CDOT Crows about DUI crackdown over 4th of July

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I get updates on road closures and traffic from Colorado DOT via email. It’s good to know in wintertime when certain passes are closed and other issues are happening given the weather around here. However, they also spam our inboxes with gems like this one.

What they fail to mention is the 490 lives (many of them impacting their families too) that will forever be changed because they happened to blow an arbitrary number on a machine that doesn’t take into account your age, weight, sex or experience behind the wheel.

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  1. Exactly. It makes it easy for them (and more profitable) to simply use an arbitrary number than have to calculate it from a table. It’s like gubberment using Body Mass Indexing that’s turning some British schoolkids anorexic because their “BMI” is over some arbitrary threshold decided by someone else.

    It’s precisely what “Clover” on this site here refuses to understand, that there’s no evidence of impairment (unless they’re staggering somewhat – but could they just be tired? Maybe they shouldn’t be driving then either) and there’s no evidence they’d cause a crash – let alone simply be involved in one. It’s all one-way mental programming to accept a certain number means certain death and therefore automatic guilt. It’s easier for the system.

    They’re fully aware that the VAST majority would have made it home just fine, pretty much 99%, but they have to be seen to be “doing something” about the “dangerous” drivers as Clover – without any evidence – calls them.

    • Human resources. Fungible human resources. Interchangeable parts.
      One standard, one size, fits all. It is necessary for centralized industrial systems to work this way. That’s why the schools are the way they are, the government is the way it is.

      And it’s the way the clovers want it. Why? Because that’s what they were told to want when they were children in school.


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