Mid Size SUV

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What models are best to look at when trying to find a used mid-sized SUV? The size of a KIA Sorento or Nissan Mirano is what I’m looking for. Thanks!


  1. Assuming you mean crossovers, I’m a big fan of the Subaru Outback. I have a 2008 and love it; flawlessly reliable, comfortable, and practical. It’s handled everything I’ve thrown at it with no trouble whatsoever — from blizzards, to friends’ moves, to giant Ikea hauls. I have not driven the now style, so I can’t vouch for it.

    The ‘small’ crossovers have also started growing in size. The new Honda CR-V is really bordering on mid-size and has a solid reputation. I test drove one and found the dash a bit too flashy (and my knee kept hitting the dash too), but your mileage may vary. The Nissan Rogue is probably a bit smaller than what you’re looking at, but it’s a solid little crossover too (test drove one recently and had no complaints).

    I have a friend with a Mazda CX-9 which he quite likes, although it’s probably larger than what you’re thinking. They have a smaller CX-7 as well, but I have no experience with it.

    For true SUV’s, you don’t have too many options left. The 4-door version of the Jeep Wrangler, the Nissan Xterra, not sure if there are any others in the mid-size range anymore.

  2. Hi Chris,

    Well, first it’s important to separate the (4WD) SUVs from the car-based (FWD/AWD) crossover SUVs.

    Do you have a brand preference?

    The Sorento’s a good choice, if you’re looking for a lighter-duty, car-like wagon. The Murano is much sportier (better handling, quicker) but not as practical.


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