Obama To Ban Importation of Ammo, Magazines and Accessories Without Congressional Approval

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Mac Slavo
April 23, 2013

Over the course of the last month, while Americans were distracted with the threat of nuclear war on the Korean peninsula and the devastation wrought by the Boston bombings, President Obama was quietly working behind the scenes to craft laws and regulations that will further erode the Second Amendment.

Congress, and thus We the People, may have unequivocally rejected federal legislation in March which aimed to outlaw most semi-automatic rifles, restrict magazine capacity, and force national registration, but that didn’t stop the President from ceding regulatory control over firearms importation to the United Nations just two weeks later. What the UN Arms Trade Treaty, passed without media fanfare by 154 counties, would do is to restrict the global trade of, among other things, small arms and light weapons. Opponents of the treaty argue that loopholes within the new international framework for global gun control may make it illegal for Americans to purchase and import firearms manufactured outside of the United States.

To further his gun-grabbing agenda, however, President Obama and his administration didn’t stop there.

Now they’re taking another significant step against Americans’ right to bear arms – and they’re doing it through Presidential Executive Action, a strategy that, once again, bypasses Congressional oversight and the legislative process.

…it appears that the BHO Administration is taking executive action on firearms importation. Take a few minutes to read this: After Senate setback, Obama quietly moving forward with gun regulation. Here is the key portion of the article:

“The Importation of Defense Articles and Defense Services — U.S. Munitions Import List references executive orders, amends ATF regulations and clarifies Attorney General authority “to designate defense articles and defense services as part of the statutory USML for purposes of permanent import controls,” among other clauses specified in heavy legalese requiring commensurate analysis to identify just what the administration’s intentions are. Among the speculations of what this could enable are concerns that importing and International Traffic in Arms Regulations [ITAR] may go forward to reflect key elements within the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.”[Emphasis added.]

Depending on how it is implemented, the implications of this change could be huge. With the stroke a of a pen and without the consent of Congress, ATF bureaucrats could make ANY gun part or accessory (including magazines) or ammunition that were originally manufactured or perhaps even those designed for military use no longer legal for importation for civilian use. That might mean no more milsurp parts sets. No more milsurp magazines. No more milsurp ammo. No more milsurp optics. Perhaps not even spare firing pins. This could be ugly.

I strongly recommend that you stock up on magazines, ammunition and spare parts for any of your imported military pattern guns, as soon as possible! Once an import ban is implemented, prices will skyrocket.

Source: James Rawles’ Survival Blog via The Prepper Website

Just five days ago the President vowed to push forward on gun control without Congress and Nancy Pelosi argued that no matter what Congress says, gun control is inevitable.

This latest round of Executive Actions is what they meant.

A direct on attack on the Second Amendment is difficult if not impossible, so they are trying to slither their way in through the backdoor by restricting international trade so we can’t import new firearms, by restricting access to accessories and gun parts, by heavily taxing ammunition and gun purchases, by mandating policies like forcing gun owners to have liability insurance, and of course, by identifying potentially dangerous gun owners and simply taking their firearms because of public safety concerns.

The President recently suggested that the American people have spoken, and that they want guns to be restricted, banned and heavily regulated.

If that’s so, then how is that a bipartisan Congress overwhelmingly rejected the President’s bid to restrict and outlaw private ownership of millions of weapons and gun accessories?

Going through the United Nations and now implementing Executive Actions to bypass America’s Constitutionally mandated system of checks and balances is an act of desperation.

Those who would take our rights have been left with no choice but to try and force their agenda upon us through dictatorial means.

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  1. Here Mac goes again:


    Mac starts his response to the Lautenburg/Reid proposal by stipulating to the lie about the construction of the crockpot bomb. This is actually typical of the way he argues. Most of the comments posted in response are from room temp IQs, so he doesn’t get the feedback that would help him sharpen his skillset.

    If anyone here feels up to it, maybe you could chime in on the thread and try to help him see further…..

    • I often argue against something by accepting a key premise or three from the opposition. Why? It demonstrates what something really is or its inherent idiocy.

      In this case, those whom the government accuses had clean records. They would have passed a background check. End of story right there.

      Now let us expand this to such plots in general. Who is often involved? FBI and/or other agencies of the federal government. Certainly it can be arranged for an informant to purchase the required substances. Remember ‘fast and furious’? The gun dealers called the feds and told the feds the buyers were up to no good and the feds told them to let the purchases go through. The number of laws are irrelevant.

  2. “Those who would take our rights have been left with no choice but to try and force their agenda upon us through dictatorial means”

    Thats what Ghandi was referring to in the last line of his description of how change is accomplished:

    “Then they fight you, and you win.”

    Maybe all those control freaks sense that this is true. If they ever get too impatient and launch an assault, they’ll lose. 1.2 million chickenshit bureaucrats with guns aren’t going to be able to subjugate even an equal number of armed commoners, let alone 100 million or so.

  3. “The President recently suggested that the American people have spoken, and that they want guns to be restricted, banned and heavily regulated.”

    If that is the case, how come the “American People” are buying record numbers of firearms? check this out:

    In 2008 there were 12.7 mil. background checks performed by NICS
    In 2009 there were 14.0 mil. background checks performed by NICS
    In 2010 there were 14.4 mil. background checks performed by NICS
    In 2011 there were 16.4 mil. background checks performed by NICS
    In 2012 there were 19.6 mil. background checks performed by NICS

    I don’t know about you guys, but I see a trend. Does it look like the “American People” support further gun restrictions? Does it look like our “representatives” are “representing” us when… “Nancy Pelosi argued that no matter what Congress says, gun control is inevitable.”? Will they succeed? I think the ‘mericans the potus is talking of all live in new york, mass, conn, wash dc and etc…

    Have you guys seen this vid?

    I think it is verboten to watch and they are prolly making a list, so hurry up and watch so you too can be treated like a terrorist in your own backyard!

  4. This E.O. uses the main democratic/republican tactic: Sell out your local polity to a larger “enemy” polity. This furthers the UN gun agenda and weakens USSA sovereignty. National politicians are all shills; as soon as they leave office they make millions selling out taxpayers working for the CFR and giving speeches to international committees. They are all NWO shills.

    This core principle of tele-archy is what makes us all powerless. There is no local authority, only salesmen of tyranny. You shop at a multi-national “Walmart” store of some sort or another. You eat at multi-national “Red Lobster” restaurant of some sort of another. There is no local economy, local law, or local power, there are only helots, tilling the land owned by unknown distant oligarchs.

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