Bitch of a Switch

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This right here is a bitch of a switch to find.


It came out of my right side hand controls on my 1996 Harley Davidson Electra Glide Police Edition.  I have it rigged up to my spot light circuit.

Here is the manufacturer website:

I’m still waiting to here back from them.

I’ve taken apart all the hand control switches and am rewiring them and putting in new switches as well as running all new cables and lines.


  1. Thanks for all the help guys! I ended up ordering the cheapo one from a knock off on ebay. Same type as the radio shack one. Ya’ll should see the back and forth email I had with the Cherry rep via email.

      • I dug out the boxes, not right switch. They are three terminal switches.

        From the spec it looks like they did a custom plunger for Harley. This is a common thing to do.

        • I’ll use whatever I can get that fits. This will be inside a housing and protected half decent from the weather. The problem is I have these darn police housings I’m using (came with bike). Each side has one extra switch location at the bottom. I like for them to have a function.

          • It won’t matter if the switch is a 2 or 3 terminal, as one is the common and the other 2 are connected to normally depressed and normally raised. A multimeter will sort that out.

            The holes should fit laterally as these are a typical measurement across a wide range of switches.

            I don’t know how to make it waterproof tho.. maybe if you could glue the small rubber cap off your old one to the pressure tip?

    • I forgot to add, your original is waterproof, the substitute isn’t. You might have to modify the protruding pressure tang as per your original.

  2. Do a Google search for “Roller Switch” and you should be able to find a suitable substitute.

    Radio Shack carries this one in the stores, but I’m not sure if it’s the right size/shape and I’m sure not waterproof.

    Good Luck!

      • Looking closer at your picture it might be that the switch you removed is a 2 piece unit. You might be able to remove the bottom section and find it is more like the standard sizes.


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