Monday, May 16, 2022
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A Buzz for Rich Hippies

Contrary to media reports, VW isn’t bringing back the Microbus - just as it never brought back the Beetle, either.  It did bring back a car that looked like the Beetle, back...

2022 Mazda3

Small sedans are less “in” than they used to be. Which may be why Mazda offers its smallest sedan - the 3 -  another way.  You have your pick of sedan -...

2022 Genesis G70

Lexus understood the importance of value to people who bought luxury cars such as those made by Mercedes and BMW - back when Mercedes and BMW pretty much owned the luxury...

2022 Toyota Prius

The best electric car is the one you never have to plug in.  A hybrid electric car - like the Toyota Prius. It has all of the advantages of an electric car...

2022 Audi A7

Speed, it is said, is a question of money. How fast do you want to go?  Well, how about looks?   Audi’s A7 is a much more dramatic looking car than the A6...

2022 Cadillac Escalade

It’s no accident that the best-selling Cadillac model right now is very much like the models that used to define what a Cadillac was - back when Cadillac sold more luxury...

2022 Toyota Corolla

When you hear that the average price paid for a new car last year was more than $35,000 - and hear that average price of an electric car is higher than...

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee

A few weeks back I wrote about the new Ford Explorer - one of the few mid-sized, three-row SUVs available in a segment dominated by car-based crossover SUVs. The Explorer is rear-drive...

2022 Volvo S90

Most top-of-the-line luxury sedans are two things: Big - and pricey. Except for one big luxury sedan that’s not but which is often overlooked. Volvo’s S90. What It Is The S90 is Volvo’s largest,...

2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

You often hear that new cars - especially new crossovers - are so similar they (the car companies) might as well get together and just sell one. The complaint has some merit....
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