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I would like to add a word to our vocabulary (I have even submitted it to Urban Dictionary and it’s currently under review):

tyra-nanny (noun) (tee-ruh-nahn-nee): a tyrannical fascist governing body that commits its atrocities under the falsely altruistic auspices of security and protection, i.e.  A fascist nanny state.  (adj): tyra-nannical

mean nannyevil nanny

police state have a nice day

Each 4th of July is more empty than the last.  I will spend this day of mourning with a few family and friends, likely wearing a shirt with a RP, TJ, or BF quote across it and explaining it to people who are inquisitive.  I refuse to fly the US Flag, this nation is barely a shell of itself.  When you see signs like this how can a person think they are free?

July 4th park rules

In protest we should be waiving the Gadsden Flag.

gadsden flag

Today we live in a seemingly constant state of government surveillance and control.  The alphabet agencies such as the EPA and FDA are regulating and making rulings on what we can and can’t do with our property.  The FBI, NSA, TSA, DHS and ATF operate under the pretense of violence and the threat of violence so that you won’t do things deemed “naughty.”  They know what is best for all of us, and will harm and threaten to harm us for our own good.

The purpose of the USA government as it was created was to protect liberty. My definition of liberty is aligned with TJ’s.

“Rightful liberty is unobstructed action, according to our will, within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.”

~Thomas Jefferson~

Does that sound the US of A today?  What does Jefferson know, he was just a slave-owning Founding Father? (sic)  But ignore the name of the quotee and examine the idea within the statement.  Liberty is not being able to collect SSDI, welfare checks, SNAP cards, send your lil monsters to a parasitic Public School System and using the threat of violence and force to make people pay for you to live. Liberty is not legislating the type of food we are allowed to eat and/or how much trans-fats or sugar are in said food. Government wasn’t put in place to teach our children. It isn’t meant to be the pseudo-parents and guardians of all the adult citizens. We are supposed to be our own guardians.  We are supposed to be free and sovereign beings and our children are supposed to be taught by their parents and families.

Amendments like the 1st, 2nd and 4th mean exactly what they say.  When verbiage from the 2nd amendment is ignored but the Commerce Clause it used to regulate every possible human function and action, the government is not the custodian of freedom, it is the destroyer of it.

Edward Snowden is being hunted and chastised by our criminal government because he told us the crimes they were committing and rights they were routinely violating.  Those who scream the loudest that he is a traitor are the ones with treasonous blood on their hands.  Finding the perpetrator of treason is similar to finding the person who farted in a crowded room.  The Feinsteins, Boners, Grahams, Schumers and Kings are the ones spewing shit from their mouths.

He who accuses, blew the fuses. He who pointed the finger, pulled the finger.
He who accuses, blew the fuses.
He who pointed the finger, pulled the finger.

Our owners have been at war with us.  The critical thinking members of the populace are the enemy of the state.  RP sums it up well in his recent quote:

My understanding is that espionage means giving secret or classified  information to the enemy. Since Snowden shared information with the American people, his indictment for espionage could reveal (or confirm) that the US Government views you and me as the enemy.”

~Ron Paul~

There are plain clothes ABC agents running and yelling at 20 year old girls with guns in hand because she bought a case of bottled water that they suspected was alcohol.  Six agents staking out the area around a convenient store in Virgina terrorized a college student buying water.  She saw people yelling, waving guns, pounding on her windows and jumping on her car so she did the only rational thing.  She quickly got the fuck outta there.  After escaping, she then called 911 to report she had been attacked.  Her attackers promptly showed up to arrest her and charge her with assaulting law enforcement officers (Read the story HERE).  All this because a 20 year old college student might be drinking alcohol.  To supposedly protect the children from alcohol we allow gun waving sociopathic baboons terrorize us and our children.  This is insanity.

cops jumping on car

The police and DHS are becoming the domestic military force that our rulers need to keep us “in line” and make sure we don’t get too uppity.  A man saw a situation where there were police, he was told to turn down the music in his car.  He did and then exited his car and while walking his dog he started to film what was going on to “make sure no one’s civil rights were being violated.” After the situation settled down the man returned to his vehicle and put his dog in the car.  The police, who hate being filmed approached him, questioned him and started to arrest him.  His dog (a 3yo 130lb rottweiler) leaped out of the car and ran towards its owner.  In the name of “officer safety” the cops then fired upon and killed this man’s dog in front of him.  Would I feel threatened if I saw a 130lb rott running towards me.  Abso-fucking-lutely, but if I was a worthless cop fuckwad arresting someone because they were filming me I would deserve to be attacked by this protective companion.  The dog understands the Constitution better than these pigs.  Story can be read HERE (of course this article is in a UK paper because you have to leave the US to get any truthful news).  If that isn’t enough to turn your stomach, read this story posted on The Burning Platform titled THIS IS YOUR STANDARD LEO where an animal control officer (and former pigfuck) executed kittens.  Yes, you read that right, he shot 8-10 week old kittens on a private resident’s property while children were watching from a window.  Don’t for one second believe that the cops won’t summary execute you if they are ordered to do so or is deemed necessary for their or the states’ safety.

cop with gun
Does seeing this make you feel safe?

Protect everyone from drugs, alcohols, guns, violence, poverty, etc… ad infinitum.  But how is this done?  By empowering the State to use violence and terrorism against us and our fellow man.  And what’s the outcome?  We are turning into a society of dependent, pansy-ass whining dipshits that are dumber than a bag full of doorknobs being protected at gunpoint by our owners, a bunch of aristocratic sociopaths.

I wish people would wake up and not swallow the crock of shit spouted by the RA-RA cheerleaders of the MSM’s presstitutes on I-SeeBS and FUX News.

I See BS faux news

Here is a Quiz:

What are acceptable names of this monument?

statue of liberty


A.  “Lady Liberty”, “Statue of Liberty”

B.  Hot French Lady in Toga

C.  “Nanny Security”, “Statue of Serfdom”

Answer:  A (and B) should be the answers but they aren’t true in today’s Amerika.  If you live in the USSA and have been presented the truth and didn’t answer C, then you are a hypocrite and/or a moron.  They should start a construction project, the preliminary blueprints are below.

statue of security

The government has declared that we are their property.  Our livelihood and fruits of our labor and literally our lives are theirs to barter with at the bargaining table that includes the Military Industrial Complex, Banksters, Big Pharma, Big GMO Food and Big Insurance.  And what does an owner do with their property?  They protect it for as long as it is profitable to do so.  We are all milk cows being plucked of our resources by our owners day in and day out, our tags (SS#, DL# and soon E-Verify) mark all of us so everyone knows who owns us.  The only choice we really have is to remain a milk cow or refuse and become a beef cow.

milk cow beef cow

“The owners of this country know the truth: It’s called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.”

~George Carlin~

They are continually sacrificing a portion of the populace through the meat grinder in the War on Terror.  More warzones are a certainly with these insane megalomaniacs at the helm.  It has been said that War is the health of the State and with the War on Drugs, War on Poverty, War on Browns (throughout the world), War on the Middle Class, War on Guns, War on Obesity and the War on the US Constitution; the State has never been healthier.  But when the State is healthy, Liberty is dying.

Uncle Sam has gone critical

And all this atrophy of liberty is being conducted in the name of safety.  Safety for the children, safety for the environment, safety for the stupid.  The way the hoi polloi think the world should work makes me sick.  If the government did something that actually enhanced liberty (like repealing the PATRIOT Act) these people would expect the world to stop spinning.

“I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”

~Thomas Jefferson~

I don’t have TJ’s way with words so I will simply say: Fuck Safety!  I demand Freedom along with all its greatness and chaos and I will be taking it back piece by piece.


lady liberty washed away

” None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”

JW von Goethe



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    • It’s an excellent question, Zorg.

      I suppose it’s at least partially due to the fact that so many Americans actually do believe they’re “free.”

  1. Nice rant Harry! I would add a couple of quotes:

    “We can contend with the evil that men do in the name of evil, but heaven protect us from what they do in the name of good.”


    “When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.”


    “I once saw a movie where only the cops had guns. It was called Schindler’s List.”

    There’s plenty more that can be added but it’s your post 😉


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