Hero Says Saying Hello is “Suspicious”

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Two guys get jacked by a pair of Heroes:

Some will say: Oh, these were ghetto blacks; they were probably “doing” drugs. Well, bucko, “doing” drugs” is only a crime in an authoritarian police state where you don’t even own yourself. That’s point the first.

Point the second (in this case) is that these particular guys weren’t “doing” anything… except walking down the sidewalk and perhaps saying hello to someone.

If you support their being jacked-up by a pair of pot-bellied, buz-cutt cowards (who would never dare to do what they did in this video absent their special costumes, state-issued firearms and the authority of the state backing them up) then you will not have my sympathy when it happens to you.

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  1. dom, here we go again. For some reason I was asked to log in and now it says my username is invalid. Not sure what it wants…..maybe change my name to Shirley…

  2. Vid comments
    -Yet another reason why cops don’t have friends, barely keep together a family, and don’t have any type of a social life. No one wants to be around cops. If you are a good cop, then do something to bring back pride in the profession. Turn in dirty cops…
    -These cops are oath breaking scumbags……should be re-educated or taught a lesson on civil rights.
    -And then that pussy says you’re making the country weak by freeloading? Now that’s funny since his salary is paid by tax payers like yall. He literally free loads off of the entire state, because he obviously doesn’t earn it judging by his behavior in this video.
    -Thosecops have what you might call an impotency problem.
    -Cops: The lowest life forms on this planet.


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