Which gun manufacturers are the good ones? Is there a list?

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I don’t want to support gun manufacturers that turn a blind eye to what’s going on and I seem to recall one or two said they were leaving the state they were in until the laws were changed and an apology was issued to The People.

Is there a list of who’s been naughty and who’s been nice?

Such a list would be even better if it included accessory manufacturers as well. The only one I can think of is MagPul. They are moving, aren’t they?

On the Question page, where it says, “Got a question? Ask it HERE.” I think maybe the word ‘HERE’ should be in bold and perhaps underlined in blue. It wasn’t an easy find, pre-coffee.


  1. The one assault weapon that we need to be terrified of is between our ears! Cain killed Abel, and my guess is that he needed only one ’round’ one (pun intended). We test our children in school to make sure that they have mastered the skills necessary to advance and become integrated into society. Maybe the time has come to include psychological testing as one of the tests to make sure that we are able to catch the ones that need more help in being able to fit into society, as well as those that need to learn to be more tolerant of those who are different than themselves.

    • The hell with “fitting into society”!

      That’s just another way of saying, “be a good member of the collective.” Assimilate. Do not be an individual. Moooooo. Don’t think for yourself.

      The key is MYOB. Or, put in a more eggheaded way: The Non Aggression Principle (NAP). Leave others alone – expect them to leave you alone. Interact with others peacefully and voluntarily and cooperatively – but without the use or threat of violence. Violence being acceptable only in self defense.

  2. I am much more concerned about the Ammo shortage than the guns. Everyone is focusing on CHL permits and background checks, but no one is mentioning that you can’t get ammunition for the weapons. I believe that one of two things is taking place 1. DHS is buying all of the ammo from these companies. and/or 2) DHS is paying the ammo companies big bucks to keep supplies down (ie like agricultural subsidies). Either way, its backdoor gun control. Clever.

    • Hi Swamp,

      Yeah – check this out:

      I went to the Lucky Gunner site the other day to buy some more 7.62×39. I’d purchased some a few weeks earlier, after finding their site – which was the only one I found that still advertised this ammo for sale and not back-ordered. Well, now they only sell this caliber ammo in bulk quantities – 500 rounds minimum purchase vs. individual boxes of 20 rounds. The effect of this is that unless you’ve got the discretionary income to spend $400 or so a pop on a bulk buy, you can’t buy the ammo.

      If this practice is the new normal, it’s going to make it very hard for many people to buy ammo – even if it is nominally “available.”

  3. I also just read today that Remington isn’t leaving NY and won’t boycott sales to costumed goons funded by extorted funds.

    A lot of the big boys like S&W, Glock, Remington get so much of their funds from govt contracts so they can’t piss off their customers by boycotting.
    But the little guys like Magpul, Wilson Combat etc predominantly cater to civilian enthusiasts so they can’t risk pissing off their customers by not boycotting.

    S&W took a nasty nose dive when it voluntary complied with the Clinton programs. I love my 700 but if I were to do it again after today I would lean towards a Savage instead.

  4. This is a list of those companies who have stated that government agencies within ban states will not be permitted to purchase products which cannot be owned by regular citizens in those states:


    A point has been made that most of these are privately-owned and/or family-owned companies which have much more flexibility in how they run their business. That’s probably why you do not and will not see large publicly-traded companies on the list like Smith & Wesson, Glock, Colt, and other heavy-hitters in the firearms business. (Much as we’d like to hear the NYPD brass whining like petulant children that they are being forcibly held to the same law that applies to “the little people”)


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