Monday, February 6, 2023
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2023 Toyota RAV4

How do you decide which crossover to buy - given how similar most crossovers look? Well, you have to look under the skin.  If you do, you’ll find some important differences.  Toyota’s RAV4,...

2023 GMC Sierra 1500

Big trucks are bigly popular - probably because big cars are pretty much gone. Even the biggest ones - which are all high-dollar luxury cars now, models like the Mercedes S-Class...

Best – and Worst – of Times

Honda just announced the pending availability - for the 2023 model year - of the most powerful production car it has ever offered for sale in the United States. And it's a...

2023 Audi A3

It’s an interesting fact that while small sedans have largely disappeared from the general market you can still find a number of them in the luxury car market.  Including subcompact models like...

2023 Chevy Traverse

There’s something disconnecty about a two-ton SUV powered by a 2.0 liter four cylinder engine.  In fact, there are only a few two-ton SUVs that still come standard with a V6 engine....

2023 Acura Integra

Certain models define a brand. What would Chevrolet be without Corvette? Ford - without the F150?  Acura once had a model like that. The Integra.  And now it does, again.  What It Is The Integra...

2023 Nissan Titan

A number of new half-ton trucks no longer even offer V8 engines; the rest offer them as optional engines. Only one half-ton truck still comes standard with one. That would be Nissan’s...

2023 BMW K1600 GTL

Spend $50k on a new BMW car and you get a four cylinder engine. Spend half as much on a BMW bike and get a six cylinder engine - and a power-to-weight...

2023 Lincoln Corsair

Lincoln - Ford’s luxury car division - no longer sells cars, at all.  Lincoln is now Ford’s luxury SUV division - embodying a general trend away from cars that’s become a kind...

2022 Honda Insight

It’s interesting that partially electric cars (which are nearly "zero emissions" cars at the tailpipe) have fallen out of favor - with government regulators - because hybrids achieve nearly everything regulators...
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