OBD2 and V2V

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Hello Eric-

Thank you for your site and its spirit. The white sheep, prostitution advertising is ineffective and worse, if you would like to know a better way to generate revenue. I will have more important questions to ask you soon, but for now, I have this two: reading your V2V article, and the commentary, did you know in England, way before the Olympics took place, that special speed zones, say posting 50kmph(35mph) forced all drivers to experience 50kmph, as the government systems took over the vehicle’s accelerator pedal in those special speed zones, and no matter what the driver did, he was driving 50kmph in that zone(usually, heavy traffic city zones). My second question is this: Does a 1996 OBD2 system have the capability to be influenced by government controls like this, as well as V2V. if this happened in USSA? I ask because I would like to know if the government and its morass, has this control.

Just being,

Frank Lee D’ Gustd

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