CNN’s Anderson Cooper In Desperate Anti-Ron Paul Rant

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Ex-CIA agent argues corporate press have not sidelined Paul’s campaign, despite scientific studies confirming the fact:

Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, October 21, 2011

In a rambling monologue, CNN’s Anderson Cooper desperately attempts to dismiss the accusation that CNN, and the mainstream media as a whole, are unfairly blacklisting Ron Paul’s presidential campaign, despite two scientific studies confirming that very fact.

During his 6 minute-plus rant, former CIA agent Cooper claimed the Paul campaign had lied to make money for the Congressman’s ‘Black This Out’ donation drive, by exaggerating the amount of time between when Paul was allowed to speak during this week’s CNN debate in Las Vegas, and then claiming it was a result of CNN censorship.

While it is indeed true that Paul did not go 40 minutes without speaking – a mistake for which whoever sent out the email within Paul’s campaign should be rightly chastised – the fact that Cooper devoted over 6 minutes to this not so shocking scandal just illustrates how desperate the establishment media is to hide their deliberate campaign to sideline Ron Paul – and CNN have been amongst the worst offenders second only to Fox News.

Indeed, it was CNN who discarded their own poll which showed 75% of respondents thought Ron Paul won the June New Hampshire debate, preferring instead to use a lesser known National Journal poll and then wrongly broadcasting Paul’s vote total as 0%, when in fact it was 33%.

It was CNN host Howard Kurtz who responded to guest Roger Simon’s summation on Ron Paul that “we’re gonna ignore him,” with the brazen admission, “We are in the business of kicking candidates out of the race.”

CNN have been at the forefront of the establishment media’s policy of downplaying and ostracizing Ron Paul’s presidential campaign, and for Cooper to argue otherwise is completely disingenuous.

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

A new study by Pew Research Center confirms that the establishment is terrified of Ron Paul’s presidential campaign gaining momentum – figures show that despite his top tier showing in national polls, the Texan Congressman has received the least media coverage out of all the Republican candidates.

“Ron Paul loyalists have been vindicated. After months of observations that the mainstream media was ignoring the libertarian standard-bearer, a new study by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism shows just that: the Texas Congressman, who has consistently polled in the high single digits — Real Clear Politics’s aggregate poll currently has him at 8 percent — has received the least overall coverage of any candidate. From May 2 to October 9, Paul appeared as the “primary newsmaker in only 2% of all election stories,” reports the Atlantic Wire’s John Hudson.

The figures, compiled from a list of 52 of the top mainstream news sources encompassing newspapers, cable news, and broadcast television, show that even the likes of Tom Pawlenty, who quit his candidacy last month due to lack of support, and John Huntsman, have received significantly more mainstream press coverage than Paul.

It’s not just news coverage where Paul has been deliberately sidelined. A scientific study undertaken by the University of Minnesota also shows that Paul has been given the least speaking time out of all the candidates during the Republican debates so far.

The former CIA agent doth protest too much, methinks. Cooper’s nitpicking on a single exaggerated claim in a Paul campaign email is a smokescreen and ignores the scientifically confirmed fact that despite being a top tier candidate according to the national polls, Paul has received the least mainstream news coverage and the least debate time out of all the Republican candidates.

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