You Must Now Say “FiF”

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Scratch the 5th amendment off the list along with the 1st, 2nd and 4th, 8th, 9th and 10th.

fif document

Before you read my comments, please read the following quote regarding this SC ruling:

“In a major loss for individual rights vis-a-vis the police, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that prosecutors could use a person’s silence against them in court if it comes before he’s told of his right to remain silent.”

Have you got that?  If you remain silent before you are mirandized, that silence could be used against you to prove your guilt.  So the only logical thing you can do is declare your 5th amendment right immediately when engaged by a cop for any reason.  A cop asks you a question.  If you ignore him and don’t respond, that silence can be used against you.  If you immediately say “I invoke my 5th amendment rights” what is going to happen next?  The cop is going to use the fact that you won’t risk incriminating yourself as reason to assume you are hiding something illegal and use your 5th amendment statement as a sign of guilt.  Your right to remain silent is “generally not self-executing” according to our masters.

Got it yet?  If your head hurts that’s because you have a functional brain.  Now let me sum it up:  THEY ARE OUT TO FUCK YOU.  THEY WILL GET YOU IF THEY WANT TO.  Your guilt or innocence does not matter.  If you refuse to speak to them they will be able to arrest you.  Your rights have been further usurped.  It can’t be stated any simpler than that.  In America today, there is no true “law”, only government at various levels mandating compliance through regulations and statutes.  A dissident critical thinking citizen is the enemy of the state and enemies must be squashed.  The system of law(s) we live with today is not to protect you or your rights, it is there to empower them so they can more thoroughly victimize and assault you.

f em

And for people that spew statements like “I have nothing to hide so I don’t have a problem talking to the police”:

you can eat it

Brought to you by the same Supreme Court Jesters who granted ‘personhood’ to corporations and rubber-stamped Obamacare.  These are the faces of 9 truly evil humans.

supreme cout jesters

Only in a truly Orwellian dystopia can an act of silence be used as an admission of guilt.  And to top it all off, when you are arrested for not talking and/or exercising your 5th amendment right to not incriminate yourself which will be used against you, the cop can also take a sample of y our DNA without your consent or a warrant (thanks again to SC Jesters).  When things like this come down from “Mt Olympus” I am amazed I don’t get an aneurysm.

Remember this story, the revelations shared by Ed Snowden and the many similar stories when you are being bombarded with propaganda about all our “freedoms” and collective “greatness.”  It is nothing but a thin veneer covering a fly-covered pile of bullshit.

“Truth is Treason in an Empire of Lies.”

~ Ron Paul ~

From The Daily Paul (HERE)

Supreme Court Decision Shreds 5th Amendment Protection; Your Silence Can Now Be Used As Evidence of Guilt

Submitted by LapHog on Mon, 06/17/2013 – 13:01

Is an illusion of civil liberties all that is left? It has seemed that way for quite some time, as all the evidence piling up points to that conclusion. Here is the latest to that effect:

In a major loss for individual rights vis-a-vis the police, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that prosecutors could use a person’s silence against them in court if it comes before he’s told of his right to remain silent. The prosecutors used the silence of Genovevo Salinas to convict him of a 1992 murder. Because this was an non-custodial interview, the Court ruled that the prosecutors could use his silence even though citizens are allowed to refuse to speak with police. It is little surprise that the pro-police powers decision was written by Samuel Alito who consistently rules in favor of expanding police powers…

This ruling will likely open up an entire area of new prosecutorial arguments using silence as evidence of guilt. It is a major blow to the rights of citizens — and a telling addition to the troubling judicial legacy of Alito.

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  1. Eric, I think you (and probably others here) will remember the legal axiom that the Sir Thomas More character relied on in The Man For All Seasons: Qui tacet consentire videtur – one who is silent appears to consent. The tortured “reasoning” of the nine eunuchs in tunics must be along the lines of if you weren’t doing something “wrong” then the police wouldn’t be questioning you in the first place. If they are questioning you and you refuse to talk to them (i.e. you exercise not only your right to silence, but also your right to freedom of association) you clearly must be hiding illegal activity. So therefore you are presumably covering up a crime you or someone else committed. So it would be considered obstruction of justice and or interfering with an investigation, which are also “crimes.” It’s Catch-22 no matter how you slice it. You remain silent; presumed guilty. You plead the “fif”; presumed guilty. You lie to the cop; presumed guilty. None of this should be too surprising in this bizarro world where the self preservation instinct of blocking baton blows to your head is classified as “assaulting an officer” and “resisting arrest.”

    There is a simple phrase I was taught for dealing with cops when I was 15 years old: “I don’t know nothin’ ’bout nothin’. It is indeed a response, therefore you are not remaining silent. It is the truth, because one can ‘not know nothing about nothing’, so it does not qualify as a lie. You can use it to respond to any question and convey no useful information to the inquiring party. It does not make you appear to be the the L.E.O.’s intellectual superior, quite the contrary. That statement combined with “Why am I being detained?” and “Am I free to go?” are probably the only things you need to say until you’ve been Miranda-ed and are forced to resort to “I want to speak to an attorney.”

    • Or take a page from the holy writ according to the tax parasites and the answer to every question is “I do not recall”.

      My memory is really bad. I don’t remember anything.

      • Shazaam, do you recall the hearings on Iran-Contra? Questioning RR was sorta sad. I don’t know I can build any sympathy for any other politician but it was degrading and embarrassing for him and me too and I hated his administration. They’d ask if he recalled someone on his cabinet. He’d sit there and draw a blank, shake his head and say Who? You knew they weren’t going to get anything from him. I pointed it out to people I knew had voted for him. It was embarrassing for the entire country.

      • Yeah. (Ok, I’m that old….)

        Still, as events played-out, RR was telling the truth when he didn’t recall, and they made a circus out of it.

        However, the press appears to believe Eric Holder when he has such “lapses” of memory. It’s a safe political tactic since no one can prove what you do or do not remember. (yet) So we will see all the political slimeballs just “not remembering”.

    • Shazaam, Eightsouthman – I suppose the “I don’t recall / I don’t know / I can’t remember” tactic would work just as well dealing with the poe-leece as it does on the witness stand. Who can prove you wrong? If it’s good enough for our “leaders” it should be good enough for us too.

      The other stock statement I forgot above is “I don consent to any searches.” That one’s really important too. Played right, that can provide an avenue for a Title 42 lawsuit against the state actors for violating your civil rights…in their private capacity, since they are ususally acting under color of law. Fight fire with fire.

  2. Blanket surveillance of everybody. Secret courts and secret search warrants. Required to produce identification papers on demand. Property confiscation based on suspicion. Subject to DNA collection upon arrest. Refusal to talk an admission of guilt. What’s next, secret kill lists?

    • Per article on Daily Sheeple: Alabama had a DNA collection weekend this past weekend, June 15 & 16. At “checkpoints” on the roads. No arrests, no other reason to stop people, and it was “covered” under blanket of “checking disease spread.”

      Because as a free citizen, you need to donate DNA to the CAUSE, ya know? It’s for your own good!

      The f*cking sheeple went along with it, because not a single cop was shot dead.

    • You think there aren’t “managed” suicides all the time?

      Give one example: My girlfriend, whom I dislike sometimes intensely, and spent about 5 years making me VERY miserable (but would’ve been on the street without me, and I couldn’t throw her out in good conscience) – she has some SERIOUS bad responses.
      B-vitamins, for example, including severe allergy to one specific one.
      She also has a bad heart, which hits tachtycardia sometimes, without casue.

      Put those two together, give her a Niacin (B-vitamin) tablet of 1 gram, or dissolve it in tea….
      Her heart takes off, racing, and goes into Tach, and then Defib, and then heart attack and death. Matter of minutes. We’re VERY careful to keep here away from the B-vitamin she’s allergic to, and also VERY careful avoiding foods laced with high levels of Niacin (in the form of Niacinimide, which cause the blood vessel dilation and flush. Nicotannic Acid does NOT cause the flush.)
      Aspirin could be used, too. (she doesn’t clot well. So a few aspirin, and a fall down the stairs, and it’s all over – she’ll bleed out internally.)

      That’s ONE person, and NOT all the weaknesses.
      So, you take someone out to for dinner, get them some wine, spike it with Everclear – and let them drive home. Odds are in your favor, let’s say.
      Or, put in a sleeping pill, same effect.
      If they order seafood, it can be toxic – some naturally so, puffer fish, others en masse, shellfish.
      Add a little bleach to their food, or some antifreeze to coffee.

      That’s BEFORE we get into more esoteric stuff like distilled poisons, toxins from insects, or knowing them personally enough to know allergies and drung interactions and the like. AND without looking at an “obvious” suicide, like where someone is forced to blow their brains out (either through coercion to save their family, or through “assisted” means like in the film, Shooter.)

      The only thing we can hope on – and I’m not optimistic about it anymore – is that there is living proof we don’t assassinate people in the form of Jimmy Carter.

      And in case you missed it, there ARE kill lists, too. O’bummer has a list, and he’s not even checking it twice…

      • jean, can you make a comprehensive list of all those easy, non-detectable ways to off someone? Not that I have a list….or that I’d use them….just purely informational knowledge for my new “whodunit” writing career. And speaking of offing someone, Michael Hasting’s death/murder is going to play out like another bad movie. Witnesses said his engine was 20′ from the tree he hit at neighborhood speed and it sounded like a bomb going off. Hhhmmm, now why would it sound like that?

        • Eightsotuh,
          Google “Uncle Fester”, and go to Military Surplus for manuals on booby traps.
          That’s the shortcut.

          the other options are ODing on normal substances, some of which have bad reactions, as outlined elsewhere: Asiprin to someone who’ll get cut later on, for instance. (Prevents clotting by thinning the blood – so, thin the blood, puncture the body, especially an artery, and it’s just an “industrial accident”.)

          There are ways to do that with food, too, I’m sure. (For instance, the woman can’t have hot chili peppers in any quantity – so high-grade hot sauces can be fatal, because they have the B-vitamin Niacin. Found that out last ngiht, when she had a niacin flush after we had chili for dinner. No, I won’t name the hot sauce / pepper extract I used – it’s not too esoteric, though, and it CAN be found in the grocery, AND at the drug store – in arthitis rubs based on capsaicin.)

          If it’s a controlled situation, use multiple vectors. so, food carries a component of the toxin; wine magnifies the effect. Instant fatality when they mix in the bloodstream.
          Another is analphylactic shock, induced by introducing the toxin into the bloodstream: Inject an amount of raw egg yolk, then feed them eggs, for example.

          Esoteric toxins may be undetectable; you’ll need to google that, I don’t know which are and arent.
          However, given time and access to chemicals or refining, you could use nitrogen in a closed room to kill someone. Nitrogen displaces oxygen, the person suffocates / drowns in nitrogen. Brain death. Heart attack possible too. And who is going to notice the blood O2 level isn’t right?

          Then there’s direct poisoning, using any of a million compounds in the house. Insert the syringe in an odd location, say under a fingernail, to hide the mark from most observations.

          If it’s long-term, use microwave emitters in their cars – cancer will develop. 😉 (also, severe radiation burns, especially on lungs, liver, genitals, kidneys, adrenals.)

          You could also use known toxins – Draw the target a warm bath, get them settled and relaxed, and mix bleach and ammonia in a bucket in the room. (Gas is toxic.)

          Lots of options, some detectable (Drug OD – no, you didn’t know they used; OR, Yes, and you know their dealer, even better.) Others not – unknown allergy to peanuts of shellfish, or anaphylactic shock from induced reaction of toxin in blood + consumption of food containing the now-toxin.

          Depends on what you’re looking for, especially if talking about research for books. BTW, you can substitute many gasses for Nitrogen, and you could even use PURE OXYGEN to accomplish it. TOO MUCH oxygen blows the mind quite well, according to fighter pilots I read interviews with – almost like not getting ENOUGH oxygen, except you feel on top of the world. (For comparison – there ARE oxygen bars…) And to be really brutal about it, liquid nitrogen poured on a person will result in a hell of a mess after a baseball bat is applied…. Immersion in liquid (whatever), followed by severe impact trauma. Detectable in the sense there’s no body. Undetectable for same reason.

          BTW, Sherlock Homes has some very good murders that had people hide their tracks. Fishline that pulled a gun’s trigger and knocked it off the wall mount – looks like suicide. The nitrogen trick. That sort of thing.
          And CSI (original only) is REALLY good, as they focus on the science as much as the drama. (The others seem to just be spin-off Dramas, science need not apply.)

          Also, BTW, for indiscriminate options, detectable but hard to trace, look up industrial accidents. Many gasses are toxic, and many things can go “boom” by “accident”, and affect people though burning or lack of oxygen. You don’t need to take out the AIR, just the OXYGEN. Flash-flame type heat, plus long-term thorough burn. Burn off the hair at most, like if you pass the flame of a lighter across your hand hairs – no injury, just burned fuzz. But keep a sustained low flame, removing the oxygen from the air? Dead target. Limited evidence, it’s just an accident…

          If you have time, BTW, there are also parasites you could introduce. Worms, amoebas, etc; Asbestos; lead; etc.

          How well does your character know the target? How angry, how aggressive? Most people aren’t poisoners. They’ll shoot someone, stab them, blow them up – but not poison them over a nice cup of tea.

          • jean, that was some good info. As a certified oxygen tech and having worked with all types of gases I have a good background for those but I wanted more exotic or even little known ones such as many you describe. I don’t even know if I’ll have a homicide or even a suicide but surely there’ll be a death in any book covering any sort of long term involving plenty of people. You’d be ignoring the real world and turning down the “hook” it might be. Then again, Shane, in Weeds had a very effective technique and who doesn’t have a croquet mallet? Mesquite has killed quite a few people too as have other woods. Swat someone and then make a bbq fire.

          • Hide a dagger behind a smile. 😉

            Also, there are lots of readily detectable natural things that work well. Who knew the neighbor had a boa constrictor? Burmese Python? King Cobra? Gila monster?

            Or that they kept their blow dryer next to the shower, and just HAPPENED to knock it in with them? Gas heater pilot light went out due to open basement windows, and then they went for a smoke?

            Castor oil, force them to drink three gallons of it? Nice hot bath with bath salts… In fuming sulphuic acid? (OOPS!)

            LOTS of fun can be had. Even better if you’re offering help on cars…. I mean, who KNEW you had to keep water out of the brake lines…? Or bleed them out? Or that Kerosene in the radiator would react THAT BADLY?

            BTW, as an oxygen tech, you might get a kick out of Spengler explosives (not sure of spelling, but it’s LOX and concrete and detonates on impact)

          • One recent “extermination” method I chanced across was pure nitrogen…. (article about an accident in Brazil)

            i.e. fill the enclosed space with pure nitrogen and the “target” will expire without knowing it. Since CO2 isn’t building-up, the target experiences no shortness of breath.

            Plus the TLAs (Three Letter Agencies) have provided a free lesson in their handling of Michael Hastings.

            i.e. fire leaves little forensic evidence behind. Assuming that you ensure none of the undesirable evidence or accelerants are in contact with the ground/floor. (learned that one serving on a grand jury) And high concentration peroxide is a wonderful (and dangerous) substance to use as it leaves no detectable traces….

            Humidity and heat are very destructive to DNA evidence….

            I knew the research for the book would pay off someday…

  3. There are always unintended consequences to every government decree.

    In this case, everyone should take the 5th in response to police questioning, etc. Period. As the word spreads that you are guilty until proven innocent, police investigations should always founder upon the rocks of everyone taking the fifth preemptively. The jails are gonna get filled with people who stupidly trusted, and therefore spoke to cops.

    Given that the federal register is 70,000 pages and counting, I have no idea what laws I’ve broken today. Thus, I will never have anything to say to any cop. Hell, the underwear I’ve got on might be illegal due to some misbegotten trade embargo in the past.

    As to those who bloviate that they “have nothing to hide”, I always ask them to strip. Right here, right now. In the stunned silence that usually follows, I state that obviously they do value their privacy. And I value mine.

    • If only people fought every little fine and infraction they got, the courts would be jammed in a month and unable to function. There are International Rights but I don’t know how they apply in the USSA. I wonder what happened to the presumption of innocence. I don’t doubt this stupid ruling will be challenged on many grounds.

      I always thought that Miranda MUST be read out before or during arrest and failure to do so would render any interview inadmissible, despite the 5th. That’s how it happens in Oz anyway, but we don’t have such amendments.

      We had a precedent about a year ago that set the powers-that-be back about 50 years. A guy walking down the street, a bit drunk, was stopped by a coupla cops wanting answers to some supposed unpaid restaurant bill. He shit himself and ran. It took the cops 600 metres to catch up with him.

      The court ruled that anyone is entitled to not speak to police if not under arrest and, since he wasn’t under arrest, he wasn’t escaping or even evading custody. This is a major plus. Many of us are now using it to refuse to even pull over for cops unless they specifically yell out of their window “you’re under arrest”.

      • The courts ARE jammed, and illegally deny the due process right to an expedient trial. If they WERE obeying the “speedy trial” concept, we wouldn’t wait 5-10 years to find out the verdict of a case. Scumbags would be “processed” in a matter of months. The rest of us would be done the same day, or even never be bothered, if things were correct.

        • There are many states with speedy trial laws. Under the law in my state, if they cannot get a case to trial within 9 months, all charges are dropped.

          In response, the first thing prosecutors hand the accused to sign is usually a waiver of the time requirement for a speedy trial, while mumbling sign here, and here. Once they have that waiver, they can take as long as they want.

          I’ve been preaching to all who listen that you sign NOTHING for the authorities. No forms, no papers. If they want your consent for something, refuse.

          I should start wearing a T-shirt labeled “I do not consent”.

          I was never asked if I wanted to pay all these taxes. I would never have consented to most of taxes they collect at the point of a gun (try not paying and see what happens). Yet, here I am getting fleeced by all the government parasites.

    • Are the consequences unintended though? I think not. I remember decades ago when the Taliban took over, or was trying to take over Afghanistan, it was reported they were at most, 6% of the population with the rest opposing them. They did take over the country. Maybe that forebodes what’s about to happen in this one, only 6% won’t do but I think there is well beyond 6% ready for action. They sure need to get their hair up over something. I was considering why zombie movies are so popular now. I think it has something to do with “aware” people wanting to off the “zombies” who make up the large part of society. Mayhap I think too much.

      • The intended effect is to make it easier for the cops and other parasites in the “justice” racket to entrap and cage uncooperative suspects.

        I hope the actual effect is to discourage everyone from saying anything to any tax parasite without a written guarantee of blanket immunity from a judge.

        In time the sheeple (zombies) will figure out that the tax parasites are not their friends. Until then, let it be the sheeple who are the prime victims/targets for the cops and other parasites in the “justice” racket.

        Oy, what a mess.

      • Read an interesting analysis of Zombie movies, and I’ve refined it a little further than that author (whom I cannot recall by name.)

        The original author compared it to Liberal vs. Conservative political divide: The Liberals are the Enlightened (humans) holding back the tides of Zombies (conservative troglodytes). [I note you could just as easily reverse the groups. Convservatives trying to hold back the hordes of oppressive Progressives, say.]

        More refined version is, it’s a Tribal thing: Us vs. Them, is the motif, with the problem of Us becoming Them. (I know, you knew that already.)
        But that’s why we can read so many things into it.

        I just notice that the MAsses are ALWAYS idiots. (Mob mentality).

        Reality is, the mobs act like in the French Revolution, esp. during Robespierre’s Reign of Terror.
        The Elite (would-be Humans) should take note: Zombies ALWAYS win (the simulators show it, unless there is a heavily-armed populace – which there isn’t.) The problem with the Zombie vs human is, the human needs resources; the zombie just needs victims. Mobs just need people to join. (Example: The Purge)

        A simple comparison is the (in)famous Star Trek (OS) story of Kirk and McCoy, I think it was, transported into an alternate universe. Alternate Universe was reversed, effectively. Federation was ruled by force and aggression.
        Spock (original universe) noticed the change in the captain, made the observation that the civilized man could act like an animal; the animal was unable to act like a man.

        Same holds true. The Clover/Liberal mindset believes that we humans are the Zombies, without their benevolent rules and enforcement, we’ll take over the world.
        They don’t believe that the world can survive without their fear-based “control it all” mindset.

        Problem is – as the joke goes – you don’t need to be smart (brain), or essential (heart), or pretty, or the best, to be in charge: You just need to be an A-hole. (Joke about which body organ was most important – Anus won.)

        Conversely, if we don’t do something, AND IMMEDIATELY, the world will be fully controlled by a-holes who will stifle all original thought, (true) individuality, originality, ability to think outside the box. All for our own good.

        Ask anyone with a colonostomy, you don’t NEED an ass hole to live… 😉

        • jean, if you ever find that link for the zombie movies I’d enjoy reading it. As you said though, comparing liberals and conservatives, zombies could be either group since there isn’t really that much difference in the two. They all want to be right and control everyone else. No, they are right, all the time, just ask one, either one. One reason I appreciated Zombieland so much was the comedic value of it. It was funny right from the gitgo. It’s a good movie when you need to disengage from the heavy lifting thinking we probably all do too much of but we can’t help. Not a great sentence there but hopefully understandable.

          • jean, no shit on carrying the world. I don’t have that ignorant “fly off the handle and kick somebody’s ass” I once had. BTDT too much and have developed that old age “think about it” view. While there’s a lot to be said for that, there is something to be said for getting bent out of shape too. You don’t have to be like a guy I knew who jumped up and shot the tv when they were spouting some BS about the Chimps dad when he was in office. He surprised himself and felt bad about it. Everybody else was just proud no one else got shot since the tv was on an inside wall. He apologized profusely though and excused himself, showing up later with a brand new identical tv. We need a few tens of millions like him now.

        • Just remember that the a**hole cannot sustain the body alone. Without food, water, air and blood circulation, the a**hole quickly dies.

          And the a**holes of control and aggression eventually kill off too many of those upon which they depend for life. They pursue the productive thinkers as the enemy, and eventually push them too far.

          The cycle has gone on for all of recorded history, and probably long before.

          Nothing is forever. Whoever gains “control” over others cannot keep it for too long. That’s just the nature of the beast.

      • In thinking about the ramifications, of the supreme (stupid) court edict, it is now to dangerous to talk to cops period.

        If you witness a crime, as a non-government employee, you have no duty to report it, and now it’s dangerous to your own liberty and freedom to do so.

        All the cops have to do is ask if you have done anything illegal. Your silence now implicates you. If you had been talking to them and then shut-up, you’re guilty. If you say no? You’re lying to them and while they can lie to you without repercussions, you can be prosecuted for making a misstatement to anyone with donuts on their breath.

        You could, quite truthfully, say that with 70,000 pages of federal legislation, that you have no clue how many laws you’ve broken today, or yesterday. That’s about as safe a statement as can be. You now cannot be silent without becoming a suspect.

        What a farce.

        • Actually, if you say:
          “[I] have no clue how many laws [I]’ve broken today, or yesterday. ”

          Then you’re guilty, and need to just plead out. They have a confession.

          Kill them. Active resistance is all that’s left.

          Funny how that’s been their goal all along anyway – create armed insurrection (crisis) to then respond to (martial law, gun grabs, internment in FEMA camps, whatever.) All we evil Zombies go to FEMA camps, while the “good people” who “have nothing to fear” go about their normal lives…

          “When they came for the Zombies, I didn’t speak out, because I wasn’t a Zombie…” (Trade Unionist, Christian, Jew, etc.) Important ending: When they came for me, there was no one LEFT to speak out.

          Also, the story of the Hangman, who built the gallows for his most faithful servant. The hangman was death, of course; representing physical and cultural death. He went after the witches, and hung them, and then the harpies,a nd huing them, and the highwaymen, and the robbers, and the scolds, and finally everyone in the town was dead, save one: and there came a knock at the door, as the Hangman came for his most faithful servant, who spoke not a word as everyone else was killed.

          What I cannot fathom about these people is: Life sucks, on the GOOD days. You have children, and want to keep them innocent and pure? You have a “good life” with a wife, and children, maybe grandchildren? You have social standing? Wealth? Whatever you have – YOU WERE BORN WITH A DEATH SENTENCE. Wake the FUCK up, already. NO ONE gets out of life alive, and all the toys, wealth, family, social status in the world won’t change a damn thing.
          If you can look yourself in the mirror after doing something heinous: are you even human?

          And if YOU won’t do what’s encessary, when teh tools can be obtained: Will you resist when your children are carted off to the Hunger Games? Will your CHILDREN be forced to resist, when the tools are all denied to them, the government edicts to turn their children over to government sibcos? (Sibling Companies, from batteletech, convenient name to appropriate.)

          Brave New World is HERE. Children go to government indoctrination centers all day and watch government propaganda all night, while adults who don’t have time to stay “hip” or “current” because they both MUST work to make ends meet try to tend to the children’s needs before the child realizes they HAVE needs. And the oldsters who USED to keep society together by telling the old stories of the culture, they’re off in retirment homes and assisted living because their minds are GONE, partially because of shit diet (enforced by government FDA edicts), partially by government edicts (EPA can’t keep the water pure – we consume pharamceuticals and toxins in our drinking water, from Premarin to Birth Control to Paxil to Zoloft to Abilify to… And then there’s the untreated human waste, like urea), and partially via social conditioning using mass media (Mom and Dad would eb MUCH HAPPIER with their OWN KIND at Happy Acres / Shady Pines rest home.)

          A culture bent on suicide WILL die, the biggest questions are WHEN and Where do you go?
          We’re losing by demographics (across the ethnicities, the have-nots always outnumber the haves, and the non-productive always outnumber the productive, EXCEPT in birth rates where nature inverts the equation, on purpose: the “productive” of offspring, like insects and snakes and vermin and fish, breed as quickly as possible to keep the race alive; the truly productive creatures, who invest in their offspring, are too busy PRODUCING to breed in numbers, and so get bred out by demographic shift. Hence ensuring the Have-nots always outnumber the Haves. think Rabbits and Wolves: Wolves teach their young the laws of the pack; Rabbits breed. Which is food, which is ruler?)
          We are ALSO losing by ethnicity, as unrestrcited and intentioned illegal immigration changes the voting patterns (why we allow illegals to vote and to get social welfare programs is beyond me, but the bleeding-heart imbeciles want to swell the ranks of the easily-distracted Have-nots, I guess.)
          We have LOST education, wealth, media, medicine, government.

          There’s a historical precedent for what happens next (in fact, there are TWO, and we’ll likely follow the second one this time)
          “When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.


          (The second used the terms, “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite.” Look where THAT ended.)

  4. This would make a great background for a work of fiction. It is a shame that this is not fiction.

    I wonder if people will act as the frog in the pot of water and be cooked before we realize it is time to get out.

    • Keep dreaming…
      Most of the sheeple are happy to be made into Haggas.
      (IE, the frog is screaming, “TURN UP THE HEAT ALREADY!”)

  5. This is the most dangerous and lethal blow to all constitutional rights of the individual due to the precedent it poses. In our legal system, legal action often rests on an action that was taken and allowed in a previous case, unless that action was overturned by a higher court. Hence, according to the Supreme Court, the right given by the fifth ammendment is not valid until it is stated to a citizen by the police (or ther powers that be). Thus, according to rule of precedence, citizens will have no rights until they are stated and “granted” to them by the police. I think that at this point, the Miranda Act is out the window and we are set back to square one in legal progress. Where are the Liberals and the ACLU who are supposed to loudly whine about this stuff? But what can you do, who do you appeal to when it’s the Supreme Court who says it’s so? Congress??? Don’t make me laugh (hysterically).

    • When the supremes ruled a corporation was the same as an individual, I knew it was all over. Now the congress has passed the “Monsanto” law that allows them to run over everyone, no court ruling needed. It’s time to water the tree of liberty.

      • Should not a voluntary association of individuals who form an entity be entitled to the panoply of liberties which inhere to the individual, alone?

        Remember, a corporation does not need the state to exist.

        Do you think that without the state, you and Eric could not get together and form a business, which enters into a contract with Charlie Clover, one term of which is to limit any liability of your business to the assets of your business and to forbid Charlie Clover from looking to your personal assets for recovery?

        • LIbertymike, actually I don’t think that at all. Corporations were formed as an alliance between those who desire anonymity in all respects and the courts. I don’t think they should be legal but it’s the way too many people do business right now. The whole problem with this country is it is a corporatocracy. Do you never see the evil done by corporations and no one is held accountable, even when what has been done is clearly a transgression against others, knowingly killing others? I’d say corporations that kill should be held responsible for their actions but that’s the entire point of a corporation. It’s gotten much worse as the years have passed. Corporations started as a means to not pay taxes. Now it’s much worse than that.

          • You ask if I have ever seen the evil done by corporations?

            Every day. Without. Exception.

            However, the vast majority of the evil, in my view, is perpetrated by crony capitalist corporations. The worst evil of humanity is Caesar; whether it be Caesar, himself, or those who seek his favor or those who finance him or those who counsel him or those who make his weapons and supply his armies and those who profit from his decrees.

          • Libertymike, what other kind of corporation is there? The very definition of corporation is crony capitalists entered into a business together where they are merely board members or not necessarily. In a business I was in, I found, too late, a great deal for a class C corporation in Nevada. They’d set up dummy BOD’s so I wouldn’t be listed in Tx. and I’d be teflon. I should have done it I suppose. I mean, everybody else does it don’t they? If you want to be able to just walk away from all liabilities it doesn’t get better than that. And taxes? Nevada corporations don’t give the IRS the time of day. Wonder why? Let’s see, what other industries are rampant and fairly much control Nevada and it’s laws? Hhmm, casinos, yeah, and I hear they play sorta rough, as in going after people who jack with them. Think that’s lost on the IRS?


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