Heroes And Their Dogs

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Don’t consent to a probable cause-free search? They’ll manufacture the probable cause via a dog:


Can’t cross-examine the dog. The dog can “alert” for any number of reasons – including a subtle command from its handler.

Then, you’re done.


  1. Do you have what it takes to be a phero? Take this Minnesota Multi Phasic Inventory test and find out.


    False True 17. I am sure I get a raw deal from life.
    False True 27. When people do me wrong, I feel I should pay them back, just for the principle of the thing.
    False True 68. I sometimes tease animals.
    False True 151. I resent having anyone trick me so cleverly that I have to admit that I was fooled.
    False True 248. I do not blame a person for taking advantage of people who leave themselves open to it.
    False True 336. Someone has control over my mind.
    False True 432. I am fascinated by fire.
    False True 452. I strongly defend my own opinions as a rule.
    False True 548. I have been so angry at times that I’ve hurt someone in a physical fight.

    Lie (L) – The Lie scale is intended to identify individuals who are deliberately trying to avoid answering the MMPI honestly and in a frank manner. The scale measures attitudes and practices that are culturally laudable, but rarely found in most people.

    F – The F scale is intended to detect unusual or atypical ways of answering the test items, it taps a number of strange thoughts, peculiar experiences, feelings of isolation and alienation, and a number of unlikely or contradictory beliefs, expectations and self-descriptions. If a person answers too many of the F scale items incorrectly, it will invalidate the entire test.

    K – The K scale is designed to identify psychopathology in people who otherwise would have profiles within the normal range. It measures self-control, family and interpersonal relationships. People who score highly on this scale are often seen as being defensive.

    • @Tor I doubt you could get away with it today, but back in the day I took one of those 400 question MMPI tests to get such a job. After 50 questions I figured out all the questions were ambiguous and none of the offered answers (1 o2 or) were really a good answer. So I marked the remaining answers 1,2,1,2,1,2… When I got to the shrinks office he looked at me and asked if I had fun doing that. I said yes, and that I would gladly answer any legit questions he had. He laughed and I got the job.


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