Starve a Cold (War) Feed a (White Line) Fever

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Most of our day is spent in automaticity. When we talk, walk, drive, work, eat, sleep, fuck, crap, watch media, write & text, and almost everything else, we execute memorized patterns. Our neurons fire and our muscles move without any conscious effort on our part.

The cold wars are the false flags against deadbeat Dads, racists, chauvanists, and other designates of the politcal criminal class.
The white line fever, is the highway hypnosis we undergo, when we drive towards our destination in a complete mental daze. Its the goal oriented blindered behavior we use to win at sports, get laid, finish a job, and avoid responsibility and getting involved.

To regain our freedoms, we need only turn off this automaticity feature when dealing with the state, and turn this automaticity feature up to eleven, regarding anything else, including things we dislike or find wrong.

Take nothing of the state for granted. Proceed slowly, grudgingly, finding fault with every detail; opposing its will at every opportunity and in every instance. Treat everything non-state as permissible, common, and automatically sanctioned. The things you yesterday found morally wrong or ethically reprehensible, hold your peace with, unless and until they involve the state. No matter how uncommon or unpopular someone’s actions or words are, accept them freely and without reservation, so that you may isolate and defeat your one true enemy, the parasitic police state.

The state is defined as any organization or ally that is part of our national murder based system. A smoker, a speeder, a truant child, a loiterer, will eventually get locked up. If they then try to escape, they may be legally killed. Anyone officially part of that system, aiding the capture into this system, or one who uses these same methods, is our enemy, and is the state.

There are millions eager to become libertarian soldiers, if we can show them how to fight. This total war technique is why zionists, communists, catholics, muslims, and other totalitarians dominate and why we libertarians and anarcho-capitalists will also thrive.

If forced to use the post office or DMV, become dumber and less responsive than depleted uranium. Fill out everything wrong, in illegible

chickenscratch. When they protest, ask them condescendling if they know how to read plain English, and what is their problem. Do not go along, or be remotely hygenic, or at all pleasant and socially homogenous.

If forced to show your ID, complete the transaction calmly. Once you have your goods, let the vitriol flow. Turn to your friend and comment, that fat fuck old mexican bitch thinks she needs to see my identification? What a bootlicking saggy old snitch, let’s get out of this nazi shithole and never come back.

Zionists, Nazis, Brittish, Japanese, Commies, French, Regular Jews, Catholics, Muslims, Spaniards, and other groups succeed and dominate because they adhere to their rituals and white lined paths to the exclusion of everything else. Libertarians, to rise, must be no different.

In every interactions with the state, be as uncivilly obedient as you can. Concede nothing and be a category 5 asshole as often as you can.

Give every worker the stinkeye. Discriminate freely against the female, old, obese, ugly, dark complected, approval seeking, incompetent, foreign, and every other enemy subclass imaginable. Answer their command and control questions in a whisper, or in overloud barking doubletalk. Never understand what they’re saying. Argue every item of minutae. Push all their buttons you can find mercilessly Give them no quarter or respite whatsoever. Fail to accurately follow instructions.

Waiting in a government line is the perfect opportunity to pick up new females, have heated discussions about race, religion, and politics, tell offcolor jokes, scratch your ass, pick your nose, and reminisce about everytime a cop, teacher, soldier, or anyother parasite did you wrong. Be sure to bring all the kids on your block as well, buy a treat for whichever one acts the worst. Keep both eyes on the white line that leads to whatever you want in the moment, have no empathy for anything else.

This unceasing obstinance and untrainability is the only thing the state respects and will defer and make concessions for.

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