Guns Confiscated After Forced Psychiatric Evaluation

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50-year-old David A Schmecker is an honorably discharged disabled US Navy veteran from Connecticut with no criminal record and no psychiatric history.

On February 5, Schmecker’s hospital primary care doctor called and heard a message on Schmecker’s answer machine that “sounded peculiar,” prompting him to contact the local police and urge them to visit Schmecker to perform a “wellness check”.

“The police came to my home, and, without any justification whatsoever, hauled me away for a psychiatric evaluation at a local hospital. I submitted to their forceful insistence under duress and fear of arrest or worse. I wasn’t arrested, no crime was committed nor any threats were made to myself or others,” Schmecker told Survive and Thrive’s George Hemminger.

“They confiscated my guns and pistol permit. I was released two days later from the evaluation on my on recognizance. I have since attempted to use the courts and attorneys to fight the revocation of my pistol permit. Then on top of everything else, the bills from the short stay at the hospital and EMS bills that they billed me, along with what I had to pay the attorney adds up to a large amount of money,” he adds.

Schmecker warns that the harassment he suffered is part of “a campaign orchestrated to disarm law abiding citizens,” adding that he is “concerned about where this country is headed.”

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  1. Under obamacare regs, your doctor can ask if you own guns. If you answer ‘yes’, you can then be put on a government list (forgot what’s it’s called). Next step is mandatory confiscation.

  2. All Americans could likely benefit from periodic mental evaluation, since few people can be trusted, why not perform one on yourself?

    I know that for all my advanced skills, I am far more violent and less NAP adherent than Kanzi, a Bonobo, and primate cousin of mine.

    Kanzi Uses Lexigram

    Kanzi Understands Sentences

    Kanzi Builds Campfire

    If only I and a few fellow homo sapiens can someday evolve to be as peaceful, patient, and contented as he is.

    I’d rather spend a day with Kanzi than any of his tyrannical patronizing biddy “researchers” and jailers any day. Or the vast majority of Las Vegans as well.

    Any libertarian village of the future should keep Bonobos around to identify and mitigate any old-worlder nation-state chimps who try to infiltrate their post-sapien groups.

  3. An Update and Appeal to send David some encouragement

    David will be on Alex Jones probably this Thursday.

    One good thing about “Libertarianism” or whatever this populist movement is named, is that it’s based on individualism. Whether it’s Cop Block, Free State Project, VDare, SHTFplan, or Lew Rockwell, it’s not another faceless movement or groupthink association like Occupy Wall Street.

    Instead, it’s a long litany of unique and compelling stories of decent everyday folks who’ve each been oppressed. It’s a long list of unique and compelling plans of how we each intend to respond to and mitigate the ever increasing oppression and subjugation.

      • Appreciate the links but the later two are embedded in the first. What I’d like are sources other than “Such and such says….” Are there follow ups? Seems that dude with his kids pic on Facebook got a lot more feedback but then there were also witnesses and video capture. Of course I should know about “wellness checks” as that was used by my local cops to manhandle me in my own home. I don’t remember them asking me about guns but in the midst of telling them to “get the fuck out” that never crossed my mind.

        • The only story I can see is: David called George Hemminger of SurviveAndThrive TV. George then produced the video and story in addition to his normal reporting because of the compelling nature of the call. David is currently seeking legal counsel and representation and actively seeking any assistance anyone is willing to provide.

          David’s Contact Email He Has Provided: [email protected]

          Per Intellius, there is only one person in the U.S. with the name David Schmecker.

          It’d be nice if there were twitter and facebook support pages for him. Too bad there is no libertarian free shit army to support individuals the way there are mobs of collectivists on welfare happy to support any diktats of the lunch ladies of the nanny state free lunch program.

          David A Schmecker (Age 50-54)
          Home Tele: (203) 729-sixtyforty

          Home Addr:
          31 June St
          Naugatuck, CT 06770-3404

          facebook dot com/Schmec
          old profile
          facebook dot com/david.schmecker
          new profile, either it’s blank or you need to be added as a friend to view, not sure

          I didn’t see anything else of note other than David’s citizen journalist’s 2012 picture of an ambulance at an accident scene being published by WTNH.

          – Enjoy your right to a free OWC (Obama Wellness Check) courtesy of ObamaCare & the United Nations.

          • Ah! Good. I hope that should this have some meat on it that it gets plenty of airplay as it’s in the very state that’s passed more draconian gun laws.

  4. This whole business about doctors using psychiatric excuses, a-la Soviet Union, to end-run and confiscate weapons is coming true.

    • Yes, and those who couldn’t see it coming – it’s inevitability – are truly useful idiots, as per Lenin.

      Obamacare is the key.

      And there will be no escape. Your doctor will “ask” you about guns (that is, you will be placed in the position of being compulsorily interrogated). If you decline to answer – or refuse to see a government quack – this will be taken as evidence of “mental imbalance.” And the rest follows.

      • Just another Easter Egg surprise by our overlords in that document that was passed before anyone read what was inside it.

      • I think most doctors have already been forcibly devolved into “health law enforcers”.

        Ernesto Che Guevara – On Revolutionary Medicine

        “Today one finally has the right and even the duty to be, above all things, a revolutionary doctor, that is to say a man who utilizes the technical knowledge of his profession in the service of the revolution and the people. How does one actually carry out the work of social welfare? How does one unite individual endeavor with the needs of society?”

        Communism – The grandest Cargo Cult of all time.

        “Look Comrade, we are making steel for our Ladas. Steel that makes us strong. Ladas that make us go. We randomly produce a few limited Western Economic Goods. We need strong economy to make glorious revolution. Glorious Revolution makes us strong. Glorious Revolution makes us go.”

          • We are now seeing all medical care turning fully (from almost fully) into another no-choice. Do it the clover way or not at all. Their way or suffer. Even doing it our own way on our own is already largely illegal and eventually will be entirely illegal.

      • The escape here is not to have a doctor. That’s exactly what I plan to do: “fire” my current GP. From my experience, most of these dolts are part of a practice so enmeshed in dysfunctional bureaucracy that they lose track of individual patients. If you choose not to make an appointment for an annual checkup, no one is going to care. Just “opt out” of their rancid system. Starve the quacks of revenue. While you might be forced to purchase health “insurance” (what a JOKE!), individual quacks don’t get a dime of the money unless you partake of their “services.”

        You’re better off and safer paying money out of pocket to see an African Shaman or a Native-American medicine man than you are dealing with the AMA’s Big Pharma-owned Mengeles.

        • Lib,

          Great minds!

          I last saw a quack about seven years ago – and am already off their radar.

          As for:

          “You’re better off and safer paying money out of pocket to see an African Shaman or a Native-American medicine man than you are dealing with the AMA’s Big Pharma-owned Mengeles.”

          I’ve come to the same conclusion. A few personal stories:

          The wife goes in for her physical; is told her potassium levels are low. What does the quack recommend? Perhaps eat some bananas or leafy greens (both of which are good sources)? Oh no. He wanted to write her a script for a supplement.

          Wife also had “borderline” high cholesterol. Quack: Time for prescription statins. Ka-ching!

          Not a word about trying a (no-cost) dietary adjustment first.

          I’ve posted my knee story before. A few years ago, I tore something in my knee and was hobbling around. After a week or so of this, I was talked into seeing an orthopedic quack – who decreed I had to have arthroscopic surgery. Not “might.” No nuance. Must have. Well, I stupidly agreed – and the date was set for a few days later. By the grace of Elvis, I got to talking with a guy at the gym who turned out to be doctor, too – but a more honest (or competent) one. He told me that knee cartilage tears can heal if there is adequate blood supply and that it couldn’t hurt to wait and see… especially given that arthroscopic surgery entails removal of cartilage and it never grows back. Which guarantees arthritis in that joint.

          So I waited, skipped the surgery – and am perfectly fine.

          Never trust anything a doctor tells you. The entire profession has been monetized.

  5. If something as lame as an answering machine message can get you arrested and committed, better to just leave the generic message in place. Do you really need a snappy message in your own voice announcing that you are not going to answer the phone at the moment? GAD! What a world we live in!

  6. “concerned about where this country is headed.” <- Criminal boat-rocking thoughts! Can't you just imagine the Pod people pointing at him while screaming?

    Meet the New Soviet,
    same as the old Soviet.


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