens” like you.

  3. One of the core problems here is that our “police” are founded upon the principle of moral relativism. A stantic principle that christians are supposed to eschew.

  4. Cops have a tough job. Not many of us can fathom what it would be like to go to work and know that at any moment you could be murdered.

    There are a lot of libertarian anarchists here… how great it would be if there weren’t any cops. Well, take a deep breath and think about that for a minute. It would be a world of chaos. Think Mad Max. I would not want to live in that world.

    If you have to deal with the authorities… don’t “cop” an attitude.

    • they can GETY another job….they are not ABOVE anyone else….and the LAW gives them NO extra power..they just ignore the LAW and do what they want…proven time and time again IN COURT…imo

      • Hi d,

        I agree with your sentiment but the law does give them more power. Qualified immunity, which in practice is near defacto absolute immunity, is a legal privilege not granted to us “mundanes”.


    • Please, police aren’t even in the top 10 most dangerous jobs, and they get a taxpayer funded pension after 20 years.

      Humongous and Toecutter might have been thugs, but fighting back against them didn’t bring the wrath of government.

      Cops would do well to take the role of Peace Officer rather than Law Enforcement. Being a Peace Officer might not be as much fun or get you on “Cops” but the risk of acting like an occupying army is that one day you might be treated like one.

        • Do they act the part? Or, are they instead Law Enforcement? Simply being trained as a Peace Officer does not mean one is an Officer of the Peace, instead of an LE.

    • I went to work in the timber every morning for years knowing that I could be killed at any moment.

      Cops ain’t even in the top ten for dangerous jobs.

      • dread, I hear you. That is some dangerous work. I’ve dropped enough tree to know there are no “givens”. It may be heavier on some part so you feel decently safe when you make your cuts but when it starts to go it does something strange due to the wood inside and the way it grew. I’ve had trees slide and try to come back when there was a good cut they should have never been able to drop into…but they didn’t.

        I can’t imagine dropping those big trees for lumber and thinking there was no way they could fall wrong. There’s always some way they can fall just where you are nearly sure they can’t. And the slopes you probably worked on just make it that much hairier plus the fact they may bounce off other trees. That’s some tough work and a lot of guy in that bidness DON’T come home. Hauling them is not a safe job either.

        I’ve always been amazed at how many times there’s a dozer being used with no ROPS. One of the most dangerous things I’ve used in my life is cable. When that stuff breaks it’s coming to see you. I’ve seen a rig up truck driver get lifted by a few guys from his seat with his right arm dangling and him being in such shock he was motionless from the pain. That’s often a career change.

        • Just to be clear, I did it because I liked it: living/working out of the city in beautiful country, and no one looking over your shoulder all day long.

          As far as steep slopes, one of my jobs was in Telluride cutting commercial timber off of new ski runs to be developed. My boss couldn’t get his old D-6 up those slopes at that altitude (~11K ASL) so I had to wedge everything over downhill. Those big spruce would fly maybe 50-75 feet before hitting the ground and then slide a ways before stopping. It took off most of the limbs and put them a LOT closer to the bottom of the hill so the skidder could reach them. I would cut two or three making sure not to cross them, and then slide down and work them up. Average was two 33′ logs and sometimes a little 16′ log to boot. It was too much work to climb up and down and back up that mountain for one tree at a time.

          Come evening, I could sit by my camper and watch the setting sun light up Palmyra Peak. It’s all condominiums up there now.

    • When a trucker leaves the house he KNOWS he’s not coming home that night for the most part. The fact is, he may never get home and the odds are much more likely he won’t than a cop. Cops are pitiful. They can’t do anything by themselves. They would shit their pants without “backup”. I see a bunch of immoral people who are scared of everything. Oh, they really like the “bully” part, just not so much when their prey doesn’t properly genuflect.

    • Hi Anon,

      As has been pointed out many times, policing is not a very dangerous job. It is also well compensated and offers defacto legal immunity to police for acting in ways that would put us “mere mundanes” in jail. Much of what police are tasked to do requires violating people’s rights and is thus immoral. Enforcement of all “consensual crime” laws necessarily violate rights, enforcing arbitrary speed limits, employing pretext stops, using civil forfeiture to steal property, harassing or arresting anyone based on suspicion, etc… all require violating rights. Police sign up to do this.

      Violence directed to police has been steadily declining for at least 40 years. In the same time, violence committed by police has been increasing. Police have become increasingly militarized, both in the gear, uniforms and mentality, and in the actual make-up of the force because returning soldiers receive preferential hiring treatment. If you are interested in a thoughtful analysis of the very real problem of police violence and unaccountability, check out Radley Balko’s excellent book, “the Rise of the Warrior Cop”. Here is a link to a talk of his on the subject:

      If police were tasked as peace officers, rather than law enforcement officers, the situation would be different. But, as it stands now, the primary function of police officers is to protect the interests of the elite class, not us. The “dangerous job/officer safety” narrative is dishonest and contradictory. There exist two mutually exclusive narratives pushed relentlessly by police. The first, “we put our lives on the line every day to protect you”, and the second, “officer safety is paramount”. They can’t have it both ways. Police are trained to put their safety above the lives of those they supposedly protect. This, along with militarization, encourages a mindset of submission and rapid escalation. The fruit of this is visible in thousands of videos.

      It baffles and depresses me that people still repeat the platitudes that you do. Is there some level of violence and unaccountability that would cause you to question your attitude toward police? Your reflexive dismissal of anarchist thought reveals you to be a Statist. Still, why is criticism of obviously dangerous and criminal behavior by police a problem for so many Statists? You’d think that rather than mouthing platitudes and ludicrously implying that criticism of police will somehow lead to Mad Max type anarchy, a Statist would be interested in this very real problem and thinking about reforms that might help.


    • “Not many of us can fathom what it would be like to go to work and know that at any moment you could be murdered.”

      I call bullshit on that. Anyone can be murdered at any time. Not only that, according to Ministry of Labour statistics police work is one of the safest outdoor professions. Farming is much more dangerous. However I do not see farmers patting themselves on the back and crowing about the “thin green line” between them and mass starvation.

    • “Cops have a tough job. Not many of us can fathom what it would be like to go to work and know that at any moment you could be murdered.”

      Looks like we found a Copsucker, who licks the boots of authoritah at every chance. The type that was out in the streets of Boston cheering “USA USA USA” after watching armed thugs with badges going house to house doing illegal searches in full military kit.

      I can’t fathom what it would be like to go to work armed with the latest and greatest military gear and the authority to use it at will on the slightest perceived threat to my personal safety, without fear of repercussion. I’m old enough to remember the days of Freedom over Safety (as in today’s Nanny State dictating our every move under the guise of “Safety”, backed up by High and Tight military wannabes) and long for the way it used to be.

      “So this is how Liberty dies…With thunderous applause.”

      • Guerrero, I called Bugs Bunny for a snappy comeback. He’s old too and didn’t feel that “snappy”. He’s got his own problems trying to live with all the pesticides and idiots with guns on drones, trail cams and the like. He said the family that lives where a lot of pot is grown is hard pressed to survive even though they don’t like hemp. It’s tough all over. I lamented the “good old days” with him and he’s even older than me though not by much.

        Well, you, me and Bugs all grew up where cops were a rarity, esp. in west Tx. He referred me to Roadrunner who had the same problems and due to watering holes via human environment, he said Wile E. was worse than ever. So I called Wile E. He was bummed out with the advent of all sorts of new scopes and sights and said ‘You think you have it bad, you don’t get hunted cause so many people have helicopters like I do”. Well, he’s not exactly correct about that but I’m sure he experiences it a bit more often than I do.

        Nope, life ain’t the same. I don’t even recognize this country, esp. since 9/11. I surely don’t recognize male and female of the younguns now.

        A little girl in line at Dollar Tree got me in trouble yesterday. She said “Hi” and I returned her greeting. I could see she wasn’t satisfied and needed to make more conversation so she asked what “that is”. It was the little bell you hit and ring for the cashier when they’re gone. I told her it was to get that “guy” nodding toward the cashier I hadn’t really looked at, to come to the register when they were away. Then her mother left and she went too as I realized the fat, no shape, no real tits or much of anything that would belie a sex, had on a name tag that read Desideree or some similar. Not the first time I’ve said “sir” to a female in the last few years or said “maam” to a highpitched, no beard showing, fat with titties person with the name tag Brandon. How was I to know from the side? This world is so confusing to me now. I sometimes dream of driving down a dirt road in my 55 Chevy pickup wit a girl tucked up real close and a cooler and rod and reels we both knew how to use. Oh, the smell of a young girl’s hair and the feel of her hot body against mine. I dream of Jeanie with the light brown hair.

    • So satanic behavior is OK because someone has a tough job?
      For starters cops are created through the adoption of the satanic principle of moral relativism.

      • Hi Joe,


        In a moral sense, the only objectively actionable deeds are those which have caused harm. Not someone’s opinion that they might.

        This entails risk, of course. But risk is an unavoidable part of life and – if you value liberty – it is better to accept the possibility of harm than the certainty, which is what happens when people (AGWs) are empowered to do violence to people who haven’t harmed anyone, but because someone (or “the law”) says they might.

        Or just because there is a “law.”

            • Morning, Vonu!

              Yes – hence the importance of referring to them correctly: They are government schools. They therefore serve the government’s purposes which are chiefly the stultifying of individuality and independent, critical thinking. To create – as Carlin styled it – obedient workers.

              • If you ever read The Underground History of American Education, you’ll see that this was the objective from the beginning. When you read WHO pushed gov’t schools, it gets VERY interesting… 🙂

                • Another good resource:


                  Government/public screwls have been part of the American landscape since the 17th century colonies. The first one was the Boston Latin School founded in 1635.

                  The idea of “progressive” education via government schools took root in the late 19th century. The founder of the movement (“WHO pushed gov’t schools”) was John Dewey, a Calvinist from Vermont.

                  • Schools operated by a government using tax money didn’t exist until the turn of the 20th century, thanks to John Dewey, who was interested in making good citizens who would do as they were told by government, not by a Calvinist.
                    Abraham Lincoln was home schooled.
                    Most church schools were open to the children of members as well as the public at large, but they were anything but public schools as we have today.

                    • Actually, Horace Mann started public schools. John Dewey was more involved with IMPLEMENTING public schools, their curricula, etc.

    • I drove a cab for years. MUCH more dangerous than being a Poe lease man. Hey, any “libertarian anarchist” is going to think before posting something as obviously stupid and untrue as your comment

      • Hi Dapper,

        There are many lines of work far more dangerous than being an AGW. There is no other line of work that endows the worker with high-powered weapons, body armor and special dispensation to use them whenever the anointed one feels his “safety” has been “threatened.”

        I carry a gun – legally. But am obliged – also legally – to refrain from even displaying it except in the most extraordinary circumstances and if I use it, I had better be able to adduce hard evidence that my life was in immediate danger. Crying that I felt “unsafe” will not keep me out of prison for the next 25 years to life….

        • The fact that a cop can brandish his gun (have had it done to me at least a dozen times) at people for no real reason, and that if I exhibit this behavior I can both be charged with crime ( a felony) and also can be shot and killed.

          Allowing cops to do this and making it a crime for me to do so is the essence of “moral relativism” which if you care to research it is a major plank of the church of satan. You will also find that many of our institutions are build upon this satanic principle.

      • While I was driving a cab in Denver, one of my fellow hacks was found stuffed in his cabs trunk.
        It was during that time that the DoL came out with a list of the most likely occupations to be murdered in, and driving a cab came up number one with being a cop in number seven.

    • Anonyhole, if cops didn’t behave like assholes, they wouldn’t be in danger. Polish their shoes while you’re down there.

          • Thanks Ed. I’m sure to get some mileage out of it.

            I had to insult most of those hypocrites I went to school with with a link to a Bush/Netanyahu meeting that really did look like the cartoon in the NYP or whatever it was with Netanyahu being the seeing eye dog to a blind Trump wearing a yamaka. I said Trump looked like he was trying to give Netanyahu a reach-around in the pic I forwarded. I was surprised when a huge outcry didn’t erupt. I think they’re becoming inured to the “commie” in the group that would speak truth to power…..they sure as hell won’t.

    • Please. If all the chicago police quit tomorrow no one would notice. We have gangs of “yufes” roaming downtown / Smollett had all his charges dropped for a hate hoax / they dont even prosecute shoplifting anymore. Its all a big joke.

      • All over the country there are people like Kim Fox getting into office that are deciding to not select all sort of things for prosecution. I think they are trying to create problems so government can grab more power to solve them.

        Reading a blog for chicago cops ( ) they aren’t particularly happy about this situation. They actually cheer when an ordinary person with concealed carry shoots a criminal. Of course that blog may only be a slice of cops and not the norm.

        • The problem is in bureaucrats exercising authority that they have not been granted and the legal branch of the government seldom prosecuting their own when they do.
          There aren’t very many people carrying concealed legally in Chicago.

        • Second city cop is a good blog. They wont allow any negative comments of the worthless police though. Yeah one carjacker broke his air addiction last week.

          • Yeah only about half of my comments ever make it. On a post about pensions I commented on the plight of the taxpayers. That was deep sixed.

              • What are you talking about? On the cop blog we were talking about comments are moderated. Only about half of mine are ‘approved’.

  5. I got pulled over again last week, around midnight. This happens surprisingly often in this lightly populated red state. I asked the deputy why and was told that I was doing 55 mph on the interstate, and this fact alone was sufficient for “reasonable suspicion.” That was it–although driving in the slow lane on a mostly empty highway late at night, it was immediately suspicious that I wasn’t going 75.

    Thus any kind of driving leads to “reasonable suspicion” when a cop wants to roust you. No wonder I dream so much of the pre-police state America I once knew.

    • Ross,

      I know about cops from the motorcycle mags, so I’d know how to deal with them if pulled over. The motorcycle mags ran articles on what to do if you were pulled over. One of the things they talked about is being out during the night time hours. According to them (i.e. the AGWs), most crime occurs at night. IOW, if you’re out and about between say, 11 PM and 4 AM or midnight and 5 AM, the AGW’s FIRST THOUGHT is that you must be up to something. In their mind, there’s no reason for you to be out and about when most ‘normal’ people are sleeping. THAT’s why he pulled you over.

    • Hi Ross,

      I’ve had others relate similar tales – so it appears pretty common. A few years back, when I was still married, my then-wife was driving the speed limit on I-81. A state AGW rode her bumper for many miles – dangerous tailgating, but no one watches the watchmen, eh? My ex was perplexed given she wasn’t speeding, had not violated any traffic laws.

      But our truck has some bumper stickers on it that might annoy an AGW. Or perhaps he was just trying to fluster her into doing something he could then cite her for.

      I have as much use for AGWs as I have for copperheads in my woodpile…

      • eric, I’m getting ready to have some bumper stickers made that say “It’s Muller Time”. Wonder how they’d feel about that?

        I’m ashamed to say I no longer have a SECEDE sticker on a Texas flag on my pickup. Guess I should order a couple. Hey, that would be a good “gimme” for your site.

        • You should make sure to proofread the copy before you have bumper stickers made with the misspelled name.
          Any state where people believe that any of the blood Bush family are natives of Texas…

          • I figure about that time he’ll wish the warrant would have dropped the “e” so he can have a bit more time “That’s not me”.

            I’m unaware that Texans think the Bush’s are Texan. Maybe some of the freshly minted ones from Massachusetts or Ca.

            • That poor little retarded gal with the Dixie Chicks said that she was embarrassed to be a Texan because Dubya was a Texan. That was funny. She needn’t have been embarrassed, if she’d had the smarts to realize that the asshole was born in Connecticut and lived in Maine before his daddy decided to infest Texas with his brood.

              When I lived in Texas, some guy I worked with explained that if you didn’t have ancestors buried there, you can’t be a Texan, no matter how long you lived there. Makes sense to me.

              The way I see it, nobody born outside the South has any business being down here. I’d just as soon every yankee asshole stayed where he belongs, myself.

              • Ed, I saw a video of an anti-gun crowd in Maryland. This old boy, a yankee you could tell by looking, had on a cowboy hat and carried a sign against gun ownership so he was interviewed. The first thing he said was “I’m from Texas but”. Oh yeah, he lived in Texas for awhile, probably after being in the armed forces or some such thing but he was a “Texan” like I’m a Martian. It just made me want to be there and punch him out. A Texan can out a non-Texan like a dog can smell a bitch in heat.

                • ” he was a “Texan” like I’m a Martian. ”

                  Yeah, there are lots of phonies out there who think you’re Texan, or whatever else when you say you are. I think they’ve been to a 12 step meeting and heard that shit and liked how it sounded. ahaha

              • Hi Ed,
                I am technically a Yankee – through no fault of my own. But my heart is as southern as it gets. Meanwhile, there are “born and bred” southerners whose hearts are so Yankee it makes my teeth not just ache, but work themselves loose in my head!

                • eric, we decided we’ll keep you anyway. If every yankee was like you there’d be no problem and I’m not calling you a yankee, far from it.

                  There’s an old saying in Texas when you aren’t natural born but are gonna stay “I wasn’t born in Texas but I got here as soon as I could”.

                  I’m well aware we have some real problems here but at least it’s not Ca. or Md.

                  Those “southerners” that aren’t, are always cityslickers. You won’t find that shit rurally.

                  It’s sorta like the wife and her cityslicker sister. The wife was telling her she got up(wee hours)and helped me get off back when I worked from early dark to not early dark.

                  She was irked that she did that. The wife said “If I didn’t, I’d never see him, since she’s in bed when I get home. He goes to work in the dark and comes home way after dark…or later”.

                  To my desire to have highly starched and creased Wranglers and shirts she said “oh, that’s so out of style”. Ha ha ha, we busted a gut. It’s not out of style in west Texas and doesn’t appear it ever will be. She doesn’t realize how heavily starched clothes shed the nasty shit I get into every day. It keeps me looking decent. The younger crowd address me as “boss” or “cap’n” for the most part. This is just a more polite place to live than anywhere I’ve been in my life.

                  • BTW, heavily starched is more fire resistant than FR and I’d rather take a beating than wear that crap. We had a 3XL shirt we passed around when somebody had to have FR on. It smelled like hell but I never had it on long over my other shirt.

                • Well, eric, if you was a Yankee, I would have smelled it by now. Quit fooling with me and admit that you’re an unreconstructed rebel. That’s as far as this needs to go. ahaha

                    • eric, a motorcycle in your office? What about the house?

                      I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a house and there’s a bike in there, generally the room that’s most easily accessed. Not only do I not mind the smell, I like it.

                      I’ve had mine in the living room and the washroom….oopposite doors.

                      I’ve gone into houses where single guys live and there’d be more than one or more than 3 and sometimes circles of black rubber on the hardwood floors.

              • Plus Neil, who helped engineer the downfall of the Savings and Loans and paid NO legal price. Yep, the Bush clan has left a plethora of ruin behind it…..such as this current govt.

                  • I refer to the Cheneys, dad and bitchpup as Dickhead Cheney and Dickless Cheney.

                    The Bush family is a pox on the US by long tradition but the Cheneys are self made bounders.

                    • Couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve been in oilfield support company offices that were loaded with their own Dicks. They have a false smile as they call and make trouble for other people. And you can never quite put a finger on what it is they do…..except suckup to those senior to them…..and try to set them up for a fall. That’s how you move up.

        • Eight—
          Years ago Mad Magazine sold stickers to apply over bumper stickers.
          My favorites were on a roll. They were red with a picture of a screw.
          The intended purpose was to place them over the “heart” picture on bumper stickers so…
          I (heart) my poodle, cat, banker, grandchildren, horse or whatever became I “screw”…
          We need an elongated screw to cover “I support police”… or maybe not.
          Those guys got guns, not humor. Ya could get somebody killed.
          Although some of them might think its a come on.

          • Cops are nothing more than the enforcers for the illegitimate laws that the globalists get their psychopathic puppets, the legislatures, to pass.
            They are order followers and proud of it. Not much different than the men that nailed Christ to the cross, or the ones that gassed the Jews.

            • How do you distinquish legitimate from illegitimate ones?
              Those who enforced Hitler’s laws were finally charged with war crimes at Nuremberg. Those who were not executed were allowed to immigrate to the US to reconstitute the OSS when it became the CIA. Likewise are military police preferred as police officers after they get good at oppressing civilian populations. When I was typing this, WordPress suggested that I use suppressing instead of oppressing, their own special way of doing both.

              • Legitimate laws have a moral basis and deal with situations where a specific person or persons suffers harm at the hands of another. (Theft, assault, murder are obviously in this category.)

                Anything else is just a a gang rule not essentially different than rules the Crips or Bloods might hand down in territories they control through the use of force.

                • Well-said, Jason.

                  Exactly. In the absence of a victim, it is vile nonsense to speak of a “crime.” The inability to produce a victim – evidence that harm has been caused- ought to be an absolute defense against any “criminal” charge.

                  And the rest, as you say, are just “gang rules” that have no moral force.

                  • The statists’ logic is that there are crimes against society, e.g. pollution. Ergo, these ‘crimes’ justify control of our actions-all in the name of protecting society. Get it?

                    • Hi Mark,

                      Yes, but it’s easily countered by demanding evidence of actual harm caused. The VW case, for instance, should have been tossed when it became obvious that all VW had done was “cheat” on a government test. So? Who, exactly, was harmed by this “cheating”? Bring forth an actual victim – just one. Assertions of general harm – based on computer models and “expert” testimony – cut no moral ice. Either produce a body – so to speak – or go home.

      • Cops tailgate. It’s how they drive. I once saw one cop dangerously tailgating another cop. The lead one braked just a little and the second one nearly rearended the first.

      • Hi Eric.

        I’ve had an AGW tailgate me more than once on a rural state highway. Obviously he/she/it was trying to goad me into speeding up, but I kept the cruise control at 56 in a 55 zone (in FL cops can’t ticket within 5 mph of the limit). After ~7 miles the AGW gave up and passed me.

        I should add that when I see an AGW lurking on any road I consider it my patriotic duty to warn oncoming traffic with 3 headlight flashes.

        • Good stuff, Zenit!

          I do the same. Never give an AGW the excuse. Remember: Most are (paraphrasing Kissinger) stupid animals and easily outsmarted. Just be careful around them, as you would a loose bull.

          • Since Kissinger was in Alexander Haig’s presence when he referred to military men as “dumb, stupid animals to be used” as pawns for foreign policy, he was probably soliciting agreement on a shared belief.

            • Hi Vonu,

              Undoubtedly. A common thread is the thinly veiled contempt for the people they use and rule over. That is to say, for us. I came to the conclusion many years ago that the political class, as such, is pathologically narcissistic at best and arguably psychopathic by definition. These are, after all, people who not only aren’t morally troubled by the idea of violently controlling (and even killing) other people – they are eager to do so.

        • Around here they love driving with their high beams on, waiting for you to give a quick courtesy flash to let the oncoming vehicle know their brights are on. As soon as you do they have a reason to turn around and pull you over.

        • When I came back from FL two years ago, I was passing through VA. I saw an AGW, so I called out his location on my CB; I KEPT calling out his location every mile or so. He did NOT stay on the Interstate very long-ha! I was just doing my civic duty… 😉

    • The thing about Dallas county and others are not so cut and dried. There are more male inmates in Tx. prisons than any other state. The jails are stuffed with class c misdemeanor people too.

      While the amount of $750 isn’t stated anywhere I’ve seen except this article, I understand “petty” crime does have caps and felony has minimums. I can understand the hungry stealing food, the cold stealing warmth(clothes). Probably finding these people work would be a win/win situation for everyone. But corporations make law and that law tightens every year with more laws and less work for Americans. The Norte kind.

      I might not have known this first hand had I not been employing a lot of workers in 2008 when the economy collapsed and home construction did along with it. It was brutal for those doing construction. One day you’re making half way decent or very good money, the next day you have no job for the foreseeable future.

      I just went home and survived like everyone else. I might have had a bit more to draw on than others since I did have a place to live, but other than that, it was horrible for the housing construction industry. I couldn’t find jobs for most of them nor myself. One day you have a list of jobs and the next you have no work.

      If you thinks those jobs have come back, think again. There is “some” homebuilding going on and the roofing industry was whittled down to the largest paying the least….but fairly steady.

      What people don’t understand is the fact there are no permanent jobs now. I knew one guy who went from being a pusher, one of the highest paying jobs, to being to driller, to driller, to floorhand and to unemployed altogether even after working part time. Sometimes things just stop, like happened in construction and the oil field.

      How long can you go without food or a place to sleep? it’s not a black and white thing. There’s a lot of grey in that area. And putting someone in jail for stealing food in the market just sends eveyone else’s tax money to a non-paying govt. institution. The main people who don’t like less jailing are th Bailbondsmen. Everyone else gets along fine on the nearly limitless crimes on the books and a public often unaware of the amount of crime that is on those books. Smokin in the boy’s room becomes a real crime of spitting on the street or some similar, like not bowing and genuflecting to power. This country is in real trouble.

      • Speaking of the non-prosecution of $750 and lower value crimes, the conservative talk show hosts are having a FIELD DAY with that! To listen to them, it’s more libtard softness on crime; it’s going to encourage petty crime; and on and on and on…

        • “Speaking of the non-prosecution of $750 and lower value crimes”

          Damn, bring that here! My grocery bills could be zero. Hit Walmart for clothes and household goods after.

          If only I had the morality of a DC pol. Unfortunately I was raised well…. obviously to my detriment in this day and age.

      • Morning, Eight!

        Amen on all you’ve written about the transitory nature of employment in this economy; I’d add that it’s often necessary to work twice as much to make half the money. In my field, whole categories of job have largely disappeared (e.g., pressmen, copy editors, graphics people) and guys like me – reporters, columnists, editors – must produce easily twice the material to keep afloat and do the jobs of pressman, copy editor/graphics on top of it all.

        The main reason I keep afloat is the same as your reason. I own my house and so the only rent I have to pay is to the county. It’s still a chunk, but less a chunk than the $800-plus every month most people have to come up with just to have a roof over their heads.

        • Morning eric. I tried the “retirement” thing a couple years ago and it didn’t work, not only financially bug mentally. If I’d had seven figures set back to draw on it would have been different. I’d probably have done a lot of fishing but at my age, and the kind of fishing I do, I’d be a worn out puppy very soon. And I’d be looking for some bidness to get into anyway, that’s just the way it is.

          Well, I might have done something like make fishing tackle or get into making ammo or most anything……but those choices are drying up rapidly… the radio commercial for extended warranty on your car accurately calls it “due to the downturn of the economy”. Couldn’t believe that one the first time I heard it. I was in a truck waiting for the company man to meet with me and tell me what he needed. That’s another reason I’m a trucker. I can’t stand for somebody to be looking over my shoulder. If you need a job done, let me know what it is and I’ll get back to you when its finished. If you want to change in there somewhere, call me and let me know. It’s all the same to me.

          For the most part, I’m happy just doing a job and doing it better than expected and being able to do more than one thing such as trucking. If you want to give me directions to a pit somewhere and have me push up material or rip up some and push it up and then load it, fine by me. If you want to leave a grader on a site and have me spread every load that’s fine too. If you want me to drop the rock trailer, hook up to the lowboy and haul that equipment somewhere else, I’m good to go.

          If you think I might need help call and ask. I’m not shy to ask for help when it’s a big trackhoe that only 4″ of the inside track on each side contacts the trailer. Once I get it properly boomed, it’s not coming off unless I turn it over which I have never done although it’s been close.

          But trucking or whatever it might be, I’ll be happy as long as nobody is looking at everything you do, the very reason there are countless companies I wouldn’t work for due to cams in the cab aimed at the driver.

          That’s corporation bs as opposed to people who just need to get a job done. Probably I wouldn’t qualify for that job of dreaming up ways to spy on employees. If you can’t trust people you shouldn’t hire them.

          So many people these days have no skills that are worth much, not so much because they’re not smart but mainly due to less jobs and less jobs where you need no supervision. The hassle of the fed DOT laws with ELD is killing the trucking industry and why the industry just doesn’t balk and refuse some fatwa made by some bureaucrat who doesn’t know anything about the hour to hour part of a job amazes me.

          There have been a couple states that have said No Thanks but then you can’t get out of that state. Texas won’t do it. Every since the yankee blitzkreig of the early 80’s Texas has been going downhill rapidly.

          But the 2008 thing ensured Wally and such would never have to pay a decent wage. While I don’t especially care for govt. to determine wages, it’s not hard to see how wages are now so low now and how if compared to 30 years ago, the minimum wage would be well over $20/hr. It’s tough to live for most people on less than $200/day. That fairly decent neighborhood in town is the $200/day place to live.

          That current minimum wage is the run down places where a few to several people are chipping in.

          If Doug Casey is correct about there being a major downtick in July, I can promise the best things you can have is long term food storage and lots of ammo, the more the better. I might think I wouldn’t steal but the closer your navel gets to your backbone the less a “bit of taking here and there” becomes less a choice and more a necessity. If what he says is correct, we’re about to have a big correction.

          Eric, I don’t know of many people, even in west Tx. where rent is relatively cheap, that pay that small amount. Since 2008, being a landlord has become a real boon. One day the pols are bragging everyone is owning their own home, a month later everyone is trying to find the cheapest way to move from that “home they own”….they’ve been paying a year on, and finding anyplace they can live while applying for food stamps and looking for any kind of work they can possibly do. In a town not far from me, 30 miles, the little square old houses from the 50’s go for more than $800/mnth and may only have a single bedroom and nearly always a single bath. I know of people living in such and they all work. For the most part the worst problem I see is everyone is taken in by the car shucksters and they take on too much payment for non-reliable transportation. 0 down and just $240/month….plus all those hidden charges, insurance and people who do nothing all day but keep and eye on any vehicle they can legally repossess.

          Our lives are ruled by the immoral pols and corporations and PoLeez unions and judges and prosecutors and the ever-present taxman, not that there is only one. We’re a hand to mouth country more than we’ve ever been in the last 80 years……maybe longer.

          • I realized one day why I saw so few boats on the road in the last several years and it’s not because people are too rich to fish, they’re too poor. I knew it for a fact when Cabela’s and Bass Pro became one. One of these days GM will have more models(and it may be already true)in China than the US. GM has 7 plants in China and mainly does bidness mostly with the Chinese military. I think the main difference with Texas Tech Univ. and other colleges is their motto has always been and continues to be “Guns Up”. it’s a good one to live by.

      • That people are starving in the US is largely a failure of religion and charity. And that can be traced right back to Uncle’s Great Society programs. God asks for 10%. That 10% is to go to the poor and indigent amongst us. But Uncle told the churches they didn’t need to help the locals anymore, so they quit. They sent the money to missionaries in Africa who seemed to piss it away on worthless projects. Or maybe the more paranoid amongst us are right and the missions were really CIA fronts, who knows for sure. The congregations decided they didn’t need to give anymore, and to make matters worse, the churches (protestant mostly) in an effort to appeal to a bunch of selfish spoiled brats, started preaching about all you need is love to get into heaven. Of course that backfired and even more people left the church. Today the churches seem to be completely internal and isolated from the world around them, living on their endowments. Any money collected is spent back into the church instead of in the neighborhood. And society rots a little more.

        Meanwhile, taxpayers got pissed off that Uncle was stealing from the middle to give to the poor with no strings attached, so instead of seeing a charitable act, they resented the “welfare queens and drug addicts.” And no one working for Uncle ever took a vow of poverty, so most of the money allocated to help the poor is eaten up by bureaucracy anyway. With no incentive to get people off the dole, no judgement is made as to lifestyle choices. Inevitably the lack of a vision for a better day means welfare recipients are forever stranded in a “live for the moment” life.

        I don’t know what the answer is, but I KNOW it isn’t turning a blind eye to shoplifting. If we had small businesses I’d think most store owners would be OK with helping someone who needs it, but then again, they get taken advantage of too many times and that will come to a halt too. Big corps like to do charity, but they have to do it in a corporate way, mostly for PR and because they have friends and relatives on the boards of the big charities too.

        • Hi RK,

          Here’s another spin on this: If people didn’t have to hand over a quarter to a third (or more) of their income in direct taxation and then another fourth (or more) in incidental taxation (especially the tax on property and now the Obamacare atrocity) a single person could comfortably support themselves on less than $20,000 per year.

          Which means: Anyone willing to work a very basic 40 hour (or less) week could easily feed/house/cloth (and more) himself, leaving only those not physically or mentally capable of work – a small minority – dependent on charity.

          • Oh absolutely! And those amongst us who can do that math are probably the most productive too. So we can’t have that engineer supporting 10 cube dwellers drop out now, can we? So crank up the tax and mandated fees without counting it towards “inflation” and watch that door slam shut in his face.

            • RK, charity is still alive and well. I know churches who “try” to help the less fortunate, no strings attached. The problem I see is the cops…..from varying places, try to stop this charity.

              I don’t know of a clear law in the state that stops charity but some a-hole cities and counties take it upon themselves to make the less fortunate even more unfortunate.

              It’s the local crowd for the most part, those who see themselves as better and smarter than everyone else in town, want to impose some very misguided(or not, who knows what evil lies in the heart of man?)laws and statutes.

              The milk of human kindness still flows when it can get around some insane laws. The wife and I, and at times had trouble getting groceries, still give to the county foodbank. This food, not money, goes to those who need it.

              When time were better for us, we always gave, in the name of my ungrateful kin, to a nearby Boy’s Ranch that really helped those kids with no or missing parents, to get educated and have plenty to eat.

              No, no wings were built by us. We didn’t bring loads of food from Cisco, but we helped out to the degree we could.

              I can and still do give something, to the county foodbank. Once I’m down starvation mode, I won’t continue. Lots of people who make shit for income do the same. It’s govt., often a bunch of local a-holes you know that keep charity on the lamb.

          • eric, this is hard fact. Even if one has to pay rent, utilities, tax, weed, beer, cigs, food, car payment, insurance. It can be done easily on that budget. But the extra bills of a moving violation or medical expense can throw an almost unrecoverable wrench in the spokes.

            There is an injustice in this department.

            Those that could take a leg up from these programs are marginalized and disqualify for who cares why. Some come up with NO support systems in place and are otherwise “worthy” of a chance. Some with super smart brains and capable bodies. Talent doesn’t discriminate.

            And get absolutely ass fucked by the systems in place. (Student loans, Obama care, agw bull shit) it can be so hard to see daylight with just a couple of these instances in a lifetime.

            There is a palpable oppression of the free thinking. After a time, the smack downs add up and the free thinker can’t abide it. He folds.

            He gives into the drink. He develops a cynical attitude and gets filled with hate which spreads like cancer. He quits.

            They win as a result.

            Without a certain level of privilege, one can only float. Modern day slavery. Only the basic needs aren’t met.

            Salves had housing, food, medical care, and some degree of hang out freedom to breed included in their job description.

            In modern day slavery, you gotta get it all for yourself, while still slaving. Even if you can’t afford food or medical care. And be expected to abide it.

            Yet we toil away. Powerless.

            • Hi Anonymous,

              Indeed. I counsel radar detectors for the first reason – and staying fit for the second.

              Granted, radar detectors are not foolproof; but get a good one – like the V1 I tout (because I use it every day) and your vulnerability will be massively reduced. I used to get at least one piece of payin’ paper every year – which also caused my insurance mafia mordita to go up. But now I get pinched maybe once every four or five years. It has saved me thousands – and made driving reasonably enjoyable again.

              Granted, not everyone has good genetics; some people just have bad luck. But assuming you are basically healthy, you can massively increase the odds of remaining healthy well into old age by judicious living. Don’t get fat. Don’t be sedentary. Eat well – and reasonably. Exercise regularly. Do those things and you stand a good chance of not needing “health care” for the majority of your life.

              In which case, you don’t need to pay for health insurance.

  6. They should at least TRY to be nice at first, and then EVEN IF someone is being a real stinker, so what, they shouldn’t get all bossy with anyone, just have a sense of humor about it. THEY have a gun on their hip, have backup they can call, get unfair legal treatment, and they know everyone is always going to try to be nice to them, so they have no excuse to be all bossy with anyone. UNLESS they’re ALREADY in a bad situation under attack, then sure, they’re trained to try to get suspects to be compliant. But with the general public who hasn’t committed any crimes, some humility would be nice! Especially since this country’s laws are pretty messed up right now and the govt is run by global supervillains, the cops should try to be compassionate with the public since we’re ALL stressed out nowadays.

  7. I’ll never forget the wording of a list of “suspicious” characteristics of drug runners. It was put out by the state of Florida back in the mid-90’s. One of the excuses to pull someone?

    “Strict adherence to all traffic laws.”

    In other words, they know the laws, as written, are total BS and anyone in their right mind will break them all day long. Except, perhaps, boot licking Clovers…and drug runners, of course.

    • Part of avoiding unwanted AGW attention is driving certain cars with certain colors. When I had my Mini, I was pulled over all the time! However, even when I’m FLOUTING traffic laws in my Nissan Altima, I’m totally ignored. Another thing that’ll get you is if you’re driving a car that’s inappropriate for you. An example would be a young guy of 25 driving a Mercedes, while a guy who’s 50+ driving the same car will arouse no suspicion. If you want to learn more, listen to Barry Cooper’s video on traffic stops here:

    • MarkBC, that was the corrupt sheriff of Volusia Co. He ordered his deputies to target minorities with out of state plates traveling on I-95, because he said they fit the “profile” of drug runners (a profile he conveniently created himself). If the victims had more than ~$100 cash on them, the AGWs deemed it “drug money” and confiscated it. In effect, the sheriff turned the highway into his personal slush fund.

    • In south Florida the parameters of “strict adherence to All traffic laws” meant lots of old Jewish folks musta been drug runners…lol

  8. I notice not only is the “suspicious activity” bs used a lot but then the explanations often speak of “dangerous times we live in”. No shitsky, dangerous for the non-badged crowd by Armed Govt. Predators.

  9. The problem with these videos is that if these guys tried this with, let’s say a dirty NYPD cop, they would be gunned down, their phones with the recordings “lost,” body camera/dash camera “not functioning” at worst. The lesser scenarios involve, again the phones being “lost” and the dash/body cameras being “off,” – but a sizable amount of drugs planted, charges of attempted murder of a police officer, possession of “illegal guns” that were the officer’s personal “throwaways”.

    As rotten as these hillbilly cops were, they are amateurs and not the malignant crooked pigs of many a patrol. Think Denzel Washington in Training Day. Or the “75” in Brooklyn. For every Training Day cop, there is an entire precinct and department willing to go along with it. Look up Eugene Hockenjos and his arrest for “attempted murder of a police officer.” The “arresting officer” invented a charge out of whole cloth, seven other cops caught on Hockenjos’ home security cameras are recorded at the scene of the fabricated charge. Hockenjos was arrested and faced SEVEN YEARS IN PRISON for his “crime”. The entire precinct went along with the frame up. Even Hockenjos’ own attorney didn’t believe his client until he produced the video from his home security cameras that a more professional corrupt cop would have raided the house and personally destroyed.

    Hockejos spent a weekend in jail, thousands on attorneys – eventually the cop that framed him was fired and faced criminal proceedings (an improbable rarity) for which he was convicted and spent a total of 12 hours in jail. No other officer at the scene was ever reprimanded.

    We know how corrupt cops are, but videos like these trivialize it and make them seem far less deadly a threat. One cannot poke a rabid lion in the eye without eventually getting mauled.

    The best legal advice anyone could give when dealing with AGW is “SHUT THE F@CK UP.” You are not going to win a pissing contest with them. Avoid them at all costs. When it is impossible to avoid them say as little as possible, do not give them any reason to make it personal and unless you are willing to go all the way AKA Kurtz in Apocalypse Now, forget the outrage as quickly as possible and move on.

    We are not yet at the point of fielding an IRA in this country, but we are never going back to Mayberry.

    • You’re 100% right on how to deal with AGWs: to wit, DON’T! You can’t win a pissing contest with them, because they have the badge, the gun, and the power. First order of business is to AVOID AGWs at all costs; if you do have contact with them, end it as quickly and painlessly as possible.

      • The best way to avoid being stopped by a AGW is to obey all of the traffic laws in the same manner as you did when you took your first driving test for your first driver’s license, assuming you passed it.
        If I were a cop, I’d give out most of my tickets for failing to signal a lane change or turn or failing to yield right of way at a 4-way stop. I drive some of the locals crazy by sitting at 4-way stops until they take right of way, regardless of how many times they try to wave me through. I even did this to a local cop, who tried to get me to make a left turn when he was going straight. He finally drag-stripped his way through the intersection.

        • Yeah, but as was cited in the comments and in Eric’s recent articles, stringent adherence to the traffic laws is in itself suspicious.

  10. Mostly checking them out for possible asset forfeiture (‘legal’ armed robbery). Here in Floriduh it’s done many times due to the high tourist traffic through the State. Of course all the States do it now as they’re mostly broke. The “Public Servants” are doing everything possible to juice up their pensions and other gifts ‘legally’ stolen from the taxpayers.

    WARNING to tourists and business folks,,,Floriduh is now a Red Flag anti second amendment State which means it has joined with gun grabbers everywhere. Be very cautious in this State. Do not bring weapons that are questionable or too much cash (more then $20 ??). Be especially watchful in S. Florida and Mickey land. These areas would fit right in as New York City Boroughs.

    • What happened down there? I thought you all had a Republican governor and legislature down there! I’d expect the red flag BS in my native NJ because it’s dark blue. To put it another way, if Hitler were a Democrat and Moses were from any other party, Hitler would win. It’s that bad! NJ has been anti-gun my whole life, so I wasn’t surprised when they passed a red flag law. However, I don’t expect this crap in what’s SUPPOSED to be a somewhat conservative state like FL though.

      I just did some checking, and many supposedly conservative states have red flag laws; many of the ones that don’t have red flag laws are considering them; NH, AL, and TX are among the conservative states considering red flag laws. IN & FL are two conservative states that have them. Again, when NY, NJ, CA, etc. pass red flag laws, I expect that. I don’t expect it from supposedly ‘conservative’ states though.

      • Today, Republicans,,, Democrats,,, the difference is?

        The excuse for the Red Flag law was the school shooting. Even the fbi admitted they knew about it but didn’t interfere for some reason. There were/are so many unanswered questions but to ask makes one a conspiracy nut. The jackasses in Tallahassee passed the bill a few weeks later.

        The State is being invaded by thousands of Northern Government pensioners. The State woes them because they are receiving all the stolen taxpayer loot.

        • Hi Ken,

          Given how jumpy AGWs are, perhaps all of them should also be red-flagged? After all, they have shown a clear propensity for violence, paranoia, poor impulse control… etc.

          • Hello Eric

            The difference is……….. they’re trained!

            They can break any road law….. they’re trained!
            They can text while driving………….. they’re trained!
            They carry a gun…. they’re trained!

            We on the other hand are only trained to run on the tax treadmill and Obey! They consider us as the enemy. We are called civilians,,, a military tactical term that differs drastically from citizen. In fact you will note that gov treats invaders far better then citizens. Everything is free and they are about to get to vote.

            They go by ‘procedure’ now,,, not by the law or common sense. It’s so much easier saying procedure was followed after gunning down a citizen for no obvious reason. Remember when they fire bombed a baby’s room? They were following procedure. and ended up blaming the baby for being there.

            I will close by saying there are many fine cops but even many of these have been known to protect their own, no matter what. When citizens do that it’s called accessory to the fact…….

        • Last year the group addressing new gun laws in Tx. came up with some bad things for the most part. They got together again with our illustrious guvnah, Greg Abbot. When he presented his list, red flag laws were at the bottom. He got so much negative mail he immediately removed it and made some sort of statement claiming it was off his list. Of course that means nothing since his lips were moving.

      • the ‘progressive’ judges and prosecutors..IGNORE the written LAW and use THEIR interpretation of the state statues…YOU have to prove yourself innocent…not the state has to prove you guilty…this is what is going on in Florida…flooding with socialist….despite a republican governor and legislature….the LAWS are ignored by the left, all over the state which has 67 counties which elect the D.A.’s and judges.. and most are democratic south of the pan handle…be advised…imo….Semper Fi

  11. This business about obeying the speed limit being suspicious and exceeding being illegal is something I pointed out back in the usenet days. It’s probably older than that. It did eventually make it pretty high in the courts. Someone carrying some of those drugs that are illegal was being followed by cops in the wee hours. They wanted to stop him but he was obeying the vehicle code to the letter. He came upon a school zone and obeyed the school zone speed limit despite it being well outside school hours and no children were present at 2 or 3am whatever it was. The cops pulled him over for being suspicious. He lost the case that they had no grounds to pull him over because of the unusual behavior of obeying the school zone speed limit and where they started following him.

    This is going to be the problem with robot cars if they are ever legislated into being mandatory. Government loves this power of being able to stop anyone they choose. How they will work around it I have some ideas but I won’t give them away. But there is some risk involved in waking up the morons.