Remember This AGW?

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Apparently, dog-loving armed government worker Terry Yetman also likes kids. The AGW who was caught serial raping his dog has been arrested on kiddie porn charges, too. Thirty one counts, according to news reports.

It’s nice that Yetman has been arrested and not placed on “administrative leave,” but shouldn’t consideration be given to throwing out the convictions of every single person whose conviction hinged on the testimony of this AGW?

Why should the word of this psychopath be legally admissible as “evidence,” while anything a non-AGW states in court is considered “hearsay” and legally worthless?

Just a thought.

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      • At least he got SOMETHING! Usually, not only do the pigs get away with shooting innocent people; they keep their jobs; in some cases, they’re even promoted! At least this SOB was fired and imprisoned. Who’s to say that this SOB won’t get shivved in prison? After all, we know how popular ex cops are in prision-not! They’re held in the same esteem as child molesters…

    • Now, that’s a weird case. The cop was convicted of manslaughter AND first degree murder. Shit, I would have gotten 30 days in the electric chair for that, but he got 25 years on each conviction and the sentences will run concurrently, which means he just got 25 years. He should at least have gotten consecutive sentences, to keep him from being paroled out on both at the same time.

        • It would have been a much greater outrage had this pig gotten the usual ‘punishment’, i.e. keep his job, no charges, and possible future promotion. That’s what usually happens when a pig takes an innocent man’s life, so I prefer to have an optimistic take on this. Not only did the pig lose his job; he got some punishment too. Should he have gotten a stiffer sentence? Yeah, but even this goes against the grain of what TYPICALLY happens in this scenario.

          • MM, I agree with you. I’ve seen so many times the murderer didn’t so much as get hauled before a court. Now that’s an outrage. And I hope I can continue to not make typos. I had to take that bandage off my finger.


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