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2020 Lincoln Corsair

The Ford Escape is one of the best-selling compact-sized crossovers on the market. But what if you’d like an Escape with a bit more exclusivity  . . . and a lot...

2011 Mazda6

Size matters - to family car buyers. So it's not surprising that the Mazda6 - which used to be slightly smaller - and sportier - than other cars in the mid-sized sedan...

2016 Lexus ES350

Why does Lexus sell so many ES350s? Probably for the same reasons Toyota sells so many Camrys. Oops! The cat just jetted out of the bag… . Yes. It's true. The ES350 and the...

2010 Porsche Boxster

Why do Porsches continue to sell? You can get exotic car performance in a modern car for much less than exotic car money. A slightly tweaked Mitsubishu EVO will do 12 second...

2011 Corvette – Can’t Touch This

If you don't like the Corvette, you don't like cars. How can you not love a $49k (to start) sports car that can match moves with $100k exotics? And which for a...

2015 Jeep Renegade

People seem to really like small SUVs … er, crossover SUVs. New ones keep popping up like dandelions after a spring shower. This new Jeep Renegade, for instance. But for once, it's not...

2013 Chevy Malibu “Eco”

The new Chevy Malibu was one of the earliest 2013 models to become available during early 2012 (I drove one back in April). It's new in another way, too: It's no...

2023 Mazda CX-50

What’s the difference between Mazda’s CX-5 and the new CX-50? One is a little bit more than the other. A little larger, longer and wider - plus a bit more capable. And...

2016 VW Jetta

Since VW can no longer sell a diesel-powered Jetta (or any other diesel-powered car) it looks like hybrids - and high cost - are in our future. The TDI engine is gone...

2018 Toyota Corolla

Technically, the Toyota Corolla is an entry-level compact sedan - a notch down in size and price from the mid-sized, mid-priced Camry sedan. Well, when it comes to what it costs. But when...
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