Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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2018 Mercedes GLC350e

Maybe you like the idea of driving an electric car - but not the idea of worrying about how far you can drive before you run out of electricity. Or how...

The Not-So-Modern Car

It's surprising how much hasn't changed over the past 25 years. New cars start right up; don't stall and are pretty much maintenance-free for years. And so were the cars made 25...

2020 Nissan Altima

For a long time, Nissan’s Altima and Maxima sedans have been so similar it’s been hard to tell them apart - and not just in terms of their looks. They’re almost exactly...

2019 BMW X4

How do you make a crossover SUV not just another crossover SUV? One way is to chop the roof - and make it look less like just another crossover SUV. Another way is...

2016 Kia Sedona

Minivans have become kind of like timeshares. Not many people seem to want to buy in. Part of the problem is image. Minivans are the automotive equivalent of middle-aged ED. Or at least, likely...

2012 Mitsubishi Lancer

Mitsubishi started it. Or at least, it was one of the first car companies to do it really well, across its model lineup. What's that? Building economy-minded, affordable cars that were also...

Smart Car Fades to Black

Mercedes is giving up on the not-so-Smart Car, citing "declining micro-car market" in the U.S. and Canada. U.S. Smart sales in 2018 plunged 58 percent from a year earlier to 1,276 cars. What's...

Camaro’s Crisis

It's 1975 all over again - for the Chevy Camaro. That year, there was no Z28 and the next year there was almost no Camaro. Chevy - GM management - came very...

2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

Every car company sells crossover SUVs - so why buy Mitsubishi’s crossover SUV? Well, let's start with the reasons having nothing to do with the crossover itself. First, Mitsubishi really needs your business. The...

2018 Mercedes GLC300

Well, the diesel’s gone. It never even arrived, to be precise about it. Mercedes thought about offering it - had planned to offer it. Had even announced it was coming - back in...
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