The Day America Died

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The Day America Died
By Paul Craig Roberts on October 2, 2011

September 30, 2011 was the day America was assassinated.
Some of us have watched this day approach and have warned of its coming, only to be greeted with boos and hisses from “patriots” who have come to regard the US Constitution as a device that coddles criminals and terrorists and gets in the way of the President who needs to act to keep us safe.
In our book, The Tyranny of Good Intentions, Lawrence Stratton and I showed that long before 9/11 US law had ceased to be a shield of the people and had been turned into a weapon in the hands of the government.  The event known as 9/11 was used to raise the executive branch above the law. As long as the President sanctions an illegal act, executive branch employees are no longer accountable to the law that prohibits the illegal act. On the president’s authority, the executive branch can violate US laws against spying on Americans without warrants, indefinite detention, and torture and suffer no consequences.
Many expected President Obama to re-establish the accountability of government to law.  Instead, he went further than Bush/Cheney and asserted the unconstitutional power not only to hold American citizens indefinitely in prison without bringing charges, but also to take their lives without convicting them in a court of law.  Obama asserts that the US Constitution notwithstanding, he has the authority to assassinate US citizens, who he deems to be a “threat,” without due process of law.
In other words, any American citizen who is moved into the threat category has no rights and can be executed without trial or evidence.
On September 30 Obama used this asserted new power of the president and had two American citizens, Anwar Awlaki and Samir Khan murdered.  Khan was a wacky character associated with Inspire Magazine and does not readily come to mind as a serious threat.

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  1. The assassination of Kennedy was nothing short of a coup d’etat, I believe coordinated by the perpetrators and beneficiaries of Operation Paperclip. Fascism didn’t die after WWII, it went into hibernation–HERE–and now it’s fully manifesting again.

    One could argue that America truly died during the equally obvious in-your-face coup of 911.

    But Eric you’re right–once it progresses to absolutely brazen, process-less murdering of citizens, then it’s only a matter of numbers. The principle has been set.

    I’m looking overseas and will GTFO as soon as practical. Standing and fighting is noble, but I have two kids.

      • I’m deliberated over GTFO at length. I am a Native American. Some Blackfeet & Cheyenne blood notwithstanding, this is my country of nativity. I was born here and I intend to complete my days here. I no longer have children living at home. My wife understands my outlook on America, life in general and yet remains at my side.

        I am a Virginian expatriated to Missouri for less government, lower taxes and fewer people (particularly tax feeding doughnut predators) per square mile. This is a far as intend to run. We’ve made some headway toward reducing the size of government out here and we do have a balanced budget amendment. We have some representatives here that possess common sense and life experience.

        I have hope for the future, but not before things get worse. Probably a lot worse. That can happen anywhere. I’m now at the Patrick Henry stage of my life (those with ears will hear me). I’ll make my stand on American soil, come what may.

      • Naw, you guys are getting carried away. I think even if things get really really bad we are in better shape here than we could be anywhere else. That sounds good, now I am trying to convince myself of it.

        • You don’t need to convince me Dom, just yourself. 😉 I’m staying. This is a beautiful country. There are still many great people here in America (and right here on this site too). Life’s and society’s highs and lows are cyclical. Things are going to get rough for a while, then they’ll get better. It runs in about an 80 year cycle. I figure I’ll see the country go through this crisis phase and watch the next high start (if I live to old age). Adapt, evade, survive and ultimately thrive; that’s what I’m doing.

          • Some state governments see reality more clearly than Uncle Scam. I know that isn’t saying much but it’s better than nothing. States with lower overall taxes, constitutional carry, and enough insight to currently be making preparations for the possible use of gold and silver coins as a medium of exchange should TSHTF would be preferable to states that remain content to function within the old politically orthodox box. I doubt if there are any states that currently meet all three criteria but if one comes into existence I might head there. In the meantime get to know your immediate neighbors. They may prove to be more important than all failed government schemes taken together.

            • I live in Virginia, which is pretty good when it comes to gun rights – but terrible on traffic laws/enforcement, property rights and taxes… for me, gun rights are even more important than the tax issue, because as I see it, once they make it a felony to attempt to defend yourself against violent thugs, or have the means of self-defense on your person, the other stuff really doesn’t matter anymore.

          • Eric, you’re absolutely right. The right to keep and bear arms should have been protected under the first amendment. Without it, free speesh is done.

            Just one caveat about neighbors; make sure you REALLY know them, before you let them in on your politics, preps and plans (OPSEC first always). It was peoples friends, family and neighbors that have turned a lot folks in (for their own good fo course) to the KGB/FSB, Gestapo, Stasi, etc. over the years. Even here, do gooders (and the vengeful) turn folks in to the cops, FBI, ICE and ATF all the time.

            I tried to ride my motorcycle (in Virginia) from my grandmother’s house to my house (less than two miles away) without a helmet and one of my elderly “friends” called the cops on me! For my own protection of course. The cop was a friend of mine, but he still made me park the bike and walk home for my helmet, because “it’s th’ law!” So establish a local support network, but watch your ass-ets.

    • You carry on like he was some Libertarian President yet he said “ask not what your country can do but you can do for your country”. That’s sounds like a variant on Socialism or Fascism. From a Libertarian perspective all that happened that day was one Mafia kingpin was rubbed out by another.

      • John Kennedy was hardly perfect, little salamander in training. But he wasn’t an insider per se. So he was quite dangerous to your club (the CIA / NSA / military-industrial complex). Worse yet, having seen combat in WW II, he wasn’t too keen on the Viet Nam police action either. On top of that, there’s a good possibility the Secretary of the Treasury would have started circulating more silver certificates during JFK’s administration. That would have been a poke in the eye to the Fed and its banker cronies. The famous quote you cite (probably written by a speech writer anyway) is referring to our “country” Gil, not to the government. Would Kennedy have waved his magic wand and fixed everything? Hardly. But he probably wouldn’t have stripped our currency of most of its real silver in 1965 either. Again Gil; what is your profession?

  2. Actually I believe our death was with the Kennedy assassination and the assassinations of all of the witnesses that had any knowledge of anything other than the official lie.
    I was no fan of JFK, but the president was assassinated right in front of us, obviously there were many people within government involved, the witnesses were killed…..and nobody in America cared.
    Yes I understand about the fed and FDR…but this was a violent act done right in front of all of us….kind of a test case for would we let our masters get away with it.
    We did, and continue to do so.

    • I agree Bruce. I was little (4 years old), standing in the back of my dad’s gun shop in Petersburg, Virginia when JFK was shot and I’ve never forgotten that moment. Even at that age, I knew something was terribly wrong (not just that the president had been shot). I have watched over the years as ambitious and officious men (and women) in government have tested the resolve of the American public against arbitrary and capricious acts against them. At each test, with the exception of some truly hard core individuals (most of whom are either dead or incarcerated now), we as a people have failed each test miserably. When the executive branch of government, and worse your local police, can essentially execute citizens with impunity, it can be nothing but tyranny. Calling this country the “Land of Liberty” now is nothing more than a mendacious boast.


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