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Everyone meet Bob B. the clover.  Here’s an email Eric recently received from him.

Too Funny Eric,

You are so afraid of the truth that you block free speach on your little site. Ya see eric, that is the problem with your libtopia land. Your free speach would be blocked by another private individual that didn’t like what you had to say. Perhaps you wouldn’t be allowed on the road right in front of your house because you pissed somebody off.

Ya see dumbass? There is a reason these things are of socialist nature. You can’t stop me from driving right past your house, if I so chose to do. Why would I? You are an idiot and that would be the biggest waste of time. However, I am FREE to do so if I want and you can’t stop me. Isn’t it interesting how this whole statist government thing allows both of us to do pretty much as we wish as long as we don’t harm each other? Hnmmmm… seems like I read that on a website somewhere. Could you give me a clue as to it’s author? That wasn’t you was it? Smirk!


Just in case you missed this in your yahoo email box somehow..


  1. Hey Bob,

    Eric showed me this email and I felt bad for you. -not having your voice heard on our site and all

    Even though he was not nice enough to let you through, I will.

    Thanks for the fodder!




    It’s pointless. As soon as I try to post something that he doesn’t like he pulls the plug. It is a PRIVATE site so I’ll respect his wishes.

    His actions speak volumes about what he really believes. However, I’m not concerned with his beliefs, only that people that spew Bullshit, like him and his uneducated friends, get a chance to both face that Bullshit and explain why they think it’s not in fact what it is..

    We have a standard for that when it comes to beliefs, dogmas, idiologies, etc.. it’s called Logic. His shit doesn’t stand up to simple logic. If you are a follower of libtardianism, then I’m sorry but you have the same dogma. Let’s hope not..

    I spent quite a bit of time on the posts that he deleted and I have no intention of doing it again, I have other things to do and it, again, would be pointless since DOGMA is what that comment board is about. One dissenter has to answer to all of those dumbasses that won’t read, comprehend or even try to understand what is written. So, I say, what’s the point?

    Thanks but no thanks!


    “Wondering if Bob can come back and translate this masterpiece into simpler terms a layman such as myself might understand.” Your stetement…

    You do suffer from the same lack of brain activity unless the above sentence is a joke. The examples that I used couldn’t be more clearly written.

    PRIVATE meanns you have to ask someone for permission and they can refuse. PUBLIC means that you can do pretty much what you want as long as you follow the rules. I doubt that you get that when you leep in mind that other big thinkers on that site are saying things such as..

    “Yes Bob, you argue like a girl.” <- Check out the logic in that one! "Hopefully we will not need a Rosetta stone to decipher what was written above. I read the words and they appear as English, but I am unable to determine their meaning." <- he's one of the deep thinkers obviuosly! "Bobs are literally a plague. They can make you so desperate to be rid of them you’ll blow your OWN house up just to get some relief. Of course in that movie, I’m not sure Bob didn’t deliver deserved justice in his own desperate, clamoring way." Notice how they are talking about my arguements and ignoring me like any good debater would be doing? Oh.. right, that's not what they are doing at all. So what is it they do? Trash those who they don't like regardless of what is being said? Could that be it? I used, I believe, ENGLISH and I used something called LOGIC, you should check it out once, it really works!

    If p then Q, Q therfore ? Can you even answer that statement? It’s is in fact a logical statement. What is the answer? That dumb guy says that crap is useful, I think I’ll hit him and shut him up. Ug! Me hit too Ug! Now we feel good ug! What are these marks on my knuckes Ug?

    Oh, I forgot, your clan only knows how to shoot the messenger, that logic stuff is just a bunch of Liberal Hocus Hoowey, right?

    • It’s typical american thinking. I’ve seen it enough that I can figure out what Bob means. Freedom is never supposed to get in the way of the institutions Bob, like many americans believe in. See we can be free so long as we obey and pay the government institutions which Bob (thinks he) benefits from.

      What is logical to Bob is approaching issues from his acceptable (to him) belief system.

      • It’s hard for some people to see. I’ve seen people get contracts for things like roadside parks that were way over $100K I’d have probably done for $40k or maybe even $30K although I think the $100+ I heard on one was 2/3rds the actual contract price. If you need something like water or electricity, you have to have a certified contractor registered with the state and registered with the governing agency and subset agencies involved so there go decent prices. I saw one local contractor do a huge amount of business over maybe 3 years before he sold it all at auction and got out. He said he was losing enough money the bank foreclosed on him. Insane…and that’s what you get with a huge bureaucracy.

      • I encountered some Bobs at local Tea Party events. Insufferable. And damaged, too. They would rant about “welfare” – but when I asked about Social Security… well, you know what happened next. Ditto “help” for “our kids’ schools.” And of course, “the troops.”

        Needless to say, I stopped attending.

        It seems to me that “conservatives” are just watered-down fascists. They have a lot in common with the SA of the 1930s:

        Veneration of “values” (their values).
        Alternately teary-eyed and fanatic nationalism.
        Fear & Loathing of out-group “others.”
        Reverence for authority and “leadership” – provided it’s their sort of authority and “leadership.”

        They are not opposed in principle – or in practice – to:

        Forcing people to live their lives a certain way, even if whatever it is they’re doing can’t be shown to result in a provable harm to others (they’ll make the argument that “society” is hurt by, for example, the use of arbitrarily illegal drugs).

        Wealth transfer – provided it’s for some reason/end they believe justifies it (e.g., Social Security, government schools for “the children”).

        Aggressive militarism/wars.

        These are the people who dominate/control the Republican Party.

        I have more respect for Democrats – much as I find their views repellent – because at least they don’t pretend to be advocates of “less government.”

        • There were a group of them jumping around waving Gadsden flags and such on a corner down the street from us. I wasn’t interested in engaging them in discussion for the same reasons.

        • This also describes most “evangelical” “churches,” which is why churchian franchises are so overwhelmingly “Republican.” It’s just raw fascism sprayed with a thin coating of faux religion to try to mask the stench. It doesn’t usually work for very long.

          • Yup –

            I broke with an old friend of more than 20 years’ standing over this issue. He had become one of those “Christ in Cammo” war-loving, flag-waving Babbits that comprise the core of the GOP. I can’t handle that anymore.

    • I always enjoy being lectured about “idiologies” by someone as obviously well-educated as Bob appears to be.

      I still haven’t figured out what his point was supposed to be. He accuses me of being dogmatic, of purveying “bullshit,” then denounces “libtardianism.”

      But, what’s that got to do with whether aggressive violence (“first use”) is ever legitimate? Everything else follows – or does not – depending on one’s answer to this question.

      Bob never answered it. Instead, he name-calls and evades the question by demanding answers to other (at best peripherally related) questions.

  2. Bob believes he owes his freedom to the state. Never mind that individual Liberty, as well as the individual himself, long predates the state and in our culture is recognized as Creator endowed. Bob apparently can’t perform simply reasoning or reduce things to their lowest common denominator. When it comes to his own beliefs, Bob has blinders on. This is why Bob attempts to use circular logic to support his pseudo-religious convictions just like Rev pointed out. When that doesn’t sway his targeted audience he resorts to insults and intimidation tactics. Nice going Bob. And yes, you’re free to ride up and down the road in front of my house and gawk even. I’m free to videotape you, but more than likely I’d just ignore you. Don’t have much of a life do you Bob? Nothing to do and plenty of time to do it in, so you come here and show your butt like a little fire-fly? Grow up Bob.

    • One thing I did notice about Bob’s arguments were that they were circular reasoning and side-stepping every point Eric made. Bob just wants to be “right” and will change the subject and include questions and statements completely out of the ballpark to deliberately confuse the issue to ensure he wins. If he posts something non-sequitur and nonsensical enough that can’t be answered, it’s like a “win” for him. He argues like my Ex. It’s similar to the “shotgun approach”.

      Yes Bob, you argue like a girl. His arguments are similar to Clover’s but there are distinct differences. It’s like Clover on reduced medication.

      • Bob reminds me of a meme I saw floating around last year:

        “Debating statists is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good you are at chess, the pigeon is just going to knock over all the pieces, crap on the board, and strut around the table looking victorious.”

        • Iberns1, that like a couple of managers I’ve dealt with in the past. We called them “seagull managers” because they’d fly in squawking and flapping, crap all over everything and fly back off again leaving us to clean up the mess.

          • Boothe, I think we all have experienced them. Seagull managers seem to be self-replacing. If management ever catches on to the cost, they’re gone….generally to be replaced by another of their ilk. I do hate a business that’s run that way.

    • Hopefully we will not need a Rosetta stone to decipher what was written above.

      I read the words and they appear as English, but I am unable to determine their meaning.

      • Suddenly, I’m picturing the character from the comedy film, What About Bob.
        Only, this Bob is the opposite of that Bob.

        I wonder how come Bob made such a big deal out of wanting to know where eric lived, yet Bob never bothered to mention where he’s from?

        A one-way street is so common for the Clover mind-set.

        I really do hope he breaks free from it.
        I know, I know, I shouldn’t even think about it, but it’s like rooting for the underdog. “Come on Bob, you can do it! Think man! Think!”

        I guess he never read the links?
        They never do.

        Ah well, I gave it my best shot.
        As Boothe said, “…Bob has blinders on.”

        • Bobs are literally a plague. They can make you so desperate to be rid of them you’ll blow your OWN house up just to get some relief. Of course in that movie, I’m not sure Bob didn’t deliver deserved justice in his own desperate, clamoring way.

        • That he went out of his way to let me know (publicly) he knows not only the town/county where I live but my actual street address – and then made an elliptically threatening comment along the lines of “Is that you I see in the front yard?” – is of a piece with the vengeful-violent nature of his other posts. He’s a creep.

          • It’s pure mafia/gangsterism. Cops do it too. He was also likely trying a typical statist trick which is to make people fearful using some simple piece of knowledge the masses don’t know. The masses don’t know how to look up who owns a domain name. It’s no big deal, I figured it out by dumb luck back in 1990. I used to run commands on various multi-user systems just to see what they did. Anyway it’s not anything more magical that the typical BS people who like power use over other people.

            Eric, it’s become pretty common these days to register domain names to PO boxes and the like to keep people like Bob from finding a person’s home address. It’s people like him that ruin polite society for everyone.

            • Yup –

              I’m not worried about “Bob.” I’m not a tough a guy, but I don’t scare that easily. And I know how to deal with bullies.

          • eric, he went too far with that. I was astounded to see him drop to that level. We could all do that, not hard at all these days, but what’s the point? Bob is not fooling anyone if he thinks you think he might come to see you. First and foremost, he’s a coward and when push comes to shove, Bob will be backpedaling as fast as he can if it came to actual physical one to one. See, he’s very comfortable and likes the system. He’s not sure about the eric’s of this world though and that’s why he likes to needle. His failure to acknowledge any points you make tells the tale. James Altucher has a way to handle the Bob’s of this world and I think he’s right on. I realize you’re not in a position to handle it just this way here but in a personal way, I believe it’s right on.

            Completely ignore them.
            Don’t think about them.
            Don’t talk to them.
            Don’t write them.
            Most important: Don’t give them advice. They will NEVER listen to your advice. It’s arrogant and stupid to think they will. It will only lead to more cycles of pain for you. The goal for me is to stop all cycles that cause me any pain at all. Giving advice to crappy people will only result in more pain for you. That’s the only possible result. Much better to be happy than to flush knotted up brown advice down a toilet that caused you agony to push out. This is hard.
            Most important: Never gossip about them behind their backs. Just completely disregard. We don’t care about their happiness or how evil they are. We only care about you. Its hard to do. Never ever talk about them behind their backs. Repeat this 500 times. This is hard also. Because it’s an addiction.

          • @Eightsouth:
            I must disagree.

            “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves. ” -Winston Churchill

            “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ” -Edmund Burke

            Tolerating them is NO LONGER an option. Mass extinction, however, is.
            End the genome of Clover/Sheeple/Homo Sapeins Verminus.

            there is no other hope.

          • jean, he was speaking of people you deal with personally, unfortunately, like Bob although Bob is not exactly a personal force in eric’s life. That was my disqualifier there. It is eric’s business to debate but Bob didn’t do much of that. All Bob needs is to have something shatter his world, like the upcoming financial meltdown I believe we’re going to experience, and he’ll be a convert quickly enough. Maybe not one you or eric or I would trust, but a convert in his own mind anyway. You’re speaking of people that do things to hurt hundreds of millions and most likely billions of people. Now that’s a whole ‘nother ball game there…..and I’d agree with Churchill.

          • Eightsouthman,
            If we allow it in part, we allow it in full.
            Unless the evil is eradicated, it will only metastasize, and root in other’s hearts and minds as well.

            In other words, if we don’t face it in the microcosm, we have no chance in the macro.
            Do you allow your children to run around burning down houses because it’s “fun”? Or do you stop them?
            Do you allow your children to be bullies, terrorizing others on the playground? Or do you tell them it’s wrong, ground them, even spank them to make the point?

            Either something is Right and Permissable – or it is wrong, and not permissable. Can’t be a “little bit” pregnant – can’t be a “good man” who comitted murder. Same sort of thing.
            If you’re good except when it’s a mob, you’re not good – just a coward.
            If you only steal when you can get away with it, you’re not honest- just a thief who hasn’t been caught.

            And while religiously, confession might make you right with the Lord – it doesn’t expunge the police records, ya know what I mean? Doesn’t heal the injuries done to others, whether it’s one kid on the playground crying because the brown boy beat him up, or a million corpses rotting because a German boy wanted power and land and glory.

            Principles matter, or they do not.

            So, to bring it home: Should “bob” show up, greet him warmly, with white phosphorous up his anal cavity, and then throw the corpse in the woods.

            Because should Bob come looking, he’s shown intent to cause harm. I’m kinda simple that way: you come looking for trouble, I’ll give it to you.

            I think the world would be a better place if we took that approach en masse. Come in peace, go in peace. Come with malicious intent, leave in pieces, or not at all….

            • Hi Jean,

              “I think the world would be a better place if we took that approach en masse. Come in peace, go in peace. Come with malicious intent, leave in pieces, or not at all….”

              I like this – practical and moral. They’re usually the same when it comes to human action. In romantic fiction (and perhaps even reality) the American Indians lives this way. As a boy (and now) I loved to read the Leatherstocking Tales; the way Nathaniel/”Long Rife” embraced what you might call “the code.” The Indians (the good ones) respected him for this.

              It’s tragic more people can’t seem to see the wisdom – the rightness – of live and let live.

        • Yes, that was really bad form. It was borderline hostile. Bob isn’t clever enough for a debate, so he resorts to building straw men. When he’s called out on that, he turns to name calling and “cyber stalking”.

          What’s disheartening is that there seem to be far more Bobs than people like us. This is especially true in the large population centers.

      • Bob’s writing is a function of his “thought.” Both are jumbled, lacking coherence. I had an epic back-and-forth with him over the (to me) obvious difference between the first-use of aggressive violence (a moral wrong) and the use of violence to defend against first-use of aggressive violence (morally acceptable). He seemed unable to understand or acknowledge the difference and instead went off on bizarre tangents about “psychology” and the extent of his EDUCATION (always in all caps). Often thoroughly salted with personal insults and profanity.

        What can you do with such people – except throw ’em in the Woods?

        • Shoot them first, or they might crawl back OUT of the woods.
          Shoot them in the head, at point-blank range, with a shotgun inside the mouth. (Removes dental records.)
          Use Lye to burn off fingerprints.
          Then bury the body in a cop’s backyard.

          In three years, turn in the “murderer.”

          Talk about Poetic Justice.

          Double points if it’s a gubbermint worker making the supreme sacrifice! 😀


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