Homeowner’s Association Targets Boy’s Fort

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A homeowner’s association in Texas is trying to tear down a nine-year-old boy’s fort.

Aren’t you proud to be an American – where at least you know you’re free?


  1. We always tried to build our forts on other People’s property. I guess we were trespassing squatters of a sort for doing so? Every Fall they tore it down, every Spring we built a new one nearby.
    So bad.

    I only saw this story because I was looking at the comment thingy on the right.

    I scrolled down your home page looking for the story so’s I’d know where to go next time. … Glad I did, that pumpkin photo was funny.

    Also, here on Mars, the planet of war, they have a different notion about what the word, ‘ownership’ means.

    I think ‘ownership’ here is a kind of unit of measurement. If a Person has enough money and influence over others they can do as they please with property.
    It’s clear everyone on this board is not rich enough and influential enough to have ‘ownership’ of any type of property. *S/OFF.

    [If *S is the new way to indicate sarcasm, heh, looks like a cuss word when you add an OFF switch to the end.]

    • Solved that problem. We built in the ground under a tree. Covered the roof with dirt. The remains of my fort still exist, buried in the earth. The pallet used for a floor frame with the sheet tile floor has still be down there. Perhaps in a thousand years someone archeologist will be baffled.

        • We found a shovel in the field. (no joke) Most nails were hammered with a rock that was just right for the task. (I still have that rock) The houses being built at the far end of the open field were a supply of building materials via the dumpster and the all the nails that were dropped on the ground.

    • HOAs are insufferable.

      But government zoning laws, permitting requirements and similar edicts amount to the same thing.

      Even out here – literally, out in the middle of nowhere – I can’t legally put up a cabin in the middle of my own woods – even though the woods are (allegedly) mine and even though no one would even be able to see the thing given it’d be in the middle of 16 acres of dense forest adjacent to 200 acres of dense woods…


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