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Eric, Have you written any books?

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  1. Review In Imperial Owners Association of Northern California Newsletter & Website

    Road Hogs by Eric Peters is very entertaining to read. It is a big, beautiful book containing five chapters totaling 160 pages of vibrant text, and colorful photos and drawings. The featured heading ―Detroit’s Big, Beautiful Luxury Performance Cars of the 1960’s and 1970’s, is an alluring invitation to take a trip
    down memory lane in the comfort of wherever you want to enjoy this wonderful non-fiction. Just contemplating its book cover, with its bold lettering that spells -Road Hogs- and the full frontal head-on shot of a beautiful ‗67 El Dorado, you
    can bet the content of pages inside the book covers, stays very consistent throughout the book. My review confirms this.
    Eric Peters, in my humble opinion, is a prolific writer. He characterizes ―Road Hogs‖ in general, very aptly. For instance, in the Introduction on Page 6, he paints a picture that we can definitely picture in our minds eye. He writes in part of a time in his future when, ‖my memories will be of a time, briefly glimpsed and long gone, when footloose flotillas of enormous land yachts surfed the roads, free of care about their carbon footprint or their gas mileage.‖ He goes on to describe these enormous land yachts as ―Great glitzy ingots of excess‖. Ingots? It means ―masses of metal cast conveniently formed for shaping, re-melting, or refining‖. Are you interested in getting a copy of your own yet? These metaphors are meant to capture the reader‘s attention as you remember your favorite luxury automobiles of yesterday. And, by the way, do these descriptions bring to
    mind the examples of our very own Imperials? When asked to review this book, I took on the task to review the book
    because it included our beloved Imperials.
    I had to keep www. handy to look up the many choice words that Eric used as he entertains his readers,
    while chauffeuring us through the pages of automobile history, allowing us to linger on our favorite memories of these
    automobiles. I took a vocabulary class in college once, and really appreciated the exercise of learning new words.
    This book had more than a few for me. If you are not into learning new words, it is still okay. In context, you are still
    able to get the gist of his sometimes outlandish descriptions – and of course the pictures are all worth having this book
    on your coffee table.
    The First Chapter is a great example of the rest of the book. Does it intrigue you to read about the ―Topless Titans – The
    Anna Nicole Smiths of the Automotive World‖? As a female, it interested me, because the chapter featured the Cadillac
    Eldorado, the Pontiac Catalina, the GrandVille, the Chrysler 300 convertible, and the Ford Galaxie 500/XL/LTD
    Chapter Four features the Chrysler Imperial/New Yorker on Page 120. In bold lettering, the title reads
    “CHRSYLER’S KING OF THE ROAD” Imperial & New Yorker 1955-1982. He says of the Imperial ― [it]
    proved the ideal platform to show off Virgil Exner‘s elegant designs for the 1956 model year. Many people consider
    these cars a high-water mark in the art of automotive design. He called the early 1960 Imperials ―odd‖, but he said it
    resulted in a striking automobile. He says of the 1961 Imperial Crown Convertible, ―People either loved or hated [it],
    but they certainly couldn‘t ignore it.‖
    Along with words like ―Ingots‖ he uses words like ―whacky‖, which for me is a totally descriptive word. Eric Peters
    may bring out one‘s indignation if one is prone to taking things personally, but I enjoyed it all. He does not hold back on
    his opinions, but, he does it at his own risk of your reading anything else by him. He will surprise you with a haughty
    opinion, and in the next paragraph he will endear you with a compliment to the same vehicle. Other ―Road Hogs‖ Eric
    covers are the Ford LTD, AMC Ambassador, Buick Electra 225, Chevy Impala/Caprice, Oldsmobile 98 Regency,
    Chrysler Cordoba, Cadillac Coupe deVille, Buick Riviera, AMC Matador, Chevy Monte Caro, Chevy Laguna,
    Cadillac Sedan Deville, Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty or 75 Limo, Lincoln Continental, Chevy Kingswood, Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser, Buick Estate Wagon, Ford Country Squire, and Pontiac Safari.
    I recommend this book. Although, I am a Mopar or No Car Imperial fanatic, it is nice to find out about other Road
    Hogs he features. If you have an interest in purchasing this beautiful book, you can go to

  2. Eric’s Books.

    I have both sitting at my desk at work too!

    People here love them. The pictures are awesome. Writing is just so-so though! ‘o’/

    Ep Autos

    Eric Peters Automobiles


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