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Newtie last night admonished the public to be “humane” when it comes to illegal aliens. He, like all modern statists, is very generous – with other people’s money.

The main objection probably most people have is not that people come here from places such as Mexico and Central/South America. What they object to is the way our system spreads out an endless buffet line of benefits for them. All of these treats  – including “free” education and health care – funded by an onerous tax system that squeezes them mercilessly while doing little to force the illegals to pay their (cough) “fair share.”

To be clear: I don’t want anyone to be forced to pay their “fair share” – because there is no such thing as a “fair” share of redistributionist taxation. Not one of us “owes” anyone else a thing, except goodwill and mutual respect for each others’ rights.

The problem is we have a welfare state – huge and unaccountable and utterly out-of-control.  So long as that exists, the citizens – the taxpayers – have every reason to object to flooding the country with people who, almost to a man (and woman and child, too)  will immediately avail themselves of “services” they haven’t paid for and impose additional costs on an already overburdened system – which inevitably leads to yet more and higher taxes on everyone except the illegals because they either don’t earn taxable income or the income they earn is off the books.

Bur Newtie  wants to posture as broad-minded and generous …  with other people’s money. In this way, he is exactly like the irresponsible “liberals” he supposedly opposes. Both agree on the essential rightness of jabbing guns under the chins of some people in order to “help” certain people. The only difference being which people will be on the receiving end – of the gun or the largesse.

This is typical of Newtie.

I worked in DC at the “conservative” Washington Times in the early-mid ’90s during the era of Newt’s ascent. Does anyone even remember the “Contract With America” and all that? Gee. We have so much less government today. Do you not feel free?

In fact, for those who can’t recall, Newtie was eager to roll in the hay with his supposed ideological opposites, Clintigula and congressional Democrats. Most infamously, he partnered with them to kill welfare reform – which was much discussed and actually might have succeeded back then. Peter Bradley over at wrote about this at length recently, including this Gingrich quote from an appearance on the TV show, Meet the Press back in ’96:

“We have to have an affirmative outreach which communicates our commitment that opportunity is really available to every American. The fact is, in America today, if you’re a poor black child, you don’t have a very good future compared to somebody who is born into an upper-class family or an upper-middle class family. We want to make sure everybody has the same opportunity.”

Expect him to say more or less the same thing about the children of illegal aliens. And again, his humanity would be admirable if it weren’t so counterfeit. There is something vile about so blithely disposing of the rightful property of others. It is a species of moral illiteracy that has come to characterize our age.

But Newtie is ascendant once again, in part because he can speak in complete (though labyrinthine) sentences and – relative to such as Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann – regarded as “smart.” It is not a high standard.

But to give Newtie his due, he isn’t stupid. In fact, he is very smart indeed. Just like Clintigula – and just like Obama. None of these men are dumb. They are just morally illiterate, which is much worse than ordinary immorality. At least people who shoplift or break into people’s homes know they are doing something wrong. They may not care that they are doing something wrong, but they are conscious of the fact that it is, indeed, wrong to steal and break into people’s homes. They will, for example, try to hide what they have done – and express regret and apologize when caught.

But a creature such as Newtie will never apologize. He will go on at length about “our” obligation (that is, yours and mine) to serve as compliant geldscheissers for the unending benefit of an unending conga line of strangers – both native-born and “illegal.” Eloquent words will be spoken – and perhaps Ten Point Plans revealed. We may even get a new Contract With America.

It will be a contract with only one signatory – and executed without “America’s” consent. But it will make Newtie feel big.

Humane, even.








    • Thanks, Mark…

      I work myself into a fury about this stuff – chiefly because there are (apparently) so many brain-dead zombies out there who don’t see it!

      • Eric, I would add that many of them simply refuse to see it. Clover is a case in point with the ‘if it hasn’t happened to me, it doesn’t really happen’ mindset. This is a truly anti-conceptual stance if ever I’ve seen one. Living in the cloud world of Amerikan middle class debt-based pseudo-prosperity dulls one’s sense of the truth apparently.

        I would say that “Clover” is actually a couple (I detect two different writing styles under the same pseudonym) living in Amerikan suburbia, on the public’s dime, in denial of much of what’s happening in the rest of the world because is doesn’t affect them……yet. When the SHTF in their neck of the woods, they’ll be standing there with their hands out waiting for Uncle Sugar to show up and feed, clothe and house them.

        When FEMA doesn’t roll in, they will expect any of their neighbors that did prepare to “share” with them. This is the same mentality that used the equity in their homes as an ATM and now that they’re underwater, want the rest of us to pay it off for them. Yeah, the whole stinkin’, ignorant, irresponsible mess works me into a fury too!

      • A fine article on Newt the Hutt and his criminal antics! I just wish all the people out there eating up the lies shoveled by the MSM would pay attention to those like Eric who tell the straight story about this vile gangster.

        To Eric and Boothe predominantly (and anyone who might be interested, of course): if I may be forgiven for a bit of self-proselytizing, I recently published an article over at the American Daily Herald titled ‘Dumberer and Dumberest’ dealing with the sad state of America’s collective IQ, thanks to those publik skools you mentioned that churn out all those brain dead zombies that fall so easily for the malarkey from the propaganda mills that whitewashes criminals like the Newtster.

        I include some background on this foul scheme that evolved from the authoritarian Prussian forced public education system and the crew of bluenosed goodfellas who foisted it on the American people, along with what some revisionist educators like John Taylor Gatto are doing to try to repair the damage.

        • Excellent article Glenn. I’ve forwarded the link to several people that will read it and (I hope) forward it as well. We are at war: our goal is idividual liberty, our weapons are truth and reason, our battlefield is in the minds of men and we are the frontline troops. No one else will take up this fight for us. Keep up the good work.

  1. I believe we have a system similar to Communism or even socialism in our welfare system. It certainly isn’t capitalism.
    Consider how it works. If you make money, your reward is to be taken off the roles and loose most of your health benefits. So do you work or not? . . .
    Any half way intelligent person chooses not to work and receive the welfare benefits. If you work you lose . . . If you are visibly broke, then you can get Medicaid. Before that happens you have to exhaust your resources. So if you work, basically you are considered stupid. People that have saved their money are stupid simply because it is so easy for the parasites to take it away from them by hook or by crook. If you saved a dollar in 1950. What is it worth right now? Probably about a dime.
    I am not surprised by this message. After all, just exactly what work have our lawyers ever done except charge extra expensive fees for everything that they do. I understand most of our Congress are also lawyers. Consider title searches. A lawyer is supposed to go to the records and determine if a title is valid or not. He sends a clerk. Then they charge you insurance to make sure the title search was actually done.
    Who benefits from an illegal work force? The people that are wealthy hire them as servants. The South is full of illegal workers working the farms. Even the fines are a joke to these people.
    This group of wealthy people are really responsible for the illegal working situation. So they look the other way when they access the welfare system.
    Obama is part of that system of wealthy people. He is also a lawyer.
    The joke on Obama was he was supposed to come into office after all the crap that Bush spent leaving the country broke. So he was the person set up to take the blame. The republicans did not want the White House then. Look closely at the candidates that they are running. The front runner is an Obama clone in white skin. Most of his stated polices are twins to the ones that Obama has. Does that seem a little suspicious to anyone else?
    Did anyone ever tell Obama he is a democrat? How about Romney? Anyone tell him he is supposed to be a republican?
    Naturally he is going to favor a policy ignoring the illegal immigrant problem. He is a died in the wool person that has hired most of the villains in the corporate world to govern them. Take a good look at Monsanto and the executives brought into the FDA as an example.
    Look at their policies closely. They want to do away with supplements?
    I maintain it is Romney vs Obama. Don’t count Obama out. He has a habit of pulling rabbits out of the political hat at the last moment. As for illegal workers, forget it. Nothing will happen under either candidate.

    • I have to agree (unfortunately) with every line item in your post… but, we can do some good just by being aware of the reality – and spreading that reality as far and as widely as we can. That’s my aim with this web site, at any rate.

  2. Boothe: “I honestly don’t believe there’s a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties …[snip] … Do you see any of the mainstream players from either party attempting to curtail these activities or even make meaningful changes?”

    Sure, YOU know that and EYE know that. But you’re looking at it from the outside in. Pretend you’re on the inside. There’s a mystique among American politicos that has always had to do with party. It has always been that way. It’s a game, the dynamics of which are often external to the issues. It’s like playing Capture the Flag; what fun would it be if both teams combined and captured the flag together? It may look like that is what they have done from here, but inside, there is tremendous importance attached to who won the yardage. Acknowledging the two parties are interchangeable is anathema to them. Not everything on Planet Beltway is about the big developments you cite. There’s a vast amount of lesser stuff that the two parties wrangle over, based purely on party ideology, that goes on under the radar from the citizen’s view.

    Remember, there are also the state and local races. The more voters I as a Republican can get to vote in my local guy, the greater my cachet in D.C. The greater my cachet, the greater my power. And power is mother’s milk to politicians. Mere money pales by comparison. All that one-offing goes away if there’s no us-against-them dynamic. It’s like war, or football.

    Also, there is the perception — probably accurate — that the voters will never relinquish their commitment to having two parties. So even if both parties acknowledge among themselves that the two-party thing has become an illusion (which anyone serving longer than ten minutes has to realize), they will never admit it out loud.

    However, that said, the stakes for all the marbles have become too enormous, arguably big enough to put party affiliation, if not on the back burner, at least regressed somewhat. Globalization, imperialism, swamps Democrat-vs-Republican in a big way; it becomes kind of small-town. The Chinese don’t care which party the winner belongs to. It’s as though both parties have a tiger by the tail now, and don’t know what to do with it, and it’s the same tiger for both. But if by some impossible means that tiger were to disappear, the two-party mentality would still be solidly in place.

    Boothe: “Obama is just another one of their boys just like Newt. And Newt will take one for the team and play the spoiler so B.O can get back in, if that’s what it takes to keep Ron Paul out.”

    Yes, absolutely. From out here it’s patently obvious that there’s not much difference, (except that Dem Presidents are more overt about their socialist spending agenda). I can perfectly see such a scenario unfolding.

    You can almost laugh, can’t you? The Republican kingmakers are like, “Geez, we keep putting up these clowns that a DOG wouldn’t vote for, and the public keeps falling in love with the schmucks. Let’s get Newt; EVERYbody hates HIM.”

  3. Eric: I worked in DC at the “conservative” Washington Times in the early-mid ’90s during the era of Newt’s ascent. Does anyone even remember the “Contract With America”?

    Oh, yeah. You may also remember that many of us who recognized it for the self-serving political bullshit it was were calling it the Contract ON America. Remember that?

    I hate that fat little f*@%#. I hated him intuitively before my brain caught up. His moral vacuum is all over his face, like Nixon’s was. Squinty-eyed doughboy motormouth.

    Gingrich v. Obama. There’s a treat.

    Newt, via Eric: “The fact is, in America today, if you’re a poor black child, you don’t have a very good future compared to somebody who is born into an upper-class family or an upper-middle class family.”

    Especially when we the government make a point of continually harping on the fact; never let that child forget it, nor his daddy or his grandma, either.

    I’m at a disadvantage not having television to keep me up to date on each exciting development, so I could be missing something here, but how does Gingrich suddenly command the airwaves? All along it was Romney-Perry trying to out-gaffe each other, then Cain was all over the map until the sex scandal stuff. The last poll I remember, Newt was at four percent. Now suddenly he’s the golden hope?

    This whole endless megilla of the Republican pick is beyond surreal. It’s like a game of Whack-A-Mole. What’re they going to try next, a life-sized cardboard cutout of Reagan? “Look, folks, back from the grave, it’s HIMSELF! He’s even got his mind back!”

    And through it all, Ron Paul sails serenely along, a swan among lurching, brain-damaged, vacant-eyed crows. Consistent message, simply and eloquently expressed — and reaching the people despite the crows’ frantic manipulations to disappear him.

    The one good thing: This awesome buffoonery is over-the-top blatant enough that even the ordinary citizen is starting to get a clue.

    I hope.

    • Gingrich is the apotheosis of “Washington insider” – a cynical, power-money hungry narcissist. Which makes him an ideal Republican presidential candidate, of course!

      And you’re right: The media merely has to shine the spotlight on him (or anyone) and – viola – you’re famous and rich and maybe preznident, too!

  4. Any Republican (or anyone else) who supports Gingrich has been newtered of political horse sense, self-respect and moral compass. As a Catholic, I was horrified last year when the Clintigulous “convert” paraded his trophy (#3)wife(?) before Catholic audiences across the country as he promoted a movie on John Paul II (note I did not say “‘Blessed’ JPII”), in what was clearly an opportunistic launch of his presidential campaign. Alas, if he achieves the nomination, many–if not most–Catholic “pro-life” voters will rally round the Gingrich flag. Because–inexplicably and among other reasons–they love the wars that he and all of his ilk so viciously pursue.

    • I don’t get it, either.

      He’s an amoral corporatist insider – yet, just like The Chimp – there is great deal of support among “conservatives” for him. What is it that “conservatives” are trying to conserve, exactly? Not liberty, certainly. Not small, accountable government, either. I guess they just like blood and boodle – the two things the modern Republican Party specializes in delivering.

      • It has nothing to do with anything except beating the democrats and Obama next November. That’s it. If it were really about what’s best for this country and its people then Ron Paul would be the GOP front-runner.

        Plus as you well know: Americans are uninformed, voting morons. They can be suaded easier than a two-dollar hooker.

        I laughed when Newt criticized the OWS folks saying they need to get a real job. Shit, Newt’s a career politician being paid with money taken at gun-point from those that earned it. He’s got nerve telling anyone to get a real job when he’s never had one. Fat, pork-laden, piece of horse shit.

        • I have to disagree with you Don. I don’t think it has much to do with beating the demoplicans. If they really wanted to just beat the demoplicans and Obama they’d be pushing Ron Paul every step of the way. No, I strongly suspect this is about keeping Ron Paul out and making sure a corporate / bankster insider gets back in regardless of party affiliation.

          Oh yeah, that comment was cold and crass; comparing Amerikans to two dollar hookers… how dare you!…you apologize to the next cheap ho’ you see. 😉

          • No, I think it’s about beating Obama.

            (Although I’ve had reason to wonder in the past if one major or the other didn’t throw the election for various reasons. How else to explain some of their picks? Like putting Mondale up against Reagan.)

            But I can’t imagine any reality wherein the GOP would support Paul, even if they did have the country’s welfare at heart. Throwing support behind Paul would be an open admission of decades of duplicity, to the point of possibly destroying the party.

            Not that that would be a BAD thing.

            But Boothe, you’re right to demand an apology of Don. In this economy, even a cheap ho’ wouldn’t transact for two dollars.

            It’s FIVE dollars now.

          • Gail, I won’t dispute that there are lower level players in the republicrat party that are zealous “true believers” that want to defeat B.O. But the real owners of the GOP couldn’t care less. B.O. and McLame both jetted back to D.C. as fast as they could to vote “YES” for more bailout money. If there were a real difference, one of them would have voted “NO”. Look at B.O.’s campaign promises vs. his actions once in office, and then show me the significant differences between him and dubya. I honestly don’t believe there’s a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties when it comes down to the macro issues of:

            1) banking / money supply
            2) foreign policy / military intervention
            3) internal control / restriction of liberty

            This goes back to the dark side golden rule: He, who has the gold, makes the rules. A small group of evil people methodically extracted specie from our economy over the course of the first seven decades of the 20th century and gave the American people paper in exchange. Every nubile young woman knows it’s much better to have a gold wedding ring than the paper ring off a cigar. It was a sweetheart deal for whosoever managed to trade us trash for gold. So we can look at who took the real wealth and now controls most of the important real estate and find out who actually owns the country. I’m not being cynical, that’s really what happened and how things are. Ron Paul knows this and it is the reason he keeps bringing up the gold issue: paper is not wealth any more than our National Guard is a citizens’ militia. Both parties perpetuate these illusions so their owners can continue to fleece the public and control us with minimal resistance.

            We must look and see what tools they use to do this: a nationalized / militarized / vertically integrated police force, domestic espionage (under the aegis of The War on Drugs and The War on Terrorism), a lap-dog media serving as a public fear generator, a mercenary army (primarily engaged in foreign occupation), a healthcare system that will catalogue, monitor and ultimately terminate those of us in the lower socio-economic strata and a publik skool system designed to indoctrinate rather than educate. Did I miss anything of importance? Do you see any of the mainstream players from either party attempting to curtail these activities or even make meaningful changes?

            Yes, it’s true that B.O. is bringing some of our troops home, but in all likelihood it’s because he’s pretty sure he’ll need them over here. OWS isn’t going away today or tomorrow and the situation is escalating. It’s only a matter of time before the OWS movement turns nasty and police start using metal rather than rubber bullets. When that happens, the 99% are gonna’ get pissed and things will get ugly. That’s when the troops will hit the streets of the good ol’ USA. Obama will do the same thing that dubya, Slick Willy, Reagan, Truman, Lincoln or any other member of the exalted rogue’s gallery would do: restore order and maintain Continuity of Government. Ron Paul would restore liberty and start applying a knife to government. The establishment knows Dr. Paul is the enemy. Obama is just another one of their boys just like Newt. And Newt will take one for the team and play the spoiler so B.O. can get back in, if that’s what it takes to keep Ron Paul out.


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