Sunday, May 22, 2022
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2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

You often hear that new cars - especially new crossovers - are so similar they (the car companies) might as well get together and just sell one. The complaint has some merit....

2022 Ford Explorer

“Crossover” and “SUV” are terms that get put together a lot but they’re really two different things - or ought to be considered two different things. But it’s easy to see them...

2022 Audi A6

It was only about ten years ago that hybrid meant economy car. A Prius, for instance. Today, it means almost every new model luxury sedan - like this 2022 Audi A6...

Hum Job

About twelve years separate the last Hummer GM built and the new one GM is about to begin selling. How much has changed over that time? Perhaps the better question is - how...

2022 Buick Encore GX

The smallest Buick is also a little bit bigger. Well, except for what’s under it’s hood - where you’ll find the smallest engine ever put in a Buick. Just three cylinder and 1.2...

2022 Infiniti Q60

If you want to drive the new Nissan Z-car, you’ll have to wait a bit longer since it’s not yet available. But you can get a very similar car, right now. From the...

2022 Nissan Leaf

Well, the price is less. Nissan’s Leaf electric car is now the least expensive electric car available in the United States - and the only EV that starts under $30k. Everything else...

2022 VW Taos

Sometimes, a car company will bring out a new model so appealing it winds up costing sales. This new Taos from VW, for instance. It’s less expensive than the VW Tiguan - and...

2022 Chevy Malibu

GM’s Chevrolet division was once the American family car division. Baseball, hot dogs apple pie and Chevrolet.  Remember that? Today, it sells just one car - other than the Camaro and Corvette, neither of...

2022 Mercedes S-Class

The measure of luxury used to be amenities - things like climate control AC, power everything, leather seats (heated, even) and, of course, power everything. The problem - for luxury car makers...
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