VIP Roads

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The trend towards roads for only those who have political power and influence and friends continues forward. Keep in mind this road has been around for more than a decade already without much of the public knowing it existed.

Now it was built with the idea of moving people from hotels to the convention center. But even then what is it but a subsidy to the hotels downtown on the taxpayer dime? It’s certainly a subsidy to someone’s business. And of course just by chance, it served the mayor at the time quite well who had his own private entrance near his home.

(Note video and full article doesn’t show in Firefox for me, might be the blockers I have in place. Works fine in explorer without any shields.)

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  1. A case of the needs of the few (or one) outweighing the needs of the many.

    It must be nice to have a short cut to avoid traffic and lights.


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